Demon of Wind

Chapter 28 - Resurection

"How are you feeling?"Chiyoko asked Rai. "Any side effects from getting cured."

"None that I notice." Rai answered, "and I don't even have a scratch on me. Literally not one, you are good."

Chiyoko shrugged. "It's a gift."

"You know I'm so glad we were able to find you," Kimiko said absentmindedly. "Considering how fast you can run I was worried you would be halfway to Europe."

Rai paused before saying quietly. "Yeah that's not really to be going a problem anymore."

Kimiko stopped and stared at Rai before realisation hit like a sledgehammer. "Rai...I didn't mean..."

Rai stopped Kimiko's rambling by cupping her chin. "Hey, no frowny dragon face. This..." Rai, moved the hand to her cheek while he used the other hand to indicate all of himself, " a really, REALLY, good thing. No matter what happens. This is worth it."

Kimiko placed a hand over the one Rai had placed on her cheek and gave him a faint smile. "You're right."

Chiyoko took that moment to but in "So all you powers are gone?"

Knowing that whatever moment he and Kimiko were having was officially over, Rai turned to the priestess. "Well not everything is gone; otherwise I wouldn't understand a word you were saying but it's safe to say that anything being a wind demon is gone."

"Have you tested it?" Kimiko inquired.

"Don't have to. I can just sense the difference." Rai explained. "When I was a demon the air around me would feel like this entity that I could shape or direct. Now..." Rai testingly waved his hand through said air. "nothing."

"Well on the plus side you won't have people trying to kill you for being a demon anymore." Chiyoko said cheerfully.

"No now they'll only want me dead because of my charming personality." Rai then Kimiko staring him strangely. "What?"

"It's nothing really." Kimiko admitted. "It's just that ever since finding out that you were human once I was always wondering what your eyes looked like as a human."

"Oh," Rai said before striking as pose that looked as if he was putting himself up for display. "Well?"

Kimiko had a faint smile as she answered. "They suit you."

Chiyoko stood there watching this exchange. "I'm just gonna go call my team to let them know I'm alright." She quickly walked over to the other side of the clearing to give the two some privacy.

There was a moment of silence between the former demon and the Wudai Warrior. Kimiko was the one who broke. "I should...probably get our ride back ready."

While Kimiko slowly starting to walk to the centre of the clearing to summon the Silver Manta Ray, Rai had a brief inner struggle until one side won.

"Umm...Kimiko," Kimiko stopped to see that Rai had become slightly nervous. "You know I still kinda suck at this whole talking like a civil human being...but now that I'm human I was wondering if you would..."

Rai was cut off by Kimiko. "Has it suddenly become darker?" The two turned their gazes skyward to see that the Heylin Eclipse had begun.

Rai threw up his arms in dismay. "You just couldn't let me have my moment. Could you, universe?"

Zhanchi Fenhui stared down at Wuya and Hannibal. "You two dare enter my domain."

"Hate to break it to you, Zhanchi old pal." Hannibal said smugly. "But this is no longer your domain anymore. Though if you agree to work with us..."

"I am not your 'pal', insect." Zhanchi growled. "And what stops me from destroying you both where you stand?"

Wuya activated the Emperor Scorpion, Zhanchi's wings started turning back into dust until they were no longer able to hold his weight causing the demonic serpent to come falling to the ground. "This, for one thing." She replied smugly.

When the Emperor Scorpion deactivated, the snake's wings started to grow back while Hannibal jumped onto its nose.

"Do we understand each other?"

Zhanchi hissed in hostility but as Wuya held up the Emperor Scorpian he quickly relented. "What did you want?"

The old lady had finished her tea and gave Hu's ear one last scratch. "So the Heylin side has played their hand. Well guess now would be a good time to start playing mine."

The grass around her waved slightly as a gentle breeze picked up.

Kimiko put away her cellphone. "I'm not getting any signal. So I say we get moving. Now!""

Kimiko summoned out the Silver Manta Ray. Rai was about to climb in when the breeze touched him, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end. He turned to the direction that the breeze had come from.

"Rai!" Kimiko called.

Rai turned to the two women. "We've got to go that way." Rai pointed the horizon.

"The temple is the other way." The Wudai warrior argued.

"Just trust me on this. Something is telling me we have to go that way."

Kimiko looked at Rai for a moment and then relented. "Alright, I'll trust you. What's that way?"

"We're about to find out."

"Straining the trust a little Rai."

Dispite this, Kimiko followed Rai's directions and flew the Silver Manta Ray in the direction away from the temple. Soon the surroundings changed from being a forrest to wasteland and the Wudai Warrior started recognising the scenery. "Rai, you might not realise this but we are in Chase Young territory. Now would be a good time to either start figuring out what we're doing here or start heading back."

Rai looked at her in frustration. "You know what, Kimiko..." He then saw something he recognised but really wished he hadn't. "Land this thing, NOW!"

