Demon of Wind

Chapter 17 - Quests

"And we're back," Dojo said, "Thank you for flying Air Dojo."

As the warriors climbed off of Dojo, Master Fung came running.

"Young monks! The vault has been raided!"

"What!" the Wudai Warriors exclaimed.

"Wuya attacked the temple shortly after you left with Cyclops."

"You mean that hag has our Wu," Kimiko groaned.

"No and that is the concern," Master Fung explained, "when she managed to open the vault, it was already empty."

"Whoa, hold up," Clay said, "you mean someone else got there first and took ALL the Wu in the vault."

Master Fung nodded.

"This is most bad," Omi said.

Just then a portal opened and out stepped Rai, holding the Golden Tiger Claws.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late getting back," Rai said, "I decided to sight see a bit and then I got hungry and stopped at this vendor and this..."

He then trailed off when he saw the glum expressions that everyone had.

"Uh guys? What did I miss?"

"All the Wu that were left in the vault have been taken by some unknown evil," Omi said, "we have been Jacked."

"Jacked?" Rai asked, "Never heard that one before...wait you mean you mean that we leave the Wu that we won't use in the vault when we go out Wu hunting?"

"Well yeah," Kimiko said, "Do you expect us to lug all the Wu with us where ever we go?"

Rai then let out a frustrated huff.

"Well that's just great," He muttered.

He then took off his jacket and started shaking it. As he did, Wu started falling out until there was a big pile. It was all the Wu that the Wudai Warriors had chosen to leave behind.

"You mean that I've been carrying round all these Wu around for no reason?" Rai demanded, "would it kill you guys to give a bit of a heads up on these things? I do have better things to do with my than break it carry useless equipment."

Rai then realised that everyone staring at him.


He got answer when Kimiko wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Rai you genius," Kimiko said.

Rai blushed lightly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well I do have my moments."

"I can not believe this!" Wuya exclaimed, "We go through all that and the Temple can not even keep track of their wu long enough for US TO STEAL IT!"

"Yeah," Jack agreed, "you pretty much blew it."

He then let out a scream when Wuya threw a work bench at him.

"Watch it!" He said in a high pitched voice, "I just got the lair the way I like it."

"When I find out who got to the vault, I'm going to..."

"I might be able to shed some light on that."

Both Wuya and Jack turned to the source of the new voice and saw Hannibal Bean and the Ying-ying bird.

"You," Wuya said, "you're the one who hit the temple first."

Before a fight could break out, the Ying-ying bird played the image of Rai dropping all of the Wu out of his jacket. Wuya's fist clenched.

"That two timing, backstabbing demon," Wuya fumed, "after all I did for him."

"So we know the temple still has their Wu," Jack said, "Why don't we just sneak in when the Xiaolin losers are asleep and take them."

"You mean like you tried three weeks ago?" Hannibal asked.

Jack, was sneaking through the temple at the dead of night. He had managed to by pass the alarms through sheer genius and was now making a bee line to the vault. Once he was in he we would unlock the vault and then use his jack-bots as a diversion so that he could make a tactical retreat.

Jack, this plan is brilliant.

Jack opened the door that lead to the vault and as he did, he came face to face with Rai, who was idly spinning his knife between his fingers.

"Hey there Jacky," Rai said cheerfully, "still undead?"

"Alight so that didn't go so well," Jack said.

"Face it," Hannibal said, "With Rai on the Xiaolin side, the good guys now have a player who knows our moves and as much as I hate to say it, we haven't exactly had a chance to learn new ones locked up for the last 1500 years."

"Rai doesn't know my moves," Jack said proudly.

"Technically true," Wuya agreed, "but you're too pathetic for it to be any use to us."


"So what you're saying is that we should just give up?" Wuya asked, completely ignoring Jack's protest.

"Not at all," Hannibal said, "I'm saying that instead of working separately and getting our rear ends constantly handed to us, we should work together on one big plan, and I just happen to have a big plan."

"How big?" Wuya asked.

"Think Mala Mala Jong, only bigger."

"No way am I helping you guys recreate Mala Mala Jong," Jack said defiantly, "Last time we dealt with him, I was turned into a human basketball."

"He was only using Mala Mala Jong as an example of how big the plan was," Wuya said while rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"Oh? So then what would you need for this plan?" Jack asked.

"And more importantly, why would we help you with this plan?" Wuya asked.

"Well for starters, it would get rid of those Xiaolin thorns in our sides," Hannibal said.

"Keep talking," Wuya ordered.

"Leave the world for ours to conquer," Hannibal continued, "and if we do it right, get rid of Chase Young as well."

