TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Enter the Shredder

Amidst the broken glass strewn across the rugs of April’s apartment, and the torrent of rain pouring in from the open window, Leonardo lay unconscious, beaten to within an inch of his life. His siblings and Master all knelt around him, each of them scared beyond measure. April clung to Casey, fighting back tears as she stared down at her friend.

Not two minutes ago, the blue turtle had been flung through the window like he was nothing. Before falling into unconsciousness, Hisako had been able to read his fading thoughts, pulling the name of his attacker from his mind. Unfortunately, that name left more questions than answers.

“The Shredder?” Raph repeated. “Who the shell is that?”

“I don’t know that guy, but I hate that guy.” Mikey declared, his fingers twitching over his Nunchucks

Splinter looked at his fallen son, then at the others. The name Shredder was all too familiar to him, a name that meant certain doom for them all if they remained where they were.

“We are no longer safe here.” He declared. “We must flee.”

He bent down to try and lift his son, April immediately bending down to help him. As they did this, the rest of the windows in April’s apartment exploded inward as various motorheads entered the apartment. Everyone gasped, the still conscious turtles and Hisako all readying their weapons. Casey pulled his mask over his face, drawing a golf club as a weapon.

“You guys again!” Raph yelled. “So this Shredder guy’s part of the Foot Clan! As if I needed any more reason to hate him!”

The Foot soldiers charged at them full force, determined to finish what they’d started. Raph struck at them with the blunt end of his sai, taking down one after another in a fit of unbridled rage, not just at the motorheads, but at himself. The image of Leo lying broken on the ground just added more strength to his furious attacks.

Mikey joined in, spinning his nunchaku wildly. He didn’t even bother dispensing with his usual banter, feeling that this was neither the time nor the place. It was time for some helmet-wearing creeps to get the comeuppance they so richly deserved for what had happened to Leo.

Donny blocked one oncoming sword strike with his staff, his eyes scanning the apartment for a possible escape route. He knew from experience that neither Raph nor Mikey would be thinking about getting out, leaving that task for him. Unfortunately, because of this, he wasn’t fully paying attention to his opponents, which left him open for another Foot soldier to leap at him. Thankfully, before the Motorhead could strike with his sword, he received a kick to the gut courtesy of Hisako.

“Watch your back Don!” she called out, jumping on top of the motorhead who had tried to hurt her brother.

“Thanks sis.” Donny responded, kicking the other soldier.

“We cannot afford to stay here!” Splinter informed fending off a few Foot soldiers himself. “Michelangelo, April, get Leonardo down the fire-escape.”

“Will do!” Mikey called.

“Raphael, Donatello, clear a path.” Splinter continued.

“Way ahead of ya.” Raph called back.

“Hisako, Mr. Jones, with me. We will hold the rear.” Splinter finished

“Got it sensei!”

“You’re the boss, Splinter.”

Mikey jumped over to where April was, helping her to pick up Leo. He grimaced at the sight, something that didn’t go unnoticed by April.

“He’ll be okay, Mikey.” she assured him. “Once we get him out of here.”

“Right.” Mikey agreed, though he didn’t sound very convinced.

Mikey was then tackled by a Foot soldier and shoved right up to the front door of the apartment. Mikey struggled with the motorhead, just barely holding him off with his nunchuku while simultaneously trying to get free of the pin. Just then, there was a quiet knock at the door.

“April…?” Irma called from outside the door, her voice groggy from sleep. “What’s going on in there? Are you having a party or something?”

“Um…” Mikey started to respond, doing his best to imitate April. “Something.”

“Well… keep it down. I mean, it’s bad enough you’re letting your friends stay over when it’s clearly against your lease. If this keeps up, you’ll have an angry landlord on your hands.”

“Uh right.” Mikey replied, still mimicking April while delivering a punch to the Motorhead’s gut. “Sorry for waking you. We’ll try and keep it down.”

“Thanks April.” Irma said before shuffling off. “Though she probably shouldn’t be throwing a party if she’s losing her voice. She sounded way off.”

Mikey finally shoved the Foot soldier off and punched him hard enough to break the visor on the helmet. He then spin kicked the guy down into the ground.

