Keeper of the Spatula

Chapter 18: Freezer of the Mind

Later that same evening, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward continued their journey; and after days of travel, the three finally reached the Arctic Ocean! However…unlike SpongeBob’s previous comment, the Arctic was not nice, calm, or pretty. It was nothing but strong gusts of freezing wind full of ice and snow.

This made the walk through it not at all easy for SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. With Squidward and Patrick’s luggage lost, and SpongeBob’s luggage stolen, the only thing the three had to keep warm were the cloaks the mermaids gave them. The snow on SpongeBob’s bare feet was of course uncomfortable for him, but if Squidward and Patrick can walk without shoes every day, so could he.

As Squidward trudged through the rough blizzard, he finally yelled out over the loud wind, “I take it all back! Compared to everything else I’ve been through this past week, this is a nightmare!”

“It’s not so bad, Squidward!” SpongeBob yelled back to him, trying to remain positive. “We’re really almost done once we reach the volcano!”

“I still don’t believe…” Squidward yelled, now out of breath from walking through the cold. “That there is a volcano…in this wasteland!”

“There has to be!” SpongeBob shouted with a shiver as the icy wind hit his face. “Mr. Krabs said there would be! Right Patrick?”

From under his hood, Patrick cupped his ear and shouted back, “What?!”

SpongeBob spoke in a louder voice over the wind, “I said, there has to be a volcano out here, right Patrick?!”


“I SAID, THERE HAS TO BE A VOLCANO OUT HERE, RIGHT PA-” but a strong gust of wind suddenly blew right pass them, knocking the sponge off his feet.

Patrick didn’t seem to notice and leaned closer to SpongeBob, “CAN YOU REPEAT THAT, SPONGEBOB?”

SpongeBob sounded as if he responded, but with all the snow on top of him, he was muffled.

“We don’t have time for this!” Squidward shouted over the wind as he grabbed SpongeBob’s arm and pulled him out of the snow and onto his feet. “We’re gonna freeze to death if we just stand here!” He paused as his teeth chatter from the cold. “And I am not about to let that happen after coming all this way, and finally making it to this stupid Arctic!”

“You’re right, Squidward!” SpongeBob agreed with a shiver as he rubbed both his arms. “If we don’t hurry, Hoagie will never be free from that spatula.”

“You’re worried about that vile spatula when our lives are in danger?” Squidward frustratingly asked.

“I made a-”

“You made a promise to Hoagie and Mr. Krabs!” Squidward finished sarcastically as he began to continue walking. “Blah, blah, blah! I get it already!”

“Wow,” Patrick said to SpongeBob in amazement. “Squidward’s a mind-reader.”

But then Squidward stopped a moment and shivered. “I just don’t know how long we can keep walking without a wormsled!”

As SpongeBob stood there in the cold snow, he narrowed his eyes in determination, patted his right pocket, and began to march forward. “We can do it, Squidward!” He grabbed Squidward’s hand. “As long as we stick together, the freezing winds won’t stop us!” He extended his other hand toward Patrick. “Come on, Pat!”

Patrick grabbed his best friend’s hand, and SpongeBob began pulling the two through the cold wind and snow. As he trudged and trudged his frozen feet through the snow, he noticed his path was blinded by the snow-filled wind. Oddly, Squidward and Patrick hadn’t made a peep since they started walking again through the blizzard, but he still had their hands in his grasp so he knew they were there. But how much further could he go until they reached the volcano: The last stop of their journey?

It was a sunny day out on beautiful Jellyfish Fields, where the jellyfish were happily buzzing about in the sky. Behind a large boulder, a small jellyfish net was sticking out, possibly trying to be inconspicuous. But when a jellyfish buzzed passed it, from behind the boulder, leapt SpongeBob SquarePants with his net over his head and a shrill cry of excitement.

He flew through the air and swiftly caught the jellyfish in his net. Afterwards, he floated lightly back down to the ground on his feet right next to Patrick.

“Whoo-hoo!” Patrick cheered with his fist held in the air. “Nice catch, SpongeBob!”

SpongeBob bowed gracefully. “Thank you, my good man.” Then he stood up and pushed his net outward to let the jellyfish go free. “Nothing beats a day of jellyfishing; especially after returning from the Arctic.”

“I didn’t like the Arctic.” Patrick commented, shivering at the memory. “It was too cold.”

“Me neither.” SpongeBob made an assuring smile. “But it’s over and we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“Uh huh,” Patrick agreed with a nod. “What’s next on your list-of-things-to-do-now-that-we’re-back-home?”

