Demon of Wind

Chapter 24 - Test

Rai dug through the armoury again, this time searching for a suitable dagger to replace the one Hannibal had stolen.

"You know Guan might start getting a little cranky if you keep raiding his supplies."

Rai turned his head to see Kimiko in the doorway. "Well you can't expect me to actually ask for stuff, that would just be degrading," Rai replied as he tested the weight of a dagger but then put it back when he was dissatisfied with it. "Besides if Guan really had problem he would have done something by now."

"What like strap you to a chair with rusty nails sticking out and cut of your thieving fingers off one at a time?"

Rai paused from checking out the daggers. "You really shouldn't hang out with me so much; you're starting to get my sense of humour."

Kimiko shrugged. "I still don't find disembowel..." Rai chuckled. "...funny so I think I'm safe." Kimiko paused as she watched Rai try a few more daggers, none of which seemed to fit some private standard. "I'm sorry about you losing your dagger."

Rai gave a shrug of his own. "Yeah, I liked that dagger but that's how life works. Enjoy the good things while you can because it won't last forever."

Kimiko found that a very strange philosophy to bring up considering they were just talking about a dagger. She was about to say something when he decided to change the topic on his own.

"So any thoughts on what the Heylin said is planning with what they gained from this raid?"

That deflection had been as subtle as a battle axe but Kimiko knew better than to call Rai up on it. "Honestly, I'm not sure." She had been wondering about since finding out what had been stolen. While they were missing some of the attack Wu like Thorn of the Thunderbolt, the only Wu worth noting that were taken was the Rio Reverser and the Emperor Scorpion. "As Wu thefts go, this one was minimal that means that they're planning something very specific. We knew they had been after Rio Reverser but why take the Emperor Scorpion as well?"

"A Wu that lets you control other Wu is always useful."

"Yeah but only if you have something Wu based that you need to control by remote, and they didn't take Heart of Jong, the Wu that combine to make Mala Mala Jong or even the Saphire Dragon."

Rai held the hilt of a dagger against his chin thoughtfully. "You know, I never understood the logic behind Sapphire Dragon. I mean sure the Heart of Jong had probably been tainted by some evil entity that caused it become the inherently evil thing that it is but seriously, did Dashi just wake up one morning and say 'hmm, you know what this world needs? Some dragon trying to turn it all into Sapphire'?"

"Focus Rai." Kimiko decided to change tactics. "What about the Rio Reverser? Any ideas what they may try to resurrect?"

"You mean out of the potential millions of great evil that have existed through the ages, many of which the side of good defeated through sheer luck and acts of desperation, does one name spring to mind? Oddly enough no."

"What about your dagger? Was that made from anyone worth bringing back?"

"It was made from the fang of Zhanchi Fenhui, the winged demon serpent that once ruled the land of nowhere. If you were evil, stupid and/or suicidal, that would be a pretty good way to raise maximum hell at minimum cost."

"So it was bad?"As Rai opened his mouth Kimiko raised her hand to pause him. "In five words or less."

"Yes it was."

"Ok then."

"That said even if that is who they intend resurrect, and I wouldn't put it past them, one fang turned dagger isn't enough source material." Rai explained. "The Rio Reverser isn't infinite in what it can do so at best you'd get a demon flip-flopping between being a winged death factory and being a dagger until the magic wore off, which wouldn't be that long either."

Kimiko paused again when a thought came to her. "Do you think the Rio Reverser would have been able to turn you back into a human since that was your original form."

"Why do you think Dashi created it?" Rai looked up Kimiko who stared at him. He let out a sigh. "Dashi created it so that he could force me back into my original form, which he thought would be my non human demonic form, so that he could find a way to defeat me. All it managed to do was hurt very much and for the following month my burps tasted like cinnamon for no reason."

Kimiko tilted her head at that and was trying think of reply when Omi walked in. "Oh Kimiko, there you are. Clay and I were looking for you. It's time for us to practise with our Wudai weapons."

Kimiko looked at Rai, trying to see if he was alright with that. Rai waved his hand dismissively. "It's fine. We can talk again later. You just run along and go play with your fancy new toys."

Kimiko raised an eyebrow. "Jealous?"

Rai let out a hollow laugh. "Kimiko, as flash as your new weapons are they are no match for sheer skill and lateral thinking."

"You right," Kimiko replied as she walked off. "In your position I'd be jealous too."

Kimiko and Omi left Rai as he rummaged through the daggers before he turned his head to the left. "I'm not jealous."

