TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

The Arena

Leonardo slowly sat up, finally regaining consciousness. His head was pounding and he felt like someone had used his shell as a bongo drum. As he slowly sat up, he quickly noticed that he and the others were no longer in Incarceron. Instead, they seemed to be locked in some cramped, dark cell with a dirt floor and only a single slit in the bottom of the door to allow light in.

“’Bout time bro.” Raph said quietly, his eyes firmly on the ground. “Was worried you weren’t waking up.”

Leo noticed the solemn look on Mona Lisa’s face, as well as the deadpan stare Raph had. It was a look Leo had worn after he’d led Karai to the lair.


“Save your breath Leo.” Raph interrupted. “I screwed up, I know. Had I just gotten on the ship, we’d be on our way home and not locked up again.”

He buried his face in his arms, Hisako patting him on the shell.

“You were trying to help Lisa.” she reminded him. “You were just trying to do the right thing.”

“We can’t fault you for that.” Donny added. “I mean, how many times have we done stupid stuff for our friends and family?”

“Besides, we’ll get out of this somehow.” Mikey attempted to assure him. “I know we will!”

“I am afraid that our chances of escape- no, our chances of survival, are very slim Michelangelo.” Mona Lisa interrupted.

The Hamato Siblings looked at the Salamandarian, who seemed close to breaking down into tears. Leo leaned against the wall of the cell, eying her curiously.

“Lisa, do you know where we are?” he asked.

Mona Lisa nodded once.

“Do you not hear it?” she asked.

“Hear what?” Mikey questioned.

“Listen carefully.” she told him.

They all fell silent, listening for even the slightest sounds. Then, off in the distance, they could hear what sounded like thousands of Triceratons cheering and shouting. There was also the sound of a battle, the ever familiar sound of ringing metal reaching their ears.

“Is there some sort of fight going on?” Mikey asked.

“Worse.” Mona Lisa replied. “It is the Arena of Carnage, though many simply call it the Games.”

Leo perked up at that.

“The Games...” he repeated, “I think I remember someone mentioning the games back in the prison.”

“Yeah, old Tetris said he’d send everyone to the Games unless they did what he wanted.” Mikey remembered.

“So, on a scale of 1 to Shredder, how screwed are we?” Hisako questioned.

Lisa hugged herself closer, looking more than a bit scared.

“For off worlders like ourselves, the Arena of Carnage is a death sentence.” she explained.

“They’re not gonna make us fight each other, are they?” Mikey wondered, more than a little shaken at the prospect.

“Even if they did, there’s no way I’d fight you guys.” Raph declared. “No way, no how.”

“They will not make us battle each other.” Mona Lisa explained. “We are to be a mere opening act for the true fights.”

Donny gulped hard.

“Um guys?” he began. “In Ancient Greece, the Colosseum would host gladiatorial games, and they would usually start off by feeding condemned prisoners to the lions.”

All five of the Hamato siblings exchanged worried glances, then Raph inched a bit closer to Mona Lisa.

“So… what’s the Triceraton equivalent of a lion?” He asked.

“A creature known as a Spasmosaur.” Lisa responded. “One of the deadliest monsters in the known universe. Nearly impossible to defeat.”

Donny latched onto the word nearly, perking up.

“Nearly impossible.” he repeated. “That means it’s been done before, and there’s a way to do it.”

Mona Lisa gave a snort.

“You five never lose hope do you?” she questioned.

“Let’s just say we have some practice clinging to even the slightest thread of it.” Hisako commented. “Now, this Spasmosaur, tell us everything you know about it.”

Lisa looked at the Hamato Siblings, noting how all five of them seemed confident that they could win. Unable to squash that hope, and feeling a similar confidence brewing inside herself, she explained everything she knew.

The door to the Fugitoid’s room slid open, allowing Prime Leader Zanramon to enter. The Professor had been in the middle of trying to get some rest, but was awake the second the hiss entered his audio sensors.

“Prime Leader,” he greeted, a bit worried by the smirk on the Triceraton’s face. “To what do I owe this unexpected visit?”

Zanramon sat down on one of the chairs in the room, pulling a holopad from his robe.

“I just thought you would enjoy an update on your friends.” he explained, tapping the screen and bringing up footage from the prison. “I must admit, your allies have proven a resilient bunch. They managed to survive Incarceron, and came rather close to escaping as well.”

