TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

True Lies

In a small bar in one of the seedier parts of New York, the purple dragons were crowded around the counter, empty bottles of beer littering the counter. Hun downed a bottle alongside dragon face, determined to drink the other under the table. From the redness on the tattooed face of the purple dragon, Hun was close to succeeding.

“Boys!” Hun cheered. “For the first time in four years, New York City is ours once again!”

His shout was met with a loud chorus on cheers as the other dragons lifted their fists or their bottles.

“The Shredder chased those shell backed freaks right outta the state, and once more, the Purple Dragons run these streets!”

Once more, everyone cheered.

“Soon, we will show every last man, woman, and child that walks our streets that The Purple Dragons are not to be messed with!”

Now everyone was screaming and yelling, some even lifting makeshift weapons into the air. As they shouted, the front door of the establishment was kicked in, causing the noise to grind to a halt. Everyone turned to see Raphael walking in, cracking his knuckles and grinning like a maniac.

“Hello boys.” he greeted. “Hope you don’t mind me crashing your party.”

Hun’s eyes became the size of dinner plates when he saw the turtle in the door.

“What is this?!” he exclaimed.

“What, you didn’t expect us to just run off with our heads in our shells, did you?” Donny asked, appearing on the left side of Raph.

“Especially when there are stupid thugs like yourselves to kick around.” Mikey added, appearing on Raph’s right.

Hun looked at them, then he smirked.

“Just you three?” He questioned. “Guess two-fifths of your team didn’t survive the trip.”

“Think again, Hun!” Leo interjected from the rear entrance.

Once more, all of the thugs in the building turned to see Leo in the rear doorway, Hisako right beside him.

“You’re supposed to be dead!” Hun practically screamed. “Both of you!”

“The reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated.” Hisako quipped. “Tell Shredder he needs to work on his aim.”

Having heard enough, Hun slammed his bottle against the edge of the bar, cracking it into a makeshift blade.

“Get them!”

The dragons charged at them head on. Wasting no time, Raph tackled several dragons to the ground wailing on them. Donny and Mikey then engaged some other dragons, not even bothering to take out their weapons. They just kept blocking, kicking, and punching anyone that came close.

Leo and Hisako were in a similar position, fresh out of recovery and with new found confidence, the dragons weren’t ever a challenge for them.

“Man I have missed this.” Leo exclaimed just sweeping one dragon’s legs.

“Same here.” Hisako told him, throat punching a dragon and grabbing him by his shirt to throw him. “I think I missed this the most out of everything we left behind when we left.”

As one dragon was getting up, Raph popped up from behind the counter and broke a bottle over his head knocking him out.

“Man I’ve always wanted to so that.” Raph let out.

Finally fed up with seeing his men getting beat up, Hun ran at the turtles. Hisako stuck her leg out, tripping the behemoth as he fell to the ground, Don took out his staff and smacked him in the face, sending him colliding with the counter. The siblings looked around at the fallen, groaning dragons as they exchanged smiles and high threes.

“Man that felt good!” Raph declared.

“Couldn’t agree more Raphie boy.” Mikey agree.

Leo walked over to a groaning Hun, lifting him up and slamming him against the bar.

“Listen closely Hun.” He growled. “You tell Shredder that the turtles are back, and that we’re coming for him. And Karai.”

Leo shoved him into the bar, then he nodded to a sibling. They all ran out of the now trashed bar just as the sirens began to approach. Leo lifted a manhole cover as each of his siblings dropped down. Finally, he leapt down too as the police arrived.

Up on a nearby roof, the Hamato siblings were ecstatic, laughing and cheering at their landslide victory.

“Aw yeah!” Mikey exclaimed. “The turtles are back dudes. I give us a 10 for style, an 8 for skill…. And a 2 for stealth.”

“Well stealth was never part of this mission, little bro.” Hisako reminded him.

“Yeah, we were sending a message, one that says that no freak in samurai armor can take us down!” Raph exclaimed.

“I couldn’t agree more, Raph.” Donny commented.

