TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Ghosts of the Past

On board the Prime Leader’s personal cruiser, the Hamato siblings were all lying on their backs, looking out at the stars through the observation deck while playing their favorite game.

“I see… A Triceraton doing a headstand!” Mikey called out, pointing at a cluster of stars.

Everyone snickered at the idea, then Raph caught sight of one.

“I see… Traximus using Shredder’s helmet for a bowling ball!”

That got a good laugh out of everyone, then it was Hisako’s turn.

“I see… The Salamandarian/mutant turtle hybrid child of Raph and Mona Lisa!” Hisako declared. “I think I’ll call her Irrilia.”

All of the turtles, save for Raph, immediately busted out into fits of laughter. The Red turtle just blushed hard before grasping one of his sai. He stabbed it into the floor scant centimeters from her face. She jumped a bit as she glanced over at the weapon.

“What?” she asked. “It could happen.”

“Yeah, you’re the only turtle with an actual girlfriend, Raph.” Mikey agreed, “More than that, you actually have a chance with her.”

“Unlike Leo and Miwa.” Donny commented off hand.

“Yeah, dating your sister is a bit of a taboo, even for us.” Hisako added.

“You guys are never gonna let me live that down are you?” Leo asked.

“Nope!” the rest of his siblings declared in unison.

They all laughed a bit more, than Hisako bopped Leo on the arm.

“Come on Bro, it’s your turn.” she told him.

“Alright, alright.” he replied, looking out at the stars. “I see… A space station?”

“Where?” Mikey asked, looking out into the vastness of space. “I don’t see it. Is it behind that space station?”

Raph smacked Mikey upside the head as everyone looked out towards Leo’s station. It resembled a tall tower, with several large shields jutting out on the sides. The panels were etched with pink lights, practically broadcasting it as an Utrom station. As they all stared, the Professor walked onto the deck.

“I came to tell you that we had arrived, but it would appear you are already aware.” he declared.

“That’s it then.” Leo whispered. “The Utrom outpost.”

“We finally made it.” Donny said with a sigh.

“And about damn time too.” Raph declared. “I’m sick and tired of space. I’m ready to be back on Earth.”

“Yeah,” Mikey agreed. “I miss Master Splinter.”

“We all do Mikey.” Hisako told him. “But I’m sure he’ll be waiting for us once we get back.”

“As long as the Utroms let us see him before getting mad at us for the mess we caused.” Raph reminded her.

“I’m sure we can work things out.” she said hopefully. “Besides, we can worry about that once we’re all safely back on earth.”

“Right.” Leo agreed. “Professor, take us in.”

The Professor gave a nod, then returned to the deck to start the landing procedure.

The hangar bay of the space station opened up, allowing the Professor to land the cruiser inside. Once the doors sealed shut behind them, the six space weary travelers all shuffled off of the cruiser into the surprisingly empty hangar bay.

“Whoa… where is everybody?” Mikey questioned. “Are they getting space coffee or something?”

“Not quite, Michelangelo.” The Professor replied. “This sector of space is located on the farthest edge of the Utrom’s sphere of influence. Because of this, it is very rare that any sentient life forms come here.”

“I just hope there’s someone here to help us.” Donny said quietly.

They all walked into the station, more than a bit put off by how dark and empty it appeared. All of the Hamato siblings had their hands on their weapons on instinct.

“Guys… this is just like that scene from the new Star Trek series.” Mikey whispered.

“Yeah, all we’re missing is Scotty and the weird gremlin.” Donny replied.

“Who are you calling a gremlin?!” a high pitched voice called out from behind them.

The six of them all jumped at the sound, turning around to see a lone Utrom floating behind them. He was on a floating platform about eye level with the lot of them, giving them all an angry glare.

“You come into my outpost, no doubt looking for my help, and you insult me?” he demanded.

“Honorable Utrom,” Professor Honeycutt interjected. “I am sure that my friends meant no disrespect.”

“He’s right man.” Mikey quickly agreed. “We were talking about a movie from our planet.”

“Speaking of our planet,” Donny interjected. “We were hoping you could help us get back home.”

The Utrom let out a frustrated groan as he continued to stare down the six of them.

“First of all, my name is Kraang, not ‘man’.” he informed them all. “And second, does this look like a sky port?”

There was a moment of silence, then Donny rubbed the back of his head.

“Well… That depends.” He answered. “What does a sky port look like?”

“Not like this!” Kraang exclaimed. “Now go find some sky port clerk to bother.”

