TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

The Way of Invisibility

Onboard the lone ship docked in the abandoned pier, Oroku Saki sat in the middle of the deck in a meditative stance. He was not wearing his armor, his chest bare and revealing the freshly healed scars of his previous battle. Though several days had passed since he’d been removed from the vat, he could still feel the dull ache of the pain all across his body, a weakness he could not afford, and one he was determined to fight off.

Just then, all five members of the Shredder’s elite guard appeared in a puff of smoke, one right after the other. They had their weapons trained on their Master, determined to bring him down.

The kusarigama elite attacked first, throwing his chain out at him. Saki quickly grabbed it and pulled the elite in close. Saki then grabbed the elite by the throat and slammed him into the ground.

The butterfly sword elite charged at him next, swinging his weapons wildly at him, but missing every time. Finally, Saki caught one his arms and twisted it, causing him to kneel down. Saki then struck him in the face, taking him out.

The spear elite was next. As he swung his weapon at him, Saki grabbed it and used it to swing the elite overhead and onto the ground. The katana and hook sword elites then came at him at the same time. Saki quickly used the blunt end of the spear to strike the katana elite in the gut, taking him out.

The Hook sword elite then tried bringing his swords down on him, but Saki just brought the spear up to block him. He then pulled the spear back, yanking the elite’s swords out of his hands. Before he could react, Saki struck the elite in the face with the blunt end, knocking him out.

With all of the elites groaning at his feet, Saki straightened up, flexing his fingers as he looked down at his arms. Yes, he had been out of commission for a while, but he was ready to return to battle.

“Master.” Hun called out, opening the door to the hull. “Dr. Chaplin has asked me to collect you. He believes he’s done it.”

“Excellent.” Saki replied. “I’ll be there in a moment.”

Hun nodded, then walked back inside. Saki watched him go, then picked up his shirt before following in after him.

Dr Chaplin was hunched over his computer setup as Saki and Hun entered the room.

“I trust your latest breakthrough is completed.” Saki guessed.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” Chaplin replied, adjusting his glasses as he turned around to face Saki and Hun. “All they need now is your seal of approval.”

“Then let us see them.” Saki insisted.

Chaplin snapped his fingers, and all of a sudden, a quintet of figures suddenly jumped out of the shadows. They landed in a single file line in front of Saki, each of them giving a proper bow. They were wearing long black trench coats over navy blue tech suits. The foot insignia was embedded in the center of their chests, with strange looking technological veins sprouting from it. Their masks were more traditional than what the Foot usually wore, covering their entire face save for glowing red lenses over their eyes.

“Master Shredder, allow me to introduce the Foot Tech Ninjas.” Chaplin declared happily.

“Interesting designs.” Saki commented. “But can they do the job?”

“See for yourself.” Chaplin offered before turning to Hun. “Mr. Hun, would you be so kind as to attack them?”

At the word attack, all five of the ninjas dropped the trench coats, revealing a pair of long staff-like weapons strapped to their backs. In perfect unison, they drew the weapons, extending them. Hun was surprised by this but smiled and cracked his knuckles regardless.

“I hope you’re prepared to send your new toys back to the chop shop.” He taunted.

He charged at the ninjas, but before he reached them, they all slapped their hands over the foot insignia on their chests. They shimmered slightly, before disappearing altogether.

“Can’t break what you can’t see.” Chaplin retorted confidently.

Hun looked around the room for any sign of his invisible adversaries, but he found nothing. Suddenly, he felt something hit him from behind. He turned around but saw nothing. Another blow was delivered to his stomach, the attacker remaining out of sight. Chaplin chuckled, looking up at Saki.

“The Foot Tech ninjas are the perfect blend of man and machine.” He explained. “The suits they’re wearing boost not only their speed, but their strength as well. On top of that, the cloaking mechanism makes them 100% invisible to the naked eye.”

Hun then began taking random swipes at the air hoping he would collide with something, but nothing happened. Then, something hit him in the face so hard, it knocked him to the ground. With Hun down, all five invisible ninjas shimmered back into view.

“As an added feature, the suits also emit a low energy radio wave when the stealth feature is activated.” Chaplin added. “From what I’ve garnered from the remains of Dr. Stockman’s notes, it should prevent Project Oracle from mentally detect them.”

“Excellent.” Saki marveled. “These new soldiers will be perfect for my plans.”

“Just give the order, sir.” Chaplin told him.

Saki then turned towards the Foot Tech ninjas.

“You five will journey to our former headquarters.” Saki instructed. “Seek out the Foot High Council, and destroy them. Once and for all.”

