Demon of Wind

Chapter 21 - BLAM

"Man this going to going to great," Rai said triumphantly, "this going to so great. While Guan and co are in town I have the day to myself. The means I'll able to gain my focus with the manly tea Master Chu makes, have a few power naps, all after some meditation to make the universe one with me." Rai stopped for a moment to process what he had just said. "Wow, am I that insecure that I now need to add testosterone to how I describe my day?" Rai paused again. "And why am I here talking to myself? I mean actually talking to myself. Usually I have at least one or two imaginary friends to talk to." Rai stopped to consider possibilities before grabbing his head in panic. "Oh God, it's finally happened. Being around people that don't want me dead has finally driven me sane!"

"Oh get a hold of yourself man, we're still here!"

Rai turned his head to see his copy standing there. "You are?"

"Yeah we just feel that since your friends are back you should be spending less time with us and more time with them."

"Yeah you're right; I'd better go see them off." Rai walked off but then came back. "Look, I have to ask otherwise I'll be wondering about this the whole day; why are you naked?"

"Because I can Rai, because I can."

"Wouldn't it be easier to use Dojo or some Wu to get to town?" Kimiko asked.

"Easier yes," Guan concurred, "but bicycles are a lot more satisfying."

"It is mighty decent of ya to give us this day in town," Clay said to Guan.

"It is my pleasure." Guan replied, "I needed to run a errand so I welcome the company, besides, sometimes a day of rest away from the problems of life helps makes the solutions make themselves clearer."

"Why is Rai not coming with us?" Omi asked.

Guan replied, "It's a chance for him to have a day away from me."

Dojo stuck his head out of the basket on Clay's bike. "Well if you ask me I won't relax unless I have that no good demon a mile away from me."

"Dojo, Rai hasn't even tried to eat ya." Clay said, "Won't ya just let yer grudge go?"

"No I won't let my grudge go because I know him for what he really is." Dojo said heatedly. "And if the Emperor's daughter was still alive she'd be witness to this as well."

"What's this about an Emperor's daughter?" Clay asked.

Meanwhile Rai walked up to Kimiko. "Hey girl, all set for your bike trip to town?"

"Yeah I'm all set," Kimiko replied, "Sure you don't want come along."

"Nah, thanks for the invite though," Rai replied as he paused to adjust collar on the robes. This reminded Kimiko of something.

"Hey Rai, I've been meaning to ask, how come you're no longer wearing your Heylin robes?"

"Well Guan finds it just brings up too many memories so he asked me to change to Xiaolin clothes for training," Rai asked, "is that a problem?"

"Not at all," Kimiko quickly replied, "in fact I think you look good in our colours."

Rai smiled but before he could reply he found himself being grabbed by a very angry looking Clay.

"Excuse me," Clay said to Kimiko, "but me and Rai need to have a few words."

"Look Clay I don't know what that Dragon has told you," Rai said quickly, "but that thing with the Emperor's Daughter was completely blown out of proportion."

"How do ya know I was asking about the Emperor's Daughter?" Clay asked.

"Because that's only thing I could think off that would make you this angry," Rai explained, "either that or the pancake incident."

Clay then pinned Rai against a wall. "You told me it was chocolate sauce."

"It probably was," Rai answered, "about 50 years ago."

Clay growled as Kimiko rushed in to try and break it up. "Come on Clay let go of him."

Clay ignored her. "Alright Rai I'm going to asked you just this once and you better not try to Bill Clinton me. Did you try to take that girl's virtue?"

Rai stared at Clay blankly. "You had to ask the question in that particular way didn't you?"

Clay's grip tightened. "Is that a yes?"

"It's a 'it's not what you think'."

Clay loosened his grip slightly. "Explain."

Rai did so, very quickly. "I was sent there to retrieve a powerful object that Wuya thought the girl had which happened to be called a Virtue. When I tried to ask for it civilly she took it the wrong the whole thing just snowballed."

"Wait, back up Rai," Kimiko said, "What's a Virtue?"

"It's magical object created on a magical being's death," Rai explained, "said to be really powerful."

"How powerful?" Kim asked.

"Supposedly if it was done right, they were capable of almost anything.

Kimiko then ran off, "I've just got to check something. Bye Rai!"

Clay put Rai back down. "Sorry bout that, partner. Just had to check."

