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Harry Potter and the Claw of the Raven


When a more studious Harry Potter enters Gringotts with Hagrid, the Goblins managed to talk to him privately - Dumbledore never saw that one coming.

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The next few weeks were not fun for Harry. Uncle Vernon was still furious with him, and Harry had the bruises to prove it. On the bright side though, other than Uncle Vernon’s regular punishments Harry was pretty much left alone. They didn’t force him to do anything, Harry had even heard Aunt Petunia talking about hiring a cleaner. In fact, if it wasn’t for Harry’s ever growing collection of bruises and welts from Uncle Vernon’s belt, it would have been a great few weeks. He spent his days in his room with his owl, whom he had named Hedwig, reading his books.

His textbooks were pretty interesting, but there was a lot of stuff he still didn’t understand. The Potions textbook only had recipes in it, it didn’t explain why the recipes worked. The books Baknog had recommended were fascinating. There was a book about Hogwarts that explained the school’s history as well as how everything worked. Apparently there was a sorting hat that decided which of the four Houses you ended up in. Harry had been particularly interested in the chapters on the different Houses. Both Hagrid and the boy in Madam Malkin’s had talked about Slytherin and Hufflepuff, but Harry hadn’t understood what they were talking about.

The most fascinating thing that Harry had read was from the book he had started reading on the train. He’d imagined that the Wizarding World would be the same as the normal one, except with magic, but apparently that wasn’t the case. The book had talked about there being a whole different culture, it had even explained some of the things that were different.

Apparently there were different ways of talking, and standing, and sitting, and that was just average people - everything got much more complicated when you were dealing with people from the noble families. Harry supposed it made sense that there was a different culture, it was a whole new world.

Harry had read through the book on the history and customs of the wizarding world twice and he wanted to know more. He wanted to know all the different ways of walking and talking and sitting, surely it was the polite thing to do. He definitely didn’t want to offend anyone. Perhaps he could buy some more books when he went to visit Baknog?

Harry had decided that that he would go to Diagon Alley the day before he was supposed to catch the train to go to Hogwarts and spend the night there. He was pretty sure that there would be a motel there or something, and if not he could stay in a motel in the normal part of London. That way he could meet with Baknog and get to the train station without making Uncle Vernon any angrier than he already was.

So, on the 31st of August, Harry piled all his belongings into his trunk and managed to haul it downstairs without denting the wall or anything. He left his trunk by the door and went to find his Aunt.

“Aunt Petunia?”

Aunt Petunia, who had been peeking through the curtains at the neighbours, spun around in fright.

“What is it, boy?”

“I’m going.” Harry replied. “You know, to school.”

Aunt Petunia sneered at him. “And how exactly are you getting there.”

Harry shrugged. “I thought I’d catch the train.”

“I hope you’re not expecting me to give you a ride.” Aunt Petunia snapped.

“No.” Harry shook his head. “I’m going to walk.”

“Good.” Aunt Petunia turned back to the window, and then realising that Harry was still there turned around with a scowl. “What?”

Harry shrugged again, feeling a little let down. “Uh, nothing. Bye.”

Aunt Petunia didn’t reply.

Harry trudged back to his trunk and then pulled it out the door and into the street. He wasn’t sure why he felt so hurt by Aunt Petunia’s lack of response, it wasn’t as though he wasn’t used to it. But still, it did hurt.

The trip to the train station was even more tiring than the walk home had been. Harry wasn’t sure whether it was because of the extra things in his trunk or all his bruises. Probably a bit of both. Eventually though Harry arrived at the station, just in time to get on the ten o’clock train. Harry clambered on and collapsed in a seat, his trunk in front of him and Hedwig’s cage on the seat next to him.

It was eleven thirty by the time, Harry got the Leaky Cauldron. Thankfully, one of Baknog’s books had included a map of where to find it, otherwise Harry would have been terribly lost.

Harry pulled his trunk into the dark pub and looked around. It wasn’t too busy, but Harry didn’t really want to talk to anyone. When he had been here with Hagrid they had all been really weird about meeting him. Harry tugged his trunk through the pub, keeping his head down, and out in the courtyard that lead to the Leaky Cauldron. Harry opened his trunk and dug around for his wand, before tapping the bricks like Hagrid had. He grinned when the wall quivered like it had before and then transformed into an archway. It was brilliant!

Harry returned his wand to his trunk and then headed towards Gringotts. Hopefully the goblins wouldn’t mind that he had his trunk and Hedwig with him.

Once inside the Gringotts building, Harry looked around hoping to see a familiar face. He would rather talk to one of the goblins he had met last time than a stranger. Harry sighed when he couldn’t see either of them. He quickly shoved his hand in his pocket to reassure himself that he had his key and then dragged his trunk towards a counter with a free goblin.