Raph and Donny meanwhile were knocking away one Foot soldier after another that stood in the way of the window to the fire-escape. The foot clan obviously knew it was the only escape route the turtles had without giving away their secret, and were guarding is rather well. Still, the two turtles would not be deterred. They batted, punched, kicked, and pummeled the foot clan members all across the apartment until an opening was found. Raph wasted no time breaking the window with his sai, grabbing a motorhead who was on the other end and using his helmet to clear away the remaining glass fragments.

“You know we could’ve just opened it.” Donny voiced as Raph dropped his makeshift tool onto the fire escape.

“Maybe when we’re not fighting for our lives.” Raph retorted.

“Right.” Don relented. “Guys! We’re clear!”

Hearing this, Mikey jumped onto a fallen Foot soldier and sprung off him back flipping towards the window.

“Ladies and gentlemen, turtles and rats, run, do not walk to the nearest exit!” He exclaimed.

April came up carrying Leo. Mikey immediately took hold of his arm, draping it over his shoulder and together, both he and April got Leo out onto the fire-escape. Unfortunately it seemed they had company. Several other Foot soldiers were perched on several levels of the fire-escape in anticipation for them.

“Oh give me a break.” Mikey complained.

“The ways blocked!” April exclaimed.

“Not for long.” Splinter replied. “Mr. Jones, help these two protect Leonardo I shall clear us a path.”

Before any of them could respond, Splinter leapt onto the fire-escape and began engaging the Foot, his walking stick spinning in his hand like Donny’s Bo staff. The motorheads all attempted to tackle the rat, but with Splinter’s advanced skills the soldiers of the Foot didn’t stand a chance. He batted them aside with his walking stick, snapping his tail at a few others. Those who managed to avoid these two deadly weapons found himself at the mercy of Splinter’s precise nerve strikes and powerful kicks.

On the bottom of the fire-escape, the turtles made it to the ground, Hisako remaining above to hold down the fort. Casey and April weren’t too far behind with Leo.

“Hand him down.” Mikey instructed.

Carefully, April handed Leo down to Mikey, who took hold of him as she and Casey made it to ground level. April then helped Mikey carry Leo as they made their way towards the Shellraiser.

“Anybody else getting the feeling that this is a bit too easy?” Casey noted.

That’s when smoke suddenly appeared around the Shellraiser, revealing a group of five hooded figures. The two humans all stared for a second, paralyzed by the menacing air these five gave off.

“What’s the hold-up you guys?” Mikey hissed.

The orange turtle peeked around the corner, coming face to face with the figures.

“Nice hoods.” Mikey commented.

Mikey then grabbed both Casey and April by the collars of their shirts, pulling them back behind the cover of the building along with his unconscious brother. Unfortunately, this action nearly caused him to run into Raph and Donny.

“Mikey, that’s the wrong way!” Donny exclaimed.

“Wrong way my foot!” Mikey retorted before realizing what he’d said. “Poor choice of words. We got an ambush at the Shellraiser!”

“Well it’s not like we can go back the way we came.” Raph replied, gesturing upward.

They all looked up to see Hisako and Master Splinter both fighting off several foot soldiers, trying to keep them in April’s apartment and away from the fire escape. Hisako blocked a sword attack with one tessen and sliced the soldier’s arm with the other. She took this opportunity to kick him to the ground.

“What’s going on down there?” Hisako called down.

“There are some seriously mean looking guys guarding our getaway ride!” Mikey called back.

“Raph, think you can handle these guys I got?” She asked.

“Like you even have to ask.” Raph replied, gripping his sai.

Raph then charged at a massive group of Foot soldiers and tackled them to the ground. What followed next was a series of punches and kicks to anyone that was dressed as a motorhead and conscious. This allowed for Hisako to jump down to try and deal with Mikey’s ‘mean looking dudes’. As she rounded the corner, she saw the elites and skidded to a halt.

“Whoa...” she muttered, “Nice hoods.”

The kusarigama elite then shot out his chain at Hisako, which she quickly deflected with her tessen. She ducked back, looking over at Mikey.

“Okay, you’re right.” She told him. “Mean looking dude. Very powerful, mean looking dude.”

“Told ya.” Mikey quipped.