This made the Professor perk up. He took the pad from the Prime Leader, watching as the Gamarons and their human ally decimated hordes of guards with nothing but brooms. He was already aware of how tough they were, having watched them battle with the Federation soldiers. However, he had held some worries about their safety while in the prison. Now, he was beginning to think that he truly had made the right call in aiding them back in that alleyway.

“Unfortunately for them, they were caught before they could escape, and I was left with no choice.”

And with that, the professor’s initial jubilation died away.

“What have you done with them?” he demanded.

The Prime Leader smirked.

“I sentenced them to death.” he declared. “They will be fed to the Spasmosaur during the next games.”

The Professor felt his chest heaving, the remains of his lungs hyperventilating as he tried to calm himself. He knew about the Spasmosaurs, and how only the Triceratons had succeeded in capturing and killing the beasts. He became fearful for his friends once more, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Zanramon.

“However, it’s not too late for me to change that.” he offered.

The Professor looked over at Zanramon, a desperate look on his face.

“You must!” he insisted. “Please!”

“I would be willing to reconsider their sentence...” Zanramon said slowly. “If you reconsider becoming my scientific advisor.”

The Professor halted. He should have known it wasn’t going to be that simple. As much as he wanted to save his friends, there was no way he could do what Zanramon wanted. He steeled himself, then sat down on the bed.

“I will never work for you.” he swore.

Zanramon snorted.

“Very well then. Just remember, you could have saved them.”

He took the holopad from the professor, turning on footage from the Arena of Carnage.

“Enjoy watching your friends die.”

The Arena was packed full of spectators, everyone cheering and shouting as the announcer for the Games began to address them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Triceratons of all ages! Welcome to the opening ceremony for this cycle’s Gladiatorial Games!"

The cheering became louder, several Triceratons coming out of their seats in jubilation. After they finally calmed down, the announcer continued.

"I have a special treat for you all this go around. I have not one, not two, not even three, but six victims for our opening act."

Down in the arena, a large gate opened up, then the Hamato Siblings and Mona Lisa were shoved out into the dirt. It slammed shut behind them as they picked themselves up off the ground, Raph glaring at the gate with unbridled fury. The crowd started to cheer some more, the prospect of watching the six of them get mauled to death exciting them to no end.

“There may be more of them than usual folks, but do they have enough manpower to take on the deadliest creature in existence? The Spasmosaur!”

Across from the group, a second gate opened slowly. The six steeled themselves, grouping together tightly as they waited. Finally, one of the strangest, most terrifying creature the group had ever seen, emerged from the gate. Its body was a round shape, with huge green eyes dotting across its body. Its skin appeared lumpy, and it had six tentacles that seemed to be waving about in a random manner. The bottom half of its round body lifted up, revealing a massive mouth filled with rows of sharp, jagged teeth as it let out an unholy screech. In fact, its body seemed to split into five pieces, revealing three more long mouths all along its body.

As the crowd continued to cheer and shout, the turtles stared at the creature, Hisako gulping hard and turning to Mona Lisa.

“You know, that thing is a lot scarier than you made it out to be.” she whispered.

“Lisa, I hope for all our sakes that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to that thing.” Raph hissed.

“I do Raphael.” she promised. “Somewhere on the creature’s flank, there is a single weak point. A lump of flesh that is white. If we find it and pierce it, then the creature is finished.”

The Spasmosaur charged at them, tentacles waving about before attempting to smash the group. They all scattered, just narrowly avoiding ending up squished.

“Yeah, if we can survive long enough to find it!” Donny squealed.

“More than that, how are we supposed to pierce something without our weapons?!” Mikey exclaimed, rolling to avoid a flailing tentacle.

Hisako and Lisa ran alongside it, searching in vain for the white spot. Unfortunately, all they could see were tentacles trying to tear their faces off.

“Any sign of it?” Leo asked, jumped to avoid the Spasmosaur.

“It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!” Raph snapped.

“Yeah, a haystack that wants to eat us for breakfast!” Mikey screamed.

One of the tentacles managed to grab Mikey around the leg, pulling him off balance. He was then lifted into the air, only to be slammed down hard repeatedly by the Spasmosaur. The crowd went wild, cheering louder with every strike. Donny jumped off of the wall, using it as a springboard to try and get on top of the creature. Unfortunately, its multiple mouths quickly made this a futile effort as it opened its top most maw for him.

“Yikes!” he squeaked.

