We Are HTF

Chapter 5

"Sir, his life support is going down. What do we do?"

A young scientist was eyeing a monitor inside the Haven bomb shelter. Pop was eyeing it as well, with his shoulder in a slight cast from the attack minutes ago. Behind him were four unknown soldiers, all armed with either swords or rifles.

"Bring him back here," Pop said to the group. "Don't bother the girl."

"Sir, what about the tree friends?"

"Let them come. Nutty, ready the mortar cannon."

The young light green haired boy was shocked that Pop would allow the use of the mortar cannon, especially for the tree friends.

"But… They'll all be killed…"

Pop raised his good arm and ran the back of his hand across Nutty's jaw. He reeled back and rubbed his chin, with tears in his eyes; Pop never struck him before.

"Don't argue with me, soldier! Now load the damn cannon!"

Nutty, still teary eyed, followed his leaders orders. Pop went back to the screen, his eyes fixed on Flippy.

The four soldiers went out of the shelter and followed their radar to Flippy. Before his rampage, Pop used a tracking dart on Flippy's ankle. It transmitted his heart rate, which made it easier for the Haven to track him.

Flaky continued to hold her old friend. She decided to use a trick she learned; believe it or not, as squeamish as she was, she was studying medicine. She reached into her handbag and brought out a small med kit. She opened it and brought out a syringe; she always carried a shot of anesthesia with her, just in case she needed to act without inflicting pain.

She put the syringe into his arm, then brought out a pair of scissors and tweezers. She cut the ankle of Flippy's pants and began to use the tweezers to pull out the bullets in his leg. She winced for Flippy with every bullet she pulled out.

At that moment, Flaky realized what she was doing. She hadn't been this close to Flippy for years, yet the first thing she's doing is healing him. She fantasized what he'd be doing if he was awake. She felt his arms around her. She felt his hands on her back. Then, she felt her lips being pressed against his. The only thing she felt was ecstasy, knowing her love was kissing her again. But, then she realized, that's just a fantasy. She then began to weep, thinking that Flippy was out of love with her after so many years away from her.

She hadn't known what love felt like since he left her behind. She remembered how Cuddles began to date Giggles. Then how Handy started dating Petunia. She was the only one without a lover to call her own, in a city where love meant more than just a feeling; it was a force to keep yourself alive.

Cuddles looked around a corner of a building, looking for Flaky. He spotted her kneeling on the ground, thinking she was hurt. He loaded his rifle and signaled for his team to move forward. The four ran straight to Flaky, who was still working on Flippy's leg. They stopped however, when they saw four figures running towards her. Cuddles immediately recognized the figures as members of the Haven.

"Look alive! Haven's approaching!"

Disco shouted.

"Oh yeah!"

Cuddles aimed his rifle.


The four shouted as they ran towards the four soldiers. The soldiers all armed themselves with their swords and guns, all aiming towards Flaky. One was about to fire, but Cuddles was faster. He shot the soldier, right between the eyes. Cuddles was always a straight shot; before, he was able to shoot a soda can off a ten foot fence using his trusty slingshot. The first time he used a gun, he could shoot a frisbie as it was flying through the air. Not even Flippy could do that.

Disco and Handy attacked the swordsmen. Toothy shot the other gunman, once in the leg then in the chest. Before they began to fight, the Tree Friends made an agreement; they'd only fight enemies using the weapons they were using. War might be hard, but they wanted it to at least be fair.

Disco was an amazing swordsman, with a unique way of battle; he got his name from the fact that he lives like a swinger only seen in the time of disco music. Therefore, he was a ladies man, and a dancer. Disco loved to dance, so much that he used his moves to attack with. He was the quickest dodger, as he ducked and swayed side to side. He immediately stabbed his opponent in the stomach and reeled back. His opponent was dead, almost immediately.

Handy was a strong man; having no hands certainly didn't help, but he was able to use his forearm strength with his sword, making it stronger than he already is. To be a construction worker, you need to have at least upper body strength. He blocked his opponent and with one mighty overhead swing, he brought his mighty sword down on the soldier, flattening him like a pancake.

When the battle was over, the four ran towards Flaky. She never paid attention to the battle; she was too focused on Flippy. She'd never felt for anyone like she did for Flippy. She knew he was special. Sure, there were cute guys around her, but she grew up with most Flippy, mostly spending her time with him. He was her first hug, her first date, her first kiss and her first love.

