We Are HTF

Chapter 2

All Felix did for close to 20 minutes was hold his little friend, and all Cub did was stand there. Felix was happy for seeing one of his friends alve, especially one who's grown such as Cub, but he was also sad for a different reason; it wasn't Flaky he was holding.

"Cub... are the others around?"

"Yup! This way!"

Cub ran into the bushes, with Felix slowly following. They walked along a dirt path, for what seemed like hours, til they reached what looked like the outskirts of some kind of suburban jungle. Cub skipped all the way to what seemed like a bomb shelter. He twisted the top and slowly descended. Felix soon followed and heard many voices, some deep man voices, a few feminine voices. He listened for anything that could be Flaky's voice. Then, he heard a slight gasp from everyone.

"Felix? Is it really you?"

After hearing this, Felix was immediatly hugged by several hands. One he immediatly recognized was a young, light-green haired boy with candy stuck to his hair and clothes. He was Timmy, and he had the nickname "Nutty." Also, a young purple haired boy with white make-up. He was mute, so he never revealed his real name. This was "Mime." Finally, a tall, fit man in a smoking jacket came up to Felix and shook his hand. He had quite a grip, much like his son.

"Felix... good to see you're OK, boy."

"Yeah, you too, Pop."

They heard a voice from behind them.

"Pop... who's this?"

Felix turned around to see a small, bright purple haired girl wearing a white turtleneck sweater, and holding what seemed like a pickle. He also saw an indigo-haired boy with a sailor outfit on, as well as as what seemed like a sailors hat.

"Uh... Who are you two?"

"Oh, Felix. While you were gone, we got two new members. This is Lammy and that's Truffles. You two, this is Felix."

"Nice to meet you."

They both said as they shook his hands. He turned to Pop.

"So Pop, where're the others?"

"Huh? What others?"

"You know... Cuddles... Handy... Flaky.."

Pop then suddenly frowned and looked at a picture; it was of the tree friends, even Felix. They were all smiling, like one big happy family.

"Felix... they and many others are not tree friends anymore. There is no tree friends anymore."

Felix's heart dropped like a stone. His family wasn't a family anymore.

"What? What happened?"

"Well, I take it you saw the tree... well, it was the target for an attack. See, one day, a group of soldiers came into town, armed with rifles and leading a tank through the streets. It had a logo on it's side; a blue tiger with a bomb in it's jaws.

Felix immediatly knew that logo. It was the insignia of the tiger army, and his worst enemy; Tiger, the evil dictator he had tackled before.

All of a sudden, Felix's mind began to race.

He remembered first meeting the tiger general. He was a young private in the army, and he was on a stealth mission to take out the army. He was the leader of a group of specialists called W.A.R. He teamed with a stealth expert named Sneaky and an french explosives expert named Mouse. He remembered seeing Sneaky kill soldiers stealthily, one after the other. He remembered seeing Mouse blow up a group of them.

Then, he remembered the first time he killed a soldier. He thrust a knife deep in his throat and pulled it out roughly.

He thought his team was doing great, until a new kind of machine arrived; it was a mortar cannon, and it launched and exploded right near Felix. It didn't hit him, but it killed his team. Mouse was gone, Sneaky was dead, and Felix was trapped. He had to surrender. He was captured and taken to a large room full of technology. He was chained to a machine, with his arms and legs suspended to it.

"Heh heh heh. Well, hello there."

Felix heared an ominous voice. He then saw the beast; a general with a robotic claw, and an eye patch over his left eye. He was smoking a cigar and laughing to himself.

"You... You're the tiger general."

"Very good! Now, try and guess what this is!"

He brought out a rifle and aimed it at Felix's head.

"Now listen, breaking into my secret military base is punishable by death."

He readied the rifle to Felix's head.

"But, regarding your situation, and plus you were so kind to be a target for my mortars, I'll let you live. But... I decided to make you my new test monkey for a brand new experiment."


Tiger chuckled.

"I... wish to find the formula to make... the perfect soldier. And with this..."

He held up a sryinge, filled with a neon green substance.

"My dream will be complete."

He inserted the sryinge into Felix's chest. Felix groaned as he felt the formula seep through his veins.

Suddenly, Tiger signaled the scientists to turn on the machine. A bright blue light flooded the room aimed right at Felix. It hummed as it stood centered at Felix. He felt no different, until he felt a slight tick. His head became clouded, and his body began twitching. His eyes, those green emerald eyes, slowly became an ugly yellow. His white, crooked teeth became sharp and lined, like small white daggers. He began pulling at the machine, and eventually it shattered and Felix was free, laughing menacingly. He grabbed his bowie knife, which the tiger general claimed to have ordered him to keep it, and threw it at a scientist. It went deep into his eye and he was killed almost instantly.

This new monster began laughing. As well as the tiger general.

This wasn't Felix anymore. This was a new man, a beast, a monster.

As he laughed, Tiger looked at the remaining scientist.

“What is this? It seems he had just… Flipped out.”

And the monster smiled, with his crooked teeth shimmering bright. And he spoke, in such a demonic sounding tone.

“Flipped out, eh? I like that… My name isn’t Felix anymore… Call me… Flippy…”

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