TMNT: Secret of the Sewers


In the secluded woods outside of New York City, a large mansion stood overlooking a large cliff. Inside the mansion, Saki laid on an operating table as Dr. Chaplin worked on attaching a metal arm to the stump of his right. It was a slow process, and Saki had refused aesthetic, determined to power through the pain.

“I’m almost done, Master.” Chaplain reported. “Just another minute, and your arm will be good to go.”

“Do what you have to, Dr. Chaplin.” Saki told him. “Just get it done!”

Chaplin nodded as he proceeded, finishing up with the procedure before setting his tools aside. He lifted his safety goggles, nodding slightly.

“That should be it.” he announced. “Give it a test.”

Saki looked down at his new metal arm and focused on the hand. His fist clenched and two blades thrusted out. Saki smiled in response as he raised his arm.

“This shows promise.” Saki admitted. “Let’s test this new arm out.”

Chaplain nodded, then he stepped back as Hun entered the room. The Gamaron was still in his natural form, and had a large stone statue in his arms. He set it down in front of his Master, stepping back as well.

“Go ahead, Master Shredder.” Chaplain insisted. “I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Saki clenched his fists as he charged towards the statue and slashed at it with his metal arm. As he stopped in his tracks, the top half of the statue slid off and fell to the ground. It shattered on impact, eliciting a cruel grin from Saki.

“Perhaps this handicap works as a benefit, after all.” Saki mused.

“I’m glad you approve, Master.” Dr. Chaplain told him, stepping forward again. “If you’re ready, I can show you what else I’ve been working on while you were recovering from your first encounter with the Hamato Clan.”

“Even I have to admit, the kid’s done a good job.” Hun announced. “He ain’t no Stockman, but he’s pretty close.”

“Then let’s see what you have for me, Dr. Chaplin.” Saki told him.


Dr. Chaplain led Saki and Hun into his personal lab in the mansion, revealing a row of cells lining one of the walls.

“I’m sure you remember Project Tusks and Project Horn.” Chaplain began, gesturing to the first pair of cells.

Inside the cells were the same mutant warthog and rhino from TCRI, the very ones that Saki had pulled from the rubble after its collapse. Neither of them looks like they had been treated well, fresh bandages of their arms and thick metal collars on their necks.

“Through their DNA mapping, I was able to work out exactly how Dr. Stockman was able to find the proper balance between a sentient creature and a wild animal.” the doctor explained. “And with that knowledge, I’ve created a few new creatures for you to appraise.”

Saki walked over to a cell that held a tall, slender creature with a wolf-like face, long boney claws, and beady yellow eyes. There was a muzzle locked around his shortened muzzle, and his cell was covered in deep claw marks.

“This is Project Rahzar.” Chaplain introduced. “He is a mutant coyote. He is incredibly agile, fast, and-”

Rahzar swiped at the glass, his claws shooting out of his fingers and bouncing on the thick glass wall of his cell.

“-and his claws appear to have become some sort of organic projectile weapon.” Chaplain continued. “They’re incredibly sharp and potentially deadly, as you can see.”

“Impressive.” Saki commended. “But if we’re going to be facing the Hamato Clan, and the Council. I will need more.”

“Luckily, I am far from done.” Chaplain announced, moving onto the next cell.

This cell was filled with water, and inside was what appeared to be a humanoid shark. The creatures toes and hands were webbed, a dorsal fin stuck out of its back, and it had a long jaw that seemed to wrap halfway around its head.

“I took the principles of Project Fishface, and began tweaking it to something far more massive and intimidating.” Chaplain explained. “Thus, I created Project Armaggon. I’m currently working on a breathing apparatus for him so he can walk on land, unlike Fishface.”

“Impressive.” Saki commented. “But this is just two mutants against eleven capable warriors.”

“I thought of that as well.” Chaplain assured him. “That’s why I brought back a few old favorites of yours.”

