TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

End of an Era

At the United Nations building, all of the world leaders were in a panic over Zanramon’s threats. His latest warning, as well as the decrease in their time limit had them all pulling their hair out. As all the leaders were yelling and shouting out ideas, a lone man in a business suit and shades stepped forward. Adjusting his black tie, he walked into the center of the room, all of the leaders quieting as he did.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now is not the time to devolve into primitive hysterics.” he insisted. “My name is Agent John Bishop. I am a member of the Earth Protection Force.”

“And what exactly has your ‘Protection Force’ done to combat this alien threat?” The French representative demanded.

“We are doing everything we can to maintain peace in the city.” Bishop reassured. “I have my best field operatives on the case, even as we speak.”

“And what of these strange creatures?” the United States President questioned. “These… ‘Gamarons’?”

Before Bishop had a chance to answer, the large video screen that dominated the room suddenly crackled to life, displaying the face of a livid Prime Leader Zanramon. All of the World Leaders gasped in fright, but Agent Bishop remained unfazed. He faced the screen, adjusting his glasses.

“Prime Leader.” he greeted. “I’m assuming your forces have yet to locate your targets.”

"I have not.” Zanramon replied. “And your time is running out. So I suggest you hand them over, before I reduce your planet to stardust!”

Suddenly, something struck Zanramon on the side of the head, knocking him to the side. The camera suddenly tilted sideways, the feed cutting off. Everyone stared at the screen in confusion, but Bishop merely smirked.

“About time.” he let out.


Zanramon slowly picked himself up off the ground, looking down at what had struck him. His eyes widened when he saw it was a familiar metal fan.

“They’re here!” He let out. “Find them!”

A group of troops nodded as they spread out to search the area. While Zanramon’s back was turned, a large figure darted past, taking the tessen back before disappearing into the shadows of the room. The soldiers continued looking around for any trace of their assailants, but found nothing. Suddenly a shadowy figure darted behind them and struck one of them in the back of the head, knocking him out. Said figure then grabbed the downed soldier by the ankles, dragging him into the darkness.

“Did you hear something?” One of the soldiers questioned.

“I think so.” another soldier replied.

Both soldiers were then forced to head-butt one another, knocking each other out before they too were dragged into the darkness. Only two more soldiers remained, and having lost track of their compatriots, they were beginning to feel on edge. Commander Mozar observed the scene, letting out a growl.

“Prime Leader, we need reinforcements.” he insisted. “We can’t afford to let these creatures win.”

“Very well.” Zanramon relented before activating his comms. “All additional forces to the communications chamber! Repeat, all additional forces to the communications chamber!”


Having heard the call, most of the Triceratons in the lower levels were making their way towards the communications chamber. After a few minutes, the sound of footsteps died down and the hallways emptied. This was when a large manhole cover slid away, allowing Traximus to climb out. He glanced down the hallway, checking for stragglers before turning back to the hole.

“All clear.” he announced.

Once given the go ahead, Lisa, Monza Ram, and the rest of the Resistance fighters climbed out of the sewer. They kept close to the wall, moving on Traximus’ signal towards the armory.

“No doubt there will still be guards on duty.” Monza Ram whispered. “Be ready.”

Lisa merely primed her laser gun, putting herself on one side of the door as Traximus took the other. After exchanging nods, Traximus opened the door to reveal a group of about seven Triceratons scattered throughout the room. The two quickly entered the room and started shooting at them, taking them out. About three fell before the remaining four began to return fire, forcing Lisa and Traximus to take cover. The four soldiers fired upon them relentlessly, not giving them even the slightest opening.

“Rakkan hell!” Lisa cursed.

That’s when Monza Ram and the All-Stars entered, returning fire of their own. They wasted no time shooting down three of the four remaining Triceratons with relative ease. The last Triceraton looked at his opponents, as well as Traximus and Mona Lisa, then promptly dropped his weapon and raised his hands. Traximus snorted.