“Uh, hi.” Harry said nervously, fingering his key in his pocket.

The goblin just looked down his nose at Harry.

“Um, I was here a few weeks ago, but Baknog told me I should come back.” Harry tried to explain. “To talk or something.”

“Name?” The goblin asked imperially.

“Oh, uh, Harry Potter.” Harry said quietly.

“I presume you have your key?”

“Yeah, uh, yes.” Harry nodded quickly and pulled his key out of his pocket.

“Mr. Potter, if you’ll follow me.”

Harry spun around and stared at Baknog who had apparently snuck up behind him. “Okay.” He turned back to the goblin behind the counter and smiled. “Thanks.”

The goblin didn’t respond.

Harry picked up his trunk again and followed Baknog through the same door as last time. As Baknog was holding the door open he frowned down at Harry’s trunk, but didn’t say anything.

He led Harry back to the same office as last time and settled behind the desk. “You may put your trunk and owl in the corner.”

Harry smiled gratefully. “Thanks!”

“Where did you get that trunk?” Baknog asked with obviously distaste.

“Hagrid helped me buy it last time.” Harry answered as he sat in the human sized seat. “It’s second hand.”

“So I can see.” Baknog didn’t look impressed. “Perhaps a newer trunk would be more practical? It would certainly be lighter.”

Harry perked up with interest. “Really? Why?”

“All trunks are made with charms that make them lighter,” Baknog explained. “Unfortunately the charm wears off after ten years.”

“Oh.” Harry wished Hagrid had told him that. “Where could I buy one? I’m planning on buying more books, but my trunk is already so heavy. It would be much easier if it was lighter.”

Baknog leaned back in his chair. “More books, Mr. Potter?”

“Yeah.” Harry grinned at him. “Thanks for that list last time. The books were really interesting. I especially liked the History and Customs one. Are there any other books you think I should read?”

Baknog nodded. “You are welcome, Mr. Potter. I will make sure to give you a new list of books before you leave today.”

“Thanks.” Harry looked around the office, there was a really big axe sitting on a bookcase. That was a weird combination. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

Baknog leaned forward and clasped him hand together. “If you have read the books I recommended you then you will be aware that, much like the muggle world, the wizarding world has noble houses.”

Harry nodded. “There are Most Ancient Houses and Ancient Houses right?”

“Correct.” Baknog gave an approving nod. “What do you remember about the Most Ancient Houses?”

Harry frowned in concentration. “There are ten Most Ancient Houses and ten Ancient Houses. And they’re all in order, I mean some of them are more important than other ones.”

“A hierarchy.” Baknog agreed. “Did the book mention what the names of the different houses were?”

“No.” Harry shook his head. “I want to get another book that does.”

Baknog stood up and moved to the bookcase and plucked out a book before handing it to Harry. “Page one hundred and sixty four.”

Harry opened the book to the correct page and jumped as the drawing of a massive eagle with four legs moved. “Did you see that?”

Baknog frowned as he returned to his seat. “See what?”

“The eagle thing, it’s moving!” Harry exclaimed as he watched the animal begin to groom its feathers with its beak.

“That speaks to the book’s age.” Baknog explained with obvious pride. “That book was written in 1654, they don’t bother with implanting magic into books these days. And that animal is called a hippogriff.”


Harry stared at the hippogriff for a little longer and then began to look at the rest of the page. The page was titled ‘The Most Ancient and Noble House of Pottarius’.

Baknog cleared his throat. “The Pottarius family is one of the most powerful and prominent Houses in Wizarding Britian, second only to the Black House.”

“Cool.” Harry put his finger near the hippogriff and then jumped as the hippogriff pounced forward as though to bite it.

“Exactly eighty four years ago Lord Pottarius decided to change the title of his House to try and make it more modern.” Baknog continued. “The House of Pottarius became the House of Potter.”

Harry looked up quickly. “What? Like, my family?”

“Exactly.” Baknog nodded. “The wizard who changed the name of the house was your Grandfather, Lord Charlus Potter.”

Harry hadn’t considered that he might still have grandparents in the wizarding world. “Are they still alive?”

“No.” Baknog replied. “They died in 1978.”

“Oh.” Harry frowned. “So before I was born then. Does that mean that my Dad was a lord?”

“Yes, Lord James Potter.” Baknog confirmed. “You are his heir.”

“So when my Mum married him, she became a lady?” Harry asked.


“Brilliant!” Harry bet Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia didn’t know that.

Baknog cleared his throat. “As I was saying, Mr. Potter, you are your Father’s heir.”