Leonardo let out a groan, causing them all to remember the direness of their situation. Donny squatted down, checking his brother’s pulse. His face visibly became worried as he looked up at the others

“We can’t just stay here.” Donny informed them. “Leo won’t last long if we do.”

Mikey gulped before responding.

“Then I guess we fight our way out.” He said nervously.

“Together.” Donny agreed.

The three ninjas then rounded the corner, where the elites were waiting.

“Nice hoods.” Donny commented.

“Aren’t they?” Mikey asked, trying to lighten the very tense mood.

The spear elite and the hook sword elite then charged at them. As the sword elite swung at Mikey, Mikey kept backing and flipping away.

Donny engaged the spear elite head on. The two exchanged blow for blow. The spear elite swung his weapon at Donny, who barely dodged it getting the tips of his mask sliced off.

“What did I say about watching your back, Don?” Hisako asked.

She and the Kama elite were circling each other, each ready to make a move at a moment’s notice. Finally, the two clashed. Each one trading attacks with great speed. Hisako then kicked one Kama out of the elites hand and brought her tessen under his chin.

“Did you hurt my brother?” she questioned, her voice as hard as steel.

Before she could get an answer, the hook sword elite came out of nowhere and kicked her in the gut, knocking her to the ground. As she saw the two elite coming down on her fast, she quickly rolled out of the way and got to her feet.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” she muttered before speaking up. “Guys, I do believe we are out of our league on this one! These guys are uber strong!”

“Sis, blast them!” Mikey called. “Go dark phoenix on them!”

“I can’t!” she called back. “Not exactly in the best mindset right now!”

“So what now?” Donny asked blocking another spear attack.

Back with Casey and April, Leo was deathly still, much to April’s dismay. Casey was doing his best to fight off a few motorheads that strayed too close, but it was clear he was in over his head. Without any skills to call her own, April could only hold Leo close as everyone else fought. Just then, a large shadow overtook them. They turned to see Hun towering over them.

“Your friend doesn’t look too good.” Hun observed cracking his knuckles. “Shall I put him out of his misery?”

April gasped, but steeled herself, draping herself over Leo’s form.

“You want him, you’re gonna have to go through me first!”

“And me!” Casey declared charging at him.

As he came close, Hun picked him up and threw him against the wall.

“That’s the idea.” Hun told her as he came closer. “Those green freaks and their little pet feel great affection for you. Losing you should take the fight out of them.”

Hun wound his fist up as April clutched Leo harder. Before he could swing however, his fist was held back by a hockey stick. Hun turned to see Casey back on his feet holding back his fist. Through the holes in the mask, Casey’s eyes were burning with more hatred and anger than anyone had ever seen in the guy’s face

“Hun!” Casey yelled. “Never! Ever! Threaten her!”

Hun then turned around and swung at Casey, who ducked under it. Casey then swung his hockey stick at Hun’s face several times. When Hun tried swinging at him again, he rolled under it and ended up behind him. Casey then struck Hun in the back, sending him colliding into the hook sword elite and the kusarigama elite as they were fighting Don, Mikey, and Hisako. Once Hun was down, Casey turned back to April.

“You alright?” he asked, pushing his mask up to check her out.

April smiled.

“I am now.” she told him “Now go show these guys how Casey Jones fights.”

“You got it.” he replied winking at her before sliding his mask back down and joining in the fight.

Back in the apartment, Splinter and Raph were the only ones fighting off the Foot soldiers, though they were decreasing in numbers.

“Looks like they’re finally running out of goons.” Raph noted.

“Go, aid your siblings.” Splinter instructed. “I will finish up here.”

Raph nodded and made his way down the fire escape, leaving Splinter to mop up what remained of the Foot soldiers. As he jumped down the fire escape, something caught his eye. On a building across the street, two figures stood, surveying the entire battle. One was a slender female figure with pink hair that glowed even in the dim light of the evening. The other was a tall man dressed in metal samurai armor. For some reason, the man gave off an aura that just felt off to the red turtle.

