Demon of Wind

Chapter 6 - Dishes

"Great, just great," Dojo said, "if it wasn't bad enough that we had that dragon muncher back, you three had to accept his help in Wu chasing."

"Come on little buddy, it's not like the wind whipper gave us much choice," Clay told him, "It was either him round up Wu with us or with Jack."

"Yes and while we do not trust Rai, if he is close to us we will be able to watch his movements and wait for an opportune moment to get the spear back," Omi said smugly, obviously proud of him self for coming up with such a scheme.

Kimiko just shook her head. Omi just wanted to sound as if it had all been here plan when actually he had been doing all he could to stop Rai from helping. When Dojo landed in the courtyard, Master Fung walked up to greet.

"I trust you return with the Imo-Gazer," Master Fung said kindly.

"Yes Master Fung," Omi said proudly, "and we have also gotten the horde of Haiku."

"All with out too much incident I hope."

Clay rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well ya see…"

They were interrupted by a monk running up to them.

"Master Fung," He said frantically, "we have an intruder."

Master Fung and the warriors followed the monk.

"Uh I think I left my nail clipper, under Master Fungs bed," Dojo muttered before running off into another direction.

Kimiko raced just behind the monk.

Please don't be Rai.

Please don't be Rai.

Please don't be Rai.

The monk lead them into one of the dining rooms and there, sitting at the table, was Rai.

Oh $#[email protected]

To one side, Kimiko saw a couple of monks with drawn bows. Rai either hadn't noticed them or didn't care because he busy helping him some egg rolls. When he noticed the warriors, he raised his hand in a brief wave.

"Hi guys, I was wondering when you would get here."

Master Fung raised a hand towards the monks, indicating for them to lower their bows before stepping towards Rai.

"What business do you have here," Master Fung asked calmly.

"Eating," Rai replied, taking a big bite of a dumpling.

"So I see, but why are you eating here?"

"Well seeing as I'll be staying here I might as well see if temple cooking is any good. I can't spend all my time cooking my own food around here."

"And would you be staying here?" Master Fung.

"Because your Dragons invited me," Rai replied.

Omi jumped in.

"Oh no we did not, that statement is bash."

"Whack," Kimiko corrected.

"We only agreed to let you aid us in finding Shen Gong Wu," Omi told Rai, "we never agreed to letting you stay in the temple."

Rai raised an eye brow.

"Well you would think that the two were part and partial."

"No they are not," Omi corrected, "we do not allow demons or thieves in our temple."

"Man, are you still in a tiff about the spear? Come on, I spent the last 1500 years with that blasted thing in my chest. Why all of a sudden do you now care about it being in my possession?"

"You mean you're the one that took the spear?" Master Fung asked.

"Yes I am but it was only out of self preservation," Rai answered, "I would be happy to return the spear to the temple."

"Then return it now!" Omi ordered.

"But only if you swore, on your honour as a monk of this temple, that you or anyone else on the Xiaolin side would not use it on me."

Omi opened his mouth but then stopped when he realised this was vow he couldn't make. He looked to his team but they were just as stumped. Either way the spear was useless to them. Rai gave a small triumphant smirk.

"That's what I thought."

Rai picked up a big bowl of noodles, talking between mouthfuls.

"I have set reasonable terms for the return of the spear, now unless you are willing to meet them I will be hanging on to it."

Omi fumed, knowing full well that he had been beaten.

"Shouldn't you guys at least try to be hospitable?" Rai asked, "I mean I did help you get those last two Wu."

Master Fung's gaze suddenly shifted back to his students.

"Is this true?"

The Wudai Warriors were a bit slow with their answers so Rai decided to 'help' them out.

"I paid for the Imo-Gazer then won the Horde of Haiku and the Crouching Cougar in a Showdown."

Master Fung raised an eyebrow at his students, silently asking them to verify these facts. They slowly nodded and Kimiko realised the trap they had walked into. Since Rai had helped the temple with no apparent personal gain, the temple was morally obligated to at least provide the food and shelter that he asked of them.

Master Fung finally said, "Very well you may stay here for now."

"Swell," Rai answered.

He emptied the bowl of noodles with one long suck and walked out of the dinning room in long strides as if he owned the place. Master Fung turned to his pupils.

"Please enlighten me as to what has taken place," Master Fung ordered.

Kimiko internally groaned. She was not looking forward to this.

No-one noticed a raven that had been sitting outside a nearby window fly off.

Chase Young was doing his Tai Chi practise, focusing mainly on calming techniques. Heavens knows he needed it, what with Wuya trying not only to sneak out for Shen Gong Wu twice in one day but also wanting to move their relationship forward to shudder cuddling. He was starting to remember why for the best part of 1500 years he had all women in his domain spend most of their time in cat form.