“So I’m a lord too?”

“No. You must be an adult, so until you turn fifteen.” Baknog explained.

“I thought you had to be seventeen or something before you became an adult.” Harry asked. He’d read that in one of his books.

“While that would normally be true; you are the last living descendant of a Most Ancient and Noble House.” Baknog told him.

Harry closed the book in his lap and leaned back in his chair, there was a lot of information to consider.

“So it doesn’t affect me at the moment, right? I can just be normal Harry?”

“I am afraid not, Mr. Potter.” Baknog sounded regretful. “While you are not able to take full control of the House of Potter until you are fifteen, you are still the Heir of a Most Ancient and Noble House.”

Harry sighed. “Oh.”

“The first thing that you must do is allow us to test you to ensure that your claim to the House is legitimate.” Baknog announced briskly.”

“But I’m not claiming anything.” Harry pointed out.

Baknog ignored him and stood up briskly. “It shouldn’t take too long, but you will need to accompany me to our Healer’s Office.”

“Healers?” Harry asked as he followed Baknog out the door.

“I believe that the muggle term for them is Doctor.” Baknog told him.

Harry stopped. “But I’m not sick.” What if the healer saw all the bruises? Or worse, the welts? Uncle Vernon would be so mad if anyone found out!

Harry forced himself to take a deep breath. It didn’t matter what Uncle Vernon thought; Harry was going to Hogwarts. Harry bit his lip in worry, unless they sent him back to the Dursleys’ in the holidays?

“Come along, Mr. Potter.” Baknog was looking impatient.

“But I’m not sick.” Harry repeated even as he obediently followed the goblin down the hallway.

Baknog sighed. “While that may be true, Healer Axecure is the one who will run the tests on you.”

Healer Axecure turned out to be female goblin who was even smaller than Baknog, but she was just as gruff. When Baknog and Harry arrived the two goblins immediately began talking in the weird language that Harry had heard Baknog speak last time. It was harsh and raspy, Harry wasn’t even sure he was capable of making some of the noises that they were making.

“You!” Healer Axecure suddenly looked straight at Harry. “Sit on the bed.”

Harry rushed to sit on the bed she had pointed at. It was human sized, except that it was really short.

“According to Manager Baknog you claim to be Harry Potter, Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and vanquisher of Voldermort.” Healer Axecure stood in front of Harry with her hands on her hips. “Is that true?”

Harry wanted to point out that he hadn’t claimed to be anything other than Harry, other people were the ones claiming all the extra stuff, but he didn’t think it would do any good.

“Um, yeah?”

“Lie down.” Healer Axecure commanded him.

Harry glanced over at where Baknog was standing, to ensure that the one goblin he sort of knew hadn’t left him, and then did as he was told.

The next few minutes were weird. Healer Axecure took used little cotton bud things to get samples of stuff from Harry’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and then she took samples of his blood. All the while the healer and Baknog were talking rapidly in their language.

“Stay.” Healer Axecure commanded him after she had collected all the samples she apparently needed.

Harry watched as Healer Axecure strode out of the room and then glanced towards Baknog. “What’s she doing?”

“Testing your relation to the House of Potter.” Baknog answered, moving to stand closer to Harry.

“Oh.” Harry stared up at the ceiling. “She said you were a manager. What do you manage?”

“The accounts and holdings of the House of Potter.” Baknog said.

Harry turned his head to look at him. “You mean like that vault we went to last time?”

Baknog chuckled. “That vault is simply the small amount of money your parents put away for you when you were born, Mr. Potter. The House of Potter owns many businesses, houses and apartments, and currently uses ten different vaults here at Gringotts.”

Harry stared at him. “You mean I have more money than there is in that vault?”

“You will when you turn fifteen.” Baknog answered.

“Wow.” Harry went back to staring at the ceiling. “Hagrid said that I ought to be careful how much money I spend because I have to be able to pay for seven years of Hogwarts. He said Hogwarts is very expensive.”

Baknog made a snarling noise. “Your Hogwarts tuition was paid by your parents the day after you were born.”

“Oh.” Harry shrugged. “I guess Hagrid didn’t know that. So I didn’t need to buy a second hand trunk after all.”

“Certainly not.” Baknog agreed.

“And I could maybe buy some new clothes.” Harry mused. “I mean, I have a new school uniform, but maybe some other clothes too.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea.” Baknog answered with such feeling that Harry turned to look at him in surprise.

“Should I buy them at Madam Malkin’s?” Harry asked. “Or maybe I could buy them in the muggle world.”

