TMNT: Secret of the Sewers


Rows of Foot soldiers knelt in one of the large open floors of Saki Corporations. The elites were there too, all five of them kneeling in the front row of the assembly. Even Hun was there, though none of them knew why Saki had summoned them all so abruptly. Just then, Saki, decked out in his Shredder armor, walked out he made it to the center of a platform overlooking the troops.

“Warriors of the Foot,” Shredder addressed. “Tonight, we finally eliminate an enemy that has plagued us for the past four years.”

This was met with some surprised glances. Only a handful had known that the turtles were still alive, and those that didn’t know were shocked to learn it.

“For too long these turtles have ruined our plans and made fools of our forces.” Shredder continued. “Well no more. Tonight marks the beginning of the end! Tonight, at long last, the turtles die!”

Now, the Foot soldiers let out a loud cheer at the call, eager for the deaths of their enemies.

Down in the sewers, everyone was in the middle of preparing for all-out war. Leo sharpened his swords, checking them to ensure that they were pristine. Donny was gathering up various tools and supplies that he may need during this confrontation, stuffing them in a duffle bag hanging from his shoulder. Raph was in his room, sitting on the floor with a weight set, working out his arms so he’d be in top shape. Mikey was testing out his three piece staff, getting in some practice on Raph’s bag to ensure he could use it properly if needed.

Miwa and Hisako were also making preparations, but of a more personal nature. Miwa did not want to face the Shredder in the sweats Hisako had lent her, and her new sister had agreed. After a few failed outfits, Hisako came out of her room with a smile.

“Guys, I’d like to introduce you to someone.” she declared.

The turtles all stopped what they were doing and gathered around Hisako’s door. She smiled and pulled it open.

“May I present, Hamato Miwa.” She declared.

Miwa stepped out of Hisako’s room, a smile on her face. She was wearing a plain black t-shirt under a dark green hoodie, a pair of jeans and a proper pair of boots. She had a sword attached to her back and her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

“What do you think?” she asked.

All the turtles smiled.

“Nice.” Leo complimented.

“Looking good, sis.” Mikey agreed.

“Looks good on you.” Donny added.

Miwa smiled, then looked over at Raph.

“You like it?” she questioned nervously.

Everyone looked at Raph, waiting for him to answer. Hisako watched him with no small amount of apprehension. Though he was becoming more open to the idea that Miwa was their sister now, he was still having the hardest time getting over everything she’d done as Karai. Still, he knew she was trying, and he knew he needed to ‘turtle up’.

“It’s alright.” Raph finally replied.

Miwa smiled.


About that time, Splinter emerged from his room, having been meditating this whole time. When he saw his children all prepared, as well as Miwa’s new look, he felt a mixture of pride and fear. He had just gotten his daughter back, and he knew that there was a chance of losing her, Hisako, and his sons. And yet, seeing them all willing to lay everything on the line for one another filled his heart with great joy.

“My children.” he called out.

All six of them turned towards him. He gestured for them to come forward and they did, taking up sitting positions in front of him.

“My children, I have no illusions that the battle we are about to commence will be easy. It will be a most trying challenge you, but I have faith that all of you will persevere. You are all ninja, and you are all honorable warriors, and I have never been prouder to call you my children.”

He locked eyes with Miwa and smiled warmly.

“All of you.”

The six all got to their feet, Donny glancing at the clock.

“It’s almost time.” he announced.

“Then let’s not keep Shred-head waiting.” Hisako declared. “Time to show him that when you mess with green, it’s gonna get mean.”

The Hamato clan waited on the roof of the Wolf Hotel, an old building that had been long abandoned and was currently for lease. There was a small water tower on the roof, one that the six were all leaning against in preparation for Shredder’s appearance. Splinter sat in front of them in a meditative stance, his ears twitching at every sound the wind brought. Donny looked at a watch around his wrist, eying the minute hand as it reached midnight. The second it did, the Motorheads emerged from the shadows, swarming the rooftop like a colony of ants. They surrounded the tower and those gathered around it. They left a large enough space for a large puff of smoke to accumulate, allowing the five Elites to emerge, weapons at the ready. From the rooftop entrance, Hun came bursting through the door, leaving it dangling from a single hinge, dented beyond recognition.

“I see the pawns, the knights, and the rook,” Hisako commented, pointing to the Foot, the Elites, and Hun respectively, “But where’s the king?”

