Demon of Wind

Chapter 31 - Epilogue

Kimiko was finishing putting the final touches her little project when Clay walked holding two steaming cups.

"Thought ya might like a pick me up." Clay held out one of the cups. "So I decided to raid my stash o' Joe."

Kimiko smiled gratefully as she took the cup. It was late and most of the temple was already asleep and while tea was all well and good, sometimes a good cup of coffee just does the job so much better. She took a moment to savour smell before drinking.

"You do realise that ya could finish that stuff tomorrow." Clay took a sip from his cup.

As could be expected from a monk, Master Fung had kept his word. Once the temple had been fixed up, the four Wudai Warriors had been given the week off. While the others were content to do a lot of nothing, Kimiko had decided to do something a little more constructive. "Yeah I know, it's just that I was on a roll so I figured I might as well finish it tonight."

"Fair enough." Clay returned his attention to his coffee. "I think I saw Rai on the temple vault roof if ya wanted to show him."

"What makes you think that this has something to do with Rai?"

"Nothing, it's just that Rai seems to be taking up a lot of yer free time lately." Clay replied, "Not that ya seem ta mind."

Kimiko swallowed a little too much coffee at that statement. As she tried to splutter out an excuse, Clay raised a hand to silence Kimiko. "I'm not accusing ya of anything. Yer a tough girl and ya can take care of yerself. And for all o' Rai's quirks he was still there when we needed him say that makes him one of us." Him put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "When ya figure out what Rai means to ya I'll support it either way."

Kimiko smile warmly back. "Thanks."

"Though if I can make one suggestion, It might be a good idea to talk Rai out of the revenge scheme he's planning on Masters Cai and Gao."

"Those two? Didn't dumb and dumber get stuck with dung duty during the clean up." It turned out that as fearsome as the army of demons had been, they still hadn't been house trained.

"Well yeah but Rai still wants five minutes alone with the two so that they could settle their differences like men."

"What? Violently?"

"Mmm hmmm, Rai wanted to try out his new sword on their ungrateful hides," Clay explained, "But I told him dat da only weapon suitable for jerks like them is 'Love and Tolerance'."

Kimiko rolled her eyes at the sappy-ness of that sentiment until she realised something. "Wait, isn't 'Love and Tolerance' the name you gave your baseball bat?"


"They think they can hold me. I will escape this prison and soon all will tremble at the very mention of my name!" Jack Spicer let out an evil laugh. "Mwahahaahaha!"

"JACK!" The boy genius's attention was drawn to one of Psych ward attendants. "Was that an evil rant and laugh?"

Jack cowered slightly as he admitted. "Yes."

The attendant looked on sternly. "And what was our private rule?"

Jack sighed as he recited the rule. "No evil rants and only two evil laughs a day."

"And how many evil laughs have you done today?"

The boy genius looked down at his feet. "Two and half." He then looked up again saw the attendant glaring him. "What? That was only an evil chuckle when I bet Donald at checkers."

"And what did we say about evil chuckles?" The attendant asked in a stern but patient voice.

"That they are just evil laughs that aren't at full volume." Jack looked back down at his feet. "Sorry."

The attendant smiled warmly at Jack as she patted him on the back. "What's important is that you know what you did wrong." Her tone then brightened up completely. "Now how about we go get some pudding?"

"PUDDING!" Jack let out an excited squeal as he followed the attendant.

Kimiko found Rai at one of his favourite spots on the roof of the vault, on his back staring up at the night sky.

"So still looking for your star?" The fire warrior asked.

"Nah, I don't need my star anymore. I'm just looking at the stars in general." Rai answered, "I spent so long looking for one specific star that I stopped appreciating the whole picture."

"There's probably some profound wisdom to that." Kimiko commented. "So now that you're human do you think that you'll start having a normal person's sleep schedule?"

Rai let out a chuckle. "Just because I'm human doesn't make me normal." He squirmed slightly as he made himself more comfortable. "I'll get the finer points of being human sorted out eventually."

Kimiko placed hand on Rai's shoulder. "Of course you will, besides, there's plenty of time for stuff like that."

