TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

A Day in the Life

Miwa curled up on her bed, sleeping soundly in her room. She slowly stretched as she woke up, rubbing her eyes as she looked around. Her room was a little messy, with her clothes strewn about the floor and her sword laying haphazardly across her dresser, but she didn’t care. She got out of bed, sliding on an old bathrobe before making her way out into the living room.

Almost immediately, the sound of Mikey’s snoring filled her ears. She chuckled as she looked over the edge of the second story balcony down into the living room. The rest of her siblings were still fast asleep in one tangled up turtle pile with Hisako caught in the middle as usual. Miwa chuckled, shaking her head as she plopped onto the couch to wait for them.

Not long after that, Splinter emerged from his room, chuckling at the sound of Mikey’s snoring. He walked over and joined his daughter on the couch. She leaned into him, sighing contently.

“You seem to be adjusting to life down here.” He remarked.

“I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a change.” she told him. “I went from sleeping in penthouse suites to a small room in the sewers. But you know what? I think I actually prefer it down here.”

“Oh?” Splinter questioned.

“Yeah.” she replied. “It’s noisy, messy, and the prospect of personal space seems non-existent, but that just makes it feel more like an actual home.”

“Indeed.” Splinter agreed, getting to his feet. “Though I have a feeling it is about to get noisier.”

He walked over to the dojo, picking up the mallet to a fair-sized gong he owned. Miwa knowingly covered her ears as Splinter banged on the gong loudly. The turtles and Hisako sprang to their feet, their blankets going flying as they all looked around in surprise.

“What’s going on?!” Leo called out.

“Is the lair being invaded?!” Donnie questioned.

“Did the tunnels flood again?!” Hisako guessed.

“Are we out of pizza?!” Mikey exclaimed.

“Or it could be I allowed you to sleep in long enough.” Splinter replied.

Everyone slowly relaxed, Mikey letting out a long groan.

“Come on Sensei, it’s Saturday!” he whined. “It’s our day off!”

“And sleeping until 9am is enough.” Splinter replied, setting the mallet aside. “Now, I do believe you all have plans you must prepare for.”

Donny perked up immediately, face palming hard.

“The expo!” he exclaimed. “I nearly forgot!”

He vaulted over Leo in a rush to get to his room, nearly tripping on his blanket at he entered his room, slamming the door shut behind him. Miwa blinked in surprise, looking over at her siblings in confusion.

“Expo?” she repeated.

“Some nerd expo Don heard about on the news.” Mikey reported. “Guy’s been going nuts about it for days.”

“That’s why he was stocking up on all that face paint.” Miwa realized.

“It certainly ain’t to impress the ladies.” Raph remarked.

“I heard that!” Donny called out from his room.

Mikey, Miwa, and Hisako all snickered as Leo began gathering up the blankets off the ground.

“What about you, Raph?” he questioned. “What are your plans for today?”

“Casey and I are gonna hang out a bit.” he explained. “He promised to help me with the Shell Cycle 2.0, then we’re gonna shoot some hoops at this hold gym off Bleecker street.”

“The condemned gym the city never got around to knocking down?” Hisako asked.

“That’s the one.” Raph reported. “What about you, Fearless? You got any plans?”

“Training run.” Leo reported.

“Oh come on, Leo.” Mikey let out. “This is the one day we don’t have to train, and you’re gonna spend it training?”

“I like to keep my skills sharp.” Leo replied, dismissively.

“Well, you can go train. I’m gonna shred some sewer pipes until by wheels give out.” Mikey reported, walking off towards his room. “It’s gonna be epic!”

“Whatever you say, Mikey.” Raph replied before turning to Hisako and Miwa. “And what about you two?”

“Well, April booked the three of us a date at a salon and spa.” Hisako reported. “It’s not as epic as Mikey’s plan, or as active as yours or Leo’s, but I figure after everything, we deserved a girl’s day out.”

“Agreed.” Miwa reported. “Guess you’ll have the lair all to yourself, father.”