Just then, a blur zoomed up from the ground. Suddenly, Shredder landed in front of his forces, striking a dramatic pose.

“Hamato Yoshi.” He snarled, his mask distorting his voice so it sounded as demonic as his mask made him appear.

“Oroku Saki.” Splinter replied, not even opening his eyes. “I was surprised to learn you survived.”

“As was I when I learned you were the rat who trained these thorns in my side.” Shredder retorted. “How ironic that the street rat the council allowed into the ranks of the Foot all those years ago transformed into a true rat.”

Splinter just stood up, taking hold of his walking stick.

“I long ago learned to embrace this form, and have accepted my life as Splinter.” he explained.

“Bah.” Shredder spat. “You’ve always been nothing more than a thieving pest, taking everything that should have rightfully been mine! It was bad enough that you stole Tang Shen from me, but now you take my daughter!”

“I am not your daughter, Shredder!” Miwa snapped before Leo placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

Shredder’s gaze visibly softened when he laid eyes on her. He slid his helmet off, looking at her with a hurt expression.

“I raised you, trained you, and taught you everything you know about ninjutsu.” He told her. “I gave you anything you ever wanted, and this is how you repay me?”

“You also lied to me my whole life!” Miwa retorted. “You used me like I was just another one of your precious Motorheads!”

Mikey smirked at her use of the unofficial nickname for the Foot ninja.

“I’ve never been anything more than an instrument of your revenge.” Miwa snarled, drawing her sword. “Well no more.”

Shredder’s fist clenched and his gaze hardened.

“So be it.” He declared, his voice low.

He slid his helmet back on, then pointed towards the group.

“Foot Ninja, attack!”

“Let the butt kickin begin.” Raph commented.

The Foot ninja converged on the group like buzzards on roadkill as the turtles met them all head on, blades, staffs and other weapons colliding. Leo’s swords clashed with several of the Foot ninja, the ringing of the swords echoing through the night. Donny’s staff managed to block several attacks from a few more swords, the metal successfully holding up against the sharp blades. Mikey swung his Nunchucks left, right and all over the place, hitting anyone who dare get in reach of his deadly Nunchucks of Fury.

“Hey Raph!” Mikey exclaimed. “You got an Elite on your tail!”

Raph quickly rabbit punched the incoming Elite, knocking the poor sap to the ground where he was instantly met with a hard kick.

“That felt good.” Raph remarked.

That’s when a punch from Hun came from seemingly out of nowhere, connecting with his chest. Raph went flying back, colliding into the supports of the water tower. As he regained his composure, Hun walked over to him, cracking his knuckles.

“I know how you feel.” Hun replied walking over to the fallen turtle.

Miwa then leapt off of the water tower, landing right on Hun’s shoulders and wrapping her legs around his meaty neck.

“Stay away from my brother!” she shouted.

Hun attempted to pull Miwa off of him, but she continually moved out of the way, narrowly avoiding his large hands. Using the hilt of her sword, she continually bashed Hun in the forehead, attempting to knock the behemoth out cold. Unknown to her, a Motorhead came up behind her and tried to slice at her with his sword. Fortunately, it was blocked by Leo.

“Careful Miwa.” He joked. “It’s not like you to get distracted.”

“I’m not used to fighting with people I actually care about.” She retorted, leaping off of Hun and sending him stumbling into the rooftop entrance.

“Gotta admit. It’s nice fighting alongside you for a change.” Leo shared, kicking the Motorhead away.

Miwa smirked, then approached Raph, holding out a hand.

“You alright?” she asked.

“Just dandy.” Raph remarked, batting her hand away before leapfrogging over her.

He engaged with the hook swords Elite, clashing a bit before the two locked weapons. After struggling for a bit, Raph snapped the swords with his sai. He then leapt into the air and hit the elite in the face with the blunt end of his sai, knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Hisako had her hands full with a group of Motorheads and the Kama elite. She was moving about a mile a minute, trying to keep ahead of the multiple enemies closing in on her. Just then, Donny vaulted over her and landed behind her knocking away every Motorhead standing in his way.

“Isn’t that usually the other way around, Don?” Hisako quipped, her fans slicing through the chain of an oncoming kusarigama.

“What?” Donny asked, activating the double blades in his staff. “A turtle’s not allowed to rescue his little sister?”

