TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

New Girl in Town

Down in an old subway tunnel long-since abandoned by the citizens of New York, the Hamato family was working together to help Leatherhead get settled into the newly discovered space. While they all enjoyed the crocodile’s company, their home was snug enough as it is with the six of them. It had taken a few weeks to find their large ally a home big enough, and even longer to gather all the furniture and build a security system for him. Now, the only thing left to do was help Leatherhead get fully moved in.

“Alright, a bit more to the right…” Mikey called, waving his hand to the right.

Both Raph and Leo struggled to lift their end of the large mattress as they followed Mikey’s instructions. Leatherhead easily lifted his end, also following the orange turtle’s commands.

“Now a bit more to the left.” Mikey corrected.

“Oh I’ll give you a left, Mikey!” Raph growled. “A left hook!”

From atop the mattress they were currently trying to situate, Hisako sat up, looking more than a bit annoyed.

“You know, I could help you guys if you wanted.” She commented hopefully. “I mean, my hand’s all healed and everything.”

She waved around her previously injured hand, showing off the new scar that now decorated it.

“Not a chance.” Leo told her. “Your hand may be healed, but we’re still not sure what that ‘Dark Phoenix’ thing you pulled did to you.

“Yeah sis.” Mikey agreed. “You were out for a whole week after what you did to he-whom-shall-remain-nameless, and we just want to make sure you’ve rested enough.”

“Come on guys,” Hisako griped. “I’ve been doing nothing but rest ever since I woke up. I rested while you found this place, I rested while you gathered all the furniture. Shell, I’m even resting on the furniture you’re moving right now!”

Donny looked up from where he was working, installing a security system for Leatherhead.

“As the unofficial physician of this group, I say it’s too early for you to be doing any strenuous physical activity.”

Hisako groaned, flopping down on the mattress in frustration. As much as she loved her brothers, they could be a bit overbearing at times. With their sister sufficiently cowed, the turtles resumed their duties.

“There!” Mikey called out. “Perfect!”

Leo and Raph gratefully dropped the mattress, Leatherhead doing the same. The croc then scooped up Hisako, placing her on his shoulder.

“What next Don?” Leo asked.

“Well I-”

Before Donnie could answer, there was the familiar sound of footsteps approaching from not far off. Hisako instantly perked up, jumping off of Leatherhead’s shoulders before anyone could react.

“Casey! April!” she called.

“Hey Greenie.” Casey greeted as he and April entered the lair.

“You’re looking better.” April told her. “And, not just physically. You seem genuinely happy.”

Hisako grinned.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” she replied. “The man who ruined my life is gone, the place that haunted my nightmares is history. For the first time in my life… I’m 100% free.”

“Get back here Hisako.” Donnie called out, causing Hisako’s smile to drop slightly.

“Scratch that. 95% free.”

She then quickly dove out of the way of Raph’s attempts to grab her.

“You need to rest!” Leo insisted, “You’ve had a traumatic experience!”

“We’ve ALL had a traumatic experience!” Hisako argued. “You’ve nearly got your throat slit Mikey.”

“It was a tiny cut, and besides, your experience was traumatic…er....” Mikey called out, faltering a bit at the end.

Hisako just giggled as April decided to change the subject.

“So… I see you guys got Leatherhead moved in.” She remarked.

Donny gave a nod.

“Yeah.” he commented. “Figured it would give us something to do while we recovered. Unfortunately, the task was so time consuming that we haven’t even had time to find new masks for ourselves.”

“Funny you should say that.” Casey remarked holding out some kind of box covered in newspaper.

“Ooh presents!” Mikey exclaimed.

He grabbed it, tearing off the paper in one fell swoop. His smile faded a bit when he was it was just a shoe box.

“Gee thanks Case.” Mikey said monotonously. “But I think we got the shoe department squared away.

Casey chuckled.

“Open it, bonehead.”