Hisako’s eyes went wide as she saw her brother about to get eaten. Without even thinking about it, her eyes turned green and she clenched her fist, throwing it behind her. A green halo of energy surrounded Donny, stopping his forward momentum for a split second before throwing him backwards. It disappeared the second he changed directions, leaving the audience baffled as to what just happened. As Donny hit the ground, Hisako slid next to him.

“You okay?” she asked.

“I am now.” he replied. “Think anyone saw you do that?”

“Shell I hope not.” Hisako replied.

Leo ran up to the tentacle that was still bashing Mikey about. Jumping into the air, he did a somersault before coming down with all his strength on the tentacle. The Spasmosaur howled as it dropped Mikey, letting him plummet to the ground. Raph and Lisa were by his side instantly, pulling him to safety.

“Did we win…?” he asked in a dazed voice.

“Not even close.” Raph told him.

“If we do not locate the white spot soon, I fear we will soon become the Spasmosaur’s dinner.” Lisa commented.

One of the tentacles then caught Hisako around the stomach, yanking her into the air. She screamed in horror, eliciting thunderous cheers from the crowd. As she began her descent, her eyes caught a speck of white in between two of the gaping mouths.

The white spot!

Forcing the crippling panic down, Hisako forced herself into a dive aiming right for one of the Spasmosaur’s teeth, one that had very visible cracks on it. She landed hard on it, snapping it free. The snap echoed through the arena, along with the pained screams of the Spasmosaur. Hisako grabbed the tooth, then swung herself out of the mouth, landing on the ground beside her brothers and Mona Lisa.

“I found the white spot!” she exclaimed. “I can get to it, but I need a boost!”

Raph and Mikey laced their fingers together, forming a step for Hisako to use. With a running start, Hisako charged at the Spasmosaur, using her brother’s hands as a boost. She went flying into the air above the Spasmosaur, wielding the broken tooth like a javelin. She threw it with all her strength at the white spot.

“Cowabunga mother-”

Her words were then drowned out by a screech so loud it practically deafened the six combatants. Hisako landed hard, rolling to a stop as the others joined her. They all watched as the Spasmosaur flailed about, its own tooth now sticking out of its flank as it began to slow down. The screeches puttered off into a low death rattle as the beast finally stopped moving all together, the blow finally doing its job. The entire arena was silent, everyone completely shocked by the turn of events.

“Okay, now did we win?” Mikey asked.

In that moment, the entire arena exploded with applause. Every Triceraton was on their feet cheering and clapping. The six of them just looked around as Hisako gave her brother a look.

“I think so Mikey.” she told him. “I think so.”

Prime Leader Zanramon stared at the holoscreen in utter shock, not having expected the six off worlders to succeed in besting the beast. In fact, he’d been counting on it. The Fugitoid was also shocked, but unlike his captor, he was absolutely ecstatic about his friends’ success.

“Hoo-rah!” he cheered, punching the air. “It would seem my friends are tougher than you gave them credit for!”

“So it would seem.” Zanramon muttered, his fist clenching.

“I will admit, I was a bit worried there for a tik, but if those Gamarons and their allies can defeat a Spasmosaur, then there’s nothing they can’t beat! I’d bet my life on it!”

Zanramon perked up at the Fugitoid’s choice of words. A smirked played on his face as an idea came to him.

“Is that so?” he asked. “Well, are you willing to put your zemulaks where your oral cavity is?”

The Fugitoid looked over at Zanramon, a bit confused, and more than a bit apprehensive.

“What are you suggesting?” he asked.

“I’m suggesting a small wager.” The Triceraton replied, clapping his hands together. “Your friends will be spared for the moment and become gladiators in the next Games. If they all manage to survive against my best warriors, I’ll release them, and you, and allow you on your merry way.”

He then leaned in, giving the Fugitoid a glare.

“But if even one of them falls in battle, then they will all remain in the games for the rest of their lives, and you will become my scientific advisor.”

The Fugitoid gulped a bit, then took a deep breath. He then stuck out his hand before he could overthink his decision.

“You have a deal, Prime Leader.” he declared.

Zanramon grinned and took the offered hand.

“I look forward to working with you, Professor Honeycutt.” he declared as they shook on it.

“And I look forward to leaving this star cluster in my engine trail.” The Fugitoid replied.

The six victorious combatants were deposited into a large, dimly lit room, the door slamming behind them as they landed. Raph got up first, dusting himself off and glaring at the door.