Even Leo was laughing.

“You know who I’d hate to be right now?” He asked.

They all exchanged knowing glances, speaking in unison.


“Man I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what happens to him when he tells Shredder about this.” Raph remarked.

“WHAT?!” Saki exclaimed, slamming his fists on his desk and rising to his feet.

Hun, who was kneeling on the ground in front of the desk, cringed violently at his master’s fury.

“So let me get this straight,” Saki spoke still irritated. “Not only have the turtles returned, but their ranks haven’t dwindled in the slightest?!”

“N-no Master...” Hun stammered. “Both Leonardo and the girl were still alive...”

Saki growled at this fact.

“Anything else you care to report?” Saki asked.

“They...” Hun choked a bit, fearing his next words may be his last. “They told me to send you a message… That they were back…. And they’re coming for you…. And Karai.”

Saki went wide eyed at that last part. He looked at his desk, to where a photo of a young Karai wielding a wooden sword and a large trophy stood. He picked up the picture, looking at it before straightening up. Setting the picture aside, he walked up to Hun, grabbing him by his ponytail.

“Double the patrols on the streets. Scout every rooftop, sewer tunnel, look under every rock. Find them!”

“Yes Master.” Hun winced.

Saki dropped Hun, who quickly scrambled to go and complete his mission. As he left, Dr. Chaplin walked in, a big smile on his face.

“Master.” He called. “I have wonderful news!”

Saki turned to him, his face still a mask of pure rage. Chaplin flinched slightly, but adjusted his glasses and continued.

“Master, Karai has finally awoken.” He announced. “More than that, she seems to have made a full recovery.”

“Finally.” Saki said exiting the room.

As he entered the infirmary, Saki had to dunk in order to avoid being struck with a tray of surgical tools being thrown all around the room.

“I take it your recovery is going well.” Saki remarked.

Karai ripped off the various cords attached to her, yanking the IV from her arm.

“Miss Karai,” A nurse trying to tend to her begged. “You must stay-”

“I am not staying in this stupid bed any longer!” Karai screamed, getting out of bed. “And where are my clothes?!”

“It would seem you have made a full recovery, just as Dr. Chaplin has informed me.” Saki commented.

“Made a full recovery, and I am ready to get back out there!” Karai replied.

She stalked out of the infirmary, making her way to the elevator. Saki followed behind her, entering it with her. As the doors closed, he spoke once more.

“You may get your chance.” Saki told her. “The turtles are back.”

Karai’s eyes went wide, then she hit the emergency stop button, stopping the elevator from moving.

“What?” she questioned.

“And it seems Leonardo and Project Oracle survived our last encounter.” Saki continued. “It seems some creatures are too stubborn to die.”

Karai’s fists clenched, then she punched the wall of the elevator.

“Damnit!” she shrieked.

“Indeed.” he agreed. “I thought you would like another chance to eliminate them.”

Karai gave a grim nod.

“You’re right dad.” she agreed. “But this time, I’m not leaving until I’ve turned those turtles into soup and their sister into mincemeat!”

“I expect nothing less.” Saki told her. “But to insure this, take the Elites with you.”

Karai flipped the elevator back on, rotating her shoulders.


A few minutes later, Karai was dressed in all black, plates of silver armor across her arms, legs and chest. She had a mask on over her face and her bright pink hair tied up in a tight bun. She walked into the Elite’s training area stopping a few feet inside.

“Elites! To me!” she exclaimed

Just then, a cloud of smoke engulfed the room and the Foot Elites appeared and knelt in front of Karai. She looked down at them all, her face grim under her mask.

“Elites, the turtles has survived our last encounter and have returned to the city.” She informed them. “All four of them, as well as Project Oracle.”

“We will find them and destroy them mistress.” one Elite told her. “We will not fail again.”

“No you will not, for we will not rest until they have been destroyed, and their corpses brought before my father!”

“I see… Mikey stuffing his face with Cheetos.” Hisako declared, pointing up at the stars.

The others laughed at that observation.

“I see… Splinter using Hun as a bowling ball.” Mikey found.