Mikey did so and his smile returned at the sight of a row of colorful lengths of cloth. There were five of them, one for each one of the Hamato Clan.

“Guys! We’ve got new masks!” Mikey squealed in delight.

Everyone swarmed the box, snagging their proper color, immediately tying them onto their faces. Once they did, it was as if a small piece of them had been returned to them.

“Gotta say, I was starting to feel naked without it.” Raph remarked.

“Thank you both.” Leo told them with a bow.

“Don’t mention it.” Casey said with a wave. “Consider it a thank you for saving our hides.”

Hisako looked at the fifth mask, a dark green color that was about the same color of her brothers’ shells. Having never had a mask of her own, she was eager to see if it worked.

“How do I look?” she asked, finishing off the knot.

“Nice.” Leo complimented.

“Not bad.” Raph agreed.

“I concur.” Donnie added.

“Little less hair, little more green, and a shell, and you could pass as one of us.” Mikey commented.

That’s when April let out a snort. The Hamato siblings all turned to see her and Casey fighting back snickers.

“Funny you should mention that...” April giggled. “You see…. We didn’t just buy the masks.”

Casey pulled out a large box, handing it to Hisako. She took it, seriously tempted to read their minds, but instead, she simply opened the present. Once she opened the box, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What do ya think?” Casey asked.

Hisako reached into the box, pulling out a backpack shaped exactly like a turtle shell. The turtles took one look at it, and the dam burst. Everyone in the room began laughing hysterically. Hisako slipped the backpack one, giggling so hard tears came to her eyes.

“Look guys!” she cackled. “I’m just like you!”

“Aesthetically maybe,” Donny remarked, “but not-”

That’s when Hisako snatched his mask right off his face.

“I beg to differ.” she argued playfully, pulling off her mask. “Just watch my intellectual relation.”

She pulled Donny’s mask over her face, then turned to face the group.

“Greetings.” she called in a robotic version of Donny’s voice, complete with cheesy robotic arm movements. “I am Donatello. I am a turtle robot. I am incapable of talking to anybody without sounding like a know-it-all.”

The rest of the group burst into laughter hearing Hisako’s impression of her brother. Donnie chuckled good-naturedly before snatching his mask back.

“Ha-ha. Very funny.”

“Yeah.” Mikey agreed. “Downright hilarious!”

That’s when Hisako grabbed his mask.

“Just for that, you’re next!”

She tied on the mask, then made the silliest face she could muster.

“Yo Dudes! I’m Michelangelo! Wanna see me stuff an entire pizza in my mouth?!”

“Hey!” Mikey interjected as everyone else was laughing. “That only happened once.”

Everybody looked at Mikey, their gazes silently judging him.

“Ok twice, but I choked on that last one!”

Everybody giggled as Mikey reclaimed his mask

“Alright Hisako,” Leo said handing his mask to her. “Let’s see what you do with me.”

Hisako slipped the mask on, then took on a deep, batman-esque voice.

“I am Leonardo. I am your leader. You must do what I say because I am the leader. I know what is best because I am the leader.”

Now everybody was laughing once more, even Hisako as she handed Leo his mask back,

“I sound nothing like that!” Leo shouted putting his mask back on.

“Yes that’s why we’re laughing,” Raph responded. “Because you sound nothing like that.”

That’s when Hisako walked up to him, holding out her hand.

“Your turn, Raphy-boy.” she told him, her voice laced with an edge that only seemed to egg Raph on.

“Bring it on.” Raph challenged, handing her his mask.

She put on the mask, then took on a gorilla like stance.

“Me Raph! Me Smash!” she shouted, raising her fists into the air.

She then immediately pulled the mask off her face, throwing it at Raph before taking off in a dead sprint.

“That’s it!” Raph shouted, snagging his mask out of the air before starting to chase after her. “Come back here you little parrot!”

He chased her around Leatherhead’s home in a full circle, Hisako taunting him with every step. The rest of them watched the two of them with a combination of surprise and enjoyment.

