We Are HTF

Chapter 3

Flippy continued to rampage through the halls of the base, slaughtering any and every soul he comes across and leaving behind a river of blood behind him. He burst through the front doors, and continued into the dense forest. He didn't care if he took bullets, he continued onward, thirsty for more blood, with a handgun in one hand and a bowie knife in the other. He came to the docks, and dived into the mucky water, swimming faster than even the fish. He continued swimming, washing away the blood from his face and hands.

Tiger was staring out the window, with a lit cigar in his mouth. Three soldiers approached him.

"Sir, we can't engage the specimen now named "Flippy". The only remaining scientist has evaluated that his strength and speed has increased by nearly 300%!"

"He's heading for the village. Stop him, immediately."

"Sir, I'm telling you, he's too strong! We won't stand a-"

Tiger raised a pistol to the soldiers forehead and pulled the trigger, then continued to stare out the window.

Tiger soldiers began to board boats and driving towards Flippy’s last position. He noticed the boats and dove underwater. He swam silently towards the underside of a boat, and grabbed a nearby soldier, took him underwater and slit his throat.

One of the soldiers noticed him.

"He's right there! Fire!"

Bullets went flying into the water. None landed.

"Where'd he go?!"

Flippy was under the head boat, and he planted a satchel charge on the underside. He got it and the detonator from the base.

He rose from the water; his teeth bloodstained and still sharp.

"Bye bye!"

He pressed the button and watched the boat explode and the soldiers burst into flame. He began to chuckle again, and began to swim further.

He eventually came to a dead body; it was a little girl, who drowned after her necklace got caught on a rock underwater. Flippy at first ignored it, but then noticed something; the girl had red hair, redder than the blood on his clothes. He'd only seen this color hair once, on a girl who loved him as much as he loved her.

Then, he saw he was still wearing the tree friend wristband, and began to remember his old life; playing with his friend Cuddles, fishing with Pop, and going on walks with Flaky. His then yellow ugly eyes began to water, and turn back to emerald green. His teeth went back to normal as well.


He began to weep as he grabbed the girl and swam towards a nearby beach. A good thing this beach was right on the land his own military base was located. He crawled on the beach and laid on the sand, exhausted from swimming and hurt from heartbreak. He held his wristband to his heart, hoping the tree friends can hear him.

"Cuddles... Flaky... Everyone.... I miss you... And I'm coming home soon."

He began to cry again, as he heard a soldier yell out,

"Seargant Flippy! Someone call the medical corps! Max, he's back!"

Max was Flippy's closest war buddy. He graduated boot camp with him, and began to build a strong friendship. Max was the only one who knew about the tree friends, as himself wished to become a member.

Flippy still cried, missing his family and regretting what he had done; he wasn't a violent man at all.


Flippy gasped as he heard an unknown voice.

Then, shockingly, he discovered his reflection laying just to his opposite side.

"Who... Are you?"

"I'm a part of you. I'd like to call myself, 'The better half'. Your name is ‘Flippy’, and… I call myself ‘Fliqpy.’"

Flippy can't believe he stooped so low as to start talking to himself.

"What'd you say? That you're a part of me?"

"Yeah. That asshole general made me in his lab, then put me in you... and I'm not exactly happy I'm here anyway. You're mind makes me sick."

"Why? What about my mind?"

"Walking up and down, all I see is you with some bunny boy and some weird red haired girl."

"Cuddles and Flaky. I don't know why you're here, but you are the one who killed those soldiers. I won't let you hurt my friends."

"Oh yeah?! How are you gonna stop me, pansy? I'm you, and you're me."

"I'll... figure out a way. I don't want you in my head."

Fliqpy punched him, hard in the mouth. Flippy felt it, like someone was really there. Then, he held Flippy down by the arms, forcing him to stare in his ugly yellow eyes.

"Look here, jackass! I'm gonna do whatever I want, whenever I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. As long as you're still alive, I'm gonna have all the fun I want."

Flippy growled at his reflection.

"I'm gonna kill you if you ever hurt my friends! I promise you that!"

"Whatever. We got company."

Soldiers began to approach Flippy, with Max leading them.

"Felix! Thank god you're alright! We heard the explosions. Where are Sneaky and Mouse?"

Flippy bowed his head.


Max realized the truth.

"God... This world hates us. Come on. Let's get you fixed up, Felix."

He helped Felix to his feet and walked him inside. All Flippy could hear was Fliqpy laughing and soon saying "I'm not leaving! You're gonna have to get used to me!"

Felix growled and continued walking.

“Max… Mind calling me ‘Flippy’ from now on?”

The flashback begins to fade, and reality kicks in. Flippy is sitting in an armchair, having a glass of wine with Pop, who is flabbergasted.

"And that's all I remember. This beast is inside me, and I can't control him"

Pop was so confused.

"Felix... Or Flippy if that’s your nickname now… You do realize that, well because of your situation, I can't let you stay here."

Flippy looked confused.

"Why not?"

"Flippy, did you not notice the old tree has been destroyed? That... was my doing."

Flippy stood up and dropped his glass, hearing it shatter like his heart.


Pop stood up and brought out a pistol, and aimed it at Flippy.

"Flippy... I'm afraid that Cub walked you into a trap."

Soon, every person held their guns to Flippy. Even Cub.

"Whats... going on?"

“We aren't the tree friends anymore. We are known as "The Haven," and we only serve our leader... The Great Tiger."

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