He was about to fly away when Hisako slid in front of him.

“Hang on.” she insisted. “My brothers and I were transported to this part of space on accident. Mr. Mortu told us to-”

“Oh!” Kraang exclaimed, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “Mr. Mortu sent you! I had no idea!”

Raph let out a growl.

“Okay, look here you wad of chewing gum!” he snapped, sticking a finger in Kraang’s face. “We have been stuck in the shell forsaken part of space for weeks now. We’ve been chased, shot at, arrested, beaten up, forced to fight in gladiatorial games, and now that we finally found the stinkin’ place that the purple haired freak job sent us to find, you’re telling us to get lost?!”

The Professor gave the turtles a nervous look.

“Should we stop him?” he asked.

“I ain’t getting involved in that.” Hisako replied quickly, the other turtles quickly nodding in agreement.

“You listen here, creature-” Kraang began.

“No, you listen!” Raph shouted. “You’re gonna send the six of us to Earth within the next 10 seconds, or I’m gonna find out what color your blood is. You hear me?!”

Raph was centimeters from Kraang’s face, panting heavily from his sudden explosion. There was a moment of silence, then Kraang let out a gulp.

“Well… when you put it that way...” he mumbled nervously, looking down a bit, “I suppose I could fire up the Transmat.”

“Yeah, you do that.” Raph replied, not even blinking.

Kraang slowly started floating off with everyone following him. The Professor let out a sigh of relief as they did, giving Leonardo a look.

“That was… unexpected.” The cyborg commented.

“Actually, I’m surprised Raph was able to keep calm this long.” Leo admitted.

“I’m surprised he didn’t slam Kraang into a wall or something.” Mikey mentioned.

“Too true.” Leo agreed.

The group entered a large room in the station, one that was identical to the very room that had sent the Hamato siblings on their space misadventure in the first place. Kraang has flown himself over to a large control panel, a pair of simple mechanical limbs coming out of his platform so he could do the necessary typing.

“You said your planet was Earth, yes?” Kraang asked.

“That’s the one.” Donny replied. “You know where it is?”

“Of course I do you-” Kraang then caught a glance of Raph, then let out a cough. “Of course I do. The planet has been under investigation by the High Council for a few stellar cycles now. Perhaps if they had taken some of my suggestions for raising the productivity of our operations rather than banish me to this backwater scrap of space, then maybe they would have completed their mission by now.”

The Hamato siblings exchanged confused glances, Mikey making the ‘cuckoo’ motion with his finger. Finally, the Transmat device began to hum, various lights flipping on.

“There we are.” Kraang declared, gesturing towards the portal. “Just step on and you will be transported right into the Utrom base located on the planet.”

The Hamato siblings all looked at the portal, none of them able to keep the look of relief off their faces.

“Well guys, we’re finally going home.” Leo declared.

“You’ll love Earth Professor.” Mikey told the cyborg, wrapping his arm around him. “Nobody will try to use you, and you can lay low and do whatever you want.”

“It sounds like a dream come true.” the Professor mused.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Hisako asked happily. “Let’s go!”

They all eagerly ran onto the Transmat, feeling that same sensation as before as swirling lights surrounded them. Soon the six of them all disappeared in the swirling light show, leaving Kraang alone once more.

Back at Galactic Enterprises, the portal room was suddenly filled with swirling pink lights. As they faded away, the Hamato siblings and Professor Honeycutt were left standing in the center of the Transmat, once more back on their home planet.

“We’re back?” Donny asked, slightly bewildered.

“We’re back!” Mikey cheered, flopping onto the ground and rubbing it as if he was giving it a hug. “Oh how I’ve missed you, Earth.”

He then proceeded to kiss the floor repeatedly, much to the disgust of the others.

“Mikey...” Raph groaned. “Get up off the ground before-”

He cut off suddenly, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching. The others also heard the noise, all of them reaching for their weapons, even Mikey.

“Be ready guys.” Leo warned. “Friendly or not, we did cause a lot of trouble last time we were here.”

The door slowly slid open, but rather than the Utroms they had been expecting, in came some rather friendly faces; Casey, April, and Miwa.

“Guys!” Miwa cheered.

“You’re okay!” April declared.

“Miwa!” The turtles called out.

“Casey! April!” Hisako grinned.

“It’s about time you got back!” Casey chastised, giving Hisako a noogie. “We’ve been waiting for weeks!”

“Man has it been that long?” Donny asked.