Clone Rai had appeared out no-where. "I didn't say anything."

The Wudai warriors were busy honing in their skills on a training dummy.

Or least, it had been a training dummy before it had come in contact with Omi's Shimo Staff, Clay's Big Bang Meteorang and finally Kimiko's Arrow Sparrows. As charred bits of the dummy rained down from the heavens, they were interrupting by someone clapping.

"Most impressive." Guan said once he finished clapping. "You have indeed mastered your Wudai Weapons."

The Wudai Warriors quickly fell into line. "Thank you Master Monk Guan," Omi said as they bowed.

Guan nodded approvingly before returning to the subject that he had come for. "Students, you have done well. You not only met my expectations but exceeded them. You are a tribute to your teachings and to your elements." Guan walked down the line, taking the time to look each Wudai warrior in the eye. Finally he stopped in front of the young hairless warrior. "Omi, as the future Dragon of water, you have not only shown skill and a desire to be great but also a desire to do what is right; even if it goes beyond what you have learned in the temple. You stand not by rules or conventions that you grew up with but by the very principles the Xiaolin way was founded on. Like a river runs its course, if you stay true to your friends, your teachings and yourself you will become the Dragon you were destined to be."

Omi bowed his head respectfully. "I will not fail you."

Guan turned his attention to the cowboy. "Clay, as the future Dragon of earth, you have shown strength and reliability. Like the mountain that this temple stands on you are great and unmovable yet at the same time supportive and possessing depth that people do not always realise, making you the foundation your team needs."

Clay rubbed the back of his neck. "Aw shucks, I just take care of my own."

Guan couldn't help but smile at Clay's modest dismissal. He finally arrived at the final Wudai warrior. "Kimiko, as the future dragon of fire, you never shy from a battle that needs to be fought. Courage, determination and an ability to be devastating to those who cross them have always been traits associated with fire but what is often forgotten is that for centuries fire has also been a source of warmth and comfort. The fire that burns in your heart has not only warmed those on your team but also cast light on a soul that has long since resigned itself to live in the shadows."

Kimiko, not sure what to say, bowed her head and muttered a quick thanks.

Guan returned to the centre and faced all three of them again. "I would have liked to have spent more time with you and get to know you better, hopefully there will be time for that in the future, but Master Fung feels that it is time for you to return to the Xiaolin temple. However, for me to allow this there is one final test you will have to pass."

"Man," Clay complained. "I never liked pop quizzes."

"The test will be a trial of combat, to test your skills as warriors and your ability to work as a team, you will be up against a single opponent. Defeat him and you pass the test."

Omi raised his hand to ask a question. "And who shall be our opponent?"

"Who do you think?" The Wudai Warriors turned their heads to see Rai walking up to them, wearing his black Heylin robes again.

"Uh, Rai?" Clay asked, "Why are ya back in black?"

"When it comes to kicking Xiaolin butt, I'm a fan of the classics."

"You have got to be kidding us." Kimiko said in disbelief.

"Despite him switching sides, Rai's training and battle experience was founded on battling the forces of good. He knows how the Heylin side operates and how to take on the Xiaolin side. He knows how to be devious, ruthless and underhanded to get the job done."

Rai ended up standing next to Guan. "I also like long walks on the beach, romantic candle lit dinners and meaningful conversations."

"The best way for me to deem you ready for the trials that lay ahead is to see how you handle yourselves against an opponent that's dark, cruel, shady, rebellious and generally unstable."

A vein on Rai's forehead popped out slightly. "You sure you've got adjectives there? Guan old pal, because I think you left out demented, twisted and perverted."

"Those were implied."

"Oh right."

"Come on, three against one?" Kimiko demanded, "How is that fair?"

"Indeed," Omi agreed, "even if Rai can be at times be an ill puppy-dog of small stature, a fight like this would be dishonourable."

"Uh," Clay paused. "I'm gonna side with Kimiko on this just cause I have no idea what Omi just said."

Guan turned his attention to Rai. "It seems, they really don't want to fight you. What do you have to say to that?"

"I say Omi's head is big enough to have its own orbit, Clay's hat is stupid and Kimiko's shoes make her feet look fat."

Guan turned his attention back to the Wudai Warriors. "Any further objections?"

The Wudai Warriors went into attack positions and gave a unified, "No."

"I figured that would be the case. I'll watch from sidelines to declare a winner." Guan walked, somewhat hastily, away from Rai. "Try to keep the property damage minimal."

