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Megatron's Cook


When a spirited woman is placed on board the Nemesis as their Leaders Personal chef, no one expected her to work her way into all their sparks, even that of their Leader

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Kat sat in the corner of the military base kitchen, peeling the third pound of potatoes since she had walked in, watching with calm eyes at the warpath the head cook was on.

It had been years since the Autobot/Decepticon war had been revealed to the human race, and currently they were in the process of the workings of a peace treaty, and one of the miniscule parts of said treaty was that a cook from the Autobot base was to be given positon aboard the Nemesis as Lord Megatron's personal chef, and the head Chef of the Autobots, Chef Marcy, was throwing a hissy fit of the century about being picked for the duty.

"Why the hell would I want to wait on that bastard hand and foot? That jackass can choke on my cooking for all I care!" Slamming yet another pot, the older woman snarled darkly as the Decepticon liaison, Barricade, whom had strode into the bustling kitchen beside Optimus. Kat could always appreciate a good looking mech when she saw one, and being half raised on the Autobot base she saw a plenty of attractive mechs.

A part of the treaty, not only between the two warring factions, but also with the world, was that the transformers could only use their holoform's, using their actual bodies as transportation and that was it. By now, every one of them felt that their holoform's were their true forms while they still had connections to their other halves. It was kind of sad actually, Kat had seen Optimus Prime transform from machine to mech once, and it had been the most breath taking thing she had ever witnessed.

The Decepticon Liaison, Barricade was easily 6 foot and a couple inches, not nearly as tall as Optimus, who stood a great 6 foot 4 inches. The Decepticon's head came to the Autobot leader's shoulder, but he still offered up a very strong aura, not only in the way he held himself, but also in the way he moved. His body was full of hard planes; wide chested, with a slender middle that fed into hips and long strong legs. He wore a leather jacket over a dark grey t-shirt that stretched over his chest, the Decepticon symbol hanging around his neck, while white washed jeans hugged his rump and formed to his legs without looking baggy nor tight. His hair was buzz cut, blacker than night with suited his tan completion along with his startling red eyes.

He was every inch an attractive mech, too bad someone like him would never cast an eye on a lowly assistant peeling potatoes. Kat sighed, looking back down at her task as the other cooks fell into their little clichés and began murmuring to themselves as they eyed the two mechs.

Chef Marcy immediately got up into Optimus Primes face, as much as her five foot five frame could. "I will not go! You will have to drag me kicking and screaming! I don't work for Deciptiscum!" Barricade growled lowly, but said nothing, watching with a calculated eye, he was showing far more restraint than most would show the portly woman. Optimus simply sighed, his blue eyes tired on his pale face, it was clear to at least her that their leader wasn't recharging well again. Kat felt bad for her leader; the mech was stuck between the world governments throwing hissy fits and having crazy stalkers as well as media on him at all times. Even the proudest leader showed signs of beginning to wilt under the stress.

Optimus' usually shiny dark blue hair now hanging limp and dull on his head, pale skin slightly ashen and taunt over his cheekbones. He shook himself, looking around the room with his usual cool face, although, beneath it, Kat could see all he wanted to do was hide in his quarters and not be disturbed for a week. "Very well, would anyone here like to volunteer for the job?" Or maybe three. Kat felt her jaw go slack. He, he was OFFERRING the position? To anyone?

The fifteen others also looked away, all having nothing more than wanting to stay here with the Autobots. Sure it was a borring job, but most of them wanted to stay because they each had a thing for one or two of the Autobots. Kat didn't speak to any of the others, but she knew when to listen. And right now, she wasn't hearing anything.

Glancing around, Kat tossed the half peeled potato away and stood, lifting her hand and stated rather proudly, "I volunteer Mr. Prime."

All eyes flew to her as Chef Marcy snarled darkly.

"Oh shudup! You wouldn't know how to cook if your damn life depended on it!"

Kat stood as she huffed, slowly peeling the soiled apron off her form and stalking forward, jade green eyes darkening to emerald with anger. "Oh? So, me, toiling away under Gordon Ramsey for six year, me with two masters degrees in pastry arts and culinary sciences makes me incompetent to cook for the Leader of the Decepticons, then that means that you clearly think so damn highly of yourself that you fear that the Lord Megatron will call your bluff and hand your ego to you on a silver platter. Among other things!"

Turning from the slack jawed, wide eyed woman Kat smiled sweetly up at Barricade, who was smirking with a look of amusement on his hard features. Clearly the five foot female made quite a first impression on the Decepticon liaison. Optimus stood completely still, blue eyes a little brighter as he gazed down at the femme, shocked with her sharp tongue and sudden spin in presentation from Chef Marcy to Barricade.

"Pardon that, I'm Kattrina Sunsinger. At your service." He nodded and smiled full outright, red eye gleaming with a glint that made a shiver of delight dance up and down the femme's spine, but she quickly hid it. Barricade turned his head to Optimus, who finally seemed to break out of his stunned trance to make eye contact with the Decepticon.

"Optimus, I believe she will do beautifully. Ms. Sunsinger, come with me please." Nodding she tossed her apron; she herself grinning and Barricade snorting in laughter when it slapped a stunned Marcy in the face, leaving the pudgy, gruff head chef sputtering in anger as the others watched on in shocked and disgruntled faces.

Once in the safety of the hallway Kat spoke up, trying not to come across the wrong way to her new employer. "Please, call me Kat Mr. Barricade, if I'm to work on the Nemisis, we should be seeing a lot of each other." As they strode down the hallway, Barricade's grin widened as he glanced down at the small form hastening to keep herself in stride with him. "Call me Barricade then, we will be seeing a lot of each other from here on out. I have patrols that go by your kitchen. If you do not mind a visitor." Kat grinned back as she sped up again to keep up with the two mech's much longer strides. "I would enjoy that very much Barricade, thank you."