She looked at her friends.

"Cuddles! Thank you for coming. Help me bring Felix to the house."

"What?! Felix?"

He looked down to see his old friend, alive and unconscious.

"I… can't believe it. Alright. Disco, help me with this please."

They both grabbed Flippy and walked him out of the area. Flaky was walking slowly, following the boys. She wished he was awake now, so she can finally hear his voice.

They brought him to a large, worn down warehouse. It had broken windows everywhere, so many that it was crawling with bugs. But no one could help its state; the Tree Friends literally had no money. None were employed. But there was a good side to this story; the Recon Team, Cuddles and the others, were hunters. They were skilled thieves, able to steal silently from any store they found. They used this to their advantage. Every week, they'd steal from the supermarkets in the nearby cities. They'd black out the security cameras with a silently fired black paintball, and they'd shoplift with ease; milk, eggs, meat, anything they could walk away with. But the more it happens, the more the stores get used to them. But they knew that, so they proceeded to rob a different store every month.

Flippy laid silently for hours, still unconscious. He started to dream. He was in a meadow. It was a beautiful sight. There were trees with green leaves. There was flowing green grass. There was a peach colored sunset. There was a pink sky. There were different colored flowers all around him.

There was Flaky.

He saw the girl, as beautiful as ever, wearing a flowing white dress, making her hair pop out from the scenery. She was an angel to him. A beautiful, red haired angel. She walked closer to him and he started running towards her. They both had their arms out for each other, like they were attracting each other like magnets.


She fell to the floor. Front first. With a knife in her back.

Flippy was dumbstruck, and fell to his knees. Sobbing. He was so upset, he didn't notice the change in the scene. The trees were burning. The grass was yellow and dead. The sun was red. The sky was black. The flowers were black and wilting.

And it was raining blood red drops.

Flippy took his eyes off his dead girl, and saw her murderer. He saw black combat boots. He saw camouflage pants. He saw a grey shirt and two dogtags. He saw a camo jacket. He saw a green beret.

He saw razor teeth and yellow neon eyes. Fliqpy stood before him, his grin bigger than its ever been.

He raised his right foot and brought it on Flippy's head.

"What… Are you doing, Fliqpy?"

"Oh… I just wanted to talk a bit.."

Flippy scoffed with his head still on the ground.

"I have no intention to talk to you. I know this is just a dream. I'll never let you kill her. Not for real."

"Really? You think you can stop me?"

"I can try. I'll die trying if I have to."

Fliqpy laughed and wrenched his foot into Flippy's head.

"You still don't get it, do you dumbass? I'll never go away! Whenever you're reminded of your days in the war, I'll be back! It can be the slightest thing; breaking of a glass, a slight pop, the sight of blood, all signs of battle."

Flippy didn't say anything.

"Anyway, I wanted to ask; what's with this group of idiots trying to kill you?"

"I… don't know. I just found out about this… Haven."

"Really? Is that so? Well then… we won't have to feel guilty about killing them, do we?"

"No! I know them… Well, some of them… Pop, Nutty, Mime…"

Fliqpy raised his foot and Flippy stood up.

"Well, anyway, is that red haired bitch really this "Flaky" you keep bringing up all the time?"

Flippy bowed his head and nodded.

Fliqpy laughed more and more, holding his gut from laughter.

"Oh my god, this is too much! That little, scared of everything little bitch, is your dream girl?!"

"Don't say that about her! She's not scared of everything!"

"Beg to differ! Did you see the way she looked after we fainted? She looked like she saw a ghost!"

Flippy realized he never sent her a letter. He felt crushed after realizing that Flaky may have thought that he was dead. He began to cry again. His tears were somehow changing the world; the area grew darker and darker, and Fliqpy continued laughing until he eventually faded away.

Flippy woke up, scared and shaking, mostly out of guilt. He was laying on an old hospital bed, probably brought out of a dumpster. He had bandages on his leg and his head.

"What… Where am I?"

All of a sudden, a bright blue haired boy with large glasses walked into the room, holding a clipboard. This was Jeffrey, a boy known for his great intelligence and his constant head colds, giving him the nickname "Sniffles".

"Welcome home, Felix."

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