Demon of Wind

Chapter 25 - Wrath

"Dojo, it is good to see you too." Master Fung said through strained patience. "Now would you please let go of my head."


The Wudai Warriors and Rai shook their heads slightly as they left Master Fung and Dojo to get reacquainted.

"Look I know you guys won't let me get rid of Dojo," Rai said as they entered the Wu vault. "but seriously, I'm starting to see why Dashi decided not to stick around."

Kimiko quirked an eyebrow as she packed away the Star Hanabi and the Two Ton Tunic. "You really think death is something he decided to do?"

"Hey Guan pulled it off and he was just the apprentice." Rai returned the Changing Chop-sticks. "Besides I'm not assuming he died. He might just have gone to a higher plain of existence or ascended to a new state of being."

"Maybe." Clay packed away the Fist of Tebigong. "Though it's a still a head scratcher why Dashi didn't choose ta stay with da living."

"Well I can't say for sure." Rai admitted. "But I personally could list a few reasons."

"You mean you were never tempted by immortality?" Omi asked.

"Omi, immortality for me meant an eternity of serving Wuya." Rai sniffed as he finished putting his wu away. "I'd rather take my chances in the afterlife."

"So is this everything we need?"

"For the last time yes!" Hannibal groaned in frustration. "Honestly Wuya if I knew that you would be so whiney I never have brought you into this."

"Oh please, if you could do this without me you would have asked for my help in the first place." Wuya doubled checked the inventory. "It's almost time and I don't want this plan to fail because you forgot something."

Hannibal was about reply when the Ying-ying bird flew in with a message for his master. A wicked grin appeared on Hannibal's face.

"Uh...Wuya why don't finish preparing. I've got a little side project I want to take care of."

"Well that is what I'd call a meal." Kimiko said as he brought the last of the dishes to the basin. After they had finished unpacking, Rai and Wudai warriors had decided to have an early lunch.

Rai finished filling the basin with water and was going to start washing. "Yeah, Guan was a great cook but nothing beats home cooking." Rai paused when he realise Kimiko was staring at him. "What?"

"You just called the temple home." Kimiko stated.

"Did I? The dishwashing fumes must be getting to me."

Kimiko took a sideways glance to Rai's black outer robe that he had left on a chair. "You know, just because we're no longer at Guan's place doesn't mean you have to go back to wearing Heylin colours. I'm sure Master Fung would be happy to get you some training robes made if you asked."

"Yeah but I can think of a few people that wouldn't be too happy about me walking round dressed like one of their Wudai Warriors. Besides, I like being an individual just like everybody else."

Kimiko paused as she tried to process that.

"Hey Kimiko." Clay at that moment walked in. "The meeting is about to start."


"Yeah, after you gave us the heads up about what Chase had told you we let the temple know." Clay explained. "While we've been away the monks have been trying to read the signs and be on the lookout for any omens. The meeting is to discuss their findings. They want us present."

"So was that an 'everyone in this room' us or an 'everyone that's still fully human' us?" Rai asked.

"Yeah I checked that." Clay rubbed the back of his neck. "Look I can give ya the flowery diplomatic speech they gave me but the simple fact is they don't want ya there."

"Eh, figured as much," Rai replied. "And before we start hearing agitated Kimiko sounds I wouldn't want to be there anyway. You guys will fill me in ith the important bits so why listen to some old men take forever to make a point."

"Alright but that doesn't mean that I like it." Kimiko paused. "and I don't make agitated Kimiko sounds."

"We better going." Clay said, quickly changing the subject. "Since you're not coming could you finish the dishes?"

"Seriously, you're leaving me to do the dishes." Rai turned back to the sink. "Alright but know that with each dish I clean my plan for vengeance grows greater, a plan that so far involves rusty nails, a two-by-four and a rabid chipmunk."

"You know Rai, you really need to get some better material for your jokes." Clay informed him.

"Jokes, right..."

Clay and Kimiko started heading to the main hall. Once they were out of range, Clay put a comforting hand on Kimiko's shoulder. "Hey there, don't worry about it. Those monks don't know him the way we do. Rai knows we've got his back and that's all that matters."

"I know. It's just they seemed to like him at Guan's temple and here it's like we're still at stage one."

"Well at least they're no longer trying to get rid of him."