The mech seemed to notice the femme struggling to keep up with him, and instead of keeping his brisk pace to keep up with the Prime, the mech slowed so that Kat could easily keep up with him. She smiled softly, but quickly hid it when the red optics flicked to her. Having a crush on a Decepticon, would not be a good idea. She would need to keep her emotions in check if she was to work on a base full of them. She could hold in her fan girl until the last moment, then unleash in into her pillow or something, as long as she didn't make a fool of herself in front of any of them.

After a loud argument about her health and wellbeing by Ratchet, suffering a bone bending hug from Jazz and a stern talking to from Prowl about watching my back and not trusting anyone on their base, Bumblebee had lifted her to his wirey frame, nuzzling his cheek against hers, his baby face only barely getting a shadow of peach fuzz, which the youngest bot was very proud of. She and Bumblebee had the strongest friendship than any of the other bots, Bumblebee being the mech she sought out when her PTSD hit her hard during the night and she would seek out the comfort of another body against hers.

"Be careful Kat. Anything happens, anything at all, call us. We'll get you. I promise!" Kat petted his soft blond hair as she wiggled out of his grip, landing on her feet beside Barricade's alt. "I get it Bumblebee. But remember, I volunteered. If I wasn't sure that I could handle myself, I wouldn't put myself into such a position. Okay?" The blond nodded slowly, as he glanced at Barricade, the big mech already sitting in the driver's seat, watching the episode with cool optics.

Turning her attention now to the Prime, who had been standing apart from her gathered party, Kat nodded respectfully to the leader. "I'll give you a comm at the end of each week with a status report Mr. Prime." With that she moved to the car, turning and smiling at those gathered. "Bye guys, and Bee, no prank wars with the terror twins, I don't think Prowl or Ratchet are going to put up with it anymore." Waving, she climbed into the altmode while making sure to be gentle with the car door, remembering what the bots had taught her about alt modes.

She waved to the gate guards, before settling back into the butter soft leather of Barricades interior. They drove off the base and for once in her life, Kat couldn't help but be excited at the prospect of her new path, barley noticing the side long looks Barricade was sending her from his own seat.

From where Barricade sat, Kat was a stunningly and surprisingly beautiful human femme whom showed far more intelligence than most humans he had met. Her hair was a few shades darker than copper cut short against her skull in what femmes of earth called a pixie cut. It suited her sharp, angular yet strangely feminine features. High cheekbones, large doe like green eyes that flashed and sparked, with a lush mouth that pulled back to reveal pretty, strait, white teeth with a small gap betwixt her front teeth. She was, as he grudgingly admitted, at attractive human femme.

As she relaxed into his seat, he felt her warmth sinking into his seat, settling into his alt form, warming him. He didn't usually care all that much for squishy humans, but, this one. She was different in so many delightful ways. The way she stood up when the others cowered in fear, how she volunteered to take a position among the enemy, and mostly how she smiled no matter how the situation took turns.

She was stunning for a human femme, he especially enjoyed how her green eyes would darken or lighten depending on her mood. Made it easy to read her, and the easier to read a human the easier it would be to control her. As they drove on in silence, after a few hours of comfortable quiet the big mech glanced over at his passenger.

Copper hair caught the setting sun, setting it on fire against his black leather, flashes of rich red fed into lighter orange red, streaked with copper looking like living flames against his black leather. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed deep and even, telling him she was deeply asleep. And a good thing too. If the mechs at the base caught sight of her exotic optics, she would have to beat them off left and right. And he himself really didn't want to go back to his bunk, and get berated by the others for details about the newest cook.

Lord Megatron stood in the hangar bay, watching with sharp optics as Barricade gently pulled a sleeping woman from his cab. He was surprised when his soldier came back with a much different creature than the one he had been shown. And again he was surprised as his soldier showed such gentleness with the human femme.

Upon a closer glance, the femme looked nothing like the woman he had been shown, thankfully though. She wasn't a round faced, pudgy, and rather ugly human femme. This one, she was slender, sharp faced, her colorations were very interesting to the leader of the Decepticon forces, something that very rarely ever happened to the big mech.

"Sir. This is your new cook. Katrina Sunsinger, or Kat. The assigned Autoscum cook threw a fit, and Prime offered the job to anyone willing." Barricade lifted the femme in his arms, eyes softening when she shifted, murmured and settled back against his large chest. Meeting his Lords optics again, he forced a steely face again, but as Megatron noticed, the soldier's hands clutched the small body closer to his when other mechs moved in to inspect the newest recruit.

Frenzy and Rumble inched forward, the teenager aged mechs pulling back and murmuring to each other, optics flickering beneath their visors, from the sleeping femme every so often to each other and back again. The Decepticon lord cleared his throat, regaining his soldier's optics again from where they were locked on the twins, a deep scowl had marred his features.

Barricade at least made an attempt to look abash in front of his leader. Clearing his throat, Barricade spoke again, earning a rare, startled look from his leader.

"She volunteered. She has a fire in her my lord. I believe she will be a wonderful chef my lord."

Megatron studied the woman for a minute before nodding, ruby red eyes studying the femme carefully, tapping his chin in thought. He found her astatically pleasing, and her being an Autobot, he wanted to keep her close, just in case the Autobots decided to use her as a spy. "Place her the guest compartments in my quarters. And make sure that the kitchen is ready for her." Barricade jerked, clearly surprised. They had already prepared the cooks quarters. Fearring retaliation from his temperamental leader, the soldier nodded quickly, "Yes sir." He released a breath his didn't realize he had been holding as he watched his commander stalk off.

Megatron folded his hands behind his back, growling at Starscream, the thin seeker sidling up to his side with a snide smirk on his thin lips as anger coloring his red eyes. Megatron continued to walk, never giving the seeker the chance to truly catch up with his much longer stride.

"A human femme? My lord you have slipped so far from where you once were! I would have at least opted for a Decepticon if I were leader. In fact, this foolish peace treaty would have been burned and I would have lead us to victory by now."

The Lord of the Decepticons ran a hand down his tired face, glaring at the seeker darkly over one broad shoulder. The flyer was far more slender in form than the other mechs on base. His hair was styled and well kept, constantly preening. Megatron smirked when he remembered the human term used to describe such mechs in the human world. Gay or in the closet. It brought his enough humor to warrant a response to the treacherous seeker.