That got everybody laughing hard, Donny even having to wipe a tear from his face.

“Good one Mikey.” He commented.

“Not that I ain’t enjoying myself, but what’s taking the Foot Clan so long?” Raph asked, sitting up. “I mean, I figured hearing we were all alive and well would have him sending his armies after us in no time.”

“Have a little patience Raph.” Leo told him. “Something tells me we’ll encounter the Foot before we know it.”

“And what makes you say that?” Hisako asked.

“The fact that I can see them approaching from the north.”

The others turned to see Karai and the Elites approaching fast. They were leaping across the rooftops, being led by a familiar head of pink hair.

“Bout time.” Raph remarked, drawing his sai.

The others drew their weapons, assuming a defensive stance as Karai arrived on their rooftop, the Elites assembling behind her.

“Long time no see, Leonardo.” She greeted, removing her mask. “Looking for star drawings?”

“Yeah.” Leo confirmed. “In fact, I just saw one of a turtle with a dagger in his back.”

“Apparently it didn’t penetrate deep enough.” Karai snapped. “I thought you were dead. You and that witch you call a sister.”

Hisako’s eyes narrowed, her eyes beginning to glow slightly. Donny took her shoulder, shaking his head slightly.

“We’re not here to fight Karai.” Leo explained. “We just want to talk.”

Karai snorted, then burst into laughter, slapping her knee in hysterics.

“You?! Wanna talk?! Ha!” she chortled.

Raph growled.

“Look princess, you’re gonna listen to what we have to say, or I’m gonna pound your face in until you do!”

“Raph, not helping.” Donny hissed.

Karai just snickered, replacing her mask.

“You wanna talk to someone, talk to my blades.” she declared. “Elites, attack!”

“You guys take care of the Elites, Karai is mine.” Leo told his siblings.

With that, the turtles and Hisako took on the Elites while Leo made a beeline for Karai. As the others dealt with the Elites, Raph taking on two at once, Leo and Karai locked swords as Leo attempted to get a few words in.

“Karai, I really don’t want to fight you.” Leo pleaded.

“Well too bad. You should have thought about that before you got involved in our affairs!”

“There’s something to know.” Leo continued blocking another sword strike. “It’s about your father!”

“What about my father?” Karai demanded, attempting to slice off Leo’s head. “You want a rematch with him too? Eager for another beat down?”

“I’m not talking about the Shredder.” Leo replied. “I’m talking about your father. Your true father. Hamato Yoshi.”

Karai’s blade froze mid-swing, her eyes going wide. She knew that name. The other Elites paused as well at the sound of the name. This caught everyone off guard.

“How do you know that name?” she asked, her voice unusually quiet and meek.

“Because it’s the name of my master.” Leo answered. “Splinter. He’s your father Karai.”

“Your Master…. That rat…. Is Hamato Yoshi?” she repeated. “He’s alive?”

“Yes.” Leo confirmed.

All of a sudden, Karai’s eyes narrowed. Her grip on her sword tightened and she let out a rage-filled scream. She began to viciously attack Leo with such a ferocity that put even Raph’s worse temper flairs to shame. Hearing her scream, the others seemed to snap out of their trance, the Elites attacking with almost equal ferocity.

“What the-?” Hisako questioned.

“What’s going on here?” Raph asked, just barely avoiding being skewered.

“Whoa.” Leo let out just barely blocking her attacks. “What the-”

Karai continued her wild frenzy of attack, her blade catching Leo on the arm.

“Hey, what’s all this about?” Leo demanded.

“Hamato Yoshi took everything from me!” Karai screamed. “He killed my mother and left me and my father to die!”

Now all of the Hamato siblings were shocked. If the Elites were not actively trying to kill them, they all would have just been standing their dumbstruck.

“What?” Leo exclaimed. “No! That’s a lie!”

“No you are the liar!” she exclaimed. “Hamato Yoshi betrayed the Foot Clan, and murdered my mother!”

“Your mother died in an accident!” Leo attempted to rationalize.