He went over to another cell, which was filled with several different dog mutants, all of them snarling and barking. The noise would have been deafening were it not for the soundproof glass door.

“You wanted an army, so I obliged.” Chaplain declared. “With all these puppies, combined with the rest of my projects and the forces you have at your disposal, nothing will stand in your way, Master.”

“This… will do nicely.” Saki replied before turning to Hun. “Hun, what has been the progress on finding the Council’s new dwelling?”

“Successful, Master.” Hun reported. “They have taken up residence in an old dojo on the Northside of town. They’re in the middle of renovating it into a proper dojo as we speak.”

“Excellent.” Saki responded. “Once Chaplin’s mutants are fully formed, we will launch a full scale assault. This night will see the end of Yoshi, the Council, the turtles, and their freak of a sister!”


The Foot High Council’s new dojo was currently under heavy construction. Several workers under the council’s personal employment were all over the building, making sure everything was to the council’s specifications. Overseeing then entire operation, the council milled about the building, giving insight where they saw fit.

“The dojo is coming along nicely.” Chikara complimented. “In time, it will be a suitable place to begin rebuilding the New York faction of the Foot.”

“There is still much to be done, if we are to undo all of Saki’s actions here.” Juto reminded.

“More than that, there is still no sign of Saki after the Hamato Clan destroyed his freighter.” Hisomi added. “He has survived perilous situations before, and it is too soon to count him amongst the dead.”

“Hisomi speaks true.” Mashimi added. “We should scour every inch of this city until we find him!”

“Patience, Mashimi.” Kon told him. “I fear that before long, Saki will find us.”

“Then we must be ready when he does.” Juto declared.

Amidst the general chaos that was common for a construction site, five Foot Tech Ninjas, replacements for those slain before, made their way inside. They planted bombs around the sight, then disappeared.

The council went to go their separate ways, then Chikara froze, hearing a faint beeping amongst all the noise.

“Fellow council members.” she hissed. “I hear something.”

“What?” Mashimi asked.

Hisomi focused on the sound, picking up the beeping as well. His eyes flew open and he turned to his fellow council members.

“Everyone down!” he shouted.

Not wasting time to ask why, council members and workers alike all hit the deck, covering their heads seconds before the various bombs went off.


Not too far away, the Hamato siblings were out on a training run in the city. Although the training portion of their run had devolved into little more than a race, each sibling trying their best to beat the other. In the home stretch of it though, Miwa pulled out ahead, bypassing Hisako by literally vaulting over her shoulders. She landed on the roof of the building they had decided was the finish line, bowing proudly as she shot her siblings a triumphant smirk.

“I do believe this makes me the winner.” she declared.

“No way!” Hisako argued. “You cheated! You used me as a springboard!”

“Aw, is our little sister a sore loser?” Mikey taunted.

Hisako glowered at Mikey as the other turtles climbed up onto the roof.

“Whoa now, Hisako finally lost a race?” Raph declared. “About time if you ask me!”

“Never thought I’d see the day.” Donny admitted.

“Hey, go easy on her guys.” Leo told them. “The loss is probably taking its toll on her.”

“Alright!!” Hisako exclaimed. “I get it!”

She slammed her foot down on the ground, and as she did, there was a loud explosion off in the distance. Everyone froze as Hisako winced nervous.

“Uhh… That wasn’t me.” she insisted. “I think...”

The six of them looked around to find the source of the explosion, with Leo seeing a trail of smoke in the distance.

“Guys, look!” He called out, pointing in that direction.

The others turned and saw the same thing.

“What do you think caused it?” Mikey asked.

“No clue.” Leo answered. “But there might be people in trouble.”

“Uh, Leo?” Donny spoke up. “I’m pretty sure that’s what rescue crews are for.”

“Wait…” Miwa let out. “Isn’t that the direction where the Council’s new dojo is being built?”

The siblings exchanged worried looks, then all took off towards the rising smoke.


