We Are HTF

Chapter 4

Flippy couldn't believe it; his only family, and the man he claimed to be his father, are betraying him. His mind flashed images of his old memories, with him riding on Pop's shoulders.

"Flippy, you're under arrest for treason against Tiger."

Flippy felt his hands being cuffed, as Mime put the handcuffs on him. Then he remembered; this was exactly how he was captured back in the army. He remembered the blood, the murder, the soldiers being killed by him.

Then his eyes changed again.

Now stronger, he quickly broke the cuffs. Fliqpy began to emerge as the Haven all pointed their guns at his head, waiting for Pop's signal. Pop, however, wasn't looking to give a signal; his eyes began to show fear as he saw his old friend begin to change.

"Sir, request permission to engage!"

Pop wouldn't say anything as he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Fliqpy had stabbed him, not fatally, but the pain was serious.

"Felix... What… Are you doing?"

Fliqpy raised the knife and stabbed Truffles, this one in the neck. Truffles fell to the ground, blood gushing out his neck. Fliqpy began chuckling again as he tasted the boys blood on his fingers. Then, he saw the mute Mime, and threw his knife into the boys leg. He fell to the ground; if he could scream he could.

Flippy was screaming in his head.

"Fliqpy! Stop this now!"

"Too late. Once you stab you just can't stop!"

"Then at least get us out of here!"

Fliqpy obliged and climbed the ladder, dodging several bullets fired by the Haven.

Nutty knelt down to the injured Pop.

"Quick! Get the medical staff here now! Our captain's been stabbed and Mimes losing blood fast!"

Pop was hurting; Not just his shoulder but his heart hurt worse.

"I… Did it to save us."

He started crying.

"I… Was scared. I'm sorry… Son."

Fliqpy climbed the ladder out of the shelter. He brought out his knife, and he looked around, blood-lustfully. But then, he saw something. He saw a young girl walking along the lone street, looking for food. She had on a light brown sweater, with the neck just barely draping her shoulders, which showed the straps of her black dress she wore underneath her sweater. She had black leggings and brown boots on. She had long, blood-red hair with snowy flakes all throughout it. To Flippy, she was beautiful. To Fliqpy she was prey.

"I… I know her."

"Fliqpy, don't even think about it! Not that girl!"

"Oh yeah? Just try and stop me!"

He started walking toward her, and soon his legs stopped moving, almost as if a force was stopping him from moving. His head started to throb. He started screaming. His eyes were forced back to being green.


Flaky jumped out of fright, and started shaking. She heard that voice before, but not for 5 years. She slowly turned around and saw a soldier as he held his head, and fainted. She saw his head smack the pavement.

"Ahh! Don't worry, I'm coming!"

She ran over and kneeled down to the boy, turned his face to hers, and began to weep. She knew he couldn't see her, as his eyes were shut and his mind was dark, unconscious. She didn't know him from far away, until she saw it was an old friend. She hugged him tightly, and pressed her head to his chest. She hadn't held him for years, and he said he'd promise to hug her as soon as he got back. That's two promises he's broken. Flaky continued to sob as she saw that his legs were bloody. The Haven did get land a few hits. Barely, but it was enough for him to lose blood fast. She'd never seen him bleed like this before.

"Felix… I wish you were awake… I missed you… So much..."

She then reached into her sweater, and, still shaking, brought out a small device with a button. She pressed it, and it made a sharp noise, and a bright light started flashing.

"Her signal's going! She must be in danger! Recon team, let's go!"

A young, blonde haired boy with a yellow sweatshirt with bunny ears sewn on the hood, grabbed a rifle. Another young boy, this one had buck teeth and purple hair, named Nathan, nicknamed Toothy, grabbed a pistol. A tall man, with an orange afro, wearing a yellow leisure suit, named Reginald, nicknamed Disco, grabbed a katana. And finally, a handless orange boy slid his nubs into two metal gloves. He pressed his fake finger to the button on the right glove, and the fingers extended and grew sharp. He now had a sword for a hand.

Together, Cuddles, Toothy, Disco and Handy all stood still as a large door opened, and the four moved out, ready to fight. They were the four lead warriors of the city's rebellions, a group of surviving young people who refuse to give in to Tiger's ways.

These… were The Tree Friends.

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