Demon of Wind

Chapter 15 - Worth

Kimiko gave a slight stretch while consciousness came to her. She hadn't opened her eyes yet but instead was savouring the feeling of a good night's sleep. As her eyes opened they were greeted by a pair of pale green orbs. As her eyes started to focus, she noticed that they had cat slits. Kimiko made a mental note to get rid of the cat.

As soon as some of her brain started to function she remembered that this temple didn't have a cat.

Kimiko's eyes shot open to reveal Rai's face about a 4 inches away from her's. His expression seemed eager, almost expectant.

"Hi," he said simply.

Kimiko tried for a moment to inch her face away from Rai but realised it was useless considering that she was flat on her back with him being in a position that could only described as as close to straddling her without making body contact.

"Er…hi," Kimiko said nervously, "what are you doing?"

"Observing," Rai explained, "since I have nothing better to do while you of the sleep dependant temple dwellers waste your nights, I have decided to spend my nights observing the subtle yet majestic movements of your face while you slumber."

Kimiko swallowed involuntarily as her mouth seemed to go remarkably dry all of a sudden.

"Wow Rai, that is really…"Kimiko stopped when she realised something, "wait, you have to sleep as well."

Rai just gave a wide grin.

"I'm impressed, most people aren't that quick off the draw when they have just woken up. But you've got to admit that I had you going for a second. Relax, I was walking by and I saw you were giving the first signs of waking up so I decided to have some fun."

"And by fun you mean invade my personal space, potentially give me a heart attack and raise your creepy factor to amazing new levels considering the fact you are a 1500 year old demon with the mind & body of a teenager and the humour of a sociopath."

"And here I was afraid that you would never understand me."

Kimiko's chance at reply was intercepted by a familiar voice.

"Uh…what is going on here?"

Both Rai and Kimiko distorted their bodys slightly to see Clay standing in the 'doorway' of Kimiko's cubical. Any potential awkwardness was prevented by Rai's never slowing mouth.

"Well you see, I had just cornered my prey and was about to dislocate my jaw so that I could devour her whole," Rai explained, "if you're going to attack me, I suggest you do it when I'm at the halfway mark of devouring her; that's when I'd be most vulnerable."

"Dang it Rai! When someone walks in on you in a situation like this you are meant jump away and try full heartedly to convince me that this isn't what this looks like."

Rai took one last look down at Kimiko before standing up and giving a shrug.

"As much fun as 'guess what the demon was doing' is, I was actually here to say that we have some business to discuss after breakfast, so please don't make me wait long. Oh and Kimiko, lets do this again sometime."

As Rai started to walk off, Kimiko quickly jumped up and ran over to him.

"Rai wait," Kimiko said, "we have some business to discuss right now."

Kimiko moved in closely and affectionately took hold of Rai's arm. Rai was taken back by this.

"Really? What business is that?"

Rai got his answer when Kimiko flipped him over her shoulder into the wall.

"From now on my cubical is a demon free zone, understand?"

Rai removed his face from the wall with a loud pop.

"Well the way I see it either I understand or I doubt I'd survive the second time," he replied, still in a daze.

"So what is this business that you wanted to discuss?" Clay asked.

The Dragons, Master Fung and Rai were gathered in one of the studies.

"Well you see," Rai said, "I got to thinking…"

"Did it hurt?" Kimiko interjected.

"Not nearly as much as that wall did," Rai replied, "as I was saying, I got to thinking and I've found something that I can contribute to the temple."

Rai then pulled out a scroll. It was red with two jade rods. Keeping it closed was a golden band round the middle. What ever the symbols meant it certainly wasn't any form of Chinese that Kimiko has ever seen before or any Asian language for that matter.

"Uh? What is it?"

"Its the Wen-Chang scroll."

Omi let out a mirthless chuckle.

"The Wen-Chang scroll? You are undoubtedly pushing our arms."

"Uh Omi? What are you talking about?" Kimiko asked, "What's the Wen-Chang scroll and why couldn't that be it?

"The Wen-Chang scroll is said to contain the location of the mythical Wen-Chang library," Omi explained, "And I know that the scroll that Rai is holding could not be the Wen-Chang Scroll because it said to have bee lost 1500 years ago."

There was a moment silence and a thought seemed to cross Omi's mind.

"Rai! It was you that stole the Wen-Chang Scroll!" Omi accused.

"Hey! I got the Scroll first so it's mine fair and square," Rai retorted, "besides if Dashi hadn't turned me into a statue maybe the scroll wouldn't have been lost for so long."

Before a fight broke out, Master Fung decided to interject.

"While we welcome the recovery of such a valuable artefact I do not see how it will be useful," Master Fung admitted, "Especially since, if the records are correct, the seal had been deemed unbreakable."

Rai gave a smug smirk.