Baknog was silent for a moment. “If you would like, Mr. Potter, I could accompany you to the appropriate shops in Diagon Alley once we are done here.”

Harry stared at the goblin. “Seriously? That would be brilliant, thanks!”

Baknog inclined his head regally. “Of course. How much time do you have today?”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know. I figured I would find somewhere to stay tonight before going to Hogwarts tomorrow. Is there a motel or something in Diagon Alley?”

Before Baknog could reply, Healer Axecure strode back into the room with a piece of parchment in her hand.

“Congratulations, Mr. Potter, your claim is legitimate. You are the Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.”

Harry wasn’t sure how he was supposed to respond. “Um, cool?”

Baknog turned to the healer and said something in the goblin language. Healer Axecure turned to stare at Harry and then responded in what sounded like an angry voice.

Harry went back to staring at ceiling. He wondered whether the goblin language was possible for humans to speak. It would be pretty cool to be able to speak to goblins, it would probably be super helpful too. Maybe there was a book on it.

“Mr. Potter.” Healer Axecure switched to English and Harry turned to look at her. “When was the last time you saw a healer?”

Harry put a hand on his stomach that suddenly felt like lead. “Uh, I can’t remember.”

Healer Axecure glared at him. “Do you not remember because you are forgetful? Or because it has been a long time?”

Harry sighed. “I don’t think I’ve seen a healer since I was a baby.”

Healer Axecure made a snarling like noise. “Then you are due for a check -up.”

Harry frowned at the ceiling. “Do I have to?”

“It would be wise, Mr. Potter.” Baknog answered. “We cannot be sure that you received all your vaccines.”

Harry sighed. “What do the muggleborns do?”

“They are required to visit a Healer and receive them before beginning at Hogwarts.” Baknog explained.

“Oh,” Harry sighed again. “Fine. What does it involve?”

Healer Axecure stepped closer to the bed and raised a hand to hover over Harry’s face. “Stay still.”

Harry lay as still as possible as the healer slowly moved her hand, which was hovering an inch above his body, towards his feet.

“You may move now.” Healer Axecure told him after a few minutes. “I will return.”

Harry watched as she strode out of the room again. “Is that it?”

“She took a scan of your body.” Baknog told him. “Now she’s transferring the scan to parchment.”

“She took a scan with her hand?” Harry asked incredulously.

“A human healer would normally use a wand.” Baknog told him. “Goblins do not use wands.”

“Right.” Harry nodded. “Last time I was here you said that most wizards don’t know wandless magic. Does that mean that it’s possible for me to learn to do magic like you do?”

“No.” Baknog shook his head. “You are not a goblin. However, it is possible for you to learn to do some magic without a wand.”

Harry considered that. “Do you think there are books about how?”

Baknog let out a raspy laugh. “I am sure there are.”

“What kind of scan did Healer Axecure do?” Harry asked.

“The scan will show every injury and infection that you currently have, as well as any spells that are affecting you.” Baknog told him.

Harry winced, this wasn’t going to be fun. What if Baknog didn’t like him anymore when he found out about bruises? He still didn’t know where he was going to stay that night.

“Baknog?” Harry asked. “Where would be the best place for me to stay tonight?”

Baknog frowned at him. “Can you not return to your relatives?”

Harry shook his head. “I told them that I was going to stay here until tomorrow.”

At that moment Healer Axecure strode into the room looking furious and began to speak to Baknog is their language again.

Harry looked back up at the ceiling, it had swirly patterns in it.

“Mr. Potter.” Healer Axecure moved to stand next to the bed. “I have looked at your scan. You seem to have an abnormal number of contusions.”

Harry followed the path of one of the swirls with his eyes.

“Would you be willing to remove your shirt and allow me to see the contusions?” Healer Axecure asked.

Harry’s swirl had split into three new swirls and he decided to follow the middle one.

“I have an ointment that could heal them completely.” Healer Axecure added.

Harry glanced at her. He wasn’t sure what a contusion was, but he figured it was either a bruise or a welt and he’d been worried that one of the kids at Howarts might see them and make fun of them.

“I can leave the room if it would make you more comfortable.” Baknog suggested in the softest voice Harry had ever heard him use.

Harry shook his head as he sat up and pulled his t-shirt off. He balled the t-shirt up in his hands and looked down at his knees.

“Are you able to tell me how you received these contusions?” Healer Axecure asked him.

Harry shrugged.

“Mr. Potter?” Baknog questioned.

“My uncle.” Harry answered quietly, looking away. “He gets mad sometimes.”

“I see.” Healer Axecure replied briskly. “I have a jar of ointment that will heal those contusions right up, as well as the welts. You can apply it later if you like, when you’re alone, but it might be easiest if you allow me to apply it to your back now.”