The two then jumped up in the air, performing nearly identical split kicks on some of the Foot Ninja before landing back to back.

“Never said that ‘big brother’.” Hisako joked.

Leo was facing down a few Motorheads himself. He did a split kick, taking two of them out.

“Hey guys!” Leo called out. “I finally perfected my split kick!”

Raph knocked a Motorhead out of the way, looking at his brother with a smirk.

“Sorry, I missed it!” he called.

“Do it again!” Miwa insisted, a Motorhead locked in a hold in her arms.

Two more Foot ninja attempted to attack Leo, only to join the first to on the ground as victims of his split kick.

“One more time!” Miwa and Raph called in unison.

He performed it once more, leaving an almost perfect ring of unconscious Motorheads around him. Miwa successfully knocked out the one she had in a headlock before giving Leo a grin.

“Saw that one!” She called. “And I give it a ten!”

She held up ten fingers as Raph held up all six of his, earning a chuckle from Leo.

“What, only a six?” He joked.

“Hey, it’s all I got.” Raph defended, blocking a punch from another Motorhead.

Mikey meanwhile, was bashing away at every Motorhead in sight. As the numbers began increasing, Mikey locked his Nunchucks together into a three piece. He then continued his assault with a grin.

“Betcha didn’t see that coming now didja?” He gloated.

While the four turtles and their human sisters dealt with all of the underlings, Shredder marched through the battle undeterred, locking eyes with Splinter. The rat had not moved from his meditative position since the battle had begun, though his eyes watched Shredder with a steel-like gaze.

“I have looked forward to this for some time.” Shredder told him. “I had thought that fate had robbed me of my vengeance, yet here you stand.”

Splinter rose to his feet, his claws grasping tightly to his walking stick.

“I too believed you dead Saki.” He commented. “Though in a way, I was right. The aniki I fought alongside died long ago. Now all that is left is the monster Shredder.”

Shredder just growled at the words being thrown at him.

“Look closely at this ‘monster’ Yoshi,” Shredder spoke. “For it is the last thing you will ever see!”

Shredder then raised his claw and brought them down on Splinter. However, seconds before they landed, Splinter brought his walking stick up to block the blow. His tail then wrapped around Shredder’s left leg, yanking him off balance and onto the ground.

“As I said before, I have come to accept this form.” Splinter jested, his tail unraveling and coming up like a weapon. “And all the benefits it grants me.”

Shredder slowly got back up to his feet, growling as he did. Shredder then sprinted towards Splinter and tried delivering a series of blows to him. Splinter blocked the attacks with his stick.

Miwa and Leo were surrounded on all sides by the three elites that were still conscious, as well as about a half dozen normal foot soldiers.

“You know, as far as dates go, this is one of my better ones.” Miwa joked.

“Have you been talking with Mikey again?” Leo asked annoyed.

One of the Elites attempted a swing at Miwa, forcing her duck. She used his forward momentum to launch him into the air, where she joined him, spin kicking him into Hun. The behemoth had just begun to regain consciousness before the flying Elite sent him back into dreamland.

“Hey, I just think it’s funny that we were ‘dating’ all that time and it turns out we were siblings.” She remarked.

“Yeah well I’m still kinda weirded out that I had a crush on my sister.” Leo replied doing a jump kick to one Motorhead.

“Don’t forget the fact that before that, we were her pets.” Raph added, barreling through a group of motorheads like a wild bull. “She technically owned us.”

Miwa shivered at that.

“Okay, now it just got even more awkward.”

“We are not having this conversation right now!” Leo yelled.

“Well we can’t exactly go to a family counselor Leo.” Raph argued. “Six o’clock.”

Both Miwa and Leo did a 180, punching the Elite coming at them at the same time.

“Look can we just talk about this later?” Leo asked.

“Whatever you say Leonardo.” Miwa told him, ruffling his hair playfully. “Now come on, I think Hisako and Donatello could use a hand.”

Back with Splinter, he kept on the defensive as Shredder delivered blow after blow. Though he had yet to receive any wound more grievous than a few minor cuts, he had been unable to get a blow in offense wise. Shredder was even being mindful of the tail and had nearly cut it off twice already. Shredder then tried kicking Splinter, but the rat master ducked under it and struck Shredder in the head with his stick. Shredder’s helmet rang like a gong, disorienting him for a second. That was all Splinter needed. He quickly kicked Shredder in the stomach sending him flying. He hit the support of the water tower, denting it slightly. Growling, Shredder straightened up and jumped right back at Splinter.