“A wise decision.” he commented.

Mona Lisa kept her gun trained on the guy as Monza Ram moved across the armory. He approached a small crate off in the corner, lifting the lid to reveal a palm scanner.

“This is how we get in.” he announced, turning back towards the captive soldier. “Open the way for us.”

The Triceraton nodded before placing his hand on the scanner, opening the door. As the door opened up, Lisa ushered the captive Triceraton towards a closet where the rest of the guards were being put. He willingly stepped inside as the door was shut, locking with a pneumatic hiss.

“How many will be down there?” Lisa questioned Monza Ram.

“At least four.” he answered. “One to man, three to guard.”

“We take the guards first.” Trax deduced. “Then we focus on the one manning the cannon.”

“Once we disable the men, how do we stop the cannon?” Lisa asked.

One of the all-stars smashed open a box, pulling out a collection of Triceraton detonators.

“We destroy it.” he answered.

Lisa nodded as the group went out.


Back with the turtles and their friends, they continued to move in the shadows to avoid detection by the Triceratons. This was difficult with Hisako just barely there and being carried by Leatherhead. Thankfully, the crocodile was excellent at playing the part of the silent hunter. He kept Hisako close as he skulked in the darkness, staying out of the reach of their alien pursuers. Splinter and Murakami stayed close to one another, the former aiding the latter in remaining unseen. Casey stuck close to the ground, a stolen shock staff in his hands as he waited for an unfortunate victim to cross his path.

About that time, reinforcements arrived, pouring into the room. Mozar gave silent orders, having them fan out and scan the room. The new soldiers watched each other’s backs, making sneak attacks nearly impossible.

“That’s a lot of Triceratons.” Raph hissed.

“We’re gonna have to move fast to take them down.” Leo responded.

“Keep it stealthy my brothers.” Mikey told them. “We got th-”

Suddenly, a laser blast struck the ceiling where he was hanging. It started him, causing to let go of his holding with a yelp. He fell down into the open, right into the middle of a bunch of waiting Triceratons.

“Uh… hey everyone.” Mikey waved sheepishly.

The Triceratons aimed their weapons at the turtle as the others leapt out of their hiding places to fight the Triceratons head on. Donny swung his staff at a Triceratons face, causing him to stumble back. Raph jammed his sai into the barrel of another’s gun, wrenching it from his grip before freeing his weapon and kicking the Triceraton aside. Leo sliced a Triceratons gun barrel clean off as Mikey ran up, leapt off Leo’s shell, and kicked the Triceraton right in the face, knocking him to the ground.

“Yeah, Goongala!” Casey cheered, jamming his shock staff into the gut of a Triceraton before twirling it around and hitting another. “Time for the hunters to become the hunted!”

“You heard him, Leatherhead.” Hisako grinned, holding onto the croc’s back with one arm and drawing her tessen with the other. “Let’s show these things whose boss!”

Leatherhead barreled out and proceeded to slash and maim every Triceraton in sight. Hisako’s tessen went out in an arc, striking any attempted snipers hiding in the shadows.

“Woo!” she cried out. “Even running on fumes, I still kick shell!”

“Way to go, sis!” Raph cried out, elbowing a Triceraton in the face.

Splinter meanwhile, was holding his own against the Triceratons quite well. Striking the alien warrior at key nerve points caused them to go stiff as boards, falling over like dominoes. Murakami was having similar results, dodging and weaving the loud, hulking beasts with ease.

“If only the Yakuza had been this loud and gangly.” Murakami quipped. “Perhaps the true Foot Clan would have managed to wipe them out.”

“If only!” Splinter called back.

As the fight continued, Mozar and Zanramon observed the fight with a mixture of contempt and anger.

“How are these off worlders defeating the best soldiers in the Triceraton army?!” Zanramon demanded.

“The Gamarons and the humanoid have proven valiant warriors in the past.” Mozar reminded.