“I think it’s safe to say that Hisako has a clean bill of health.” Leo noted.

“I guess so.” Donnie concurred as Raph continued his futile chase.

Eventually, Hisako stopped mid-run, causing Raph to trip over himself to try and stop himself.

“Hey, anybody else hungry?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Mikey agreed.

“I could eat.” Donny added.

“Yeah...” Raph croaked.

Hisako grinned.

“Okay. I could run to that burger joint down the road and-”

“NO!” everybody shouted at once.

Hisako paused for a moment, then realized what she’d said.

“Right...” she muttered. “Forgot for a minute.”

“You may be physically better, but we are not letting you go topside alone again.” Leo insisted.

“At least, not anytime in the foreseeable future.” Donnie amended.

Hisako conceded, turning to Casey and April.

“Well, if not me, then what about you two?”

Both Casey and April shook their heads.

“We both got lost about 17 times just trying to find this place.” April argued.

“Yeah, sorry Greenie, but you’re kinda outta luck with us.” Casey lamented.

“Well then how do we decide-” Hisako began.

“NO NOSE GOES!” Mikey screamed

Donny, Mikey, and Raph immediately placed a finger on the center of their face where a nose would usually be. Leo, who was a second too late, sighed in irritation.

“Ah come on guys.” Leo lamented. “How is this fair? We don’t even have noses.”

“Then what do you call the little slits right there?” Casey asked, gesturing to Leo’s nostrils.

“...Little slits?” Leo tried to answer.

Raph clapped Leo on the shell.

“Don’t try to fight it bro. You lost, you go.”

“Well how exactly do you expect me to get burgers? I can’t exactly go inside, and i don’t think they take turtles in the drive-thru.”

That’s when a bike helmet came flying his way. Leo barely caught it in time.

“Take the shell cycle.” Raph told him. “Nobody will think twice about you in a full face helmet on my bike.”

“You sure Raph?” Leo asked, taken aback by Raph’s suggestion.

“Yeah, just know this.”

He grabbed Leo by the shirt, pulling him closer so they were looking each other dead in the eye.

“You get so much as a scratch on her, and we’ll see if mutant turtles can survive without their shells.”

“Noted.” Leo simply responded as Raph released him.

Slipping the helmet under his arm, Leo left the tunnel. Behind Raph, Hisako resumed her gorilla-like stance.

“Scratch bike, Raph SMASH!” She mocked.

Raph turned on her, pouncing on her as she tried to get away.

“Raph gonna smash you!” Raph roared mocking Hisako’s impression of him as the two wrestled.

Both Mikey and Donny watched the wrestling match with a mix of apprehension and fascination.

“Umm, should we do something, Don?” Mikey asked.

“You want to get between those two?” Donnie retorted.

Mikey looked back at the fierce battle between the two siblings.

“Uh… no.” He replied.

“Me neither.” Casey agreed.

“Not gonna happen.” April concluded.

Leo had to admit, cruising down the street on the Shell Cycle was pretty fun. He’d been the last of his brothers to even think of riding the bike, labeling it reckless and hazardous. That had changed the first time he got on it. While he still preferred to run or to travel by Shell raiser, he wasn’t against a little ride every now and then.

As Leo approached a stop light, another rider came up beside him on a sleek, red motorcycle. The rider looked at Leo’s bike up and down before flipping up the visor of their helmet.

“Nice ride you got there!” the rider compliment

Leo turned to the rider.

“Thanks.” he responded. “Yours is pretty sweet too.”

“Yeah, but looks aren’t everything.” The rider countered. “It’s about what’s inside.”

The rider revved the engine of their bike, their back tire squealing and burning rubber. Leo grinned under his helmet, doing the same. He’d probably need to buy Raph some new tires, but something told him this would be worth it.

“Bike’s got juice, I’ll admit.” The rider conceded. “But let’s see if it can keep up.”

The light turned green and the rider sped off in a streak of red and black. Leo grinned.

