TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Stars and Scars

Hisako hadn’t known what to expect when she had been pulled from that dumpster. A good part of her had believed that she would never wake up again, or that she would have been discovered and recaptured from those she had escaped from. Never had she expected to be rescued from her fate, and definitely not by the five creatures who had dubbed themselves her caregivers.

For a good month, she remained wary of them, the seed of distrust too deep-rooted in her heart to allow even a small sliver of hope to breach it. She kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the tests, machines and torture to begin. But it never did. Instead, none of them even thought about touching her. Sure the purple one, Donatello as he called himself, would come and clean her wounds and change her bandages, but only after explaining what he planned to do and swearing up and down he would not purposely cause her harm. He even apologized profusely for even the smallest wince or whimper she let out.

It was all so jarring for Hisako, having grown used to being treated as little more than an object. For the first time in her life, what she wanted and her well-being actually mattered. In fact, even though she could feel their curiosity, their desire to know more about her origin and her powers, nobody asked her. When she had questioned them about this lack of interrogations, the rat Splinter had just given her a calm smile.

“Your past and your powers are indeed intriguing to us.” he had admitted. “But, it is clear you are not ready to discuss them. When you feel the time is right, we will be ready to listen, but until then, we will not push.”

It was these kind words that gave Hisako the strength to finally start interacting with her caregivers. It had all started with Michelangelo, who had made it a habit of watching TV with her in the living room. Granted, she was still on the mattress they’d set up in the center, and he remained on the couch so wouldn’t feel crowded. This time was different though. Hisako looked at the couch with a determined expression, gritting her teeth and preparing herself. She started crawling towards the couch, both her arms and her legs shaking from the strain the actions put on her. She made it to the couch cushions, but then found a small flaw in her plan.

She completely lacked the strength to pull herself onto the couch.

She was seconds from crying when a pair of hands came down, hooking underneath her armpits and pulling her onto the couch. She turned sharply to see Michelangelo smiling at her as he helped her get comfortable, even helping her re-wrap herself in her blanket. Once he finished, he returned to his spot, acting as if nothing happened. She snuggled into her blanket, then looked over at the orange turtle.

“Thank you Mik- Michel...” she tried.

“Mikey.” the orange turtle interrupted. “You can call me Mikey.”

Hisako looked over at Mikey, then back at the TV, the hint of a small smile playing on her face.


After this initial encounter with Mikey, Hisako found it easier to interact with her caregivers. She would find herself actually trying to contribute to their meal conversations, even if her voice was still too weak for her taste, and trying to move so she could watch the four turtles train. After a while, it just became second nature for the turtles to pick her up and bring her to wherever they were so she could be part of whatever they were doing.

Even with this inclusion into the strange dynamic of the subterranean home, Hisako still felt a nagging sensation tugging at her chest. She found herself staring at the opening leading into the cozy little home, her desire for freedom still prominent in her mind. During one of moments, the turtles and Splinter all observed her, knowing all too well what that look meant.

“She must be thinking about the surface.” Leo mused, giving Hisako a sideways glance.

“Considering the shell she’s been through, I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to make for the door.” Raph remarked, crossing his arms.

“Maybe she’s afraid of what we’d do if she tried.” Donny suggested. “I’ll admit we’ve made progress with her over the past couple of weeks, but she’s far from fully trusting us.”

Splinter stroked his chin, contemplating the words of his sons.

“You may be right Donatello.” He admitted, giving Hisako a sideways glance. “Perhaps a venture to the surface would help to ease her troubled mind, and help the reality of her position finally sink in.”

“Yes!” Mikey cheered, punching the air. “We’re going topside!”

Raph whacked Mikey hard, cutting off his cheers and giving him a glare.

“Keep your voice down, idiot.” he hissed. “We’re all right here.”

“We can take her to the dump.” Leo suggested. “Donny’s been wanting to look for supplies anyhow.”

“Once Hisako is fully healed, I’m hoping to begin some physical therapy to help her atrophied muscles.” Donny explained. “Having the proper equipment would definitely help my efforts.”