“When we get home, the first thing I’m doing is removing every door in the lair, because if I hear another door slam, I’m gonna tear my hair out!”

“Calm down Raph.” Leo scolded. “Now is not the time to lose your cool.”

“I think he lost it somewhere back on Dhoonib.” Mikey quipped.

Raph smacked Mikey upside the head as the others got back on their feet.

“So where are we now?” Leo wondered.

“If I had to wager a guess, I’d say some sort of slave pens.” Donny hypothesized. “This room seems to go on for a while.”

Mona Lisa gave the room a glance, then her stance tensed up.

“Gamarons, Hisako, be alert.” she hissed. “We are not alone.”

The six of them immediately got into defensive stances, eyeing the dimness of the room. From the gloom, a large, bulky figure began to approach them. Mona Lisa even began to growl slightly, though the growl vanished in an instant when a deep voice called out to her.


Mona Lisa’s stance faded as the figure came into full view. It was a large Salamandarian with a similar coloration to Mona Lisa. His right eye left eye was missing, a crude mechanical one in its place. Most of that side of his body was in a similar state. His face seemed mostly skeletal, his arm was a metal prosthetic, several metal plates ran along his side, and his foot appeared to have several deep gashes on it. And yet, despite all the wounds and augmentations, Mona Lisa recognized him instantly.

“G’Throkka?” She said, tears coming to her eyes.

G’Throkka came forward, holding out his arms. With a small sob, Mona Lisa ran towards him, the two of them embracing as both of them cried. The Hamato siblings all stood down, recognizing the scene for what it was and giving the two Salamandarians some space.

“I feared I would never see you again.” Lisa said, her face buried in G’Throkka’s shoulder.

“As did I.” He replied, gently petting her head. “I had believed you killed when we were captured.”

“No, I was merely imprisoned.” she replied, straightening up and looking her brother in the eye. “I thought you were executed.”

“The Prime Leader sought to use me as an example of what happens to races that dare to oppose his rule.” G’Throkka explained. “It is the only reason I still live today. Even when I fall in battle, he merely repairs me and throws me back in the fight.”

Lisa clenched her fists, gritting her teeth.

“Dishonorable, rakkan-”

“Uh, sorry to interrupt.” Mikey called out, “But think you can introduce us now?”

Lisa blushed a bit, rubbing the back of her head.

“Right, my apologies.” she said sheepishly. “G’Throkka, these Gamarons and their humanoid sister aided me in my attempts to find you.”

G’Throkka gave the five of them a bow.

“I watched your battle.” he told them. “You all fight well for beings so young.”

“Thank you, G’Throkka.” Leo replied, he and his siblings returning the bow.

“Hey, can we give you a nickname like we did your sister?” Mikey asked.

G’Throkka raised his only eyebrow, giving Mona Lisa a look.

“You let them give you a nickname?” He asked. “You never let anyone do that.”

“These creatures earned the right.” she replied, giving Raph a small smile. “They call me Mona Lisa.”

“Very well then, call me what you wish, young ones.”

Mikey grinned.

“Awesome. We’ll call you… Salcommander!”

“Salcommander?” Hisako repeated.

“Well, he’s a Salamander, and he looks like someone who would make an awesome army commander, so I combined the two.”

G’Throkka gave a nod.

“Salcommander it is then.” he declared.

A buzzer suddenly went off, the sound catching the Hamato siblings and Mona Lisa off guard. Salcommander didn’t seem surprised at all, having expected it.

“Come, the overseer will be coming to address us in a few trigons.” he told them. “And you six will need to get properly dressed.”

“Finally.” Raph said with a sigh of relief. “I can’t wait to get out of these stupid prison clothes.”

A few minutes later, the four turtles emerged from the male dressing room. All four of them were wearing shorts that almost appeared to be made out of scales. They all had metal knee pads on, and sandals that definitely looked like something out of the Gladiator movie. Leo had a long armored sleeves with straps bisecting his chest, the shoulder plates brandishing rather nasty looking spikes. Raph merely had bracers on his wrists, a single shoulder plate on his left shoulder. Donny had bracers like Raph, two very simple shoulder plates strapped to his arms. Mikey didn’t have any shoulder plates, just leather straps weaving all the way up his arms with smaller plates on the back of his hands.

“Dude, check it out!” Mikey cheered. “I’m Maximus!”

“I have to admit, this is better than the prison clothes.” Donny noted, twisting his wrists to test the feel of his bracers, then tugging on the edge of his shorts. “Though I wish they’d at least given us actual pants.”