At the wreckage of the building, the Council began slowly pulling themselves from the rubble. They were a bit shaken and covered in dirt, but thankfully still alive.

“Is everyone alright?” Kon asked his fellow council members.

“Yes...” Hisomi groaned, popping a dislocated shoulder back into place.

“This is Saki’s doing.” Juto let out. “There is no other explanation.”

“Too much of a coward to face us head on, he attempted to be rid of us with such dishonorable methods.” Chikara spat. “Just what I would expect from that slimy bastard.”

“Be on guard.” Mashimi cautioned. “This attack may not be over yet.”


The five Council members turned to see Shredder entering the room in his signature armor and new metal arm. To his right was the Gamaron creature Hun, and to his left, Dr. Chaplin, who was holding a large remote in his hand.

“Oroku Saki.” Chikara spat. “So, you slithered out of whatever hole you’ve been lurking in to face us.”

“After everything I have suffered, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to squeeze the life out of all five of you with my own hands.” Shredder boasted.

“You brought this suffering upon yourself, Saki.” Juto declared. “Framing an innocent man, stealing his child, and all of the crimes you have committed in order to fulfill your twisted schemes.”

“The only ones to blame for my pain are you.” Shredder through back. “You and your predecessors allowed Hamato Yoshi to enter the Foot. This Council has undermined me from the very moment that street rat walked through those doors! Now, I will finally have my vengeance!”

“Wow, sounds like we got here just in time!” Leo’s voice called out from the now caved-in roof.

Everyone looked up just in time to see the Hamato siblings drop down into the building, facing down Shredder and his cronies.

“Dudes, he’s got two arms again!” Mikey noticed.

“How’s that possible?” Donny questioned. “Leatherhead ripped it off!”

“I have Dr. Chaplain to thank for my new appendage.” Shredder announced, lifting his arm up and extending the blades.

“Cute.” Raph remarked. “You’d think he’d try to improve your personality while he was at it.”

“I have grown tired of you creatures.” Shredder replied. “All your games end today. Foot, attack!”

The elites appeared in a large cloud of smoke. The Foot Tech ninjas shimmered into view, and several motorheads climbed in through every available hole and niche in the building. Chaplain grinned, then lifted his remote.

“Dogpound platoon, move in.” he ordered.

Hisako blanched slightly, looking over at her siblings.

“Did he just say what I think he said?” she gulped.

“He said it.” Mikey replied.

With that, an entire wall came crashing in as at least two dozen mutant dogs came charging into the building. They were barking loudly, fangs bared as they closed in on the group. The ninjas took that as their sign to attack, the innumerable forces closing in on the Hamato siblings and the council.

“Great,” Raph let out. “Again with these mutts.”

Raph then bashed two dogs aside with the blunt end of his sai before kicking an oncoming motorhead. Mikey pulled out his Nunchucks and bashed away every motorhead he saw. The spear elite tried stabbing at him but he quickly ducked under the blade before leaping into the air and kicking him in the face.

“Why, why, WHY did these dog creatures have to come back?!” Mikey cried, narrowly avoiding the bite of one.

“We’ll worry about that when we’re not fighting for our lives.” Leo replied, slashing one dog aside.

He then split kick two oncoming motorheads before dodging a swing from the hook sword elite. The elite swung his weapons at him again but he easily blocked them. He then shoved the swords aside before turning his swords backwards and hitting the elite in the face with the hilts. Donny meanwhile had just swatted away a motorhead before being tackled to the ground by one of the dogs. Donny held up his staff to block the dog as he kept chewing on it.

Don finally kicked the dog away and got back to his feet. Before he could engage the mutt however, Hun came up and swatted him aside, sending him colliding into a nearby pillar. As Donny pulled himself up, three more dogs closed in on them. As they all charged at him, Donny extended one of the blades on his staff and slashed them all, causing them all to drop the ground.

Across the room, the Council were fending off several motorheads and mutated dogs. As Chikara struck down another dog, Shredder came face to face with her.