"I will not listen to this slag. She is far more competent than you, even if she is only a lowly human femme. Get over it or I will toss you in a pair of stasis cuffs and hand you over to Lockdown. I remember how much he enjoyed your presence the last time you spent, quality time with him." He grinned sweetly as the slimmer mech squirmed, horror dancing across his pale cheeks.

Smug that he won this verbal bout, Megatron continued on his rounds of the base, finishing at his rooms. Taking a deep breath, Megatron paused. Did he really want to walk in and face his new chef? A filthy human femme who probably didn't even know how to cook a decent meal let alone feed him?

Sure, they had adapted their holoform's to accept human sustenance to aid in their disguises as the treaty demanded, but slag it! He himself missed his true form, his intimidating stature, the protection of his armor. With a grunt, and a resigned sighed, the leader of the Decepticons pushed the door open, and promptly froze.

The femme, Kat Sunsinger, was standing, clearly wide awake now, looking down as she buttoned up a white, high collared shirt, the long sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She wore strange black and white pants that fell to scuffed and stained shoes. She barely reached his chest, she was such a tiny being, and there could be a number of ways she could be harmed on his base. Although, the Decepticon leaders mind and eyes were locked on those delicate little hands as they fiddled with the buttons on her cleavage.

Finding himself starring longer than what was deemed necessary, the Decepticon leader jerked out of his trance and growled.

"What are you wearing femme?"

Said femme jumped at his gravelly voice; large, exotic, green optics meeting his red ones. The femme flushed, her eyes going wider, her hands dropping to her sides as her chin quickly shot upwards, trying to make eye contact with his imposing stature.

"Lord Megatron! I-I'm sorry sir, I was just leaving my room to make your dinner." He stepped further into the room, towering over the slender femme, crowding her on purpose. He needed to see how she would fare, would she back down, or would she step up, taking his challenge.

Kat lifted her chin higher, optics narrowing slightly as she held her ground. She wasn't budging, and by the look in those exotic optics, she was accustomed to needing to prove herself as well as standing her ground against a much larger opponent. He stepped back slightly, pleased with her reaction. May of the mechs on his base would use their height to their advantage and he didn't need a human who couldn't stand up for herself.

Upon closer inspection, he found the femme to be as physically appealing as he had first assumed when she was in recharge in Barricade's arms. She would only reach he himself just below his chest, therefore she would reach most about mid chested. She was short even by human standards, but she stood tall and proud, hands on her curvy hips, her posture singing of confidence and an unwavering pride.

As his optics wandered lower, he found her chest was lusciously full beneath the thick white cotton of her top, clearly enough there to fill a hand. His optics drifted upwards again when she shifted, sending a silent message to get his eyes back up North. Her hair was short, but it suited her facial structure and large doe like eyes.

Her lips were full and plump, as if she had just finished kissing a mech. Megatron quickly dismissed that thought from his processor. He hadn't fragged in ages, and he sure as Primus wasn't going to start now and for slagging sure not with a human femme.

"Again. What is this you are wearing?"

Those large doe eyes looked down at herself and flushed prettily, earning a predatory smirk from the faction leader. "Um, it's called a chef's coat. Its standard wear in kitchens, sir." She looked back up at him, judging his response to her explanation.

He frowned, but who was he to say anything, she could wear nothing at all, as long as she got her job done, and done well. She lifted her chin again, this time a little more confident as she spoke again.

"Um, what would you like for dinner sir?"

Megatron studied the femme for a few more moments, watching as she fidgeted under his intense stare.

"Surprise me femme."

With that she dashed out of the room, narrowly dodging a startled Lugnut who watched unabashed as her pert little aft sashayed down the hallway, head turning shooting his a soft smile.

"Sorry about that sir! In a hurry!"

With that she disappeared into the small kitchen that was designated only for Megatron's usage. Lugnut joined his Lord Megatron in standing in his doorway, gazes still locked on the door where the femme had disappeared into.

"Is that the new cook I have heard about my glorious Lord Megatron?"

The bigger mech grunted, glaring at his subordinate. If there was going to be any of his subordinates harboring feelings for his cook, he wanted to make sure there were a select few that would get the point very clearly that they were not to so much as breath near her.

Megatron growled, his gaze snapping with dark fire as he gazed down at the fat mech, wondering why he kept him around for so long. "Was there something you needed?" The bulky mech jumped, his round belly jiggling. Megatron sneered darkly at his loyal lap dog. The other mech quivered slightly before daring to speak again.

"Oh, uh, yes mighty Lord Megatron, these are the reports from the last meeting you requested." Grabbing the data pads from the mech, Megatron snarled, having had enough of the mechs disgusting presence.

"Get out. And if I ever see you starring at my cook again, I will gouge out your optics. Am I clear?" Lugnut trembled, quickly nodding and escaping the room before any harm could befall him. Good, Megatron didn't want nor did he need any more headaches to happen today.

With a sigh, Megatron moved to his big desk, slipping down into the plush seat as he ran a hand through his salt and pepper hair. Soon, his fingers fell from his now tousled locks to trace the scars that marred the right side of his face. They were old and puckered, slightly faded against his tan skin. Sure, he could erase them from his holoform, but they were as much a part of him as his temper. Settling back he released a sigh as the door swung open again. He suppressed his growl of annoyance, this time, due to the fact that his cook entering his quarters, a tray in her hands.

Honestly surprised, the Lord of the Decepticons sat a little straighter as he watched her approach him, her lower lip clutched in her teeth, clearly nervous. Good she needed to be nervous of him, he was a tyrant, and she was simply a human femme. Setting the covered tray in front of him, she bowed, giving him the respect that he didn't expect her to give so readily.

