TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Revenge of the Triceratons

It was a beautiful afternoon in the city, everyone going about their business peacefully. Since it was a Saturday, April and Casey were taking a break from schoolwork to just enjoy the day. Now, they were sitting in an ice cream parlor with a large milkshake to share.

“Gotta say, this is nice.” April commented.

“Yeah.” Casey agreed. “Can’t remember the last time the two of us were able to be alone together.”

“I’m pretty sure it was before we met the turtles.” April joked.

“Yeah.” Casey agreed, chuckling. “Hard to believe all that’s happened since we met those guys.”

“Uh-huh.” April nodded. “But now that Shredder’s gone, life’s settled down a lot. Honestly, I’m a little bored.”

“Me too.” Casey admitted. “Though knowing us, it won’t be too long before trouble shows up again.”

“Too true.” April replied.

At that moment, a shadow began to pass over the street outside. People began to pause what they were doing, their eyes drifting upward. A woman carrying groceries ended up dropping them in shock while almost everyone pulled out their phones, aiming them at the sky. Casey and April saw this, exchanging glances before stepping outside. As they also found their gazes falling on the sky, their jaws dropped in unison.

“Careful what you wish for.” Casey said quietly.

April nodded as she pulled out her phone, hitting the speed dial for the Hamato Clan.


Down in their sewer lair, the Hamato siblings were in the middle of their afternoon drills. They moved in almost flawless synchrony, Splinter watching them with a careful eye as they performed their katas.

“Excellent form, my children.” Splinter commended. “The ability to work in perfect harmony is key for any group of ninja. This is especially true for you five. While you all have your own unique abilities and contributions to the group, they are meaningless without proper guidance and control.”

The siblings all stopped, bowing to their father.

Hai, sensei.” they replied in unison.

At that moment, the sound of a phone ringing filled the air. Splinter’s eyes narrowed at the sound.

“I thought I made it clear that there would be no cell phones allowed during training.” he admonished.

“Don’t look at me, Sensei.” Raph insisted, holding up his hands. “I bet it was Mikey.”

“Not me dude.” Mikey defended. “Probably Donny’s.”

“Do you honestly think that I would bring my shell cell to training?” Donny questioned.

“Yes.” His siblings replied all at once.

He turned slightly red, then fished into his pocket. He pulled out his phone, revealing it to be the one ringing.

“Donny...” Leo let out, shaking his head. “We talked about this.”

“I bet it’s Irma.” Hisako jeered, ribbing her brother playfully.

“Just be careful she doesn’t turn out to be our sister.” Mikey taunted.

Leo groaned.

“You are never going to let me live that down, are you?” he questioned.

Splinter then slammed his walking stick hard on the ground, drawing their attention.

“Donatello, perhaps you should answer the call, since you felt the need to bring your phone to practice despite my warnings.” he insisted.

Donny nodded as he pulled out the phone and answered it.

“Hello?” he began.

Donny, you guys might want to turn on the news.” April told him, her voice portraying a mixture of confusion and worry.

“Um, ok. What channel?” He inquired.

“Pick one.” She told him.

Now almost as confused as April, Donny wandered over to the living room, picking up the remote. His family joined him as he turned on the television, an emergency news alert immediately coming on screen.

Breaking news this afternoon as strange ships began appearing all across the city of New York.” The news anchor announced. “Described as large, cone-shaped chunks of rock in various sizes, these ships seem to be surrounding the entire planet, their focal point being none other than our fair city.

The siblings all went pale as fuzzy footage of the ships was displayed, no doubt taken from someone’s camera phone. Upon seeing the ever-familiar shape of the Triceraton Homeworld, the five ninjas found themselves completely and utterly shocks.

“No way...” Raph let out.

“How… how did they find us?” Hisako questioned.

“Why are they here?” Leo inquired.

“Care to fill me in on what is going on here?” Splinter questioned harshly.

“Uh… funny story, Sensei.” Mikey replied. “True story even.”

