TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Sins of Our Father

Raph stood in the center of the living room, holding the remote to the television high above his head as he flipped through the channels. Dancing around him, jumping futilely to reach the remote, was Mikey, whining with every failed grab.

“C’mon, Raph.” he moaned as Raph once more eluded Mikey’s sneaky hands. “You know Mega Monkeys III is on. I’ve been wanting to see it for weeks!”

“Forget it Mikey.” Raph replied. “The Wrestle Mania championship is on tonight, and I ain’t missing it.”

Mikey groaned, then an idea struck him. He turned around, making like he was giving up, then he spun back around with one of his Nunchucks in his hand. The end of the weapon collided with the remote, sending it flying out of Raph’s hand and into Mikey’s grasp.

“Cowabunga!” he cheered, plopping on the couch. “Mega Monkey time!”

He went to change the channel, but it remained on the wrestling station. His eyebrows furrowed as he pressed the button a few more times.

“Donny, the remote’s broken!” Mikey shouted.

“It’s not broken, Mikey.” Donny replied from his lab, his eyes never leaving his latest project. “Just check the batteries.”

Mikey flipped the remote over to do just that, only to find that the batteries were gone. He glanced up at Raph, who was tossing the batteries in his hand while grinning at the orange turtle.

“Too easy.” the red turtle chuckled.

In a blur of motion, Mikey tackled Raph to the ground and tried desperately to get the remote batteries. Donny sighed, grabbing a pair of headphones and sliding them over his ears before resuming his work. From the couch, both Leo and Hisako shook their heads as they watched their two brothers wrestle like children.

“17 years of ninja training, and it all goes out the window when it comes to who gets the TV remote.” Leo said with a sigh.

“And when it comes down to who gets to drive.” Hisako added.

Leo nodded slightly in acknowledgement as Splinter walked into the living room. He glanced around at his children, a wistful smile on his face at Raph and Mikey’s juvenile brawl. That’s when he noticed that one of his children was missing.

“Where is Miwa?” Splinter asked.

“She said she was going out to get groceries.” Leo informed him. “Mikey used the last of our supplies on dinner tonight.”

“Wish I had gone with her.” Hisako lamented. “Between you and me, I have no interest in wrestling, or Mikey’s weird monkey movie.”

Splinter nodded at this, his attention returning to Raph and Mikey. He quickly used his tail to knock the battery out of Raph’s hand, tossing them in the air. When the two turtles immediately went to grab for them, Splinter struck a nerve under both their necks, causing them to freeze up and fall on the ground in a twitching mass. With the two turtles out of commission, Splinter was able to pluck the remote out of Mikey’s hand, replacing the batteries with ease. With the remote in one piece once again, the rat took a seat on the couch and turned the TV to a soap opera that was starting.

“Then perhaps you would like to join me for my stories?” Splinter offered.

Hisako grinned, then moved over to the couch and rested her head on Splinter’s shoulder. Leo looked down at Mikey and Raph, tsking as he joined his sensei and sister on the couch.

Miwa put the last of the groceries into the back of the Shellraiser, taking a deep breath as she did. Buying enough food for seven people was a chore in and of itself, but when five of those seven were teenagers, and four of those five were boys, it became an arduous task. She was wishing she had asked Hisako to come with her. Telekinesis would have been incredibly useful for this trip.

“Hopefully this lasts us longer than a week.” she muttered to herself, surveying the large collection of groceries in the back.

She closed the doors to the Shellraiser, then turned towards the driver’s side door to begin her journey home. Unbeknownst to her, a lone ninja dressed in traditional garbs stood on top of an adjacent building. Said ninja notched an arrow back, aiming it right at Miwa’s head before releasing it.

In the split second the arrow was released, Miwa spun on her heels, catching the arrow right before it struck her. Brushing off the sudden shock of being shot at, she noticed some kind of paper attached to the arrow.

“Well, it’s not your usual mail.” she remarked as she untied the string keeping it attached to the arrow. “If Mikey was here, he’d call it ‘air mail’.”

She opened the note, seeing it written in Japanese kanji. She skimmed the contents, then her face grew pale as her hands began to shake.