It wasn't like Starscream's flourishing bows that were clearly meant to mock, nor was it like Lugnut's groveling. It was simple, is was delicate, and she moved so sure that he could assume she had bowed before. "Is there anything else my Lord?" He jerked himself from his musings. She didn't comment, her eyes remaining down cast. He hastily nodded to cover up his pause. "Tell me what you are feeding me femme." She hesitated, only slightly, before lifting the lid.

Delicious scents wafted up and filled his olfactory senses, even he could appreciate a well cooked meal. Holding the lid to the tray almost like a "I prepared pan seared chicken breast in wild mushroom sauce served on bed of wild rice with grilled fennel and beet salad." She stated almost proudly.

Her exotic green eyes glowing when he leaned forward and sniffed, a smile of satisfaction on his lips. Clearly she was quite competent with her talents and she knew how to put together a fine meal in little time, something he could appreciate in a cook. "You are dismissed femme." She bowed again and with a turn of her heel, was gone.

Without hesitation, he dug in, eyes closing as the flavors danced over his tongue. This was so much better than anything the cafeteria on base could offer. Indeed he would keep her around for a while longer. His newest cook, interested him, dredging up emotions he could have sworn went dormant many, many millennia ago.

That human femme seemed to be able to spark something deep in his chest that made him at it in annoyance as he ate. Ignoring his spark, Megatron quickly redirected his attention to the days data pads, making sure to get his mind off the way her aft and round hips swayed as she walked, how when she walked, the lights would catch her hair and make it look like she had a crown of fire atop her head. And how her skin looked incredibly smooth, and how her lips looked plump, ready to be kissed. Shaking himself firmly, Megatron starred off into space, startled by the way his CPU was going. This was going to get interesting rather quickly, and if he was fully honest, he wasn't sure that he would be accepting of this new development.

Kat sank down against the cool metal of the industrial fridge, one hand clutching the cloth over her rapidly beating heart while the other clutched the ground, hoping to keep her grounded.

She had no idea. No inclination what so ever, that Megatron would be, would be so…..HANDSOME! Shoving her flushed face into her hands, Kat felt her clit clench in desire as the mental image of the leader of the Decepticon faction rose in her mind's eye for the fourth time in the past ten minutes. And boy, he was a fine specimen to look at, and if she could, she would love to study him over and over again and again till she could know every part of him by memory alone.

The tyrant of the Decepticons, Lord Megatron, was easily a six foot seven holoform, with a set of dazzling dark crimson eyes. He possessed a hard, yet ruggedly handsome face, which looked even more becoming with the scars that decorated his face.

His right cheek marred with old scars, one in a cross hatch angling from his cheekbone down towards his chin, and a dusting of thin, criss crossing lines of scars marred his upper right eyebrow and hairline, giving him a grizzled warrior look about him. It also helped that his whole body was built like a tank! Muscles rippled beneath the fabric of his suit shirt, stretching the cloth over a wide chest, tapering off into a narrow waist and long legs. She suspected that if he wasn't wearing pants, his legs would be lean and muscled, easily carrying the wide set shoulders and muscled body. His hair was salt and pepper, lending him an air of a man who had seen a lot in his time and knew how to handle whatever was thrown at him. And god his lips! Perfect cupids bow, pulled down in a frown or scowl, but it looked wonderful with the cleft in his chin that worked with his manly, squared jaw, while a five o'clock shadow made him look dark, dangerous but oh so ruggedly sexy.

Kat groaned, smacking a hand over her forehead. "Get a hold of yourself woman! He is your boss, not your plaything. So bitch slap your libido and look elsewhere." Grunting to herself, she paused to look around the kitchen, finally for the first time taking time to really take in the rather small space. The twin fridge freezer was backed into the opposite wall of the three tank sink, wedged in the middle was a stainless steel table in front of the range and ovens, and across from that, a shelf full of tools and cooking instruments.

It was a considerably small room, but one that she could easily become comfortable using. Glancing upwards, her eyes caught onto an old, worn cook book, sitting at the very top, far from her reach. Standing, she shook herself firmly; there was no space for affections for her boss, and the best way to get herself distracted from her libido was to cook. She floundered, trying to reach the book, and it was near impossible. Clearly the kitchen had been designed for mechs in mind and her smaller stature was far out of place. With a sigh the femme stepped out into the hall, glancing around until she saw yet another tall mech walking down the hall forwards her.

He had a pair of what looked like horns protruding from the soft black curls at the top of his head, long, angular face with and equally long and angular body, but what caught her attention was the scarf covering his mouth and the eye patch covering one red eye. His hands were almost clawed, both filled with data pads, his head bowed, clearly intently reading whatever was on the pads before him. To interrupt or not interrupt, that was the questions. Best case, he would help, worst case, he would rip her head off. Some freaking odds those were!

Gulping she waved him over. "Pardon me sir, could you do me a favor?" the mech seemed to think it over before nodding. She took a breath of relief after leading him in, she pointed at the book. Thank Primus he decided to help and not kill. That would not have gone over well back at the base. "I'm sorry to bother you, but as you can see I am vertically challenged. Could you please?"

Again without a word, he reached up, plucked the leather bound tome, and plunked the book into her hands. "Thank you very much sir!" She was praying that her manors would get her through most any situation here on the base and currently, it was looking like that would be a bust.


She jumped near a foot in the air at the raspy voice at her back. Spinning around, Kat clutched the book to her chest almost like a shield. "I-I'm sorry?" The mech stepped forward, crowding her against the fridge and the wall, all escape routes covered by his hulking mass. "My designation is Shockwave femme." She smiled sweetly, trying to mask the shiver of unnerve that crawled down her back.

"Pleasure to meet you Shockwave. I'm Kat." The mech's one good optic roved over her unabashed, before turning and leaving her in complete silence. Shivering she scowled at the mechs retreating back until he disappeared around the corner of the hall. Spinning back to her kitchen Kat closed the door solidly behind her as she allowed a full body shudder to sweep through her. "Note to self, avoid Shockwave with a burning passion. That mech is creepy as all pit!" Turning back to the island table, Kat distracted herself by flipped through the pages of the book, surprised to find some really old but interest recipes, Flipping through it, she paused when the door swung inwards, a large cyber cat slinking in, ears and eyes locked on her. She offered up a warm smile, hoping to every god she knew this notorious Decepticon wasn't in the mood to maul her like he had done to some of the Autobots.