“So it seems.” Splinter noted. “I suppose I could use a little peace and quiet.”

“Enjoy it, sensei.” Hisako told him, giving the rat a hug. “You deserve it.”

“Yeah, what she said Sensei.” Raph agreed, also giving Splinter a hug.

As the remaining siblings disappeared into their rooms to get ready for the day, Splinter let out a sigh. He made his way to the kitchen, making his own preparations for the day.


Donny smoothed out the last of the flesh-toned makeup on his face, checking his reflection in his mirror to make sure he didn’t leave any of his usual green skin showing. He had his laptop open to several makeup tutorials, trying to make himself appear as human as possible. As he examined his handiwork, he couldn’t help but smile.

“So this is what you look like as a human.” he remarked. “Not bad, Donatello.”

Setting the make-up brushes aside and closing his laptop, Donny grabbed a pair of work gloves off of his chair before grabbing a pair of oversized boots.

“The sacrifices I make for science.” he lamented as he forced his feet into the boots.


Meanwhile, Raph made his way over to Casey’s place, landing on the fire escape outside his window. Casey was still zonked out, snoring loudly into his pillow with his legs up in the air haphazardly. Raph snorted, knocking on the window loudly.

“Casey!” he shouted. “Wake up, ya bozo!”

Casey let out a groan, rolling over and pulled his pillow over his ears. Raph sighed, then jimmied his sai into the window so he could unlock it and open it. Once he got it opened, he jumped into Casey’s room, grabbing him by the ankle and yanking him violently out of bed.

“Aw, does the baby still need his nap.” Raph remarked in a sarcastic tone.

“Raph. What’s your problem?!” Casey replied, looking up from his place on the floor.

“I called ya a good 12 times to let you know I was on my way over here.” Raph explained, holding up his shell cell. “We were gonna start working on the Shell Cycle today, remember? That Harley we pulled from the dump we were gonna trick out? Or has college fried your brain?”

“At least I use mine.” Casey retorted. “Give me a few minutes to get ready, then we’ll be good to go.”

“No prob.” Raph told him as he walked out of the room. “Hey Mrs. Jones. Mind if I raid yer pantry?”

“Just don’t touch my sugar cookies.” Mrs. Jones called back, having grown used to Raph’s impromptu visits. “Try eating something healthy for a change Raphael. You can’t live off pizza alone.”

“You tell him, Ma!” Casey shouted.

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready, Arnold?” she retorted.

Casey just rolled his eyes in response.


Meanwhile, Mikey was coasting along the tunnels on his skateboard, grinning the entire way. He sped himself up as much as he could, doing a complete 360 on the tunnel as he did.

“Oh yeah!” he cheered. “Who needs a halfpipe when you’ve got sewer pipes?”

As he continued riding along, he saw the tunnel leading to a massive drop. He tried hard to come to a stop, but unfortunately, he was unable to stop in time and ended up falling over the edge.

“Oh shell!” he screamed as he quickly fished into the pockets of his hoodie.

He managed to grab a pair of climbing claws out of his pockets, sliding them onto his hands and catching himself on the wall. She slowly skidded to a stop, but his skateboard kept falling, disappearing into the darkness.

“No!” he cried. “Not my customized Mickster special skateboard!”

He vaulted down into the tunnel, bouncing across the walls before landing on top of a large drain where pieces of garbage had accumulated. He immediately began digging for his skateboard, only to find it split in half on top of one of the piles.

“No, no, no, no, no!” he screamed. “Why?!”

April stood in front of Eden Day Spa, waiting eagerly for her friends. She looked down both sides of the street, and even up for good measure.

“Come on you two, where are you?” she wondered.

“Who you looking for?” Miwa asked from right behind April.

April gasped, jumping up and nearly clocking Miwa with her purse. Hisako quickly caught said purse with her hand, chuckling slightly.

“Easy there April.” she quipped. “We’re supposed to be relaxing today, remember?”