SpongeBob reached into his left pocket and pulled out a long sheet of paper. “It says here that I have karate with Sandy.” He put his list back his pocket. “What does yours say?”

Patrick reached into his pocket and pulled out a list that was much smaller than SpongeBob’s. Right below the checkmark with ‘Jellyfish with SpongeBob’ was the checkmark ‘Do nothing’. “It’s ‘do nothing’. That’s the one what I’ve been waiting for!”

“That’s great, buddy!” SpongeBob shouted in joy. “Later on, I have ‘Eat hero cake with my best friend’.”

“That’s the second one I’ve been waiting for!”

“Mine too. I love being a hero. Wait’ll Sandy gets a load of me when I see her.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Patrick shouted to get his attention. “And don’t forget to make her bow down before you since you’re a hero now.”

SpongeBob bowed again and replied, “That I shall do, fellow hero, Mr. Patrick Star.”

When SpongeBob turned to walk away, Patrick suddenly grabbed his shoulder to stop him. “What do you think you’re doing, SquarePants?” he asked in anger

“Walking to Sandy.” SpongeBob meekly replied.

“You can’t walk.” Patrick pointed out brusquely. “Heroes don’t walk!”

SpongeBob stopped and considered this. “Hmm, you’re right. But how will I get there without using my feet?”

To answer his question, a group of jellyfish flew in front of him and huddled together to make a platform for someone to sit upon.

“I guess my ride is here.” SpongeBob said with a smile as he hopped up and sat down on top of the jellyfish.

Patrick blew kiss to SpongeBob as the jellyfish began to lift the sponge into the sky. “Farewell, Master SpongeBob,” Patrick said to SpongeBob in a graceful voice, “I shall see you in another time.”

SpongeBob stared down at Patrick and waved back to him. “Goodbye Pat! I shall see you at another time as well- like lunch, is that okay?”

As SpongeBob flew through the skies of Bikini Bottom, he yawned and stretched his arms. “I’ll tell ya, life as a hero can be pretty exhausting.”

The jellyfish buzzed in response, and SpongeBob responded, “Why, I saw plenty of stuff on my adventure. I even met a Black Toxicity Jellyfish.”

The jellyfish make buzzing noises again to which SpongeBob sighs sadly and answers, “Unfortunately, yes…” he perks up and shouts happily, “But I lived!”

The group of jellyfish seemed to buzz in excitement as they landed toward the ground at Goo Lagoon. SpongeBob hopped on the sandy beach and waved goodbye to the jellyfish as they flew back to Jellyfish Fields.

SpongeBob turned around and saw Sandy lifting weights and impressing everybody with her tremendous strength.

“Sandy!” SpongeBob called out as he ran toward his squirrel friend.

Sandy dropped the weights on the sand and turned to welcome her friend. “Howdy SpongeBob!” she greeted with a smile. “Nice to see you’re back.”

“I’m glad to be back, Miss. Cheeks.” SpongeBob replied in a proud tone. “And did you know I just so happen to be a hero upon my return.”

“Well, of course I know. Everybody does.” She signaled to the other beachgoers, who were cheering in excitement as they looked at SpongeBob. “You’re tougher than a Bull-rider on a buckin’ bronco weighin’ in at 800 pounds.”

SpongeBob gasped in amazement at his cheering fans. “We love you, SpongeBob!” one of them shouted.

“You’re a hero!” a blue male fish shouted from behind the crowd.

A man in front held up a small notebook. “Sign my notebook!”

“Sign my surfboard!” another fish shouted holding out his long surfboard.

“Sign my dentures!” an old lady fish shouted, pulling her false teeth out of her mouth.

“Sign my underwear!” a young male fish shouted, holding up a pair of tightey-whiteys.

“Sign my kid!” A man shouted as he held up his son.

While SpongeBob was distracted by the high-strung crowd, Sandy suddenly put on her green karate gloves and got his attention. “Now how about we see just what all that travelin’ and hero stuff made ya!”

SpongeBob laughed and pulled out his red karate gloves and helmet. “I’ll show you just what I did to that mean ‘ol chief!”

As the karate match began, all the fish were pumping their fist in the air and chanting for their favorite sponge, “HERO! HERO! HERO! HERO! HERO!”

While SpongeBob prepared to make his move, a group of teenage girl fish jumped out of the crowd and got next to SpongeBob, “We love you, SpongeBob!” one of them screamed widely.

“You’re so handsome!”