"So our terms are simple." Wuya surmised. "You help us to conquer the world, starting with the Xiaolin Temple. In exchange, we'll let you live and even through in your old kingdom to sweeten the deal."

Zhanchi glared the Heylin witch but knew there was no way out of this. "Very well."

"Excellent. Oh and before I forget, there is the small matter of my former apprentice, Rai."

Zhanchi let out another angry hiss. "When I meet that freak next, his charred remains will be crushed and scattered across the lands.

Wuya and Hannibal smiled evilly. "I think we can live with that."

"Oh man we are in for a world of pain." Rai said. "Not to mention darkness, destruction and general discomfort, but mostly pain.

Chiyoko, Kimiko and Rai had managed to land unseen at a nearby rock face and were spying Wuya and Hannibal using the Falcon Eye.

"What are you talking about?" Kimiko asked. "You destroyed him before."

"Correction, I half-killed myself and got lucky." Rai answered. "and trust me when I say that what I finally killed him with is no longer an option." He wasn't liking the fact that the short comings of being human had already turned up.

Kimiko looked through the Falcon eye again and recognised the giant serpent. "Hey that's the Zoombie snake Chase used against us in our first Wudai quest, we turned it into. We turned it into dust."

"Well next time turn it into finer dust." Rai then noticed the open chest that was lying beside Wuya. "and they used the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman as a power source. Perfect."

"So we know what we're up against, let's get back to the temple, get some back up, fire power and make some flaming snake shish-kebabs."

"It's not just Zhanchi we should be worried about." Rai said. "That's the bone yard. The site of where corpses of his fallen army were just left to rot."

Chiyoko tilted her head slightly. "So?"

"So Wuya and Hannibal have already started the resurrecting demon game, why would they stop with just one?"

As the sun was fully eclipsed, the land was filled with unnatural shadows. Zhanchi stretched out his wings, filled the land below him with his dark energy. "Arise my army." At his command the earth started to shift and crack as hundreds of his former minions were reanimated and dig their way to the surface.

There were all sorts of demonic creatures including but not limited to winged, fanged, clawed, scaly and snarling.

Wuya and Hannabil looked on at their new army in pure malicious glee.

"First Dashi's accursed temple will fall," Wuya gloated. "Then Chase and then THE WORLD! MWHAHAHAHA!" When she finally sighed happily as she hugged herself. "I just love how tingly I feel after a good evil laugh."

"We've got to beat them to the temple." Kimiko leapt back into the Silver Manta Ray. "Come on Rai."

Rai paused. "No you guys go ahead. I'll stay behind and see if I can even the odds a little."

"Are you crazy? Do you see army sprouting out of the ground?"

"Exactly. The Rio Reverser hasn't got this much power. They must be piggy backing it off of the power of treasure of the blind swordsman." Rai explained. "While the box is open they can't move it. If I can get to it and close it, maybe that will weaken them."

"Maybe? We're risking our necks on a 'maybe'?"

"No we're risking my neck." Rai ran to the edge of the rock face. "Even if this eliminates the army, Zhanchi himself is still a problem. The temple's gonna need your help."

Kimiko bit her lip, she didn't want to admit it but Rai had a point. She dug into the bag she had brought with her and pulled out Rai's sword. She climbed out of the Manta Ray. "Here," She handed the sword to Rai. "As soon as we clear up the mess at temple I'll be right back to get you. You'd better still be alive when I get back." She warned.

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on finishing my first day as human with death," Rai assured her. He then glanced down at the sword and back up at Kimiko. "Umm, not to be ungrateful but you didn't happen to bring along some attack wu, did you?" He asked tentatively. "Or perhaps a shirt?"

"Sorry Rai, I left all attack Wu at the temple in the off chance something like this happened." Kimiko replied, indicating the giant serpant. "And I don't know what you did with the rest of your robes."

With no other option, Rai shrugged in attempted nonchalance. "That's fine. If all else fails I just stab the enemy with my erect nipples."

Despite herself, Kimiko groaned. "Is now really the time to be discussing your nipples?"

Rai let out a chuckle. "Probably not." He gave Kimiko a reassuring fist-tap on the shoulder. "See ya when this is all over."

"I'd better." Kimiko warned half-heartedly.

With that Rai started to head down the rock face towards the treasure of the blind swordsman as Kimiko got into the Silver Manta Ray to fly with Chiyoko towards the Temple.

They hadn't said anything more to each other because neither one of them was prepared to face the possibility that it may be the last time they see each other.

Unbeknownst to them the old lady was nearby and watching on.

"That's it Rai," She muttered approvingly. "It's time to test how truly strong you are."

Chase sat his throne, resting the side of his chin on his fist as he waited for the Heylin eclipse to be over. During the eclipse his power was greatly diminished and his army was in an unbreakable slumber. Though this had been kept secret from his enemies but he knew better than to tempt fate. So all he could do was sit here, wait and wonder if his visions would come to pass.

