TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

One Small Step for Turtle

Note from the Author of the Insane: Call me weird, but I honestly think it’s weird that aliens all magically know how to speak English. That’s why my aliens do not. However, do not think that I just typed random letters to create my own “Language”. I used a vigenere cipher to make my alien languages (minus a few words). Where you see words that make sense (Fugitoid, Gamaron, ETC) then start the cipher over again.

The key is DHOONIB. Have fun!

The last thing any of the Hamato siblings remembered was the dizzying sight of thousands of pink lights swirled around them, obscuring their vision of the strange aliens they had encountered inside Galactic Enterprises. The lights eventually faded away, revealing completely different surroundings.

“-talking about?!” Hisako said, finishing the question she had attempted to ask Mortu.

The five of them all stared for a minute, trying to get their bearings. They looked like they were in a back alley of some sorts, but unlike any they’d ever been in. The sky above was a blood red with no star patterns any of them recognized. The walls around them were covered in strange graffiti in many languages that none of them understood, and there was no sign of any familiar landmarks anywhere.

“Umm… Donny?” Leo called out. “Where are we?”

“For the first time in my life Leo, I have no idea.” Donny replied. “All I know is that we’re definitely not on Earth anymore”

Hisako looked around, then straightened herself up.

“Everybody okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, aside from feeling like I just got turned inside out, then back again.” Mikey groaned.

“Yeah, we’re good.” Raph replied.

“Good.” Hisako told them.

All of a sudden, Hisako became a blur of motion. Her knee came up, catching Leo in the stomach and sending him crumpling to the ground. She then spun, her hand coming down in a chop right on Raph’s neck. She then grabbed Donny by the coat, slamming him into the wall before roundhouse kicking Mikey in the face. The turtles all groaned from the sudden assault as Hisako stood over them.

“You guys are a bunch of pea-brained, shell-headed, morons!” she screamed.

Raph glared at his sister, rubbing his neck.

“Is that the thanks we get for saving you?!” he snapped.

“I didn’t need saving!” She yelled. “I was never in any danger!”

“You’d been abducted by aliens!” Mikey replied loudly. “I think that qualifies as danger!”

“Samson brought me to Galactic Enterprises to help me after I passed out!” Hisako clarified.

“They took Splinter!” Leo argued.

“To help him too!” Hisako continued. “They found him bleeding out and brought him to heal!”

“But- But-” Donny sputtered, “But they had you as a prisoner! You fought against them trying to escape!”

“I was freaked out after waking up in their hospital, and it got worse when I learned they were aliens. They had me in that conference room so I could calm down in a relatively normal environment!”

By now the turtles had run out of arguments.

“And, to add to the pile of thing you’ve screwed up, Samson knew my parents!” Hisako concluded. “He knew them, and I was about to ask him for more info before you busted in guns blazing. Now, we’re shell knows where, without the slightest clue of how to get back, and it’s all your fault!”

Hisako just stood there for a minute, a bit out of breath after screaming at her siblings. The turtles exchanged looks, then Leo got to his feet.

“Look, we get it.” He told her. “We screwed up and we should have fully assessed the situation, but you also have to concede that we were just trying to help you.”

Hisako took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

“Yeah...” she admitted begrudgingly, “I guess.”

“Besides, us shouting at one another isn’t gonna get us home any faster.” Donny added.

Hisako gave a nod, having finally calmed down. Eventually, all of the turtles were back on their feet.

“Okay, now that we’re done with the yelling, let’s try and figure out a way home.” Leo declared. “Hisako, what was it that purple haired guy said before we ended up here?”

“He said to look for something called an Utrom Outpost.” Hisako replied.

“Then that’s where we start.” Leo decided.

Raph snorted, crossing his arms.

“Yeah, well we don’t know where to even start looking for one of these outposts.” He said with no small amount of annoyance. “And what the shell is an Utrom?”

“Maybe we should ask for directions.” Mikey suggested.

“Yeah right.” Raph snapped. “And who do you suggest we ask?”