“Kiss me!”

Before SpongeBob could react to any of them, Sandy suddenly jumped forward and knocked them all away with a karate chop. “They had that one comin’.” Sandy stated with an unamused frown.

She then made another karate chop at SpongeBob, who quickly reacted by blocking it with his gloved-fist. “HI-YAA!” SpongeBob cried out as he closed his eyes and lifted his fist.

When Sandy blocked his attack, SpongeBob continued by jumping toward Sandy and landing a karate chop at her. But Sandy quickly blocked it and made one swift uppercut that knocked SpongeBob into the air.

As the crowd continued chanting for their hero, SpongeBob fell back toward the ground with his fist held high and a determined smile on his face. He dismounted with ease and twirled around until he gave Sandy a hard karate chop at her face, sending her sliding on the ground. The crowd cheered widely for SpongeBob’s victory as the sponge ran over to see if his opponent was alright.

But Sandy got up with ease and smiled. “Whoo-eee! You really are stronger than three two-ton oxen pullin’ a heavy loaded wagon filled with fifty stacks of hay.”

SpongeBob giggled in delight. “You really think so?”

“Sure nuff.” Sandy replied with a nod.

“THERE HE IS!” a female voice shouted, and the two quickly turn to see a mob of female fish standing ahead.

“IT’S THE HERO!” they all shouted and screamed as they began to stampede toward SpongeBob.

The sponge laughed and said to Sandy, “I’ll see you next time.” before running away at fast speed.

Sandy just narrowed her eyes in annoyance as the mob of women ran past her to chase after their hero. She continued to stand there until the mob passed, but her eyes widen to see Scooter also following in hot pursuit as he laughed his usual surfer dialect laugh.

SpongeBob ran all the way out of Goo Lagoon and through the streets of Bikini Bottom as the mob chanted, “Hero, hero, hero!” as they continued to chase SpongeBob like a pack of adoring fans. SpongeBob himself enjoyed this, but the excitement of it soon began to die down as he tired out from all the running.

As SpongeBob ran, he said to himself with each pant, “…Phew…Now I know what it feels like to be in a music video.”

SpongeBob was chased all the way out of the city and reached a high cliff. With no other choice, he jumped off which stopped the mob from following him. Yet, SpongeBob didn’t plummet to the ground; he was caught by Gary…with a jetpack on his shell.”

SpongeBob hung onto his pet snail by the eyestalks and looked back to see his fans screaming his name in excitement as they watched him fly away. Gary having a jetpack just in time to rescue him did not seem odd in the slightest, so he just sighed in relief and said, “Thanks Gary.”

“Meow.” Gary replied back and commented.

SpongeBob blushed and replied, “Yeah, I am a hero.”

Gary narrowed his eyes dully and added, “Meow.”

“Oh, behave, Gary.” SpongeBob replied with sly voice and grin.

When they reached Conch Street, Gary lowered to the ground and dropped SpongeBob on the street right in front of his house. When SpongeBob was safely on the ground, the sponge waved goodbye to his flying snail. “Thanks Gare!”

Before SpongeBob could have a minute alone, Squidward ran up to him, much to his delight. “SpongeBob, you’re here!” he said with a big smile.

“Oh hey, Squidward.” SpongeBob greeted with a smile. “I haven’t seen you since we came back. How are you getting along?”

“I’m doing just fine, SpongeBob.” Squidward answered in a cheerful tone. “In fact, I’ve never been better.” Then he instantly pulled out a bowl of vanilla ice-cream from behind his back. “I got us some ice-cream to share together. I know it’s your favorite.”

“That it is!” SpongeBob gleefully replied as he took a spoonful from the bowl and ate a bite. All the while, Squidward’s abnormal behavior didn’t cross his mind one bit.

As Squidward ate some of the ice-cream too, he asked SpongeBob, “So how does it feel being a hero? Everyone knows you definitely deserve it.”

“It feels great.” SpongeBob answered in joy. “I know that journey was the right thing to do.” He then reached back into his pocket and took out the list. “That reminds me. The next thing on my list is to pay my respects.”

“Oh yeah…” Squidward said, suddenly looking sad. “Can’t forget about that.”

“Wanna come with me?”

“No thanks. I’m gonna paint a pretty picture of the rainbow I saw out my window the other day.” Squidward explained as he handed SpongeBob the ice-cream. “Why don’t you keep the rest, so can stay happy while visiting Mr. Krabs.”

SpongeBob smiled again as he held the bowl. “Oh, thanks, Squidward. You’re the best friend ever.”