“Bring it!” Leo challenged as he sped after them.

With all the mods Raph had made to the bike, Leo caught up with his opponent relatively quickly. The driver just looked at him before accelerating again. Seeing this, Leo got irritated and hit the accelerator as well, desperate to catch up. The Rider swerved into his lane, blocking his attempts to pass him. Leo then swerved into the other lane to try and pull ahead. Unfortunately, the rider swerved with him.

“Not gonna be that easy, newbie!” The rider taunted.

Leo wasn’t done yet. He revved the bike, desperately trying to catch up to his opponent. He then looked down the road and saw a final stop light before the road cut off.

“First one through that light wins!” the rider called.

Leo and the rider sped as fast as they could towards the stoplight, with the rider still ahead. Taking measures into his own hands, Leo saw a small, make-shift ramp a kid had probably made for his skate board.

“This is so stupid.” he muttered as he gunned it.

At breakneck speeds, Leo approached the ramp and ran straight up it, the rider looked up in amazement as Leo soared through the air over her. With seconds to spare, Leo crossed the ‘finish line’ right before the other rider did, immediately hitting the brakes and coming to a stop.

“That, was some pretty gutsy racing there, newbie.” The rider complimented as they pulled of their helmet.

Leo was absolutely mesmerized when the rider revealed their face, or more appropriately, her face. The rider had long, bright pink hair that seemed to cascade out of the helmet in a waterfall of pink tresses. Her skin was an olive tinge, and her smile made Leo’s brain suddenly short circuit.

“Uh…. thanks.” Leo responded still stunned.

The rider laughed at Leo’s sudden debacle with the English language.

“I see. Wasn’t expecting a girl right?” she asked. “No worries. I’m more than used to it.”

Leo just kept staring before finally snapping himself out of it, clearing his throat.

“No. no it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting a girl… like you.”

The girl gave a grin.

“There are no girls like me.” she told him. “But then again, I doubt there are guys like you either. People like us tend to be one of a kind.”

“Uh…” Leo stuttered until he realized what she meant. “Yeah. Right.”

The girl chuckled.

“You know, you’re a good rider, but you could definitely use a few lessons in racing, and in some real jumps.”

She fished into her jacket, pulling out a small notepad and a pen. With a flurry of motion, she scribbled something on one of the pages before ripping it out.

“Here.” she said, offering him the paper. “Give me a call if you ever feel like becoming a real biker.”

“Uh… yeah sure.” Leo answered.

She chuckled, tucking the paper into his jacket pocket.

“Though first, you might want to take some English classes.” she joked.

She was about to speed off before Leo finally remembered that he didn’t even know this mystery girl’s name.

“Hey!” he called out. “I didn’t catch your name!”

The girl looked over her shoulder before slipping her helmet back on.

“It’s Karai, you?”

“It’s Leo.” he replied. “Leonardo”

Karai revved her bike, peeling down the street with a final wave.

“See you around, Leonardo!”

Leo just stood there, utterly amazed the girl he had met there tonight. Who was she? Where did she come from? He didn’t know, all he knew was he had to see her again.

A buzzing in his pocket pulled him from his reverie. Fishing around, he pulled out his shell cell, which was displaying a text message.

You get lost bro? Mikey’s getting restless waiting for those burgers! -H

Leo suddenly remembered, and felt like a complete and utter idiot.

“The burgers!” he screamed

Jumping back on the bike, Leo sped off, hoping he wasn’t too late.


Leo finally made it back to Leatherhead’s place with the food, the paper with Karai’s number folded up in his jacket pocket.

“Hey guys!” Leo called out, holding out the bags of food. “Sorry I’m late!”

“Bout time bro.” Raph called back, snagging one of the bags from his brother. “What kept ya?”

Leo gave a shrug, handing a pair of the bags to Donny and Hisako respectively.

“Traffic.” he replied dismissively.

