Demon of Wind

Chapter 2 - Information

Rai ran as fast as he could, putting as much distance as he could between him and the temple. If Wuya had seen him fraternising with people from Dashi's temple he probably wouldn't walk straight for a week.

Where is Wuya anyway? You'd think she would have come looking for me. Well I guess as the saying goes, no heroes amongst thieves.

He stopped running when he was satisfied with the distance he made. Rai being a demon certainly did make travel easier. Looked at what lay on the horizon and his jaw dropped. What lay before him was like nothing he had seen before; buildings that reached for the sky, noises that he had never heard before and bright lights everywhere. Rai rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn't a trick.

What is this place? There is no way this can still be China.

Rai took a deep breath to calm down.

But then again the midget at the temple did say that it's been 1500 years.

Rai slapped his forehead. He had left the spear at the temple.

"So Rai has been released, this is very troubling," Master Fung said as he examined the Spear of Dashi.

"Here you go Omi," Kimiko said caringly as she handed him an ice pack.

"Thank you," Omi said, taking the ice pack from her, "Oh that was a most humiliating defeat."

"Yeah, now I know how it feels to be on the other end of a cow tipping," Clay said.

"Well you were facing a wind demon," Dojo said, "you should be more careful."

"We kinda figured he was a wind demon after he sent Omi flying across the room without touching him," Kimiko said irritably, "though a heads up might have been nice before you ran for it."

Dojo shifted his eyes side to side nervously.

"So who is this guy?" Clay asked.

"Yeah and why wasn't he mentioned in the temple records?" Kimiko asked, "all creatures that the temple have captured after Wuya are listed."

"That is because Rai had been trapped before Wuya had," Master Fung said.

Dojo took in a deep breath before he started to explain.

"About ten years before Wuya was trapped, back when Chase and Guan had only learning the ropes for a few years, like you guys, Dashi had captured Rai and trapped him."

"Why did they trapped Rai first?" Kimiko asked "Wouldn't Wuya have been a better choice to go first?"

"Things back then hadn't been as cut and dry as history made it," Dojo explained.

"What do you mean?" Omi asked.

"Wuya hadn't been the extreme Heylin witch that she was right before Dashi defeated her. She had magic but not enough to have an edge. She used to rely on her fighting ability, strength and female wiles to win. This worked for a while until things started to turn against her when Dashi had deemed his apprentices good enough to fight beside him. With the fight three against one Wuya decided that it was time for her to get an apprentice of her own. In came Rai the demon."

"Well Omi told us that Rai was Wuya's apprentice but that still doesn't explain who he is," Kimiko said.

"That's the thing, we have no idea who he was," Dojo explained, "Before he appeared as Wuya's apprentice there was no record about him though we have reason to believe he came from the west but even that is uncertain. We knew he was a wind demon but even that meant nothing since we couldn't tell what sort of demon he was."

"Ok he was a mystery I get it but what made him so much of a threat?" Kimiko asked.

"Well you see the fact he was a mystery that made him a threat," Dojo explained, "we didn't know what he was and he seemed to break nearly every rule."

Kimiko raised an eyebrow.

"He was a threat because he didn't follow the rules? Isn't that what the Heylin side does?" she asked.

"Well yeah they don't follow our rules but there are some rules they've got to follow. Even a Heylin witch like Wuya has limitations. Rai didn't follow any rules, he didn't need to feed on blood or chi, didn't have a time when he was weakened, didn't need anything to sustain he human form, wasn't killed by cleansing techniques. The kid had moves and no way to stop him."

"Through knowledge comes power so there is no greater advantage then keeping information from your opponent," Master Fung said ominously.

"Tell me about it, the kid was running circles around Chase and Guan," Dojo said, "Dashi even tried creating Wu to match his abilities but not even that stopped him."

Clay, Omi and Kimiko's jaws open slightly, not even wu made to stop him worked, so how would they stop him?

"By the time we finally did trap him with the spear, he had helped Wuya gain the spells she needed to be able to summon stone creatures, animate statues and more or less make a real nuisance of her self. However, lucky for us, the lost of Rai was a hit to Wuya's capabilities. Ten years later we finally came out on top."

"So now that Rai is back, will he go after the Shen Gong Wu as well?" Omi asked.

"I doubt it," Dojo replied, "But if he did that wouldn't be the worst of our trouble."

"What do you mean?" Omi asked

"For some reason, Wuya has Rai's complete loyalty. There is not a single order that Wuya has given him that he hasn't carried out. If Wuya gets her number two man back we are going to be in a lot of trouble."

Kimiko looked down cast, so the boy she had meet at the bottom of the vault was a demon. And to think she felt sorry for it.

"So why was his location hidden from us?" Kimiko asked.

"We didn't want to risk him be discovered so once the temple was built Dashi hid him away from everyone including Chase, Guan and the rest of the monks," Dojo explain, "It wasn't personal it was just precaution."

Not wanting to waste more time Clay asked, "So how do we stop him?"

"All you've got to do is get him with the spear again and he'll go back to being a statue," Dojo explained.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's leap to it," Omi said.