Back on the ground, the elites were made a bit more manageable since Hun inadvertently took out a pair of their forces. Still even the three elites were proving to be a bit of a challenge. Donny, Mikey, and Hisako had been backed up against the wall as the sword, Kama, and spear elites stared them down. Raph jumped down in between the two groups, twirling his sai in his fingers. As he noted this new breed of opponent, he couldn’t help but comment.

“Nice hoods.” he quipped, delivering a roundhouse kick to the sword elite.

“Yeah, we thought so too.” Mikey added, spinning his nunchuku in the face of the Kama elite.

“Say what you will about these Foot guys,” Donny began, clashing weapons with the spear elite. “But they do not skimp on the headgear.”

“Speaking of headgear, look up on the roof next door.” Raph informed them.

Everyone turned to see the two figures, Hisako’s eyes locking onto Karai. Her eyes narrowed as she brought her hand up, her knuckles connecting with the sword elite’s face when he tried to sneak attack her.

“The one on the right is Karai, but who’s the guy on the left?” Mikey questioned, finally taking down the Kama elite and delivering a kick to the gut for good measure.

“I bet it’s that Shredder guy who beat the stuffing out of Leo.” Raph snarled, grabbing the spear elite from behind and tossing him into a wall, sending him to join his brethren in the land of unconsciousness.

“Then why are we just standing here?” Donny asked. “Let’s go kick their shells!”

“You guys handle the Shredder.” Hisako told them quietly. “Karai is mine.”

They all gave a small nod.

“Give her shell, sis.” Raph told her.

Up on the building, Karai and Shredder were surveying the battle with interest, especially the rat who was single handedly besting their troops with only a stick for a weapon. As they turned away from Splinter’s battle, they were both surprised to see no sign of the turtles and Hisako. Just a pile of unconscious bodies where the Elites had been.

“Where are they?” Shredder wondered aloud.

“Right here!” Raph exclaimed.

Shredder and Karai turned around to see the turtles and Hisako standing in a dramatic pose on the roof entrance on the building.

“Looking for someone?” Mikey asked.

Hisako looked at Karai, her eyes glowing green in anger.

“You’re mine Karai.” she told her. “And I’m gonna make you pay for what you did to my brother!”

She launched off the roof, tackling Karai and sending them both falling off the edge of the building. Being kunoichis, they would be fine, and that left the three turtles to deal with tall, dark, and evil.

“Guess that makes you all ours, tin grin.” Raph remarked spinning his sai.

“You freaks have been a thorn in my side for long enough.” Shredder called out. “You will soon learn that no one opposes the Shredder. Say farewell to each other while you still can.”

Oh yeah Mr. spikey pants?” Mikey asked. “Well you’re the one who should be saying farewell. To… to yourself.”

“Oh yeah Mikey, that got him.” Raph replied sarcastically.

Shredder wasted no further words, raising his clawed gauntlets as he charged at his adversaries. The turtles leapt away as Shredder came in for a landing. Raph charged at him first and thrusted his sai forward. Shredder caught it in his claw and delivered a punch to the face, knocking him to the ground. Mikey came up next with his nunchuks spinning, and tried swinging at him. Shredder just kept backing away with each swing until he finally kicked Mikey in the chest sending him flying across the roof. Donny then leapt at Shredder, trying to hit him with his staff. Shredder merely caught the staff, swinging Donny so violently that he went flying into the recovering Mikey.

“Pathetic!” he exclaimed, breaking the staff in his hands and discarding the pieces. “These are the creatures that have caused me so much grief? I expected more from you!”

“You ain’t seen nothin yet!” Raph declared getting up.

He charged at Shredder again with his sai spinning in his hand. Shredder then charged at him and the two clashed weapons.

Down below, Hisako was refusing to let up on her attacks on Karai. She swiped her fans with blinding speed, forcing Karai to remain on the defensive.

“Have to say, you’re pretty skills for only having four years of training.” Karai admitted, blocking a rather close swipe at her throat.

“Circumstances forced me to learn quickly.” Hisako spat. “I have too much to lose to let anyone beat me.”

“Too much to lose?” Karai questioned. “You mean those monsters you call brothers? Or that mangy rat you call your master?”

Hisako faltered for a split second, which gave Karai an opening for a well-placed kick to Hisako’s stomach. Hisako gasped, doubling over as Karai uppercut her across the face.