Rai went into an attack stance but then paused when he realised what Guan had just said. "Property damage?" He then stopped to see that, Clay had developed some rock gloves and boots, Kimiko had a fire ball in each hand and Omi had tendrils of water snaked round his arms. Realising that direct might not be the best approach, Rai decided to try something else. "Ok maybe I've started this exercise on the wrong foot. How about we backtrack a little bit and try to keep it civil. We take a couple of cleansing breathes and then at the count of three we start..."


A cloud of dust surrounded Rai as the combined attacks seemed to hit their marks. When the dust settled, Rai was seen lying on the ground a few feet away from the wreckage. He jumped to his feet. "FOUL! I CALL FOUL! You can't cheat on a three count, that's my job!"

He then ducked as Omi came in with a jump kick. Omi then spun and leapt up and tried to round house kick Rai in face which Rai stopped by grabbing Omi's ankle. Before Omi could react, Rai swung him round and used him as a shield against Clay's incoming fist. Clay's momentary distraction from seeing his fist hit Omi in the gut instead of Rai was all Rai needed to send Clay flying with a boot to the face. Rai paused then picked Omi up like a ragdoll. "Hey man, sorry that was low, you ok?"

"Yes," Omi wheezed out. "Just a little winded."

Rai let out a sigh of relief. "Phew, for a moment I was worried". He then threw Omi at Kimiko, who was trying a sneak attack.

"Wudai Crater Earth!"

Clay, having recovered, stomped the ground. Rai jumped back, narrowly missing a giant spike that rose out of the earth. "Come on, Clay, show me some real power." Rai taunted. "Or are you chicken?"

Clay growled and stomped the ground even harder. This time it opened up. Rai easily dodged it and Omi narrow evaded it but Kimiko wasn't so lucky and fell down the large crack in the ground.


"Sorry Kimiko." Clay called.

"Clay," Omi scolded. "You must take more care where you are aiming."

"Yeah," Rai said in the distance. "Show 'em how it's done, chrome dome."

"Wudai Neptune Ice!"

Omi unleashed a barrage of icy spikes at Rai. Rai gave a yawn and peacefully fell onto his back, as if he had suddenly decided to do some cloud watching, while the spikes harmlessly flew over him.

Dojo, oblivious to what was going on, slithered into the training ground. "Hey have any of you seen my Master Fung doll?" The spikes narrowly missed him and created his outline in the wall behind him. "I'll come back later."

When Omi's attack was finished, Rai sat up. "When you're ready to get serious, let me know."

Omi started to steam.


A giant stream of water shot of Omi's hands and headed straight for Rai. Rai quickly got up and started to run for it but the stream of water followed Rai where ever he went. He ran all round the training grounds. "Hold it right there, varmint." Rai stopped right in front of Clay who was holding his hand out stop him. "Ya gone made me mad."

As Rai side stepped, the stream of water shot past him and right into Clay. "Yeah I kinda have that affect on people."

Kimiko, having finally climbed out of the hole Clay had created, leapt up into the air.

"Wudai Mars Fire!"

Kimiko started raining fire balls down upon everything below her, hoping to hit Rai if she had a wide enough scattershot. The fire balls seemed to hit everything in the training yard, Omi and Clay included, Except Rai, who was standing perfectly still, enjoying the show.

"Pretty. Ok now I'm bored. Wind!" Rai created an upwards gust of wind, sending Kimiko up a lot higher than what she had planned.

"Whooooa!" Kimiko shouted as she flew upwards.

After putting each other out and Omi using a wide spray of water to put out all of the fires, Clay and Omi stood together ready to recommence the battle. "Rai, enough games," Omi said. "I will not allow you to make us look like fools."

Rai smirked. "If I aimed this right I'll make you look like fools on last time." Kimiko crashed right on top of Clay and Omi. "You guys might just want to regroup before we continue so I'm off to get myself a soda."

The warriors picked themselves up. "Rai is just toying with us and you two are making us look like idiots." Omi said.

"Hey don't look at me," Kimiko retorted. "I spent most of my time digging myself out of the hole, thanks a lot for that Clay."

"Sure thing Kimiko, and thank ya for trying to set the whole frigging temple on fire," Clay shot back. "But at least it dried me off from Omi forgetting who he was meant to be aiming at."

"It's your own fault for not getting out of the way quick enough," Omi argued. "Why you did not use some of that speed you showed when you used me as a punching sack.