“They are pathetic, worthless scum of the universe!” Zanramon shrieked. “I want them destroyed in the next cycle, or you’ll join them on the execution block!”

“Y-yes sir!” Mozar replied.

Grabbing a gun for himself, he ran into the fray.


Back with Traximus and his team, they were enduring an incredibly tense elevator ride down to the Decimator Cannon. Lisa glanced over at Monza-Ram and the rest of the All-Stars, clearly conflicted about how she felt about them. She gripped her weapon, as if contemplating whether or not to use it. Finally, the elevator stopped, opening up to the control center for the Decimator Cannon.

“We need to move fast.” Monza-Ram informed the group. “Even with the off worlder’s distraction, it will not be long before our efforts are noticed.”

“Just tell us where to plant the charges.” Lisa replied coldly.

“Right.” Monza-Ram replied, focusing up. “Follow me.”

The group followed him, planting the charges wherever Monza-Ram directed them. Thankfully, the job was a quick one.

“Charges planted.” Traximus reported. “How are things on your end, April O’Neil?”

"All charges are linked up to the set-up down here." April reported over a comm link. ”I’ll be ready to detonate on your signal."

“Good, then it is time we leave this place.” Traximus declared.

The team quickly made their way towards the elevator. As they tried to make their escape, the doors opened, revealing a squad of Triceratons.

“Seems the Commander was right.” One spoke up. “The off worlders were a distraction.”

“Take them all.” another ordered. “We’ll make them all squeal.”

The Triceratons opened fire, causing the team to scatter. One of the All Stars managed to tackle Lisa out of the way, but she just shoved him off.

“I don’t need your help!” She insisted, opening fire on the Triceratons.

Blaster fire zipped back and forth, pinning the team down and not giving them very much options. Laser fire was traded between both groups, neither getting lucky enough to hit the other. Traximus was becoming increasingly frustrated by this turn of events, and part of him feared that one stray shot would set of the bombs prematurely. He ducked out from his position and fired off a few shots, actually hitting one of the Triceratons before ducking back.

“We need to make for the elevator!” he shouted.

“Well there are a dozen enemy Triceratons between us and it!” Mona Lisa snapped, peeking out and letting off a shot before retracting once more.

“We need a way to clear our path!” Monza-Ram proposed.

Two All Stars both popped up, letting loose a volley of fire at the enemy to try and do just that. The Triceratons moved towards the corners of the entrance, allowing a small opening for the team to escape. Mona Lisa went for it first, alerting the enemy to their ploy.

“They’re making a break for it!” One shouted.

“Not for long.” another retorted.

He leveled his gun with Lisa, firing a shot. Monza-Ram saw the blast and moved on instinct. He was struck in the stomach by the blast, crying out in pain as he fell.

“Monza-Ram!” One of the All-Star’s shouted.

Lisa turned to the downed Triceraton in shock. Her surprise at his actions allowed the Triceratons to surround them, their guns aimed at her and the downed Monza-Ram.

“All of you will surrender, or these two will be the first to die!” One of the enemy Triceratons swore.

Lisa sneered at the Triceraton, then her eyes glanced down at Monza-Ram. Despite her earlier confliction, she found herself pained by his condition. She looked over at Traximus, reluctant acceptance in her eyes.

“Do it.” she said quietly.

Begrudgingly, Traximus tossed down his weapon and raised his hands in surrender. Lisa did the same as the Triceratons took them prisoner. The other All-stars followed suit as the enemy Triceraton opened a communication line.

“Commander Mozar, this is Trooper Zog.” he reported. “We’ve captured the rebel leader and his forces. What are your orders?”

"Bring them to Prime Leader Zanramon.” Mozar ordered. “He will decide their fate along with the Gamarons.”


