Demon of Wind

Chapter 18 - Training

"OK I'm ready to go," Rai made a few punching movements to prove his point, "so where do we start?"

He looked and saw that Guan was holding out a folded up uniform.

"If you wouldn't mind obliging me," Guan said, "I have a quite a few not so pleasant memories of battling you dressed as you are now and I fear that in the heat of training I may forget that we are now allies."

Rai looked at the training uniform. Rai could have easily made his Heylin Robes change into something that didn't remind Guan of the bad ol' days but Rai could tell that this was more then just a matter of of changing clothes. This was a matter of two former enemies building a bridge of trust.

"Alright," Rai took the robe, "just let give me a moment to change."

Rai changed out of his old robes and in to the ones Guan had given to him. After years of wearing robes that moulded it self to Rai's size, the new uniform felt slightly strange but it wasn't a bad fit. When he returned he saw Guan holding two fighting staffs. He then threw one to Rai.

"Master Fung has informed me that you have been able to gain focus with your powers, that is is good because it means we are able to focus on physical training." Guan twirled his staff experimentally. "In the form of combat."

"So what, we're just gonna go at each other until someone calls for a break?"

Guan raised an eyebrow. "You object?" He then raised his staff to block an incoming high strike from Rai."

"No," Rai admitted with a smirk, "just wanted to be clear on the rules."

Rai then went in for a low strike, which Guan easily blocked.

"You always were eager for a fight," Guan commented before coming in with a strike to the side.

Rai blocked it "This coming from the guy whose idea of diplomacy was 'make bad guy fall down go boom'."

Soon the two got into a steady rhythm of fighting and bantering.

"I was young," Guan admitted, "And, if memory serves me well, pretty good at the 'go boom' part."

"Yeah well, when you fought me the only guy that fell down was you. I still bet I can take you."

At that Rai decided to up the anti a bit and went in with the intent to finish the fight . He wasn't sure what happened next but the end result was him dangling upside down from a tree. Guan walked up to the dangling Rai, holding both of the staffs again.

"You might have gotten the best of me in the past," Guan said with a faint smirk, "but that is quite literally ancient history and not all of us have spent the last 1500 years as a statue."

"Noted," Rai said dryly, "now would you help me get down."

Guan gave the based of the tree a hard tap. This caused the tree to shake just enough to make Rai go crashing to the ground.

"Pupil," Guan asked the crumpled pile formerly known as Rai, "do you still have basic motor functions?"

An outstretched arm and a thumbs up came from out of the pile.

"Good," Guan said as he skilfully balanced a staff on the out stretched hand, "now you have 10 seconds to return to your feet before I start attacking again."

Rai had learned his lesson and now he and Guan had fallen into an easy rhythm of back and forth. Soon they were able to keep up a conversation while they sparred.

"I really enjoying this but I've got to ask," Rai said. "What am I learning from this."

"What ever you deem necessary to learn," Guan replied. "You opponent on the battle field often your greatest teacher and there no telling what lessons you may learn."

"Really? So what did you learn from fighting me?"

"That power is no match for skill."


"Dashi in his life time created many Shen Gong Wu to combat evil. Yet out of all the enemies that we faced, you stood out."

"Because I was good looking?" Rai asked.

"Because we were unable to combat what made you great; the Sword of the Storm and the Crest of the Condor could match and exceed your ability to manipulate the wind but not your cunning on how to use it. The Fancy Feet could beat your speed but not your cool headedness in battle. The Mantis Flip coin could match your agility but not you talent for using your environment to your advantage."

"So you were overwhelmed by my sheer awsomeness, what's your point?"

Guan locked his staff with Rai's and pushed them upwards forcing the two to be face to face.

"The point is that it wasn't your power as demon that made you unbeatable," Guan explained, "it was your skill as a warrior."

Guan then used one of his feet to leg sweep Rai. The demon hit the ground with a thud.

"You also taught me that in a fight it's only cheating if the Ref catches you."

Guan offered a hand, Rai smiled as he took it to get back up.

"Lets take a break," Guan said.

A monk came with a pitcher of water and two glasses. Guan filled both glasses and passed one to Rai. Both took the time to drink before Rai decided to speak.

"Brings back memories from the old days doesn't it?"

Guan's eyes twinkled.

"it certainly does, though as I recall I wasn't holding back last time."

"Yeah, if Chase hadn't been there to watch your back, there's no way you'd have survived."

Rai instantly regretted saying it when he saw how quickly Guan's mood sobered.

