TMNT: Secret of the Sewers

Fast Forward

After the turtles made their declaration to Splinter, they knew that they were in for a rough time. They knew that to prepare them for the challenge ahead, the rat was going to push them past their limits, then keep pushing. It started with Splinter’s decision to choose a leader for the group.

“Your enemies will come at you in numbers that greatly exceed your own.” He had told them, “the best way to combat this tactic is to work as a team, and every team needs a leader.”

Nobody was surprised when he picked Leonardo to be the leader, even if Raph was a bit miffed at the choice. Neither were they surprised when Splinter upped their training greatly. He had already lost one family, and he was not going to lose another.

When they weren’t training, the turtle’s attentions fell on various personal projects. Leo spent most of his free time meditating, trying to strengthen his mind and spirit for his new role as leader. Raph had begun tweaking the stolen motorcycle, making it turtle ready so it could be used on the streets. It was a common occurrence for the red turtle to come down for dinner covered in grease and oil. Donny had several projects to keep him busy. Along with Master Splinter’s request for a way to communicate, which he created the shell cells for, Donny also found time to work on turtlizing the van they’d commandeered, as well as help Hisako with her physical therapy. Thankfully, Mikey was more than willing to help take care of the afflicted human in their care.

With the aid of Donny and Mikey, Hisako’s road to recovery shortened considerably. In time, the emancipated girl Leo had plucked from the dumpster faded into memory. Her once stick-like arms became toned with the muscles of a gymnast. Her numerous scars slowly faded, though they would forever remain a part of her, and her ratty hair grew out healthy and long.

This positive physical change brought a spiritual change to Hisako as well. She no longer feared her own shadow, and she came to trust her caretakers, eventually coming to see them as more than just friends. The turtles became her brothers, and she their sister. Master Splinter grew to be her father, and she became his daughter.

As the weeks turned to months, and the months into years, Hisako proved herself an eager student. She absorbed the knowledge and moves like a sponge, picking up nearly 10 years on ninjutsu in a mere 4, a record that put Leonardo’s dedication to shame. Soon, Hisako was finally confident enough in her abilities to take the test that would recognize her as an official Kunoichi.

Splinter sat on his meditation mat, looking out onto the training ground. Donatello and Michelangelo were kneeling on the left side of the grounds while Raphael knelt on the right. From their spots, they watched Leonardo get into a fighting stance, katanas at the ready. Facing against him was Hisako, a pair of beautiful Japanese war fans, or tessen, in her hands.

“You ready Hisako?” Leo asked.

Hisako popped her neck, smiling.

“Oh yeah.”

Splinter raised his paw in the air, then brought it down in a chopping motion.


Leonardo struck first, his first swipe coming at an almost blinding speed. Hisako quickly dodged it, her smile becoming somewhat cocky.

“Gonna have to do better than that, Leo!”

He struck again, but she quickly rolled out of the way. Getting back to her feet, she opened her fans and swiped at him. Strike after strike, Leo either evaded or blocked with his katanas. During one block, Leo twisted his sword and disarmed Hisako, sending one of her fans flying across the mat. It soared towards Donnie and Mikey, who raised their hands to catch it. Unfortunately, they both missed and it collided with the wall and clattered to the ground. Hisako looked back at her weapon as Leo pointed his sword at her neck.

“Ready to give up?” Leo asked.

“Not a chance.” Hisako responded.

She ran forward and performed a jumping kick, knocking one of his swords out of his hands. This put Leo on the defensive as she continued to slice at him, forcing him to dodge every attack and preventing him from gaining room to respond. He quickly leaped back a bit in an attempt to gain the upper hand, but Hisako merely followed his movements. He performed a quick leg sweep, sending Hisako to the ground. However, she managed to hook onto his legs during the fall, tripping him and bringing him to the ground too.

“Nice one.” Leo admitted.

“Same to you.” Hisako agreed.