All five ninjas bowed in unison, reclaiming their coats before taking their leave of the ship.


In the old Saki Corporations building, Miwa walked into the office of the Foot High Council. They all sat in front of a long wooden table, each of them with a cup of tea in front of them. None of them were in their ceremonial armor, choosing to simply wear traditional GIs, or in Chikara’s case, a kimono.

“Honorable Foot High Council.” Miwa greeted, sliding into a respectful bow.

“Miwa.” Juto spoke. “Welcome. Take a seat, child.”

Miwa rose from her bow, taking a seat on a pillow provided for her.

“I must admit, your summons was… unexpected.” Mia admitted. “Though my father does thank you for calling rather than shooting another arrow. Donny did want me to ask you how you managed to find out the number to my shell cell.”

“We had a chance to examine this… shell cell, while you were in our custody.” Kon explained simply.

“Oh.” Miwa let out. “Right. Back to your reason for summoning me.”

“Yes.” Hisomi spoke next. “We need to talk to you about what exactly Saki was doing in New York.”

“So that we can undo the damage he has done to this city, and the Foot.” Mashimi added.

Miwa nodded at that.

“I’m afraid even I was kept in the dark about most of his operations.” she admitted. “All I knew was that he was trying to amass an army, by any means necessary. As we told you the other night, he was even willing to go as far as to mutate defenseless animals and torture children.”

“We remember.” Chikara confirmed. “We can be thankful that the monster Stockman is disposed of at least. However, what still remains a mystery is what he needed with such an army.”

“Like I said, I was unsure.” Miwa repeated. “The best I can figure was that he was preparing to go to war.”


Outside of Saki enterprises, the Foot Tech ninjas all walked up to the building. They walked into an adjacent alley, shedding their coats and donning their masks. Once they were fully suited up, they activated their cloaking features, disappearing from sight. The only way to tell where they were was the small holes left by their climbing claws as they scaled the side of the building.


“To war with who though?” Juto asked. “Yoshi and his family?”

“Impossible.” Kon debunked. “He had no idea Yoshi survived.”

“This is true.” Miwa agreed. “Up until several months ago, the turtles and Hisako were considered little more than nuisances to Shredder and his operations. It was only when my father revealed himself that Shredder began to focus his attention on them.”

“So, whomever he seeks to wage war against is a threat that has held strong for some time.” Chikara mused. “Do you think it might be the Yakuza? Perhaps a rival clan?”

“There are no more true ninja clans in this world.” Mashimi reminded her. “We are the only one left.”

“And the Yakuza do not stray from the borders of Japan.” Hisomi added. “If they were his target, then he would have never accepted this position in New York.”

“Then who?” Chikara asked. “What force is there that Saki would need such power to destroy?”

They all thought for a moment, then Miwa looked at the council. Realization dawned and she felt a cold lump settle in her stomach.

“You...” she said quietly.

The council all turned to her in surprise. They had not considered this possibility, but upon hearing it, it was too great to ignore.

“Saki has often spoken out against us.” Juto allowed.

“And if this is to be believed, then perhaps he took this New York position so he could plot out his treachery in relative safety.” Mashimi added.

“That must be it.” Chikara replied. “And should he succeed, the entirety of the Foot would fall to him.”

“As the holder of the title Shredder, in the wake of the Council’s destruction, he would rightfully gain control of the clan and all its resources.” Kon rationalized.

“More than that, with all of the Foot at his disposal, coupled with his dubious goals, I fear that there would be little to stop Saki from gaining anything and everything he wanted.” Hisomi added.

“Nothing would stand in his way again.” Miwa whispered, recalling how many times Saki had said that in regards to his grand schemes.

Chikara slammed her fists on the table in disgust.

“And to think, we all defended Saki as the most righteous of men when he was plotting our downfall!” She exclaimed.

“We know now Chikara.” Kon told her. “Not we will make it right.”

Chikara went to reply, then something caught her eye. A banner with the foot logo emblazoned upon it fluttered slightly. The windows were all closed, and from how still the flames on the braziers were, it was clear that the air conditioning was not on.

“We are not alone.” she warned.

“What do you mean?” Mashimi asked.

Everyone fell silent, listening for even the slightest of sounds. Then, they heard the ever faint sound of a foot stepping of a loose floorboard. Kon pulled out a throwing star and chucked it in the direction of the creaking. It struck something hard, the sound of sparking metal filling the room. Then, much to everyone’s shock, a lone ninja shimmered into view out of thin air. He pulled the star out of his chest, drawing his two staffs and getting into an offensive position.