“You’re absolutely pathetic. You know that right?” she taunted, spin kicking Hisako a few feet down the street and into a parked car. “You cling to those things, those freaks you call your brothers. I don’t care what Stockman says about you. You’re weak!”

Hisako’s blood ran cold at the mention of the monster that ruined her life. Karai noticed this and chuckled.

“Oh yeah, I know all about Stockman, and about Project Oracle.” Karai added, grabbing Hisako by her shirt and pulling her to her feet. “You should have stayed in TCRI. At least there, your powers were put to good use.”

Hisako’s entire body was shaking.

“You… How do you…?”

“Know about all that?” Karai asked, pulling her closer so she could meet Hisako’s eyes. “My dad’s the one who ordered him to find out everything about you. He brought you to TCRI, gave you to Stockman. He’s the reason you are who you are today.”

With that final sentence, whatever was holding Hisako back snapped. Her eyes became solid green as her powers exploded outward, sending her into her dark phoenix mode. The wave of energy sent Karai flying across the street and into a street lamp, as well as shake the building Shredder and the others were fighting on. When Karai slowly got to her feet, she found herself staring up at an extremely pissed and powerful Hisako.

“I am done listening to you!" Hisako shouted, her powers making her voice resonate with an untold energy. ”I am done with your manipulations, your slanders, and I am one with you bringing up my past!"

Karai got to her feet, but before she could do much more, she was shoved and pinned to the wall telepathically. Cold sweat began to drip from her brow as Hisako floated towards her.

"Did your father ever tell you what I did to that psychopath?" Hisako asked menacingly. ”Did he tell you how I ripped his memories from his skull, crushing them into dust before leaving him to get crushed by his own lab falling down on top of him?"

Karai attempted to fight against Hisako’s hold, but couldn’t as much as move a finger. Hisako lifted her hand, fingers curled like claws.

"Perhaps a demonstration is in order..."

Without further hesitation, Hisako dug her fingers into Karai’s skull. Without consideration, she took hold of Karai’s memories, slowly pulling them free of her mind. To Karai, it felt as if someone was sticking hot needles into her skull and searing her brain. She screamed out in agony as Hisako continued without a speck of remorse.

Shredder, meanwhile, had Raph by the throat. He was just about to sink his claw into him when he heard Karai’s screams.

Karai!” he yelled, turning in that direction.

He quickly dropped Raph and sped towards where the two girls were fighting, leaving the turtles beaten and bruised.

Down below, Hisako had almost fully pulled Karai’s memories free. The screams had trickled away to a pained moan, Karai barely able to remain conscious. Hisako’s lifted her arm, prepared to rip the memories free, but before she could do anything else, she felt two really sharp blades penetrate her side. She let out a scream of pain, her powers suddenly disappearing as her eyes returned to normal. Her grip on Karai’s memories slipped from her fingers, snapping back into place. She felt the two yank out of her, her hands going to her side as she turned to face her attacker. She could feel blood running through her fingers as she came face to face with the Shredder.

“You hurt my daughter!” he yelled, striking her in the face.

Hisako stumbled back, two bleeding wounds on her face that just narrowly avoided her eyes. She tried to grab for her tessen to defend herself, but Shredder merely batted them from her hand, his claw raking her across her arm. She let out another scream, now on the ground bleeding from her various wounds.

“You have proven yourself to be far more trouble than you’re worth!”

He raised his gauntlet to bring down the final blow. Before he could land it, the killing blow was intercepted by Splinter, who’d been drawn by his daughter’s screams. Splinter’s walking stick easily pushed away the bladed gauntlet as the rat got between the Shredder and Hisako.

“I will not let you hurt my daughter any longer!” Splinter declared.

The three turtles, who had just recovered from the beating they’d taken, all saw Hisako bleeding out on the street and freaked out.

“Hisako!” They all screamed.

“That’s it!” Raph declared. “He’s dead!”

“No!” Splinter stopped. “Help your sister. I will deal with the Shredder.”

The turtles nodded as they made their way to their sister. She was holding her side, her vest and shirt gaining a large red stain and her face practically covered in blood. She seemed to be barely holding onto consciousness.