“Yeah, you kinda lose track of time while out in space.” Raph remarked.

About that time, a large figure barreled through the door, making a bee-line for Hisako. Everyone instinctively got out of the way as Leatherhead grabbed his friend, pulling her into a hug.

“Oracle...” He said softly, tears of relief rolling down his face. “You’re alive...”

“Hey big guy.” Hisako greeted, returning the hug in kind. “I’ve missed you too.”

“How you guys are here?” Leo questioned, looking at Miwa. “Especially you?”

Miwa chuckled a bit.

“Would you believe we were invited?” she asked.

The turtles and Hisako all looked confused.

“Invited?” Leo repeated.

“Yeah.” April replied. “Miwa called us down to the lair after you guys didn’t report back when you said you would.”

“We were all prepared to storm the joint, with Leatherhead tearing the doors down.” Casey went on. “But when we went to the elevator to head your direction, that guardian guy was waiting for us.”

“What? No way!” Mikey exclaimed. “How’d he find our lair?”

“Who do you think led Hisako to it in the first place?” A voice asked from the doorway.

They all turned to see Samson walking towards them. He had a relieved smile on his face as he saw the five returning space travelers.

“Samson!” Hisako cheered, waving happily from her position in Leatherhead’s grasp.

“Hello Hisako.” he greeted. “I am happy to see you all alive and well.”

He then noticed the cyborg still standing on the transmat. Professor Honeycutt had let his friends enjoy their reunion, unwilling to break up their happiness.

“Though it would seem that you did not return alone.” Samson remarked.

“Oh, almost forgot.” Leo remember, mentally kicking himself. “Everyone, this is Professor Zayton Honeycutt.”

“A pleasure to meet you all.” The Professor declared, giving a small bow.

“The Professor helped us find the outpost.” Hisako explained. “But he needed our help in escaping from his home planet.”

“Yeah, he’s super smart, and this really mean guy named Dunn or whatever was threatening him and treating him badly.” Mikey added.

“I’m sure that the council can find a place for him amongst our ranks.” Samson assured them all.

“Hang on back up a bit. What did you mean by you’re the one who led Hisako to our lair?” Raph questioned, more than a bit confused.

Realization dawned on Hisako.

“Your voice was the one I heard wasn’t it?” she asked.

“Indeed.” Samson replied. “Your home used to be an Utrom outpost long before the city became as… expansive as it is.”

“And you just decided to give it to us?” Leo asked.

Samson chuckled.

“I understand that you all have questions.” He commented, “And you have my word that you will get the answers you seek. However, this conversation will require a few more parties before it can commence. Professor Honeycutt, would you mind waiting here for a moment? I have a feeling that your friends will require some time to themselves.”

“I wouldn’t mind in the slightest.” Honeycutt assured him. “I have always been fascinated with teleportation, and a chance to examine a working transmat device is a dream come true.”

Samson smiled, then exited the Transmat room, gesturing for the others to follow. Miwa, April, and Casey all got big grins, already knowing what to expect. Even Leatherhead seemed uncharacteristically excited. The turtles and Hisako raised eyebrows in confusion, but followed nonetheless.

The large group followed Samson towards a large room on the opposite end of the building, where two figures were waiting for them. One was the purple haired Mr. Mortu, and the other was a familiar figure that had the five space-weary siblings gasping in delight.

“My children.” Master Splinter greeted, a smile on his face and his arms held open.

“FATHER!” the five space travelers shouted.

The turtles and Hisako rushed forward, the latter being released by Leatherhead, practically tackling Splinter with their embraces. They were all laughing and crying at the same time, Splinter doing his best to hug all of them at once.

“You’re alive!” Mikey sobbed.

“You’re okay!” Hisako hiccupped.

“We were so worried about you Sensei.” Leo said softly, his fingers gripping Master Splinter’s robes as tight as he could.

“It is alright my children.” Splinter reassured. “I am alright, and we are finally together again. All of us.”

He looks up at Miwa as he said that last part. She laughed a bit, then joined the family in their group hug. For a good few minutes, they all just hugged it out, unwilling and unable to let go. Eventually though, Mr. Mortu let out a small cough, adjusting his glasses. The Hamato family eventually released one another, turning to the purple haired man.

“I’m glad that the seven of you have been reunited once again.” He said with a smile. “And I do apologize for the difficulty caused by our Guardian Prime. While he is one of our most capable fighters, when it comes to those he holds dear, rational thinking tends to be placed on the backburner so to speak.”