"Strange," Rai muttered to himself. "My leg hairs are doing that strange tingly thing they do when fate is being needlessly tempted."

Rai paused as he heard someone entering the room. He turned and saw Master Cai walk in. "Ah Master Cai, so good to see you again. So what half baked scheme have you and the other merry monks come up with to get rid of me since I've been gone? Blessed silver? Incantations? Sacred oil?"

Master Cai didn't answer straight away but when he did his tone was even and controlled. "I am through trying to force you to leave. I realise now that it would be futile to try."

"Well that took you long enough." Rai couldn't help but feel a little smug about Master Cai finally admitting defeat.

"All we can do is hope that you will realise that it would be best for everyone if you left."

"And here I thought we were making progress." Rai rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Look I know this is hard for you ancient types to grasp but I intend to use my powers for the greater good."

"Even the best intentions will go astray if the source is corrupt."

"So my powers are demonic. Just because the source isn't pure doesn't mean it can't do good." Rai argued. "I mean I'm like crude oil, don't get hung up on where it comes from, focus on what it can do for mankind."

"Yes let's look at what it can do," Master Cai answered. "It can pollute the air, destroys oceans when spilt, cause wars to obtain it and all it takes is a spark for everything to go up in flames."

"Ok maybe that metaphor failed."

"No I think it hit the nail on the head. You are a demon; you wield powers that are fuels by sources of darkness and destruction." Master Cai never lost his even tone. "No matter how much you want to be a part of the Xiaolin side it doesn't change the fact that some part of you that holds pure evil."

"Everyone has darkness," Rai answered. "The key is to control it."

"No, the key is to realise when the very presence of something is a danger to everything around it." Master Cai headed towards the door. "I just pray you realise this before someone gets hurt."

"So are you sure this will work?" Takeo asked.

"Positive," One of men in the cleanser attack team confirmed. "I can't guarantee that the positive energy inside the temple won't make it go haywire but if we can get the demon outside the temple this stasis field will cancel out all demonic powers."

"Alright Souta make sure to have it ready in case we have to engage the demon."

"So just how well can we trust this source of yours?"

"We made sure he was telling the truth."

"THAT'S ALL I KNOW!" Chucky Cho shrieked as he was tied to a stick overhanging an open flame. "I SWEAR!"
"Don't you think you went a little too far?" Chiyoko asked.

"NO! That filthy creature deserved everything that happened to it. The world would be a better place without his kind around."

Takeo stomped off to the lead as Souta took Chiyoko slightly to the side. "I didn't know Takeo had a thing against dragons."

"Oh no, he likes dragons just fine." She explained. "It's con-men he hates."

"Alright we're here." Takeo declared. Up ahead stood the Xiaolin Temple. "Alright team listen up. We have reason to believe the demon is located here but until we have confirmation we are treating this as ally territory meaning we don't engage unless we discover the demon and get it out of the temple. Chiyoko and I will enter the temple to see what we're dealing with, the rest of you will stay out here and... NOBU! DISARM THAT CROSSBOW AT ONCE!

While Takeo had been giving orders, Nobu, a lanky 17 year-old with a blue streak through his hair and an over eager attitude had armed his crossbow.

"Come on, why are we wasting time like this?" Nobu checked the sight of his crossbow. "There's ten of us and one of him. You do the maths."

"Nobu, did you enjoy your suspension?"


"THEN STAY OUT HERE OR ELSE I'LL PUT YOU BACK ON SUSPENSION!" Takeo then noticed how carelessly Nobu was holding the crossbow. "I SAID DISARMED THAT CROSSBOW."

"Alright, geez." Nobu fiddled with the crossbow trying to disarmed it. "Like I'm not careful." At that moment it went off and shot an arrow in a random direction. "Oops."

"It's okay." Souta said as he pulled the arrow out. "He hit my fake arm this time."

Takeo stopped to take a calming breath. "Stay out here and make sure the stasis field can be set up in case we need it. We have no idea what is going on in there and until we do we're playing it safe."

"...and that is why that this patterned of the mould that Master Long found warrants further investigation as to what information it may hold on the threat could be coming..."

Meanwhile Kimiko was finding it hard to stay awake. "And here I had felt bad about Rai being excluded." She stifled a yawn. "I never thought talk about a potential Armageddon could be so boring."