Harry shrugged in agreement.

“Excellent.” Healer Axecure held out a hand and caught the jar that had floated across the room before moving around the bed to stand behind Harry.

Harry jumped as the ointment touched his back, it was cold.

“The scan also showed a few other things to note, Mr. Potter.” Healer Axecure said as she began gently rubbing the ointment on Harry’s back. “You seem to have missed two vaccines, for Scrofungulus and Dragon Pox, and one of your ribs is fractured.”

Harry blinked in surprise. He hadn’t realised that Uncle Vernon had hit him that hard. “Oh.”

“I will fix that in a moment.” Healer Axecure commented. “You also seem to have several spells currently affecting you.”

“What kind of spells?” Harry asked.

“Spells to stop you from growing in one way or another.” Healer Axecure explained as she finished applying the ointment.

“What?” Harry twisted around to look at her and then gasped in pain.

“I told you, your rib is fractured.” Healer Axecure told him.

“Oh,” Harry looked at his knees. “I just thought it was a bad bruise.”

“No.” Healer Axecure said shortly, moving around the bed to stand in front of Harry again. “I will need to touch the skin over the rib to heal it.”

Harry shrugged. “Okay.”

Her hands were cold, and for a moment the pain was so bad that he groaned, but then all the pain was gone.

“Wow.” Harry stared down at her hand as she pulled it back. “That’s amazing!”

“You may put your shirt back on.” Healer Axecure told him. “Now, were you aware about the spells affecting you?”

Harry pulled his shirt over his head, marvelling at the lack of pain, and then shook his head. “What do they do?”

“You have two,” Healer Axecure replied with a frown. “One of them is to dampen your magic. It isn’t an uncommon practise for wizarding families to cast a temporary block of this nature when a baby has particularly strong accidental magic.”

“So if it’s temporary then it will disappear?” Harry asked hopefully.

Healer Axecure shook her head. “It should have disappeared already. I will have to remove it myself.”

“What about the other block?” Harry asked. “Can you remove it too?”

“The second block is related to your ability to learn.” Healer Axecure looked furious. “I have no idea who would have cast this block on you, but I can certainly remove it.”

“My ability to learn?” Harry frowned in confusion. “Why would I need that kind of block?”

“You wouldn’t.” Healer Axecure snapped. “Lie down.”

Harry obeyed quickly and stared at the ceiling again. “Will it hurt?”


She was right. It hurt a lot! So much that Harry bit through his lip to try and keep from crying out, but then it was over.

“I feel the same.” He commented.

“Well they’re definitely gone.” Healer Axecure commented, before touching a finger to Harry’s bleeding lip. “Silly boy.”

Harry shrugged. “Sorry.”

“Sit up, Mr. Potter.” Healer Axecure instructed.

Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up.

“Now, Mr. Potter,” Healer Axecure started. “There were three other matters of concern in your scan.”

Harry grimaced.

“Firstly, you are terribly malnourished.” Healer Axecure told him with a frown.

“Huh?” Harry had never heard that word before.

“You’re starved.” Healer Axecure said shortly. “You haven’t been eating enough.”

“Oh.” Harry shrugged nervously.

“I am going to give you a set of potions.” Healer Axecure told him. “You are to take one every day for two weeks. Don’t miss a day.”

“Okay.” Harry nodded. “I can do that.”

“Now the last thing your scan showed was some very concerning readings regarding your scar.” Healer Axecure went on. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Harry’s tugged at his hair to try and ensure that the scar was covered. “What does that mean?”

“Have you ever noticed anything strange about your scar, Mr. Potter?” Healer Axecure asked.

“No.” Harry shook his head.

“Well,” Healer Axecure shared a look with Baknog. “There is nothing I can do now, but I will look into the matter. Finally, your eyeglasses.”

“What about them?” Harry touched them self-consciously.

“I can fix your eyesight.” Healer Axecure said shortly. “If you want.”

“Will it hurt?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“Yes.” Healer Axecure replied. “But you will never need eyeglasses again.”

Harry considered that. “Okay.”

“Drink this.” Healer Axecure shoved a vial with purple liquid towards him.

Harry stared at the liquid unsurely. “Are you sure?”

“It will fix your eyes.” Baknog reassured him.

Harry gulped the liquid down and then waited for the pain to start. It didn’t take long. This time Harry didn’t bother trying to hold his groans in, it felt as though his eyes were on fire. And then, just as quickly as the other times, the pain was gone and everything was blurry.

“You will need to remove your eyeglasses.” Healer Axecure pointed out.

Harry pulled them off and then gaped in amazement. The world looked so different. Everything was clearer, brighter, better.