“Chikara,” Shredder let out. “It almost seems fitting that you will be the first to fall tonight.”

“The only one who will fall here is you, Saki.” Chikara countered, gripping her katana.

Chikara ran forward and tried slicing Shredder with her weapon, but Shredder simply blocked it. Shredder then shoved her off as he tried striking her. Fortunately, Chikara was fast enough to dodge and deflect every blow dealt to her.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Saki.” she taunted. “Did you honestly think you stood a chance against us with your paltry skills?”

“As a matter of fact.” Shredder replied. “But I took precautions in case I was wrong.”

Shredder tried swinging high, but Chikara ducked under it, attempting to run him through. He quickly sidestepped the strike, lifting his metal arm and bringing the blades down on her back.

“Chaplain, release the rest of our army.” he commanded.

“As you wish, Master Shredder.” Chaplain replied, readying his remote. “Deploying remaining mutants.”

“There’s more of these things?!” Mikey shrieked.

As if meant to answer his question, four imposing figures entered the building. Two were easily recognized by the Hamato siblings as Tusks and Horns, while the two new projects caught them off guard.

“I don’t remember those two from ‘you-know-where’!” Donny announced.

“That’s because they’re not ‘you-know-who’s’.” Leo realized. “They’re that Chaplain guy’s!”

“You are correct.” Chaplain announced. “Project Rahzar, Project Armaggon, destroy them all. Project Tusks, Project Horns, aid Master Shredder.”

The four creatures looked more than a bit reluctant, but a threatening lift of Chaplain’s remote spurred them into motion. Donny took note of this before he was attacked by Project Rahzar. He ducked and leapt over the various claw strikes the coyote was dealing towards him.

“Listen, you don’t have to do this.” he tried to reason with Rahzar.

“No… choice...” Rahzar let out, his mouth clearly unused to speaking. “Chaplain… can kill us… if we… rebel...”

“Then sorry about this.” Donny apologized, smacking him across the face with his staff.

Rahzar stumbled backwards as Donny jumped up, trying to bring his staff down on his head. Rahzar fell to the ground with a plop as Donny landed.

“Again, so sorry.” Donny lamented.

As he said that, the Kama elite came out of nowhere and kicked him in the side, knocking him back. Donny quickly got up and blocked the Kama elite’s oncoming attack with his staff until a green halo of energy surrounded the unfortunate elite. He was pulled off his feet and into an oncoming Dogpound mutant.

“We’re outnumbered, outgunned, and seriously outmatched here!” Hisako exclaimed.

Miwa stumbled backwards, ending up back to back with Hisako as she tried to hold back Armaggon with her katana.

“No… kidding!” she grunted, struggling to hold the shark at bay.

“We need help!” Raph let out, spin kicking several Motorheads away.

“Newsflash Raph, I don’t think anyone’s coming!” Mikey cried.


Down in the lair, Splinter had invited Murakami down for some tea. The two master ninjas sat in the living room, Murakami sighing contently.

“Your home smells of pizza, mildew, and dirty laundry.” He commented. “Like a home well lived in.”

“Well lived indeed.” Splinter replied. “While not the path I would’ve chosen, it is one I would not trade for the world.”

“Nor should you.” Murakami told him. “Your children are honorable warriors who have defended this city time and again. You should be very proud of them.”

“A father could not be more proud.” Splinter declared.

Before either of them could continue, there was a loud knock on the door of the lair. Both masters perked, Murakami cocking his ear.

“Someone very large is at your door, Yoshi-kun.”

“I believe I know who it is then.” Splinter replied.

He then went to the door and opened it, revealing Leatherhead standing in the doorway.

“Leatherhead, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Splinter asked.

“There was… an explosion… near my home...” he explained. “I was worried...”

“An explosion?” Murakami repeated.

Leatherhead noticed Murakami for the first time, letting out an instinctive growl. He relaxed slightly as he caught a whiff of the man.

“You smell… like the food… Oracle brings me...” He commented.