“Hisako, we got you.” Donny promised her.

Raph picked her up, cringing with every cry of pain that Hisako gave. Mikey just stared at the blood on the road, looking a bit pale. As the three of them carried their sister off, Splinter stared down her attacker.

“So you are the Shredder.” Splinter surmised.

“Indeed.” Shredder answered. “And you are the rat Stockman reported. I have heard your skill is impressive.”

“It has been a long time since a member of the Foot Clan bore the mantle of the Shredder. It is an honor one such as you does not deserve!”

“We shall see of that!”

With that, the two foes charged at each other. Shredder tried bringing his claw down on him, but Splinter blocked it with his stick. Splinter then shoved Shredder off and struck him in the chest. Shredder staggered back a bit before swinging at him. Splinter ducked under the attack and used his tail to trip up the Shredder. Shredder quickly got up and gave an uppercut to Splinter. Shredder walked over to his fallen foe and attempted to bring his claw down on him. Splinter, however, quickly used his tail to catch it.

The turtles meanwhile were making their way to the Shellraiser, where April and Casey had already gotten Leo inside. April had gone digging for the medical kit that Donny kept in the glove compartment and was already doing her best to try and help the fallen turtle.

“Gangway!” Raph exclaimed.

April looked up and gasped at the sight of Hisako.

“What happened?!” she exclaimed.

“Shredder happened.” Donny exclaimed, taking off his coat and using it to try and staunch the bleeding. “He’s bad news.”

“Really bad news.” Mikey agreed.

Casey looked at the others, noting large bruises forming, as well as a few cuts from their battle. While none of them were as bad as Leo and Hisako, it was clear that the fight was slowly tipping out of their favor.

“Guys, I hate to say it, but I think it’s time to get out of here.” he informed them. “That’s the best strategy we have right now.”

April looked out the window and gulped. The previously unconscious elites seemed to be regaining their senses.

“He’s right.” She agreed, closing and locking the door.

“Then let’s get Splinter and get out of here!” Raph yelled.

Casey slid into the driver’s seat, snagging the keys from the sun screen and jamming them into the ignition. Putting the Shellraiser in reverse, Casey slammed his foot on the gas, backing up and making a backwards bee-line for the Shredder. Shredder turned to see the oncoming vehicle. While Splinter jumped out of the way, Shredder got rammed by the Shellraiser and launched into a pile of trash as it came to a stop.

“All aboard!” Casey shouted. “Next stop, anywhere but here!”

Donny opened the rear door, allowing for Splinter to jump inside. Donny barely had time to close the door before Casey threw the Shellraiser into drive, once again flooring the gas pedal. Shredder pulled himself free of the trash just in time to witness his adversaries disappearing into the night. He scowled at their escape before turning his attention to Karai.

Karai was still, her eyes glassy as she let out weak, thready breaths. He bent down and picked her up, holding her gently as he looked off in the direction his enemies had gone.

“Spread out.” He ordered. “Find them. Find them all! I want them all to suffer for what they have caused!”

“What about Project Oracle?” Hun questioned, his voice a bit slurred do to serious facial reconstruction on Casey’s part.

“Especially her.” he proclaimed. “She’s become far too uncontrollable… and far too dangerous.”

He caressed Karai’s face as the motorheads disappeared into the night to do their master’s bidding.

Hisako had joined Leo in unconsciousness, but thankfully, Donny had been able to at least slow the bleeding. He tore off long strips of his coat, tying them around her stomach and waist to serve as bandages until the real thing could be found.

“How are they?” Mikey asked.

“Stable, for now.” Donny answered. “But they’re both gonna need somewhere safe to heal and rest.”

“We all are.” Splinter clarified.

“But where?” Raph questioned. “We can’t stay in the city. That Shredder’s gonna be gunning for us.”

“Well, my grandmother has this farmhouse up in Northampton, Massachusetts.” Casey offered. “It’s been empty since she was sent to the nursing home, and there’s nobody for miles.”

“I feel that is our best course of action.” Splinter decided.

“Then that’s where we’ll go.” April said. “You all just rest. We got it from here.”

The Shellraiser drifted through the city, a solemn air surrounding it and its occupants as they made their escape.

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