TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

The Breakout

Professor Honeycutt paced around the room he’d been locked in, his face wracked with worry. Every so often, his eyes would glance over at the closed door, knowing full well there were at least two Triceratons guarding it. His eyes drifted from the door down to his metallic hands, knowing the secrets he’s installed into them. Though he had been able to escape similar circumstances while the prisoner of Darius Dunn, he had been in familiar surroundings, and he had to only worry about himself. This time, he was in unfamiliar territory, and there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that the Gamarons and their sister would be punished for his attempts.

He let out a sigh, sitting down on the cot and putting his head in his hands. All he could do was sit there and wait.

“I do hope you five are well.” he said quietly.


Mealtime came around for Incarceron, and the motley group of six gathered around a single table in the back, the Hamato Siblings looking at the lump of brown mush that served as food.

“Umm, Mona Lisa?” Mikey questioned, poking the mush with his fork, “Are you sure we can actually eat this?”

“It is nutrients paste.” Mona explained, eating her own paste. “A single portion provides you with all of the necessary sustenance for a full solar cycle of activity.”

The five still looked at it skeptically, then Mikey scooped up a bit on his finger and licked it.

“Huh... Not that bad.” he commented.

Eventually, the others were brave enough to give it a test, and then they two began eating it. As they chowed down, Leo spoke up.

“Mona Lisa, what can you tell us about how this place works?” He asked.

“What do you wish to know?” Mona replied, scooping up some more of the paste.

“I have the basic lay of our way out already planned.” Donny explained. “However, without the inner workings of the prison, all my data is useless.”

“I am afraid there’s not much I can tell you.” she replied, setting her fork down. “No prisoner has seen the outside of this cell block. Only the guards can travel through the outer halls.”

“But how do the guards get in and out of the block?” Hisako wondered.

“Each guard has a special key card.” Mona explained. “These cards allow them access all across the prison. However, they are rarely if ever in the block.”

“So I guess what Rynokk said was true.” Raph remarked. “They’re just here to keep us in and clean up the blood.”

“That is partially true.” Mona agreed.

Raph glanced up in confusion.

“Partially?” he repeated.

“The guards will intervene in fights.” she clarified. “Warden Tetrax talks a big game when he says that you will leave at the end of your sentence or in a body bag, but nobody wants to deal with dead prisoners.”

“Then why didn’t Tetris intervene when Rynokk and his buddies were beating the shell out of you?” Leo wondered.

“Because they only intervene during serious fights where someone gets injured to the point that they need medical attention.” Mona explained.

As she said that, Raph glanced around the main area, his eyes catching sight of Rynokk and his buddies. He could feel an idea beginning to form, and a smirk playing on his face. He slipped away as the five continued talking.

“So that’s the only way to get the guards in here...” Donny surmised. “And for our plan to succeed, we’re going to need one of those cards.”

“So we need to pick a fight, but a fight we know we can win.” Hisako added.

“How the shell are we going to do that?” Mikey questioned.

Mona Lisa glanced over at where Raph had been sitting, noticing that he was gone. She looked around before finally catching sight of him approaching Rynokk’s table.

“It would seem that Raphael is already working on that part of the plan.”

She pointed towards the red turtle, the other four following her finger to where she was pointing. Their eyes went wide as Hisako immediately made a mental connection.

Raphael, no! She mentally hissed.

Raphael yes. Raph replied.

He came right up behind Rynokk, rearing his fist back before punching Rynokk in the back of the head with all is strength. The pink alien went face first into his nutrients paste, splattering it all across his respirator and all over the table. His cronies stifled a snicker, then they all began backing away slowly as Rynokk stood up. He turned towards Raph, glaring at the turtle.

“I hope for your sake that was an accident and you are about to beg for forgiveness.” he snarled.

“Oh trust me, it wasn’t an accident.” Raph promised, putting on his cockiest grin and channeling every annoyance tactic he’d learned from Mikey. “That was just the precursor to a world of pain.”

Rynokk snarled, leaning closer to Raph.

“You better apologize now, or-”

“Or what?” Raph interrupted, throwing his arms up. “You gonna sic your cronies on me?”