But still Chase put up with Wuya's behaviour to a certain degree. As much pleasure as it would bring him to dispose of her in a gruesome manner; she had her uses, so long as she was kept under control.

Chase was part way through completing the tortoise paints fence movement when he was interrupted by something landing on his shoulder. He didn't bother to threaten the raven because he knew that it was fully aware of what would happen if it needlessly wasted his Master's time. Chase held his pose while letting the Raven whisper into his ear. When the raven gave its message, Chase's eye's shot open.

"Show me," he ordered the raven, needing more proof than just the raven's word.

The Raven turned his head to the side so that Chase could look into his eye. When Chase saw the images, he knew the raven told the truth.

"Return to the Temple," Chase ordered, "Do not let him out of your sight."

The raven nodded before flying off, Chase snapped his finger, causing a tiger to appear out of the shadows.

"Keep watch over Wuya, under no circumstances must she be allowed to leave my domain."

The tiger bowed its head before disappearing back into the shadows.

Chase sat down in his chair, bringing his hands together in contemplation. This was a problem; even in her weakened state, Wuya had the potential to be a threat if she regained her apprentice. But while Rai holds allegiance with the Xiaolin Warriors, he can not be eliminated without incurring the wrath of the temple and of its allies. Chase was formidable but he wasn't stupid and he would not cause an outright war between him and the Xiaolin side over that accursed demon.

Chase nodded his head slightly when he came to a conclusion. There was nothing for it; he would to prevent Wuya from leaving his domain and wait for an opportunity to strike. From what the raven showed him, Rai was as much of a thorn as he was in the past so it won't take long for that opportunity to turn up.

Kimiko was pissed; not only did she have to endures a Fung lecture on accepting help from the enemy, Rai had also ate most of what had been their lunch and now there was a big pile of dirty dishes with her name on it that she had little part in creating. This would not stand.

Kimiko walked over to where Rai was lying on the grass, looking at the clouds.

"Hey there firefly," Rai said, "What can I do ya for?"

"Do the dishes," Kimiko ordered.

Rai sat up.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me; you ate most of the lunch so it's only fair that you do the dishes."

Rai stood up and looked Kimiko straight in the eye.

"I'm not some servant for you to order round…"

"But you are part of this temple now, get used to it," Kimiko interjected, "everyone here does their share in keeping this temple running and if you are going to stay here, you are going to do your part as well."

Rai didn't reply, he just turned round and walked off with out another word.


"Well I'm finished listening," Rai called back.

Kimiko stood there for a moment, but soon gave chase.

If that jerk thinks he can just walk away when I'm talking to him, he better think again.

She realised Rai was heading to the kitchen, probably to take more food. Kimiko stormed into the kitchen. She stopped dead when she saw Rai in front of the sink, doing something with the dishes that look strangely like cleaning.

"Uh, what are you doing?" Kimiko asked, not sure whether to believe her eyes.

"Doing the dishes," Rai answered, "just like you told me to."

Kimiko's mouth opened slightly in shock,

"You're doing the dishes..."


"Because I told you to."

"Well I'm certainly not doing this for fun," Rai answered.

Kimiko still couldn't get her head round what was happening.

"You, Rai, Heylin Demon of Wind, are doing the dishes…"

"And you, Kimiko, Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, are insulting both of us by talking like that."

That shut Kimiko up but didn't stop her staring. Rai, feeling her eyes on him, sighed and turned to face Kimiko.

"Look, there isn't much to understand; you made a compelling argument and I ceded the victory."

Kimiko put her hand up, trying to slow things down again.

"Wait, you're saying that I won the argument."

"Yes you did," Rai answered, "what were you expecting? A grand surrender and people singing praises of how 'the great and fair Kimiko made the savage and unconquerable Rai yield to her will'?"

Kimiko raised an eyebrow.

"Well kinda though I wouldn't say you yielded to my will nor would I call you savage and unconquerable," Kimiko replied.

"Yeah but who would want to read a story about you getting an easy going and generally agreeable chap to do his share in the chores?"

"Good point."

"I thought you'd agree," Rai said before lifting up a drying cloth, "mind lending a hand? This really works better if there is one person cleaning and one person drying."

Kimiko looked into Rai's cat like eyes uncertainly, there seemed to be a strange sincerity in this request. His eyes seemed to hide no agenda and yet by the way he asked it seemed as if he valued the company more than he valued the help. Kimiko shrugged but took the cloth and started to dry the dishes that Rai had already cleaned.