“Traffic-schmaffic.” Mikey scoffed. “Gimme the food!”

“Okay Mikey.” Leo chuckled, tossing him his bag.

Leatherhead came to claim a bag while Casey and April took theirs. Once everybody was eating, Leo slipped his hand into his pocket, pulling out that paper. As he unfolded it, Hisako leaned over, looking over his shoulder

“Whatcha got there, Leo?” she asked.

Out of panic, Leo shoved the paper back into his pocket.

“Nothing.” Leo responded hastily.

Hisako pointed at Leo’s pocket, her eyes glowing green as she flicked her finger upward, pulling the paper from his pocket. She snatched it out of the air, deactivating her powers and unfolding the paper.

“Hey!” he shouted, trying to get the paper, “How did you even do that?!”

“Been practicing.” Hisako responded, trying to read the paper and avoid her brother’s attempts to retrieve it. “Haven’t really had much else to do under mandatory bedrest.”

“Come on. Give it back.” Leo asked, realizing his attempts were futile.

“Why?” she asked. “What’s so important about this paper?”

“Nothing just give it!”

Hisako refused, finally getting the chance to read the paper. Once she realized what it was, she broke out into a big grin.

“Guys! Leo got a girl’s phone number!” she cheered.

“Would you be quiet?” Leo hissed.

“Leo’s got a girlfriend! Leo’s got a girlfriend!” She chanted, drawing the rest of the group’s attention.

“Oh so that’s what was keeping ya.” Raph responded, looking up from his food.

“How could have a girlfriend if we never show ourselves to anyone?” Donny questioned.

Casey let out a cough, causing Donny to blush.

“Almost anyone.” he corrected.

“I…” Leo started to say. “I met her while i was getting the food.

“How?” Mikey asked excitedly. “Is she pretty? What’s her name? How old is she? Does she like turtles?”

“Did she see you?” Leatherhead added.

That question suddenly dropped the mood of the room, everybody looking at Leo for an answer to that oh so important question.

“I kept my helmet on the whole time. She didn’t see my face.” Leo quickly responded.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief, and Leo took advantage of the reprieve to reclaim his paper.

“Besides, she’s not my girlfriend.” he argued. “Odds are, I’ll probably never see her again.”

“Then why did she give you her number?” Hisako asked.

“Number or not, it would never work.” Leo told her, though he was most likely trying to convince himself. “Besides, our secret comes first, and there are enough people who know about us already.”

April suddenly pelted Leo with a French fry.

“Glad to know we mean so little to you, Leo.” she teased.

“Yeah, it’s not like we risked our freedom and our lives to help you or anything.” Casey added.

“Oooooh!” The other turtles called.

“I do believe they just called you out, Leo.” Hisako jeered.

Leo’s brow furrowed as he got to his feet, surprising everyone with his sudden change in demeanor.

“Okay, if you guys are just gonna treat me as a turtle punching bag, I’m heading out. I’ll meet you guys back at the lair.”

He abruptly got up, walking out of Leatherhead’s home. Everyone watched him go a bit confused.

“Is it just me, or did he take that harder than he usually does?” Mikey asked.

“It ain’t just you.” Raph replied.

Hisako stood up, chowing down the last of her food before making her way home.

“I’ll go check on him.” she offered.

“Just be careful.” Raph told her. “You’re still-”

“Say I’m still recovering one more time, and I’ll show you that I’ve fully recovered. Got that?”

Raph wisely fell silent as Hisako disappeared into the sewers.


Leo continued walking through the tunnels as Hisako ran up to him.

“Hey mister grumpy shell.” she greeted, slowly down to match his pace.

Leo turned and saw his sister finally catching up to him and groaned. He did not want to deal with any more teasing.

“Come to poke fun some more?” he grumbled.

“Actually, I came to see what crawled up your shell.” she asked. “You usually bounce back from our teasing, and give back just as much. Why the sudden change?”