"That's fine,' Rai replied, "thanks for giving me a chance to explain myself though. The Emperor tried to kill me on the spot."

"Well figured you deserved the benefit of the doubt." Clay replied. "Uh Rai, there's something I wanted to tell you."


"We might have our differences," Clay continued, "but I just want you to know that I respect you."

"Uh thanks, I respect you too," Rai replied, "there's something I wanted to tell you as well."

"Really?" Clay asked, "What?"

"Somebody's patented the stick."

Clay stopped and stared. "Are you serious?"

"Completely," Rai explained. "In December 1999, a guy named Ross Eugene Long patented what he called an 'Animal Toy'. It looks like a stick, is used like a stick and is intended to be made of wood or wood composites. I didn't believe it at first myself so I googled the patent and it's legit."

"Wow," Clay scratched his head, "That's..."

"Kinda mind numbing?" Clay nodded, "just give it a few minutes and then it will really hit you."

Clay nodded again, ""

"Are you sure this 'virtue' idea couldn't be what we're looking for?" Kimiko asked.

Guan and Kimiko were cycling ahead of the others along the track bike track down the mountain.

"I am not saying that a virtue couldn't cleanse the demon from Rai," Guan explained. "The problem is that virtues are can only be created on the deathbed of powerful magical beings. Even if we were able to find one, it would only be able to work if it was created for the specific reason to remove the demon from Rai."

Kimiko sunk her head slightly as she felt herself come to another dead end.

"Kimiko, I understand how important it is for you to find a cure for Rai but perhaps you should take a break," Guan said, "You have been working harder than what anyone would ask of you. It's commendable but if you do not stop to rest you will work yourself into the ground."

"Ok," Kimiko replied quietly.

"Come on," Master Guan said, "We are almost at the town."

"Here you go," A monk said as he placed the tray with a teapot down on the table. "Just the way that you like it."

"Thank you Master Chu," Rai said, taking a moment to bask in the aroma, "you make the best tea."

"Anything for a fellow lover of good tea."

"You know, you're a lot more accepting of me than what the monks at the Xiaolin Temple are."

"Well the way I see it if the founder of this Temple is willing to accept with open arms there's no way that you can be bad," Master Chu replied, "Though after getting talking to some of the monks from the Xiaolin temple I feel I have to ask this; have you ever tried not being a demon."

Rai and Master Chu stared at each other for moment. They then burst out laughing.

"Ha ha ha...I can't believe you managed to say that with a straight face."

"Yeah I had to practise it a few times," Master Chu started to walk off, still chuckling as he walked away. "Enjoy the tea."

Rai sat back on his chair. Aaaaah this is great! Finished my training, had my nap so now I've got the rest of the day to myself until the rest of the guys get back from town. Nothing can spoil this perfect day.

"Prepare to meet your match Xiaolin Losers for it is I! Jack Spicer!"

Aaaaand boom goes the dynamite.

"Hi Jack," Rai said, "bringing any of your robots in today."

"I don't need my robots to defeat you."

"Still haven't gotten them fixed from the last time I destroyed them huh?"

"Did you have to riddle them with bullets?! I can weld up cuts and breaks, I can dry out water damage and I can bang out dents but bullets are like death for them."

"I'll remember that," Rai replied, "look the rest of the gang isn't here and I pretty much have the day entirely booked so how about I just give you my sword and you cut your own head off."

"Rai! I don't like your decapitation jokes so please stop them."

"Do you even know how to spell decapitation?"

"Yeah it starts with a 'D', as in 'Destroy," Jack pulled out the Thorn of the Thunderbolt, "Now take me to the vault and give me all of your Wu."

Rai raised an eyebrow. "Or what? You'll poke me to death with your fake Wu."

"Hey it's not fake!" As if on cue the end of the Thorn burst it in a cloud of confetti. "What?!...Well try this!" Jack pulled out his 'Silk Spitter' that also exploded into a cloud of confetti. "What the..."

"Jack, imitation Wu won't be able to work like real one no matter how hard you wish them to."

"Hey! I paid good money for them!" Jack protested.

"Wait, you got conned into buying fake Wu?" Rai asked, "and not only that, copies of Wu you with all common sense should know couldn't be real cause we already have them."

"I was sure to test them before buying." Jack snapped.