"Well as you get to know me, you'll I'm all about breaking seals and breaking records."

Rai held the scroll as if he was about to open it and spoke in an incomprehensible language.

Open the gate to the wonders inside

A thin blue line ran across the seal. When the seal broke, the scroll opened. Reality appeared to begin unhinging as books flooded in from no where and started filling rapidly appearing book shelves

The closest thing to what they were experiencing was what happened when a Showdown field appeared.

When the transformation was complete, they found themselves in a labyrinth where books and bookshelves seemed to go as far as the eye could see in every direction, including up.

"Welcome to the Wen-Chang library," Rai said in a tour guide voice, "the one stop for all your literary needs."

"Incredible," Omi said in awe, "I have never seen so many books in one place before."

"I'd be amazed if you did," Rai said, "If my sources are correct, this library is the gateway to the collective consciousness of literature and houses every piece of text ever written and in every language it was ever translated to."

Kimiko walked over to a nearby shelf and pulled out a random book. She found that by chance it was a Japanese translation of "the little engine that could". She pulled out the book right beside it and found that it appeared to be written in hieroglyphics and from the pictures was in no way kids friendly

"Well that's all good and well," Kimiko said, "but how are you meant to find anything."

"By asking the librarian."

Almost as if it was summoned a figured fazed out from self. It's whole body was hidden by the red robe it was wearing, Its face was hidden by a red hood and even its hands were hidden under its long selves. More or less it looked like grim reaper if he had decide to be a summer instead of a winter.

"Who is that?" Clay asked.

"That," Rai replied, "is the librarian. The one running the show."

The librarian seemed to face Rai and after a moment it started to speak in a language that the Dragons and Master Fung couldn't understand.

/Greetings Rai, welcome back./

/Greetings to you too/ Rai replied in the same language, /How are things?/

/Well until you interrupted the 1500 years of peace and quiet that I have been enjoying, things were going rather well. I had been on the verge of finishing a series of books by an author from the Rowling clan.../

"What is the librarian saying?" Master Fung asked.

"Something about us trespassing and Omi having to be offered as a sacrifice," Rai answered ,"You know minor details like that."

The group paled, Omi especially. Meanwhile the librarian continued to talking

/...While I thought the setting was somewhat refreshing, I found the idea of how particular characters were conceived rather mind boggling.../

"Now he's saying something about gutting Clay and turning him into a bed side cabinet."

"Well come on," Clay objected, "that ain't right!"

"Don't worry Clay," Rai said, "He's bluffing."

"How can ya be so sure?"

"The guy doesn't sleep," Rai answered, "so what use would he have for bed."

/I say Rai, are you even listening to what I am saying?/ the librarian asked.

/Not a word, so would you finish already so that you can do your job?/

The librarian huffed.

/Very well since you have no interest in having a discussion on literature and I am bound to serve who ever can use the library and speak in my language, let me know what books you want so that you may leave and I can enjoy my solitude once more./

"Great news," Rai told the rest, "I was able to appease the librarian so now full reign of the library is ours."

"That is most certainly a relief," Master Fung said, "but how does this work."

"Simple," Rai replied, "You get me to tell him what piece of literature you're after and he will get it for you."

"Oh really?" Omi asked in disbelief, "So it would be able to find the "Tome of Tai Po, the famed Water Dragon of the Ming Dynasty?"

Rai quickly translated to the librarian who seemed to blur for a moment before becoming clear again, this time, holding a book. He handed it to Omi. Omi gasped.

"This is the Tome of Tai Po, the famed Water Dragon of the Ming Dynasty."

After this display, Master Fung, Kimiko and Clay decided to give it a try.

"The Ancient Guide to Toe Nail care."

"The April 2004 edition of 'Mew Mew Styling'."

"My 1st grade science report on genetics and evolution."

The librarian delivered all of them with the same speed and effectiveness.

"Awww would ya look at that," Clay said as he fawned over his old report, "I actually believed that while Lamark's theory was greatly flawed, there is still the possibly for events in an individual's life span affecting them on a genetic level."

Everyone just stared at Clay for moment.

"Err," Clay said, becoming slightly nervous, "I also drew a neat picture of a cave man riding a dinosaur."

"That library was most amazing," Omi said.

"Indeed it was," Master Fung said, "though I have to wonder; if Wuya had such a library at her disposal, why would she send you out to retrieve so many scrolls and books?"

"Well you see, I never exactly told her that I was able to open the library. She let me keep it after her attempts to open it failed. I toyed with it and well as the saying goes, bada bing bada boom."

"Hold on, ya mean ya were able to keep secrets from Wuya?"

"Well I couldn't lie to her if that's wait you mean," Rai explained, "It was sort of a no ask, no tell kind of deal."

Before anything more could be asked Rai went board stiff for a moment as his eyes started to glow, as it did, Dojo started to spasm.