"Jump to it," Kimiko corrected.

"That too."

"I think young monks that perhaps the best course of action would be for us both to get a good nights rest," Master Fung said.

Kimiko let out a grateful sigh, she was pooped but she didn't want to the first one to opt for a good night's rest.

"But Master Fung, as we speak, Rai is probably out there finding," Omi protested.

"Ah but luckily for us, Rai has no idea of where to find Wuya, just like we have no idea where to find him. We have better hopes of finding him if we are well rested," Master Fung said kindly but firmly.

Omi pouted while Clay and Kimiko let out a sigh of relief; they both knew that Master Fung had just saved them from a night of aimless wondering, trying to find Rai.

"Very well, we will start looking for him in the morning," Omi said.

"That's the spirit," Dojo said, "And if anyone wants me I'll hiding under Master Fung's bed until Rai is trapped again."

Dojo was about to run for it when Clay grabbed him.

"Whoa there, lil buddy, you're a part of this team so you're coming with us," Clay said.

"Are you crazy?! I am not going to be with in 20 miles of him."

"Come on Dojo," Kimiko said slightly frustrated, "We have faced world damning creatures before, including you when you got Wu crazy, why is this one so much worse?"

"Rai is so much worse because…" Dojo paused for effect, "he eats dragons."

Everyone stared blankly at Dojo.

"Is that it?" Omi asked.

"'Is that it?'! My life is in danger and all you can say 'Is that it?'" Dojo cried out.

"Dojo, you're the only one who knows Rai and we can't beat him if we don't have the info," Kimiko informed him.

"Doesn't the fact he may eat me matter to any of you?"

"Well Dojo how can we put this?" Clay said, "You rarely help us fight, when danger appears you run, hide or let out a girly scream and you just made us fight a demon with no idea of what he could do."

"Your point is?" Dojo asked not liking where this was heading.

"Our point is that you're coming with us whether you want to or not and since you are more concerned about your own safety we won't have to worry about it," Kimiko said flatly.

At that the Wudai warriors wished Master Fung good night and left him to console a whimpering Dojo.

The young monks walked to the sleeping quarters until Omi walked of in the direction of the library.

"Uh partner the sleeping quarters aren't that way."

"I am well aware of that but I am not going to sleep yet."

"But Master Fung said that we would wait until morning to go searching for Rai," Kimiko protested.

"Ah but he also said that with knowledge comes power and if I am to defeat this demon I must become more powerful," Omi said before running off.

Kimiko just shook her head, that boy is seriously in need of an off switch. Clay and Kimiko walk back to there sleeping quarters. Kimiko turned to Clay.

"So you think this guy is going to go down easily?" Kimiko asked.

Clay tilted his hat up slightly and scratched his chin.

"Well I reckon he is going to be just as hard as any of the other Heylin critters that got loose," he answered, "he may have gotten the drop on us before but that was because we didn't know what we were up against."

"So you think next time is going to be different?"

"You betcha, we'll just do what we always do; give him a one-two and make him cry uncle."

Kimiko sighed; she just hoped that they could get this over with quickly. It was bad enough that Wuya had a human although weakened form again, the last thing they needed was for her to have a competent ally.

Rai walked silently through the temple. It was late so every one was asleep. So far he hadn't found the spear or anything else except the sleeping quarters, not that he was complaining. He got to see the cute Wudai warrior, Kimiko he thinks her name was, sleeping. It would have been a pretty sight if you could ignore the large puddle of drool that had formed beside her head. But still, at least she wasn't snoring like her strange hat wearing friend. Rai walked into a room with lots of books and scrolls, he guessed this was their library.

Well since I've got time until sunrise I might as well start seeing what I've missed these last 1500 years.

Walking to the nearest bookshelf, Rai pulled out a random book and read the title.

Ancient guide to Females…hmm maybe I'll read it later for a laugh.

He pulled out another.

Ancient guide to foot care.

He pulled out another.

Ancient guide to tea preparation.

And another.

Ancient guide to gardening…Argh! Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to find the right book is this place if they didn't start every title with Ancient!

Frustrated Rai threw the book over his shoulder; he heard a thud and a slight moan. Rai turned round to see Omi the bald wonder sleeping at a table with his face on a book. Rai smirked; well glad to see I'm not the only one who finds these books boring.

He walked over to Omi and the pulled the book out from under his head, earning a rather satisfying thud with Omi's head collided with the table. Rai read the title.

Complete idiot's guide to Heylin villains…well at least it hasn't got Ancient in the title.

He flipped through the pages and until he found someone familiar.

Wuya…Heylin witch…enemy of Dashi…blah blah blah…trapped by Dashi 548 AD…favourite flower lily… whoa hold up! Trapped?!

Rai flipped over a page to get more details.

Wuya was defeated by Dashi after a great battle and sealed in a magic puzzle box. After this Dashi went on to build the Xiaolin Temple. For more information, read Complete idiot's guide to Xiaolin Heroes.

Rai closed the book. He absently touched the medallion round his neck as the gears in his head started to turn.

Things just got interesting.

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