“If you mean Hisako, I do cook for her and the turtles every now and then.” Murakami told him.

“You can trust him, Leatherhead.” Splinter reassured. “Now what is this about an explosion?”

“I heard the noise… smelled the smoke… I feared… I was under attack.”

“Considering you came all the way here, i assume you were not.” Splinter commented.

“No...” Leatherhead replied. “But… someone above… was...”

Murakami frowned at this, stroking his chin.

“I do not like the sound of that, Yoshi-kun.” he commented. “I assume you have a television.”

“I do.” Splinter answered, reaching for the remote. “Perhaps news of the cause of Leatherhead’s explosion will be broadcasting.”

With that, Splinter turned on the TV and flipped it to the news station. Immediately, grainy footage clearly shot from a camera phone began playing onscreen.

Earlier this evening, an explosion rang out on the north side of the city. Police have declined to comment on the cause of the explosion, but so far no casualties have been reported. Government agents have cordoned off the area, and citizens are urged to stay as far away from the scene as possible.

As the broadcast played, something on the screen caught Splinter’s eye. He quickly rewound the program and paused on a certain frame.

“What is it?” Murakami asked.

“I know who is responsible for the explosion.” He reported, his voice trembling in fear. “Saki...”

Murakami jumped to his feet, realizing the implications.

“The Council!” he exclaimed.

“Oracle!” Leatherhead let out.

“My children!!” Splinter gasped. “We must get over there, now!”


Back at the battle, Juto had engaged Shredder head on, clashing blades with him in a mad frenzy.

“The time has come for you to answer for your crimes, Shredder!” Juto declared.

“No, the time has come for the Council’s reign over the Foot to end!” Shredder countered.

Shredder then batted Juto’s weapon aside and kicked him in the chest, sending him skidding across the floor. Almost immediately after, Horns charged at the councilor, jumping on top of him hard enough to crater the floor beneath him.

“Nothin’ personal, man.” Horns told him. “Just tryin’ ta stay alive here.”

Meanwhile, Mikey was duking it out with Tusks, who was pounding and punching at him relentlessly.

“Ok, we seriously have to stop meeting like this.” Mikey told him. “We can help you guys if you only let us.”

“Would if we could believe me.” Tusks declared. “This new guy may not be as bad as Stock-freak was, but he still ain’t one to trifle with. He juiced up our collars. One wrong move, and I’m a rump roast.”

“I feel so sorry for you guys.” Mikey told him. “I’d feel even sorrier if you weren’t trying to hurt us, but hey, I understand.”

“Thanks.” Tusks replied before picking him up and throwing him into a wall.

Mikey slid down the wall groaning. Tusks charged at him, only for Miwa to come flying at the warthog, kicking him to the side.

“Wake-up little brother.” Miwa said while snapping her fingers in front of his face. “Fight’s not over yet.”

Mikey shook his head in response, getting back into focus before springing back to his feet.

“These mutants are really giving us a run for our money.” Mikey commented before running back into the fight.

Meanwhile, Raph was duking it out with Armaggon, the mutant shark snapping at him every change he got.

“Ya know, the last mutant fish we fought was confined to a tank in the bottom of an elevator shaft.” Raph remarked, keeping Armaggon at bay with his sai. “I can’t tell if this is an improvement or not.”

Armaggon just seemed to gurgle, his jaw not made for speech. However, his beady eyes told the whole story. They were desperate, scared, and far from the bloodthirsty angler fish Raph had dealt with in TCRI.

“Look, I can tell you don’t want to do this.” Raph tried to reason. “We can help you.”

Armaggon gurgled again, then tilted his head to the side. This exposed a rather high-tech looking apparatus covering his gills. Raph knew enough about sharks to know they needed water to breath, and Armaggon revealing this gadget to him was basically an open invitation to kill him.

“If you’re asking me to kill you, forget it.” Raph told him. “There’s gotta be another way.”