Rynokk went to say something, but Raph just went on.

“Ya know, I’m starting to think that there’s a reason you let your cronies do all the dirty work.” he ribbed. “I think that Rynokk is nothing but a big. Fat. Coward!”

By now, Raph had managed to gather a bit of a crowd, and from the many observation windows surrounding the block, the silhouettes of several guards could be seen.

“I bet that Rynokk wouldn’t last five seconds in a fight against a real warrior!” Raph exclaimed. “He talks big, but the only thing scary about him is his body odor!”

Rynokk was done. He let out a loud screech, then went to punch at Raph. Raph just ducked out of the way, letting the big pink lummox stumble forward a bit.

“Awww, did I hurt widdle Rynokk’s feelings?”

Rynokk recovered, then attempted a few more punches. With both his hands behind his back, Raph easily bobbed left and right, easily avoiding the blows. As this continued on, Hisako stood up and began cheering.

“Raph! Raph! Raph! Raph!”

After a second, Mikey joined her in her cheering, then Donny, then Leo. Soon, Mona Lisa was joining in on the cheering, and it spread from there, infecting all of the aliens watching until they were all cheering Raph’s name. Rynokk’s temperament did not improve. If anything it got worse.

“Here that, you overgrown pimple?” Raph taunted. “That’s my name they’re cheering. Not yours, mine. Guess these guys know who the real boss is.”

Rynokk continued his futile attempts to hit Raph, then stopped, screaming in unadulterated rage.

“Stop screwing with me and actually fight!” he exclaimed.

“You sure you want that, Rynokk?” Raph questioned, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Shut you’re Rakkin’ gob and fight!”

With that, Rynokk charged towards Raph swinging a punch at him. Raph caught the punch and delivered one of his own to the face. Raph then unleashed one punch after another at Rynokk’s face and chest, not giving the alien even a second to counter.


Up in the security room, several guards were watching the fight with great interest. A few were even making bets as to who the winner might be.

“Looks like someone’s finally giving Rynokk a beat down.” One of the guards commented.

“It’s those Gamarons the Prime Leader sent us.” another realized.

Warden Tetrax glanced at the screen as he stroked his chin in contemplation.

“These creatures are tougher than I anticipated.” he remarked. “Perhaps even tough enough for the Games.”


Back in the fight, Rynokk’s respirator was showing some serious dents. He was stumbling around, holding his fists up in an attempt to defend himself. Raph breathed on his nails, shining them on his shirt before smirking.

“Had enough yet?” he questioned. “Cause I could do this all day.”

Rynokk was breathing hard, but he ran at Raph with one last charge. Raph let him come, then jumped into the air. Before he even began his downward arc, Raph straightened his legs, coming in for a final blow at Rynokk’s back. Both of his feet connected with the large alien’s back, and you could almost see Rynokk’s eyes bulge from the sudden attack. He fell on his stomach, groaning in pain as Raph gave a bow.

“And that’s how you take down a prison boss.” he declared.

As he said that, a shrill beep echoed through the block, then the Warden’s voice came over an intercom system.

“Attention all prisoners, report to your designated sleeping areas immediately!” he ordered. “Failure to comply will result in any participating prisons being sent immediately to the Games!”

That’s when guards began pouring into the block, causing all of the prisoners to scatter. Everyone immediately began scrambling towards the cells, tripping over one another to get moving. Raph jumped off of Rynokk, joining his brothers.

“Umm, what exactly are these games?” he asked. “And why is everyone so desperate to avoid them.”

“Don’t know, don’t want to know.” Leo answered. “We best get back to the cell now.”

The five Hamato siblings raced up to the cell, vaulting over railing and even leapfrogging over other prisoners in a mad dash. When they finally reached the cell, the five of them leaned against the walls, breathing heavily and sliding to the floor.

“Well, we got what we wanted.” Donny huffed. “So who grabbed the keycard?”

“Don’t look at me.” Hisako replied, holding up her empty hands. “I thought Leo grabbed it.”

“And I though Donny grabbed it.” Leo retorted.