Squidward grinned and pointed at SpongeBob. “No, you’re the best friend ever.” He stated in a cheery voice.

SpongeBob chuckled and pointed, “No, you are.”

“No, you.”

“No, you are.”

“No, you.”

“No, you are.”

“No, you.”

“No, you are.”

“No, you times infinity.”

“Oh, tartar sauce, you got me.” SpongeBob said with a laugh before walking away. “See you later, Squidward.”

Squidward cheerfully waved and shouted, “Goodbye SpongeBob, ol’ pal of mine!”

Later on, behind the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob knelt down in front of a memorial plaque stuck into the ground and the words written across, ‘In Memory of Mr. Krabs: The Greatest Boss Ever’.

SpongeBob smiled sadly as he talked to the memorial. “We sure do miss you, Mr. Krabs. You’re a hero too, you know that? We just wish you can be here with us to celebrate our return.”

He placed a bouquet of sea flowers by the memorial, and then placed the bowl of ice-cream next to it.

“And here’s some ice-cream Squidward gave me. You can have some too.” He stood up and placed his uniform hat on. “You may be dead, but I’ll keep the Krusty Krab alive in your honor.”

SpongeBob stood up and walked into the Krusty Krab to resume his job as fry cook. The inside of the restaurant was completely empty that it was almost eerie, no customers and no Squidward to cashier. But SpongeBob loved the place so much that he didn’t let the emptiness affect him. Surely when he got the place bustling again, it’ll be as good as it was even now that Mr. Krabs wasn’t running it anymore. But when he was about to walk into the kitchen, he spotted a shadow from inside the kitchen through the window by the front counter boat and smelled the sweet scent of cooking krabby patties.

“Hello?” SpongeBob called out to whoever it was. He opened the kitchen door and mentioned, “This area’s restricted for Krusty Krab employees only.”

But once he stepped inside the kitchen, he spotted a shark wearing glasses, a yellow shirt, brown pants, boots, a cooking apron with a name tag, and a Krusty Krab hat; standing in front of the grill, frying krabby patties. SpongeBob somehow recognized him, but he just couldn’t remember where.

Before he knew it, the shark turned to him with a sharp toothy braces-filled grin as he responded, “But I am an employee here.”

“Uhhh…” SpongeBob stammered, unsure of what to say. “I…I’m sorry. I don’t remember seeing you work here before.”

“You mean you don’t recognize me?” the shark replied in his friendliest tone. “Eh, I’m not surprised. I mean I’ve only talked to you a few times, and you’ve never seen me in person. How can you see anyone at work when they’re dead?”

“Wait a minute.” SpongeBob said as a thought came into his mind, and suddenly remembered where he had seen this person. “You wouldn’t happen to be…”

“Hoagie Grindulas?” the shark finished as he gestured over his nametag which SpongeBob obviously didn’t notice right in front of him. “At your service.”

“Oh Neptune!” SpongeBob cried out with shrill excitement in his voice. “I don’t believe it. You’re really here standing in front of me! The first fry cook of the Krusty Krab, the maker of the most delicious krabby patties the sea has ever tasted. He’s standing right in front of me!”

Hoagie giggled in flattery. “Oh, stop, you’re embarrassing me. I can’t believe I’m meeting the current fry cook of the Krusty Krab, the one who makes just as scrumptious krabby patties anyone has ever tasted.”

Then, they suddenly grab hands and jump for joy in unison that it was like being in front of a mirror. “You’re my hero!” they shouted in harmony.

Then SpongeBob straightened up as best as his over-eagerness would allow him and added, “The only way to make a krabby patty the tastiest in Bikini Bottom…”

“…is to shower them with love!” Hoagie finished in the same excited tone as his fellow fry cook.

“Oh, this is just too great!” SpongeBob said in happiness as he spun around once. “I could never get this much enthusiasm out of Squidward.”

“Yeah, Squidward…” Hoagie uttered as he reminisced, “He isn’t a jolly one, is he? But he does have interesting pride in his own…interests, doesn’t he?”

“I guess.” SpongeBob replied with a chuckle. “But I don’t get it, Hoagie. Why are you here when your soul should be free after we threw you into the volcano?”

“Oh,” Hoagie responded with a sly smile. “Did you?”

“Well, yeah. I’m back in Bikini Bottom and everyone is glad that I made it back. I’m a hero.”

“Are sure about that, kid?” Hoagie asked, now looking really intimidating. “Haven’t you noticed that everyone you’ve met today didn’t even mention why you’re a hero?”