"Define test, Jack, did you try out one of the offensive Wu or did you just take the seller's word that 'Shroud of Shadows' he was selling had actually made you invisible?"

Jack huffed. "I wasn't they only one buying. A lot of the others were there as well, including Wuya." Jack was then slapped by Rai. "Owww! What was that for?"

"I'm sorry Jack but if you're using Wuya as a benchmark for intelligence to deserve to be slapped."

That seemed to tick Jack off. "I'll show you that these Wu work! Shroud of Shadows!" Jack threw his 'shroud' over his head. There was a moment of awkward silence.

"You're not invisible Jack."

Jack peeked out of the fake shroud. "Not even a little bit?" Rai just shook his head. "Well that's just perfect," Jack said with a defeated sigh, "well let's get this butt kicking over with."

Rai lifted his fist, seemingly intent on doing just that but after moment dropped it again with a defeated sigh of his own. "Sorry Jack, I'd loved to but you've reached a new level of pathetic and now I would actually feel bad about attacking you."

Jack hung his head. "Just great, now my enemies don't even think I'm worth hitting. I've officially hit the rock bottom of villainy."

"Come on it could be worse," Rai said, "I mean it's not like you wear conned into buying those fake Wu by a smooth talking dragon wearing a blond wig and a fruity shirt." Rai paused as he heard Jack started to whimper. "Oh."

"That's it I'm finished," Jack declared, "I'm going to hang up my bad boy pants for good."

"Don't do that Jack." Rai said, privately shuddering at the mental image of jack without pants, "Look, I've got this fresh tea, an extra cup and the others aren't going to be back for a while so I don't have to be a jerk to you to keep up appearances so how about we sit down have some tea and see if we can't get you back on track."

"Ok, what have I got to lose?" Jack sat down at the table. "Um...I'm kinda hungry so will we be having cookies or sandwiches or something?"

"Jack, I am going to try to help you out," Rai replied, "but if you make this sound like some sissy tea party I'll be forced to Rai-Smite you."

"What do you mean Rai-Smite?"

"The Rai-Smite is single most powerful weapon in my demon-fu arsenal," Rai explained, "It is a technique that no-one has dared attempt since I was turned to stone. It is so powerful that no-one knows what it does because all the people that have witnessed it are dead."

Jack shrunk under the table until he realised something. "Wait, if that technique hasn't been used since you were turned to stone wouldn't all the witnessed be dead anyway cause of old age?"

"Wow Jack, people honestly don't give you enough credit. I've use that threat on at least 12 different people and so far you're the only one that thought of that."


"Yeah, they hear the part of the witnesses all being dead and cave almost instantly."

"Wow, some people will fall for anything...hahaha."

Both demon and boy genius stood and shared a brief chuckle at the expense of humanity. Afterwards they both take a sip of tea. Jack opened his mouth as if to ask something but was cut off by Rai pointing a pencil at him accusingly.

"Ask me for cream and sugar and I swear I'll make this pencil disappear."

"I'm good sir."

Omi paused for a moment from the noodles he was eating.

"You okay, Omi?" Kimiko asked, The three were busy eating their lunch while they were waiting for Guan to finish his errand.

"My tiger senses are picking up something," Omi explained, "I cannot explain it but it feels as if something really strange and un-natural is happening as we speak."

"How strange and un-natural are we talking?" Clay asked. "Rai giving Jack Spicer a pep-talk or Dojo fighting with a 6 foot fire breathing squirrel?"

Omi paused and thought "Hmm, I am not sure; both sound equally strange and unlikely..."


"...or it might just be the spring rolls." Omi finished.

"Yeah that's probably it." Kimiko and Clay agreed.

At that Dojo arrived at the table, looking battered and slightly burnt. "Well I did it, I was finally able to get you your orb back Omi. You should really keep a closer eye on your stuff."

"Uhh Dojo. That is not the Orb of Tornami."

"What are you talking about Omi, yes it is."

"No it's not. I have the Orb of Tornami right here." Omi pulled out the Orb to prove his point.

"Then what is this?"

Clay picked up Dojo's Orb an inspected it. "What you've got there is a genuine phoney."

"Not too bad as far as imitation Wu goes though," Kimiko commented. "When we get back to the temple we should probably check online to see if anyone is trying to sell fake to unsuspecting knuckle heads."