“Jhbujiz!” A voice called out from down the alley.

The five siblings all turned to see someone coming down the alley as fast as they could. As they emerged from the darkness, they were revealed to be a man, or more appropriately, a cyborg. Both of his legs seemed to be made out of metal, as well as both of his arms. His body was riddled with scars, and his left eye was completely metal, a bright red light indicating the eye. He had strange wrappings around his arms, as well as a hood over his head, and what looked like the remains of what looked like some sort of robe around his waist. The five all broke apart so the cyborg could run past. It eventually reached the end of the alley, running his metal hands along the wall.

“Glop rve... Ro rsnz.” he seemed to wail.

The turtles and Hisako all exchanged glances of confusion.

“Donny, any idea what he’s saying?”

“Whatever he’s saying, it’s not in a language I recognize.”

The cyborg then looked back at the turtles, his eye widening.

“Zl aifb ilks!” The strange cyborg shouted at them, running towards a large exhaust pipe. “Wosm nzf dsacfb vsvb if!”

“I am sorry!” Mikey shouted loudly and slowly. “But we don’t know what you are saying.”

That’s when they heard the sound of multiple people running in their direction. Before they had time to react, an entire platoon of soldiers came running towards them. They were unlike and soldiers or officers that the five had seen before, their skin covered in strange markings almost like tattoos. However, they almost seemed like a natural part of their skin. Glancing back at the cyborg currently hiding behind the pipe, it was easy to spot similar markings underneath the scarring. However, that wasn’t the only thing that looked strange. Their uniforms almost seemed to shimmer in the low light of the evening, and the guns they were holding looked like something right out of Star Trek.

“I think he was trying to warn us about those guys.” Raph hissed.

“Are they human?” Hisako wondered.

“Humanoid maybe.” Donny replied. “But definitely not human.”

“Great, more aliens.” Raph snarled.

“La’g hum Fugitoid!” One of the humanoid guys shouted, pointing at the cyborg behind the pipe.

“Zoc’g gpbw dwhu pjp?” Another seemed to ask, gesturing to the Hamato siblings

“La odcmbuz hc om grbf Gamarons dur oa colksbgqgllr vhubqvwr, fqs.” a third replied

Hisako gulped.

“I don’t like the way they’re pointing at us.” she whispered.

“Bvi tbcs, vbffrvehy bcj ws zl kwyt vvl zsgpbo mcfpm!” The first one shouted as all of the guys began aiming their weapons at the group.

“And I rest my case.” Hisako muttered.

“Any change of us talking our way out of this?” Mikey asked.

“Even without the language barrier, I don’t think these guys would be willing to listen.” Donny replied.

The five all exchanged nods, then drew their weapons, launching at the group with everything they had.

“Rwsb sqsh!” The first guys shouted.

Mikey’s foot connected with the face of one of the soldiers second before he could let off a shot. The blast went wide, completely missing its target as the others began their attack. One guy came up to Donny, leveling the gun to the purple turtle’s face. Donny just hit a small button on his staff, activating the piston feature. It struck the guy in the stomach, causing him to bend over in pain as Donny twirled his staff and hit the guy in the head. Another soldier managed a proper shot, but this one connected with Raph’s shell, leaving a long burn mark along it.

“OW!” He screamed, turning to the soldier who’d shot him. “That hurt!”

The guard looked at the angry red turtle, then let out a gulp. A split second later, he was on the ground, the red turtle wailing on him like a punching bag. Another soldier aimed at Raph in hopes of saving his comrade. Before he could, Leo’s sword sliced right through the barrel of the gun, rendering it useless. Leo then smirked at the guy as his fist connected with his chin. Hisako had two on either side of her, both of them aiming right at her. Hisako just rolled her eyes, smiling as she hit the deck. Her sudden movement caused the two to shoot at each other instead of her.