The three monks continued to bicker until realisation dawned on Kimiko face. "Wait! Don't you see? This is how Rai is able to win against being outnumbered. He is playing us against each other, changing our superior numbers from being an advantage to a disadvantage."

Clay and Omi stared until realisation hit them as well. "Well hogtie me and call me Betty if that's not impressive."

"Perhaps at a later time, Clay." Omi beat his fist into his palm. "but for now let us show Rai how Xiaolin Dragons deal with obnoxious demons."

Rai walked back into the training grounds, soda in hand, to find that it was deserted. He stopped and checked his surroundings as he opened the can. "Are you guy ready to start again or can I just finish this?" He lifted his hand, intending to drink when he realised that his entire hand had been turned into a block of ice. "Oh yeah, real mature."

At that, the warrior leapt out from their hiding places. Rai dodge Clay's fist but had to physically block Omi's jab, leaving him open for Kimiko to him straight in the small of the back. Rai went down but pulled of a one handed cartwheel to dodge three simultaneous foot stomps.

Once out of immediate danger, Rai smashed his hand into the ground to break the ice. He then clutched it in pain. "Bad idea, bad idea."

Kimiko then started throwing fireballs at Rai but this time with a lot more control, meaning the Rai had to actually run to dodge them. Using his speed he was able to stay ahead, until the ground he was running on turned to ice and lost control, heading straight for Omi who was waiting for him. Omi jumped up and performed a flying round house kick. Rai flew back the same way he had come in and landed with a hard crash.

Rai slowly got to his feet. "Kid, the ice trick's not funny anymore." Rai then realised hes suddenly standing right between Omi and Kimiko. "Neither's that."

"Wudai Mars Fire!"

"Wudai Neptune Water!"

Rai leapt out of the line of fire of the two attack but when they collided the whole training ground was filled with steam that, despite cooling, lingered as a visibility reducing mist. Rai cursed when he realised that had been the Wudai Warriors plan from the start, turned around a couple to times, trying to guess where the Xiaolin monks were but gave up on that very quickly.

"Heylin Thunderclap!"

Rai clapped his hands together, sending wind in all directions. The mist vanished, revealing Clay standing right in front of him.


Clay's fist then sent Rai flying into a nearby wall.

Rai shook his head couple of times to try and get the marbles back in the right places. He then picked himself up as the Dragons stood in attack positions. "Alright, let's see you handle this. Heylin Hurricane!" Rai started to spin rapidly until he was a small tornado, heading straight for the Dragons.

Omi and Kimiko jumped on Clay's shoulders and then, holding each other's hand, stretched out to form that they ended looking like a big Y.

"Dragon Kumai Formation!"

They glowed for moment before Kimiko and Omi jumped down, grabbed Clay's hands and the three started spinning like a giant top. The two spinning attacks speed straight towards each other. When the two collided with a large bang, Rai was sent flying, over the walls of the temple.

The Wudai Warriors stopped spinning took a moment recompose themselves. "Hey, where'd Rai go?" Kimiko asked.

"I think that last attack knocked him right out of the temple," Clay answered.

"So does that mean we are victorious?" Omi asked.

"I reckon so."

The warriors let it sink in. "Whoohoo!"

The Wudai Warriors starting doing a victory dance. It went on until Omi paused and realised something. "Can Rai fly?"

Realisation hit Clay and Kimiko like a brick and they all raced to the wall Rai had been sent flying over. They scaled the wall using their training and looked over, seeimh nothing but steep mountainous terrain below. Just as they were really starting to worry, they heard someone clearing their throat. They turned and saw Guan standing there, holding an only semi-conscious Rai by one leg.

"Well fought, young warriors." Guan praised before turning his attentions to the dazed demon. "So Rai, did you want to keep going or just concede the victory?"

"Only if mine comes with extra syrup, Mr. Panda"

"Come on come on," Dojo said impatiently. "Let's get out of here already."

"Hold yer horses Dojo," Clay told him. "Master Fung's not going anywhere."

"That's what they said about my last master. Then he went somewhere."

Rai shook his head as he returned to his conversation with Kimiko. "All I'm saying as that no will really miss the gecko so why don't we make him have an accident and thus cut the whining this team has put up with by 80%"

Kimiko finished making sure all the Wu were sercure. "Rai." She turned and cupped the side Rai's face. "Have I ever told you how much I love listening to you contemplating Dojo's murder?"

Rai, slightly distracted by Kimiko's hand, paused. "I don't think you have."