Leo stopped walking, wondering the same himself. Why had he suddenly gotten defensive? After a moment, he finally figured out the reason.

“Well… I guess I just got tired of It.” he answered.

“Tired of what?” Hisako asked.

“Tired of everyone needling me about everything I do.”

“We don’t do that.” Hisako replied.

Leo met her eye, then began to mimic her earlier impression of him.

“I know what is best because I am the leader.” he mocked. “Sound familiar?”

Hisako threw her hands up in exasperation.

“I was joking!” she exclaimed. “I did the same thing with everyone else, and they all brushed it off no problem. Why can’t you?”

“Because with being in charge of your guys’ safety every time we leave the lair, I have enough on my mind without you guys treating me like a joke.”

Hisako took a deep breath, calming herself down.

“Leo, we don’t treat you like a joke.” she promised. “We all trust you with our lives. Why do you think you’re our leader? We joke and poke fun because we know that it’s all for kicks. We’re family. It’s kind of what we do.”

“Then would it kill you to not mock me when something nice comes into my life?” Leo angrily pleaded.

Hisako blinked.

“You… You honestly like this mystery girl.” she realized. “Leo...”

Leo suddenly felt himself falter a bit. Did he? He barely knew her. In fact, he only knew her name, nothing else.

“Well… so what if I do?”

Hisako sighed.

“Look Leo, believe when I say I can understand wanting to find someone outside of the family to trust, and to… well… love. However, you need to be careful. We got lucky with April and Casey, but I don’t think every human we encounter will be the same.”

Leo sighed, seeing the wisdom in his sister’s words.

“I know that, but at least give me the chance to find out for myself. I’m not a complete idiot, I’m not gonna tell her everything right away.”

Hisako nodded.

“Alright, but only on one condition.”

“Name it.”

Hisako then twirled her finger, his mask suddenly spinning on his face to cover his eyes.

“You lighten up, fearless leader!” she squealed, tackling him.

“Hey. Get off!” Leo yelled wrestling with Hisako.

“Make me.” Hisako retorted.

The two wrestled playfully, Leo’s earlier outburst forgotten. He may be the leader, but he was also their brother, and he would just have to learn to accept their poking fun. And with his mystery girl, he figured his chances of meeting her again were slim to none. Odds are, he’d forget about her in a few days.


Karai’s motorcycle sped through the darkened streets, screeching around corners as she pulled up to a large building in the center of the business district. It didn’t have any outward signage or a visible address, but that did not deter the woman. Not even bothering to slow down, Karai made her way into a large parking garage, each space filled with identical black motorcycles lined up in a row. Near the end, there was a space labeled ‘Karai’ in bold, spray painted letters in an obvious graffiti pattern. Karai parked in the spot, flipping her kick stand out and pulling off her helmet.

“Home sweet home.” she said with a sigh. “Wonder what father wants this time.”

She sauntered over to the service elevator, walking in and placing her thumb on the scanner provided.

“Oroku Karai, let me in already.” she announced.

There was a ding and the elevator closed, slowly taking her up to the top level. She tapped her foot impatiently at the slow ascent of the elevator, wondering if it really was the fastest way to the top floor. Finally the elevator stopped and the doors opened to the large Japanese temple that served as her father’s office.

Once the door dinged, Karai rolled out of the elevator, getting into a defensive position just as several Motorheads jumped down from the rafters. Smirking, Karai hooked her helmet with her foot, launching it into the air. With a sudden, powerful kick, she sent it soaring up towards the oncoming attackers, where it collided with one of the motorheads.

“That all you got?!” she challenged.

The motorhead quickly got to his feet and charged towards her. She tried to perform a sweeping kick but he was quick to jump over and deliver a kick of his own. Fortunately Karai caught the foot and swung him away from her. The motorhead got up once again and charged towards her again. He delivered several punches at his opponent, but Karai quickly blocked each one. She finally grabbed one of his punched and flipped him onto his back. Karai then twisted the motorheads arm ready to deliver the final blow.