Chase looked up from his fist and saw a figure as it came out of the shadows. "I expected someone to try and take advantage of my moment of weakness. I didn't expect it to be you though."

The Silver Manta raced through the sky as Kimiko kept trying to make contact with the temple. She finally got through.

"Kimiko, we've been trying to reach you, any luck with..."

"No time!" Kimiko interrupted. "We've found out Wuya and Hannibal's plans. A giant snake named Zanchi Fenhui has been brought back to life and now him and a massive army are heading your way, and when I say massive, I'm saying battle of Thermopylae and we're the Spartans."

"Get back to the temple as soon as you can, we'll prepare for the onslaught."

As Kimiko hung up Chiyoko asked. "Did you have to use an example that ended in brutal death?"

Kimiko didn't bother answering that. "Can we get help from your people?"

"I've tried," Chiyoko answered. "The team I came with is mostly out of commission from when Rai attack them and there aren't any cleansers that would be able to get here in time. I'm all you'll probably be getting."

Kimiko didn't slow down but she did mentally pause. "Look, this isn't your fight. I need to get back to my temple ASAP but after we get there, if you want to..."

"Not on your life." Chiyoko interrupted. "I'm seeing this through to the end."

"Glad to hear it."

The rest of the trip was silent until they landed at the temple. Clay and Omi raced in to greet them.

"Kimiko, you're arm is healed," Omi stated. "How?"

"That would be me." Chiyoko said. "I'm here to help. Look I know last time I was here things had gone kinda badly but believe me when I say..." She was silenced Clay throwing a dagger like Shen Gong Wu into her hands.

"Dat's the 'Thorn of the Thunderbolt'," Clay quickly explained. "Point it, say it's name and watch out for the recoil."

Wudai warriors then ran off to prepare for the attack, leaving Chiyoko standing there holding her new Wu.

"Um...I guess I'll something then."

Rai tried to remain silent as he crept across the now vacant to bone yard, trying hard to remain unseen the by the demonic forces that had taken to the sky's and were heading for the Xiaolin Temple. As much as he hated the fact that they were heading for the temple, he was no good to his friends if a stragglier saw him and made the army do a U-turn to destroy him first.

Seeing the still open treasure just chest in his sight he went in to a sprint to close the distance. The sprint was promptly cut off by an axe embedding itself between him and the treasure. He turned to the direction that the axe come from and saw a few mean looking ogres.

The lead ogre retrieved his axe and was now blocking Rai's path. "Human, you were foolish to think the treasure would be left unguarded. The sensible thing for you now is to accept your approaching demise with quiet dignity."

"Pft," Rai took out his sword, "as if turning human means I'll start acting sensibly." He then pointed the blade at the ogre as he entered an attack stance, "Besides, I'd rather die the way I lived; screaming and fighting desperately to stay alive." Rai then charged in. "AAAAARGH!"

The temple was as prepared for the approaching onslaught as they were going to get. The Temple Monks manned the walls with Bows and Wu in hopes of offering ranged support.

Meanwhile the Wudai Warriors, armed with their Wudai weapons were standing alone on the clearing in front of the temple, ready to be the first line of defence and to fore full their duty as champions of the Xiaolin

The horizon darkened as Wuya and Hannibal rode Zhanchi, followed by their demonic legion.

Omi's grip on the Shimo staff tightened. Despite being called the Wudai Warriors they all knew that this would be the first time they had truly gone to war.

Despite knowing that he stay focused, Omi was still compelled to break the silence. "I just want to say no matter what happens today, there is no-one else I would rather face a demonic Heylin army with."

Clay and Kimiko smiled before giving a unified, "Us too."

"Well I hope you don't mind little extra help though."

The Wudai Warriors looked to their left and saw that Chiyoko had joined the front line. "What? Cover fire isn't my style."

"Indeed..." Master Fung appeared to their right, armed with his bow. "...and a good teacher knows when to stand by his students."

Dojo appeared on his shoulder. "And where Master Fung goes, I go."

Master Fung turned to the Temple. "1500 years ago Grand Master Dashi built this temple to help preserve the balance of the world and to stop it from plunging in Darkness, every generation that has upheld the sacred duty of defending the Xiaolin way. Everyone of you stands here because you believe in this duty and has done everything to stand by that duty. Today you will probably be asked to give more than what has ever been asked of you but as you ready yourselves remember what you fight for..."

Clay threw his to side, knowing that now would not be the time to be worrying about head gear, and readied his Big Bang Meteorang.

"For da world!"

Kimiko readied some Arrow Sparrows in each hand and let out a calming breath.

"For the greater good!"

Omi turned his staff into a spear and his dots started to glow as the demon army started to descend.

"For the Xiaolin way!"

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