Kat once again swallowed nervously, only slightly happy to have the island as a barrier between her and the killing machine stalking through the door. "Hello, can I get you something?" The huge metallic cat slunk forward, sleek and muscular, absolutely beautiful in his build, and even though he was built to kill, he was a very beautiful creation. She withheld a squeak of fear as the silver being lunged, leaping up onto the counter with ease; it's golden optics locked on hers.

Kat stood completely still, allowing the big mech to inspect her, not daring to move an inch as the cat leaned towards her, snuffling against her bare throat, his sharp teeth so very close to her throat. If he felt like it, he could tear out her throat with those strong jaws of his, and the current proximity was nothing she was truly ready to put herself in.

The femme nearly jumped out of her skin as the huge cybertronian cat pressed his huge head into the hollow of her throat, purring loudly. Taking this as a good sign, Kat hesitantly, but gently, petted the sleek mechs head, even scratching behind his ears, smiling in relief as the motion made the mech purr louder. She released a breath as she lifted her other hand to scratch beneath his chin, earning an even louder rumbling purr. Kat felt herself slip from her fear into who she truly was. She loved meeting new transformers, and this one was in his original body, something that was rare, and he was beautiful!

The door pushed open again, and this time a mech in full armor stepped in, but Kat didn't pause in her attentions on the cyber cat to avoid any bodily harm that could befall her. Glancing over the silver head of the purring killing machine in her hands, she took in the mech before her.

His helm was mostly made of a dark crimson clashed with the darkest blue black colored armor she had ever seen. Long slender arms and legs held his body, accenting his overall slender, but powerful form while a few tentacle like cables peeking over his shoulders. Instantly she realized who this mech was, a mech whose torture tactics were something every bot and human feared. "Oh, hello Mr. Soundwave." She recognized the TIC now, how he seemed to glide into the room on his stabilizing servos. The visor clad mech nodded, his face screen lighting up only slightly.

"Designation: Requested."

Continuing her stroking of the cat mech, she didn't feel confident enough to stop, but all the same she smiled at the TIC as best she could despite her nervousness meeting the notorious mech. "Kattrina Sunsinger, Lord Megatron's new cook, sir." His visor flashed again, and dimmed before he responded, clearly checking out her response.

"Lord Megatron: Powerful mech. Quarry: Why are you needed?" The cat pulled back in her grasp, golden optics locked on her face now. Kat gulped, and smiling shakily as she responded. "Well, it was a part of the peace treaty, and no one else wanted to step up, so I did." She looked back down at the cat who continued to purr away in her hands, clearly content with her response. "What is his name?" Soundwave seemed to think about what she asked, probably weighing the pro's and con's of telling her the cat mechs designation. Finally his visor lite up as his mechanical voice grated out an answer.

"Designation: Ravage. Duty: Patrol upper decks. Ravage: Needed for duty."

Nodding, she scratched Ravage under the chin, all but making the mechanical cat to melt into her grip. "Nice to meet you Ravage. Come by anytime you want. I like you." Ravage opened his jaws, and a slick tongue lolled out, lapping at her chin, startling her. Kat giggled nervously as she watched the sleek being turn and leapt off the table, leading Soundwave from the kitchen. Once the door closed behind them Kat collapsed onto the floor, taking deep, gulping breaths to calm her thundering heartbeat. Well that was interesting! Standing again she ran her hand through her hair before returning to the book she had been flipping through, noting a few she thought would be fun to make in the future. Leaning over again, Kat glanced up when the door opened once again, but she quickly smiled at the sight of Barricade stepping into the small room.

The big mech returned her smile, setting down the tray she had served to Megatron. He smirked as she released a sigh of pure relief at the sight of a completely empty plate. He grinned at her sigh as he leaned against the island she had been hiding behind.

"I take it Lord Megatron enjoyed his dinner?"

She grinned dumping the plates into the sink. "Yes, and if you like, I made extra if you want to have dinner with me." She honestly wasn't expecting him to even want to be in the same room as her, but her spirit soared as Barricade nodded excitedly. "Anything is better than the slop they serve in the cafeteria!" Laughing she pulled the chicken from the oven, watching as he pulled two stools from behind the fridge, which surprised her slightly. Planning on exploring her kitchen a little closer later, Kat focused as she worked on platting their meal, never noticing the big mech roved appreciative eye over her form.

"You look good in chef whites. That's what they are called right?"

Setting a plate in front of him she grinned, a light flush dancing its way across her cheeks. No one had ever commented on how she looked in her chef white, usually she felt she looked like a sweaty, smudged mess. "Your right, and thanks. I don't know if Lord Megatron even cares is I'm in or out of my white, I guess as long as I feed him good stuff he couldn't care less." They sat like that for a few hours, eating and talking, Barricade producing a bottle of wine they shared, words and stories flowing easily between the two.

Barricade became infatuated with her stories of her family, stunned that two humans could produce eleven children. She herself shrugged, she didn't want to repeat her father's glorified escapades with her mother while the woman was looser than any hooker off the streets of Las Vegas. But, she quickly diverted the conversation to him, asking about how he came to be with the Decepticons, and curious about his home world.

From the safety of his quarters, Megatron sat back in his chair, watching the live feed from the kitchen. He was curious about his new human cook. If anyone caught him surveying the curvy being, he would simply chalk it up to making sure she didn't try to poison him. It was a good excuse on the outside, while deep, deep down he was truly curious about the being sent to him from the Autobots, taken with her looks, something that was very rare in humans he had noticed. Soon he found himself other reasons to watch the femme. Mostly to note that his soldiers seemed to seek the femme out, something that was surprisingly annoying to him. He had snarled when Shockwave eyed her, stunning himself when he felt a deep need to charge down to the kitchen, snatch Kat from Soundwave and lay his claim to her.