SpongeBob seemed shock by this, but even more so when Hoagie added, “And why don’t you check your front pocket?”

SpongeBob did this as he dug his hand into his right pocket and pulled out none other than the cursed golden spatula. “It can’t be!” he shouted in shock as he stared at it.

“It is.” Hoagie declared with a smirk.

SpongeBob stammered a bit as he tapped on the spatula. “But… if you’re in here…” he pointed at Hoagie with his shaking finger. “Then how are you…”

“You don’t get it, do you, kid?” Hoagie asked, staring close at SpongeBob as he too tapped on the spatula. “Yes, half of me is in here.” Then he tapped the side of SpongeBob’s head. “But the other half is right here.”

“In my head?” SpongeBob muttered in shock.

“No, silly.” Hoagie teased with a friendly smile as he took a step back and spread his arms apart. “Right here…in your mind.”

“My mind?” SpongeBob held his face in shock, dropping the spatula on the ground. “You mean we’re inside my mind right now.”

“Think about it, Cheesehead. What’s the last thing you remember doing before all this?”

“I was…I was walking through the Arctic with Patrick and Squidward. It was really cold and…”

“EXACTLY!” Hoagie shouted in enthusiasm. “You appear here because you’re excited about what’ll happen after you throw my soul into that volcano. You think everyone will praise you yet, no one even knows where the heck you are right now or what you’re doing. But why in Neptune’s name would anybody praise you when you’re THROWING ME INTO A VOLCANO?!”

SpongeBob was startled by Hoagie’s sudden outburst, but gave a weak smile and mentioned, “But Hoagie…we’re only doing it, so we can…”

“Free my soul?” Hoagie walked over and franticly grabbed SpongeBob by his arms. “Who said I wanted my soul free?”

“Well, Mr. Krabs said…”

“KRABS?!” Hoagie shouted in anger and madness as he shook SpongeBob. “Who cares about what he said! He wouldn’t let me love my krabby patties!”

SpongeBob was almost scared by Hoagie’s outbursts, but before he can even say anything to calm the spirit down. Hoagie instantly calmed down on his own and smiled calmly as he let go of SpongeBob.

“Look at them, kid.” Hoagie smoothly said as he signaled over to a stack of freshly made krabby patties that somehow instantly appeared on the grill. “Don’t they just make you wanna cry?”

As SpongeBob stared at them, he didn’t cry, but his eyes glow as he smiled. “…yeah.” He uttered tranquilly, “They’re perfectly made too.”

Hoagie walked over to them and wrapped his arms around them. “They deserve to be loved and nurtured.” As he held an armful of krabby patties, his eyes glare with hatred again. “And that fool Krabs wouldn’t let me give them that. Can you believe it?”

As SpongeBob stared at him from far away, he decided to take the risk and talk to the crazed deceased fry cook. “Uh…Hoagie? Don’t you think that maybe krabby patties can be loved and enjoyed by others?”

“NO!” Hoagie yelled out in a crazed voice as he turned to SpongeBob with an equal expression that startled the sponge. “Don’t ever suggest that, kid!”

He then approached SpongeBob and spoke in a calm voice as he grabbed SpongeBob’s hands, “Do you want all the hard work we put into those krabby patties to be soiled? Do you really think anybody can treat them with the same respect and love as we do?”

SpongeBob wasn’t sure what Hoagie was trying to convince him of, but the last few days, he knew what feeling he was talking about, so he could easily answer, “No.”

“Exactly.” Then Hoagie turned and walked away as he began to cry real tears, “And Krabs just took that all away from me. The next thing I know, I’m in my own spatula unable to feel my own krabby patties.”

Soon enough, SpongeBob found himself crying. “Oh, Hoagie…Don’t you worry, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to that volcano and free you.”

Hoagie suddenly snapped at him, no longer in tears, “Weren’t you listening, you nit-wit? How am I supposed to be with any of my krabby patties if I’m in what you call ‘the afterlife’?”

“Gee…” SpongeBob had to admit as he thought this over, “I never really thought of that.”

Hoagie suddenly turned his head toward SpongeBob as he wickedly chuckled and smirked. “And there’s your answer.” He waved his hand, and at his movements, the golden spatula lifted in the air and fell back into SpongeBob’s hands. “To tell the truth, you’re my favorite keeper of my spatula. After all, you love krabby patties just like I do.”

SpongeBob smiled lightly. “That’s what I like about you too, Hoagie.”