Both of them were quick to get back to their feet, preparing their remaining weapons as they charged toward each other. Their respective strikes were so hard that they knocked each other’s weapons out of their hands. The two then fell back onto hand to hand combat, trading punches, jabs and kicks with unerring accuracy.

Leo went for a roundhouse kick, but Hisako dropped to the ground in order to duck it. Once Leo restructured himself, Hisako sprang back up with an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him to the ground. As he prepared to get up, Hisako planted her foot on his shell, placing two fingers on his forehead.

“Yame!” Splinter called.

Both Hisako and Leo were panting as the former got off the latter. Hisako offered a hand up, one that Leo gladly accepted.

“Great job, Hisako.” He complimented as he collected his swords. “You got me good.”

“Yeah!” Raph agreed. “I thought he had you with that spin kick, but you came back strong.”

“I guess all those push-ups you’ve been doing really paid off.” Donnie agreed.

“I don’t know...” Mikey disagreed. “Near the end, it almost looked like-”

Splinter’s tail came up, whacking Mikey across the head hard. The orange turtle yelped as Splinter came forward. Hisako quickly got down on her knees, placing her tessen before her. Leaning on his walking stick, Splinter smiled down on her, a hand behind his back.

“You have done well, my child.” He congratulated her, “You have proven yourself a capable warrior, a compassionate soul, and an honorable ninja.”

He pulled his hand out from behind his back, revealing a black tanto with a green sash on the scabbard. Hisako couldn’t keep the grin off her face as she held out her hands for Splinter, allowing him to place the tanto into it. As her fingers closed around it, Splinter placed his hand on her head.

“Hamato Hisako, it pleases me to announce your graduation, and to grant you the official title of Kunoichi of the Hamato Clan.”

Hisako bowed, then stood up, looking down at her tanto with a grin.

“I did it.” she said before jumping into the air, thrusting the tanto upwards. “I finally did it!”

Both Leo and Raph grabbed her, hoisting her onto their shoulders as she punched the air happily.

“I say this calls for a celebration!” Raph suggested.

“How’s about a run topside and some rooftop pizza?” Donny asked.

“Oh yeah!” Mikey shouted. “Let’s do it!”

Hisako grinned, then leapt off of her brothers’ shoulders to get a head start, snagging her tessen as she did.

“Last one topside hatched from a rotten egg!” She announced.

The four brothers all shared pleased expressions before taking off after their sister. Before Leo could go, Splinter intercepted him.

“You did not have to provide her with that opening.” he told him.

Leo just shrugged before resuming his chase.

“It was worth it!”

Hun knelt before his master, his hulking frame just barely maintaining the illusion of calm. Before him, his master paced irritably, an aura of seething rage surrounding the man like a blanket.

“Four years.” The master hissed. “For four year, you have had but one task; locate a mere handful of interlopers. And yet, you cannot even perform that simple task!”

The master ceased pacing, his fist coming down on his desk so hard that the various papers flew off of it, fluttering to the ground. The sound of the blow caused Hun to jump violently, his heart racing with fear.


“I will not hear any more of your excuses!” The master interrupted.

Hun flinched, but wisely remained silent. The master then stalked towards him, grabbing his hair and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I grow tired of waiting.” he snarled. “If you do not have these creatures in 48 hours, you can consider your position terminated.”

He dropped Hun’s hair, the behemoth falling to the ground.

“Do I make myself clear?”

Hun gulped, then slowly got back onto his knees.

“Yes, Master.”

The turtles and Hisako sat on top of the Manhattan water tower, a large meat lover’s pizza balanced precariously on the top of the cone-like roof. All five of them munched on their slices as they stared up at the stars. They were playing the very same game that Leo and Hisako had done on her first adventure to the surface. It had become a sort of tradition now, one that all five of them thoroughly enjoyed.

“I see... a giraffe eating a plate of spaghetti.” Mikey called out, pointing to a particular cluster of stars.

“I see… an elephant playing the trombone.” Donnie countered.

“I see… an aardvark driving a school bus.” Hisako added.