Before he could begin the story, the news anchor began to speak again.

Wait- Hang on, I’m just getting word that something is happening to the largest ship!

Everyone’s eyes returned to the screen as live footage began to play. From the Homeworld ship, a large beam of light came shining down, touching down in the water near Ellis Island. The beam of light then extended, becoming an oversized holographic projection of Prime Leader Zanramon.

“No way...” Mikey let out. “He’s alive?!”

“Trax told me he survived, but I didn’t believe it til just now.” Raph spoke up.

The holographic Prime Leader seemed to tap on someone wrapped around his throat. It began flashing as he spoke, his words in perfect English.

“People of planet Earth.” Zanramon spoke. “I am Zanramon, Prime Leader of the proud Triceraton Republic. I have journeyed far, across many star systems. All to reach your world for one reason, and one reason alone.”

His image then faded away, replaced with five smaller images. The siblings all froze as they realized it was their images, specifically the mugshots taken when they were arrested by the Triceratons.

These five creatures are fugitives of the Triceraton Republic.” Zanramon announced. “I have tracked them down to this planetoid, so they can be brought to justice for their crimes. Deliver them to us within the next orbital cycle, and no harm will come to your people. Fail to turn them over, and your entire planet will suffer my wrath. Choose wisely.

The hologram died, and Donny wordlessly turned off the TV. The five siblings then slowly turned to face their father, feeling the anger radiating off him.

“Someone explain.” Splinter told them. “Now!”

They jumped, then Leo let out an awkward cough.

“Remember when we were sent to space all those months ago?” Leo began. “Well… we sort of got into some trouble with the Triceratons.”

“We were framed, sensei!” Mikey insisted. “That guy just wanted to use us to get Professor Honeycutt to cooperate.”

“Though we did do a number on his forces.” Donny pointed out. “And his prison. And his gladiatorial arena before feeding him to a giant… I’m just gonna shut up now.”

“That be nice.” Raph told him.

“We never thought they’d be able to find us.” Hisako voiced. “Nobody had heard of earth on that side of space, so we figured we were safe.”

“Guess we were wrong.” Leo lamented.


Aboard the Triceraton homeworld, Zanramon sat down in his throne, having concluded his speech. He turned to Commander Mozar, letting out a small snort.

“Are the ground troops ready to deploy?” he questioned.

“Yes, Prime Leader.” Mozar confirmed. “All forces armed and awaiting your orders.”

“Then let the hunt begin.” Zanramon ordered.


Several transport ships, much like the one the turtles had stowed away in so many months ago, began to descend from the sky. They landed in the streets, sending people screaming and running away as entire armies of Triceratons marched out of the ships. Small flyers streaked through the sky, trying to catch any sign of their elusive prey.


“I’ll bet it was that slime ball Kraang.” Raph growled, slamming his fist against the arm of the couch. “He probably told those horn heads exactly where we were.”

“How they managed to find you is irrelevant.” Splinter spoke up. “What matters now is the situation we are currently facing.”

“Right.” Donny agreed. “Now everyone on the planet knows we exist.”

“Not necessarily.” Hisako mused. “Everyone just knows that Zanramon is hunting five fugitives, four of whom look incredibly alien. We might be able to use this.”

“Whatcha thinkin, sis?” Mikey asked.

“I’m thinking that if we can get up there, we can make our way to the Prime Leader and I can make him pull an ‘oops, wrong planet’.” she replied. “The only problem is getting up to the Homeworld without being seen by Triceratons and humans alike.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Leo agreed. “We just need a way to get up to the Triceraton homeworld.”

“That should be the easy part, actually.” Donny chimed in. “We just need to get to Galactic Enterprises and use the Transmat device to beam up there.”

“All while avoiding terrified humans and bloodthirsty Triceratons.” Mikey added. “Should be fun.”

“Then I suggest we better get going.” Splinter told them. “Before the public devolves into a panic.”

The five nodded as they headed out.