“Then go my sons, but be careful.” Splinter told them all. “Hisako’s mind is still fragile, and her body is weak. She may not be ready for your usual rambunctiousness.”

“We’ll be careful Sensei.” Leo promised.

“See that you are.” Splinter replied.

The lid of the manhole opened slowly as a large green hand pushed it out of the way. Two purple bandanna-covered eyes rose from the grate and looked around carefully.

“Coast is clear” Donatello said,

“Then move your shell!” Mikey said, as he pushed Donatello up.

Donatello climbed up grabbing Mikey’s arm. He tugged Mikey, who was then followed up by Leo, who had Hisako on his back. Donny had used several straps to help secure her to Leo’s shell, though she still clung to Leo’s carapace as if afraid she’d fall off. Leo glanced back at her, giving her small smile.

“You doing alright Hisako?” he asked.

She gave a small nod, looking around the alley they’d entered. She was brimming with curiosity and wonder, eyeing everything as if it was the first time she was seeing it. Leo felt a twinge of relief enter his heart, having expected her to be terrified out of her find. Thankfully, she seemed much calmer than he could have ever hoped for. Maybe all the weeks she’d been with them had been more effective on her psyche than they’d originally believed.

While Leo kept an eye on Hisako, Raph finally emerged from the tunnel, giving a stretch.

“Ah, fresh air.” he declared, rotating his shoulders. “Well, as fresh as NYC air can get.”

“How’s she doing?” Donny questioned.

“Better than any of us could have hoped.” Leo replied, adjusting the straps holding Hisako. “Seems your hunch was right.”

“Well, let’s see how well she handles the rooftop view.” Mikey suggested, grinning. “It’s a clear night after all.”

“Great idea Mikey.” Leo complimented, gesturing towards a fire escape. “Time to head up.”

The others looked at each other and then to Hisako, who gave a nod in agreement as her curiosity fought back and latent fears still plaguing her. In a blur of green, the four turtles darted for the fire escape, clambering up to the top at record speeds. Michelangelo reached the top first with his arms raised high.

“And the crowd goes wild as Michelangelo crosses the finish line” He shouted, making peace signs as Leo, Donny, and then Raphael clambered to the top.

“Shut up, Mikey!” Leo loudly whispered, “You wanna wake up all of New York?”

More like everyone from here to Jersey.” Raph quipped.

“You’re just mad because I’m the greatest ninja of all time.” Mikey taunted, sticking out his tongue.

Raph whacked Mikey on the back of the head, accidentally making the orange turtle bite his tongue. As he yelped in pain and rubbed his head, Leo glanced back at Hisako, smiling at the expression on her face. If she was in awe before, her mind had been completely blown by the scene before her

The lights of New York gave the tall structures along the skyline an almost ethereal feel to them, the gentle glimmer of headlights and tail signals from the streets below like shimmering rivers of red and white that could be seen for miles. The large silhouette of buildings seemed to go on forever, outlined by the dim color of the horizon that could be seen in the distance. As her gaze was drawn skyward, Hisako let out a gasp, witnessing a spectacle beyond her wildest imagination.

Above her, millions of tiny specks covered the sky. The vibrant colors of space shined down upon her, stars and space which seemed to extend for eternity. The heavens were alight with new lights and colors that Hisako had never seen before. Her eyes grew wider with excitement as she reached up in some innocent attempt to touch one.

“Wow.” She whispered in bewildered wonderment, “This is amazing.”

All four happily smiled, quietly high-threeing that their impromptu plan seemed to be working.

“Up for taking the scenic route, guys?” Leo asked.

“You don’t even gotta ask.” Raphael replied.

The four began to walk gently over the skyline, hopping from rooftop to rooftop as they quietly made their way over New York. After a good hour or two, they reached the large dimly lit sign which read ‘New York Federal Waste Site’ in white letters on the large green plate.

“Whelp, here we are.” Mikey announced. “The fount of all our treasured belongings!”

Hisako was too enraptured by the sky to even register the orange turtle’s declaration. Leo noticed this and chuckled.

“I’ll stay with Hisako so she can keep enjoying the sky.” he declared, loosening the straps and sliding Hisako into his arms. “You guys see what you can do about Donny’s grocery list.”

