Demon of Wind

Chapter 11 - Allies

Kimiko looked out the window, back at the clearing.

"Hey fire girl."

Kimiko turned back to face Clay, who was sitting in the back seat.

"Ya did the right thing."

"I know," She said, "but I still wish we could have asked him to come back to the temple with us."

"But ya didn't because ya know what would happen."

"Of course I know," Kimiko replied, "Master Fung would still loss his job because Rai wasn't out of the temple by tonight and then we'd be worse of then what we started. It just stinks that it looked like he wasn't welcome."

"Well," Clay said, "He still has the tracker on him so we'll give the temple some time to cool off and then we'll make a plan."

Kimiko nodded. It wasn't what she would have liked to do but it was the best idea they had. Kimiko turned to Omi, who was driving. He seemed to be deep in thought about something.


"Yes Kimiko?"

"Thanks for saving Rai."

"It's what we do," Omi answered.

As the Silver Manta Ray landed, Master Fung came out to greet them.

"You return," he said, surprisingly solemn, "was the mission successful."

"Well…" Clay replied, "Not in the way we intended."

The Wudai Warriors quickly explained what had happened. Master Fung to his credit stayed quiet until the end.

"So even though Rai was a heylin and considered a threat to the temple, you still saved his life."

"It seemed like the right thing to do," Omi replied.

"That's because it was the right thing to do," Master Fung replied kindly, "I am very proud of you, all of you."

Omi beamed.

"But what do we do now?" Clay asked.

"We wait, if his destiny is entwined with ours then our paths will cross again," Master Fung explained, "a spider waits for the fly to come to him, not the other way round."

"Intruder! The demon has returned!"

"That fly must have a death wish," Clay said.

The warriors and Master Fung ran to see a troupe of monks with bows pointing their arrows at Rai.

"Back off," Rai said, "Demon come in peace."

"Why should we believe that?" Master Chong asked.

"Because if I wasn't I'd probably be feeding on your flesh right now."

Rai ducked to dodge a couple of arrows.


Rai dipped to the right to dodge a couple more arrows.

"Does anyone else want to play shoot at the demon?"

Rai then jumped into the air to dodge another couple. When he landed he saw two more looking on expectantly. Rai let out a sigh.

"Go on, you know you want to."

Rai ducked again to dodge a final couple.

"Stand down," Master Fung ordered.

All the monks except one lowered their bows.

"You too, Master Ping," Master Fung ordered.

"But I didn't get my turn," he whined.

He lowered the bow because of the glare he received.

"Why have you returned?" Master Fung asked.

"Omi and I have some unfinished business," Rai explained.

Omi stepped forward.

"And what business is that?"

Rai pulled out the Spear of Dashi and threw it to Omi. The Wudai Warriors looked at it in shock.

"I swore an oath that if you were able to remove the medallion I would give you the Spear and a free shot," Rai said.

Rai opened his arms, making himself as wide a target as possible. Omi's gaze shifted from the Spear to Rai and back again several times.

"I can not," Omi said.

Rai let go of the breath he had been holding.

"Are you sure," Rai said, "when I leave, you'll have wasted your chance."

"I am sure," Omi said, "once we were enemies but not any more."

"Well, in that case…"

Rai pulled a cloth bag from his robe and threw it to Master Fung. Master Fung opened it to reveal that it was full of coins.

"Consider that payment for the accommodation," Rai said, "now all accounts are balances and all debts paid. I have no more business with the temple."

Master Fung stared at him curiously.

"All the best," Rai said, "goodbye and good luck."

"Where will you go?" Master Fung asked.

"Not really sure," Rai replied, "but hey, I've infinite wealth, I know any language I'll come up against and thanks to sunglasses I can pass off as a human, I'm sure I'll be able to improvise."

Rai gave a confident smirk as point to one of the nearby mountains

"I'll spend the night camping out at that mountain. Tomorrow I'll hit the road and see what happens. Before I forget, I believe this belongs to you guys."