“Oh no...” she gulped.

Looking around to make sure nobody was around, Miwa shoved the note into her hoodie pocket before practically diving into the Shellraiser.

Mikey and Raph had shaken off the last of the paralysis caused by Splinter’s nerve jabs and had joined their family in watching TV. Even Donny had brought his project, some tune-ups to his mechanical bo-staff, into the living room as well.

Eventually, they heard the unmistakable sound of the elevator opening, allowing Miwa access into the lair. She had an old, beaten up wagon with her, loaded up with all of the groceries she had gathered. It was something Donny had constructed in order to make bringing in the obscene number of bags easier.

Splinter turned to greet her, then noticed her face was a mask of barely contained terror. His mood fell as he saw this.

“Miwa, what is it?” Splinter asked. “What’s wrong?”

Hearing their sensei’s distress, the rest of the Hamato siblings turned, converging on Miwa as Splinter approached as well. Her hands were shaking as she slowly held up the arrow she’d caught, showing it to her father. Splinter took the arrow, immediately recognizing the craftsmanship.

“Is that…” he began to ask.

Miwa nodded once, then reached into the pocket of her hoodie, pulling out the note. Splinter took it as well, his paws shaking as he read it. Leo looked over his sensei’s shoulder, reading it aloud for his siblings.

“Oroku Karai, we have heard about the defeat of your father, Oroku Saki. The Foot High Council demands your immediate presence. You will come to the Shredder’s previous headquarters by midnight tonight. Failure to appear will be seen as an act of treason and will be dealt with accordingly.”

“The Foot High Council has come to New York?” Splinter let out, lowering the note.

“It would appear so...” Miwa whispered, obviously scared at the very idea. “If they know about Shredder’s defeat, then they probably know about you, the turtles and Hisako, and possibly...”

“You.” Splinter finished.

“Or at the very least your betrayal.” Leo amended.

“Who are the Foot High Council anyway?” Mikey asked.

“Don’t you remember Sensei’s story about his past?” Hisako retorted. “The Foot High Council is the head honchos of the entire Foot Clan. The Grand Masters that watch over all of the Foot’s operations.”

“And if these guys were the bosses of the Shredder…” Leo pieced together.

“They’re twice as tough as him, and there are five of them.” Miwa supplied.

“Five Shredders?!” Raph let out. “We could barely handle one Shredder.”

“Yeah, it took Hisako dropping a water tower on him.” Donny agreed.

“Maybe we could do the same here?” Mikey suggested. “Just a thought.”

Splinter’s walking stick came down hard on the floor, the rat’s way of getting his children’s attention.

“No!” Splinter demanded. “You are not to go anywhere near the council. They are powerful and dangerous. You may have bested Oroku Saki, but these five are not to be trifled with. Ever!”

“But father!” Miwa exclaimed. “I cannot ignore their summons. If I do, they will hunt me down until they find me, and then they’ll kill me and all whom I’m associated with!”

“Damn, that does not sound like the council from Master Splinter’s story.” Raph let out.

“The latest generation is ruthless and unforgiving.” Miwa clarified. “That’s why I have to go.”

“Miwa, no.” Splinter insisted. “I just got you back, I am not prepared to lose you again.”

“But-” Miwa tried again.

“No!” Splinter interrupted. “My decision is final.”

There was a moment of silence, then Splinter let out a sigh.

“It is getting late.” he declared. “Get the groceries into the kitchen, then I think it would be best for us all to go to sleep.”

“Hai sensei.” The turtles and Hisako said in unison.

“.... yes, Father.” Miwa said after a moment.

Splinter then turned and walked towards his room, the door sliding shut behind him. Wordlessly, the Hamato siblings took the groceries into the kitchen so they could complete their sensei’s orders.


Later that night, Miwa poked her head out of her bedroom, looking around the lair to make sure it was quiet. Down in the living room, she could make out all five of her siblings fast asleep on the large turtle bed. Sighing in relief, Miwa slipped out of her room, vaulting off of the second floor and landing silently on the couch cushions. Jumping from there, she landed in front of the emergency exit off near Donny’s lab. The brainiac had installed it for just in case the lair got raided again. It was a quiet exit, one that led out into the sewers so that they could easily escape. Now, it was being used by Miwa to get out of the lair undetected. She opened the door, then looked back at her sleeping family. She then steeled herself, then exited through the door. Hearing the door close, Leo cracked his eyes open, sitting up. His blanket fell away, revealing that he had not put on his pajamas.

