Demon of Wind

Chapter 10 - Changes

Rai wind sprinted through the forest.

What a bunch of numskulls, they left an opening wide open. I mean come on, how thick can you get. They had me a perfect location, the river cutting off my escape that way and the forest providing the perfect cover so that they could surround me. And what do they do? They rush the attack, reveal their location and give me a perfect route to escape. It's so stupid it was almost as if they staged it…and if that were the case…

Before Rai had a chance to complete that line of thought, a figure appeared in his path.


Rai wasn't entirely sure what happened but the next minute he was airborne. He soon came crashing down in to a clearing. Rai sent out a gust of wind but still landed with his head stuck in the ground. Rai pulled his head out of the ground and flung his head back with a large gasp for air. When he swung his head back forward he came face to face with a lioness. There was a moment of silence between them.

"So," Rai asked, "Come here often?"

The lioness roared, Rai got up and ran for it. Before he could gain momentum, he was met by a wall of wild cats. He looked for a opening but found that he was completely surrounded by a range of wild cats.

"Impressive army," Rai muttered, "But who is the general?"

"That would be me," Said a voice behind Rai.

Rai spun round and swung his fist. Rai's fist was caught by man in strange armour and long black hair. Rai also got a glimpse of his slit eyes before getting hurled across the clearing.

"So we meet again."

"Uh, I don't believe we've meet."

"You do not remember me?" the man asked, "I am hurt."

Rai stared at the man for a moment. He didn't look like one of the demons Rai had ticked off but there was certainly something familiar.

What, hadn't he used something called "repulse the monkey", the only person that I ever saw use that was…

"Chase Dung, is that you?"

The man's eye twitched slightly.

"My name is Chase Young!"

"How the heck are you still alive?" Rai asked, "You should have died of old age years ago. Unless…"

Rai mentally checked some things.

Freaky eyes.

Long life span

Messy but stylish hair

"No way," Rai said, "Chase 'straight and narrow' Young became a demon."

Rai suddenly burst out laughing. Chase growled slightly.

"Don't you laugh at me," Chase threatened.

"I can't help it," Rai said as gasp to regain his breath, "this is just the funniest thing I've seen since I became flesh again."

"Show your old rival some respect."

"Rival?" Rai asked in disbelief, "To me you were always just some dumb kid that hung out with Dashi."

Chase walked up to Rai.

"You will show me the respect I deserve."

Instead of answering, Rai suddenly lot a barrage of kicks and punches. There was minute where Rai's fists and feet were blurring in their attack against Chase.


Rai then realised that despite his attacks, Chase was still standing there, complete unfazed and unharmed. In fact Chase had developed a smug grin.


Rai clapped his hands to together and sent a shock wave. There was a large cloud of dust and the sound of cats being sent flying. Rai smirked confidently, or at least until the dust cleared and revealed Chase in exactly the same place.

Chase stuck out one hand and flicked Rai in the fore-head, with enough force to send him skidding across the ground.

When Rai ground to a halt, two tigers pinned him down. When the world stopped spinning and Rai's vision cleared, he saw Chase standing over him with a big spear.

"I will give you this one chance," Chase said, "Swear your loyalty to me or be destroyed."

"Well hen you say like that," Rai replied, "I guess I'll see you on the other side."

"Very well."

"Star Hanabi, FIRE!"

Chase leapt away from Rai and spun his spear to act as a barrier just in to stop a fireball. He then saw it's creator flying at him with a jump kick. He caught Kimiko by the foot. Just then Clay came charging in. Chase swung Kimiko into Clay, sending them to the ground nearby to be pinned by some more big cats.

"You may have interfered last time," Chase told them, "but I will not let you interfere this time."

Chase turned back to finish it when saw Omi.

"Stop," Omi said, "You don't need to do this."

"Oh sure," Rai muttered, "try and reason with the psycho leader of a cat army."

Instead of attack, Chase just stared at Omi.

"Move aside," He ordered, "this has to be done."

"No it does not," Omi countered, "We have the Spear of Dashi, all we have to do is use it and…"

"And wait for him to be released again?" Chase replied, "The Xiaolin methods methods proven ineffective and this time more permanent action must be taken."


"Omi, this demon is the reason Wuya became so all powerful the first time," Chase explained, "after Wuya's downfall there were still a number of artefacts unaccounted for. He no doubt knows of their location."

"But…he was being controlled," Omi reasoned.

"Even if that's true Wuya will just control him again," Chase replied, "Or someone else will. He is too dangerous to let run free."

"But…" Omi said, "Murder is not the Xiaolin way."

"That is why I'm doing it," Chase explained, "I'm not asking the Temple to kill him, I'm asking that they not interfere."

Omi looked back Rai. Rai just laid his head back in resignation.

"Omi," Chase said in a voice that almost sounded kind, "For the sake of the world, please, step aside just this once."

Omi simply bowed his head. Chase took that as all the answer he needed. He walked past Omi to where Rai was pinned down. He raised his spear, ready to deal a final blow.