"Now now Kimiko, the simplest things may indeed be omens." Omi chided. "remember the sign of the bird of paradise had merely been an old woman singing badly. Perhaps the mould is in fact trying to tell us something."

"Yeah that you shouldn't leave bread out that long." Kimiko suppressed a groan.

"Where's Dojo?" Clay asked.

"He is standing guard while the meeting in case someone decides to attack us." Omi explained.

"Now hows an itty bitty Dojo meant to guard the temple by his lonesome."

"He said that he was working on something special."

Takeo and Chiyoko entered the Temple only to find it completely deserted. They were about to call out when an object flew at them. Takeo effortlessly caught it. "A potato?"

"That's right and there's plenty more where that came from!" They saw Dojo in some makeshift trenches with a homemade cannon and wearing what looked like a WWI military helmet.

"This is the spud-launcher 9000 or as I like to call it the hard kiss good night."

"A foot-long dragon with a potato cannon." Chiyoko muttered. "I just had to say that out loud to realise how weird a sight this is."

"Fear not, noble dragon." Takeo strained to keep a straight face.

"We come in peace."

Dojo paused. "You do?" The Cleansers nodded. "Thank goodness, I had already eaten the rest of the ammo." Dojo stepped out of the trenches. "So what did you want?"

"We're here to warn the temple about a possible threat that they may be unaware of." Takeo explained. "Is there a monk or someone we can talk to? It's kinda urgent."

"Hold on I'll check." Dojo pulled out a cellphone. "Hey Dojo here...No no we're not under attack...I know the meeting is still on but there's these two people here who say they're here to warn us about something...alright I'll let them know." Dojo closed his fone and put it away. "All right two of the Wudai warriors will be here shortly and you can give them your warning."

"Good." Chiyoko said, paying no heed to the wind as it blew gently against her back and into the temple.

The wind blew into the kitchen, carrying its message the form of an all to familiar scent and feeling.

The plate in Rai's hands shattered under his clenched grip.

The Cleansers had found him.

"So who do ya think is here?" Clay asked.

"Who cares so long as it gets us out that stupid meeting."

Kimiko and Clay stepped out to greet the visitors. Though they seemed dressed for combat the two didn't appear to act hostel. "Can we help you?"

"I hope so," The guy replied. "My name is Takeo and this is Chiyoko. We represent a group called the 'Cleansers of the Earth'."

Clay turned to Kimiko. "Ever hear of these guys?"

"I think so, just hold on a sec." Kimiko ran off and then returned with her laptop. " I found their webpage." Kimiko read through it. "Says here that the fight to cleanse the world of demons and other malevolent creatures while ensuring the safety of all humanity."

"Well that doesn't sound too bad." Clay paused. "Ya guys have a website?"

Takeo shrugged. "Our PR guy thought that it would be a good idea for us to have information about us available to the general public since our name sounds just a teensy bit genocidal."

"You have a PR guy?"

"As my colleague was trying to say..."Chiyoko interrupted. "Is that we had reports this temple was having demon problems."

"Demon problems?" Kimiko repeated. "I don't know who you talked to but the Hannibal thing was not our fault and we have the whole thing under control."

"We were referring to a wind demon."

"Wind demon?" Clay scratched his head. "Can't say we've had any issues with those. I mean the only wind demon I know is..."

At that moment lightning erupted at the ground in front of the Cleansers. When smoke settled Rai was standing between them and the Wudai warriors, Eye of Dashi in hand.

"First shot's a warning, I won't miss twice."

"This is taking too long." Nobu complained. "I'm going to go check it out."

"Takeo said to wait out here so that's what we'll do."

"Well for all we know that they could be captured. So I'm just going to go in and do some re-con." Nobu paused. "Now where did my crossbow go?"

Upon sensing the Cleansers Rai had grabbed the first weapon he could find. He hadn't taken the time put on his outer robe. He briefly glanced back at Kimiko and Clay. "Don't believe anything they've told you. I'd recognise their look and smell anywhere, they're Cleansers."

Kimiko quirked an eyebrow. "Uh, Rai, that's exactly what they told us."


"Look buddy what's da issue?" Clay asked. "They don't mean no harm, they're just here to check out...a...demon...problem..." At that moment it finally clicked. He also saw that Takeo had already pulled out his sword. "Whoa whoa whoa I think that there has been some kind of a mix up. Rai's not a problem at all."