“That’s a good one sis, but I think I got one better.” Raph chuckled. “I see… Mikey wearing a clown costume.”

That elicited a chuckle from everyone, though Mikey decided to throw his pizza crust instead. As the laughter died down, Hisako turned to Leo.

“Alright, your turn.”

Leo squinted up at the sky, trying to find the perfect picture.

“I see-”

A clatter in a nearby alleyway drew the blue turtle’s attention. He turned, and his eyebrow raised.

“A group a purple dragons breaking into a convenience store!”

Everyone immediately abandoned their pizza, coming over to Leo’s part of the tower. Looking down, they saw a gang of about five thugs wearing punk attire adorned with purple dragon insignias smashing a convenience store window with crowbars.

“Don’t these bozos ever learn?” Raph wondered out loud. “I mean, how many times do we have to kick their shells before they finally get the message?”

“Well, maybe this time, the message will stick.” Hisako commented. “Leo?”

Leo drew his swords, then jumped off the tower. Hisako drew her fans as the remaining turtles readied their own weapons.

“Take it away Mikey.” Donnie remarked.

“Cowabunga!” He shouted.

The two punks guarding the window looked up to see the five of them jumping from the tower, landing in the alley before them.

“Make this easy on yourselves, and drop the crowbars.” Raph warned.

The two punks gripped their makeshift weapons as they charged at the turtles. One punk swung his crowbar at Raph, who gabbed with one of his Sais. Raph then twisted his wrist, yanking the crowbar out of the punk’s hand. Now disarmed, Raph kicked the punk in the gut, sending him into the wall, knocking him out cold.

“Hey,” a voice from inside the store questioned. “What was that?”

The other three punks stuck their heads out of the broken window to see the five figures beating on their teammates.

“Oh no you don’t!” One of the guys, most likely the leader due to his flashier attire, shouted. “Get ’em boys!”

The other two jumped through the broken window, running towards the five siblings. While his lackeys went to deal with the interlopers, the leader reached into his pocket and pressed a button on a small device emblazoned with a dragon’s claw symbol.

Back in the fight, one punk swung his crowbar at Donnie. The purple turtle was quick to duck it and use his staff to jab his opponent in the gut. He then used his momentum to spin his staff around and struck him on the back of the head, knocking the punk out as he hit the ground.

Mikey came up to one punk and grabbed the guy’s wrist with his Nunchucks. With a flip, he landed on the guy’s back and began making the punk punch himself.

“Why are you hitting yourself?” Mikey taunted, punctuating each question with another forced punch. “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?”

The punk tried to throw Mikey off his back, but the turtle merely flipped, using the trapped wrist to pin the punk to the ground.


With his second Nunchucks, Mikey conked the guy on the head, knocking him out cold.

Meanwhile, Leo was having a sword vs crowbar fight with the fourth punk. Leo’s superior training gave them the edge needed to easily knock the crowbar out of his hand. He then used the hilt of his sword to strike the punk on the head, knocking him out. This left the last punk, the leader, all up to Hisako.

“You’re going down, freaks!” The leader threatened. “Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons!”

Hisako just grinned, giving the guy a ‘come-at-me’ motion. The leader charged, repeatedly swinging at Hisako with his crowbar, but the girl just kept side stepping out of the way. Each failed hit seemed to enrage the leader further.

“Hold still, brat!”

He took a wild swing, one that would have knocked her head clean off… if it had connected. Instead, Hisako went under the swing and used her fans to sweep at his legs. The sharp edge of the fan sliced through his baggy pants like they were made of tissue paper. The punk looked down, then at Hisako. She winked, then closed her fan and brought it right up into his face. Blood squirted from his now broken nose as he fell to the ground.

“Punks...” Hisako said with a shake of her head. “May they never grow a brain.”

The turtles all stowed their weapons as they tossed the punks into a pile.

“Well, that was fun.” Raph remarked. “Though a bit too easy if you ask me.”