Rai closed his eyes and took one last breath. He then waited for death to come.

And waited…

And waited…

When nothing seemed to happen, he tentatively opened one and saw Chase Young, frozen in place. Stabbed into his back was the Spear of Dashi. Holding the handle was…Omi.

"I will never step aside, and let you harm people," Omi told Chase, "Not once, not ever!"

As Chase turned to stone, his cat army scattered.

There was a moment of silence as everyone took it what had just happened. Rai looked at Omi in amazement. Before anyone had a chance to say anything, a familiar voice call out."

"Chase," a voice called out, "Where are you?"

Just then, Wuya appeared.

"I know you told me to stay at the lair but I've narrowed my choices down and I wanted your opinion," She said, holding up two pieces of cloth, "Which one do you think would look better in the bedroom?"

She dropped the cloth when she saw Chase had been turned into a statue.

"Chase?" Wuya asked, "What on earth happened to…"

She stopped what she was saying when she saw Rai standing there.


Rai just stared.

"Wuya…" Rai began, "you've been released."

Rai turned to Kimiko as realisation struck. Kimiko just turned her head in guilt.

"And you knew."

It seemed to be more a thoughtful comment than an accusation. Just then Wuya ran up and pulled Rai into a hug.

"My dear boy, I thought I would never see you again."

"Well we can't all be so lucky," Rai muttered.

Wuya didn't seem to hear that comment. She ended the hug

"But know that you've returned to me, we can finish what we started."

"You mean what you started," Rai muttered.

"With you by my side once more, we will take our rightful place as rulers of this world," Wuya said triumphantly, "and we will begin by destroying these insolent Dragons."

Clay and Omi quickly reached for their Wu.

"No," Rai answered, "I don't think we will."


"I think it's time for me to take my leave from Heylin lackeying," Rai explained, "1500 years should qualify as retirement age."

"You can not be serious."

"I'm dead serious Wuya," Rai replied, "You can pick me up with a pair of chopsticks because I'm done."

"You can not just walk away when world denomination can be ours."

"Yeah, about that," Rai said, "Don't you think that you've been playing that flute a little too long?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Wuya asked.

"Come on, isn't it obvious? Why do you want to rule the world? Even if by some miracle you succeed your would have to spend the rest of your exceptionally long life fighting just to hold on to it."

"Don't you dare get all self righteous with me," Wuya snapped, "You willing agreed to become my apprentice so that we could achieve world domination."

Rai then made a sound imitating a game show buzzer.

"Wrong Wuya, I became you 'apprentice' so that I could get back at the people who hunted me and where did it get me? I just ended with more enemies and a slumber sentence."

"You still get back at them," Wuya reasoned.

"Get back at who?" Rai asked, "It's been 1500 years, everybody that I have a reason to hate is dead, along with every person that has a reason to hate me."

Rai looked at the statue of Chase Young.

"With a few exceptions, of course."

"What about them?" Wuya asked, indicating the Wudai Warriors, "they are from a Temple formed from that accursed Dashi."

"They're also the ones who released me," Rai countered, "So I figured that makes us even. Besides, why would I hold a grudge against them just because of who founded their temple."

"How can you just allow that Temple to stand after what Dashi did to you?" Wuya demanded.

"We were enemies," Rai replied irritated, "I was a threat to all he held dear and even then he still should me more mercy than what you would have had me show him. And one could ask why you didn't realise me? TEN YEARS, WUYA! Ten years that I was stuck as statue before you were trapped and now I find out that instead of freeing me when you got out, YOU'RE CHOOSING BED SPREADS WITH CHASE YOUNG!"

"They're drape designs," Wuya corrected, "And I never stopped trying to find you, its just that…"

"It's just that you were too busy trying to find a way to take over the world," Rai finished, "Have you even taken the time to have looked at the world? It is a new place with new people and I just want my part in it, not all of it."

Rai sent a meaningful glance to the Wudai Warriors before continuing to speak.

"Welcome to the new world Wuya, either find a place in it or perish."

Wuya let out a growl.

"Very well," She said, "it seems you need some persuasion."

Wuya's right hand started to glow green. The medallion around suddenly gave the same green glow, which soon spread to the rest of Rai's body. Rai's body started to contort as if a something was trying force Rai to bow.

"You took a vow to serve me," Wuya reminded him, "I own you."

"Not…any…more," Rai managed out.

Rai burst up, the green energy vanished. Only the medallion continued to glow.


At that, Rai walked over to Omi. He then kneeled down, bowing his head.

"Omi of the Xiaolin Temple," Rai said sombrely, "You saved my life, even though it would have been in you best interests to let me die. For that I am indebted to you."

Everyone looked on in shock; the most shocked of all was Omi.

"My fate is in your hands Omi," Rai continued, "Do with it what you wish."

Omi soon regained his composure and said, "I wish that you renounce all loyalty to Wuya and the Heylin side."

"Consider it done," Rai answered, "now remove the symbol of my servitude to Wuya."

Omi stared blankly at Rai for a moment.