“Looks like you were right, Hisako.” He said aloud, beginning the construction of a pillow dummy. “She did sneak out.”

The rest of the Hamato siblings rose as well, also revealing a lack of pajamas.

“Called it.” Hisako boasted, grabbing her pillow and stuffing it under her blanket.

“Yeah, yeah, psychic guessed when someone was gonna sneak out.” Raph remarked, bunching up his own blanket so in looked like he was still asleep. “Quite the accomplishment.”

“Could have used that back when Leo was sneaking out with her.” Mikey joked, grabbing a couple cushions off the couch to create his pillow dummy. “Could’ve saved us a whole lot of trouble.”

“Leo had mental blocks up, and honestly, I wasn’t looking.” Hisako said in her defense, finishing her dummy. “This time, I doubt Miwa even knew she was broadcasting her intent.”

“She’s scared, that much is certain.” Donny noted, making sure all five pillow dummies were up to snuff.

“Then let’s go back our sister up.” Leo declared.

Miwa emerged from the storm drain, walking up to the front doors of Saki Corporations. The building itself had a feeling of being abandoned, and the FOR LEASE sign on the door only sealed the deal. Taking a big breath, she opened the door and went inside, unaware of five highly skilled siblings following her from a distance.

“We go in from the roof and watch from the rafters.” Leo whispered. “Remember, we stay hidden unless Miwa needs our help.”

Four silent nods met his declaration, then Hisako closed her eyes, surrounding herself, and her brothers, in a halo of green energy. She pulled them up onto the roof of Saki Corporations, immediately dropping the energy. She stumbled slightly, four different hands catching her as she did. She waved them off, steadying herself and giving a silent thumbs up.

Once it was clear Hisako was in no danger of passing out, Raph approached an air vent, using his sai to rip the vent off. With a small gesture, he ushered his siblings into the vent, and into the building.

After a long elevator ride, Miwa entered the old office of Oroku Saki. Unlike all of the previous times she had come into this place, the braziers were not lit, his desk was empty, and the entire area was coated in a line of dust.

She made it about halfway into the room before braziers suddenly lit up, their flames sparking to life. Miwa jumped, watching as the entire room was soon bathed in the eerie glow. Once all of the braziers were lit, a lone figure emerged from the darkness behind Saki’s desk. The figure wore armor that resembled the Shredder in design, but lacked the sharp attachments what were his trademark and the armor itself was silver. The mask covering the wearer’s face was featureless, nothing like the tengu mask of the Shredder.

Two more Shredder-esque figures emerged from the shadows on the left of the first one, followed by another two on the right. They varied in height and muscle mass under the armor, but nevertheless, it was as if Miwa was staring down five different iterations of the man she once called father.

Up in the rafters above the entire room, the other Hamato siblings had to suppress their gasps of surprise and terror, their eyes locked on the quintet of terrifying figures.

“Honorable Grandmasters.” Miwa declared, sinking to one knee and locking her eyes firmly on the ground in front of her. “I have received your summons and come as you commanded.”

“Excellent child.” the first one replied. “We have much to discuss.”

“First is our condolences for the loss of Oroku Saki.” the second one added. “He was a proud warrior, and I assume, an admirable father.”

Miwa forced herself to bite back the sneer of disgust that threatened to bubble out. Instead, she forced her voice to remain steady and channel her disgust into a line of anger.

“His loss was… hard, Grandmaster Juto.” She said after a moment.

“I imagine so.” a third one responded. “Rest assured though, his demise will not go unchallenged.”

Miwa’s fists clenched slightly at the sound of that. Up in the rafters, the remaining siblings felt shivers of fear pass through them.

“Is that why you summoned me, Grandmaster Mashimi?” she questioned.

“It is indeed.” the fourth confirmed. “We wish to track down the creatures responsible for Saki’s death.”