Armaggon gurgled loudly, grabbing Raph by the front of his shell. He roared in his face in anger, then that roar was met by another. All of a sudden, Leatherhead came plowing right into Armaggon, forcing him to drop Raph.

“Don’t… touch… my friends!!” The croc bellowed.

“Nice timing, LH.” Raph complimented.

As LH held the shark as bay, Murakami and Splinter jumped down into the room, facing Shredder.

“Well, well, I was wondering when I would face you again, my former pupil.” Murakami declared.

“Ah, Murakami,” Shredder let out. “It only seems fitting that you are here, considering you are the one that started this whole thing.”

Kon attempted to strike at Shredder, only to be backhanded into a creaking support beam. He struck it hard, the beam collapsing behind him and bring several tons of rubble down on top of him.

“Three down.” Shredder declared.

Hisomi saw Shredder take down Kon, and gripped his sword tightly.

“You will not take any more of our brethren!” He swore.

“We shall see of that.” Shredder remarked, charging at him.

Meanwhile, Splinter made his way over to where his children were fighting the other Foot forces. Leo and Donny were back to back, holding back Motorheads and Dogpound units desperately. Raph was rushing to Leatherhead’s aid, both to help him keep Armaggon down and prevent the croc from killing him. Mikey had turned his Nunchucks into a three piece and was fending off the kusarigama elite. Miwa was aiding Mashimi, their swords fending off any and all motorheads that came their way.

“We’re not going to win this!” Miwa let out. “Their forces are too powerful!”

“The mutants tip the tides in their favor!” Mashimi declared.

Hisako looked over at Chaplain, her eyes narrowing as she locked onto the remote in his hands.

“Then what do you say we tip them back!” she announced. “Someone clear me a path! I’ve got an idea!”

Leo and Raph nodded as they ran ahead of Hisako, taking down every motorhead and mutant in their path. She charged right at the doctor, who saw her coming and his eyes widened.

“Rahzar, do not let Project Oracle near me!” He commanded.

Rahzar growled as he charged at her. Hisako saw him coming, bringing up her tessen to block several of his bone claw projectiles.

“Rahzar, listen to me!” she begged. “I know you’re scared, and I know you’re only obeying that guy out of self-preservation! But I swear to you, I can help! We all can help if you just let us!”

“You’re wasting your words, Project Oracle.” Chaplain taunted. “They won’t listen to you.”

Hisako tensed, her breath becoming heavier. Rahzar’s animal instincts kicked in, telling him to stay as far away from her as possible.

“I dare you to say that again, Chaplain.” she snarled.

Hun quickly took note of this and rushed over to her. He batted her aside, sending her flying into a wall. She bounced off it hard, crumbling to the ground.

“You idiot!” Hun shouted, pointing at Chaplain. “Do not provoke that brat!”

“Sorry,” Chaplin let out. “My bad.”

Meanwhile, Murakami was helping Hisomi duel against Shredder. The two continued to press their attacks on Shredder, but he was able to keep up with and deflect them all. Hisomi tried stabbing Shredder, but he caught the blade in his claws and snapped it. He then grabbed Hisomi by the throat and threw him at Murakami. Murakami ducked under him as he charged at Shredder, swiftly slashing at Shredder’s claws.

“You have grown more powerful since my retirement.” Murakami noted. “I would say I am impressed, if I did not know the hatred and rage that fuels your strength.”

“It is strength enough to strike you down, old man!” Shredder yelled.

Shredder tried kicking him in the head, but Murakami ducked under it and tried sweeping Shredder’s legs. Shredder leapt over the strike and tried bringing his claws down on him, only for Murakami to block them with his sword.

“You forget, Saki.” Murakami chastised. “Everything you know, I have taught you.”

He then shoved Shredder off and spun around, striking Shredder in the head with the hilt of his sword and sending him flying across the room.

“But I have not taught you everything I know.” Murakami finished.