"What Clay means is that Rai is a good guy." Kimiko explained.

"Mind telling him that." Takeo said testily.

Chiyoko stared at the demon. Rai? Could it be that he actually kept that name.

She quickly snapped out of it when Rai pointed the Eye of Dashi at them. "I won't let you take another home from me so this is your last chance. Leave now or fry."

"Rai buddy, I think ya might just need to chill a bit." Clay cautiously stepped forward. "Maybe we can just talk this thing over."

"Talk? The Cleansers don't talk, anything even slightly unnatural they just kill, decimate or destroy."

"You're the one who attacked first." Takeo countered.

"I'd rather attack first than die first."

"We don't want to fight." Chiyoko explained. "We heard there was a demon here that met the description of one we were looking for so we just came to investigate. We don't want to fight."

"Don't want to fight?" Rai asked mockingly. "That's a first."

Kimiko was taken aback by how aggressive Rai was acting. "Rai, I don't know what's going on but you need to stand down before someone gets hurt."

"Kimiko, you don't know the Cleanser like I do."

"You're right but that was 1500 years ago. This is now." Kimiko carefully closed the gap. "Rai if you want the world to accept you the way we do you have to show them that you're good. And that means knowing when to fight and knowing when to talk." She gently put a hand on his shoulder. "Please Rai, I'm not asking you to trust them, I'm asking you to trust us."

Unknown to both sides that's when a voice in Rai's head decided to speak up.

Well Rai I'd say now's the time where you either put up or shut up.

Rai gave the Eye of Dashi to Kimiko. "Alright we'll talk."

Kimiko let out a breath in relief. Things were starting to look up.

Then she fell to her knees in pain when an arrow pierced her shoulder.

Takeo checked his surroundings and thought he saw a glimpse of someone in cleanser uniform on top of a wall but he was gone before he could see who.

Rai starred in shock at Kimiko and as her blood slid down the arrow, something snapped in Rai's mind.


A burst of wind struck Takeo and Chiyoko, sending them flying out of the temple.

"Clay, help Kimiko." Rai started walking to the exit. "The Cleansers are mine."

Clay to one worried glance Rai before carrying Kimiko off to get help.

'Nobu' landed softly on the ground outside the temple and threw the crossbow away. He then used the Moby Morpher to change back into Hannibal Bean.

"Nothing like a little fuel to get the fire going."

Takeo and Chiyoko flipped in air so that they landed on their feet but they still had to skid to a stop. "Souta get that stasis field ready," Takeo ordered. "We've found the demon and he's turned hostile."

At that moment Rai stepped out of the temple. Wind whipped around him as his eyes burned with pure fury. "You hurt her. You will pay."

"Now!" Souta's real hand glowed for a moment as all the runes he had placed around the field starting to glow as well. The wind around Rai instantly vanished but at moment he was to angry to care. He charged straight at the Cleansers.

When one cleanser went straight at Rai with a spear. Rai caught the spear just below the spearhead and in one fluid motion he broke the spearhead off with a chop before driving it into her thigh. Her cry of pain was joined by the sound of a sick snapped as Rai bent the arm of another Cleanser the wrong way.

As he twisted Rai dodged another attack and drove his elbow hard into the solar plexus of another cleanser.

Takeo charged straight at Rai.


Takeo came at Rai with his lightning fists. Rai flipped over him, grabbing a lightning fist with one hand and placing another on Takeo's back. Rai then used his body as an conductor to send the energy of the attack back into Takeo's body.

When Takeo fell to the ground unconscious. Rai stood back up, panting slightly but ignoring all the pain despite the fact that is whole body was smoking slightly.

Chiyoko took the opportunity to charge in and before Rai react had her hands on his chest.


Chiyoko's attack reacted to the Hu li jing fur in Rai's green shirt and the concealment spell Wuya had place on him. When both vanished in a bright light Chiyoko finally saw the markings carved into his chest.

The marking! It's him!

Rai took the moment's distraction to head butt her. As she fell to the ground in a daze, Rai pulled out his dagger, intent to even the score. He knelt and plunged his dagger downwards.

Then stopped.

The blade dangled inches away from Chiyoko's throat. Time seemed to freeze as all Rai remained aware of was his own heart beat and the realisation of the line he was about to cross.

Finally he stood up and dropped the knife as he stepped back.