“Yeah.” Mikey added. “They went down way too fast. Guess they couldn’t handle our mad skills”

Hisako’s head snapped up, her mind catching a signal not far from where they were. In fact, there were several signals closing in on their location. The turtles saw her do this and they tensed, knowing all too well what that meant.

“What is it, sis?” Mikey asked.

“I don’t know.” She whispered, gripping her tessen. “But I don’t think we’re alone”

Leo looked up at the opening of the alleyway, a worried expression crossing his face.

“I think you’re right.” he told her. “Look.”

Everyone turned to see that a group of motorcycles were parked in front of the alley and an army of black suited men wearing full-faced helmets were slowly closing in. Turning around, the five saw a similar situation occurring behind them. Everyone quickly drew their weapons, forming a circle.

“The motorheads.” Mikey hissed. “How’d they find us?”

“Three guesses.” Raph sneered, giving an unconscious dragon in the guts.

“Doesn’t matter how they found us.” Leo told them. “They found us, and you know what to do”

Raph twirled his sai in his hands, a maniacal grin on his face.

“I am so gonna enjoy this.”

The motorheads then charged at them from both directions. The five siblings dispersed to take them down head on. Donnie used his staff to vault over two of them before they could even land a hit. Once he landed, he spun around, using his staff to sweep the two guys off their feet. A third one pulled out a small staff, preparing to do the same thing to Donnie. The purple turtle was shocked to see the staff extend to be about the same size of his own, but brushed it aside as the Motorhead prepared to attack.

“A fellow bo staff fighter.” he mused. “But can you actually use it?”

The motorhead then spun it around for a moment to demonstrate his skill. Growing impatient, Donnie then ran towards the motorhead twirling his own staff along the way. Finally, the two staffs collided, each warrior blocking the others blow.

Mikey, meanwhile had just back flipped out the way of two motorheads of his own.

“You think you guys are so tough.” He asked pulling out his signature weapons. “Well wait till you get a load of this.”

With that he proceeded to spin his Nunchucks around showing off to his opponents in true Michelangelo style. The two motorheads just standing there, looking at each other with cocked heads. Mikey continued to show his skill to the motorheads by raising one foot off the ground and moving the spinning Nunchucks under it, a smug smile on his face. Unimpressed the motorheads pulled out and threw a barrage of shuriken at the orange clad turtle. Mikey acted on instinct and used his weapons to block every blow that was dealt him. Once the motorheads stopped throwing their projectiles, Mikey held one Nunchucks in his hand while the other was locked under his arm.

“Is that all you got?” he asked in a very confident tone.

Unbeknownst to him, another motorhead snuck from behind him, raising his staff to knock him to the ground. Mikey fell hard, his head pounding as his opponents standing over him.

“Ok, guess not.” he observed.

Meanwhile, Leonardo was engaged in an intense sword fight with one motorhead. He was impressed with his adversary’s skills, and was relishing in the genuine challenge the battle offered him. His focus was turned away from the battle when he heard his brother cry out.

“Mikey!” he shouted.

The motorhead used this distraction to kick the blue turtle into a wall. Leo regained his focus enough to see the motorhead running toward him. Thinking fast, he flipped onto a nearby awning, thinking he had the higher ground. That brief feeling of security was destroyed when he saw the motorhead jump up and run along the wall towards him. Leo couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Who are these guys?” he asked as the motorhead joined him on the roof.

Raphael had his hands full as well, having to deal with four motorheads at once. Dodging and blocking each blow they tried to deal him.

“You guys got moves, I’ll admit.” he complemented with half sincerity. “You guys know this one?”

With that, he planted his sai in the concrete, using it as an anchor to perform a roundhouse kick. The move was successful, knocking them all out cold.

Hisako was not as fortunate, being backed into a corner with three motorheads closing in on her. Thinking fast, she slid under her enemies’ feet with fans extended, slicing their ankles and causing them to fall to the ground. However as she stood up, she realized one had avoided her attack as he grabbed her from behind. Not to be deterred, she was able to get one hand free and put a mind blast on him.