"Well in that case..." Rai doubled over as Kimiko's other hand connected with his gut. "Cut it out!"

Rai picked himself up as Kimiko walked off. "And so the conversation once more ends in violence. Honestly, why do I put up with that woman's antics?"

"I believe scientists are calling it the Y-Chromosome now a days."

Rai recomposed himself as he faced Guan. "So this where we part ways?"

"It is," Guan bowed. "I am thankful for the chance to get to know you better. It feels good to be able to end our feud."

"It was never a feud," Rai replied as held out his hand. "Just business."

Guan smiled and took it. He then pulled Rai closer and whispered into his ear. "Rai, you have been a fine student and great addition to the Xiaolin side. Your friends will guide you further as you walk this path but as your teacher I have one last thing to tell you. No matter what you have been told, no matter what you have believed, know that I have sensed something in you that no other demon I have encountered has; a soul." Rai's eyes widened. Guan pulled back and bowed to Rai once more. "Take care."

Rai bowed in return. "You too." Rai then hopped onto Dojo.

Only after they were up in the air did Kimiko turn back to Rai. "So what did Guan talk to you about?"

Rai looked into Kimiko's eyes for a moment before shaking his head and deciding to stare out to the horizon.

"Nothing important."

Guan watched as Dojo flew off into the horizons. After taking a moment to reflect he turned and headed to his tea room. It didn't surprise him to see an old woman sitting there, helping herself to a pot of tea that Master Chu had prepared. Meanwhile her kitten was busy lapping up cream from a saucer on the floor.

"I hope don't mind me starting without you." She said. "I wasn't sure how long you might be with your goodbyes." Guan didn't reply but just sat down and poured himself some tea. "So how are they looking?"

"Optimistic despite the uncertainty," Guan answered.

"That's good." The old lady then noticed the shift in Guan's mood. "But not good enough I take it?"

Guan didn't answer but instead filled his cup and started to drink his tea. Though he usually hid it well, in his eyes shone the burden having lived through so many generations. "Optimism alone is not going to be enough."

The old lady gave her a head a brief disapproving shake. "You know as well as I do that you can't to do anymore to help them than you already have. When you chose to become an immortal you forfeited your right to affect the world directly." The old lady took a sip for her tea. "Accept it and move on."

"Easy for you to say," Guan replied, "It's not your master's legacy at peril."

"Your right it isn't," A mild bitterness developed in her tone. "Also after a few millennia of watching good people suffer and not be able to truly act because of laws that are even ancient to yourself and the pain does dull slightly."

Guan grimaced slightly. "I apologise, that was out of place."

Old lady waved her hand dismissively. "It is your right to be loyal to Dashi and his teachings. He was a great man that saw beyond his own earthly mortality and instead of choosing to remain on this plane, created something greater; a legacy."

"The Xiaolin Dragons." Guan lifted his cup in a mock toast. "Divine enough to posses powers beyond the common man."

"Yet mortal enough to be free of the laws the immortals are." The old lady finished.

Guan sipped his tea and after a moment let out a faint sigh. "I have watched each generation of Xiaolin Dragons since the beginning. I don't need to see the future to know what's going to happen. The darkness will come and they will face it, giving everything they have to help give the world one more sunrise."

"True," The old woman agreed. "But there is someone this generation has on their side that none before it had."

The name didn't need to be said because they both knew who she was talking about.

"And what is your plan for him?"

"Plans are for schemers and dreamers," The old woman replied with a sly grin. "I am simply someone helping a wandering soul find his true destiny."

"But the real question is will he survive the experience?"

"If he has what it takes. Two more tests and then we'll know."

"Alright I know you might be upset," Chucky said. "But if we take the time to talk the through I'm sure we'll all come to a satisfactory conclusion."

Chucky had been cornered in a back street by Vald, Katnappe, Cyclops and a giant squirrel, none of whom looked happy to see him. "I'm going to use you as my new scratching post," Katnappe explained. "That seems pretty satisfactory."

"Um excuse me." The Heylin b-grade baddies turned their attention away from Chucky to see a man and woman who looked to be in their thirties standing there. They appeared to be wearing Ming warrior style battle armour except without helmets and covered in magic symbols. While the man carried a Dadao on his back the woman appeared to be unarmed. "Hello," the man continued. "My name is Takeo and this is Chiyoko. We represent a group called the 'Cleansers of the Earth' and were wondering if we could ask a few questions."