"Back then I probably wouldn't have."

Rai took a deep breath as he prepared to ask a question that had been plaguing him for some time now.

"Alright, what happened with Chase? Back in the day you were a pair of inseparable do-gooders on the fast track to become Xiaolin Dragons. Now I wake up to find that Chase is some demonic over lord with a kitty legion. What happened?"

"Hannibal Roy Bean happened."


"For as long as I knew him, Chase always pushed him self to be the best. His ambition and pride had always been a fault of his but we had ignored the warning signs because of his strong sense of honour and belief in right & wrong."

"And it was kinda hard to find the time to worry about character flaws when you're stuck fighting a conquer happy Heylin Witch," Rai concluded.

Guan nodded slightly. "The night after Wuya was finally defeated, Chase was approached by Hannibal, offering him the Lao Mang Lone soup. Finally, Chases ambition got the better of him. Shortly after crossing over to the Heylin side, he betray Hannibal and imprisoned him in the Yin Yang world."

"Wow and I thought modern soap opera's were bad," Rai poured him self more water. "So is that why you became an Immortal?"

"As long as Chase remains on this plain of existence so must I; it is the way it must be for balance to be maintained."


"Of course, for the world to exist, there must be a balance. The darkness must be equal to the light, the winter must be equal to the summer. The good must be equal to the evil. The universe has ordained that for every force there must be an equal an equal force pushing in the opposite direction."

"Confucius?" Rai asked.

"Isaac Newton. I've been trying to branch out."

"So is that why the Xiaolin side favour entrapment over destroying their enemies? For fear of some cosmic backlash if the balance is disrupted."

"That is part of the reason," Guan agreed, "the other part being that some of the Heylin side are capable of redemption if given the chance."

"So what has me changing sides done to the cosmic balance. Shouldn't we be seeing some backlash?"

"Only if you believe fate had intended for you to rejoin the Heylin side." Guan put down his glass. "I on the other hand believe that you were released now of all times because you are intended to balance out the evil of Hannibal being brought back into this world."

At that thought, a monk walked in carrying a box. He handed the box to Guan before leaving. "Now that we I are on the same side, I believe it is only fair to return something that belongs to you." Guan opened the box to revel a sword.

"My Nexus Blade!" Rai exclaimed, "you actually kept it all these years."

"Well when you were defeated, we felt it would be safer with us where it couldn't be used for evil."

Rai careful picked up the blade. It felt so good to be holding his old sword again. "Just wait til the guys see me wielding this baby again." Rai gave the blade one swing before it suddenly turned to dust.

Guan rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "It did spend the last 1500 years in a cleansing chamber." He noticed Rai standing there in shock. "Are you alright?"

"I...I just need to be alone right now."

It was late and the temple was silent. The only one that was still awake was a wind demon staring up at the night sky, as always, searching for his guardian star.

"I didn't take you for such an avid star gazer."

Rai jumped into an attack stance. Out of the shadows came Chase Young.

"Calm yourself," Chase said "I mean you no harm on this night, you have my word,"

"What do you want then?" Rai asked.

"Simply to offer a warning, from one demon to another."

Rai dropped the attack stance but still remained alert.

"Ok, I play along what do you have to warn me about."

"There is an eclipse coming, a Heylin eclipse."

"So is this like a normal eclipse only 'eviller'?" Rai asked.

"During the eclipse there will be a vacuum of power within the Heylin side," Chase explained.

"So something big and bad could come by and use the unclaimed power to do some damage."

Chase gave a single nod, "I have seen visions that the eclipse will be used by some great evil to regain power. If this is to happen it could spell the destruction of the world."

"Anything more specific?"

"I see a variety outcomes, all depending on how you and Xiaolin warriors face the challenges that lie ahead."

"Right, and where do you fit into this?" Rai asked, "hero or horror?"

"During the eclipse I will...not be helping either side."

Rai raised an eyebrow, "that's pretty convenient."

Chase glowered, "I didn't have to give you this warning, if you can't show gratitude, at least show silence."

"You're right, you didn't have to give this warning," Rai agreed, "so why are you?"

"As shocking as this may sound, I don't want to see the world destroyed," Chase answered, "at least not unless I'm the one responsible."

"Yeah I can't argue with that but why are you telling me this? Why not Omi or the others?"

"I expect you to tell your friends about our meeting," Chase stepped back and started to fade into the shadows, "and it was more important to tell you because I foresee that a choice you make will decide the outcome."

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