Back in the city, April and Casey had ducked back into the ice cream parlor, the owner closing and locking the doors as everyone cowered in fear. Hiding in their booth, April turned to Casey in wide-eyed fear.

“That was the guys.” she whispered. “That Zanramon guy is hunting the guys.”

“Wonder what they did to get him so ticked off.” Casey pondered.

“No idea,” April replied. “But we better get somewhere safe before this gets any worse than it already is.”

As if on cue, a platoon of Triceratons began marching down the street, passing by the parlor. They were led by one that was holding some sort of scanner. The leader passed by the window, his scanner passing over the two. Suddenly, the scanner started beeping loudly.

“Umm, I don’t like the look of that.” Casey let out.

The Triceratons turned to the parlor, aiming their blasters at the window. The two dropped down just as the glass exploded, raining down glass on top of them. Triceratons then burst into the parlor, overturning the booth and revealing April and Casey.

“Targets acquired.” The Triceraton announced, his breathing apparatus also serving as a translator. “Designations: April and Casey.”

“April, run!” Casey yelled.

The two then got up and began to bolt. The Triceratons immediately tried to give chase, following them out the back entrance. Once they got outside, they slammed the door shut as Casey shoved a dumpster in the way.

“We need to get to my bike and get out of here!” Casey insisted.

Something large threw itself against the door, nearly jostling the dumpster. April yelped as Casey grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the alley. They hopped onto Casey’s bite, yanking their helmets on just as more Triceratons began swarming them.

“Hang on!” Casey warned. “We gotta split!”

He then gunned the engine, sending them both screaming down the street as the Triceratons gave chase. Laser fire rained down on them, forcing Casey to dodge and weave to avoid it. April clung to him tighter, trying desperately to remain on the bike.

“The targets are attempting to escape!” One Triceraton shouted.

“After them!” another snapped.

The laser fire increased as April cried out in fear.

“Casey, you know how I’m always telling you not to go so fast?” she let out.

“Yeah?” Casey questioned.

“Go faster!!” she shrieked.

Casey obliged and revved the engine as far as it could go. As they sped off, a Triceraton on the roof took aim with a long-ranged rifle.

“Target in sight.” He reported.

Take them.” Mozar ordered through a communicator. “They will lead us to our true targets.

The Triceraton sniper nodded, then fired once. The blast door through the front tire, causing the bike to skid out of control. Both of its riders began screaming in terror as they were thrown clear, rolling along the road before coming to a stop. The Triceratons quickly picked them up as the leader looked down at his scanner. He crossed out two pictures on the display, leaving only three other images. They were all images pulled from Mikey’s shell cell, profile pictures for his various contacts.

“Two down, three to go.” the leader announced.


Leo peaked through the edge of a manhole cover in an alley next to Galactic Enterprises, looking out at the street.

“Coast is clear for now.” He reported. “Let’s move.”

The Hamato family quickly climbed out of the sewer, keeping to the shadows as they approached the back door. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a door knob, only a panel next to the door.

“Donny, explanation?” Leo requested.

“It looks like a hand scanner.” Donny reported. “It’s probably what opens the door.”

Splinter turned to Hisako, giving her a nod. She returned the gesture, placing her hand on the panel. It scanned her hand, then turned green.

Welcome Hamato Hisako.” It announced in an automated voice.

The door then slid upward, allowing the Hamato family entrance. They all slipped in, the door closing behind them.

“Samson?” Hisako called out. “Samson, it’s me! We’ve got trouble!”

“Hisako!” Samson called back, walking towards her. “We saw the broadcast. Are you alright?”

“We won’t be if those Triceratons get their hands on us.” Raph answered.

“And if the city finds out we’re here, they’ll crucify us!” Mikey cried out.

“We need to get up there and fix this situation before our existence is the next big story on the Channel 6 news.” Leo insisted. “Is Professor Honeycutt around?”

“In the transmat room.” Samson told them. “I suggest you hurry.”