Donny planted his staff into the ground, using it as an anchor to perform one of his favorite movie stunts.

“I’ve always wanted to try this!” He cheered as his foot connected with several Foot ninja at once.

“Nice one Don!” Hisako cheered.

“Thanks!” Donny replied landing on the ground.

Unfortunately for Hisako, cheering for her brother left her open for attack, something the Kama elite took advantage of. The Kama caught her across the back, the blade slicing right through her shell backpack and narrowly missing his skin. Her eyes went wide as she turned on the guy, stuffing falling from the large gash.

“Did you just break my shell?” she asked, her voice quiet and hard.

The Kama Elite didn’t even have time to blink before Hisako’s foot connected with his gut.

“This shell was a gift from my friends, and you destroyed it!” she screamed, upper cutting the poor guy. “Nobody destroys my turtle shell!”

Her next kick connected right in between the guy’s legs, forcing him to fall to the ground in a high-pitched puddle of agony.

“Ouch.” Mikey let out. “Think that might have been a bit excessive?”

“Not a chance.” Raph remarked.

Hisako let out a snort of anger as she slid her backpack off, looking at it sadly. Miwa placed a hand on her shoulder in sympathy.

“We’ll get you a new one after we kick their butts.” she promised.

Hisako smirked, then she quickly tossed the remains of her backpack at the spear wielding Elite, catching him in a rain of white fluffiness. Temporarily blinded, he didn’t see the two girls coming at him until they kicked him. Miwa’s kick got him in the stomach while Hisako’s connected with his face. The two landed, then exchanged high fives with one another.

“Glad you’re on our side now.” Hisako told her.

“You kidding, I’m glad you’re on my side now!” Miwa exclaimed.

“You can braid each other’s hair later!” Mikey called out, swinging his three piece staff around. “We’ve got butts to kick!”

“Right!” The two girls said in unison.

Back with Splinter, he finally seemed to be gaining ground in his fight against Shredder. His tail was darting towards him, attempting to find weak points in the armor while his staff kept the deadly claws at bay.

“Your forces are dwindling by the minute.” Splinter noted, hoping to goad Shredder into making a mistake. “You are losing this battle, Shredder.”

“Well then,” Shredder replied. “It looks like after I am done with you, I’ll have to take care of them myself.”

“You could never beat me when we were younger, Saki.” Splinter reminded him. “What makes you think that has changed?”

Shredder growled at that remark and tried pressing the attack. Splinter continued blocking the attacks until he back flipped near the edge of the roof. He then motioned Shredder to come towards him, and Shredder did so sprinting. Splinter waited until Shredder was right in front of him before ducking under his attack and tripping him up with his tail, sending him over the edge.

“As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Splinter remarked, turning his back on where Shredder had fallen.

Miwa looked back at Splinter, smiling a bit as he emerged victorious. However, that smile quickly turned to a look of horror as she screamed.

“Father! Look out!”

Splinter turned around, only to be impaled through the stomach by Shredder’s claw. The sound of metal entering flesh caused all of the Hamato children to freeze, turning towards their sensei and father.

“Dad, no!” Miwa screamed.

“Sensei!” The turtles exclaimed.

“Splinter!” Hisako shrieked.

Splinter coughed blood as Shredder raised him up, still impaled upon his gauntlet.

“This has been a moment long overdue.” Shredder declared. “The final death of Hamato Yoshi!”

With that, Shredder tossed Splinter off the roof, sending him falling to his doom. In that moment, it was as if the entire world was moving in slow motion. Hisako dropped her fans, running at full speed towards the edge Splinter had been tossed off of. Any Foot ninja or Elite that attempted to stop her was immediately intercepted by a turtle, all of them working together with one goal in mind, keep Splinter from hitting the ground.

Hisako dove over the edge, catching Splinter around the waist as she attempted to catch the fire escape of the adjacent building. The sheer force of her momentum combined with Splinter’s added weight nearly wrenched her arm out of socket, but she didn’t dare let go. Mustering every ounce of strength she could, Hisako pulled Splinter onto the fire escape, laying him down against the wall.