“You got it bro.” Raph and Mikey sounded off, in unison leaping towards a rather large pile of garbage.

“You guys don’t even know what I need!” Donny shouted as he chased after them.

“Long metal pipes to build a pair of balance bars!” Mikey listed off

“A pair of crutches you can easily repair and adjust!” Raph added.

“And enough scrap metal and cushioning to create a pair of braces for later down the line!” They both declared before busting out into laughter.

Donny turned a bit red, running his fingers through his hair.

“I guess you do know what I need.” he muttered in an embarrassed tone.

Leo chuckled at his brother’s antics as he slid to the ground, leaning against the wall of the operation booth as he pulled Hisako into his lap. She leaned against him, using his plastron as a pillow as continued observing the sky. Looking up at the eternity of stars that stretched out before her, she gazed in wonderment as she began to trace some with her fingers. After several minutes of this, Leonardo glanced down at her, his curiosity piqued.

“What are you doing, Hisako?” he asked.

“The stars are like those connect the dot drawings Donny gave me.” she explained, continuing her tracing. “That one looks like Master Splinter.”

Leo glanced up, trying to find the stars she was pointing at. It didn’t take long to find them, and he smirked at the fun little game she’d created.

“Nice one.” he complimented before pointing to another cluster of stars. “I think a see a fire breathing dragon over here.”

“That one there is a giant frog.” Hisako declared, pointing at some more.

“And that one is an elephant!” Leo chimed in.

Leo found many other starry animals, spreading his arms out as wide as he could and pointing each one out. With each discovery, Hisako seemed to grow more and more relaxed. A rare smile played on her face as the two continued their game, unaware of their surroundings or the time that passed.

Their laughter and game quickly ended when a loud bang was heard in the distance. Leonardo instinctively ducked into the observation booth, dragging Hisako in with him as Mikey, Raphael, and Donny dove to safety as well. The bang, which turned out to be backfire from an old convertible, blasted again as the car rolled into the dump. Its old, balding white-wall tires rode across the rough gravel paths that crisscrossed the junkyard, sending tons of rock flying in its wake.

The deep red automobile made a turn before coming to a stop on the edge of a T in the road. The driver stepped out, a dark-skinned man wearing a dark red t-shirt with the word ‘COME GIT SOME’ emblazoned upon it, a black trucker style hat sitting upon his head. He grabbed the loose belt of his pants, pulling them up as he walked to the back door of the convertible and grabbed the smooth faux silver door handle on it, yanking open the door.

Stepping from the car was a man dressed the completely opposite of the driver. Fine jet black dress shoes laced with white laces, long black slacks which met to the clean cut Armani-styled business jacket. An almost burgundy dress shirt with a white tie around his collared neck and thick Aviators over his eyes despite the darkness of the evening. His hair was cut neatly, almost business-like with a small shadow of a beard. He rolled his sleeve up, looking at the gold watch wrapped around his wrist. His mouth pursed, clearly angry.

“Yo man, ain’t they s’pose to be meeting us?” The driver spoke with a thick gangster drawl.

The man put his sleeve down, glaring at his driver.

“Ten minutes.” He responded sharply, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up “If they aren’t here, we pull out and were never here. I don’t want to stay in this filth any longer than I have to.”

Leo stared down at the two men, then the scanned the darkness trying to find even the slightest sign of his brothers. While he looked, Hisako began to hyperventilate, clutching herself tightly as her crippling fear returned in droves. Leo pulled her close, holding her tightly in an attempt to silently reassure her that she was safe, even if he himself wasn’t quite sure of the validity of that unspoken statement.

Where are the guys? He thought to himself.

Hisako glanced up at him, then hesitantly reached for the back of his neck. She paused, then took a deep breath and tapped the base of his skull. The skin where she touched began to tingle a bit. He scratched at it, then was thrown away when Hisako’s voice suddenly echoed through his mind.

I think I can connect us to them, if you want.

After getting over the initial shock of what was going on, Leo regained his composure and attempted to reply back.

Do it, but don’t strain yourself.