“Woah! This is amazing!” Harry looked to where a very clear Healer Axecure was standing. “Thanks!”

Healer Axecure just nodded.

“Does this mean that we’re done?” Harry asked, feeling a little guilty about how eager he was to escape from the room.

“Nearly.” Healer Axecure answered. “First you must receive the vaccines you are missing.” She held out both her hands and caught both the small vials that flew towards her.

Healer Axecure set the vial holding purple liquid down and then touched a finger to Harry’s upper arm.

Harry yelped at the sharp pain and then stared in fascination as the purple liquid gradually disappeared from the vial.


“I am transferring the potion directly into your blood stream.” Healer Axecure explained as she set down the now empty vial and picked up the second one. Just as it had before the liquid in the vial disappeared.

When the Healer was done, Harry rubbed his arm where Healer Axecure’s finger had been. “Now are we done?”

“Yes.” Healer Axecure told him. “However, if at any time you notice anything unusual about your scar you need to owl me. You have an owl I presume?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, her name’s Hedwig.”

“And you will owl me?” Healer Axecure confirmed.

“Okay.” Harry agreed.

“Here are the potions and the ointment.” Healer Axecure handed him a wooden crate. “Remember, one potion every day for two weeks. You should start today. And the bruise ointment is in the green jar. Rub it into your bruises and they will disappear within a few hours.”

“Thanks.” Harry said again. “You’ve been brilliant. I feel better than I have in ages.”

“I’m sure.” Healer Axecure agreed before striding out of the room.

Harry looked at Baknog. “Now what?”

“We will put the crate with your trunk.” Baknog answered, already beginning to walk towards the door.

“I don’t think the crate will fit in my trunk.” Harry pointed out as he followed the goblin into the hallway. “It was pretty full.”

“We will be buying you a new trunk that fits.” Baknog reassured him.

“Oh good.” Harry nodded. “Do I need more money? I still have quite a bit left over, but some of it’s in pounds.”

“I will arrange for you to have a Withdrawal Key.”

“What’s that?” Harry asked curiously.

“It is a key that can be used to buy things.” Baknog told him. “You give the key to the shopkeeper, they press the key onto a special piece of parchment and it records your purchase.”

“Oh, like a credit card.” Harry followed Baknog into his office and set the crate on the floor next to his trunk.

Baknog looked at him blankly.

Harry shrugged awkwardly. Maybe they didn’t know about things like credit cards.

Baknog sat behind his desk and pulled a large key out of a drawer. “Have a seat, Mr. Potter, I will be a few minutes.”

Harry sat grabbed the book that Baknog had given him earlier and opened it back up to the page about his family. It was fascinating!

“Mr. Potter?”

Harry looked up in surprise, he had completely forgotten that Baknog was there. “Yeah?”

“Are you ready to leave?” Baknog was standing by the door.

“Yeah, sorry.” Harry regretfully put the book on the desk and stood up. “Do I need to bring anything?”

“No.” Baknog led Harry back through the tunnel to the door that lead to the big room that had all the counters and then stopped.

Harry looked at him in confusion and then blinked as the goblin suddenly looked like a normal sized human.

“Woah! How did you...? Why did you…?” Harry gaped at the goblin turned human.

Baknog sighed. “It is easier this way, Mr. Potter.”

Harry didn’t know what to say.

Baknog lead Harry through the large room of people and out into Diagon Alley. “Where would you like to go first?”

Harry shrugged. “Should we get a trunk first or last?”

“First, I think.” Baknog handed Harry the large key from before. “You need to prick your finger and then rub the blood onto the key.”

Harry grimaced at the idea. “I don’t have anything to prick my finger with.”

Baknog tapped Harry’s finger and immediately a drop of blood appeared on it. “Now, put it on the key.”

Harry did as he had been told and then put his finger in his mouth. He almost dropped the key in fright when the key glowed red.

Baknog nodded in approval. “This is now an active Withdrawal Key. If you spend more than fifty galleons in one purchase you will need to provide a drop of blood to confirm your identity.”

“Oh.” Harry looked down at the key, it had stopped glowing. “So where should we go for a trunk?”


Trunci’s was large store next to Ollivander’s, the trunks in the window looked so fancy in comparison with the trunk Harry had bought with Hagrid.

“Merry meet.” A thin wizard with grey hair welcomed them with a smile. He reached out to clasp wrists with Baknog and then with Harry.

“Merry meet.” Baknog replied with a nod.

“Merry meet.” Harry echoed, he remembered reading something about this in the customs book.

“My name is Mercer Trunci.” The man introduced himself. “How may I help you today?”