Back with the fight, despite the increased number of Triceratons, the fight was starting to go in favor of the good guys. Raph leapt into the air and brought his foot down on top of a Triceraton’s head, knocking him out. Leo did a handstand, split kicking a pair of Triceratons before flipping back onto his feet. Mikey leapt onto the back of one and pulled on its horns, causing it to thrash around trying to get the turtle off. Casey was doing the same thing, and the two quickly made their Triceratons bash into one another, hopping off at the last second before sharing a high five.

Donny dodged around several blaster shots before extending one of his blades and stabbing it into the Triceratons blaster. He then wrenched it out of the Triceratons hands before smacking it across the face. Splinter ran towards a Triceraton and leapt into the air, kicking it in the chest and knocking it into a wall. Splinter then threw his walking stick at another oncoming Triceraton, disorienting it so he could come up and strike it in the head, knocking it out.

Murakami stood in the middle of a group of four Triceratons, effortlessly dodging and weaving to avoid their blows. One tried to punch him and he grabbed the arm, flipping the alien dino over his shoulder and into another. The other two were easily dealt with via a well times double kick counter. Leatherhead was tearing into one Triceraton after another, Hisako on his shoulders. Her strength was back, so she flipped off of him, throwing her tessen in wide arcs. They disarmed several of the soldiers, leaving them easy pickings for her crocodile boyfriend.

“Nice to have you back in action, sis.” Raph replied, punching out a Triceraton.

“Good to be back.” She replied, getting her tessen back. “I hate being laid up like that.”

The two then returned to the fray, knocking out a few more Triceratons along the way. Still watching all of this, Zanramon’s already limited patience was coming to an end.

“My finest warriors… beaten by these offworlder… ingrates!” He exclaimed. “How is this possible?!”

“It matters not.” Mozar assured him. “This fight is ours.”

Zanramon turned to see Traximus and his team being lead into the room cuffed up. The turtles and Hisako froze, Casey, Splinter, and Murakami all doing the same.

“Lisa!” Raph cried out before turning to Mozar. “You even think about hurting her, and heads are gonna roll!”

“That depends on you, Gamaron.” Zanramon replied. “Stand down now, or your comrades suffer the consequences.”

The soldiers holding their allies prisoner all aimed their weapons, making it quite clear what those consequences would be. Raph glared intensely at the Triceraton Prime Leader, wanting nothing better than to take him out. Reluctantly though, he dropped his sai. Everyone else dropped their weapons as well, even Master Splinter and Casey. Zanramon grinned.

“Take them all, and prepare another camera.” He ordered. “I’ll execute all of these miserable creatures as an example to all who cross the Triceraton Republic!”

“But sir,” Mozar spoke up. “What about a right to trial?”

Zanramon turned on Mozar, grabbing him by the front of his uniform.

“Are you questioning my orders?” He snarled.

“N-no sir.” Mozar replied. “I just… want to see these creatures face true justice.”

“I decree that they are to be executed.” Zanramon snapped. “THAT is true justice! They, and all of their traitorous, rebel filth will be destroyed! Now do as I say, or join them!”

“... yes, sir.” Mozar relented.

He gestured to the men, who grabbed the turtles and their allies, cuffing them and leading them off.


Sometime later, all of them were lead into the throne room, getting dropped to their knees in a long row. Monza-Ram’s stomach wound had been given a temporary patch, Zanramon determined to make him live to see his proper execution. Traximus looked up at Mozar, just watching all this take place.

“Why are you just standing there?” Traximus questioned. “You know this isn’t right.”

“I have my duties Traximus.” Mozar told him. “I cannot disobey the Prime Leader.”

“You know that he has corrupted our once great republic.” Traximus insisted, struggling to his feet before he was forced back down by guards.

“I do what I must.” Mozar replied. “Just like all those years ago.”

“All those years...” Leo repeated, remembering what Traximus had told them back when they first met. “You. You’re the one who sold him out!”

“My duty is to the republic, and whoever may be in command of it.” Mozar told him.

“And how long until that republic goes against everything you believe in?” Leo challenged. “Will you still blindly follow orders?”