“I feel you, Don.” Leo agreed.

“I dunno, I’m kinda digging the gladiator look.” Raph commented, flexing a bit.

From the female dressing room, Hisako and Mona Lisa emerged. Lisa was wearing a chest place with bracers on her arms and a medium length battle skirt over a pair of shorts similar to the turtles’. Hisako was dressed in a similar manner, though rather than a chest plate, she had a tube top with the same scaled plating as her shorts. She also had double sleeves and shoulder plates similar to Leo’s.

“I agree with Raphael, this suits me better than our earlier garments.” Mona Lisa remarked.

“I feel like Xena the Warrior Princess.” Hisako commented, looking herself up and down.

“Well, you’re twice as awesome, sis.” Mikey told her.

Salcommander let out a cough, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Now that you are all dressed, we best gather in the training hall.” he told them. “Overseer Gruell is not a being you want to keep waiting.”

Their stances straightened and their faces became impassive as the six of them followed Salcommander deeper into the slave pens. They eventually got to a large room where several different species of aliens were waiting. There was a large creature that looked similar to Bigfoot standing next to two, identical praying mantis-like aliens. There was a large, humanoid looking creature, only its skin was pure white and its eyes were fully blue. Finally, there was a large, muscular Triceraton at the head of the group, a serious expression on his face. When the turtles saw him, Leo let out a small gulp.

“Is that the overseer?” he questioned.

“No.” Salcommander replied. “That is Traximus, another Gladiator like ourselves.”

“Then who’s the boss around here?” Raph asked.

There was a loud snapping sound, followed by a pained howl from Traximus. He fell to his knees, breathing heavily as another Triceraton came into view. This one was easily a foot shorter than Traximus, with a large pot belly poking out over his belt. One of his horns was made of gold, and he had a long electro-whip in his hand.

“Alright maggots, get in line!” he shouted, his voice sounding wheezy as he cracked the whip again.

The Hamato Siblings stared at the Triceraton, then over at Salcommander.

“No way.” Hisako commented. “Is that-?”

“Overseer Gruell.” Salcommander answered.

There was a beat of silence, then all five siblings began laughing hard. The other gladiators turned towards them in confusion as Gruell glared at them in anger.

“Silence!” he demanded, snapping his whip.

“Oh look out guys, the fatsos got a whip.” Raph said sounding sarcastically terrified.

“What’s he gonna do, sit on us?” Hisako practically snorted.

Gruell growled loudly, snapping his whip again.

“I said silence!” he screamed. “I am your master, and you will show me the respect I deserve!”

“Don’t worry, we are.” Mikey replied in between snickers.

“How do you think guys like him get positions of power like that?” Donny asked. “Inherited position or did he just eat his predecessor?”

By now, Mona Lisa was fighting back a few giggles of her own while Salcommander was giving the lot of them a confused look. The other Gladiators were staring as well, and Gruell looked just about ready to pop.

“Enough!” he shouted, cracking his whip yet again. “Shock staff practice! And I just found myself five training dummies!”

“I don’t know, you could easily make up six yourself.” Leo noted.

This only made the laughter worse as even Mona Lisa could no longer keep herself from chuckling.

After a few more minutes, and a few more jokes at Gruell’s expense, the Hamato Siblings were all standing in a row in the center of the training grounds. In front of them were the other gladiators, sans the two Salamandarians who were standing off to the side.

“Now remember,” Gruell called out, giving the Hamato siblings a triumphant smirk. “Training dummies can’t use their hands.”

The five siblings exchanged glances, all of them smirking as they placed their hands behind their backs.

“You heard him guys.” Leo declared. “No hands.”

The gladiators all charged at the siblings, their shock staffs buzzing with energy. The Bigfoot gladiator ran at Donny, poised to strike. However, Donny simply jumped into the air, doing a flip and landing right behind the guy before sweeping his legs out from underneath him.

“Who needs hands?” He quipped and he bowed.

One of the twins charged at Mikey, swinging his staff at the orange turtle’s head. However, Mikey just bobbed and weaved, the twin never landing a blow. The other twin was focusing on Leonardo, who was taking a page out of Mikey’s book. In fact, the two turtles soon ended up back to back, where they shared a nod. When the twins attempted to stab at the two of them, the turtles dropped to the ground, making the twins stab each other. As they both fizzed with electricity, Mikey and Leo both got back on their feet.