She then asked, "So would this go down as the tale of how the great and fair Kimiko succumbed to the will of the savage and unconquerable Rai?"

"That depends," Rai answered, "would I be able to convince you to wear a cute little servant's outfit?"

"Not on your life."

"Then no it wouldn't."

Rai went back to washing the dishing, whistling softly to himself that same hauntingly beautiful melody she had whistled before. Kimiko looked at this strange sight before continuing drying. Soon they got into a rhythm.

"You know Rai, for a demon you're not all that …well…demonic."

Kimiko thought she saw Rai pause briefly but it was so brief she couldn't be sure.

"Were you expecting someone who rants, roars, causes massive destruction and feeds on human flesh?" He asked.

"Well yeah I guess I was," Kimiko replied bashfully, "you mean you don't do that?"

"Nah, human flesh is too fattening," Rai answered, patting his stomach, "I'm watching my weight."

Kimiko blinked at Rai for a moment before giving a brief chuckle.

"Ok, I'll admit, that one was kinda funny," she told him.

Rai smiled at her.

"For a moment I was afraid that no-one in this place had a sense of humour. So is there a roster I can put my name on or am I going to have to wait for you to give me a job each time."

"You mean you'll help out?" Kimiko asked.

"Sure, I mean it's not like I haven't done chores before. Wuya made sure I got plenty of practice," Rai said.

"So what was it like? Being Wuya's apprentice?" Kimiko asked, she had never considered joining but she had always wondered what it was like on the other side.

"Truthfully? I hated it," Rai answered, "The training, the chores, the housework; you would think that I was more of servant than an apprentice. And don't get me started on the errands she made me run. Honestly, if I didn't know better I would have thought that she liked finding new people for me to tick off."

"Well if you didn't like it, why did you do what she said?" Kimiko asked.

"It's complicated," Rai answered, "actually that's a lie, it's not all that complicated but I just don't want to talk about it so can we conveniently change the topic?"

"Uh… sure if you want," Kimiko replied, taken aback by Rai's answer.

"So where are you from?" Rai asked, "You obviously weren't born in this temple."

Though it was the truth, Kimiko couldn't help but ask "What makes you say that?"

"Well you're lacking two things that every monk raised in a temple is expected to have."

"And they are?"

"A shaved head and a …uh…never mind."

"Well I'm from Tokyo."


Kimiko almost face palmed herself. The guy had been a statue for 1500 years, how the heck would he know where Tokyo is.

"It's in a place east of here, over the sea, called Japan."

"Land of the Rising Sun," Rai finished.

Kimiko raised an eyebrow.

"I saw the poster in your cubical," Rai explained, "So did you come here on one of those crazy contraptions, planes I think they are called."

"How do you know about planes, what's so crazy about them?" Kimiko asked.

"I read about them in a book," Rai answered, "And they are big metal things that act like birds and gain its power from something that explodes when lit. Am I the only one that thinks that's a bit unnatural?"

"And you would know about unnatural."

Rai gave a shrug.

"What can I say; it takes a sin of nature to know a sin of nature. So what made you come to this temple?"

"I believe ya are getting into private matters."

Rai and Kimiko turned to see Clay standing in the doorway.

"Clay, we were just…"

"Omi wants ya to help him out with playing Poochie 5," Clay interjected before Kimiko could finish.

Kimiko knew this was a lie because Omi had already clocked Poochie 5 but the tone of Clay's voice said that this wasn't a time to argue.

"Ok," She replied, "See you round Rai."

Kimiko walked out, Clay made sure Kimiko was out of ear shot before turning back to Rai.

"So ya've taken an interest in Kimiko," Clay stated, "Asking bout her back story, taking opportunity to be alone with her, going into her room."

"Look…" Rai began.

Clay walked right up to Rai, until their noses were touching; Clay using his bigger stature to tower over Rai slightly.

"No you look here, I've seen your type before."

Rai smirked at this.

"Somehow I doubt you've ever seen anything like me."

Rai was about to side step Clay when he was lifted up by his shirt.

"Listen up cause I'm only going to say this once," Clay threatened, "I care about Kimiko and I am not going to let her be hurt by some snake-eyed pretty boy looking for another notch in his belt. So no flirting, no funny business, no going anywhere yer not meant to and keep both hands where I can see them or else I'll do something to you I don't need a magic do-dad to do it with. Got it?"

Rai looked Clay right in the eye.

"Got it, now put me down before you get it."

Clay let go of Rai and walked out. Rai turned to finish the dishes. A slight smirk graced his lips.

The guy's got guts, I'll give him that but in case he didn't notice; I don't have a belt.

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