As the turtles and Hisako dealt with the soldiers, the cyborg took the opportunity to take a second glance at the walls of the alley. Placing his ear against it, he knocked a few times, as if looking for a hollow spot. After about five knocks, he found what he was looking for. He straightened up, pulling back his fist and punching his way through the stone. He did this another few times until he’d created a sizable hole in the wall, leading into a drainage pipe. He prepared to jump, but found himself unable to. He glanced back at the Hamato siblings, who were just finishing up their fight with the soldiers.

“Ha!” Mikey cheered, giving one of the guys a final kick. “Take that you alien punks!”

“Who were these guys?” Hisako wondered, stowing her fans in her belt.

Donny rifled through the pockets of one of the soldiers, pulling out a badge about the size of his palm. Though he couldn’t read what it said, he had a pretty good idea.

“Um, guys?” He croaked. “I think they were some sort of law enforcement.”

The other four froze at that, turning to the purple turtle slowly.

“What?” Leo questioned.

“Look at this.” Donny told him, tossing him the badge.

Leo caught the badge, turning it in his hands a few times. He gulped as Raph punched the wall.

“Great!” he exclaimed. “Just great! Not only are we on some sort of alien world, but now we’re the planet’s most wanted!”

“Heqifm nh!” The cyborg called out from behind them

The five turned to the cyborg, who was waving at them from the hole he’d created.

“L kc vnbf wv wbgmsubdh, ocu pvfs bn ukvgs gzprwg kvtm el vsem tkvfhyg, bqk mch lp qvh knvu wv ps umsh dvsa bihf rc.”

The turtles looked at him confused and the cyborg let out a sigh. He pointed at himself, then at the group, and finally at the hole he created.

“Fvas jquk ts. Ehqdnsm!” He insisted.

“I think he wants us to follow him.” Hisako said.

“You sure we can trust him?” Donny asked.

“Do we have a choice?” Hisako countered. “Come on.”

The cyborg jumped down the hole, Hisako right behind him. The turtles looked at each other, then shrugged.

“When on an alien planet, do what the aliens do.” Mikey announced. “Cowabunga!”

Mikey jumped down, followed by Donny, Leo, and then finally Raph. They slid down the tunnel for a few seconds before splashing down in a tunnel that looked all too familiar.

“Where’d he take us?” Mikey questioned.

“Best guess, the alien equivalent of the drainage pipes.” Donny surmised.

As the all recovered from their slide, the cyborg turned to them, smiling happily.

“Zl gvbcmg is gnnf gvkb umsh, hh zritw mcf gpf wpas omjqn.” The cyborg told them.

Hisako sighed.

“Look, we can’t understand a word you’re saying.” She tried to explain. “And no doubt you can’t understand us either.”

“Let me try something.” Mikey suggested.

He stepped forward, giving the cyborg a wave.

“Klaatu barada nikto”

The cyborg just stared at the orange turtle, then turned to the other four, his face contorted in confusion.

“Zooh va ukl cfnvhh vbs fizluu?” The cyborg asked.

Raph face palmed as Leo turned to Hisako.

“You think you can read his mind, try and figure out what he’s saying.”

Hisako shook her head.

“His thoughts are in alien too.” she told him. “Frankly, it’s giving me a headache.”

“Well too bad you can’t teach him English.” Mikey commented.

Hisako perked up at that, a big smile coming to her face.

“Mikey, you’re a genius!”

“I am?” Mikey asked. “I mean, of course I am!”

Hisako slid over to Donny, slipping her hand into his head. The purple turtle jolted, going completely still as Hisako rifled through his mind, taking hold of something before pulling it out. He recoiled as she did, shivering a bit.

“Holy chalupa that felt weird.” he commented, rubbing his head. “Try warning a turtle next time will ya?”

“Sorry Don, but you have the biggest Lexicon out of all of us.” Hisako apologized, walking over to the cyborg.

Raph gave a smile, crossing his arms.

“What happened to the girl who was terrified to try that trick?” He asked.

“Her brothers and father showed her that she had more control over her powers than she thought.” Hisako replied with a smirk.

The cyborg was staring in complete awe at Hisako, his single eye following the mass of memories in Hisako’s hand. She approached him stopping a few steps in front of him. When she spoke, she used her free hand to try and express what she was saying.