Rai pulled something out and walked up to Kimiko, he took her hand and dropped something into her palm. She looked at it and saw that it was one of her trackers.

"You mean you knew you had this."

"Well yeah I did, I found it after my wash. Figured I might as well keep it since you guys wanted me to have it," Rai answered, "might as well return it now."

Kimiko realised that this was it. Without the tracker, there was no certain way to find Rai again so if he left it would probably be goodbye for good. There was no time plan, no time to think things through, it was either speak now or never get a chance.


Rai raised a hand, silencing her.

"I appreciate the sentiment but please, don't make an offer you'll end up regretting."

This caused Kimiko to turn silent. She swallowed hard but nodded, indicating that he understood.

Rai took few steps back and put on a big smirk.

"Well so long and thanks for memories."

As Rai turned his back to everyone and started to walk away, his smirk turned to look of grim determination. He had made his choice and he would see it through.

Wuya stood in front of Chase's entire legion of Cats.

"It is truly tragic what has happened to our great leader," Wuya said, feigning sadness.

The cats hung their heads.

"But we can not let this time of despair stop us from making the ones responsible suffer for their crimes, that is why the role of leader now…"

"Belongs to me."

Wuya turned around and came face to face with Chase.

"Chase your alive! I mean, thank heavens you're alright."

Wuya tried to run in for a hug manoeuvre but stop when Chase kept her back with a spear.

"Yes we can certainly thank heaven because we defiantly can't thank you," Chase snarled, "and now I return to find you trying to take control of my kingdom."

"Well you see, you were gone and well…" Wuya stopped herself and sighed in defeat, "Nothing I say is going to help matters, is it?"

Next thing Wuya knew she was kicked out of Chase's lair, literally. After taking a moment of rub her aching backside, she quickly checked to see if she still had all of her limbs. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well that didn't go too…"

She was interrupted by Cyclops landing on top of her.

"And take your minion with you!" Chase shouted.

Night time had reached the temple. Kimiko had put away the Sheng Gong Wu and was walking back to the sleeping quarters. She stopped and took the moment to glance at the mountain where Rai had said he would be spending the night. It was so close and yet…


She came out of her thoughts to see Clay and Omi standing there.

"Hey guys, sorry I didn't see you there, my mind was else where."

"I've got a pretty good idea where yer mind was," Clay said sending a meaningful glance towards the mountain.

Kimiko glared at him, sending a clear message what would happen if he continued this thought pattern. Clay raised his hands in surrender.

"We could go to the mountain and look for him," Omi offered.

"I highly doubt he's at the mountain," Kimiko said dismissively, "he's probably long gone."

"We could check," Omi insisted.

"And what if we did find him, then what?" Kimiko asked, "we might not have voiced it but he knows the offer was there."

"If he knew, why wouldn't he take it?" Omi asked.

"Come on, his history aside, what could we offer him that he couldn't get for him self, one way or another?"

"A place where he would have to live a lie about who and what he was," Clay answered.

Kimiko looked at the mountain.

"Clay, I understand what your coming from, I really do," She said, "but Rai is a demon who had to do Wuya's bidding until he was locked away by the so-called 'good-guys' not to mention probably a lot of other things he hasn't told us. I think that Rai wants to live a lie and the more I find out about him, the less I can blame him."

Clay and Omi looked at each other and nodded; they had both decided that it should be Kimiko's call whether or not to go after him seeing as she had been the only one to give him a chance. Now that they knew her wishes they would honour it. They turned back to Kimiko when they heard her chuckle.

"I will say this though," She said, "this certainly was an interesting few days."

"Yeah that it was," Clay said, "I'll be glad to have things back to normal."

"Clay," Kimiko said, "this temple doesn't know the meaning of the word normal."

The three warriors laughed as they headed to their sleeping quarters.