Hisako closed her eyes, trying to branch out the connection. Thankfully, after spending so long with the turtles, picking their thoughts out was much easier than she’d originally thought. Within a span of a few minutes, Leo could hear the rampant thoughts of his three brothers flowing through him.

Guys! He mentally shouted.

The turtles’ thoughts all went silent as they registered what was going on. Of course, Mikey spoke up first.

Dude!I can hear you in my head!

Hisako’s probably behind this. Donny surmised. You’re more powerful than I originally thought.

Hisako didn’t reply. Instead, she clutched her head, her eyes screwed shut as she tried so hard to keep calm and maintain the connection.

So loud...

The turtles all mentally apologized, making a genuine effort to keep their ‘voices’ down. Suddenly, the thought processes were interrupted by a low hum in the distance followed, by the sound of what felt like a steady beating drum. The five of them turned towards the suited man, who turned towards the oncoming noise in contempt.

“It’s about damn time.” the man in the suit snapped, dropping the spent cigarette and grinding it under his foot.

In the distance, a set of seven headlights began to drive down the rough gravel road. The suited man lit another cigarette, letting out a puff of smoke as he waited. The lights began to close in, revealing a set of five motorcycles following a large van. The entire fleet was imposing in nature, completely dwarfing the convertible, which now seemed little more than a child’s toy. The van was colored black with paintwork and decals showing a distinctive purple Japanese dragon, its tail wrapped around in a coil with its main body, arms, and face aiming towards the front, a jet of fire erupting from its mouth.

The driver stepped out of the truck, roughly a seven foot tall man with long blonde hair tied back in a single stranded ponytail on the back of his neck. His entire body was made of huge muscles that put even the Hulk to shame. He walked forward, flanked by the five motorcycle riders who all wore the exact same riding gear and full faced helmets, slamming the door to the van and adjusting his long black trench coat. The suited man approached them as the dark-skinned driver followed.

The whole meeting was drowned out by the sounds emitting from the still running van. However, Donatello was close enough to them that he could focus on what they were saying, relaying the conversation back to his siblings mentally.

“So,” The red dressed man started, barely even glancing at his over-sized companion as he scanned the area. “Do you have what you promised me?”

“Did you bring the money?” The man in the trench coat replied, his voice so deep that he almost didn’t sound human.

What’s going on? Mikey asked, watching them men with morbid curiosity.

Leo quickly analyzed the situation, not liking where things were going.

It looks like some sort of transaction is going down. Like in those old mob movies you’re always watching on TV."

If that’s the case, then something tells me that we’re not gonna like the contents of that van. Donny mused.

Shush! Raph mentally hissed. ”They’re doing something.”

The man in the suit snapped his fingers, signaling to his driver. The punk went to the back of the convertible, opening the trunk and pulling out a plain black briefcase. He slammed the lid shut, then rejoined his boss. He then opened the briefcase, revealing several rows on stacked one hundred dollar bills filling the case. The trench coat man reached for the case, only for the punk to snatch it shut seconds before the behemoth could touch it.

“First show us the goods.” the suited man demanded, taking another puff of his cigarette. “Then we’ll talk price.”

The trench coated man let out a low, feral growl that seemed to emanate from deep inside his massive frame. The sound sent shivers down the spines of the five onlookers, all of them sensing something deep inside the man that just wasn’t normal.

What is with that guy? Raph questioned. Just watching this guy makes me want to crawl into my shell.

The trench coated man raised a fist and for a moment, the five of them thought he might try to hit the suited man. However, he simply banged on the rear doors of the van. Two of his men silently pulled the doors open. Inside the van, there were several large boxes stacked on top of each other. A third guy came over, pulling one of the boxes open to reveal a large row of weaponry that seemed to have been pulled straight from a science fiction film.

The trench coated man bent down and grabbed one of the weapons, a deep chrome weapon with a rectangular-shaped barrel painted black with a hand-grip covered in yellow and black striped tape. The stock was collapsible, and very bare with no real magazine, other than a small box that looked like it could barely fit one bullet. The trench coated man then reached onto the inside of the lid and grabbed onto a magazine, which was made of plastic, and slammed it into the gun.