Rai placed a hand over Kimiko's as he tilted his head back to look up at her. "You're right, there is. Though, I've got to admit, it's pretty funny. Just as I finally find a place that accepted me despite the fact that I was a demon, I get my humanity back."

"You were never a real demon," Kimiko said as she slid down until she was right beside Rai. "The world was just a little slow in realising that."

"Better late than never I guess." He then noticed the laptop Kimiko was carrying. "So what's that for?"

Kimiko smirked as she sat back up and restarted her computer. "Remember when you said that if you successfully became human I could give you your new name?" Rai nodded, "Well I decided, why stop at just the name? Why not give you an identity?"

She handed the laptop over to Rai. Open on the screen was an image of a very official looking document. "What's this?" Rai asked.

"Your Birth Certificate." Kimiko explained. "Your name is Raimundo Pedrosa, you were born in a small hospital in Tubarão, Brazil. Once I process this, it will find its way into relevant databases."

Rai raised an eyebrow. "Alright, I have a string of questions so let's start from the top. Firstly, Raimundo?"

"Rai sounds more like a nickname than an actual name, who would honestly give their kid a three letter birth name."

"So you decided to stick with Rai?"

"Yeah I did," Kimiko replied. "For better or worse, Rai is who you are. Any other name for you would just seem wrong. Besides, Raimundo means protector so I figured it was fitting considering what we do."

"I see, and Pedrosa?"

"I did a South American surname search in and that one came up." Kimiko shrugged, "besides I think you look like a Pedrosa."

"And how many Pedrosas do you know?"

Kimiko winked at him. "Once we make the documentation official, you'll be the first."

"Alright, so why Tubarão, Brazil? I don't even know where that is and now I'm expected to know it as if I lived there."

Kimiko raised an eyebrow. "Just do a Google search. Besides you don't need to have lived there, you only need to have been born there. Brazil is far enough away from our usual places that any authorities who may question your identity would have a harder time verifying or disproving it. I chose that hospital in Tubarão because out of the Brazilian hospitals that I hacked into it was one of the latest ones to adopt modern digital documentation procedures for its birthing records so any gaps in your record would be ruled out as just bad filing." Kimiko explained. "I mean we will still have to come up with a backstory and create a paper trail that will explain how you got from Brazil to here in the space of your lifetime but we'll worry about that later."

"Kimiko," Rai decided to be as tactful as he could muster. "Is this legal?"

"Rai," Kimiko mockingly scolded, "Worrying about trivial things like legality is a sure fire way to lose your 'bad boy' image?"

"I have a 'bad boy' image?"

"Well it's more of a 'lovable psycho' image but we can work down from that." Kimiko amended. "So what do you think?"

Rai paused thoughtfully before sticking out his hand to indicate an imaginary banner. "Raimundo Pedrosa, Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind." He then gave Kimiko a satisfied smile. "I like the way that sounds."

Kimiko smiled as she held out the laptop. "Well then press enter and make it so."

Rai pressed the enter key. In less than a minute the transfer was complete and Raimundo Pedrosa became an electronic reality.

With that complete, Kimiko packed the laptop back in her bag. "Happy Birthday Mr Pedrosa. How did you want to spend it?"

Rai paused for a moment. "How about you tell me your story?"

"My story?" Kimiko asked. "But we've already told you most of the stuff that's happened since I came to the temple."

"What about before that?" Rai asked back. "How did Kimiko Tohimiko go from being a bundle of joy to being a can of concentrated kick ass?"

"Seriously, you want to listen to my life story?"

"Girl, my life has been nothing but excitement and danger. What might some boring to you is probably something fascinating for me." Rai moved a little closer to Kimiko and the fire warrior let him. "Besides, there is nowhere else I'd rather be than right here, right now. So I'm open to anything that will make this moment last a while longer."

Kimiko smiled and her cheeks turned slightly pink as she inched a little closer to Rai.

"Well in that case, it all started in the maternity ward of a not so little hospital in Tokyo..."

The End

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