The ninjas all bolted for the transmat room, finding the frantic cyborg in the middle of some panicked calculations.

“How in the name of all things sacred did they track us here?!” he exclaimed. “This doesn’t make any sense! The transmat device doesn’t leave any viable trail, so they would have-?”

“Everything kosher, Professor?” Mikey asked.

Professor Honeycutt nearly jumped out of what remained of his skin as he looked up at the turtles. When he saw them all there, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank the stars, you’re all alright!” he let out, running over to them. “Oh, I knew that Zanramon would be furious for our escape, but I never thought he’d find us here. This planet should have been safe!”

“Hey, no one’s blaming you Professor.” Donny reassured. “But we could use your help.”

“Do you think you could beam us up to the Triceraton Homeworld?” Hisako questioned.

“I do indeed.” Honeycutt confirmed. “But why would you want to do that? Don’t tell me you plan to surrender yourselves to those barbarians!”

“Hardly.” Raph replied. “We’re gonna go up there and tell Zanramon that he got the wrong planet. The Hisako way.”

The cyborg looked at them, then his organic eye sparkled.

“I see.” he mused. “Well then, you’ll need to be ported somewhere discrete and unassuming. Any suggestions?”

“We’d need to be somewhere we could move around unseen.” Leo thought. “Somewhere that we could move around freely.”

The siblings exchanged looks, then nodded.

“Sewers.” they said in unison.

“It maybe smelly, but it’s a Ninja Turtle trademark.” Mikey quipped.

“We must make haste.” Splinter insisted. “Time is of the essence.”

The Hamato family all climbed onto the transmat, but before Splinter could join them, the Professor caught his arm.

“I do not think it would be wise for you to accompany them.” he voiced.

“I will not stand idly by while my family is confronting such impossible odds.” Splinter insisted.

“I fear you may have to.” The professor told him. “Unlike them, you are not bonded with a cerebralite.”

Everyone was confused for a second, then Donny conked himself on the head.

“That’s right!” he let out. “I’d forgotten about those things! We nearly choked on their atmosphere until they saved us!”

“If sensei went up there, he wouldn’t last a minute.” Leo rationalized. “I can’t believe we forgot something like that.”

“Well, in our defense, it has been a busy few weeks.” Mikey interject.

“Sorry Sensei, but this is one mess we need to fix on our own.” Hisako told him.

Splinter looked upon his children, worried and conflicted. After a minute, he took a deep breath, then sighed.

“Go, my children.” he told them. “Be careful. This mission is one we cannot afford to fail.”

He bowed to them, and they bowed in return. As they did this, Professor Honeycutt powered on the transmat, sending the Hamato siblings up into space.


As the lights of the transmat finally faded, the Hamato siblings found themselves in a dark, damp tunnel that reeked of several variations of nastiness.

“Well, safe to say we’re in the sewer.” Raph noted, holding his nose.

“I miss the D’Hoonib sewers.” Mikey let out. “They were so clean you could eat off of them.”

“Guys, focus.” Leo snapped. “We’re on a time crunch here.”

“Right.” Raph replied, snapping back into focus. “Let’s roll.”

They made their way through the sewers, keeping to the edge so their footsteps wouldn’t be detected, and making a remarkable pace. Unfortunately, they’d made a grave miscalculation in their plan, something that became apparent with Mikey’s next question.

“Does anyone know where we are?” he asked.

The Hamato siblings stopped in their tracks, honestly unsure of how to answer. They looked around the unmarked tunnels, not seeing any way of knowing exactly where they were, or even where’d they been.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Raph exclaimed. “Are you saying that none of us thought of how we were gonna get around down here?!”

“Well it was kinda a cobbled together plan.” Donny reasoned.

“So, we’re completely lost.” Hisako let out. “Just great. So, we’ve wasted our time down here while the Triceratons invade our home!”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Leo spoke up. “Let’s not lose focus here. There’s got to be some way to tell these tunnels apart.”