“Well I didn’t grab it.” Donny snapped. “Mikey?”

“No, I thought Raph grabbed it.” Mikey replied.

“I was busy fighting Rynokk, shell for brains.” Raph exclaimed, face palming. “How could I possibly grab it?”

About that time, Mona Lisa came rolling into the cell seconds before the clear door slammed home. She paused for a moment to catch her breath, then smirked, unfolding her hand to reveal a keycard.

“I do believe we can cross the keycard off of our list.” she declared.

Raph was grinning from ear to ear.

“Mona Lisa, I could kiss you!” he practically shouted.

Mona stared at Raph in surprise as the others began snickering. Mikey began making kissy faces, making fake mouths with his hands and smashing them together. Raph turned bright red, slowing lowering his face into his hands in shame.

“Guys, I think he’s turning red!” Hisako snickered.

“Hard to tell through all the green.” Mikey joked.

Raph muttered something unintelligible as Leo and Donny attempted to regain composure.

“Alright guys, we can poke fun at Raph later.” Leo decided. “Mona’s right though. We now have one less thing to worry about.”

“Unfortunately, we still have an entire load of other problems to deal with.” Donny added.

“The lockdown will remain in effect for another quigon.” Mona informed them. “We should use this time to plan our next move.”

“Good idea.” Leo agreed, taking the key card from Lisa. “While we may have the card, it’s going to be difficult to use it with guards watching our every move.”

“We’re going to need a distraction, and a big one.” Donny suggested.

“And sicing Raph on more helpless prisoners isn’t gonna cut it.” Mikey added. “Those dudes didn’t even come inside until AFTER the fight was done.”

“We’re going to need something bigger.” Hisako rationalized. “Something to draw attention away from our escape attempt.”

They all thought for a minute, then Raph finally spoke up again.

“How about a prison riot?” he asked.

Mona Lisa looked over at him, then smiled and nodded.

“That could work.” she told him. “If we manage to get all of the prisoners to participate, it will force Warden Tetrax to send in all of his guards to deal with them.”

“And in the resulting chaos, we can use the keycard to slip out.” Donny added.

“But here’s the million dollar question.” Hisako reminded them. “How the shell are we going to organize a riot? I’m pretty sure Rynokk’s cronies are probably gonna try and sabotage us.”

“We’ll have to worry about that once the lockdown ends.” Leo decided. “But right now, let’s just get some rest. Something tells me we’re going to need it.”

“Leonardo is right.” Mona Lisa agreed. “This may be our one chance to sleep without the need for someone to keep watch.”

With no more words needed, the turtles cozied up to one another, Hisako wedging herself into the center of the turtle pile. Within seconds, the five of them were out. Mona Lisa smiled softly at this, she curled up herself, joining her allies in sleep.


Prime Leader Zanramon sat down in the communication center of his palace, placing a call to Incarceron. Within a few trigons, the large communication screen came up, revealing the face of Warden Tetrax.

“Prime Leader.” He greeted, saluting.

“Tetrax, I received a report that you initiated a lockdown.” he declared, lacing his claws together in a sign of dissatisfaction. “Is there something I should know?”

“It was merely a precaution.” Tetrax assured the Prime Leader, confidence practically oozing off his frame. “One of the Gamarons you sent me initiated a fight with Rynokk.”

Zanramon snorted at the thought.

“No doubt he was reduced to little more than a green smear on the walls of the prison.” he chuckled.

“No sir.” Tetrax replied. “Actually, Rynokk wasn’t even able to lay a single appendage on the Gamaron.”

This made Zanramon pause. Rynokk was a well-known brawler, and had been the leader of a notorious group of space pirates before he had been captured. He’d seized control of the prison within the first Nexton of his sentence, and had gotten many of the strongest prisoners under his influence. And yet, a single Gamaron had taken him down.

“This is troubling news.” He remarked. “You were wise to initiate the lockdown.”

“Thank you Prime Leader.”

“Keep an eye on the Gamarons.” he ordered. “And keep me informed if anything out of the ordinary occurs.”

“As you command.”