“Is that what he told you?” Karai snapped, ceasing her attacks. “Then tell me this, has he told you about how he betrayed Oroku Saki, his aniki?”

Leo raised an eyebrow at this.

“I don’t even know who that is.” Leo told her.

Karai spun on her heels, sweeping Leo’s legs out from underneath him and sending him to the ground. She aimed her blade at his throat before any of the others could react.

“Leo!” Donny screamed.

The Elites took advantage of their surprise, taking them down with ease and disarming them. Before any of them could deliver the final blow, Karai held up her hand.

“Stop!” she ordered. “Don’t kill them yet.”

She bent down so she was looking Leo in the eye, her own eyes glazed over in fury.

“Run back to your precious master.” she spat. “Ask him about his old friend, and about the treasonous actions he took!”

She lifted her blade, allowing him to rise. The Elites did the same with the others, gathering together as Karai made one final declaration.

“Go!” she screamed. “And tell him that he will pay for his crimes, like he should have over 20 years ago!”

With that, Karai and the Elites vanished, leaving the turtles and Hisako more confused than ever.

“What the shell was that all about?” Mikey asked.

“And who is this ‘Oroku Saki’ guy anyway?” Donny questioned.

“Yeah, Master Splinter never mentioned anyone by that name.”

“Bet it’s the Shredder’s real name.” Raph answered.

“But did you hear what she said?” Hisako wondered. “I mean, betrayed the Foot Clan? Kill her mother?”

“No way Sensei was a Foot Clan ninja.” Raph declared. “No way no how.”

Mikey snorted.

“I’m picturing sensei in the motorhead gear.” he chuckled.

“I am getting ready to slug you Mikey.” Raph told him.

“We need to talk to Splinter about this.” Leo told them.

Karai returned to Saki Corporations, making a bee-line for her father’s office. She threw the doors open, much to his surprise.

“Karai.” Saki said raising an eyebrow. “What are you doing back here?”

“Father, I have news about the turtles.” she told him, bowing respectfully. “More specifically, about their rat master.”

“Oh? And what news is that?” Saki asked.

“The rat was a human before his mutation.” She informed him.

“So? What relevance is that?”

“His human name...” her fists clenched and her teeth scraped against each other, “Was Hamato Yoshi.”

Saki was utterly shocked at this. One he thought dead for years was alive, and trying to destroy everything he had worked for.

“Yoshi…” he said just above a whisper, “That explains why the turtles fighting was so familiar. I should have guessed it sooner.”

“Leonardo tried to sell me some tawagoto story about Yoshi being my father.” Karai spat. “They will say anything to save their traitorous master.”

“Indeed.” Saki confirmed. “This makes it all the more imperative that we find and destroy them.”

“I couldn’t agree more, father.”

Splinter sat meditating in his room as he heard the elevator doors open. He turned to see his children coming out one by one. They all looked a bit worse for wear, not to mention more than a bit shaken.

“My children.” He greeted, standing up. “Is everything alright?”

“Depends on how you define alright.” Raph spoke.

“Because if your definition of alright is ‘we just got our shells handed to us by Karai after she threw a hissy fit that made Hisako’s Dark Phoenix mode look like a walk in the park’, then yeah we’re fine.” Mikey supplied.

“Sensei we need to talk to you about something.” Leo told him.

“What is it?” Splinter asked.

They all sat down in front of their sensei meditation style, Splinter retaking his meditation mat.

“Sensei...” Hisako began. “Does the name Oroku Saki mean anything to you?”

Splinter couldn’t believe it when he heard that name. He blinked in surprise, then steadied himself, placing a paw on the ground for a moment, a torrent of images flitting through his head. Hisako winced as she felt the flood of memories permeate through the mental walls Splinter had set up.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said, rubbing her temple.

“Yes… it’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.” Splinter answered. “A very long time.”

“We think he’s the guy behind the Shredder mask.” Leo continued.

“Yes…” Splinter confirmed. “That would explain… everything.”

“Sensei… How do you know the Shredder?” Donny inquired. “And why does Karai think you betrayed him?”