"Agreed," Omi said, "now let us go find Master Monk Guan."

The Wudai Warriors started to walk off. "Wait! What am I supposed to do with this?" Dojo asked, holding up the fake Orb that Clay had given back to him.

"Either keep it as a souvenir or put it back where ya found it." Clay answered.

Dojo was then left alone at the table. He turned round and came face to face with a giant angry squirrel. "Hi there," Dojo said nervously, "Look this has all been one big misunderstanding so would you by any chance be willing to accept a heartfelt apology?"

"All I'm saying is that when you're a bad guy you have to expect the good guys to hammer you and you were raiding the temple vault at the time."

"I know," Jack conceded, "but you have to admit that destroying all my Jack-bots and giving me a wedgie on my birthday is a bit harsh for the good guys to do. I didn't even get a birthday card from them."

"Hey Jack do you know what I got for my 10th birthday?" Jack shook his head. "A spear to the right butt cheek. I still have the scar and on my 11th birthday I competed the set I completed the set."

Jack winced. "Yeah I get what you're saying but still wish I could get a little respect from you guys or from anyone for that matter. I mean Wuya and Hannibal have this really great scheme going on and they won't let me in on any of it. The only times I'm included is if they need something from me and even then they don't tell me why they need what they need."

"Then why are you sticking with them? Why not just go solo and see what happens?"

"What would happen is that Wuya would break every bone in my body." Jack replied. "Then Hannibal would break everything else and have his bird peck out my eyes."

"Jack you have got to stop being scared of those two." Rai said exasperatedly, "I know the whole 'so evil they had to be locked away' routine might seem impressive but what you've got to remember is that at some point they were dumb enough to get caught."

"Well it's all good and well you telling me that I have to stand up to them." Jack said, "but you don't have to do it."

"Well Jack as someone that has felt the joys of slowly dying on the inside that comes from working for Wuya, I understand what you're going through so I will break character for a little while and help you get your mojo back." Rai pulled out the Shadow Slicer and the sash from his Heylin robes. "Now we can do this one of two ways. One way involves a lot of talking, a lot of listening and a lot blaming your parents. The other involves combining two types of magic to do something that to the Xiaolin side is probably unprecedented, unorthodox and possibly even taboo." Rai then wrapped the sash around the Shadow Slicer. "Talk about your no brainer."

Before Jack had the chance to reply there was a bright light.

Realty started to warp itself like it does in a showdown. When it settled again Jack found himself sitting in the front row of a hall full of Rai clones. "What the Heylin?"

One of the Rai-clones took the podium. "Brothers of the black and grey morality. We have among our number tonight one that has lost the faith." There was combined gasp in the audience. "I know but fear not for we will help put this poor misguided and funny smelling albino back on the path of villainy but I to do that will require something special so to help re-establish this young hoodlum's sense of wrongdoing I give you the Heylin Hurricane, the Demon Dynamo, the one man natural disaster. I give you Rai the wind demon."

At the mention of his name, there was a large amount of cheering as Rai appeared on stage, wearing a long flowing black robe with gold trim. "Thank you, thank you now point me to the frail red head that has lost his way." Rai descended down to where Jack was sitting, as he did the band start play back ground music and the Rai clone choir took the stage, ready to contribute. "So Jack stop me if I'm on the wrong track but you've been doing this for a while now."

"Since before the Wu hunting began," Jacked answered.

"And you've fought the good guys more times than you can count."


"And now you think that because they keep beating you, you're a failure as a villain."

"Right," Jack said dejectedly.

"WRONG! Getting beaten by the good guys does make you less of a villain. Did Waterloo make Napoleon less of a villain? Did getting overthrown by Robin Hood make Prince John less of a villain? Did getting decapitated by Van Helsing and his band of merry mortals make Dracula less of a villain? Did getting brutally murdered in a dark alley make what Schumacher did to the Batman franchise less villainous?"

"Uh..." Jack said, "Joel Schumacher is still alive."

"His time will come," Rai promised. "But do you know why losing to the good guys couldn't take their villainy away. Villainy isn't about winning or losing. It's about being bad."

"Baaaaaaaad!" the choir sang

"That's right. It's all about being bad. Because the villains aren't being bad the only thing they can be is...?"


"So I've got to ask you Jack; are you bad?"