After shaking himself he had stared on in shock when Ravage and Soundwave entered, even more so watching Ravage act like a kitten rather than a mech killing machine and spy, all but melting in the human femmes hands. He was surprised, but there seemed to be something about the human femme that seemed to have something about her that drew mechs to her, like moths to flames. But now, he couldn't grit his dentas any harder or they would snap. Anger and jealousy coursed through him at the sight of his cook smiling and laughing easily with the soldier known as Barricade, the mech who was put in charge of bringing her here.

She was formal and cool when in his presence, but with any other mech, she would smile and laugh, speak to them without fear. But not him, and deep down, past the denials and anger, he longed for her to act like that around him. She seemed to light up the room when she smiled, and she seemed to do a lot of that. Smiling at whoever entered her domain. Not snapping, or defensive, but welcoming and curious. Ripping himself from his thoughts, he felt his temper flare to life at the sight before him now; his femme, Kat, was standing now, hugging Barricade, her body pressed flush against his, the mechs arms wrapped around her tiny form, his cheek pressed to hers, eyes closed, nose flaring as he took in her scent.

Megatron's fist slammed into the desk, cracking the wood beneath its mighty blow. How dare he touch his cook? He was just a soldier! Megatron growled low in his throat, brain working out seventeen different ways to kill the ground mech.

Reigning his temper, Lord Megatron watched in stony silence as Barricade released Kat, patting her shoulder gently, and opening his mouth to speak.

Quickly he turned on the audio, listening in intently. "Don't fret Kat. Megatron enjoyed your cooking. You are still alive. That's a good sign." Kat frowned, biting at her bottom lip again. Megatron gulped, watching the plump flesh between those white teeth, feeling himself heat as that flesh popped out again. She sighed, leaning back onto the island, tilting her head upwards to meet Barricade's optics, her long, slender throat put on display.

Now, Lord Megatron didn't really have a interface drive all that often, no one seemed to excite him to that point, but this human femme, she was making his internal temperature skyrocket. And Megatron wasn't liking that one bit; shaking himself and willing down his libido, the leader of the Decepticon's listened in carefully as the cook spoke again.

"I know that Cade. But, what about tomorrow? What if I make something that he doesn't like and he decides to sick Ravage on me? I've seen the aftermath of that mech, and it NOT pretty! And that was on you guys! You guys are built to take blows like that, I'm not! I'm fleshy and soft! One swipe and I'm dead. That's it! No encore, no second life! And I don't like Shockwave. Something about him makes me nervous." Megatron made a mental note to himself to speak to Shockwave and ban him from going anywhere near Kat, in and out of her kitchen.

Barricade caught her chin, tilted it till her gaze met his, offering her a soft, almost sweet smile he had never seen the soldier make before. Megatron frowned. How strange, that a human femme could cause one of his hardest soldiers to soften so easily. "Tell Megatron. He won't let him hurt you. One thing I know about our Leader, when he gets something he likes, he does all he can to keep it." Megatron grunted. That was true, damn his soldier for noticing that much about him. Kat sighed and nodded, her own hand coming up to pat the soldiers much larger one on her shoulder. "I'll tell him first thing in the morning. Thanks Cade." He grinned and pulled her into a hug again.

"Don't over think it. You want me to walk you to your quarters?" She nodded as they pulled away from each other, her hands falling to grip the soldier's waist and Megatron could feel himself growling. "Please? If you're too busy," Barricade waved a hand, silencing her. "Never too busy for you Kat. I'll walk you to the door and make sure you get in safe and sound." Megatron shut off the screen, lifting himself from his chair, a plan working in his mind. He wanted this, Kat. Something deep down in him, something was roaring for him to take her, claim her, make her his and only his

Barricade walked leisurely, a smirk permanently on his face. Kat was tucked into his side, clearly more comfortable with his presence than any of the mechs they passed in the hall, many stopping and turning to watch them go, eyes narrowing at the sight of Barricade's arm wrapped protectively around her shoulders. She fit into his side, happily leaning her head against his ribs, her small stature so delicate he himself was scared that if he moved the wrong way he could break her.

From sitting and eating with the femme, he discovered so much about her, and there was much more to this human than just her looks and talent in the kitchen. She was the youngest of eleven siblings, only two older sisters, and eight older brothers who seemed to be hell bent on protecting her despite the fact she could easily protect herself. She was a soldier, having seen things that would send most humans running in the opposite direction. She had already earned his respect as well as trust. Stopping in front of Lord Megatron's quarters, Barricade grabbed her arm, stopping her before she could step into forbidden domain.

"Promise me, if he attempts anything, and I mean anything, you come and find me." Kat blinked up at him, but nodded. "I will Cade, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast, okay?" Cade blinked, clearly stunned before speaking in a soft voice. "So, you're feeding me now?" Kat chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, if the cafeteria food is half as bad as you say, and besides, I enjoy your company." The mech blushed making the human giggle. "Come here Cade." The soldier obeyed, bending down to her level, his eyes going wide and a red flush working across his cheeks.

Kat was kissing his cheek.

Her lips were silken, warm, and her scent was something woodsy and floral. She pulled away, her own cheeks glowing slightly. "Thank you Barricade. I don't know how long I'm going to last here, but I'm happy to have met you. See you tomorrow morning." Cade nodded, still in slight shock. He watched as the femme disappeared into Megatron's room, and he stayed there, standing in the hall for a few minutes, completely stunned, and totally unaware of the three sets of eyes that captured the whole exchange.

Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker huddled together, all shocked by what they had just witnessed transpiring between the human cook from the Autobot base and Barricade. Thundercracker snarled darkly, crossing his arms over his slender form, red eyes stormy. "This is what we get for waiting so fragging long! He's being taken by a fragging HUMAN FEMME!" Starscream ignored him, clearly still stunned by what he witnessed. His spark clenched harshly in his chest, a dull ache that wouldn't go away.