“And end their insignificant lives.” the fifth one, sounding obviously female, said stepping forward. “Their deaths will send a message to anyone who would dare challenge the might of the Foot.”

Miwa’s breath hitched, as did the breath of her siblings hiding above her. They all exchanged worried glances as they slid closer to one another, continuing their silent vigil.

“I am afraid there is little I can tell you about the creatures.” Miwa lied. “We were never able to collect any viable data on them. Whatever they were, they knew how to keep themselves hidden, especially from us.”

The Grandmasters all turned to each other in confusion and suspicion.

“Is that so?” The first one asked.

“This is questionable, considering your late father was able to acquire pictures of the four turtles and the girl.” Grandmaster Juto added.

Miwa cursed inwardly, having forgotten about the earlier surveillance Shredder had done before calling her in.

“What I meant was that while we may know what they look like, that is all we know.” she amended, feeling sweat pour down her face. “As I said before, they know how to keep themselves hidden.”

There was a moment of silence as the council mulled over Miwa’s words.

“Very well then.” Grandmaster Mashimi eventually let out. “Tell us, what steps have you taken to locate these creatures?”

Once again, Miwa felt a lump of fear settle in her stomach, completely unable to answer the question, not without revealing her family

“Uh, well…” She began, her voice uneven and her entire body beginning to tremble. “The first thing I would suggest would be to…”

“Suggest?” the fifth one repeated, confusion in her voice. “Are you saying that you have done nothing to locate your own Father’s murderers?”

“No!” She responded rapidly before catching herself. “That is… locating them has been tricky, Grandmaster Chikara.”

“So you have said.” The fourth noted, getting visibly irritated. “Now, tell us what you have done to locate these creatures. Now!”

Up in the rafters, the five siblings all had their hands on their weapons, communicating telepathically.

Miwa’s tanking it out there. Mikey mentally whimpered.

Leo, if we don’t do something fast, those Foot Grandmasters are gonna put the kibosh on her. Raph insisted.

Stay put guys. Leo insisted. We can’t expose ourselves yet.

Miwa forced herself to calm down again, despite feeling an overwhelming sense of dread.

“Originally, we attempted to lure them out into the open using their human ally, a psychic named Hisako.” Miwa began, already editing her response so it was free of incriminating information. “Unfortunately, the plan failed when Hisako was revealed to have telekinetic abilities.”

“Yes, we remember Saki’s reports about her.” Grandmaster Juto remarked. “Anything else?”

“N-No.” Miwa answered. “I am afraid after that, they struck down-... The Shredder.”

“Is that so?” Grandmaster Chikara asked, raising an eyebrow under her mask. “Because those reports also mentioned you leading a full scale assault on the creatures original hiding place.”

Wow, Miwa is a terrible liar. Donny remarked.

Yeah, how did you not see through her back when she was Karai? Mikey questioned.

Mikey. Zip it. Leo snapped.

“Oh?” Miwa questioned, gulping. “I… am afraid my… my memory of most of that time is foggy. I was psychically assaulted by Hisako, and left in a coma for weeks. By the time I came out of it… Shredder was dead.”

Okay, that wasn’t a bad cover. Donny amended.

Only if the council buys it, and these guys look like a sharp bunch. Leo replied.

Actually compared to Shredder, they look pretty dull. Mikey joked.

“Karai, do you believe us to be fools?” Grandmaster Chikara questioned, her voice hard and cruel.

Miwa fell silent, fearing saying a single word would jeopardize her already shaky standing.

“Your feeble attempts of deceiving us are paltry at best.” the first declared. “We thought we had taught you better than this.”

“Not only have you been lying to us since you stepped into this chamber, but it is clear that your loyalties no longer lie with the Foot Clan.” Grandmaster Juto proclaimed.

All five of the Grandmasters drew katanas that rested on their hips, pointing the blades right at Miwa. She jumped to her feet as they moved in on her. Unable to stand by any longer, the five siblings descended from the rafters, forming a protective circle around Miwa.

“Back off chumps.” Raph threatened, pointing his sai at them.

“Guys?!” Miwa exclaimed. “What are you doing here?!”