"Yame!” a voice called out.

Karai paused mid blow, her hand inches from her captive motorhead. She turned towards the source of the voice, dropping the motorhead.

“You know, if you wanted to see if I’d been keeping up with my studies, you could have just invited me to spar with you, father.” she called.

“Adaptation to the unexpected is essential in a warrior.” her father explained.

Karai just sighed, grabbing her now dented helmet and tucking it under her arm.

“You gonna come out of the shadows anytime soon?” she asked.

He stepped into the light showing a middle aged man in a blue and white Japanese-style garment. His hair was long and black, coming to just above his shoulders to frame his slender face. He approached her, looking Karai up and down.

“Your time in Japan has not dampened your sense of individuality.” he remarked.

Karai tightened her bright pink ponytail with a shrug.

“Well, you probably shouldn’t have sent me to college in the capital of anime and otakus.” She told him with a small amount of sarcasm. “So why bring me home so soon after graduation? I thought I was supposed to be your emissary with the Foot High Council.”

Saki led Karai to his desk, gesturing for her to sit on a cushion set up in front of it. Once she did, Saki took his seat, knitting his fingers together and resting his chin on them.

“I have an assignment for you.” he explained.

Karai raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” she asked interested. “Can’t remember the last time you gave me one of those.”

“Over the past few years I have had some ‘interlopers’ meddling in my business.”

Karai let out a snort.

“The great Oroku Saki having trouble with interlopers in his business? Call the presses!”

Had it been anyone else, Saki probably would have killed them where they stood. However, since it was Karai, he let it slide.

“I need you to find them and take them out.” He concluded

“Alright.” Karai agreed, cracking her knuckles. “What info do you have?”

Saki reached under his desk, pulling out a file before handing it to her.

“This has all the information Stockman collected on them.” he explained as she started reading it. “Four mutant turtles and their human sister. Trained in the art of Ninjutsu.

Karai blinked, then looked down at the folder.

“You’re kidding.” she said bluntly.

“Extraordinary I admit, but true nonetheless.” Saki responded.

Karai read the files in disbelief.

“You know, if I didn’t know about Stockman’s pets, I’d say you’d lost it.”

She then read one of the names and paused.

“Leonardo. Huh. How ironic.”

Saki paused as well, wondering what his daughter meant.

“How so?” Saki asked.

“Well, while I was riding around, I got into this race with another motorcyclist. Guy was gutsy, and his bike was sweet. Looked homemade, and the turtle-shell decals were really well done. Said his name was Leonardo.”

Saki stroked his chin in contemplation. Could this mysterious rider be one of the turtles?

“Hmmm… That is quite the coincidence.”

“Maybe.” she allowed. “But I didn’t see his face. Had on a full face helmet that he didn’t remove, so there’s no way of telling if it’s your little friend or not.”

“Did you hear his voice?” Saki asked.

Karai gave her father a withering glare.

“No father, he communicated with me telepathically.” she told him, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Of course I heard his voice.”

Saki opened up his laptop, clicking on a file marked ‘Turtles’. Going to the Leonardo subfolder, he found the file he wanted.

“Did he sound like this?” he asked

He pressed a button on his computer and an audio recording played.

Give us our sister, before things get ugly.

Karai focused for a minute, then nodded.

“Yeah… that’s him.” she said. “No doubt about it”

“Well then.” Saki voiced, a plan forming already. “Perhaps we can use this to our advantage. Keep tabs on Leonardo. He may be the key to locating and destroying the others.”

Karai gave a nod.

“Should be easy. I gave him my number and offered to teach him how to really ride that bike. I can use that to get close, and who knows. Maybe I’ll set up a meeting with the whole family.”

Saki couldn’t help but smile. Karai had the same creativity and cunning as her father. It made him proud to call her his daughter.

“I know you will not fail me, Karai.”

She gave a wink before sauntering out of the room.

“When have I ever?”

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