"The Cube of Haniku has revealed it self," Demon and dragon said in unison.

"Which way is it?"

"That way," Rai said, pointing to the West.

Dojo let out a disbelieving huff.

"Oh please, like you would be any good at detecting it. Leave this to a professional Wu detector. The Cube of Haniku is this way."

There was an awkward moment when Dojo realised that he was pointing in exactly the same direction as Rai.

"Lucky guess," He muttered.

"Let's hop to it," Omi said.

Just then, Rai and Dojo went stiff once more.

"The Preying Monster has revealed it self!"

"Which way?"

Dojo and Rai both pointed to the East.

"you have got to be kidding me," Kimiko said in disbelief.

"So we've got to be at two different sides of the map at the same time," Clay said, "how ya reckon we're gonna manage that sort of russel up.

"By remaining calm and thinking clearly," Omi said.

Everyone stood still as they they tried to think of a solution. After a moment of silence Omi started screaming and running back and forth.


Clay, Kimiko and Master Fung all face palmed themselves at the display. Meanwhile Rai had made himself comfortable leaning against a statue watching, somewhat amused, the spectacle in front of him.

"Well gee, you really are in a spot of bother," Rai said, "if only there was someone else in the temple that could sense Wu."

Omi, who had apparently been listening, stopped running.

"You are correct Rai," Omi said, "that would most certainly have helped us with this problem."

Omi returned to his running and screaming before stopping again when a thought dawned on him.

"Rai, you are able to sense Shen Gong Wu."

Rai suddenly stood up straight as if he had heard something incredible.

"Really?" Rai asked in mock amazement, "I can actually sense Wu? I had no idea!"

Kimiko then whacked him in the back of the head.

"Don't get smart," Kimiko scolded.

"Man Kimiko," Rai said while rubbing the back his head, "we have got to get a safe word or something."

He quickly zipped up at the threatening glare Kimiko was giving him.

"So you would be able to help us find one of the Shen Gong Wu?" Master Fung asked.

"Just as well as scale butt over there," Rai answered, "probably even better since I'm of some use in a fight."

"Hey!" Dojo protested, "I'll have you know that I have turned the tide on many of the Dragon's battles."

"What? The ones they've lost?"

At that Dojo got into Rai's face.

"Now look here, I'm the temple dragon around here, I deserve respect."

Rai dramatically bit his teeth together and Dojo ran and hid behind Master Fung. Master Fung let out a small disapproving groan before he spoke again.

"Very well, Rai and Kimiko will retrieve the cube while Clay and Omi will retrieve the Preying Monster."

Omi and Clay nodded and then started to run off.

"Hey Clay," Rai called, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Clay stopped and turned round. He looked at Rai and Kimiko and realised what he had forgotten.

"Oh right," He said, "Rai, don't do anything inappropriate to Kimiko other wise I'll be forced to something yer something til next sometime."

At that, he ran off again.

Kimiko and Rai just stood for a moment to process the threat.

"Well we better get going before I figure out which one of my something's he's referring to," Rai said as he turned his back to Kimiko, "Hop on."

"Excuse me?"

"You want to get to the Wu don't you? Well the nothing beats the demon express so hop on."

"Not yet Rai," Kimiko said, " I first need to get some Wu and get changed."

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?"

"Hello, we're going to the outside world," Kimiko said, "I don't exactly blend in with this on. Besides I not going to be caught dead looking unfashionable."

"Yeah because fashion has everything to do with fighting," Rai said sarcastically before pretending to pick up a phone, "hello? Hey Kimiko, its Teen magazine; they saw you on the Great wall last week and wanted to do an article on you about how to fire up the cat walk whilst firing up the battle."

"Laugh it up now Rai but it's going to happen," Kimiko replied, "Just you wait."

"Which one, which one?" Kimiko muttered to herself.

She was in currently in her cubical, wearing only her underclothing while she was trying to decided what to wear, she had narrowed her choices down to two but neither were really screaming "pick me".

"I'd go with the green one."

"You really think...Rai!"

Kimiko suddenly realised that Rai was standing in the cubicle while she was just in her underwear!

"Yep here I am," Rai said, "And before you get all screamy and hurt Rai-y; you peeped on me when I washing my self, remember?"

Kimiko, who had gone semi-catatonic, nodded dumbly.

"Good, now I'm waiting for you at the temple vault so hurry up," Rai said, "oh and I was serious about the green, I think the tone would be a good contrast with your eyes."

At that Rai walked out with out saying another word. When Kimiko's brain started functioning again, she was alone in the cubical. She quickly gave her head a shake.

Kimiko, you keep telling yourself to avoid Dojo's cooking and now it's making you hallucinate. There is no way Rai would suicidal enough to pull something like that.

Meanwhile Rai was walking down the hall, looking quite pleased with him self.