"It doesn't matter anyway. Lord Megatron has already laid claim to her. Barricade is still ours for the taking, it's, it's just going to take a lot of planning." Skywarp glanced at Thundercracker who frowned at their Trine leader. "Are you sure Star? Cause I don't know how much longer we can wait. He looks very interested in that human femme. And I for one don't want to lose him just yet." Starscream snarled darkly. "We won't. Come on. We have duty in five minutes." The trio broke apart, glancing every now and again back and the now grinning soldier striding away from Lord Megatron's door, and the human femme cook.

Waving Cade goodnight, and closing the door behind her. Kat was careful not to disturb the Leader of the Decepticon's in any way shape or form. She had already angered him before dinner with how she reacted to him, and even though she had fed him, she wasn't all that sure that she would survive his temper again. The worst part of this whole thing, was the fact of having to step through his quarters to her own. She really didn't want to disturb him, and she was still to frightened to ask for her own quarters, so for now she wouldn't complain and keep to herself as much as possible.

Turning around, Kat froze, her eyes going wide, her jaw dropping and her libido falling to it's knees and praising every god, goddess, and supernatural being out there for the man standing before her.

Lord Megatron stood at the doorway of what she assumed was his private bathroom, water trailing down a very naked chest, down his washboard stomach to be swept away by the fluffy white cotton towel that barely clung to his hips and barely covered his mechly bits. Her eyes flew back upwards to his chest, his very muscled, slightly furry, scarred, make a femme wanna jump his bones all night, chest.

His towel was so small, and slung low on this muscled hips, his arms bulging so deliciously as he toweled his hair, face hidden beneath the wet cloth, thankfully not noticing her where she froze just inside the door, looking like a deer caught in the headlights as she watched him move.

Oh. My. Hot. Wet. Sexy. As. Sin. Lord. Megatron.

She couldn't move, she could only watch in rapt awe. His muscled rippled exquisitely under his skin, his chest marred with puckered, old scars, one sliced down in the middle of his pecks, down his six pack and disappeared beneath the towel. He was a god. A hot, wet, golden skinned god. And if he caught her starring, he would probably kill her on sight.

Gulping, she quickly dashed to her room, quietly and quickly closing the door behind her, quietly praying that he hadn't seen nor heard her. She felt her whole body clench and heat, her minds eyes going back to that delicious display of male virility. Her eyes dropping back to that towel, eyes locked on the prominent buldge beneath the fabric. "Oh sweet baby Primus, what the hell have I gotten myself into?" She whimpered clutching her cheeks which were giving off enough heat to light a thousand camp fires and kick start a few jet engine's while she was at it.

She jumped as a beeping sound started up from the direction of her bed. Scrambling over to it, she dug through her duffle bag, one of the two that had been haphazardly thrown onto her bunk. Pulling out what looked like a data pad, the screen lighting up with Bumblebee's face, Ratchet behind him and Will off to the side, waving at her. "Hey Kat! You're still alive!"

Forgetting about everything else, especially the tyrant just next door, Kat sat back onto the ground, setting up the data pad. "Yeah, I'm alive. Barricade has been a huge help, you have no idea!" Ratchet harrumphed and Will patted a stricken Bee. "R-Really? They're being nice? No threats? No attacks?" She shook her head, grinning softly. "No, although I met Shockwave, who is creepy as all fragging hell. Ravage seemed to like me, judging from the purring, Shockwave couldn't care less, which, I am grateful for. And Lord Megatron, meh. He likes my cooking and I am still alive. I am happy in my book!"

She settled back, laughing and chatting with her friends back at the Autobot base, feeling more and more settled as the night wore on, Almost all the mechs on the base had swung by to say hello to her, even the twins stopped in their terrorizing of Prowl to say hi and inquire how she was faring. After Jazz said his hello's and demanded that they do something for her birthday, Kat was stunned when Optimus took the pad into his office, closing the door behind him, cutting off the sounds of the base.

She gulped, watching as the screen bounced a little as the Leader of the Autobots settled behind his desk with a deep sigh. "Kattrina, how are you doing? Are you well?" Kat stomped down the thrill that went through her at his deep, succulent baritone. He was checking on her like any good leader would she scolded herself. She smiled, covering her own reaction to his voice. "Yes sir, I am fine. So far I have been treated very well, Liaison Barricade is a very nice mech. He has already offered to help me if anything happens with Lord Megatron." Optimus nodded, eyes roving over her face. "Kattrina, I want to ask you to update me every day, I do not trust the Decepticons despite the fact that they are conforming to the peace treaty."

Kat sat back, frowning at the mech. "With all due respect sir, I can handle myself. Clearly, you haven't taken the time to read my file. Talk to Connell Lennox. Good night Mr. Prime. I need to make Lord Megatron breakfast tomorrow morning." Without waiting for permission she cut the connection and threw the pad back into her duffle bag, disgusted.

How dare he not trust her! She had been through worse situations than this. Shucking her clothes off, she changed, set her alarm and sunk into her bunk, praying that she would be able to get some sleep, cause if she was going to be waking the sleeping tiger first thing tomorrow morning, she was going to need all the sleep she could get.

Megatron grinned, he had watched her, how she froze, her eyes roving over his half naked form hungrily, how that little pink tongue darted out to lap at her lips, a hot flush working up her neck and across her cheeks before dashing into her quarters. Oh yes, this game would be very interesting if all her reactions would play out like the one she had just put on.

He didn't know why but there was something about that femme that drew him. Maybe it was her exotic green optics. That color was rare in his world, and he himself had always found femmes with exotic optic colors delightful, both as company and in his berth.

Or maybe it was how she held herself. Most human femmes he had seen, strutted, pushing fake, altered bodies towards human mechs, all but begging them to attack them, to use them for pleasure. But not Kat. She stood proud, her chin pushed out stubbornly, her hands, scarred and calloused on her round hips. She ignored her height, instead used her knowledge to get her where she needed to be.

He settled himself back into his huge berth, and for the first time, realized, just how empty it was. He grunted, tossing the blankets off, storming to the femme's door and shoved it open. Only to freeze at the sight that met his optics.