Tetrax cut the communication, leaving Zanramon alone. He thought back to the Gamaron’s threats, and their promise to handle whatever he threw at them. He’d brushed it off as being nothing more than an attempt to bolster the Fugitoid’s confidence, but now he was beginning to think that they had meant every word.


The sound of the pneumatic locks to the cell door opening cause Hisako to bolt awake. She sat up, almost instinctively eying the door. Her brothers were awoken as well, feeling their sister’s urgency. Mona Lisa awoke as well, immediately taking note of Hisako’s frightened demeanor and pale complexion.

“Hisako, are we under attack?” she questioned.

Hisako shook her head, taking a deep breath in order to calm herself.

“Sorry...” she muttered, “I half expected... Him... to walk through the door.”

The turtles instinctively pulled their sister closer, hugging her tightly and reassuringly. Mona Lisa noted this, looking at her allies in confusion and sympathy.

“Who is it she speaks of?” she asked.

“A person that we don’t talk about.” Raph explained. “You’ll never meet him, so don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah.” Leo agreed, his eyes catching sight of a few shadows approaching the door of their cell. “Something tells me we’ve got bigger things to worry about.”

Everyone turned to see a few of Rynokk’s cronies approaching the cell. The turtles all rose to their feet, Mona Lisa and Hisako doing the same. Raph moved to the front of the group, getting between the others and Rynokk’s goons.

“You jokers come for a rematch?” he asked, getting into a defensive stance.

The aliens all immediately raised their appendages in pacifying gestures.

“Easy Gamaron.” one hissed. “We’re not here to fight.”

“Far from it.” another one added. “We’re here to thank you.”

This made all six of them blink in confusion. Raph lowered his stance, which prompted the aliens to lower their appendages.

“We’ve tried standing up to Rynokk before, and he’s always pounded us into the floor.” the first alien explained. “You’re the first being in this rakkan hellhole that actually beat him.”

“If you need or want anything at all, just ask.” a third alien piped up. “We owe you that much.”

Raph mulled that over, then a cocky grin plastered itself on his face.

“As it just so happens, there is something you guys could help me with.”

He gestured for them to come closer and he began to whisper.

“My friends and I are thinking of starting a riot.” he explained in a hushed tone. “We could use your help to spread the word and make sure everyone gets involved.”

The aliens were all nodding enthusiastically, the idea of a prison riot making all of them eager for a fight.

“However, you got to wait for our signal.” Raph insisted. “You go off too quickly, and the entire thing is moot.”

“Don’t worry Gamaron.” The first alien insisted. “We’ve got this.”

The aliens spread out to do what they’d been told, leaving the Hamato siblings and Mona Lisa to themselves.

“And that’s two problems solved with one fight.” Raph declared, his cocky grin becoming even more so. “You guys really need to step it up.”

The turtles and Hisako just chuckled, clapping and patting their brother on the shell.

“So far everything has worked out, but we’ve seen how quickly Tetris can reclaim order down here.” Donny reminded him. “If we want this to work, we need to take that power away from him.”

“The intercom system.” Mikey remembered. “I bet if we take that out, then old Tetris won’t be able to call in the cavalry.”

“It’s Tetrax, why do you insist on getting his name wrong?” Mona Lisa questioned.

“Because it probably pisses him off, and I find that extremely satisfying.” Mikey answered.

Lisa gave a nod of understanding, then returned to the matter at hand.

“The warden’s name aside, Michelangelo is right.” Mona Lisa agreed. “The key to any successful mission is cutting off communication.”

“Maybe one of us can use the keycard to access the security room.” Hisako suggested. “No doubt that’s where the intercom is. We can commandeer it and use it to give a signal to Raph’s new best friends.”

Leo took the card out from where he’d hidden it, handing it to Hisako.

“That should probably be you then.” he told her. “Out of all of us, you’re the smallest, and no doubt have the best chance of actually finding the security room.”

Hisako nodded, taking the keycard and sliding it onto the hem of her pants.

“So when do we do this?” she asked.

“Tonight.” Leo declared.