“It’s an attack!” Juto exclaimed.

The council members grabbed their swords and charged at the lone ninja before he pressed a button on his chest and disappeared again.

“Invisible ninjas?” Miwa gasped. “Oh man, Mikey’s gonna have a field day with this one.”

“Spread out.” Chikara ordered. “Find him!”

The council and Miwa did just that, all of them drawing their ever present katanas. Each one of them on guard, desperate to find their invisible assailant. All of a sudden, Juto was kicked into Kon. Juto quickly got up and leapt towards that direction, but felt nothing as he swung his sword.

“He is toying with us.” Juto noted.

That’s when both Chikara and Mashimi were forced into one another.

“No, THEY are toying with us!” Chikara corrected. “There’s multiple assailants!”

“You gotta be kidding me.” Miwa let out.

Miwa’s hood was then pulled over her eyes, then she was shoved back into a wall hard. She landed hard, and when Hisomi went to try and aid her, he was thrown back.

“Miwa, contact your family!” Hisomi ordered. “We need reinforcements!”

Miwa reached for her shell cell, but it was knocked out of her hands by one of the invisible ninjas. Miwa saw it land on the floor and bolted towards it. He felt a hand grab her wrist from behind, stopping her from moving forward. Thinking fast, she turned around and kicked high in the air, her foot colliding with something hard. Once her hand was free, she continued running over to the phone. She grabbed it and immediately dialed Leonardo.


Down in the lair, the remaining Hamato siblings were gathered in the living room in front of the large TV. All four turtles each had a videogame remote in their hands, racing against one another in a battle of Mario Kart. Hisako served as referee for the event, and was just enjoying her brothers’ antics as they tried to beat one another. At the moment, Raph and Mikey were neck and neck, with Leo closing in and Donny pulling the rear.

“Just give it up Raph.” Mikey told him. “You’re just gonna be schooled by the master.”

“Oh yeah?” Raph taunted. “Eat banana peel, shell-for-brains!”

Mikey panicked as his character ran over a banana peel, allowing Raph to pass.

“Oh come on!” Mikey complained. “Where’d you get a banana peel anyway?”

“Same place I got my blue shell!” Leo cheered, launching one at Raph.

“What?!” Raph exclaimed. “No way! You couldn’t have-”

That’s when the shell collided with his character’s car, allowing Leo to pass into the lead.

“How do you like them blue shells?” Leo taunted.

Before the game could escalate into anything more violent, Leo’s shell cell began to ring.

“Uh, timeout guys.” Leo insisted before answering it. “Hello?”

Leo?” Miwa’s frantic voice came through. “Thank god. Look, you guys need to get to Saki Corporations immediately!

“Miwa, what’s going on?” Leo asked, snapping his fingers to spur everyone into motion. “Are you okay?”

The Council is under attack! Get over here!!

“We’re on our way!” Leo reassured before hanging up. “Guys, Miwa and the council are in trouble.”

Raph tossed Leo his katanas as Hisako slid on her jacket.

“Let’s go then.” Hisako declared.


Back at Saki Corporations, the one sided battle was still going on. The council and Miwa had managed to keep on their feet, and a few lucky blows had been traded. Unfortunately, without any way of laying eyes on their assailants, winning the battle seemed like an unlikely prospect.

“Come on guys… where are you?” Miwa quietly swore.

Hisomi was then kicked into a wall by one of the invisible ninjas. He quickly moved out of the way of what sounded like a sword stabbing the wall. He tried charging forward to stab it, but all he cut was the air. He grew more and more irritated by the direction the fight was going.

“Show yourselves, you cowards!” he shouted.

Kon stood still, waiting for his opponent to come to him. Suddenly, he heard a blade coming towards him. He quickly turned around and blocked it with his sword.

“We may not be able to see them, but we can hear them!” Kon declared.

“Now that is a plan I can work with!” Mashimi replied.

Everyone fell still, careful not to move a muscle. All of them listened about, searching for even the slightest movement. Then, Mashimi heard the faint sound of a footstep off to his left. He spun around and kicked the air, knocking one of the transparent ninjas into a wall.

“Seems your plan is working, Kon.” Juto complimented, feeling the air of an oncoming strike and bringing his sword up to block it.

“Now we have a way to combat them, but still no way to beat them.” Hisomi pointed out.

“One step at a time.” Chikara reminded, blocking a blow to her right.

About that time, the windows of the tower exploded, allowing the Hamato siblings entrance into the building.

“Did someone order some reinforcements?” Mikey questioned.