“Listen.” she said slowly. “I. am going to put this. Inside your head. So you. Can talk. To us.”

The cyborg seemed to understand her gestures and bowed his head forward. Hisako then gently pushed the mass of memories into the cyborg’s head. He stumbled back a bit, blinking rapidly as his mechanical eye seemed to zoom in and out rapidly.

“Oh my.” He said before covering his mouth in surprise. “Well this is certainly a new experience.”

The turtles and Hisako gave him some space as their new cybernetic friend got acquainted with his new lexicon.

“An entirely new language, learned in mere seconds in lieu of the years it would normally take.” he commented. “Absolutely astounding.”

He then seemed to remember that he had an audience. He coughed a bit, straightening and turning towards the Hamato siblings.

“How rude of me.” he apologized. “I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt.” And you are?”

“My name is Hamato Hisako.” Hisako introduced. “And these are my brothers Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.”

“Whaddup?” Mikey asked, earning a smack from Raph.

“It is a pleasure to meet you all.” the Professor told them, “and I must thank you for dealing with those ruffians. Though they were only doing their job, I fear what would have happened to me if they had succeeded.”

The Hamato siblings exchanged glances.

“Yeah, mind telling us why you had the alien cops on your tail?” Raph asked.

“It’s because I am a fugitive android, or Fugitoid.” The Professor explained. “You see, I used to work for a man by the name of Darius Dunn. However, after I learned that Darius was an arms dealer, I attempted to quit.”

“I’m guessin’ Dunn wasn’t too happy about that.” Raph deduced.

“Indeed he was not.” The Professor replied. “In fact, he denied my resignation, and threatened me if I didn’t comply. I was fearful for my life, so I attempted to flee the planet. Unfortunately, I was shot out of the sky before I even breached the lower atmosphere. When I came to, I had been reduced to this.”

He held out his metal hands, then pulled back his hood, revealing multiple metal plates over freshly healed scars.

“Yikes.” Mikey remarked. “No wonder you became a cyborg.”

“That was not even the worse part of my plight.” The Professor continued. “You see, on Dhoonib, the planet we are currently on, cyborgs are considered less than human, and thus belong to whomever repaired them. In my case, that was Darius Dunn. How he could make me do whatever he wanted, and I had no choice.”

The Professor then got a smile.

“Thankfully, though Darius is a ruthless man, he is not all that bright. He left me alone in my lab with all my equipment, which allowed me to enhance my new mechanical limbs so I could escape.”

Mikey got starry eyed at that.

“Dudes, he pulled a Tony Stark!”

The Professor looked at the orange turtle confused.

“He’s a fictional character where we come from.” Leo explained.

“Ah, I see.” Honeycutt remarked. “Well, after upgrading my body, I was able to escape from Darius’ clutches. Unfortunately, he reported me to the authorities, and there is little doubt in my mind that he embellished the story greatly. I’m afraid that they will continue to hunt me while I remain in Federation Space.”

“Aw man.” Mikey said. “That’s terrible.”

“Indeed, and what is worse, I have dragged you five into my problems by mere association.”

Hisako placed a hand on the Professor’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry Professor.” she told him. “Hiding from everyone is a common occurrence for us.”

“Yeah, don’t sweat it.” Mikey agreed.

The Professor smiled.

“I am so glad you all are so understanding.” He said gratefully. “Well, since I got you into this mess, it is only fair I get you out.”

Leo stepped forward.

“We could use some help.” he admitted. “Have you heard of something called an Utrom Outpost?”

The Professor’s face lit up, quite literally, at that name.

“The Utroms!” he proclaimed. “How could I have forgotten those benevolent beings?”

The turtles and Hisako blinked.

“Wait… Utroms are a species?” Donny asked.

“An entire race of hyper intelligent creatures who have made it their sworn duty to protect all known sentient life throughout the cosmos.” The Professor explained in a tone reminiscent of Mikey explaining his favorite comic book characters. “They have taken up residence in just about every solar system, though they have been known to hide their existence from those species that have yet to develop intergalactic space travel.”