“Besides,” Donny interjected, “if we keep shouting at each other like this, we’re going to get ourselves-”

Just then, several figures emerged from the tunnels, swarming the siblings and aiming laser blasters at them. The siblings froze, looking at their new companions as they slowly lifted their hands above their heads.

“...caught.” Donny concluded.


Deep in the waters of the Hudson River, Leatherhead swam through the murky depths. A stray fish crossed his path, and quickly became food for the hungry croc. As he surfaced for a breath of air, the croc caught sight of the space ships landing in the street.

“What… is this?”

Crawling out of the water, he walked on all fours towards the street. Careful to keep his head down, he watched as the Triceratons marched across the street, heavily armed and clearly on the hunt. One sniff of these strange creatures was all he needed to tell they were bad news. He prepared to retreat, knowing they outnumbered him ten thousand to one. Unfortunately, one of the Triceratons armed with a scanner managed to catch sight of him. The scanner began to beep, and an entire platoon stopped marching.

“Target acquired.” the leader announced. “Designation: Leatherhead.”

“Proceeding with capture.” one of the other soldiers reported.

Hearing those words, Leatherhead’s eyes began to glow. He ceased his retreat turning to the oncoming Triceratons with an angry growl.

“You want me?” he snarled, rising and baring his teeth. “Come and get me!”

Leatherhead then leapt out and slashed at one of the Triceratons. The Triceraton stepped back in pain as Leatherhead pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. The other Triceratons started shooting at him, but he powered through the blasts, his thick hide barely getting singed. If he felt any pain, it only added fuel to the proverbial fire.

He leapt at another Triceraton and bit down on his arm, causing him to cry out. Leatherhead then, turned to another Triceraton coming from behind and whacked him away with a swipe of his claw. He then ran towards another oncoming Triceraton and dug his claws into his chest.

“W-what is this thing?!” One of the Triceratons stammered.

“It’s a bloodthirsty monster!” another screamed.

“We need to put it down!” A third snapped.

“No!” the commander shouted. “This thing is connected to the four Gamarons and the humanoid! We need it to find them!”

“Then what are your orders, sir?” the first Triceraton questioned.

“Tranquilize this thing immediately!” The commander ordered. “The Prime leader wants it alive. He never said it had to be conscious.”

The Triceratons nodded as they set their weapons for stun. They all opened fire on him in one massive barrage. The resulting wave of stunning fire had Leatherhead roaring louder than ever before. After a minute, the wave of fire ceased, leaving Leatherhead standing there. He staggered for a minute, reaching a shaking claw towards the Triceratons before his eyes rolled back in his head. He flopped onto his stomach, out like a light.

“Take him.” the commander ordered.

The Triceratons moved in on the helpless crocodile.


Back up in the sewers of the Triceraton homeworld, the Hamato siblings were almost certain they were about to be shot. Their hands were above their heads, but the slight glow on their weapons meant they would be ready in an instant.

“Great.” Raph lamented. “The Hamato family luck seems to be working true to form.”

“Maybe they were just planning a welcome party.” Mikey suggested.

“Your optimism astounds me sometimes, Mikey.” Donny let out.

Before their captors could fire, a familiar voice cried out.


Everyone froze as a lone figure pushed her way through the crowd. Upon laying eyes on the figure, Raph lowered his arms and his eyes widened.

“M-Mona…” He let out.

“Raphael...” Y’Gythgba, better known as Mona Lisa, gasped.

The two stepped slowly towards one another, then embraced each other.

“I cannot believe I am seeing you with my own eyes again!” Lisa cheered. “I thought our meeting in the Arena of Carnage would be our last.”

“I was wonderin if I’d see you too.” Raph admitted. “Man, don’t it feel good to be wrong.”

They eventually released one another as Lisa turned towards the Triceratons.

“Stand down.” she commanded. “These are the Gamarons and the humanoid, the very ones who are responsible for the start of our great revolution.”