Kat lay asleep in her berth, one arm slung off the side, the other clutching the pillow to her. The blankets were haphazardly lying around her hips, revealing an oversized t-shirt was her option of berth clothing. In a way, he was almost disappointed. He was hoping that she would wear something slinky, or atleast something that would reveal all that caramel colored skin. He moved forwards, gently shifting his arms beneath her body, paused when she muttered, but she settled back down, much to his chagrin.

This would be easy.

He lifted her carefully, off her berth and against his chest, surprised at her near weightlessness. What had possessed him, he still had no clue, but he wanted her in his berth, just to have another presence there at his side. She shifted, and groaned making him pause. She muttered, snuggling against the bare skin of his chest, little shots of electricity shooting through his veins. She mumbled against his skin, her breath sending goose flesh to rise across his flesh.

"Bumblebee? Did you have another nightmare?"

He hummed, pretending to be the annoying Autobot scout. The femme sighed, cuddling closer to his bare skin, drinking in his warmth. Her hand came up, wrapping her arm around his neck, drawing her upwards, pressing her form to his almost fully. "I'll be here when you wake up." With that she seemed to slip back into a deep slumber as he moved to his own berth.

After settling them both, the tyrant fell into a peaceful slumber, the human femme curled up against him, the feel of her velvety skin against his, her steady heartbeat, and slow even breaths that tickled the hairs on his chest. He felt contented, to have another being there, lying with him, giving him the companionship he hadn't realized he needed almost desperately.

He would worry about her reaction in the morning, right now, he was contented to pull her close and burry his nasal ridge into her hair and drink in her scent, one that he imprinted into his mind. It was the first in a very long time that helped put his troubled mind at ease and helped him sleep.

Kat was warm. Not blankets wrapped around you warm. Not morning after an earth moving night of downright illegally great sex, but warm like a man was wrapped around her, keeping her safe from the torments of PTSD, the bane of any soldiers existence. She remembered, groggily, that Bumblebee had sought her out again, poor guy must have had a terribly horrible nightmare to have the scout actually pick her up and take her to his berth, where usually he would climb into hers and cling to her like a scared child would his mother.

She stretched, sighing contentedly as several pops sounded off, her toes wiggling in the silky sheets beneath them.

Hold on a minute.

The base only had cotton, never silk, not unless you dug into your own savings to buy your own. And Bee would rather buy the latest video game than silk sheets. Slowly cracking an eye open, she frowned at her surroundings. Dark walls, huge oak desk littered with data pads; this wasn't Bee's room. Wait, she was at the Decepticon base, effective yesterday, but this wasn't her designated room. This was,

Lord Megatron's room.

Kat quickly disentangled herself from the warm body beside her, careful not to wake the mech. Thankfully, she was still garbed in her brother's shirt, and her favorite, ratty sweats. Glancing back she stared at the mech still asleep in his berth. Megatron looked, almost, she couldn't say innocent, but there was something about him that drew her to him.

Kat dashed to her room, threw on her chef whites as fast as she could and quickly exited their shared quarters as the mech began to shift and stretch, his jaw popping as he yawned.

Kat threw herself into her work, making breakfast for not only herself but also Lord Megatron and Barricade. She shrieked when the door swung open, knocking the bowl of crepe batter to the floor. Cade stepped in as she cursed colorfully, attempting to clean it up. He frowned, falling to his knees to help her, his eyes going wide at the tears forming in hers.

Kat sniffled, rubbing her fist into her eyes, trying to dispel the tears there. "S-Sorry Cade. Been a really weird morning is all. I-I woke up in Lord Megatron's berth." Barricade froze, his eyes darkening. "Did he do anything? Are you alright?" The femme nodded, standing, ignoring the mess that still decorated the floor.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine, but, I don't know Cade. Back at my base, whenever Bee got a nightmare, really bad one's he would come to my berth and sleep with me, just to have that other presence to help him sleep. But, last night, I swear I had a dream that Bee had taken me to his berth," Cade flinched, thinking the worst. Catching his movement, Kat shook her head. "He only does it when it's a really horrible flash back. And this morning I woke up, fully dressed, but in Lord Megatron's berth, wrapped up in his arms. Cade, I don't know what to do, I seriously don't want to piss him off, but at the same time, I really don't want to start anything with him. I don't know why he did it, but all I know is that I don't like it."

Cade nodded, gently patting her shoulder as she finished platting the elderberry crepes and bacon. "I understand. If it gets to be too much, you can come to my quarters to sleep from now on." Kat shrugged, biting her bottom lip as she grabbed a cube of energon from the fridge, placing it on the tray with Megatron's breakfast. "I don't know Cade, I really don't know. Just stay here till I get back okay? And if I'm not back in ten minutes, come in and get me. If he won't let me out, or he's killed me, call Optimus."

Kat knocked on the door politely, and took a gulp of air as the deep voice within called out a gruff, "enter". Summoning up her courage, the femme stepped in, her eyes going wide at the sight of Lord Megatron.

The mech was shirtless, sitting up against the head board of the bed, silken blankets pooling around his naked hips, his entire upper half on display. He looked rumpled from sleep, his usually well groomed salt and pepper hair sticking up at odd angles, and a pair of black, wire rimmed glasses were perched on his nose. He looked up from the data pad he had been reading and nodded to her. "Bring it here." She obeyed instantly, keeping her eyes anywhere but on his.

After placing the tray on his lap carefully and telling him what he was being served, she turned to leave, gasping when a harsh grip on her wrist jerked her to a stop. "Femme. Do my actions last orn bother you?" She flinched. What kind of question was that? Of course it bothered her! "To be frank Lord Megatron, I am here as your cook. Nothing else. And I do not wish to be anything else. I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy being here, but if this, incident happens again, I will be forced to go back to the Autobot base. With or without your permission."

Kat jerked from the stunned tyrants grasp, and stormed towards the door, where she paused and glanced back at him. "And one more thing. My name isn't femme. It's Kat."

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