April let out a breath, taking her purse back.

“I swear, you two do this on purpose.” she accused.

“On purpose?” Miwa asked, feigning innocence. “Us?”

“Honestly April, I’m offended.” Hisako added in the exact same tone as her sister.

April just rolled her eyes in response.

“Whatever, you two.” April replied before pulling a brochure out of her purse. “I got all three of us down for facials, massages, a stint in their sauna, as well as a full makeover session including hair and face. I opted out of the mani-pedi option for obvious reasons.”

“Good call.” Both Miwa and Hisako told her in unison.

“Also, they do dye jobs in their salon, so you two can get your color touched up while we’re here.” April added on.

“April, you are awesome.” Hisako said happily.

April stashed the brochure back in her purse, then grinned at her friends.

“Glad you think so.” she replied. “Now, let’s go.”

The three girls hooked arms, then made their way inside.


Leo meanwhile was sprinting across the city, leaping from rooftop to rooftop. It was nice to feel the sun on his face as he ran, careful to avoid catching the attention of the people below. As he leapt off the next rooftop, he landed on a nearby fire escape. As he prepared to jump again, the metal gave way underneath him. The rusty screws holding it to the wall snapped and Leo’s balance evaporated.

“Oh shell!” he screamed, trying to stop himself from falling.

He managed to snag a nearby clothesline as he fell, the line snapping and sending him flying towards the window of the building. He curled up as best he could, crashing through the glass before rolling across the carpet. He came out of the roll, slowly opening his eyes.

He found himself in a room that was almost an obnoxious shade of pink, a few flowers and butterflies decorating the walls. There was a large bed with lacey pink curtains on it that was covered in more stuffed animals than Leo thought possible. There was a white dresser off to the side, a tall mirror in the corner, and a small table set up in the middle of the room. There, more stuffed animals had been arranged around it, as if they were all guests at the table, and at the head of the table was a young girl.

She couldn’t be any older than about six, blonde hair held back in a pink bow as she wore what looked like a princess costume. In her hand was a plastic tea pot, which has what looked like cherry Kool-Aid slowly pouring out of it into an already overflowing cup. The girl’s eyes were wide with shock as she stared at Leo, her jaw practically on the ground.

“Aw shell.” He swore under his breath.

“Chloe?” an elderly voice called out from the other side of the girl’s bedroom door. “Is everything okay in there?”

Chloe blinked, then shook her head as if clearing her thoughts.

“Yes granny!” she called out. “I just… knocked over my lamp again!”

Leo glanced over at a small unicorn lamp over on the girl’s bedside table. From the visible cracks and super glue residue all over it, it was clear that it had suffered a few fatal falls. Discretely, Leo pulled it off the table, grabbing Chloe’s pillow and covering the lamp. With a deft punch, he broke the lamp, leaving the pieces on the ground.

“Oh Chloe, you need to be more careful.” the elderly voice lightly chastised. “Go get the broom and clean it up. It’s time for you to get a new lamp anyhow.”

“Got it granny!” Chloe called back.

Footsteps retreated away from the door as Chloe looked back over at Leo.

“I think she’s gone, Mr. Turtle.” she reported.

“Uh… thanks little girl.” Leo replied, nervously.

“I’m Chloe.” she informed him. “What’s your name?”

“Leo.” He answered.

She waved happily, setting her teapot down.

“If you help me clean up, I won’t be mad about the window.” she promised. “You can even stay for tea if you want.”

Leo raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Aren’t you… scared of me?” He asked.

“Uh-uh.” Chloe replied, shaking her head. “If you were a bad guy, Mr. Bear would eat you.”

She pointed at a battered-old teddy bear with mismatched eyes and a patched up ear sitting in the chair next to her.

“And Mr. Bear has animal instincts, so he knows when someone’s a good guy or a bad guy.” she explained. “If he says you’re good, then you’re good.”

“Well, I guess I can’t argue with Mr. Bear, can I?” Leo replied.