“Nice timing, guys.” Miwa commended.

The siblings all looked around confused, noting the council and Miwa just standing there with their weapons raised, but seemingly without an enemy to face.

“Did we miss the fight or something?” Raph inquired.

“Yeah,” Leo said confused. “I though you said this was-”

Just then, Leo felt something grab him by the front of his shirt, kneeing him in the gut before throwing him aside. Raph’s hood was yanked back and his feet were kicked out from under him. Donnie felt something hard strike him on the back of the head hard, and Mikey felt something strike him in the gut before getting kicked in the head, being sent flying into Hisako.

“-never mind...” Leo groaned.

“Yeah, invisible ninjas.” Miwa informed him. “Really tough, really annoying, and really kicking our-”

Something grabbed her by her ponytail, yanking her back as she tried to swipe at it.

“I knew ninjas were supposed to be stealthy but this is ridiculous.” Mikey joked.

“But this doesn’t make any sense!” Donny declared, gripping his staff defensively. “The Foot ninja disappeared after Shredder bit the big one!”

“And the only person who could create invisible ninjas is gone too!” Raph added.

“We’ll solve the mystery after we take these guys out.” Leo told him, swinging his swords everywhere.

“Yeah, that’s going to be easier said than done.” Miwa declared.

“Your sister is correct.” Kon announced, holding off one of the ninjas with his sword. “Though we have been able to discern their location through sound, without knowing how they are going to attack, we are barely able to defend ourselves.”

“Then we need to level the playing field somehow.” Leo deduced before getting kicked in the back.

“Great,” Raph replied. “But how?”

“Hisako, perhaps your telepathic abilities can pinpoint the intent of our unseen assailants.” Chikara suggested.

“Good idea.” Hisako declared. “Someone cover me!”

“We got your back, sis.” Raph reassured as he and Donny got in position.

The two turtles held off invisible ninjas as Hisako closed her eyes, attempting to focus. Almost immediately, an ear splitting noise pierced her ears. She screamed and slammed her hands over them, falling to her knees.

“What the shell?!” she exclaimed.

“What is it?” Donny asked.

“There’s some sort of… Feedback.” she answered, slowly getting back to her feet. “I don’t know how, but someone found a way to shield these guys from my powers.”

“How’s that even possible?” Raph questioned.

“I don’t know!” she exclaimed. “I try to use my powers on these guys, and I get incapacitated.”

“I think he means how did these guys know to do that.” Leo clarified. “Much less how to do it in the first place.”

“Hamato Clan!” Hisomi shouted, being forced against the wall by his unseen assailant. “Perhaps you could wait until after we are out of danger to unravel that particular mystery.”

“Good call.” Miwa agreed.

Hisako just pulled out her tessen and got into a fight stance.

“My telepathy may be out of the question, but how about my telekinesis?” she wondered.

She threw both tessen like boomerangs, sending them flying across the room in deadly arcs. With a little direction, she sent them flying right at Mashimi, managing to strike the two ninjas trying to force him back.

“Cowabunga!” she cheered.

Raph just thrashed his sai around for any sign of the invisible ninjas. Occasionally, he would clip one or two, making sparks dance slightly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop them from kicking him around, which only succeeded in pissing off the irate turtle.

Leo and Miwa were back to back, trying to fend off their attackers together.

“Why is it we always end up in situations like this?” Miwa questioned.

“Bad karma?” Leo suggested.

“I guess.” she replied. “Maybe the universe just likes giving Mikey ammunition to use against us.”

“No matter how much we beg him to stop.” Leo lamented.

“Oh for shells sake, will you two stop yapping and start fighting?!” Raph snapped.

“Sorry!” they called out in unison before resuming their fight.

Mikey tried swinging his chucks at one ninja but just hit air. Suddenly, he was picked up into the air and thrown against the wall. He rubbed his head as she straightened up, then something red and heavy fell down next to him. He looked over, his eyes widening as he realized it was a fire extinguisher.

“Guys!” he shouted. “I got an idea!”

“Should I be worried?” Miwa questioned.

“Just trust me!” Mikey insisted, grabbing the fire extinguisher and aiming it at the room. “Eat extinguisher foam, ninja fools!”

Mikey then started spraying the extinguisher foam all around the room, coating the invisible assailants. There were only pieces of them visible, but it was enough to tip the odds out of their favor.

“Nice call Mikey!” Leo commended, kicking one of the ninjas in the back.

“Mikey had a good idea?” Raph commented, honestly surprised.

“Mikey had a good idea.” Donny replied with a nod.