Meanwhile, Hisako was still duking it out with Rahzar, using her tessen to continue avoiding his claws. She continued to try and reason with him as she did.

“I’ve been in your shoes.” She told him. “I was the victim of a sadistic scientist too. Even to this day, I lay awake at night thinking about what he did to me. But I got out. Leatherhead got out!”

Rahzar stole a glance at LH, who threw Armaggon into a wall with his brute strength.

“And I have a plan to free all of you.” Hisako insisted. “I just need you to trust me. Please.”

She grabbed his head, filling his mind with images of her plan. She also slipped him some feelings of hope, and boosted his desire for freedom while she was at it. As she pulled her hands away, she met Rahzar’s eyes and nodded.

“Now grab me and toss me as hard as you can.” she told him.

Rahzar followed through, grabbing Hisako and throwing her through the air…. Right at Dr. Chaplain. The doctor’s eyes widened.

“Oh Shi-!”

She tackled him to the ground, his head bouncing on the concrete. The remote fell from his hands as she grabbed it, holding it over her head.

“Donny!” she shouted. “Batter up!”

She lobbed the remote through the air, much to Shredder’s, Hun’s and Dr. Chaplain’s horror.

“No!” Chaplin cried out.

Donny then swung his staff at the remote, shattering it to pieces. All of the collars on the mutants began beeping, then they clicked, unlocking and falling to the ground. Tusk, Horns, Armaggon, and Rahzar all took their in shock. Their hands drifted up slowly to their necks, feeling the air rush across their skin for the first time ever. After getting over this moment of elation, they turned on their former captors with malicious grins.

“Aww Crud...” Hun let out.

Horns immediately charged at Hun, Tusks following right behind. The warthog grabbed the Gamaron, pinning his arms behind his back, allowing the rhino to plow right into him. Rahzar began shooting his claws all across the room, striking Motorheads and Dogpound soldiers alike. Armaggon gurgled loudly, sinking his teeth into a Motorhead before tossing him aside.

“Cowabunga!” Mikey cheered. “We’re winning this fight!”

“Yes...” Leatherhead agreed, snarling loudly as he launched himself back into the fray.

As he got back up, Shredder saw that the mutants were no longer under his control.

“This battle is over!” Shredder yelled. “Foot, fall back!”

The Foot forces began piling out, with Hun picking up Chaplin and running out. As Mashimi saw Shredder running away, he gripped his sword and chased after.

“Shredder!” Mashimi yelled.

Mashimi jumped into the air to try and attack, but Shredder simply turned and lifted his metal arm. The blades extended, piercing right through Mashimi’s chest. The counselor let out a choked gasp, the blade slipping from his grip.

“No!” Splinter screamed.

“Mashimi!” Murakami cried out.

Shredder sneered, then threw Mashimi off his blades and back into the building before taking off after his forces. Splinter and Murakami ran over to Mashimi to check on him, only to see the life fade from his eyes. The turtles all gasped, Miwa putting a hand to her mouth as Hisako clutched her forehead.

“He’s… gone.” she whispered.

Leatherhead and the rest of the mutants looked down mournfully as Splinter and Murakami gently picked up Mashimi.

“We cannot leave him here...” Splinter let out.

“The other counselors need help too.” Donny added.

“If we take them to a hospital, Shredder will no doubt find them and finish what he started.” Leo muttered bitterly.

“What about Galactic Enterprises?” Mikey suggested.

“It’s as good a place as any.” Raph declared.

Hisako turned to the mutants, wiping her eyes.

“Help us get the council out of here, and I promise we’ll help you.” she told them.

“You don’t even have to ask.” Tusks informed her.

The mutants spread out, each of them grabbing a council member from the rubble. All of them were in horrible shape, probably clinging to life themselves. Splinter’s eyes washed over them all, then he turned away as tears rolled down his snout.

“Come...” he said quietly. “It is time we leave this place.”

With nothing left to say, the group left the destroyed dojo, taking the counselors with them.

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