“You can try, but you’ll lose.” Chloe informed him.

Leo chuckled, then straightened up.

“Alright.” he decided. “You get me the broom, and I’ll help clean up.”

“Then you’ll stay for tea?” she asked, looking up at Leo with pleading eyes. “Please?”

Leo was hesitant, but he finally relented.

“Ok.” He told her.

“Hooray!” Chloe cheered, running over to Leo and hugging him around the waist. “Thank you, Mr. Turtle!”

Leo was taken aback by the hug, but he slowly returned the hug in kind.

Splinter carried a small plate of cheese and crackers into the living room, setting them down next to his favorite arm chair. There, a pot of hot tea and a small cup were already waiting for him. He poured himself a cup of tea, settling on the chair with a smile.

“It has been some time since I have had some true peace and quiet around here.” he thought aloud. “I best enjoy it while I can.”

He took the remote, turning it to his favorite soap opera with a smile.


Donny walked into the expo building of the Eastman-Laird University, more than a little nervous. So far, nobody had seemed to notice him or pay him much attention, which was exactly what Donny wanted. Still, he made sure not to bump into anyone, not wanting to risk smudging his makeup. As he walked further and further inside, he saw a variety of inventions and technology gracing the expo floor.

One of the first things to catch his eyes was what looked like a tricked out bicycle. On closer inspection though, Donny found that the wheels weren’t being held onto the bike by anything. They seemed to hover in the specified grooves.

“Whoa...” Donny let out. “Electro-mag suspension. I never would of thought of that.”

“It is an interesting way to circumvent friction resistance to increase the speed of the bike.” a female voice chimed in.

Donny jumped slightly, looking over to see a girl with brown hair that was tied up in a messy bun. She had thick glasses on, and wore what looked like a Big Bang tee-shirt and jeans under a pristine lab coat.

“Sorry for startling you.” she said as she stuck out her hand. “My name’s Irma. I’m a student in the science program. Who’re you?”

“Uh... Don.” He replied.

“Nice to meet you, Don.” she said, slowly lowering her hand. “You a member of the scientific community, or are you just browsing the shiny new toys?”

“Uh just… browsing today.” Donny answered.

“Well, perhaps I can show you around.” she offered. “The expo’s got a lot to offer, and you look like someone who enjoys some of the flashier aspects of science.”

Donny chuckled.

“Is that so?” he asked. “What makes you say that?”

“It’s written all over your face.” Irma informed him playfully. “As well as your posture, your general attitude, and the fact that the first thing that drew your attention was the Go-Go Electro-Mag bike.”

“I suppose so.” he allowed. “So, where to first?”

Irma grinned, then grabbed Donny’s hand.

“This way, Don.” she insisted, pulling him deeper into the expo.


Meanwhile, Raph and Casey were hard at work, tricking out their respective rides. Raph’s was still in the repair process, the old bike in need of some serious TLC after the mileage it had been through.

“Ya know, it still sucks that my old ride probably got stripped for parts after we fled New York.” Raph lamented.

“Still, that new one ain’t too bad.” Casey told him.

“It’s a clunker we pulled from the dump, Case.” Raph reminded him. “It ain’t exactly a Harley Davidson.”

“Not yet, but with these parts we’ve been ordering, we’ll have your bike cruising like a dream in no time.” Casey assured him. “I even brought some green automotive paint so you could dress it up like the old one.”

“Sweet.” Raph let out. “I think we can work with that.”

“Good.” Casey replied. “Then let’s shut our yaps and get to working. These beauties ain’t gonna fix themselves.”

Raph nodded and the two got to work


Meanwhile, Mikey was walking through the tunnels, carrying the broken pieces of his skateboard with him.

“I worked so hard on you, little guy.” he moaned. “Took me days to get the paint job right, and finding wheels that were all the same size was almost impossible. Now...”

He sniffed slightly, just staring down at his broken board.

“Now what am I gonna do?” he let out miserably.