"I'm a demon not a monster." The remaining few Cleansers started to cautiously closing in. "If I surrender do you promise to leave the temple in peace?"

"Our battle is with you, not the temple." One of the remaining cleansers answered.

Rai dropped to his knees and held out his arms "Ok."

The cleanser then pulled out some shackles and was about to put them on when something flew in and knocked them out of his hands. The object turn out to be the big bang meteorang as it returned to Clay's hand, who was standing at the front steps of the temple.

"I don't know who ya think ya are," Clay said, "but if ya mess with Rai, ya mess with us."

"Indeed." Omi stood beside Clay, holding his Shim staff ready to attack. "So leave now or face a Xiaolin butt-kicking."

Takeo having recovered , was back on his feet in time to assess the situation "Pull back." Takeo ordered. "We can't win this fight."

"But we have a mission to complete." The cleanser protested.

"The demon has back up, we don't."

At that there were no further protests as the Cleansers recovered their injured comrades and made their retreat. Only Chiyoko looked back as they disappeared over the horizon.

When they were gone Clay and Omi went to check on Rai. "Ya OK?"

"Yeah," Rai looked up at Clay. "Is Kimiko...?"

"Master Fung is patching her up."

Rai nodded gratefully "Thanks."

Clay held out his hand and when Rai took it, help him to stand up. "Dat's what friends do."

As the three walked back into the temple they were faced by a row of monks, most of them armed.

"Young warriors, step away from that demon." Master Cai ordered. "He is no longer welcome here."


"That demon's presence is a danger to this temple. Because of him we were attacked and the future dragon of fire was injured. If we must fear attack from our allies as well as our enemies the temple will not survive."

Clay and Omi tried to protest but they were interrupted by Rai. "They're right. It's my fault the cleansers came here. It's my fault they attacked."


"Tell Kimiko, I'm sorry."

Rai then ran off before either of them could stop him.

"Do you think that the demon was perhaps controlling them?" One of the council asked.

The team of cleansers that had been sent to the temple had set up camp few miles away to tend to their injured. Once he was certain that was underway, Takeo took the opportunity to make contact with their council to bring them up to date with what had happened.

"I am not throwing out any possibilities," Takeo spoke into the communication mirror. "But in my opinion I doubt it." He took the silence as an invitation to explain. "The demon engaged us directly and the others only joined in later on. If he was controlling them wouldn't he have used them from the start? That combined with the fact that the young monks had almost successfully dissuaded him from violence at first seems to indicate an alliance between them."

"Indeed. Though that is perhaps more disconcerting. If the demon has allied himself with the temple then hunting him would involve direct conflict with the temple."

"Yes," another council member agreed. "And if the one that was injured was in fact one of the temples's chosen ones, any further conflict could lead to war and we can't afford to make the Xiaolin Temple our enemy."

"Agreed." The first member said before returning his attention back to Takeo. "Commander, return as soon as possible. Until a proper course of action has been decided upon this mission is to be considered null and void."

"Understood," Takeo replied. "we will return as soon as we can." With that the image on mirror vanished and Takeo was stuck looking at his own reflection. After a moment he went out to inform the team what the council had decided.

When Takeo finished giving out orders he found Chiyoko starring out in the direction of the temple, idly toying with her necklace "I know that look," he muttered "That look means that you're about to tell me something that I really don't want to hear."

"That was him."

"Of course it was," Takeo grumbled. "Out of all the demons in the world it had to be the one that almost drove a knife through your throat. Do you enjoy telling me things that will take a few more years off my life?"

"I have to go back."

"I'll take that as a yes."

"I have to finish this," Chiyoko explained. "This may be the only chance I have."

"The mission is has been called off."

"Yours has, mine hasn't." Chiyoko answered.

"And a heartfelt plea to just 'let it be' won't change your mind?" Takeo was only met with silence. "Yeah I guessed as much but you can't blame me for trying. At least answer me this. How sure are you that it's him?"

"I would stake my life on it."

"Yes that's exactly what you will be doing if you go back there." Takeo let out a cleansing breath. "I know I can't stop you and I know you won't let me come along but at least try not to get yourself killed over this."

"No promises." Was the last thing Chiyoko said before running off.

The Old lady and her tiger look out from atop of a mountain at the late afternoon sun and the winds gently surrounded her, telling her of what had happened.

"And so it begins."

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