“Oh she thinks he did more than that.” Raph interjected. “She also said you betrayed the Foot clan, not to mention murdered her mom.”

“But it’s gotta be a trick, right Sensei?” Mikey asked hopefully. “I mean, there’s no way you’d be a Foot ninja, even if you would look awesome in a motorhead outfit.”

Raph whacked Mikey upside the head, snapping him back into reality. Splinter just sat there, silent, for several moments.

“There is… a half truth in what she believes.” Splinter finally answered.

This threw all five of them for a loop.

“What?!” they exclaimed in unison.

“Which part?” Donny asked.

“It can’t be the part about her mom.” Mikey figured. “I mean, she was killed in that crash.”

“... It is a long story. One you and Karai need to hear.”

“No offense Sensei but I don’t think she wants to hear anything from us right now.” Leo told him.

“More than that, I doubt she’d even believe us.” Raph added. “I mean, you heard what she said Leo.”

“So how do we convince her of the truth?” Mikey asked. “It’s not like we can show her the past.”

Leo then perked up at Mikey’s choice of words.

“We can’t… but you can.” he declared, turning to Hisako.

Hisako looked over at her brother, then realization dawned on her.

“Wait… you want me to what?” she asked.

“You’ve pulled memories out of people’s heads before.” Leo reminded her. “Maybe you can do it again.”

“Take Splinter’s memories of what really happened, then we can show them to Karai and fix everything.” Donny surmised.

“But… I was high on power at the time, and I left my victim an amnesiac.” Hisako argued. “What if I do the same to Sensei?”

“Do it.” Splinter said.

The turtles and Hisako were all surprised by his sudden declaration. He stood up, walking before his daughter and placing a paw on her shoulder.

“Splinter...” Hisako said softly, “Are you sure? I’m not even sure I could if I wanted to.”

“I am certain of this.” Splinter confirmed. “She needs to know the truth.”

“But… if I do this, you could lose years of memories. You wouldn’t even remember her... Or I could put you in a coma… I- I can’t risk that Sensei.”

“I am willing to take that risk if it means getting my daughter back.” Splinter insisted. “Hisako please.”

Hisako looked at her sensei, seeing the pleading look in his eyes, one she knew all too well. She sighed and stood up, gesturing to his mediation mat.

“Sit down before I change my mind.” she said quickly.

Splinter obliged and took a seat. She walked up behind him, sweat dripping down her brow as she flexed her fingers. She took a deep breath, reaching towards his head. However, at the last second, she pulled her hands back, turning around.

“I can’t!” she exclaimed. “I can’t do it!”

“Hisako,” Splinter said taking her hand. “Please.”

Hisako looked back and saw the sadness in his eyes. She saw that, and let out a groan of fear and worry.

“I… But what if I….”

“I trust you my child.” Splinter comforted. “I trust you with my life. And my mind.”

Taking a deep breath, Hisako turned back to Splinter, plunging her fingers into his skull. She focused on what she wanted, trying to block out the pained noises Splinter was making, or the sound of his paws clenching onto his staff hard enough to make the wood creak. Finally, she pulled the memories free, holding a large mass of green energy. It wasn’t as big as when she’s destroyed Stockman’s mind, but it was still fair sized. She looked at the mass of memories, then at Splinter.

“Sensei…?” she asked hesitantly.

“I am… alright.” Splinter told her. “My mind is… intact.”

Hisako let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that. Then she looked at the memories in her hand.

“Umm…. now what?” she asked. “What do I do with this?”

The turtles thought for a moment, then Mikey came up with an idea.

“Hold that thought.” He said before running off.

The others looked at each other, then they registered what Mikey had said. Hisako was the first to laugh, bending over as fits of laughter bubbled out of her. The laughter proved infectious as Donny fell victim to it next, followed by Raph, and then Leo. Even Splinter had to chuckle at the sheer hilariousness of Mikey’s choice of words.

“Hold that thought!” Hisako bellowed, letting out huge belly laughs. “What else can I do with it?!”