“This is expensive piece of military hardware,” the trench coated man said, his voice deep and almost animalistic cruel sounding. “HA-22 Coil gun, fused with electromagnets within the barrel and powered by lithium core within the gun that allows the bullet to be fired at nearly the speed of sound if not faster. This gun is currently worth millions on the black market.”

The man in the red suit looked at the trench coated man suspiciously as he grabbed the gun. He placed it hand on it, attempting to get a good feel of the gun. He then aimed it towards a dismantled and pulled the trigger. The gun fired and within less than a second, the car’s side exploded with the force of a grenade before flipping onto a pile of scrap metal. The red suit man smiled, looking at the gun with a greedy look in his eye.

“The Roses would greatly appreciate these weapons, Mr. Hun.” He said coldly. “Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be getting your money this evening.”

The trench coated man, who was apparently named Hun, raised a thin eyebrow, that single motion sending shivers down Hisako’s spine. He then crossed his arms, every one of his large muscles relaxing.

Uh-oh. Donny muttered. I recognize that stance. Predators use it before they plan to attack.

Hisako was beginning to shake violently, small flashes of various red images flitting across the connection. Leo pulled his sister closer, trying to calm her down. They needed to get out of there, but they couldn’t escape without being seen, so they would just have to wait until this exchange was over.

“I highly recommend that you rethink your previous statement.” Hun warned, malice lacing his already menacing voice.

“I have thought about it,” The red suited man said musingly as he aimed the gun at Hun. “But, you see, I can’t in good conscious part with such a large sum of money. On the other hand, I see it as a great disadvantage on my part for you to have these weapons and not the Roses. And we can’t have that can we?”

The sound of the coils humming in the barrel began to grow as the tip started to glow red hot. The Red Suited Man smiled as his finger danced on the trigger.



The scream left Hisako’s mouth before she could stop herself. Almost immediately, Leo covered her mouth, pulling them deeper into the control room and under the main console. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Hun, the red suited man, his driver, and all five of the motorcycle riders all turned towards the sound of her scream.

“Who da fuck was dat?” the driver asked.

“It appears that we have an eavesdropper.” the red suited man replied. “How unfortunate… for them.”

The Red Suited Man quickly turned and aimed the gun at the direction where he’d heard the cry. His driver quickly pulled out a pistol, aiming his gun at the motorheads as a few more men began to emerge from the car, all of them armed.

Hun’s eyes narrowed, turning to the motorheads and gesturing towards the van with his head. The motorheads nodded and got behind the van, draw their own guns in order to defend themselves.

Guys, we need to bail, now! Leo ordered.

How? Raph demanded. You and Hisako are pinned, and frankly, you can’t fight and carry her at the same time!

I’m thinking! Leo screamed.

By now, the red suited man was drawing closer and closer to Leo and Hisako. They both closed their eyes, waiting to be discovered. However, before they were found, someone knocked over a small pile of garbage. It caused the red suited man to pause, turning towards the sound.

“Another one?” he muttered.

Using the momentary distraction, Leo took Hisako and leapt for the door, dunking behind the nearest pile of garbage for cover. Unfortunately, they were discovered, and when they made another run, the attackers were ready for them. The suited man turned and aimed the gun towards the two fleeing siblings, looking down the scope as he fired. The gun glowed bright red, but rather than fire anything, the gun exploded in the man’s grip, showing him with shrapnel. He let out a shout of pain, stumbling back as Leo and Hisako moved to a safer position.

“What the hell?!” The man exclaimed. “Those guns were sabotaged!”

Hun just smirked, then picked up a large Gatling gun that had been resting in the trunk of the van. It was much bigger than anything that the man in the suit, or the turtles had ever seen before, and yet Hun lifted it like it was made of cardboard. The behemoth aimed it at the red suited man, giving him a cruel grin.

“Goodbye.” he said before depressing the fire button.

In a sudden cacophony of sound, the gun fired rapidly, shredding the suited man to pieces with a seemingly endless spray of bullets. He didn’t stop until the man fell, so obviously dead, then he turned his attention towards the man’s driver. Once more, Hun opened fire, mauling down the man and riddling the convertible with bullets. One lucky shot managed to pierce the gas tank, sending the entire vehicle up in flames.