He passed by a storm drained that opened up into a subdivision. As he did, he heard the ever familiar sound of kids skateboarding across the street. He peered out and saw them skating around and performing some pretty impressive tricks. Mikey just sighed in response, lamenting that he may never enjoy such fun again.

“Yo Kevin!” one of the kids called out. “I thought your board got busted! Where’d you get that one?”

“Made it myself.” the kid called Kevin replied. “Wasn’t easy either. Fell apart on me like, three times before I got it working right.”

“Looks great, dude.” the other kid declared. “Looks exactly like your old one.”

“Thanks man.” Kevin replied.

Hearing the kids talking was giving Mikey some much needed inspiration.

“Of course!” he declared, pounding his fist into his palm. “I’ll build a new one! Just like the first

Time! Heck, I’ll make it better than before!”

With a new spring in his step, Mikey took off towards the garage, knowing that he had a lot of work ahead of him.


The three girls laid side by side on three massage tables, all of them sighing in bliss as they received their massages. The masseuse had given Hisako’s scars some weird looks, but the girls had been able to brush them off as nothing to worry about.

“God, I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed.” April let out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this relaxed.” Hisako countered.

“April, this was the perfect idea.” Miwa complimented. “After the week we’ve had, we needed this.”

“Glad you’re both enjoying this as much as I am.” April replied.

They all let out simultaneous sighs of pure relaxation, sinking into their tables.

“You know, I think this is the first girl’s day we’ve had where something hasn’t gone horribly wrong.” Miwa commented.

“What about that bazaar on my discovery day?” Hisako countered.

“Right, almost forgot.” she remarked.

“Wow, glad to know our time together means so little to you.” Hisako commented sarcastically.

Miwa snorted, tossing one of her cucumber slices at her sister. Hisako blocked with her hand, all three girls laughing merrily.

Elsewhere, Leo just finished helping Chloe sweep up the remnants of the broken window and lamp, and the two sat down for her tea party. As Leo sat down at the table, Chloe poured him a small cup of tea. As he suspected, it was indeed cherry Kool-Aid.

“Granny says I can have real tea when I get big.” Chloe declared. “Until then, I can offer you some green tea, or ruby tea.”

She then pointed to a second teapot that seemed to be filled with green Kool-Aid.

“Um… I guess I’ll take the green tea.” He responded.

“Excellent choice.” Chloe commended.

She poured him a different cup, taking the red one for herself.

“This green tea was imported all the way from China.” she bragged, putting on a fancy accent. “I hope you enjoy it.”

“Thank you.” Leo replied as he picked the cup up.

“Uh-uh-uh.” Chloe chastised. “Pinky out.”

She stuck her own pinky out as an example, waiting for Leo to do the same.

“Um… I don’t really… have a pinkie.” He told her.

“Then do the best you can.” Chloe insisted. “I won’t have bad manners at my tea party.”

Leo rolled his eyes in response before sticking out his third finger, figuring it the closest thing he had to a pinkie.

“Will this do?” He asked.

Chloe nodded once, sipping at her tea. Leo sipped his, smiling slightly.

“Your tea is quite lovely, Miss Chloe.” he complimented.

“Thank you, Mr. Turtle.” she replied as the two enjoyed their ‘tea’.


Irma and Donny browsed through the science expo, both of them talking non-stop about the various inventions they saw.

“I have to say, the plasma lasers were quite extraordinary.” Donny commented. “With a little precision work with the magnetic confinement, they could probably be shaped into any tangible form.”

“You think so?” Irma questioned. “Personally, I liked the chemistry demonstration. I mean, how often can you find a compound that would be able to break down 400 pounds of tungsten carbide into dust.”

“You’re just saying that ’cause it turned the tungsten pink.” Donnie insisted.

“I will admit, it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but you have to see it from a utilitarian standpoint.” Irma argued. “It could help with relief efforts during natural disasters, clearing debris in the blink of an eye.”