“You really think you could sneak out without me finding out?” Hisako questioned.

Leo aimed his katana at the council, glaring at them.

“You’re right, her loyalties aren’t with the Foot anymore.” He declared. “She belongs with us.”

“And her name’s not Karai.” Mikey added, connecting his nunchaku into his three-piece staff. “It’s Miwa. Hamato Miwa.”

“Hamato?” Grandmaster Chikara repeated. “She bears the name of Hamato Yoshi?”

“Whoops.” Mikey let out.

“Way to go, big mouth.” Raph snapped. “You just gave away our big secret.”

“Hey, it’s not like I told them Splinter is Hamato Yoshi.” Mikey said in his defense.

The council was stunned upon hearing that realization.

“Hamato Yoshi lives?” Grandmaster Mashimi realized.

“Mikey, do us all a favor and shut up.” Raph growled.

Leo moved in between his siblings and the council, keeping his katana level.

“Hamato Yoshi is Miwa’s true father.” He explained. “He is also the man who raised me and siblings. He is an honorable man.”

“Honorable?” the first one repeated. “That man is a traitor to the Foot Clan! He tried to slay his own aniki and left him to die in that temple fire.”

“In self-defense.” Donny insisted. “Saki attacked him first, forcing Splinter to act to protect himself and Tang Shen.”

“The lies of a desperate man.” Grandmaster Juto declared. “We know of Yoshi’s desire to usurp control of the Foot from within. Our predecessors warned of his treacheries, and that should he ever be found alive, that he must be slain.”

“Wow, Shredder really did a number on you chumps.” Raph observed. “Ever thought Saki might be the dishonest one here? Trying to take Splinter out if he ever showed up again? I mean personally, a guy calling himself the Shredder doesn’t exactly scream trust.”

“Hold your tongue, boy.” Grandmaster Mashimi snapped. “The title of the Shredder is an honorable one, passed on to the greatest warriors of the Foot. How dare you accuse him of such treachery!”

“Isn’t there anyway we can prove Splinter’s innocence?” Donny asked.

“Your ‘master’ has already been seen as guilty of his crimes.” the first one informed him. “However, we will give him a chance to regain some of his lost honor.”

The other councilors glanced at the second one in confusion.

“Grand Master Kon, are you suggesting what I think you are?” the fourth one questioned.

“Yes, Hisomi.” Grandmaster Kon replied before addressing the siblings. “If Hamato Yoshi truly is the honorable man you claim him to be, then tell him to meet us here at sunset tomorrow night. Then, we will give him a chance to battle us in a fair trial of combat.”

“How do we know this isn’t a trap?” Leo asked.

“We honor the ways of bushido, young kame.” Grandmaster Kon answered.

“But know this, students of Hamato Yoshi.” Grandmaster Chikara interjected. “Should your master fail to come, then his descendant will bear his punishment.”

Miwa squeaked in fear.

“You can’t do that!” Mikey insisted.

“We can and we will.” Grandmaster Hisomi rebutted.

“It is tradition that the child pay the price for the crimes of their parent in the absence.” Grandmaster Chikara explained. “Now go, and tell Hamato Yoshi of our generous offer.”

“No way!” Raph shouted. “We are not going just walk away and let you use our sister against our father!”

He charged at the Grandmasters, yelling with each step. His sai would have connected right with Grandmaster Hisomi had the ninja not sidestepped out of the way. Right as Raph charged past, Hisomi grabbed the rim of his shell, propelling him forward and right into Saki’s old desk. Donny and Mikey charged in next, hoping a two pronged attack would be more effective. Mashimi and Juto moved in, blocking their weapons with their own katanas. In a split second, both turtles had been disarmed and tossed unceremoniously onto Raph.

“These are the beings that defeated Oroku Saki?” Chikara let out. “I expected more.”

All of a sudden, Chikara was surrounded by a green halo of energy seconds before being tossed to the side, right into Kon. The two hit the wall, where they soon recovered. As they did, Leo leapt into the air to try for a killing blow. Both ninjas dodged easily, Kon going for Leo as Chikara went for Hisako. The two swordsman clashed as Chikara unleashed a volley of shuriken. Hisako was forced to use her powers to block the projectiles, leaving herself open for Chikara to deliver a painful chop to the back of her neck. Hisako crumbled to the ground just as Kon succeeded in disarming Leo.