From their hiding spot, Leo clutched Hisako tightly, his tough carapace thankfully hard enough to protect the two of them from the few stray bullets that managed to pierce the trash pile. He could feel a few burning wounds on his arms and legs from where his shell didn’t cover, but he couldn’t afford to acknowledge them yet. Not with the hysterical girl currently curled in his lap. She was screaming into Leo’s plastron, tears streaming down her face as an endless broadcast of red image began to cascade over the dump.

All around the motorheads and the turtles, images of eight foot tall humanoid red shapes began to appear. Their eyes and mouths glowing white as they pointed and laughed at random people. Suddenly the whole area became surrounded in a ring of almost purplish reddish fire. Hun looked around, his motorheads attempted to swing at them, but their weapons only flashed through them. Hun even tried to mow them down, but the bullets did nothing to the approaching nightmares.

“What is the meaning of this?” Hun shouted as his gun ran out of bullets.

As if to answer his question, a hideous taunting laughter filled everyone’s minds. Blanketing their thoughts in fog, making it impossible to think rationally.

“Stop this, or I will kill you!” Hun replied, stumbling towards the van for a chance to reload.

Guys, are you all okay?! Leo sent out, praying that none of them had been mauled in Hun’s desperate attempts to rid the dump of Hisako’s images.

For now. Donny replied, his thoughts jittery and nervous. But if this keeps up, we’re going to be turned into turtle chunks!

We need to get out of here. Leo declared. Before Hun manages to reload or they recover from Hisako’s images.

We can’t just leave! Raph countered. These are criminals and murderers! We need to make sure they don’t hurt anyone again.

Hun managed to reach the van, grabbing a fresh ammo box.

“Oh no ya don’t!” Raph shouted out loud.

Before he could begin reloading, Raph’s sai embedded itself into the feeding belt. Hun froze, then turned just in time for the red turtle’s foot to collide with his face.

Raph what are you doing?! Leo snapped.

Knocking some sense into these punks.

Raph then pulled his sai from out of the ammo belt, twirling it in his hand and he pulled its twin from his belt.

“Come on Bigfoot!” he taunted. “Show me Whatcha got!”

We better help him before he gets himself killed! Donny suggested.

“Finally!” Mikey said aloud, pulling out his nunchaku as he rose from his hiding spot. “Cowabunga!”

From two different areas of the dump, both Donny and Mikey emerged to cover their hot headed brother. Donatello was the first to reach the motorheads, planting his staff into the ground and kicking him to the ground. Another motorhead saw this and went to aid his fallen comrade. However, that’s when Mikey jumped right in front of him.

“Surprise, dude.” Mikey said before whacking him with his Nunchucks. “Yeah!”

One of the motorheads jumped onto one of the parked bikes, revving the engine to try and run the orange turtle. Mikey simply flipped out of the way, landing on the back of the cycle and kicking him free of his seat. This accidentally twisted the handle, sending the bike, the motorhead, and Mikey flying off of a junk pile. Mikey let go at the last second, rebounding off the pile and landing right in front of the fourth motorhead as he tried to make a hasty escape.

“Now where do you think you’re going?” He asked as he spun his nunchaku, whacking the poor sap hard enough to shatter his helmet’s visor.

The fifth and final motorhead ran to his bike, hoping to get away with his life. He pumped the ignition, only getting the failing grunts of the engine spinning but not turning over. He looked down to see a thin metal kunai knife piercing through the gas tank, the fuel dribbling into a small puddle beneath the bike. He grasped the handle of the weapon, pulling it free. He suddenly felt a gentle tapping on his shoulder. He turned around, and received a Bo staff to the face.

“That’s mine.” Donny declared, catching the knife as it fell.

As his compatriots fell around him, Hun was still dealing with the Red Images around him, as well as the red turtle that kept him on his toes. He lifted his fist attempting to punch at Raph, but the turtle easily ducked out of the way, delivering a punch of his own. Hun stumbled back, right into one of the shadowy creatures around him. He expected to run into the monstrous form, but instead he merely phased through it. His eyes widened slightly as he growled an inhuman sound.