"I don't know...maybe?" Jack offered but was promptly slapped by Rai.

"Maybe? There is no maybe! People didn't go 'maybe the black death is bad'." Rai took a breath in as he regained his cool. "Let's try this again. Jack, are you the guy always tries to outnumber us with an army of robots?

"Well yeah," Jack agreed, "but you guys keep destroying them."

"Are you the guy that cheats in showdowns purely out of principle?"

"Yeah but..."

"Are you the guy who gloats at every chance?"

"Well yeah..."

"Did you invent the chameleon-bot and use it to steal the temples wu?"


"Did you have Vlad infiltrate the temple and convince Omi the he would become evil in the future?"


"Did your actions create an evil snowman?"

"Yeah they did."

"Did you attack the temple with an army of green monkeys?"

"Yeah I did." Jack paused for a moment. "Wait, all this happened before you were released, how would you know about it?"

"I read Kimiko's diary."

"Kimiko writes about me in her diary?"

"Only as a way to vent," Rai explained, "Master Fung felt that her stabbing pins into a doll made in your likeness wasn't healthy."


"Back on topic. Jack Spicer are you the one that unleashed the Heylin seed?"


"Are you the one that caused Hannibal Bean to be unleashed?"

"Yes." Jack was starting to get the hint.

"Did your hands rebuild Mala Mala Jong?"

"Yes!" Jack started to feel something.

"Did you unleash the world destroying spiders?"

"Yes!" The feeling continued to grow.

"Did you release Wuya and start this whole chapter in the fight between good and evil?"

"Yes!" Jack rose to his feet.

"Jack Spicer, are you bad?"

"YES!" Jack's shout echoed through the whole hall. The crowd of Rai-clones broke out into applause. Rai raised his hands and the hall went silent.

"Now do you understand?" Rai asked.

"Yes I do," Jack exclaimed, "it doesn't matter how many times I get beaten. The important is that every bad thing that's happened since the hunt for the Wu began I've had a part in. No matter had bad things can get, I'm the one that manages to make things worse that's what it takes to be a villain."

"That's it." Rai put his arm over Jack's shoulder as the band and the choir started to play towards a climax. "So are you ready to be that villain again?"


"Are to ready to take on the world?"


"Are you ready to beat the world?"


"Are you ready to conquer the world?"


"Are you ready to kiss the world?"

"Yeah...wait what?"

"Are you ready to make the world breakfast in bed"

Jack pulled away from Rai. "No I'm not going to make the world breakfast in bed!"

"Damn straight you're not!" Rai agreed, "And why is that?"

"Because I'm evil."

"You're what?"

"I'm evil!"

"I don't think the guys in the back heard you."

"I'M EVIL!" As Jack shouted this the hall vanished and he found himself back in the temple. "Thanks Rai this is just what I needed." Jack pumped his fist the air. "LOOK OUT WORLD, SPICER'S BACK!"

At that exclamation, Rai's fist met Jack's face. Rai just shrugged as Jack stared at him in concussion laced dismay. "Now that I've got your self confidence back up I feel alright about hitting you again."

"You know Rai, you're a jerk." Jack wobbled as his world started fading out of focus. "And that's what I like about you."

Rai stared as Jack collapsed to the ground. Knowing that he couldn't just leave him to regain consciousness at Guan's temple, Rai picked up Jack and draped him over his right shoulder and pulled out the Golden Tiger Claws. Not knowing where Jack lived, he instead transport to one of the hospitals that he knew about. He dropped Jack at the door step, pulled out a note pad, wrote a quick note and stuck it to Jack forehead before making his escape.

My name is Jack Spicer and I was punched in the face by natural causes.

Rai stepped through the portal and then face to with the troupe of Rai-clones from earlier. Rai suppressed a scream as they all said "Welcome back."

"What are you doing here?" Rai demanded

"You made us," the head clone answered, "remember?"

"Wait so you're still the copies that I created earlier," the clones nodded, causing Rai to let out a sigh of relief, "phew! For a moment I thought you guys had been in my head and I don't think my psyche could handle a whole choir. That said shouldn't you guys have vanished when the scenery returned to normal."

"Hey you're the one who combined the illusionary magics of the Shadow Slicer and your Heylin robes." The head clone countered, "How are we supposed to know why we're still here?"