“What the-?” Leo said second before Kon kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying.

All five siblings were flat on their shells, groaning as they tried to regain their senses as both the Grandmasters and Miwa looked down at them.

“Foolish children.” Grandmaster Kon said, shaking his head in disappointment. “You have no chance of beating us. Leave now and live.”

“What part of we ain’t leaving our sister ain’t penetrating that thick helmet of yours?!” Raph yelled.

“Guys stop!” Miwa begged. “Please, don’t do this.”

“Miwa, we can’t just-” Leo began.

“You can and you will.” She interrupted. “I promise you, I’ll be fine, just go tell dad about what happened. He’ll know what to do.”

Reluctantly, the turtles and Hisako picked themselves up off the ground, putting away their weapons.

“We’ll be back, Miwa.” Mikey promised. “I swear it.”

“Leave now, while we still allow it.” Grandmaster Chikara snapped.

The turtles and Hisako jumped back up into the rafters and towards their entry point. Before joining them in their forced exodus, Hisako turned back to the Council, giving them each a cold stare.

“If you harm a single hair on Miwa’s head-” she threatened.

“The fate of your friend-” Grandmaster Juto began.

“Sister.” Hisako corrected.

“The fate of your sister is in the hands of your Sensei now.” he replied, amending his declaration accordingly.

Hisako met Miwa’s eyes, giving her sister a sympathetic look before following her brothers out of the room, leaving Miwa alone with the council. Grandmaster Hisomi grabbed her gently by the shoulder, ushering her away.

The five siblings returned to the lair, not even bothering to try and sneak in. None of them were surprised to find Master Splinter waiting at the entrance, their pillow dummies deconstructed and their blankets strewn across the mattress. He stood there, a look of pure rage on his face and a death grip on his walking stick.

“My children, where have you been?!” he demanded, then he realized one of them was missing. “And where is Miwa?!”

The siblings looked at one another, unsure of how to tell their father what had happened.

“She…” Mikey started to speak.

“The council...” Donny tried.

“We thought we could explain...” Hisako added.

“They made her stay...” Raph growled out.

“We’re sorry sensei.” Leo apologized.

Splinter was in shock of all that he had heard. He clutched his chest as his walking stick began to shake, tears of fear beginning to fall.

“No… Miwa...” he practically sobbed.

The siblings ushered their sensei to the couch, all of them gathering around him.

“We went to back her up, to get her out if things went south.” Leo explained.

“But then Mikey opened his big fat mouth and told those Grand Masters who you and Miwa really were.” Raph added, giving the orange turtle a glare.

“It was an accident.” Mikey insisted.

“Anyway,” Donny interrupted. “They agreed to meet with you for a fair trial of combat.”

“You have to go to Saki Corporation tomorrow at sunset.” Hisako continued. “If you don’t...”

“Then Miwa will take my place.” Splinter finished, letting out a worried sigh. “This is why I did not wish for her to go. For anyone to go. I knew that Saki would drag my name through the mud should he survive our battle in the temple, and I knew that if they learned of Miwa’s true lineage, that she would be forced to pay for my false crimes.”

“And now she’s the council’s prisoner.” Leo said mournfully.

“Well, maybe we could rescue her.” Hisako offered. “Shell knows we have plenty of practice in that particular field.”

Splinter shook his head.

“Even if I thought such a plan had even a miniscule chance of success, taking Miwa in that manner would only prove the council’s misconceptions of me and my honor.” he explained.

“B-but… you said so yourself.” Donny let out. “The council is not to be trifled with. If you go up against them-”

Splinter placed a hand on Donny’s shell, cutting off the purple turtle’s protests.

“I have no choice.” he answered simply. “I will accept the council’s offer, and spare Miwa this fate.”

All five siblings wanted to argue, but they knew it would be futile. Silently, they all moved towards their sensei, hugging him tightly. He accepted the hug, part of him worried that this would be the last time he would be able to hold his children.

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