Rai stared at the fire he had created. The light from it soon filled the whole cave. Rai couldn't hold back a sigh. Really the fire had been a pointless exercise, the moon was out so he didn't need the light he wasn't going to get any heat from it, he didn't need it to cook anything and right now the scariest thing inside this cave was him but it at least made the whole demon hiding in a cave thing not quite so creepy.

When Rai was done staring at the fire, he started looking around the cave. As caves goes it was…well…a cave. It was in the side of a mountain overlooking a forest, not much more than that but right now it was ho…shelter.

Rai's expression soured, he didn't like caves. He didn't like the fact that he needed caves but that was a fact of life. It brought to mind a question, why did the monsters hide away in caves?

Because being out in the daylight could get them killed.

Rai lifted up the right pant leg and pushed down the sock to reveal the scar around the ankle. He traced his along the scar and as memory of its origin came back to him. As he stared at it the world around him started to change. The fire vanished, the cave grew larger and the clear moonlit night was replaced replace by thunder and lightning. As he was suck into this world, a figure started appearing and with every lightning flashing, became clearer.


The mention of Rai's name made him jump back in fright. He looked again at his surroundings; the storm was gone, the fire had returned and standing near the fire was … Master Fung.

"You!" Rai said in shock.

"You looked surprised to see me."

"Well that was the look I was going for," Rai replied snippily, "how did you find me?"

Master Fung raised an eyebrow.

"You told us you would be here."

"Well yeah but I didn't expect you to believe me," Rai replied.

"And so you expected this to be the last place that we would look," Master Fung said, "That is true but to find something, it is always best to look in the last place first."

Rai stared blankly at the old monk.

"You know that makes absolutely no sense."

"And yet here I am and there you are."

"Hey," Rai said with a shrug, "guess I can't fight that logic."

"Indeed," Master Fung, "and since fighting is not one of my intentions, would I be allowed to set down?"

Rai gave Master Fung a once over before giving a confident smirk.

"Sure, why not."

Master Fung gave his thanks as he sat down. Master Fung warmed his hands as a silence passed over them. Rai stubbornly refused to be the one to start a conversation though Master Fung soon took the hint.

"Kimiko told us about what happened last night."

This made Rai tense. Had she told them his secret?

"What did she tell you?" Rai asked.

"About how you gave her the Spear of Dashi so that I did not lose my position."

Rai relaxed slightly.

"I owe you my gratitude," Master Fung said.

Rai stuck out his jaw defiantly.

"Don't get the wrong idea," he said, "I didn't do for you, I did it for Her."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, look even if she didn't lose her job, she would lose someone who was on her side," Rai expalained, "she deserves every ally she can get and she doesn't need me costing her any."

Master Fung nodded, seemingly satisfied with that answer.

"That is true; everyone needs allies," He said almost slyly, "even demons."

Rai let out a hollow laugh.

"Demons don't have allies, they have masters or they have minions, anything else is just something waiting for the right moment to stab you in the back."

"A very 'realistic' view," Master Fung replied, "though just because demons do not have allies, it doesn't mean they can not."

"Alright, I'll bite, why are you here?"

"I had noticed something very interesting while you were staying with us," Master Fung explained, "You never once used your powers to help you with your chores. Wouldn't it have been easier to use some of your wind ability? Like when you were cleaning the corridor, for instance."

"Sure I could if you want me to blow away the corridor along with the dirt."

"Haven't you received training?"

"Wuya trained me," Rai replied.

"I see," Master Fung said, "And did she actually train you to help you use your abilities or did she just show enough so that you could inflict damage with it?"

Rai glared momentarily.

"What do you think?"

"I see."

"And what do you see?" Rai asked, "Because all I see is someone who is asking questions without making a point. Yes, Wuya is the only training I got and anything that wasn't bash, bang and boom I had to teach myself. Unlike you Xiaolin types, Wuya doesn't give two bits about balance and maintaining control and all that stuff."