"Good point," Rai conceded, "oh well I'd say it's only temporary and in the slim chance that it's not, I'll go Deus ex Reversing Mirror on you guys. Until then we're a group of like minded individuals that share my ability to hit every tone and pitch. There is one thing we have just got to do."

"Have a full on slaughter fest for the right to this body?" a guy in the back offered.

"No, even better."

Finally back from their trip in town, Clay, Omi and Kimiko were just in kitchen having a drink when Rai stuck his head through the door.

"Hey!" Rai called, "come out to the front courtyard. I've got something to show you."

"It better not be something gross," Kimiko warned

"No its not gross," Rai promised, "I hadn't had time to set up a proper welcome back from your quest so here's something to make up for it."

Rai disappeared out the door again. Kimiko sighed as she put her glass down. "Well let's go see what Rai did this time."

"You go ahead we'll catch up."

So Kimiko walked to the court yard, wondering what it could be that Rai wanted to show her. But truthfully she had gotten to the stage where nothing Rai ever did could surprise her.

Nothing except arriving to the courtyard to find Rai surrounded with enough copies to form a band and a full choir.

Yeah that was definitely something new.

"This one goes out to a very special someone," Rai said, "hopefully you know who you are. HIT IT!"

At that the band started to play. Rai tapped his foot in time with the music until the time came for him to start singing.

"Your love, lifting me higher
Than I've ever been lifted before
So keep it up
Quench my desire
And I'll be at your side, forever more

At that Omi and Clay both came out and did a joined spit take in time to see Rai being joined by his back up singers.

"You know your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on lifting"

"love keeps lifting me"


"Lifting me"
"Higher and higher"


"I said your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on..."

"love keeps lifting me"

"Lifting me"

"lifting me"

"Higher and higher"


"Now once I was down hearted
Disappointment was my closest friend
But then you came and it soon departed
And you know he never
Showed his face again"

"that's why your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on lifting"

"love keeps lifting me"


"Lifting me"

"Higher and higher"


"I said your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on..."

"love keeps lifting me"

"Lifting me"

"lifting me"

"Higher and higher"


"Are ya guy's seeing what I'm seeing?" Clay asked.

"Yes and we've just entered a whole new level of insanity," Kimiko answered.

Rai suddenly appeared behind Kimiko and pulled her into a hug.

"Don't fight the insanity," he said, "embrace it. Make it your own." And then he started to sing again.

"I'm so glad, I've finally found you
Yes, that one, in a million girl
And now with my loving arms around you
Honey, I can stand up and face the world"

"Rai..." Kimiko said, her voice a couple of octaves higher.

"Its song hugging," Rai said, "doesn't count."

Before Kimiko could react Rai spun her out and she found herself surrounded by Rais as the chorus began again.

"You know your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on lifting"

"love keeps lifting me"


"Lifting me"

"Higher and higher"


"I said your love"

"your love keeps lifting me"

"Keep on..."

"love keeps lifting me"

"Lifting me"

"lifting me"

"Higher and higher"


It then erupted into a dance party. Kimiko tried to resist but in the end she found herself joining in as well. "You win this round Rai."

Rai just smirked.

After all the fun was over, the Wudai Warriors were walking off to their rooms while they left Rai to get rid of all his copies.

"That was interesting," Omi said.

"Ya," Clay agreed, "could we not mention it ever again though?"

"Why would we not?" Omi asked, "It seems like the sort of event worth mentioning again."

Kimiko was about to reply when she noticed something by a nearby tree. "What's that?"

The three went to inspect it though Omi was the first to comment on what they had found.

"What a colourful dragon."

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. Now for a few extra notes.
Firstly I disclaim the song that was used. It is called "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson. Some of you might know the soft rock version of the song by Rita Coolidge or the version that was used to make the Statue of Liberty move in Ghostbusters II. Personally I feel that Rai would have sung the Jackie Wilson version but you guys are allowed to imagine it as any version that you like.
Secondly, The title of the chapter, BLAM, stands for Big Lipped Alligator Moment. Those of you who are familiar with a site called Tv Tropes might know what it is and might guess why I picked it as the title for this chapter.
Thirdly, the Animal Toy that was mentioned in the chapter does actually exist. Its patent number is 6360693, it was filed on the 2nd December 1999 and was issued on the 26th March 2002.
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