"Oh yes," Chiyoko muttered sarcastically, "While we're at why don't we also run a survey on the number people in their homes use dental floss."

"It doesn't hurt to be polite." Takeo scolded.

"No the way you do it definitely hurts."

"Why do you think we want to answer your questions?" Katnappe asked, ignoring they're private exchange. "And what's up with those stupid outfits?"

Chiyoko raised an eyebrow. "Are you really going to cast that stone?"

Katnappe turned back to her comrades, "any idea who they are?"

"I'm pretty sure I came across their name on the internet," Vlad answered. "They spend their time trying to rid the world of malevolent creatures."

"So they're good guys?" Katnappe asked.

"I think so."

"Let's kick their butt."

Vlad tied Chucky up as Katnappe and Cyclops started to close in.

"Let's split up to look for leads," Chiyoko said in a mock imitation of Takeo's voice. "We'll cover more ground that way. The chances of running into anything really dangerous are slim."

"Oh please," Takeo retorted, "Do you honestly think we'll need the whole team for this?"

"Well..." Chiyoko put a hand on her hip expectantly, "prove me wrong."

Takeo gave a confident smirk as he clapped his hands together. The symbols on the back of his glove glowed for a moment before suddenly his whole hands was wrapped in lightning. Even Cyclops paused as his small brain tried to process what was happening. "Huh?"


The next thing Cyclops knew Takeo raced, leapt in the air and struck him in the jaw. Cyclops lifted into the air slightly before came crashing down.

Cyclops groaned as birds started to dance around his head. Katnappe meanwhile had decided to go in and attack Chiyoko. The feline felon came in with a claw to the face which Chiyoko dodged by ducking down. Chiyoko then came in with a leg sweep that Katnappe jumped over. When she landed, Katnappe came in with a round house kick aimed to the still crouching Chiyoko's face. Chiyoko blocked the kick with her left hand while placing the right on her abdomen.


Chiyoko's right hand glowed brightly for a moment but then nothing more happened.

"Was that supposed to do something?" Katnappe asked mockingly.

"If you were demonic, yes." Chiyoko answered. "but since you're not, apparently, it's time for plan B."

Chiyoko grabbed Katnappe's outstretched leg with both hands and then swung full on into a nearby wall.

Chiyoko dusted off her hands Katnappe fell to the ground. "Well now maybe you're ready to answer some questions." She then realised that the only ones that had already run off were the two she and Takeo had just knocked out. "Crud."

"Well I guess we'll have to wait for these to wake up." When he felt something tugging on his pantleg Takeo looked down to see Chucky Choo.

"Hey there," Chucky kept his voice nice and oily. "I just wanted to say thanks to you for helping me back there."

"Sure thing," Takeo said. He had actually had cared either way about the dragon, they had interfered with purely in hopes of finding a lead about the target.

"And just to show my gratitude," Chucky continued. "I'm going to make you a great deal on some top of the line Shen Gong Wu."

That got Takeo's attention. "Shen Gong Wu? As in the mystical objects belonging to Grand Master Dashi, the very first Xiaolin Dragon?"

"Oh, a fan I see. Well let me tell you that all my products come with my personal guarantee..." Chucky promptly shut up when Takeo buried his blade in ground just an inch away from where Chucky was standing.

"As in the objects that rightfully belong to the Xiaolin temple." Takeo got down to one knee and started to stare daggers into Chucky's skull. "For you to be standing there trying to sell me Shen Gong Wu either makes you a con artist or a thief." Takeo pulled out his sword from the ground and held it against Chucky's throat. "And I really don't like either."

"Did...did I say Shen Gong Wu?" Chucky gulped nervously. "What I meant to say is Shen Gag Wu. They're great for parties and they look almost like the real thing."Takeo pressed the blade closer. "But they're not. I swear!"

"Takeo!" Chiyoko interjected. "As much as the pathetic worm deserves it, now is not the time for your games. We're on a mission so get whatever you plan to do with him over with so that we can get back to finding that wind demon."

Takeo stared at Chucky for a moment longer before pulling his sword away. "You're too pathetic to be worth my while." He then started to walk off.

Chucky rubbed his neck nervously until a light bulb went on in his head. "Say, this wind demon you're looking for wouldn't happen to like spending all his time in human form, would it?"

The Cleansers stopped. Chiyoko turned to face Chucky. "You know of such a demon?"

"I might," Chucky said in fake nonchalance as he pretended to find his claws more interesting. "For the right price."

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