"Precisely," Master Fung said, "that is why I'm here."

"Care to clarify."

"What if you received training from one of us Xiaolin types," Master Fung offered, "namely me?"

Rai stared at Master Fung for a moment.

"You might want to check up on that market man because I don't think that the leaves he sold you was tea."

"I was not joking so I'd appreciate it if you didn't joke back."

"I'm sorry but you can't honestly be suggesting to bring my demon butt back to that temple of yours and actually train there," Rai said, "come on, there is no way your temple buddies will let me in and besides, I don't want to be a part of this anymore."

Master Fung's face turned serious.

"Rai, you have great skills, skills that can be used for good or evil. What you chose to do with those skills is your choice but it's a choice you will eventually have to make. Even if you choose to hide who you are and what you can do, the day will undoubtedly come to you will be force to use your skills. Unless you have proper control of those skills, using them end up costing you dearly."

Rai stared at Master Fung for a moment before returning his gaze back to the fireplace. Master Fung continued to stare before sighing in defeat.

"But it is your choice," he said, "and you are right, the other monks would not approve about me bringing you back to the temple. It would cause conflict seeing as I have no real grounds for this offer."

Master Fung stood up and heading to the exit.

"What if I paid you."

Master Fung turned back.

"Excuse me?"

"What if I paid you," Rai repeated, "to train me."

Master Fung paused, contemplating the idea.

"That would settle the issue of having grounds to train you on. As a master I reserve the right to take on any paying pupil I see fit. That said I couldn't take your money…"

"Look," Rai said, "if the Wudai warriors have been keeping you informed like they should you will know that money isn't a problem and this way you don't get kicked out and I don't have to act like your doing me a favour."

"So you are willing to give this a chance?" Master Fung asked.

"For now," Rai said, "but don't hold your breath on how long I'll stay."

"The length of time you choose to stay will the length of time you need," Master Fung said ominously.

Rai raised an eyebrow.

"Are your pupils supposed to understand what the heck you are saying?"

"Ideally yes, though if you are unsure, a smile and nod will suffice."

"Works for me. Either that or ripping out your voice box through your mouth and moulding it into a clay cup."

Master Fung stared at Rai, clearly unsure on how to react.

"It's a joke," Rai said, "Just smile and nod."

"Very well," Master Fung, "so then there's only one thing left."

"What's that?" Rai asked

Master Fung held out his hand.

"We shake."


"When equals come to an agreement, it customary to shake hands," Master Fung explained, "I believe the term is sealing the deal."


"Any student I take on is my equal. They submit to my teachings and follow my instructions out of their free will but they are still my equal; nothing more and certainly nothing less."

Rai looked Master Fung's hand for a moment before taking it.

"I'd like that," Rai replied with a grateful smile.

There was a comfortable silence between them before Rai decided to bring up another matter.

"So since we're equals, those that mean I'm allowed to crack bald jokes?"

"No you are not."

"Not even small ones?"


"Just one, please."



"Alright, alright," Jack called, "I'm coming."

Jack opened the door and saw Wuya standing there.

"Wuya!" Jack shrieked, quickly covering his vitals.

"Hello Jack," Wuya said, "I've decided to crash here for a while."

"Wait, what?"

Instead of clarifying, Wuya just pushed past Jack. She knew the house by memory and instantly came to the guest bedroom. It hosted a king sized bed, a full sized bathroom and a walk in closest.

"Simplistic but it will have to do," Wuya said, "but I will defiantly have to get rid of these stupid nick-knacks."

Wuya picked up a stone carving to examine it.

"Hey! Put that down," Jack ordered, "After all that you've put me through, give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick you out."

In one effortless movement, Wuya crushed the stoned carving into dust with her left hand.

"There are towels in the top shelf and soap and shampoo in the bathroom," Jack said in his girlie voice, "Let me know if you need anything."

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