When the lights shut off all throughout the prison, the Hamato siblings assumed that it was lights out. Hisako and her brothers exchanged knowing glances, then they all shared a nod. Hisako slipped out of the cell, grateful that the prison didn’t seem to care about locking them in unless it was a lockdown. She jumped down to the first level, immediately rolling under a table for a second in case one of the cameras caught her jump.

After a few moments, nothing happened, so Hisako emerged from under the table. She approached the large door that she and her brothers had been forced through when they first arrived, her eyes immediately hitting the card swiper right by the door.

“Let’s hope this works.” she muttered.

She swiped the card, then the doors hissed open. Hisako wasted no time running through, ducking for cover as they closed behind her. She leaned against the wall, then closed her eyes, trying to listen for any guards. Though her physical senses picked up nothing, she did manage to catch a few stray thoughts from a pair of guards not far from her. She opened her eyes, then made her way towards the security room. She leaned against the door, placing her ear against the metal.

“I’m telling you Raz, the orange Gamaron had this in his pocket.” one of the guards commented. “It has to be important.”

“It’s a primitive piece of technology that the creature probably picked up from a street vendor back on Dhoonib.” the second guard, Raz, retorted. “Now put it back Zed.”

Hisako slid the keycard, opening the door to reveal the two guards arguing over Mikey’s shell cell. They had their backs to the door and didn’t seem to notice her enter, too caught up in their argument.

“I’m just not sure you’re right about it being useless.” Zed argued. “He seemed rather adamant that I be careful with it. Perhaps it’s some kind of weapon?”

“Knowing Donatello, it might be.” Hisako remarked.

Both Raz and Zed turned just in time for Hisako to split kick them both, knocking them unconscious. Mikey’s shell cell went flying into the air before Hisako snagged it. She turned it on and opened up a single app, her smile growing.

“This is gonna be good.”


Back in the main prison block, the intercom system let out a shrill beep, one that roused all the prisoners from their sleep. However, the voice over the intercom got all the guards riled up as well.

“Hello? Is this thing on? Testing. Testing.”

The prisoners were beginning to emerge from their cells, realizing that this was the signal they’d been waiting for.

“Hello Incarceron!” Hisako called over the intercom, putting on her best Radio Host voice. “This is Hamato Hisako, coming to you live from the security room, and I have got quite the treat for my fellow inmates. My brother Michelangelo managed to hold onto his cellphone before we got arrested, and he has access to a plethora of well-known tunes from my planet of Earth.”

Mikey was beaming from ear to ear.

“She gave me a shout out!” he squeed.

“I think I have the perfect song to start off this prison riot, a classic done by the king of Rock and Roll himself! Give it up for Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock!”

A second later, the ever familiar beat of the classic song began to echo through the speakers. About the same time, the doors opened to allow the guards into the facility. By the time the first line of the song had been sung, prisoners were engaging guards in an all-out brawl. Raph popped his neck, then leapt into the fray, unable to pass up a good fight.


Up in the security room, Hisako looked at the camera feeds with a large smile. Everything seemed to be going just as they’d planned. She ripped off a piece of her shirt, tying Mikey’s shell cell to the intercom before stashing it in a compartment. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of several guards making their way towards the security room.

“About time.” she said with a grin.


Outside, several Triceraton guards aimed their weapons at the door. One leaned forward, swiping his card so the door would open. The second it opened, all of the guards let loose a barrage of laser fire, practically annihilating several of the security cameras, as well as the pair of chairs. After about a minute, they all stopped firing, taking a look around the destroyed room. There only appeared to be two occupants, the two guards that had initially been on duty. Thankfully, they were both on the floor unconscious, so had been left unharmed by the laser fire.

“Where’d the humanoid go?” One of the guards questioned.

As they scanned the room, Hisako watched them from above, having found a way onto the ceiling and was currently hanging there. Once the last one entered the room, she dropped down behind him, nerve jabbing him in the neck. The guy went down with a thud, drawing the attention of the other guards.

“It’s the humanoid!” one shouted. “Open fire!”

They all began attacking, attempting to shoot Hisako down. However, she quickly dove for cover in a small closet, slamming the button to close the door. The gunfire was beginning to heat up the metal door as Hisako leaned against it.