Hisako just crossed her arms, glaring at her brothers. They rubbed the back of their heads in embarrassment.

“Remind me to apologize to that one that I threatened to squish.” Raph muttered.

“You know, I am surprised you have not heard of them. The Gamarons and the Utroms have been in close contact these past few stellar cycles.”

“Gamarons?” Hisako asked.

“Yes. Is that not what your brothers are?”

The turtles shook their heads.

“Sorry Professor.” Leo told him. “But we’re from a planet called Earth, and we were just ordinary turtles that got mutated.”

“Ah, I see.” The Professor said, though he seemed a bit confused. “Well, it seems we have gotten off topic. As I was saying, here in Federation Territory, the Utrom Outpost is a space station over by the Sontaran asteroid belt.”

“Then we need to get there.” Raph declared.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.” The Professor lamented. “You see, my license was revoked when I became a cyborg, and after your run in with the Federation Troops, I fear finding a legal means of transportation is out of the question.”

“Hey, don’t sweat it.” Mikey assured the cyborg. “We’re used to doing stuff behind everybody’s back.”

“Besides, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from a lifetime of sci-fi movies and TV shows, it’s that there’s always someone willing to bend the rules for a few bucks.” Hisako added.

The Professor contemplated this, then gave a nod.

“I do believe I may know of a disreputable joint that has been known to cater to smugglers.” he remarked. “I guess I have Darius Dunn to thank for that.”

“Can you take us there?” Leo asked.

“I don’t know...” the Professor said with no small amount of hesitation, “That area of the planet is rather dangerous.”

“Dude, we’re the dangerous ones.” Mikey argued. “We’ll keep you safe. Turtle’s honor.”

Leo stepped forward.

“You help us find a way to that Utrom Outpost, and my siblings and I will personally assure your safety.”

“More than that, you can come to Earth with us.” Hisako added. “We’ve never even heard of the Federation, and I’m guessing that the same goes for them.”

The Professor lit up at the prospect.

“A planet where I can live in peace, and an actual chance of getting there without ending up back in Darius Dunn’s clutches? Well, I’d be a fool to turn such a chance down.”

Leo smiled, then held out his hand.

“So, do we have a deal?”

The Professor took his hand, shaking it eagerly.

“Oh indeed we do!” he proclaimed.

They released hands and the Professor turned down one of the tunnels.

“This way.” he told them. “There is an opening that will take us to the trade district, but we better hurry. You do not want to be down here when the cleaners arrive.”

The Hamato siblings paused for a second, wondering what a cleaner was. Then they quickly decided that it was better not to find out, chasing after the Professor.

The Hamato Siblings and Professor Honeycutt came out of the drainage system, emerging into another alleyway. As they emerged they could hear a menagerie of different voices and languages emanating from the alley’s opening. They all approached the opening, the Hamato siblings all staring in awe.

“Guys, check it out.” Mikey gasped.

“So many different species...” Donny breathed.

Hisako just winced, rubbing her head in an attempt to alleviate a slowly growing headache. Leo noticed this and placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. She gave him a small smile in return as the Professor made his way to the front of the group.

“Welcome to the trade district of Dhoonib.” he declared, gesturing to the thriving market place ahead of them. “It is here that we can find just about anything you could ever need or want.”

“Including a pilot?” Mikey asked.

“If you know whom to ask, yes.” The Professor replied.

“Guys, you know what this is?” Donny questioned.

“Tatooine meets Agrabah?” Mikey guessed.

“Well… yeah, but it’s also a place where all five of us can blend in!” Donny explained.

The Professor shook his head.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” He interjected, gesturing for a wall. “Look.”

They all followed where the Professor was pointing, and were both surprised and annoyed to see a set of six pictures posted on the wall. They had probably been taken by a security camera of some sort during the fight, and there was a strange banner on each of the pictures.

“I don’t need to be able to read Dhoonib-ese to know those are wanted posters.” Donny commented.