"Sign me up!" Jack exclaimed.

Wuya pursed her lips yet still looked thoughtful.

"Alright," She finally conceded, "I'll listen to your plan but that doesn't mean that I'm going to help you."

Night time had arrived at the temple. Kimiko stepped outside and went looking for Rai. It was a clear night so she had a pretty good idea where he would be. True to form, she found him lying on roof of the vault, looking up at the stars.

With help of a Wu she had packed earlier. She came to the roof and sat down beside Rai. Kimiko was raised that a key part of a good conversation is a strong opening.

"Hey Rai."

"Hey," Rai replied.

There was another moment of silence while Kimiko worked to find another topic to follow up that great opener.

"its kinda cool to night."

"Is it?"

"Yeah, can't you feel it?"

"No," Rai replied, "It always feels the same to me."

Rai turned his head slightly to see the look of curiosity on Kimiko's face. Rai sighed, realising that an explanation was in order.

"My body doesn't feel subtle changes in temperature, I can feel scolding hot and freezing cold, anything in between is just dull nothingness."

"Has it always been like that?" Kimiko asked.

"For as long as I've been a demon."

"So is it always 'dull nothingness' ?"

Instead answering, Rai took hold of Kimiko's hand and placed it against his cheek. To Kimiko it felt like it had when she had touched him as a statue.

Rai had an expression on his face as if he was reliving a cherished memory.

"Your hand feels warm," he said when he let go of her hand.

Kimiko pulled her hand away slowly and looked at it.

She sometimes forgot that Rai wasn't human.

"Do you ever miss it?" She asked quietly.

"Miss what?"

"Do you ever miss being human?"

There was a moment until Rai burst out laughing.

"Do I miss it? Rai asked between laughs, "do I miss being some snot nosed human brat with nothing to look forward to but more of the same old same old."

Instead of giving Kimiko a chance to answer, Rai jumped of the roof and start to walk away.

When he was certain he was out of earshot, he stopped laughing immediately and leaned against a wall with a sigh.

"Do I miss it? Everyday of my life."

"For today's training you must pour tea," Master Fung explained, "It takes compete focus to be able to pour tea from that teapot."

"Oooooorrr you can just buy a smaller teapot," Rai offered.


"Ok, ok," Rai said, "but after two months of your weird and not-so-wonderful torture you call training, you'll excuse me for being a little cranky."

"Rai, I don't not like you referring to my methods in such a manor."

Rai paused as he took the time to remember the things he had gone through the last 2 months.

Rai! Lift your arms higher.

Rai! Lower your self closer to the flame.

Rai! Keep your balance.

Rai! Control your emotions.

Rai! Hold a steady pace when carrying the rocks.

Rai! You put your right hand in and then you shake it all about.

Rai shook his head for a moment.

"You know Master Fung, I read that in America, they've outlawed cruel and unusual punishment."

"How nice that you find the time to research American history," Master Fung replied, "now pour the tea."

Rai silent admitted defeat as he lifted the gigantic teapot. He widened his stance as he tried to keep his balance.

He started to pour the tea into the cups that were provided. It was going reasonably well until...

"LEG CRAMP!" Rai exclaimed.

The teapot went flying into the air. Master Fung saw it rise and closed his eyes as he prepared for yet another giant teapot to be shattered. The when the sound of porcelain cracking didn't fill the air, Master Fung cautiously opened one eye.

The teapot was floating in mid-air, being held up by a small tornado under Rai's control.

While maintaining control, Rai made the tornado move the teapot back to the table. Slowly exhaling, Rai gradually diminished the tornado and gently lowered the teapot onto the table.

Rai turned to Master Fung.

"Just give me a moment to catch my breath then I'll try again."

"That won't be necessary," Master Fung said, "for you have already achieved its purpose."


"What you have just done could only be achieved by someone in control of their element," Master Fung explained.

"You mean I've graduated?"

"you've graduated from this faze of your training," Master Fung said, "there is still a lot that you can learn..."

"Whoo-hoo!" Rai said, not longer paying attention, "I'm free!"

Rai then ran off.

There was a moment of silence before one of the legs of the table holding up the teapot gave way. The result was a shattered teapot and tea everywhere.

Master Fung saw the mess and the fact that there was no-one around to clean it except him.

All he could do was groan as he massaged the bridge of his nose.

"You are to begin a new quest," Master Fung said, "follow this map to the treasure of the blind swordsman."

"Looks more like half a map to me," Clay said.

"The rest of the map will reveal it self along the way," Master Fung explained, "as will your Wudai weapons."