“Fair point.” He admitted. “What did you think of the microbots demonstration? I thought the practical applications were limitless.”

“Indeed.” Irma agreed. “Construction, transportation, those microbots will definitely be a great help after some more field testing and research.”

“What I wouldn’t give to be on that R and D team.” Donny mused.

“Why not?” Irma questioned. “You seem smart enough for this line of work, if not smarter.”

“Uh… let’s just say my people skills are sorely lacking.” He replied.

“That’s not the hypothesis I’ve come to after spending time with you, Don.” Irma countered. “What’s your real issue?”

Donny didn’t know how to respond.

“Alright, alright, I know when to drop a subject.” Irma announced, lifting her hands in the air. “I’m just saying that maybe you should give yourself a chance. You could do a lot of good.”

“Thanks Irma.” Donny replied smiling. “That means a lot.”


Meanwhile, Raph and Casey finally got their bikes all tricked out. Deciding to take a much needed break, they made their way over to the condemned gym, bouncing a basketball across the old court.

“You think you got what it takes to take me on?” Raph challenged, spinning the ball on his finger.

“You kidding, I’m the Captain of the university basketball team!” Casey bragged. “I’m gonna run circles around you, turtle-boy!”

“Bring it on!” Raph challenged, dribbling the ball.

Casey sprinted forward and quickly stole the ball away from him, much to his surprise. He watched as Casey dribbled it across the court. He went for a shot, but Raph quickly intercepted, making his way back towards his goal. Casey tried to catch up, but Raph jumped towards the basket and tossed the ball at it. The ball then went clean through the net, landing on the ground and bouncing back into Raph’s hands.

“That’s one for me.” Raph taunted.

“Lucky steal, Raph.” Casey insisted. “Ya ain’t gettin’ another one.”

“Whoa, you’re dipping into your bad grammar.” Raph commented. “Guess you’re getting serious.”

“Oh I’ll show you serious!” Casey replied.

Casey then grabbed the ball and started dribbling towards his basket, shooting at it and sending it in.

“How do you like that?” Casey retorted.

“Not bad, not bad.” Raph relented. “But the games just getting started.”


Meanwhile, Mikey was sitting at Donny’s workshop in the garage, his old board disassembled in front of him as he grabbed a fresh piece of wood.

“Man, Donny would kill me if he knew I was using his power tools without permission.” he giggled. “Well, what Don doesn’t know won’t kill him.”

He started by measuring the length of his old board, taking note of exact length he’d need for his new one. He then took the fresh wood and drew the shape of the new board he wanted. He then grabbed a pair of safety goggles off the bench, grabbing onto Donny’s power saw.

“Alright baby, time to bring you to life!” he declared.

As he began sawing away at the excess wood, he didn’t see his foot getting caught in the cord of the power saw. As he stepped back to admire his handiwork, he tripped on the cord, falling backward as the saw fell out of his hands. It landed blade first, severely denting it.

“Oh boy.” Mikey let out. “Donny’s definitely gonna notice that.”

He untangled his foot, grabbing the saw and looking around for a place to hide it. He looked up and saw a high shelf where several cans of paint were kept.

“Cowabunga.” he said, hopping onto the workbench so he could stash the saw.

As he tried to hide the saw behind the paint cans, he ended up sending then toppling off the shelf one by one.

“Oh no...” he winced, flinching as each can hit the ground, coating the bench, the floor, the walls, and even the shell raiser in various shades of green paint. “Oooooh… I’m dead.”


In the salon, the girls all sat under dryers, both Miwa and Hisako waiting for their dye touch ups to dry. They were all reading as they sat. April was reading a tabloid newspaper, thumbing through the articles with an amused smirk. Miwa had a motorcycle magazine in her hands, eying the various bikes with much appreciation. Hisako was looking through the latest issue of Modern Ninja Magazine, looking over the various pictures with great interest and intrigue.

“Hey Miwa, check this out.” Hisako spoke up, showing her sister the article she was reading. “Top ten places to store a secret weapon.”