“Indeed.” The Professor agreed. “We will have to find some disguises, and soon. My robe is in horrible disrepair.”

Mikey looked up, then pointed.

“Will those work?” he suggested.

They all looked up to see several clothing lines with about half a dozen robes swaying on them. The turtles and Hisako grinned, then they all jumped into the air, grabbing a robe. Leo managed to snap two, handing one to the Professor.

“Here you go.” he said.

Honeycutt took the robe gratefully, removing his ragged one and sliding the new one on. The others followed suit, all except Mikey, who stared at his robe. His was pink, and seemed to be designed almost like a dress.

“Hey Hisako!” he called. “Switch with me?”

Hisako glanced at the robe and made a disgusted face.

“I wouldn’t wear that thing if you paid me.” she declared.

“But-...” Mikey whined, “But-...”

“Just shut up and put it on.” Raph told him.

Mikey groaned, then begrudgingly put it on. Raph wasted no time snapping a picture with his shell cell.

“Hello new wallpaper.” He proclaimed.

“Raaaaaaph!” Mikey whined.

Leo groaned, then shoved both of them forward.

“Will you two just move?”

The group exited the alley, keeping their hoods up and their eyes peeled. All around them, the aliens went about their daily business, bartering and trading in the oversized marketplace. It was a sight that had all five of the Hamato siblings wishing circumstances were different. A chance to truly fit in never came up, even in space.

As they continued out of the bazaar and towards an obviously seedier part of town, Hisako continued to rub her forehead. With all the different aliens about, her powers were proving to be detrimental. She couldn’t understand anything, and the garbled culmination of dozens of language was making her sick to her stomach.

“We’re here.” The Professor declared after a bit, gesturing to a seedy pub. “The Pleblak Pub. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Mikey opened his mouth, only to be met with a glare from Raph.

“Not. A. Word.”

Mikey sighed, then he and the others walked inside. Hisako went to follow, but the second she stepped into the pub, her brain felt like it was being torn apart. She stumbled back gripping her head and unable to suppress the whimper of pain. As expected, that small sound brought her brothers back out in an instant, their fingers dancing over their weapons.

“Hisako?” Leo asked.

Hisako waved them down.

“I… I’m just gonna wait out here.” she told them. “Too many voices...”

Realizing this wasn’t a problem they could punch away, Raph, Donny and Mikey went back inside. Leo hesitated for a moment, placing a hand on his sister’s shoulder.

“You sure?”

She nodded, sliding against the wall until she was sitting on the ground. Leo reluctantly released her shoulder, then followed the others inside. Hisako just groaned, leaning back in annoyance.

“This sucks...” she muttered.

As she leaned against the wall, an alien stalked out of the pub, passing by her as if he didn’t see her. The alien then approached a hooded figure in the shadows across the road. Hisako didn’t know why, but she felt the need to watch what was going on, her senses just screaming that something was off. From where she was, she couldn’t make out what either of the creatures were saying, but she did recognize a holographic poster in the hooded figure’s hand.

“That’s the Professor...” Hisako whispered.

The alien pointed back at the bar, then held up four appendages that served as fingers. The hooded creature pulled its hood back, revealing the head of a triceratops, its snout covered by a respiratory system. It picked up the alien, no doubt threatening the alien if he was lying. Hisako decided she’d seen enough, getting up.

“I don’t know what that guy is, or what he wants with the Professor, but it can’t be good.” she muttered to herself.

The turtles sat at a corner booth, chowing down on an alien version of pizza. It was definitely unlike any pizza they’d seen before, with some toppings that had initially seemed unappetizing. However, it was quickly proving to be some pretty good pizza.

“This stuff ain’t half bad.” Raph commented as he took a bite.

“Guess pizza’s a go-to food across the cosmos.” Donny surmised.

Leo slid a piece onto a plate, setting it aside to take to Hisako later. About that time, the Professor approached the table, the alien from outside with him.

“Gamarons, this is Orcini.” He introduced. “He has agreed to give us safe passage to the Utrom Outpost.”