“That was probably not my brightest idea.” she muttered.

As she took a deep breath, her foot connected with a broom leaning against the wall, making it connect with her head. She yelped in surprise, grabbing the broom. She was about to push it off, then she paused.

“Well, it’s no tessen, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

She grasped the broom, then opened the door again. The second it opened, she slid under one of the Triceratons, using the broom to trip him up. She then jumped to her feet, spinning the broom like a Bo staff and getting into a fighting stance.

“Bring it on, Dino-breath!” she exclaimed.


In the cell block, the main area had been reduced to a warzone. Triceratons and prisoners alike were everywhere, most still fighting tooth, nail, and claw while a few had been knocked unconscious. The turtles and Mona Lisa were all right in the middle of it all, forming a shell to shell circle in order to protect themselves.

“You know, I’m starting to think this may not have been such a good plan!” Donny noted as he kicked a Triceraton in the face.

“You kidding?” Raph exclaimed, punching two Triceratons simultaneously while grinning like a maniac. “I haven’t had this much fun since that bar fight!”

“We need to make for the exit!” Mona Lisa exclaimed, dodging a bout of laser fire before tail whipping the shooter.

“Without Hisako, we don’t stand a chance!” Leo replied. “She’s got our keycard!”

“Then where is she?!” Mikey screamed.

About that time, Hisako came running up to them, a couple brooms in her hand as she swung them like bats, knocking a few guards aside.

“Sorry I’m late.” she apologized. “But I found us some makeshift weapons.”

She doled out the brooms so each of her brothers had one.

“They’re no ninja weapons, but they’re better than nothing.” she admitted.

“Remember what Master Splinter taught us.” Leo replied. “In the hands of a ninja master, anything can be a weapon.”

Now armed, the Hamato siblings scattered. Donny had the easiest time adjusting to the broom since it worked similarly to his staff. He spun it around for a bit before smacking it across the face of a Triceraton guard several times. He then swung the broom at his feet knocking him down to the ground.

Raph charged at the Triceraton, holding his broom like a battering ram with the broom end out. The Triceraton grabbed the end of the broom and picked him up, bringing him up to eye level. Raph then kicked the Triceraton in the face repeatedly. One last kick knocked the Triceraton to the ground as Raph back flipped onto the ground.

“Now that felt good.” he muttered to himself.

Leo planted the broom on the ground, running forward and using it to trip up his enemies. Once they were down, he twisted the broom, using the side to clock the unfortunate Triceraton on the side of the head. He might as well have hit the guy with a bat because he was out in an instant.

Mikey meanwhile, was snapping the handle of his broom in the face of a Triceraton.

“A little to the right, a little to the left, one more time, a little bit more like that.”

He punctuated each direction with a snap of the handle, forcing the Triceraton into the position he wanted. Finally, he was right where the orange turtle wanted him.

“And... stop.” He declared. “Perfect.”

Hisako swung her broom with all her strength, connecting with the side of the Triceratons head. He fell hard as Hisako grinned at her brother.

“You’re a natural, sis.” he told her, holding out a fist.

“Thanks, bro.” she replied, fist bumping him.

Lisa came up behind a Triceraton, latching onto his back and pounding on his head. He attempted to shake her off, but found the action impossible. Raph watched her fighting, unable to keep a lovesick puppy dog grin off his face. One Triceraton attempted to take advantage of his daze, only to receive a rabbit punch to the face from the red turtle, who didn’t even bother looking back. Once Mona Lisa had dispatched her Triceraton, she turned to the Hamato Siblings.

“We have wasted enough time here.” she declared. “If we are to make our escape, we must act now.”

“You heard Lisa, let’s book!” Leo shouted.

They all ran for the exit, occasionally bashing guards aside as they got to the door. Hisako wasted no time swiping the card, the six of them pouring through the door before it even opened all the way.

“Donny, which way to the hangar bay?” Hisako questioned.

“Turn right at the next intersection.” Donny answered. “Then a sharp left, and we should be at the doors of the hanger.”