“Yeah, about that.” Leo began. “We’re grateful for everything you did to help our father, and our sister, but I just have to ask… why?”

“Yeah, why’s our sister so important to you guys?” Raph added.

Mortu gave a nod of understanding.

“I expected you would be curious about that.” he remarked, walking towards a wall decorated in strange, metallic orbs. “However, I am not the one who can properly answer that question.”

“Then who?” Donny wondered.

Mortu picked up one of the orbs, bringing it over to the group. He pressed a single pink button on the top, then placed it on the ground. The entire room seemed to shift, becoming this ethereal, cloudy landscape set is a seemingly endless twilight. Two figures shimmered into existence, standing before the group. One was a man, tall and muscular wearing a uniform identical to Samson’s. He had sandy blonde hair tied back in a low ponytail and piercing blue eyes. Next to him was a woman, long black hair up in a bun and stormy grey eyes, also in a guardian uniform. Once they fully formed, Hisako let out a gasp. She stumbled back, tears in her eyes as long forgotten memories surfaced, memories of a time before TCRI.

“Hisako, are you alright?” Leo asked.

Tears flowed down her eyes as she stepped forward, approaching the two newcomers. They looked down at her as well, both of them becoming equally shocked.

“Richard...” the woman whispered in the man’s ear, “Is that-?”

“I think it is...” The man, Richard, replied.

They both turned to her as two words slipped from Hisako’s lips, almost too quiet to hear.

“Mom… Dad...”

“Mom? Dad?” Mikey asked. “Hisako are these your parents?”

“They are indeed.” Samson answered, looking at the two wistfully.

“Richard and Renee Kaimera, two of the greatest guardians we could have ever asked for.” Mortu introduced.

Hisako stared at the two, tentatively reaching for them. Her hand met solid flesh and all of her self-control melted away. She bawled hard, hugging them both as they returned the hug in kind.

“I had forgotten...” Hisako cried.

“Oh sweetie...” Renee cooed, petting her head. “It’s not your fault.”

“You were so young when we died…” Richard said softly. “And you’ve been through so much...”

Casey let out a sniff, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Man, I knew this would be emotional, but not even I expected this.” He whispered.

“Hang on, if you’re dead, how are you currently hugging Hisako?” Donny asked, the scientist part of him screaming about the various impossibilities of the scene he was witnessing.

“We Utroms keep a collective memory archive of all of our Guardians, both past and present.” Mortu explained. “What Hisako is seeing is a manifestation of all they were, brought into being through techno-organic imaging.”

Hisako finally released the two, her face still red. Renee wiped a tear from her daughter’s eye, smiling warmly.

“My dear daughter...” she said softly, “I am so sorry for everything you suffered because of us.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Hisako told her.

“I’m afraid it is.” Richard correctly, looking down at the ground.

“What exactly did happen all those years ago?” Leo asked.

“Yeah,” Raph agreed. “After everything the five of us have gone through, I think we’re entitled to some answers.”

“That you are.” Richard agreed.

The landscape changed, forming a cityscape that the group instantly recognized as New York City. They were standing in some back alley, the only beings visible at the moment.

“I suppose the best place to start at the beginning.” Richard declared. “On the day Samson and I became part of something much greater than ourselves.”

Two figures materialized in the alley. One looked like a younger Richard, perhaps no older than the turtles themselves. The other was no doubt a younger Samson.

“Richard and I had been friends for most of our lives.” Samson began. “We were almost like brothers, doing everything together. One night, we were walking home after a long night of partying when we came upon an unfriendly sight.”

Three more figures appeared, one was Mortu, and the other two were most likely an early version of the Purple Dragons, or one of the many street gangs that plagued New York.

“We witnessed a man being assaulted by two hooligans, attempting to mug him and leave him for dead.” Richard explained.

“Neither of us had ever been ones to just stand by as innocent people were hurt, so we stepped in.”

The figures began moving, playing out the fight like a photo animation video. The two hooligans were easily dispatched and sent packing, but not without attempting to shoot at the two would-be heroes. Thankfully, Mortu stepped in the way, taking the bullets. The shots did not hurt him, but they did reveal his robotic exoskeleton.

“In the end, my unnatural state was revealed.” Mortu commented as the figures ceased moving. “Because of their selflessness, I offered them a choice. They could walk away, and forever wonder about what they had witnessed, or they could join me, and be introduced to a world far beyond anything they knew.”

“You can guess which one we chose.” Richard joked, smiling slightly.