Miwa glanced it over, smirking.

“Done it, done it, done it, Ooh, that’s a clever one, done it, done it, would not recommend that one, done it, never works, and absolutely not.” She listed off, pointing at each of the ten suggested places.

April glanced over at the magazine, wrinkling her nose at the article.

“Exactly when did you stash a knife in your-”

“I was desperate at the time.” Miwa interrupted. “It was this formal dance and I was in this strapless dress. Didn’t have that many options available to me.”

“It stinks being a kunoichi sometimes.” Hisako lamented.

“Preach it, sister.” Miwa declared.

The two high fived as April rolled her eyes, returning to her newspaper.


Back with Leo, he and Chloe had just finished up the last of her ‘tea’. He set down his cup, wiping his mouth on a napkin before looking out the window. His eyes went wide as he realized that the sun was starting to set.

“Oh Shell, is it that late already?!” he exclaimed.

Chloe looked outside, also noticing the late hour.

“I guess you have to go home now, Mr. Turtle.” she lamented sadly.

“Sorry, Chloe.” Leo told her. “But it’s time for me to leave. Besides, it’s probably close to your bedtime anyway.”

“Yeah...” Chloe admitted. “Will you come back again? You were the best tea party guest I ever had. And don’t worry about Granny. She doesn’t see that well, and her hearing is bad too.”

“I…” Leo responded, not sure what to tell her. “Will certainly try.”

“Hooray!” she cheered, hugging Leo again. “Thank you Mr. Turtle.”

“Hehe, you’re welcome Chloe.” Leo replied, hugging her back.”


Outside the expo building, Donny and Irma were making their way out of the expo, both of them smiling happily.

“Well, I think this is the most fun I’ve had at a science expo since the junior high science fair.” Irma announced.

“I know right?!” Donny replied. “That was incredible.”

“And who would have thought I’d meet my intellectual equal here.” Irma continued. “You were the best part of this expo, Don.”

“Same for me.” Donny replied. “I had a great time with you.”

“Hey, what’s your phone number?” Irma asked. “I’d love to stay in contact. Who knows? Maybe we could discuss hydraulics and micron engines over coffee or something.”

“Uh, so would I.” Donny replied. “Maybe we could do some… online chatting or something.”

“Not one for public places outside of expos I see.” Irma commented. “No problem. Maybe we can work on your ‘people skills’ while we’re at it.”

“That would probably be a good idea.” Donny agreed.

The two exchanged numbers then headed their separate ways for home.


Back in the workshop, Mikey was desperately trying to clean everything up before Donny returned. He set the shelf back up and began stacking paint can upon paint can back on as fast as he could. He’d even managed to stash the broken saw back where it belonged, praying Donny wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, there was still the matter of all the paint splashed across the garage, not to mention himself. He barely had time to start scrubbing down the Shellraiser before Donny opened up the garage door.

“Raph, is that you?” Donny called out. “How’d the repairs-?”

Donny’s words died in his throat the second he saw the mess Mikey had made. Mikey froze in place, the sponge still in his hand.

“Hey… Donny...” Mikey let out. “How did the uh-?”

“What the shell did you do?!” Donny shrieked.

“Um…. I think I hear Master Splinter calling, Gotta go!”

With that, Mikey bolted out of the room, with Donny in hot pursuit.

“I told you to stay out of the garage without supervision!” Donny yelled. “Come back here!”


After Raph and Casey wrapped up their game, they decided to head on for home, riding their bikes through the city.

“Hey, if we hang a right here, we can meet up with the girls!” Casey announced. “Eden Spa isn’t that far from us.”

“Eh, why not?” Raph told him. “I’m curious to see what Miwa will think of our new rides.”

“Then let’s go!” Casey declared.