Master Fung was then interrupted by an approving whistle. Every one turned to where Rai was leaning against the wall.

"So the temple is starting to bring out the heavy artillery?" Rai asked, "I approve."

"You know about the Wudai weapons?" Kimiko asked.

"Lets see; said to be unique for each individual, said to choose the warrior rather than the warrior choose it, said to help a Wudai Warriar take mastering their element to a whole new level," Rai listed, "Yeah I might have heard about them in passing."

Omi meanwhile had gone star eyed.

"I've always wanted my own wudai weapon," Omi said.

His eyes started to glaze over as he started to daydream about his future Wudai Weapon. After some effort, Master Fung was able to draw Omi back to the present.

"Upon completing your journey, you will learn how to use your Wudai weapons."

"Okay then lets get packing," Rai said, "you guys get Wu and clothing, I'll start getting food."

"Uh Rai," Master Fung said, "This is a Wudai quest."

"You've said that."

"That the Wudai Warriors must take..."

"Yeah you kinda get that from the name..."

"With out outside help..."

"Still not seeing where you're going with this..."

"With out you," Master Fung said finally.

At that an awkward silence filled the room.

"Oh right," Rai said finally, "I guess I should have seen that coming."

"Come on Master Fung," Kimiko protested, "Rai is part of the team!"

"Hold up fire girl," Rai said raising his hand, "I appreciate the thought but this is Wudai business and needs to be done by Wudai rules."


"I'll be fine!" Rai said firmly, "now its time to get ready."

Rai watched as the Wudai warriors rode off on to their quest. He kept a brave face.

"Rai," Master Fung called, "there is business that we must discuss."

Rai gave one last look towards where the Warriors were heading before going to find Fung.

"Yes Master Fung."

"I have decided that after the Wudai Warriors return from their quest, it will be time for them to go training with Master Monk Guan."

"Oh, Okay then," Rai said, "so what do you expect me to do while I'm waiting round for them to get back.?"

"I expect you to be ready to leave for Guan's temple in an hour."

Rai did a double take.

"Wait what?"

"While the Wudai Warriors are on their quest, you will have one on one training with Master Monk Guan," Master Fung explained, "when the Warriors return from their quest, I will inform them of the change in teacher and then they will join you."

"Wait, this was your plan all along?"

Master Fung nodded.

"Why didn't you tell us this before?"

"I thought it might be best for the warriors to focus on their quest," Master Fung explained, "you might not have noticed but Omi does from time to time have an issue with jealously, finding out you were going to receive individual training with Master Monk Guan might irk him slightly."

"Yeah I could see how that might..." Rai broke of when realisation came to him, "wait, were you being sarcastic just then?"

"Hm? Of course not," Master Fung replied, "I am a master and as such above such forms of wit."

"Yeah I guess you would be...Wait! Were you being sarcastic there as well?"

"I expect you to leave in one hour, you'll be taking the rest of the temples Wu with you so you had better get packing."

Rai finally arrived at Master Monk Guan's temple. Once Rai stepped out of the Silver Manta Ray, he took a moment to admire the scenery.

Nice digs, this guy's done well for himself. I wonder if he's any relation to the Guan I knew in the old days.

"Welcome Rai," A voice said.

Rai turned and his jaw dropped slightly. It wasn't a descendant of the Guan that he had known, it was the Guan that he had known.

"Guan! Its you!" Rai exclaimed, "I don't believe're Bald!"

There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Alive," Rai corrected himself, "what I meant to say was 'alive'."

"Yes, that would certainly have been a better response," Guan agreed.

There was another moment of awkwardness.

"So...are we going start trying to kill each another now or can I first unpack?"

"I have no intention of killing you," Guan said.

"Uh I said 'trying'," Rai replied.

Ignoring Rai's last comment, Guan continued.

"Master Fung contacted me a while ago and explained to me how you are no longer bound to Wuya and how you seek to move forward."

Guan stepped forward and extended his hand.

"The chapter in which we must be enemies is over," Guan continued, "perhaps in this chapter we can be friends."

Rai looked at the hand and then at Guan. Finally a smile appeared on Rai's face as he shook it.

"So if we're friends, can I joke about your lack of hair?" Rai asked.

"I know ways to remove a person's skin by means of chi alone."

"Never mind then."

"Very good," Guan said, "now I have prepared a modest meal. After that we can begin training or we can start first thing tomorrow. Which would you prefer?"

"Does starting tomorrow involve you coming into my room with a big gong?"


"In that case, give me an hour to eat and have a nap then I'll be good to go."

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