The Triceratons lowered their weapons as Hisako allowed the glow to die. The rest of the siblings all let out sighs of relief as Mikey grinned widely.

“Guess the optimist was right about this one.” he quipped.

“Don’t let it go to your head.” Donny told him.

“Gamarons, why have you come here?” Lisa questioned. “The Prime Leader is out for your blood and will stop at nothing to ensure your ultimate demise at his hands.”

“That’s exactly why we’re here.” Leo responded. “We’re gonna pay Zanramon a visit and convince him that he’s got the wrong planet.”

Mona Lisa stroked her chin, as if trying to contemplate what she’d heard.

“Getting close to the Prime Leader will be difficult, not to mention risky.” she admitted. “We will have to consult with Traximus before moving forward.”

“How is ole Traxy doing?” Mikey asked. “We haven’t heard from him since the Battle Nexus.”

“Perhaps you should ask him yourself.” Mona Lisa offered before giving the siblings a ‘follow-me’ motion. “He will no doubt be anxious to know you are here.”

The siblings nodded as they followed Lisa through the sewers.


After seeing his children off, Splinter had snuck out of Galactic Enterprises, making his way towards Murakami’s noodle shop. While he was certain his old master could take care of himself, he knew that he would need Murakami’s guidance to help him come to terms with the situation his family was currently in. Making sure to remain undetected by the patrols of Triceratons, Splinter slipped through the back entrance, and was nearly decapitated by Murakami’s katana. Only a timely parry with his walking stick prevented him from losing his head.

“Murakami-san.” Splinter spoke up. “It is me, Yoshi.”

“Yoshi?” Murakami realized, lowering his sword. “What are you doing here? Where are your children?”

Splinter sighed, lowering his walking stick.

“They are currently on a mission to preserve our family’s secret.” he answered. “I was… unable to accompany them.”

Murakami noted the somber tone in Splinter’s voice and walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I sense a great turmoil in you, Yoshi.” he said. “You are worried about your students.”

“They have faced many dangers in the past, but I have always been there when their greatest challenges reared their heads.” Splinter explained. “Now, the fate of our entire way of life, as well as the fate of the planet, rests on their shoulders, and I can do nothing to help them.”

“Have faith in your children, Yoshi.” Murakami reassured. “They are capable warriors. After all, they had an amazing teacher.”

Splinter sighed, sitting down at a table as Murakami joined him.

“Then again, perhaps it is not that you do not believe that they are incapable, but that as their father, you wish to be there to support them.” Murakami suggested.

“Perhaps…” Splinter admitted.

“I know how you feel.” Murakami confided. “I felt the same over the years, missing you.”

Splinter looked up in surprise.

“But… I was believed to be dead.” he remembered.

“And I blamed myself for my failure to protect you.” Murakami replied. “I was the one who brought you into the Foot. I turned a hungry little boy into a warrior but was unable to help him when he needed me the most.”

Murakami looked down at his sword, running his hand along the blade.

“That regret remained with me, until the day we were reunited.” He continued. “I learned that my regret was unfounded, that you had not only survived, but flourished under even the most arduous of circumstances. If you can survive all the world has to offer, I have no doubt that your children can do the same.”

Splinter smiled at his old master’s words. Suddenly, the door to the shop was blasted open, and several Triceratons came charging in. Both masters jumped to their feet, their weapons at the ready as the lead Triceraton held up his beeping scanner.

“The final two designated targets have been located.” The lead Triceraton announced. “Designations: Master Splinter and Gyoza Guru.”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, both masters were surprised by the name given to Murakami. However, Splinter recognized where is was from.

“That was the name Michelangelo gave you in his shell cell contact list.” Splinter remarked.

“That does sound like something he would do.” Murakami mused. “However, how did these intruders learn it?”

“Donatello had to make him a new shell cell after their adventure in space a few months back.” Splinter recalled. “It would seem that these creatures procured it.”

“And if we are the final designated targets, then who were the first ones?” Murakami questioned.