Raph just shrugged before leaping into the air and kicking one of the ninjas in the chest. The council wasted no time moving on the ninjas themselves. Chikara sliced at them with a fury that rivaled even Raph’s, screaming the entire way. Juto and Kon tag teamed on one, taking him out before he could even react. Mashimi struck down one with a blow that was almost too fast to see, and Hisomi took down another with a deadly arc of his blade.

“Looks like we got one more!” Leo declared.

“I got him!” Hisako announced, catching the unfortunate ninja with her telekinesis. “Don, think you can shut down their invisibility so we can get a good look at these guys?”

“Let me take a look.” Donny replied, walking over to the ninja.

Don examined what he could of the invisible ninja through the extinguisher foam, trying to figure out how they were able to cloak themselves. Finally, he noticed some kind of mechanism on his chest and pressed it, making him visible once again.

“Nice going, Don.” Leo told him.

As the council made the remaining invisible ninjas visible once more, Leo approached the one Hisako was holding, grabbing the hood and pulling it off. This revealed a normal looking man of Japanese descent, who eyed the turtle with a stone-faced expression.

“Who are you?” Chikara asked. “Why have you come here?”

“I do not answer to the council that betrayed our clan.” The man replied, turning to them with a cold glare. “You will get nothing from me.”

“The only traitor to the Foot was Oroku Saki.” Juto retorted. “And he perished months ago.”

The ninja just seemed to laugh, shaking in Hisako’s grip. This put everyone on edge as the ninja looked at them all.

“Fools...” he swore, cocking his head back before seemingly dislodging one of his teeth. “All of you.”

He bit down on the dislodged tooth as realization dawned on Donny.

“Cyanide pill!” he shrieked.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The poison had done its work, and the ninja was dead. Hisako laid him down on the ground gently.

“Is… is he…” Mikey hesitated to ask.

Hisako just nodded her head slowly. The council quickly turned to the other ninjas, removing their hoods as well. The foam around their mouths made it clear that they had followed in their comrade’s example.

“I do now know whether to commend their loyalty, or be horrified by how far they were willing to go.” Kon remarked.

“Either way, we must find where they received this technology.” Juto decided.

“Agreed.” Leo told Juto. “Don, we’re taking one of these suits back down to the lair. If anyone can figure out where this thing came from, it’s you.”

“You got it, Leo.” Donny declared.

“In the meantime, it might be a good idea for you guys to find somewhere new to set up shop.” Miwa suggested. “Whoever’s behind this might try again.”

“Agreed.” Kon concurred. “The council will find a new headquarters.”

“You should remain with your siblings.” Hisomi suggested. “I have a feeling your skills and expertise will be needed once the mastermind behind this assault is located.”

“As you wish.” Miwa replied, bowing respectfully.

With that, Miwa turned back to her siblings and they all started heading back to the lair.

Dr. Chaplain looked at the screen of his computer in confusion and worry. On the screen was a display of all the vital signs of the Foot Tech Ninjas, but they were all currently flashing red.

“No, no, no, no, no!” the young doctor exclaimed. “This isn’t possible!”

“Chaplain, what went wrong?!” Saki demanded.

“All of the soldiers, their stealth tech was deactivated.” he explained. “And now their life readings have gone negative! They must have either been struck down, or taken the cyanide pills.”

“You promised these warriors would destroy the council.” Saki told him. “How could they be beaten?!”

“I-I don’t know.” Chaplin admitted before he remembered something. “Wait! The cameras!”

“The what now?” Hun questioned.

“I took a page out of Dr. Stockman’s book and installed cameras into the visors of the masks.” Chaplain supplied, typing away at his computer. “Hopefully, I can recover the footage and… Bingo!”

The footage showed up on screen revealing the turtles and Hisako arriving at the fight. The footage showed the fight, then finally, nothing but a cloud of white foam.

“Ingenious.” Chaplain commended. “The turtles counteracted the stealth tech through the use of the extinguisher. I didn’t even think to include that into my calculations. On the plus side, the feedback loop seemed to have done the trick in incapacitating Project Oracle.”

“Except now those freaks are going to be onto us.” Hun pointed out. “That purple one could be tracking us down using your own tech. They’ll find us now thanks to you!”

Just then, a thought popped up in Saki’s mind, and a villainous grin came across his face.

“Then let them come.” He replied. “If they are foolish enough to try.”

Hun turned to him in confusion.

“But Master, if they discover what we’re working on here-”

“They will not live to tell about it.” Saki promised. “I have been idle for far too long. It is time that I step out of the shadows and remind my old friend exactly what I am capable of!”

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