Mikey eventually returns with a dusty old mason jar, most likely taken from Donny’s lab due to the label on the lid reading “Hex bolts”.

“Put it in here sis.” He suggested, holding the jar open.

Hisako looked at the jar, then at Donny. Donny gave a shrug.

“Look, I gave up trying to understand your powers after our first trip to the dump.” he argued. “Don’t look at me.”

With nothing else to try, Hisako slid the memories into the jar. Once she removed her hand, Mikey slammed the lid on it, screwing it shut. The memories settled into the confines of the jar, swirling around like a cloud of sorts.

“Well, this gives a whole new meaning to the term brain in a jar.” Hisako commented, taking the jar from Mikey.

The others laughed at that remark. Splinter took note of this and smiled.

“It has been a long time since I have heard this much laughter in my home.” he commented. “I have missed it greatly.”

“Well, now that we have these memories, how are we gonna get them to Karai?” Hisako asked. “I mean, after what I tried to do last time, I doubt she’ll just let me put them in her head.”

“We just need to draw her out again, then hold her down long enough.” Leo decided.

“How we gonna do that?” Mikey asked, then his stomach growled loudly. “And could it possibly include us getting some food?”

Leo smiled.

“I think it can Mikey.” He decided. “I think it can.”

April wiped off the tables in Mr. Murakami’s shop, smiling to herself. She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t been fired after disappearing for months on end. Murakami had been beyond understanding, though he did say the days would come out of her vacation time, which she was willing to give up.

“I’m almost done with the front, Mr. Murakami.” she called out.

“Excellent, April-san.” he told her. “And just in time. It seems we have some customers.”

April turned as the front door opened, letting in the turtles and Hisako. She grinned.

“Hey guys!”

“Hey April.” Donny greeted. “I see you still got your job.”

“Considering she had lost her home because of recent events, I figured it would be cruel to deprive her of her job.” Murakami answered.

“Hey Mr. Murakami.” Leo called. “Hope you don’t mind us dropping in so late. We’re trying to draw out some of our enemies, and Mikey got hungry.”

“Of course not.” Murakami replied. “Come take a seat.”

The Hamato clan sat down at a corner booth, Hisako placing the jar on the table. April glanced at it, then over at Hisako?

“Do I want to-?” she began

“No.” Hisako interrupted.


From the kitchen, Mr. Murakami continued his conversation with the turtles.

“It is fortunate that you’ve shown up turtles-san.” Murakami said. “I have a new dish for you to try.”

“Oh?” Mikey asked. “I’m always up for trying new stuff.”

“Ms. O’Neil told me you five have an affinity for pizza.” he explained. “So I decided to make these.”

Murakami then came out with a tray of what almost appeared to be dumplings. However, upon closer inspection, they were instead gyoza, though the filling was a deep red color.

“Pizza Gyoza.” he declared.

The Hamato siblings looked at the dish, then picked up a gyoza and ate it. Immediately they fell in love with the dish, and proceeded to consume one gyoza after another. April chuckled as they devoured their meal, shaking her head.

“Three months on that farm and you guys still don’t know the definition of manners.” she lamented.

“Manners were never part of our training April.” Donny informed.

“Well, I am glad you are enjoying your meal turtle-sans.” Murakami told them with a sly smirk.

The Hamato siblings then stopped mid-bite upon realizing what he said exactly. April threw her hands up in her defense.

“I didn’t say a word.” She insisted.

“I may be blind but I have other senses.” Murakami explained. “Like touch, and smell.”

The turtles and Hisako turned on Raph in a blink. He lifted his armpit, taking a sniff.

“I don’t smell that bad… do I?” he questioned.

“So wait, you know these guys are turtles, and that doesn’t bother you?” April questioned.

Murakami smiled.

“You turtles are honorable beings, ones who protected my shop even though you did not know me.” he told them. “That, and as a blind man, appearances mean little to me.”

That earned a chuckle from the others as they continued to devour their food. April took their plates once they were done, heading to the back to clean them. Mr. Murakami went to say something else, then his ear twitches and his face fell.