Splinter blanched, realizing the only other targets possible.

“Miss O’Neil, Mr. Jones, and Leatherhead.” He answered, turning to the approaching Triceratons. “What have you done with them?”

“Our orders are to capture the designated targets alive.” the commander answered. “Come quietly, and no harm will come to you. Resist, and we will be forced to use-”

Several laser guns powered up, aiming at the two masters.

“-extreme measures.” the commander concluded.

Splinter’s grip tightened on his walking stick, prepared to fight. However, the sound of Murakami’s sword clattering to the ground stopped him.

“No need to go that far.” The old man insisted, raising his hands. “I’m an old, blind man, and not up for a fight against odds not in my favor.”

“Murakami-san.” Splinter hissed.

“Yoshi, a true ninja is the master of patience.” Murakami recited. “They wait until an opportunity presents itself and stays their hand until it comes. Now is the time to wait.”

Seeing the wisdom in his master’s words, Splinter dropped his walking stick, raising his hands as well. The Triceratons were surprised, but did not hesitate to move in.

“Put them with the others.” The lead Triceraton ordered. “We’ll transport them all to Prime Leader Zanramon.”


Back with the Hamato siblings, they kept walking through the sewers, their Triceraton entourage following close behind. As they walked, Raph caught up with Mona Lisa, eager to get caught up.

“So, how have you been since the Arena of Carnage?” he asked.

“I have been fighting ever since.” she explained. “The Prime Leader has been doing everything in his power to quell our rebellion. He is merciless with any of our followers, torturing them for information. Though none have broken under his methods, many have lost their lives, so the rebellion could live… including G’Throkka.”

“Sal?” Raph realized. “Oh, Lisa, I’m sorry.”

“He sacrificed himself so Monza-Ram and the Allstars could complete a raid on the weapons depo.” she added. “Were it not for him, our numbers would be even fewer than they are now.”

That was when they entered a large junction of the sewers, easily three times the size of the Hamato family lair, and full of Triceratons and other alien species.

“Of course, our rebellion is nothing to sneeze.” Lisa admitted.

The siblings looked around in awe at their surroundings as a familiar face stepped towards them.

“Welcome my friends.” He greeted.

“Traximus!” they all let out, running up to him.

He waved to them all, giving Hisako a pat on the shoulder.

“Glad to see you in better health, little one.” he told her. “Though I wish our reunion was under better circumstances.”

“Eh, take what you get I guess.” Mikey dismissed.

“Traximus, The Prime leader is threatening our very existence.” Leo explained. “Our world doesn’t know we exist, but if Zanramon gets his way, even if we do survive this invasion, our own planet will become our new prison.”

“I fear you are not his only targets.” Traximus reported. “Zanramon wanted to ensure your capture, so he had his science division hack into a strange device that apparently belonged to you. He apparently found it back on Incarceron.”

“My shell cell!” Mikey realized.

“But what could he get from that?” Hisako questioned.

“His contact list.” Donny realized, horror crossing his face. “Plus, the faces of all of our friends!”

“You mean… they turned my contact list into a hit list?!” Mikey screamed.

“I am afraid so.” Traximus reported. “We managed to get a copy of the list before the invasion began.”

He tapped on a mechanical wristband, bringing up the “hit list”. It had the names and faces of all their friends, including Splinter and Murakami. Raph eyed Murakami’s name, giving his brother a withering look.

“Gyoza Guru?” he read. “Really?”

“I happen to think it’s clever and comedic.” Mikey defended.

“Hang on, guys.” Donnie spoke up, examining the list. “Look at the status updates.”

They did, and they all went pale when they saw the word ‘apprehended’ under all five entries.

“No way...” Raph let out. “They got all of them?!”

“April, Casey, Leatherhead, Murakami… Sensei.” Leo listed off. “The Triceratons have them all.”

“What do we do?” Hisako questioned.

The siblings all exchanged worried looks, honestly unsure of what to do next.

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