“My companion is looking for a new trunk.” Baknog answered plainly.

“I see.” Mercer smiled at Harry. “What kind of trunk are you looking for?”

Harry shrugged. “I dunno. What kind of trunks are there?”

Mercer’s eyes lit up. “Too many to say. What are you planning on using the trunk for?”

“For Hogwarts.” Harry answered. “And, um, to keep my books in.”

“Ah.” Mercer nodded. “An avid reader are you?”

“Yes.” Baknog answered for Harry. “He will need a large book compartment with an efficient cataloguing system.”

“I see.” Mercer led them towards one of the trunks near the counter. “We have named this our Ravenclaw trunk. It has two compartments, one of which is made specifically for books…”

Baknog interrupted him. “He needs at least three compartments, and an advanced security system.”

Mercer made a humming noise. “Hmm, perhaps our Whistlen Trunk?” He led them towards a trunk that was near the far left corner. “Four compartments, including one book compartment, one compartment which will only open if the key has the owner’s blood on it, and one temperature statis compartment.”

Harry looked up at Baknog unsurely. A compartment that needed blood? Wasn’t that a bit weird?

Baknog looked at him. “What do you think, Harry?”

Harry looked closer at the trunk. It was made out of a black coloured wood and had silver keyholes – four of them.

“What does the inside look like?” He asked.

Mercer pulled a ring of keys out of his pocket and slotted a key in the first keyhole. The lid of the trunk opened by itself to show a black velvet like lining.

“Would you like to see the other compartments?” Mercer asked.

Harry shrugged, would the other ones look different?

“Yes.” Baknog answered.

Mercer closed the trunk and then slotted the key into the second keyhole. When the lid rose the trunk looked entirely different. It was a lot shallower to start with.

“You place the book in here, like you would a book case,” Mercer explained, and you can rotate around your collection like this.” He pushed a lever on the side of the trunk and the bottom of the trunk began to move like a conveyer belt.

“Wow!” Harry mouthed.

“There is no cataloguing system?” Baknog asked with a frown.

“No.” Mercer shook his head and returned to lever to its original position. “But the compartment will hold up to two hundred books.”

“That just makes the lack of cataloguing system worse.” Baknog pointed out.

“Would you like to see the final two compartments?” Mercer asked.

Baknog looked down at Harry. “What do you think?”

“Um, how much is it?” Harry asked.

“Ninety five galleons.” Mercer replied.

Harry looked up at Baknog in shock. It was a lot of money.

“If you could give us a minute?” Baknog asked Mercer.

Once Mercer was gone, Harry spoke up. “It’s a lot of money!”

“It’s worth it.” Bakrog assured him.

“So you think I should get it?” Harry asked. “What about the lack of cataloguing system you were worried about?”

Baknog looked at the trunk. “So long as you are careful about where you place the books, it will be fine.”

“Okay cool.” Harry nodded. “So I should get it?”

“If you wish.”

Harry frowned at the goblin disguised as a wizard. “That’s not helpful.”

Baknog looked over at Mercer who quickly moved forward.

“Do you any more questions?” The shopkeeper asked.

“No,” Harry shook his head. “I’ll, um take it.”

“Excellent.” Mercer smiled at him. “Do you wish to take it wish you now?”

“Yes, please.” Harry replied.

Mercer picked the trunk up and walked it over to the counter. “It will just take a moment to set up the secure compartment to recognise you.”

“Right.” Harry grimaced. “The blood.”

Mercer chuckled and placed two keys on the counter. “Exactly. I just need you to prick your finger and then rub the blood onto these keys.”

Harry rolled his eyes. What was it with the wizarding world and blood? He held out his finger for Baknog to prick like the previous time and then rubbed the blood that appeared on the keys.

“Excellent.” Mercer nodded and then glanced at Baknog. “That will be ninety five galleons.”

“Don’t look at me.” Baknog rebuked him.

“Sorry.” Mercer looked down at Harry. “Will you be paying by coins or key?”

“Key.” Harry answered.

Mercer pulled a piece of parchment out of a drawer and placed it in front of Harry. “If you could please press your key here.”

Harry pulled the Withdrawal Key out of his pocket and pressed it on the parchment before squeezing one last drop of blood out of his finger to dab on the key impression. The key impression glowed red and then the blood disappeared.

Mercer put the parchment back in the drawer. “It was a pleasure doing business with you, young man.”

“Yeah.” Harry answered awkwardly picking up one end of his new trunk. “You too.”

“Merry part.” Mercer smiled farewell to them.

“Merry part.” Harry and Baknog both echoed as they left the shop.

“It’s so light.” Harry commented to Baknog. “I think I could pick it up and carry it.”