“Silence, Gamaron!” One of the guards snapped, hitting Leo on the back of the head with his gun.

“Leo!” Raph let out.

“Sis, can’t you Dark Phoenix us out of here?” Mikey questioned.

“I’m physically better, but my mental powers are running on fumes.” Hisako replied. “I could barely levitate a paperclip.”

“Terrific.” Donny dreaded. “And the cameras will be rolling any minute now.”

“Making this the… second worst capture we’ve ever had.” Mikey commented.

“Not a consolation Mikey.” Raph replied.

“Do not lose hope, my children.” Splinter told them. “Not all is lost.”

“I hope you’re right Sensei,” Donny replied. “I hope you’re right.”

Back at the U.N., world leaders were all still talking amongst themselves, Agent Bishop trying to maintain order. Unfortunately, everyone was starting to lose patience as more time passed and the Triceraton ships remained in the sky.

Everyone,” He spoke up. “Everyone, just calm down.”

“You told us that you had your best agents on this case!” The Japanese Ambassador exclaimed, slamming his palm on the table.

“And they are, I assure you.” Bishop confirmed. “We just need to be patient.”

“This Zanramon’s time limit has nearly reached its end!” The German ambassador pointed out. “If this situation is allowed to escalate-!”

That’s when the screen began flickering once more. Zanramon graced the screen with a sinister grin on his face.

"Creatures of this backwater planet, I have great news for everyone.”

He stepped out of the camera, showing off all of the captives lined up, ready for execution. Everyone in the U.N gasped, terrified mutters and shocked whispers of disbelief flitted through the Ambassadors. Bishop’s gaze remained unreadable, but his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched.

"The Gamaron fugitives who have eluded me in the past have finally been captured.” He declared, the camera panning to show everyone. ”More than that, I have captured the rebel scum that has plagued my system for far too long! Now, I will finally rid myself of this pestilence, and have given your planet the honor of witnessing Triceraton justice."

The guards behind each prisoner readied their weapons, guns aimed right at their heads. All of the turtles flinched, Hisako beginning to tear up. Traximus, however, remained bold. He didn’t flinch at the gun to his head, just staring at the Prime Leader with a proud look on his face.

"You truly believe you have beaten us?” Traximus questioned.

"You stand to be executed for crimes against the Triceraton Republic." Zanramon replied. ”You and all your allies have been captured."

"Not all of them." Traximus corrected. ”Now O’Neil!"

From her spot down in the Rebel headquarters, April slammed her hand on the fire button, setting off the charges in the Decimator Cannon. The charges went off, blowing the cannon and starting a chain reaction that began spreading through the entire Triceraton Home world.

“Whoa, guess we should have known blowing up a planet destroying weapon would have devastating effects.” April realized.

She ditched her post, running for the exit as everything began to shake.

From the throne room, massive earthquakes began shaking everything and everyone inside. The Hamato Siblings took advantage of the chaos to get to their feet, jumping over their bindings so their hands were in front of them. They then spun around and kicked the guards holding them in the stomach. The guards doubled over, allowing them to dispatch them with ease. Donny managed to grab some keys off one of the guards, allowing him to free himself, and the others.

“The Decimator Cannon must have been linked to the power center of the entire Home world!” He rationalized. “This entire place is coming down on top of us!”

“We gotta get out of here!” Mikey yelled.

Upon hearing this, Mozar immediately grabbed his comm.

“All units, get to your escape crafts!” He ordered. “Repeat, get to your escape crafts!”

Everyone began scrambling to escape, rebels and loyalists alike. One rather violent quake shook the room, dropping a piece of the ceiling. Mozar saw it was aimed at the Prime Leader and reacted on instinct, shoving him out of the way. The resulting rubble fell on top of Mozar, trapping him underneath. He cried out in pain as Zanramon got to his feet.

“Prime Leader...” Mozar wheezed. “Help me...”