“You went home?” Mikey asked, jokingly.

Hisako laughed a bit, an action mirrored by her siblings and her friends. Once it died down, Renee spoke up, the scenery returning to the cloudy twilight.

“It was when they joined the Guardians that your father and I met.” She told Hisako. “We trained alongside one another, and then one thing led to another. Soon enough, we were married, and I was pregnant with you.”

“Of course, being a Guardian is a difficult task.” Richard remarked. “We had a sacred duty to protect the secret of our Utrom Allies, as well as be their tools to complete their missions.”

“The three of us were assigned to a rather important mission not long after your parent’s marriage.” Samson continued. “We were sent to locate property stolen from the Utroms some years ago.”

Mortu stepped forward, holding out a canister of an all too familiar bluish-green liquid.

“I suppose I don’t need to tell you what this is.” he quipped.

“Mutagen.” Donny surmised.

“Indeed.” Mortu replied, setting the canister aside. “Though it is far more than that. This substance is a very powerful medicine, one that heals wounds at the subatomic level, accelerating cell growth so even the most grievous of wounds can be healed in a matter of days, if not weeks.”

“Uh, hate to break it to you, but for a medicine, it does a lot more harm than good.” Mikey commented.

Mortu chuckled.

“That’s because you have only witnessed its effects when it has become molecularly unstable.” Mortu explained. “That instability is what causes mutations such as yourself, your brothers, your sensei, and your large friend behind you.”

“Though we learned that even in its stable form, the medicine can have side effects under the right conditions.” Renee commented, looking at Hisako with a knowing glance.

“You mean Hisako’s powers, don’t you?” Leo asked.

“Yes.” Renee replied. “There was an incident that occurred while I was pregnant with her.”

Once more the scenery morphed, becoming a rainy rooftop. Figures of Renee and Richard appeared, both of them looking almost identical to the way they appeared now.

“We’d located a large chemical truck completely filled with mutagen, ready to be shipped off.” Richard explained. “We planned to hijack the shipment, reclaiming our stolen property.”

The scene changed again, this time forming a large truck crashed into a small, burning house in Chinatown. Both Splinter and Miwa stumbled back, instinctively grabbing hold of one another.

“We failed...” Renee said softly, looking down. “The truck was remotely controlled, and I was unable to prevent it from colliding with the house.”

“My home...” Splinter choked.

“Our home...” Miwa muttered.

“I was barely able to get Renee and myself out of the truck before the mutagen combusted.” Richard said, looking at the two. “For the rest of my life I regretted being unable to save more lives that day.”

“Well at least some survived that day.” Splinter replied, placing a hand on Miwa’s shoulder.

“Yes.” Richard said with a nod. “Of course, we did not get out unscathed ourselves. Both of us were badly hurt, and were placed in healing tanks for a week to heal.”

“But what’s that got to do with my powers?” Hisako wondered.

“When I was exposed to the mutagen’s capabilities, you were as well, and without cells in need of repair, the mutagenic medicine boosted your existing cells.” Renee explained.

“In basic terms, the medicine has become an integral part of your DNA.” Mortu clarified. “It’s why your body can recover from wounds faster than any average person, why you can pick up skills such as Ninjutsu in such a short amount of time.”

“I’ve always wondered about that.” Donny admitted.

“And of course, your mental capabilities.” Mortu finished.

Hisako looked down at her hands in surprise.

“So that’s why I am the way I am...” she whispered before closing her hands, taking a deep breath, “But… how did I end up… There?”

The landscaped faded, becoming cloudy once more. However, rather than the warm colors of twilight, the place seemed a bit darker with deep blue and purple colors filling the area. Renee and Richard exchanged sad glanced, holding each other’s hands.

“You had just turned three.” Renee said softly. “We’d left you in the care of Samson while we went out on a recovery mission.”

“We thought it would be a simple snatch and grab.” Richard explained before wincing visibly. “It wasn’t.”

“The entire mission was a setup.” Renee spat out angrily. “And we played right into his hands.”

Everyone knew instinctively who she was referring to. Hisako placed a hand over the dual scars on her cheek.

“Shredder...” Splinter said softly.

“He captured up both, and tortured us.” Richard told them, rubbing his arms. “He want to know who we worked for, and where to find more of the mutagen.”

“Neither of us would talk.” Renee stated, her fists clenched. “We would not betray the trust the Utroms had placed in us.”