The six ran at top speeds, even sliding slightly as they took the two necessary turns. Once they reached the door, Hisako swiped the card again. They prepared to charge through the doors, but were met by Warden Tetrax standing in their way, an entire army of armed guards behind him. He gave a slow clap, a smug smile on his face.

“Congratulations.” he told them. “This is the farthest any escape attempt has ever gotten.”

“We aim to please.” Raph remarked.

“Let us pass Tetris!” Mikey demanded.

Tetrax’s face faltered slightly as his eye twitched.

“That’s Warden Tetrax to you, Gamaron.” he snarled. “And what makes you think I’ll listen to a single word you say?”

Mona Lisa stepped forward, punching her palm.

“I will handle this, Gamarons.” she whispered to them. “You five make for one of the shuttles. I will be right behind you.”

“Lisa, you’re outnumbered 200 to 1.” Donny calculated. “The chances of you succeeding are-”

“Do not tell me the odds, Donatello.” she interrupted. “Just go!”

She charged at Tetrax, tackling the Warden to the ground. The guards were shocked by the sudden movement, which gave the Hamato Siblings the opening they needed.

“Now’s our chance, let’s go!” Leo ordered.

The Hamato Siblings made a beeline towards the first shuttle they laid their eyes on. They were about halfway up the gangplank before laser fire echoed through the hangar. Raph’s blood ran cold when he heard a pained scream come from Mona Lisa. The world seemed to slow down as he looked back. He saw Mona Lisa fall to the ground, where she was immediately dogpiled by a dozen or so guards.

“Mona Lisa!” he shrieked.

Hisako felt what he was about to do and her eyes went wide.

“Raph! Stop!”

But he didn’t. Gripping his broom so tightly his knuckles turned light green, he ran at the Triceratons, screaming with every step.

“What’s that shell-head doing?!” Donny shouted.

“He’s ruining the plan!” Hisako snapped.

“Leo, what do we do?!” Mikey questioned.

By now, Raph was swinging his broom like a madman, the sides connecting with faces, abdomens, and even between a few legs. However, the guards were closing in fast and it was clear that he would soon be overwhelmed.

“We have to help him, now!” Leo decided.

They all ran to join their brother, hoping to even the odds in their favor. Unfortunately, even with all five of them there, they were all exhausted from their previous bouts, and there were just too many of them. Within a few minutes, they had been stripped of their brooms and were all lying on the ground in a groaning, unconscious heap.

“Like I told you before, off worlders...” Tetrax said to their unconscious bodies. “Nobody leaves this prison unless their sentence is up, or they’re dead.”

A guard came up to Tetrax, giving a salute.

“We’ve managed to subdue the riot sir.” he declared. “We’ll have the prisoners locked down in a matter of trigons.”

“See that you do.” Tetrax replied. “And somebody get me in contact with the Prime Leader.”


Zanramon was fast asleep in his royal chambers when the call came in. When he heard the constant beeping noise letting him know the call was waiting, he let out an audible growl. He sat up, shuffling over to the communication array and turning it on.

“I do hope that this call is important.” He snarled in barely concealed annoyance and rage. “Because if it is not, you will find yourself either on the next transport to the Klackspire mines, or the next featured attraction in the games!”

“I am sorry to wake you, Prime Leader.” Warden Tetrax apologized. “However, you did ask me to inform you if anything out of the ordinary happened.”

Zanramon paused, now honestly intrigued. He didn’t even need to ask before Tetrax explained.

“The Gamarons and their humanoid ally seem to have formed an alliance with the Salamandarian Y’Gythgba, and they organized a riot in order to make an escape.”

“WHAT?!” Zanramon exclaimed.

“Fear not, Prime Leader.” Tetrax assured him. “We have successfully contained the riot, and the six would-be escape artists are back in custody.”

Zanramon let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that his earlier assessment of the off worlders’ promises was correct. They were indeed much stronger than he had originally anticipated. They would have to be dealt with, and Zanramon already knew the perfect way to do it.

“What are your orders sir?”

Zanramon smiled.

“Send them all to the Games.”

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