“Sensei!” she exclaimed, yanking off her vest and using it to try and staunch the bleeding. “Sensei, stay with me!”

She put pressure on the wound as tears filled her eyes.


“H… His… Hisako…” Splinter tried to say.

Hisako let out a huge sigh of relief as she cradled Splinter’s face.

“Sensei, I’m here.” she told him. “It’s gonna be okay. Donny can get you fixed up no problem.”

“You must…. Return to the battle.” he told her. “Help… your brothers… help…. Miwa.”

“I can’t just leave you here, Sensei.” Hisako insisted. “I can’t! I just-”

Splinter placed one of his hands on hers, giving her a reassuring look.

“I will… be fine… go…”

Hisako’s breath hitched, then she closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down and straightened up. Her hands, covered in the blood of her sensei, clenched tightly into fists as she looked up at the rooftop where her family was still fighting.

After Hisako had jumped over the side, both Mikey and Donny charged at Shredder, double kicking him in the stomach. He went flying backwards, skidding across the roof and causing some sparks to ignite as he did. He flipped onto his feet as Raph delivered a kicked to his head and Leo aimed for the knees. Shredder easily ducked out of the way of Leo’s attack and then jumped to avoid Raph’s.

“Still as weak and pathetic as the last time we fought.” Shredder sneered. “Just like the rat you call father!”

Raph saw red at that comment and blindly attacked Shredder with his sai. Shredder caught Raph’s downward attack, twisting the turtle’s wrists and forcing him to drop his weapons. Leo’s eyes went wide as he gripped his swords.

“Get off of him!”

The blue turtle ran at Shredder, jumping into the air and bringing his swords down in an arc. Shredder was forced to release Raph so he could bring his arms up in defense. While Leo kept his claws busy, Mikey jumped on his back, wrapping his three piece around Shredder’s neck, hoping to incapacitate him. However, Leo was soon kicked into an approaching Donatello, then Mikey was flipped off Shredder’s back and onto the semi-conscious Raph.

“Shredder!” Miwa shouted.

Shredder looked up, just in time to see Miwa coming at him with all her might. Her sword came down on his arms, then she began a barrage of blows at nearly impossible speeds. Shredder blocked each one of them, glaring at her.

“Have you forgotten that I am the one who trained you?” He questioned. “You hold no surprises for me, Karai.”

“It’s Miwa!” She screamed.

She attempted another blow, but this time, Shredder caught the blade. Her eyes went wide as her weapon was wrenched from her grasp and Shredder’s hand came out, grabbing her by the throat. He then threw her aside, where she rolled and coughed, trying to regain her senses and breath. With her out of the way, Shredder glared down at the turtles with burning rage.

“I have tolerated you creatures for far too long.” He snarled, lifting his bladed gauntlet. “It’s time to end this!”


The entire building shook as a shockwave of power broke through the night. The turtles all went wide eyed, as did Miwa.

“Uh-oh, now you’ve done it.” Mikey warned. “You’ve unleashed the beast.”

Shredder turned to where the wave had originated as the turtles and Miwa all scrambled for cover. From the street below, surrounded in a halo of green light, Hisako came rising up, floating in the air. Shredder gasped at the sight, this being the first time he had truly witnessed Hisako’s “Dark Phoenix mode”.

"Nani-?” Shredder tried to ask.

Hisako thrusted her hand forward, her finger splayed. The resulting power sent Shredder flying across the roof and into the water tower, which by now way beginning to lean slightly from all the damage to its supports.

"This is for my brothers!"

Throwing her arm to the side, she sent Shredder, as well as the few Motorheads that hadn’t been taken out already, into the roof access structure.

"This is for Miwa!"

She brought her hand up, then shoved it down hard, bringing Shredder and his cronies down on the roof hard enough to leave impressions in the concrete.

"This is for Master Splinter!"

She did it a second time, then slowly lifted Shredder up and straightened him. By now he was groaning in pain and it was clear that he was clinging to consciousness by a thread. Hisako forced him to look her in the eye as she spoke one last time.

"And this… is for ten years… of HELL!"

With one hard shove, Hisako sent Shredder flying off of the roof. She then released her power, allowing him to plummet to the ground with no one to catch him. However, she still wasn’t done with him. She turned her sights on the water tower, squinting at it as she shoved both her hands towards it. When the turtles saw that familiar halo of light surround the tower, all of them went wide-eyed.