They hang a right, cruising down the street until they came up to the doors of Eden Spa. The three girls emerged, and they looked beyond refreshed. Miwa’s hair was its usual vibrant pink, done up in a windswept bun with a few wavy strands dangling beside her face. Hisako’s lowlights were bright green as well, her hair done in a rather fancy braid that hung over her left shoulder. April’s hair was hanging down loose, something they rarely saw on her, and all three girls wore tasteful, light make-up. Casey’s jaw practically hit the ground at the sight of her.

“Whoa...” He let out.

April blushed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“How do I look?” she asked nervously.

“Amazing.” He complimented.

She smiled, then Miwa and Hisako stepped forward, the former eying the motorcycles.

“Nice job boys.” she complimented. “Raph, I do believe this model has surpassed the original.”

“You would know.” Raph jeered. “You and your ‘friends’ totaled the last one.”

“Hey, I apologized for that.” Miwa argued. “And need I remind you who ordered those parts for you from the AutoZone for you.”

“Which I thank you for.” Raph replied. “Guess Kunoichi’s can’t take a joke.”

“You wanna go, Raph?” Hisako challenged.

“How about a race back to the lair.” Miwa offered. “Loser does the winner’s chores for a month.”

“You’re on!” Raph challenged.

“One catch.” Hisako spoke up. “You have to beat both of us!”

With that, both girls disappeared, making their way home. April laughed as she climbed onto the back of Casey’s bike, taking a helmet from the driver.

“Better get riding, Raphie-boy.” Casey quipped. “Or you’ll have three sets of chores to do.”

“Stuff it Case!” Raph remarked, revving up his bike and racing off.


Splinter turned off the TV, taking his dishes into the kitchen so he could start cleaning them. As he rolled up his sleeves to begin his chore, Leo came walking into the lair.

“Welcome home, Leonardo.” He greeted, catching his son’s attention. “Did you have a good day?”

Leo looked over at his sensei, a small smile on his face.

“I did actually.” he admitted before thinking of something. “You think it would be possible for me to take some of your green tea with me the next time I go out?”

Splinter was confused by the question, but saw no harm in it.

“I see no reason not to.” He answered.

He returned to his dishes, seeing Leo punch the air slightly out of the corner of his eye. As Leo left to go get cleaned up, Raph, Miwa, and Hisako came into the lair.

“How did you do it?!” Raph questioned. “How the shell did you both beat me?!”

“Your bike is fast, and it was a close race, but you forgot one crucial fact.” Miwa pointed out.

“You had to stick to the roads, we didn’t.” Hisako completed.

“That ain’t fair!” He exclaimed.

“Hey, you made the bet, Raph.” Miwa reminded him, poking him in the chest. “Guess you’ll be doing our chores for a month.”

“No way!” Raph snapped. “Tell ’em that ain’t fair, Sensei!”

“A true ninja keeps their word, even when they do not want to.” Splinter declared, not looking up from his dishes. “They also think things through before making such large bets.”

“Ha!” Both Miwa and Hisako let out, pointing at Raph.

All of a sudden, an orange and green blur zipped through the living room at impossible speeds. Everyone looked just in time to see Mikey scrambling to safety. Right on his tail was Donny, his makeup smeared quite a bit as he took off after Mikey.

“Hamato Michelangelo, you get back here and take your punishment like a turtle!” Donny demanded.

“Mikey can’t come to the phone right now!” Mikey shouted as he vaulted up to the second floor. “Leave a message after the shriek!”

He then let out the aforementioned shriek, narrowly avoiding an intercept attempt by his purple-clad brother. Leo looked at the two turtles, then turned to the rest of his siblings.

“What did he do this time?” He questioned.

“Paint all over the garage.” Raph answered.

“Including the Shellraiser.” Miwa added

“And dented Don’s power saw.” Hisako concluded.

Leo let out a whistle, shaking his head solemnly.

“Nice knowing you, Mikey!” he called up to Mikey.

“Thanks a lot, Leo!” Mikey shouted back, narrowly avoiding getting tackled by Donny.

Splinter surveyed the scene, shaking his head as a small chuckle escaped his lips.

“Kids.” he murmured.

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