Zanramon just ignored Mozar’s pleas and bolted. However, his cries did not go unheard. Traximus looked over, seeing his former friend trapped. He paused running, intercepting Leatherhead.

“Leatherhead, I beg you to help me.” he requested, pointing over at Mozar.

“Why should I?” Leatherhead asked. “He sought... to hurt us. To hurt Oracle.”

“He was my friend.” Traximus begged. “And no one deserves to be left to die.”

Leatherhead softly growled in response, knowing that he had a point.

“Very well.” Leatherhead relented.

The two then got to work, clearing the debris and helping Mozar to his feet. Mozar looked at them both in shock.

“Why…?” he questioned. “Why would you-?”

“No time for sappy explanations!” Mikey shouted. “We gotta get off this hunk of rock!”

“Anyone thought of exactly how?” Raph asked.

“The prime leader’s personal hanger is the closest.” Mozar answered. “It may be your only chance!”

“Then let’s book!” Leo called out.


Zanramon ran to his personal cruiser, rushing into the pilot’s seat. He was just preparing the launch sequence when he heard the sound of a laser gun being powered on. He then felt the barrel of said gun against the back of his head.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” April warned. “I’m just itching to pull this trigger.”

Zanramon slowly turned around and saw her standing there, wielding a large laser gun and aiming it right at him.

“Do you honestly believe you intimidate me?” Zanramon asked.

April shot the ground just centimeters from his foot. He stepped back on instinct as she leveled it with his head again.

“Next one will be higher.” she warned.

Zanramon relented and held his hands up. April just smirked as the others came running onto the ship. Casey went wide-eyed when he saw the scene before him.

“April...” he let out. “Did you-?”

“Pick your jaw up off the ground, Casey.” April told him. “We need to get out of here.”

“You got it.” Casey replied. “Anyone know how to fly this thing?”

“I can.” Traximus spoke up.

He went to the controls, resuming the powering sequence before pulling the ship out of the Triceraton Home world. He then hit the throttle, causing them to jet out at breakneck speed just as the explosions got more and more violent. The cruiser joined an entire armada of other escape vehicles as the entire Home world exploded in the air. Everyone looked out the windows and watched the Home world reduced to dust floating in space.

“Well...” Raph let out. “That happened.”

About that time, the cruiser’s communications array started squawking, the various scattered ships trying to get in contact with the Prime Leader.

“Mozar, tell them to take this ship.” Zanramon ordered. “I want these… these… insolent creatures destroyed.”

Mozar’s good eye narrowed and he walked towards the communication array. Leo went wide-eyed, moving to intercept. However, Hisako put up and arm, stopping him as Mozar activated communications.

“This is commander Mozar to all ships…” Mozar spoke up. “The Prime Leader is no more.”


The personal cruiser landed on another one of the Triceraton land masses surrounding earth.

“So, now what?” Mikey asked.

“I have already put in a call to the army on board.” Mozar explained. “Once they heard of Zanramon’s cowardly act, they turned against him in an instant.”

The former prime leader let out a snarl, struggling in the grip of two All Stars.

“They’ll make sure he faces justice for his crimes.” Mozar promised. “All his crimes.”

The doors to the cruiser opened and a platoon of soldiers met them there. They marched towards Zanramon and took him into custody. A few more came and started tending to Monza-Ram, the patch starting to wear out. With their enemy gone and their friend getting the medical care he needed, it was time to discuss some serious matters.

“So what’s gonna happen to the Triceratons now?” Leo asked.

“They will need a new leader.” Murakami spoke up. “Without proper leadership, there is little chance of rebuilding their Republic.”

“The blind one speaks true.” Traximus agreed before turning to Mozar. “Who will they turn to?”

“You.” Mozar told him. “There is none I can think of possessing more honor and integrity than you, should you accept.”

Traximus was stunned by the suggestion.