“Can she do that Don?” Leo asked nervously.

“In theory, it’s possible.” Don replied, eyes glued to the scene. “But the mental strain...”

That’s when they heard the sound of metal tearing free of the concrete. Hisako moved over where Shredder had fallen, gazing down on him with a cold, merciless expression. Down below, he was attempting to crawl away, only to freeze when the shadow fell over him.


Hisako’s power cut off and the tower dropped, shattering upon impact and flooding the entire street with hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of water. The turtles and Miwa all came to the edge so see the flooded wreckage, all of them shocked at everything that had just happened. Then Donny looked over at Hisako to see blood running down her nose like a waterfall.

“Hisako!” He shrieked.

The power Hisako had manifested faded away as her eyes rolled back in her head. She would have fallen, but Raph caught her before she did.

“Good job, sis.” he told her. “Good job.”

That’s when the turtles heard the ever familiar sound of cracking stone as the building began to shake.

“Um, I think she broke the building again.” Mikey commented with no small amount of fear.

“Then let’s get out of here now.” Leo declared.

“But what about dad?” Miwa asked. “Where’d Hisako leave him?”

Donny did some quick calculations as they got off the crumbling building.

“Best guess, the adjacent building that way.” he hypothesized, pointing. “Probably on a fire escape.”

“Then let’s go get him!” Raph practically screamed.

They made it to the other building just a few seconds before the other came crumbling down. They braced themselves for a few second until the debris field passed. Once it passed, they got on the fire escape, only to find a distinct lack of their sensei.

“Don, I think your calculations were off.” Mikey commented.

Before Donny could retort, his foot met something hard and wooden. He looked down to see Splinter’s walking stick, resting on Hisako’s blood covered vest. He bent down and picked them both up, a sinking feeling in his gut.

“Guys, look.”

Everyone gathered around, all of them silent for a minute.

“Splinter was here.” Donny realized. “But he’s not anymore.”

“You don’t think someone took him, do you?” Mikey asked.

“One of the foot maybe?” Miwa suggested.

The idea made all of them all shiver in fear. About that time, a large group of sirens was beginning to approach their position, alerting them to the possible dangers.

“We need to disappear.” Leo insisted.

“But Splinter-” Raph began.

“We’ll find him Raph, but we’re no use to him if we get caught, and we still have Hisako to take care off.”

Raph looked at Hisako, whom he’d draped over his shell to make her easier to carry. He sighed then jumped off the fire escape towards a nearby sewer grate. Donny followed soon after, still holding the walking stick and the vest. Mikey came third, then Leo prepared to jump. Before he did, he placed a hand on Miwa’s shoulder to comfort her.

“Splinter’s tough.” he told her. “He’ll be fine, and we’ll find him.”

Miwa gave a small nod, then straightened up. Together, the two jumped off the fire escape and joined their siblings in the sewers.

A ways across town, the guardian Samson walked towards a large office building, passing a large sign that read ‘Galactic Enterprises’. The doors opened automatically for him as a man with light purple hair greeted him. The man then gasped when he saw that Samson had someone with him.

“Samson, what is this?”

“I had no choice.” Samson replied in a hurry. “He needs help now.”

The man looked at Samson, then whistled. Two guards came and relieved Samson of the intended patient, running off with them as the man stared down Samson.

“You know that you are taking a large risk by doing this.”

“I know.” Samson replied. “But whatever comes of my actions, I will take full responsibility.”

The man sighed, patting Samson on the shoulder as the two walked deeper into the building.

Emergency crews were sifting through the remains of the water tower, sighing as they did.

“Seems half the buildings in the city are falling down these days.” One remarked.

“I hear ya.” a second replied.

While they exchanged pleasantries, some of the rubble from the building shifted, allowing for Hun to pull himself free. The two crew members hadn’t noticed him, and he used that to his advantage. He grabbed them both, smashing their heads together so the fell unconscious.

“Master.” He called as he pushed large sections of the broken tower aside. “Master!”

He finally managed to locate the Shredder amidst the rubble. He pulled him free, yanking the helmet off his head. Though he was obviously in a lot of pain, and no doubt had many broken bones, he was still alive. Hun breathed a sigh of relief as he cradled his Master.

“Fear not, Master.” Hun assured him. “This fight is far from over.”

With that, he disappeared into the night, taking the Shredder with him.

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