“After several days of this, we managed to escape, and immediately ran to our allies to warn them of what Shredder had done, and what he was willing to do to find them.” Richard continued before pausing a bit. “But what we did not know was that Shredder had planned for us to escape.”

“He’d placed tracers on us, and followed us right back to the old Utrom Headquarters.” Renee spat. “We led that monster right to them.”

Everybody winced, especially Leo, who knew all too well what that feeling was like. Miwa rubbed her arm, remembering the very same incident.

“The Shredder invaded, bringing an army of his greatest warriors.” Samson remembered. “So many guardians lost their lives that day. Your parents among them Hisako.”

“Those that survived helped us to flee to this place, and we began to slowly rebuild ourselves.” Mortu continued. “Unfortunately, in our haste to escape, we were oblivious to you being taken by Shredder.”

“We believed you had perished along with your parents.” Samson admitted, looking remorseful and saddened. “For years you suffered at the hands of-”

Splinter held up a hand, Hisako already clinging to his robe and Leatherhead surrounding them both.

“Kindly refrain from mentioning the name of that monster around Hisako.” He requested.

“My apologies.” Samson said, looking at Hisako as his face fell more. “For everything… For all those years you lost because of our negligence.”

“Had we known you were alive, we would have stopped at nothing to save you.” Mortu assured her.

“Well, thankfully ole Leatherhead here did your job for you.” Raph commented, giving Leatherhead a pat on the arm.

“Yes...” Richard agreed, walking over to the large mutant, placing a hand on his arm as well. “I cannot thank you enough for what you did for my daughter.”

“Same to the five of you.” Renee added, looking at Splinter and the turtles.

The turtles all exchanged glances.

“Us?” Mikey asked, gesturing to all of them.

“Yes.” She said with a nod. “You took her in when you didn’t have to. You protected her, raised her, and cared for her where we could not.”

“She’s our sister.” Donny replied with a shrug. “Doesn’t matter if her name’s Kaimera or if she’s human.”

“Yeah, with us, family doesn’t end in blood.” Raph declared. “Or genetic code.”

Both Richard and Renee chuckled at that, then their forms began to shimmer. Hisako saw this and walked towards them, a worried look on her face.

“What’s going on?”

“The archive holocron is losing power.” Mortu explained. “I’m afraid I must power it down and return it to its charging pod.”

Hisako looked at Mortu, then back at the shimmering forms of her parents.

“Can I-? Can I come see them again?” she asked.

“Sweetie, you can come see us whenever you wish.” Renee assured her.

“Yes, the Hamato family and their friends are welcome in Galactic Enterprises whenever they wish.” Mortu declared.

“Just be sure to use the front door next time.” Samson joked.

Everyone laughed as Hisako gave her parents one last hug, one that lasted until Mortu turned off the orb, returning them to the normal room and reducing the images to nothing. Hisako stood there for a moment as her arms lowered, tears rolling down her face. One by one, the turtles came to her side, followed by Leatherhead, Splinter, and then Miwa, Casey and April. Hisako then wiped her eyes, taking a deep breath and smiling.

“Thank you Samson.” she told him. “You too Mr. Mortu. I always wondered what my birth parents were like.”

“I only wish I could have done more to help you.” Samson replied. “Perhaps then you would not have had to suffer like you did.”

Hisako gave Samson a smile, then punched him on the arm.

“What happened to me was horrible, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, even Shredder.” Hisako admitted. “But from all that bad, I got some good too.”

She wrapped her arms around Leo’s and Mikey’s necks, pulling them into headlocks.

“Like these bozos for brothers.” she joked. “Not to mention some amazing friends, a boyfriend who means the world to me, and even a sister of my own.”

Casey, April, Leatherhead, and Miwa all grinned at Hisako’s compliments, then she turned to Splinter.

“And best of all, a man I am so thankful to call my Sensei, and my father.” she said happily.

Splinter felt a single tear roll down his face as his smile grew bigger. Hisako released Leo and Mikey, going to give Splinter a hug. He held her close, then released her with a tired expression on his face.

“Come my children.” he declared. “I think it is time for all of us to return home.”

“Sensei, you took the words right out of my mouth.” Raph replied.

They all began heading for the door, Leatherhead picking up Hisako and holding her like a stuffed animal once more.

“Hey, you think we can stop for pizza on our way home?” Mikey questioned. “You would not believe the things you miss when stuck in space.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged, my son.” Splinter assured them.

With that, the large group left Galactic enterprises, off of them happy to be together once again.

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