“My friends, it would seem the ones you were trying to draw out are coming.”

The merriment slowly died down as the turtles reached for their weapons, Hisako taking the jar and sliding it into her lap.

“Mr. Murakami, please take April out the back door.” Leo insisted. “We’ll do our best to keep your restaurant intact.”

“Of course.” he told them. “Just be careful my friends. Even from here I can sense their malicious intent.”

Outside Mr. Murakami’s restaurant, perched on an adjoining rooftop, Karai and the Elites watched as Murakami and April walked out the back. Karai couldn’t help but smirk.

“They know we’re here.” she declared.

“Your orders, Mistress?” One of the Elites asked.

“Wait out here until I give the signal.” she ordered. “I want to see what those freaks have planned.”

The Elites nodded, then slipped into the shadows. Karai then jumped off the roof, landing in front of the door. Smirking, she opened it, turning to the corner booth where the Hamato siblings sat.

“You know, when I let you and your siblings run off, I thought you’d be smart enough to flee the state again, not eat noodle soup out in the open.”

“Well maybe we just wanted to get your attention.” Leo joked.

“If that was your plan, then it worked.” Karai told him, drawing her swords. “Now, we can do this one of two ways. You all can surrender and tell me where Hamato Yoshi is, then your deaths will be swift and relatively painless. Or, you can try to fight me, in which case I will make you suffer until you beg for death’s embrace.”

“I think we’ll take door number… 3” Mikey answered.

Karai blinked in surprise. Then she saw Hisako pull the jar of memories from her lap. Karai’s eyes went wide as she realized what was going on here.

“Oh no you-”

“NOW!” Leo shouted.

The turtles jumped from the booth and tackled her to the ground each turtle grabbing hold of a limb trying to pin her to any flat surface they could. Unfortunately, this was proving to be incredibly difficult, especially with Karai flailing, fighting and biting every chance she got.

“Hisako hurry!” Donny exclaimed.

Hisako tried to open the lid, but found it screwed on far too tightly. She struggled with the lid for about five seconds, then looked at it in nervous anger.

“Oh for shell’s sake!” she screamed.

She threw the jar on the ground, shattering it to pieces. The cloud of memories bubbled and floated upwards, allowing Hisako to grab it before shoving it towards Karai. It slid into her head, cutting off Karai’s protests in an instant. Karai’s body then sagged in their grip as she fell unconscious. They all looked at Karai, gently lowering her to the ground as they glanced at Hisako.

“Did it work?” Leo questioned.

“I… I think so.” she told them. “I’ve never transplanted that many memories before.”

“So… what do we do now?” Mikey asked.

Raph and Leo set Karai down on the booth, all of them just staring at her.

“Should we take her back to the lair with us?” Donny suggested.

“Bad idea.” Raph interrupted. “Remember what happened the last time we brought her home?”

“Fair point.” Donny admitted. “So what do we-?”

That’s when the Elites came crashing through the various windows. The turtles turned to them, Mikey letting out a groan.

“Oh come on!” she shouted. “We promised we wouldn’t trash the place!”

The Elites gripped their weapons, murder in their eyes. Then the Kama Elite caught sight of Karai on the booth.

“What have you monsters done to our Mistress?” He demanded.

“Look, you hooded hoodlums.” Leo said. “You guys have two choices. Either fight us, or you can get your master’s…. Daughter, to a doctor.”

The Elites looked at Karai, then at the turtles. Reluctantly, they stowed their weapons, approaching Karai’s prone form.

“Enjoy your freedom while it lasts monsters.” a different Elite warned. “For when our Master learns about this-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s gonna turn our shells into ash trays, we know.” Raph taunted.

The Elites took Karai, then disappeared into a puff of smoke, leaving the turtles alone in the restaurant.

“That went… better than expected.” Donny finally said.

Hisako focused on her powers, using them to gather up all the shards of glass and deposit them in the garbage can.

“Now what?” Mikey asked.

“Now, we wait.” Leo decided.

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