“That’s great to hear, Professor.” Leo declared, scooping up the plate he set aside. “I’ll grab Hisako. Once she’s eaten, we can head out.”

“I’m right here Leo.”

They all turned to see Hisako walking up to them. Her face was an unreadable mask, something they all knew meant trouble.

“Hey Professor.” she said, her voice monotonous, “Can you translate something for me? There’s something I want to tell our new ‘pilot’.”

From the way she said pilot, the turtles all places their hands nonchalantly on their weapons.

“Absolutely.” The Professor agreed. “What is it?”

“You have no intention of taking us to the Utroms. You sold us out. Take this.”

The Professor was confused, but translated.

“Bvi vndf qv wbgmowpcb bn udrwbt ct wv hvr Utroms. Bvi gbte xz cig. Bbnl hvva.”

Orcini’s eyes went wide. He attempted to say something in his defense, but a combination of Raph’s and Leo’s fist connected with his face, sending him flying across the bar and into a support beam.

“My word!” The Professor exclaimed. “What the devil was that for?”

“I saw this guy outside.” Hisako explained. “He sold us out to this large dinosaur.”

“Some bounty hunter for the federation, maybe?” Raph thought.

“Maybe.” Hisako said with a shrug. “Professor, do you-”

Her voice trailed off when she saw the look of absolute fear on the Professor’s face. The others noticed this as well.

“Professor?” Donny questioned.

“D-did you say dinosaur?” He stuttered.

Hisako gave a single nod and the Professor began to sweat.

“This is bad. This is very bad.”

“Whoa, Professor, what’s wrong?” Mikey asked.

“There is only one race in the known galaxies that resemble dinosaurs.” The Professor explained. “The Triceratons.”

“Umm, Professor, you do remember the part where we’re not from around here.” Raph commented. “We have no idea what a Triceraton is.”

“The Triceratons are a warlike race of reptilian creatures.” The Professor explained. “They were also some of Darius Dunn’s most loyal customers. They must have learned about my transformation and escape, and have decided to try and claim me for themselves!”

As if to prove him right, the windows of the bar exploded inward as about half a dozen Triceratons came blasting in. One shot into the air, shouting in a language made out of growls and snorts. The turtles and Hisako all immediately hit the deck, crawling under the table. After a second, Donny’s hand came out from under the table, grabbing the Professor by his cloak and dragging him under the table as well. Once they were all under the table, Leo put a finger to his lips, demanding silence. He then pointed at the nearest exit. Everybody shared a nod, then they all began army crawling across the floor towards the door.

Unbeknownst to the escaping fugitives, one of the Triceratons witnessed them attempting to escape. Not really caring about the turtles or Hisako, the Triceraton brought out a small pistol, aiming it at the Professor. It fired with a barely audible pop, sending a dart into the fleshy part of the Professor’s neck. He was out in an instant, crumbling to the ground as the turtles and Hisako finally made it outside.

“That was way too close.” Donny said as he sagged against the alley wall.

“Guess we’ll need to find a new place to get a pilot, Professor.” Leo added.

That’s when the five of them finally noticed the lack of their cybernetic ally.

“Professor?” Raph called.

“Oh shell… don’t tell me-” Donny began.

Hisako peeked back into the pub just in time to see the Triceratons making their way through the front exit, the Professor’s prone form over their shoulder. She pulled back, her face full of panic.

“Those Triceratons got him.” she informed them.

The turtles went wide eyed, then drew their weapons. They rounded the corner to the front of the pub, only to duck right back as about four Triceratons opened fire on them. With a barrage of laser fire keeping them pinned behind the building, the Hamato siblings could only watch as a flying car carrying the Professor disappeared into the city.

“Sewer cakes.” Raph swore. “Now what?”

“Hisako, can you take out those shooters?” Leo asked.

“I can try, but I don’t know if I can take them down for long.” She admitted.

“We just need them down long enough for us to get past them.” Leo assured her. “Donny, did you-?”

“Put a tracker on the Professor?” Donny interrupted, already pulling out his shell cell. “I’m insulted you asked.”