“Yeah, I know, but listen to me, kid.” Hoagie stated in determination as he turned to SpongeBob and stared him in the eyes. “As I said before, part of my soul is in that spatula, and the other part is right here in your mind. The more you hold my spatula, the stronger I become in here. I can make the best krabby patties and give them all the love and care they need, and with my spatula, so can you. You can make all the patties you want and I’ll be right here at your side, helping you all the way.

“One spatula to rule all krabby patties, one spatula to find krabby patties, one spatula to bring all krabby patties and on the heat of the grill bind them!” he grinned to SpongeBob. “-came up with that myself just now- and you know what the best part is? No one will ever touch them. As long as you hold my spatula, you can feel that.”

As SpongeBob listened to Hoagie’s words, he had a blank look on his face as he took in everything he said.

“What do you say to that…fellow fry cook?”

Hoagie anticipated SpongeBob’s answer, and when the answer finally came, SpongeBob snapped out of his daze and wiped his forehead. “Is it getting hot in here?” he asked.

“What?” Hoagie asked in confusion, obviously not anticipating that answer.

“No, really.” SpongeBob continued saying as he began to sweat. “It’s getting really hot in here.” As he began to sweat more and more, he fanned himself with his hand. “Okay, now it’s burning up.”

He suddenly hopped in the air and steam spewed out of his pores as he screamed, “AAAAAAHHH!

“AAAAAAAHH!!!” SpongeBob screamed as he sat up with his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“SpongeBob, you’re awake!” Patrick cried out as he hugged SpongeBob in joy.

“Patrick?” SpongeBob asked in surprise to see his best friend.

He looked around and saw he was sitting in the snow-covered wasteland of the Arctic Ocean, right where he was before his last predicament took place. The only change that occurred was that the harsh winds seemed to have died down a bit, making the area a little easier to see.

“Finally.” Squidward spoke as he sat next to the two with a bottle. “I thought you were gonna lie there dead forever.”

“Squidward?” SpongeBob asked as well until he smiled and stood up. “I was wondering where you guys ran off to after I met Hoagie. You should’ve been there. He was amazing.”

“SpongeBob, what the barnacles are you talking about?” Squidward asked in annoyed anger, “You’ve lying there for two hours.”

“I what?” SpongeBob asked, now in shock.

“Uh huh,” Patrick stated with a nod.

Squidward continued explaining, “While you and Patrick were acting like morons and wasting your warm breath by shouting, a strong wind blew and the next thing that happened, you fell over from hypothermia.”

“All that really happened?” SpongeBob asked, feeling his own body to see if he had any chills.

“That’s right.” Patrick answered as he pulled SpongeBob in for a hug. “But I was the one that warmed you up again, and Squidward was the one who helped wake you up by putting the frogs’ hot sauce in your mouth.”

“Oh,” SpongeBob said, a little surprised and shaken by the fact that his encounter with Hoagie was really a hallucination. “But I was in my mind, and Hoagie was telling me all that stuff.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the spatula. “He said he didn’t wanna be thrown into the volcano.”

As Patrick looked ahead into the distance, he smiled and pointed, “Hey look! The sun is coming up!”

SpongeBob and Squidward looked in the same direction and saw a bright red glow ahead in the distance Patrick was pointing to.

“I don’t think that’s the sun.” Squidward mentioned, looking a bit unsure.

“Yeah…” SpongeBob agreed, squinting his eyes to get a closer view. “It looks like…”

As the weather cleared up a bit more, they noticed a mountain from where the red glow was, and when squinting, they noticed the glow was emitting from the top of the mountain.

Squidward removed his hood and stared in shock. “Is that the…”

“VOLCANO!” SpongeBob and Patrick cheered in joy as they jumped up in the snow.

“Come on!” Patrick shouted as he began running toward the mountain.

Squidward followed closely behind, but SpongeBob stopped for a moment and he looked at the spatula, saying quietly to it, “I’m sorry, Hoagie. I know you’re scared, but you have to be set free. I promise when this is over, I’ll make krabby patties not just for the customers, but for you as well.”

“SPONGEBOB!” Squidward yelled at him from afar. “Get a move on before you freeze again!”

“Coming!” SpongeBob shouted back as he pocketed the spatula and ran forward to catch up with the others.

But from far away, as the three rushed toward the Arctic Volcano, a small pair of antennas moved through the snow like a submarine and stopped. They rise up and a small eye comes into view, carrying a bloodshot menacing glare that stared at his objective moving ahead.

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