“It won’t get any heavier.” Baknog told him. “No matter what you put in it.”

“Wow.” Harry grinned down at the trunk. “That’s brilliant. Can we get some new clothes next?”

“Certainly, Mr. Potter.” Baknog nodded. “This way.”


By the time Harry and Baknog returned to the bank it was almost four o’clock. They hadn’t spent long at the clothing store, though Harry had gotten a lot of different clothes – he was going to throw out all of Dudley’s old ones. But they had spent over an hour at the bookstores. Baknog had taken him to two different bookstores. The first was the one Harry had been to with Hagrid where Harry had bought twenty three books, but the second one was in a totally different street called Knockturn Alley. Harry had bought twelve books in the second store and he couldn’t wait to read them. They were about the wizarding customs and traditions, there was even a whole book about the Potter family.

Harry couldn’t believe how much money he had spent. It seemed ridiculous, but Baknog had encouraged him and Harry knew that none of it was wasted. He was going to read every single book. Even the boring looking one about how to use a quill.

As they were climbing the steps into Gringotts, Harry’s stomach growled with hunger.

“Did you not have lunch, Mr. Potter?” Baknog asked.

Harry blushed. “No, I’ve been with you since lunchtime.”

“I am aware.” Baknog commented. “I had presumed that you had an early lunch before coming to see me.”

Harry shrugged in embarrassment. “No.”

“Very well.” Baknog lead Harry back through the hallway to his office. “We will eat soon.”


Once in Baknog’s office, Harry transferred everything in his old trunk into his new trunk, and reached through the cage bars to pet Hedwig.

“Sorry, I left you here for so long, girl.”

Hedwig ignored him.

“What should I do with my old trunk?” Harry asked.

“You can leave it here.” Baknog told him. “I will dispose of it.”

Harry grinned at the goblin’s obvious distaste for the trunk.

“You can put your crate of potions in the third compartment.” Baknog suggested.

“They won’t get broken or anything?” Harry asked as he did as he had been told.

“No, the inside of the trunk doesn’t respond to what is happening on the outside.”

“Wow.” Harry stared at the trunk in amazement. It was unbelievable.

“You will spend the night at the Leaky Cauldron.” Baknog told him.

Harry wrinkled his nose. “Okay.”

“But first we will disguise you.” Baknog continued.

“Like you?” Harry asked in interest.

“No,” Baknog shook his head. “We will use Polyjuice Potion. One sip will transform your features for an hour. You should use it every time you step out of your room.”

Harry smiled in relief. “Cool. Last time I was there with Hagrid they all creeped me out. It was like everyone knew me.”

Baknog opened a cupboard that was next to the bookcase and pulled out yet another vial of liquid, and a small box.

“What do you wish to look like?”

Harry shrugged. “I dunno.”

“Very well.” Baknog opened the box and pulled out a small paper bag with a picture on the front. “How about this?”

Harry looked at the picture, it was of a brown haired man. “Uh, sure.”

Baknog opened the bag and removed a hair which he then dropped into the potion vial.

“Do you always keep hair in your cupboard?” Harry asked as he watched the potion turn green.

“It’s is useful to have in case of emergencies.” Baknog handed him the potion vial. “You only need a small mouthful.”

Harry looked at the potion with distaste before taking a sip. Immediately he felt his body changing and growing. It hurt! Once his body had finished changing, Harry looked down and realised that he was now much taller.

“Wow.” Harry stretched his arms. “This is weird. Why does my clothing still fit? Did it grow with me?”

“No, it never fit you in the first place.” Baknog answered dryly. “Your trousers are a bit short.”

Harry looked down in time to see Baknog point a hand towards his trousers and his trousers grow longer.

“Now transfer everything into your new trunk and follow me.” Baknog commanded as he headed for the door.

Harry quickly chucked everything from his old trunk into his new one. By the time he had closed the trunk and lifted it, Baknog was gone. Harry exited the office in a hurry, his trunk in one hand and Hedwig’s cage in the other, and almost bumped into Baknog who was obviously waiting for him.

“Sorry.” Harry mumbled as he walked down the hallway with Baknog. “It’s weird having longer legs.”

“I know.” Baknog replied.

Harry glanced at the goblin and realised that Baknog was still disguised as a human. “Oh, right.”

“Do you know how to get to the Hogwarts train from here?” Baknog asked him.

“No.” Harry admitted. “I didn’t think that far ahead.”

“I will escort you then.” Baknog said, as he and Harry exited Gringotts. “I will meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at ten.”

“Thanks.” Harry grinned gratefully at the goblin. “That would be brilliant!”

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