Leo smirked, then gave Hisako a single nod. She took a deep breath, then rolled out from behind the corner. She landed on her knee, her eyes glowing as she thrusted her arms forward. With a powerful blast of energy, she sent the Triceratons flying back into a wall. The second the turtles heard that ever familiar smack, they ran out from the hiding spot, Mikey snagging Hisako seconds before her legs gave out.

“No fainting on us, sis.” he warned her.

Hisako chuckled.

“I’ll try.” she promised.

Mikey adjusted his grip so he was giving her a shellback ride, then the turtles clambered onto the roofs.

“Which way Don?” Raph questioned.

“Straight ahead.” Donny replied.

They took off along the rooftops, grateful that even in space, nobody bothered to look up at the roofs. Jumping from building to building, the Hamato siblings found themselves heading farther away from the city and heading towards a more run down part.

“Hey guys, doesn’t this place remind you of something?” Mikey asked.

“Yeah, the warehouse district back home.” Raph answered.

“Perfect place to hide a kidnapping victim.” Leo surmised.

“Don’t you mean cyborg-napping victim?” Mikey tried.

Hisako whacked him upside the back of the head, earning her a smirk from Raph. After a moment, the tracker led them to an old warehouse in a large lot. They climbed off the roof, Mikey gently lowering Hisako to her feet. She steadied herself, then gave her bros a thumbs up. They then snuck up to the warehouse, channeling every ounce of ninja stealth they had, slinking through the shadows towards the main doors. The doors were wide open for the moment, something they quickly took advantage of, entering the large storage facility.

There were large stacks of metal crates everywhere, held down by cables attached to specially designed anchors. The turtles used these as cover, spreading out to try and find the Professor. As they searched, Mikey caught sight of a glass container strapped to one of the stacks. It contained this large, gelatinous looking brown blob, one that seemed to be moving on its own.

“Cooooool.” Mikey whispered.

The gelatinous mass lifted up slightly, forming a blob that seemed to be looking at Mikey. His eyes got all sparkly as he placed his hand on the glass, smiling widely. The blob created a second blob, one that split three ways and touched the glass where Mikey’s fingers were resting.

“Double cool.”

Looking left, then right, Mikey undid the straps on the glass. The second he did, an alarm blared and the doors to the warehouse slammed shut. From where they were searching, the others jolted up, turning towards the orange turtle.

“MIKEY!” They screamed.

Mikey hid the glass container behind his back.

“I didn’t do anything!” he swore.

That’s when the entire building began to shake. The Hamato siblings were knocked off their feet, the glass container in Mikey’s hand shattering upon impact. The building continued to shake, and the five found themselves unable to even twitch, unimaginable force keeping them pinned to the ground.

“What’s going on Donny?!” Leo exclaimed.

“I don’t think this is a warehouse!” Donny answered through the crushing G-force. “It’s a spaceship!”

All five of them began screaming at that point, and didn’t stop until the G-force ceased. When it did, they all slowly floated away from the floor.

“Dudes, we’re in space!” Mikey exclaimed. “This is awesome!”

“No Mikey, this is bad!” Donny replied. “We have no idea where we’re going, and we’re trapped on a hostile ship!”

“Oh...” Mikey said, deflating a bit. “Well, at least it can’t get any worse than this.”

About that time, there was a loud buzz, then a few words in that gravelly Triceraton language. After that, the Hamato siblings were unceremoniously dropped back onto the ground hard. They all groaned a bit, slowly getting to their feet.

“Okay...” Mikey groaned. “Now it can’t get any worse...”

There was another buzz, then a few more gravelly Triceraton words. Then there were several loud hissing noises, like someone releasing some sort of gas into the room. Once it hit the Hamato siblings they all began coughing and choking.

“You *cough* just had to *cough cough* say something...” Raph choked.

“The *cough cough* Triceratons must *cough gasp* not bre- *cough hack* breath oxygen!” Donny wheezed.

They all fell to their knees, the room spinning and their vision going dark.

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