Refuge in audacity, oh how I love thee.

"So ready to hit the road?" Rai asked.

"Yes but are you sure this is safe?" Kimiko asked.

"Well look at it this way," Rai replied, "if its not then we'll both die and you'll get to kick my butt in the after life."

Kimiko froze and looked at Rai nervously

"Just climb on," Rai said slightly testily.

Kimiko reluctantly climbed on to Rai's back. When she was in position, she felt something wrap around her upper thighs and hips, when she looked down she saw that Rai's jacket had morphed to have harnesses. This made it seem like it they were either tandem sky diving or that Kimiko was in a baby carrier.

Rai shrugged under the look Kimiko was giving him.

"I figured me having to hold onto you legs might get awkward."

Rai started to run of before anything more could be said.

Kimiko knew that Rai was able to run fast but she had no idea what it would be like. She had almost expected it to be like riding a motor bike that was no way describe what riding Rai was like. The scenery just seemed to fly by and yet Kimiko didn't feel a any wind whipping into her face. It was almost like being in a race car but not as restrictive. As the scenery sped by it started to change from mountains to forest to desert.

"Hey I remember this place," Rai said, "Its really changed since the old day but I remember all the traders and what not that I met here, I tell ya, you don't realise how diverse a place is until you've been called "Freak of nature" in 15 different dialects."

Kimiko looked round at the vast desert that they were running through as a chilling thought dawned on her.

"Uh Rai," Kimiko asked, "how can you tell for sure if you're heading in the right direction."

"It's easy," Rai replied, "with this new Wu-sense, all I have to do is follow my nose and it will lead me right to it."

"And how about for when we want to head back to the temple?"

"Well you can't expect me to have all the answers, can you?"

Rai finally came to a stop at the foot of a cliff.

"Here we are," Rai said," The Cube of Haniku is definitely somewhere up there."

Kimiko pulled out the Falcon's eye and had a look.

"There! I see it."

Kimiko raced forward and started to climb the cliff to the place where she had seen the Cube hidden; about a third of the way up the cliff. After a climb and quite a few not so nice words, Kimiko was back on the ground, proudly hold the Cube. As she looked around sher saw Rai lying on the ground nearby.

Kimiko lightly poked Rai with her foot.

"Come on, Rai, I found it," She told him, "let's head back."

"Sure, just let me rest a bit."

"You can rest when we get back to the temple," Kimiko answered, "If we hang around we may run into Wuya, Jack or whoever decides to come and get this. We need to use this head start."

Rai looked at Kimiko in exhausted dismay.

"I just ran the silk road with you on my back, does that mean nothing?!"

"Well I just had to climb that cliff while you were waiting down here but you don't hear me complaining." Kimiko replied.

"No you got most of that done while you were climbing," Rai said back, "now as hard as it is to believe I'm not limitless bundle of energy so cool it. I'll take us home when I'm ready."

Kimiko crossed her arms and huffed until an idea came to her.

"Say Rai?"


"Have you ever wondered what your own kidney's taste like?"

"," Rai managed out as he trudged into the temple with Kimiko on his back.

When he came to a stop Kimiko jumped off.

"Great," She said cheerfully, "I'll just go tell Master Fung that we're back."

"You do that and in the mean while I'll find somewhere suitable to pass out," Rai said before his gaze went downwards, "Oh look, hard stone."

He promptly collapsed.

Master Fung walked up to Rai, who was still passed out in the courtyard.


Rai suddenly sat up.

"Damanation woman! How much more must my body give before your sadistic urges are sated?!"

When Rai realised who was actually standing there, things got slightly awkward.

"Just for the record, that didn't come out right."

"Noted," Master Fung said, "I just came here to thank you for you're help today with retrieving the Shen Gong Wu."

"Not a problem," Rai said, "Always glad to help my new allies."

"I am so glad to hear you say that because I have decided for you to help the young Dragons permanently."

"Wait, What?"

"From now on you will be part of the team retrieving Shen Gong Wu."

"You mean I have to go through more of this?!" Rai asked in disbelief.

"Think of it as a good learning experience."

At that, Rai lay back down and went into the foetal position.

"Can I go back to being a statue now?"

Authors Note: The Silk Road, or Silk Routes, are an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and Europe.

So-called "Silk Routes" were not only conduits for silk, but for many other products and were also very important paths for cultural and technological transmission by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, missionaries, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea for thousands of years.

Wen-Chang is the name of the Chinese Daoist God of writing, books and literature.

The Preying Monster and the Cube of Haniku are actual Shen Gong Wu that only appeared in the card game. The Preying Monster turns the user in to a giant praying mantis type creature and the Cube of Haniku is said to create ironic situations.

Lastly, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was a Biologist and a writer of evolutionary theory who predated Charles Darwin.

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