“Cowabunga.” Mikey said with a grin.

The humanoid gladiator faced off against Raphael, jumping into the air and bringing his staff down in a deadly arc of electricity. Raph just jumped up to meet him, giving the gladiator a cocky grin.

“Look ma, no hand!” He shouted.

His foot then connected with the gladiator’s face, sending him plummeting to the ground hard. Raph then landed on top of him, his hands never leaving his back.

From where she and Salcommander were watching, Mona Lisa couldn’t help but smile at her friends’ undeniable victories against their foes. Gruell also watched the proceedings, his grip on his electro whip tightening with every victory.

“Traximus!” he shouted. “Double rations if you can squash that humanoid!”

Traximus gripped his staff, approaching Hisako.

“Nothing personal.” he told her.

“Never is.” she replied.

He swung the staff horizontally, forcing Hisako to jump into the air, doing a split as she did so. As she descended, his twirled the staff, nearly catching her shoulder. Thankfully, she twisted at the last minute, landing flat on her stomach. Positioning herself as if she was doing push-ups, Hisako then pushed herself off the ground, getting back on her feet. He went for another stab, and once again, Hisako easily dodged it. He then twisted herself, bringing up her leg for a powerful roundhouse kick to the side. He grunted, his grip on his weapon loosening enough to where Hisako could kick it from his grasp. It spun in the air until she jumped up and caught it, bringing it down hard on Traximus’ head.

“Woo!” Mikey cheered. “Go sis!”

“Kick that Triceraton’s butt!” Raph shouted.

Traximus stumbled, both from the blow, and from the resulting shock the staff bestowed upon him. Before he could fully recover, Hisako swept his legs out from underneath him, forcing him to the ground. Before he could stand up, Hisako had the staff right in his face, the end buzzing with electricity.

“Yield.” she told him.

Having spent years training with her brothers and sensei, as well as dealing with Foot Ninja and purple dragons, she fully expected him to lash out at her and try to reclaim the staff. However, he did no such thing. Instead, he seemed to deflate, his entire body relaxing as he closed his eyes.

“Go ahead.” he told her, his tone heavy with a weariness Hisako knew all too well. “Finish me. It is your right as victor, and you would be doing this slave a favor.”

Hisako’s stance faltered, then the buzzing of the staff died away. She pulled it out of his face, then set it aside all together.

“Sorry, but that’s now how I do things.” he said.

He opened his eyes in surprise to see her offering him a hand up. He went to take it, but then a loud crack echoed through the hall. Hisako’s back arched as she screamed, Overseer Gruell’s electro-whip connecting with her back.

“Hisako!” Leo shouted.

Hisako fell to her knees as her brothers ran to her, both Mona Lisa and Salcommander jumping to their feet. Traximus just stared, backing away as the scene unfolded.

“You dare to show your enemy mercy?!” Gruell exclaimed. “This is a Gladiatorial Arena, not some hatchling care center!”

He went to crack his whip again, but Raph caught it, yanking it right out of Gruell’s grip.

“Ya know what, slime ball?” He snapped, throwing the whip to the ground. “You got a problem with how we operate, come down here and say it to our faces!”

“Yeah!” Mikey shouted in agreement. “We look after our own, no matter what!”

Gruell looked at the Hamato Siblings in a small amount of fear, then let out a shrill whistle.

“Guards!” he shouted.

Several armed Triceratons came in, aiming laser rifles at the lot of them. The Hamato Siblings remained still as Gruell came down, snatching up his whip with a snarl.

“I hope you five die a slow and painful death in the next fight.” he swore before stalking off.

Once Gruell was gone, the guards withdrew, as well as most of the Gladiators. This just left the siblings, the Salamandarians, and Traximus.

“You okay sis?” Leo asked, helping her sit up.

“Yeah… I’ve received worse.” she replied. “How’s it look?”

“Didn’t break skin, thank goodness.” Donny replied, gently running his hand along the angry red mark. “Look like you just received an electrical burn. It should fade in a week or so.”

“Just another scar sis.” Raph told her. “Don’t think twice about it.”

As the turtles continued to care for their sister, both Mona Lisa and Salcommander watched in awe.

“Their camaraderie is unparalleled.” Salcommander commented.

“Not unlike our own.” Mona Lisa compared. “I just pray it will be enough to aid them in their coming battle.”

Traximus merely stood there, his eyes never leaving the humanoid that spared his life.

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