"The gold, glowy thing around my neck," Rai prompted.

Omi looked uncertainly at Rai but still took hold of the rope holding the medallion with both hands. He closed his eyes and flinched as he pulled upwards. When nothing happened, Omi opened one eye and saw that the medallion was off of Rai's neck. Wuya went bug eyed.

"That's…impossible," Wuya stammered.

Rai stood up and walked up to Wuya.

"The impossible happens," Rai replied, "Now I suggest you leave before I get cranky."

To prove his point; Rai started to form a whirlwind in his hand. Wuya scowled.

"You'll regret this Rai," she warned as she retreated.

"Nothing will make me regret this," Rai muttered to no one in particular.

Kimiko walked up to Rai tentatively. They stared into each others eyes for a moment.

"Rai…" She began as she inched in closer.


Anything Rai was about to say was lost when Kimiko drove her knee hard into Rai's gut. Rai clutched his stomach as he flew to the ground.

"That was for the cheap shot back in the forest," Kimiko explained, "I don't give people free shots."

She then moved a strand of hair out of her and then walked off with her head held high.

"What makes this worse," Rai gasped out, "is that that still makes my top ten list for best outcomes when woman are involved."

Clay walked up to Rai, shaking his head but grinning. He held a hand for Rai.

"Need a hand?"

Rai looked at him suspiciously but took the hand anyway. Clay helped him up. Rai looked at him clearly confused. Clay then jerked his head, sending Omi a signal that it was time to leave. Clay and Omi walked off to where Kimiko had enlarged the Silver Manta Ray.

"Well it's been fun," Clay said, "We should do again sometime, ya know, without the cats."

"So now what happens to me?" Rai asked.

"What ever you want to have happen," Kimiko told him, seemingly having more interested in getting comfortable in her chair then in Rai.

Rai stopped and stared.

"Wait, first you save my life and now you're just letting me go."

"Yep," Clay answered.

"But I acknowledged a debt I hold to Omi, aren't you going to use it against me?"

"You renounced your loyalty to Wuya and the Heylin side," Omi answered, "that is all I wanted."

"Besides," Clay said, "that's not the way we work.

"So you're saying that I can leave now and you won't chase me?" Rai asked.

"We have no reason to chase you," Omi explained, "we no longer have a means of trapping you and we have other duties to contend our time with."

"Just don't take over the world and leave those kittens alone and we'll call it even," Clay answered.

"It's like you said," Kimiko said, "It's a new world and now you're free to find your place in it. No strings attached."

Rai just stood there, completely shell shocked.

"Well…uh…thanks," Rai managed out.

Kimiko looked like she wanted to say something else but instead just looked away.

"Good-bye partner," Clay replied, "and good luck."

The top to the Silver Manta Ray closed and it took off.

Rai stared as it flew off into the distance. As he walked back to the clearing, the reality of it dawned on him. He was free of Wuya's control, free to do what ever he wished. Slowly decisions started to form in his mind.

Rai came up to Chase Young. He gave a humourless smirk

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I wish I would be able just to leave him here but…

Rai pulled the Spear of Dashi out of Chase's back. Slowly Chase reanimated.

"What is this?" Chase asked.

"This is me releasing you," Rai answered.

"Do not try to trick me," Chase snarled.

"No trick," Rai answered, "just preventing you from going through what I had to."

Chase looked at Rai suspiciously but didn't make a move to attack.

"Why would you do that? I just tried to kill you."

"But you failed, so it's all good," Rai replied, "besides since I'm no longer working for Wuya, there's no reason for you to kill me."

"Yes, I heard."


"Rai, I am trained in both mystic Xiaolin arts and the dark Heylin arts. I am aware of my surroundings even in an induced slumber."

"Wow," Rai said, "useful trick."

"You do realise that there is nothing stopping me from killing you now."

"Well yeah," Rai answered, "but I doubt you will."

"And why is that?" Chase asked.

"It would pointless," Rai reasoned, "And I know that you won't kill for no good reason."

"You don't know me," Chase stated.

"Chase, you may be a demon, you may be an immortal and you may be Heylin but deep down you are still the same Chase Young I remember, "Rai said, "the same Chase who repays people he is indebted to. Speaking of which, I've already decided how you start by repaying me."

"Yes?" Chase asked, clearly not liking the sound of this.

"I want you not to seek vengeance against the Temple."


"I want you to go back to your place and pretend like nothing has happened," Rai explained, "no revenge, no pay back and no getting even."

"That is all you ask?" Chase asked in disbelief.


"And what of the spear?"

"Oh I'm keeping it," Rai explained, "I've got plans for it but I promise that those plans don't involve using it on you."

"So if I agree to this, we're even?" Chase asked.

"Yeah, I'd say so."

"Very well, Rai you have your self a deal," Chase conceded, "I give my word I will honour it."

"Great, now I suggest you go before Wuya takes control of your stuff."

Chase scowled at Rai but flew off without saying another word.

"Ok," Rai said to himself, "What's next on the agenda?"

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