“These aren’t real.” He murmured.

Raph cursed, jumping at Hun at an attempt to keep the behemoth from truly figuring out the secret of the Red images. Unfortunately, the monstrous man just swung his arm, clothes-lining the turtle and sending him to the ground hard. As Raph coughed and tried to regain his breath, Hun looked around, hoping to find the source of the images. Instead, all he saw was a pair of figures huddled near the observation booth. He grinned cruelly as he approached.

Leo heard the man approaching his hiding spot and tried to move. Unfortunately, the burning wounds on his legs instantly protested against such actions, forcing him back to the ground as Hun loomed over the two of them.

“I don’t know how you’re doing this, but this ends now.” He declared, lifting a foot to bring it down on the two.

Leo barely rolled out of the way in time, Hun’s foot missing him by scant inches. The behemoth snarled, then tried again, getting angrier with each failed attempt. Finally, Hun ceased trying to stomp and just grabbed at Leo, his meaty fingers entangling in the turtle’s hair and yanking him to his feet. Leo dropped Hisako, his hands instinctively going to try and free his hair from Hun’s grasp. Hisako landed hard on the ground, looking up at Hun and screaming louder.

“Get away from him!”

She grabbed Hun’s leg, unsure of what to do but just praying that he would drop Leo. The second her skin touched his, it was as if his brain was being overloaded. His eyes beginning to spin so quickly they appeared blank as his memories flashed around him. People’s voices flooded his mind, at a million words a second, scenes flooded his mind as if he was living his life ten times at once. He looked around and the world seemed to move so quickly it was still. He released Leo, who wasted no time in punching the man across the face and sending him falling to the ground unconscious.

“Leo!” Hisako cried, reaching for the blue turtle.

Leo quickly grabbed her, pulling her close and hugging her tightly.

“It’s okay Hisako, I’m right here.” he assured her.

With the motorheads down, the brothers began to make their way to Leo and Hisako, who was finally starting to calm down once again. Donny dropped to his knees next to Leo, looking over the wounds with an analytical eye as Raph gently took Hisako.

“You got lucky Leo.” He declared. “You just got a couple grazes.”

“Tell that to my legs.” Leo replied, wincing hard. “I couldn’t stand.”

“You’ll need a day or two to heal, but you’ll be fine.” Donny assured him, reaching into his ever present lab coat and pulling out a roll of bandages.

As the purple turtle saw to the medical needs of his brother, the quietness of the night was interrupted by the sound of distance police sirens. Mikey looked towards the bridge as flashing red and blue lights began to make their way towards their location.

“We need to get out of here!” Mikey exclaimed, “Po-Po closing in fast!”

“Medical attention will have to wait Don.” Leo declared. “The last thing we need is to end up on the Channel 6 News.”

“You’re in no position to run Leo, and we can’t run and drag you at the same time.” Donny reminded him, quickly tying off the last of the bandages.

“What do we do?” Hisako asked nervously.

Mikey turned towards the currently unoccupied vehicles still sitting.

“Why run when you can ride?” Mikey questioned, snagging Hisako and running for the van. “Grab Leo and let’s go!”

Both Donny and Raph grabbed Leo by an arm, pulling him between them and half dragging, half carrying him to the van. Mikey had already deposited Hisako into the passenger seat, buckling her in before throwing the rear door open for his brothers. They quickly sat Leo down in the back, pushing out the remaining weaponry to make room. Mikey climbed in as well, then offered a hand up for Raph.

“C’mon dude!” he exclaimed. “Get in.”

Raph glanced at one of the motorcycles, then smirked, grabbing one of the motorheads and relieving him of his helmet.

“No way am I passing up a free motorcycle.” he declared, gunning the engine.

“Suit yourself.” Mikey replied, slamming the doors shut.

“Donny, get us out of here.” Leo ordered.

Donny scampered into the driver’s seat, buckling quickly before slamming his foot on the gas, peeling out of the junkyard seconds before the cops arrived.

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