“You should take it.” Monza-Ram spoke up. “I will happily accept you as Prime Leader.”

“As will we all.” One of the All-Stars declared.

“You got our vote.” Mikey chimed in.

“Mine as well.” Lisa spoke up.

Traximus admittedly was surprised by all the support he was receiving. Eventually, he straightened up, meeting their eye.

“While I am honored by the nomination, I believe it is time for the true republic to return.” he declared. “I will rebuild the council, so no single Triceraton will ever sit on the throne of our people again.”

“I will aid you in this.” Mozar promised. “If you will allow.”

“It would be an honor to work by your side once more, old friend.” Traximus allowed.

Mozar smiled at the prospect.

“Thank you, my friend.” Mozar replied.

“But what about the turtles and their allies?” Mona Lisa questioned.

“Us?” Leo questioned. “We go home and face the music.”

“Yeah, so much for our days of being New York’s dirty little secret.”

“I am sorry your lives have been altered so much because of our world’s meddling.” Traximus apologized. “I wish we could make it up to you.”

“Perhaps they could stay as citizens of the Triceraton Republic.” Mozar suggested. “They’d be welcomed as heroes for freeing us from Zanramon’s tyranny.”

“We are humbled by your offer, but we must decline.” Splinter said with a bow. “Our home is on Earth, and we are its protectors.”

“Then perhaps you could use a protector of your own.” Lisa spoke up.

“You… you wanna stay?” Raph asked in surprise.

“There is nothing for me here but bad memories and sorrow.” Lisa replied before taking his hand. “On your planet, I see hope, and a chance for a new life with someone I care for deeply.”

Raph smiled at the idea as Mikey leaned in close.

“She’s talking about you.” Mikey joked, causing Raph to shove him back.

“Life ain’t easy in the big apple, and it’s gonna get harder after this fiasco.” Raph warned her.

“I don’t want easy.” she told him. “Where’s the fun in that?”

“And that there is why I like you.” Raph remarked.

The two embraced affectionately as Leo turned to Traximus.

“Thanks for trying to help us.” Leo told him. “Good luck rebuilding your home.”

“We will do what we can.” Traximus replied. “It is all any of us can do.”


The personal cruiser, now vacant of all that were not destined for earth, returned to New York City. By this point, all of the ships were pulling out of the atmosphere, taking off into space. The occupants inside were understandably nervous, though Casey was just happy to pull the atmosphere converter out of his mouth.

“Glad to be rid of this thing.” Casey commented.

April pulled hers out as well, as did Leatherhead, Splinter, and Murakami.

“So, what now?” April asked.

“Hopefully, we can stash this thing at Galactic Enterprises, then get below ground.” Donnie answered.

“I fear it will not be so simple.” Lisa reported from the driver’s seat. “Incoming vessel.”

They looked out and saw a fighter jet coming in close, getting in behind them. Mikey’s eyes went wide.

“They’re gonna shoot us!” he shouted. “Brace yourselves guys!”

As if on cue, the jet fired two missiles at the cruiser. They made contact, not doing too much damage, but did make the ship rock a little.

“Shields at 40%!” Lisa announced. “Though primitive, your technology is quite dangerous!”

“We need to ditch this ship, fast!” Donny declared.

“Central Park!” Murakami suggested. “We can lose our pursuers in the woods!”

“Good plan!” Raph agreed. “Hurry!”

“I do not know what this ‘Central park’ is that you speak of!” Lisa informed him.

“That large green patch right there!” Leo clarified, pointing through the windshield. “Go! Before-!”

More missiles hit, killing the shields.

“Shields are down!” Lisa cried out. “Brace for impact!”

Leatherhead grabbed Hisako, curling around her protectively. Casey did the same with April, and Splinter took hold of the turtles. Murakami clung to the wall as the ship took a nosedive into central park, skidding through the picnic area before coming to a stop. Inside, everyone was flat on the ground, unaware of the soldiers closing in on the wreck.

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