For the motorhead, it was as if his senses were suddenly turned up to maximum. The dim light of the alley was suddenly as bright as the sun. The sounds of the battle made his ears feel like they were about to burst. The stench of sweat and garbage made him want to gag, and he could taste the remnants of all the meals he had eaten in the past few days.

With her assailant mentally occupied, Hisako brought her fan down on the back of his neck, knocking him down. With this small moment of tranquility, Hisako felt a small ping in the corner of her mind, like her powers were picking up stray thoughts. Most were just the usual babble of New Yorkers dreaming, but one string of thoughts piqued her interest. Following the hypothetical string, Hisako found a familiar hulking figure hiding in a large van, accompanied by about two or three Motorheads.

“Hun...” She whispered.

Back with the turtles Mikey was not holding up well as he was shoved into Donatello’s back.

“Say Donnie, is it just me or are we getting our shells kicked?” Mikey asked.

Before Donnie could answer, he grabbed his brother’s shoulder and pulled them both down, narrowly dodging a barrage of shuriken.

“Ask me again when we’re winning.” Donnie responded slowly standing up.

At that moment, he noticed he couldn’t see Hisako anywhere on the battlefield. A sinking feeling grew in his stomach as he scanned the alley for his sister.

“Hey, where’s Hisako?” Donnie asked.

Having heard the question, Leo looked over his shoulder to see Hisako running towards a nearby fire escape.

“What’s she doing?” Leo asked before being drawn back into the fight by two more oncoming Motorheads.

Back with Hisako, once she had climbed high enough on the fire escape, she jumped off soaring through the air until she landed on the roof of the truck she saw in her head.

“Time to draw them out.”

Inside the van, an entire array of surveillance equipment was hard at work trying to capture images of the turtles and Hisako. He’d attempted to gather intel before using CCTV cameras and security footage, but the video always ended up either going missing or being heavily edited. Thankfully, his van seemed to be doing its intended purpose, providing Hun with many satisfactory images of the turtles. Now, all he needed was an image of Hisako. So far, all images of her were either too blurry to make out, or she was partially covered by the turtles or one of his own men.

“Mr. Hun.” One of the motorheads at the controls called. “We lost the girl.”

“What?” He demanded.

He shoved the motorhead out of the way, scanning the multiple screens. Unfortunately, the girl was gone. That’s when he heard a thud coming from the roof. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the sound was.

“It’s her.” Hun hissed as he gestured to the Motorhead he had shoved out of the way. “Go get her.”

The Motorhead opened the van doors. Before he could take a step outside, a slender hand grabbed onto the front of his jacket, yanking him through the doorway. There was the sound of three consecutive blows, then an audible thud of a body falling to the ground. Hun saw that, then pointed at the remaining two motorheads. They went out the door as well, and though they seemed to put up more of a fight, they too fell easily. Hun sighed, then cracked his knuckles.

“If you want something done right...” He growled.

He came out of the van swinging, his massive fist catching Hisako across the jaw. She went flying across the street, hitting the wall of a building hard and slumping to the ground.

“You do it yourself.” he finished.

He grabbed Hisako, hoisting her into the air with ease. However, that was as far as he got before an angry shout rang through the street.

“Hey! Lou Ferrigno!” a furious voice taunted.

Hun turned to the source of the shout and saw that the alleyway was now devoid of the turtles. In fact, only the unconscious forms of his motorheads was visible. That’s when he felt someone poking his head with what seemed to be a stick. He slowly looked up to see the four turtles standing on top of the roof of the van with weapons drawn. The orange one was crouched down, identifying him as the one who had poked him. The rest looked pissed beyond measure.

“Give us back our sister!” the red turtle demanded.

Hun just smirked, figuring he had the turtles dead to rights.

“Touch me, and I snap this girl’s neck like a toothpick.”

Raph was seething in anger and had to be held back by Leo to prevent him from doing something monumentally stupid. Hun chuckled, glad that everything was going according to plan, even if there had been a slight wrinkle.

That’s when Hun noticed that Donatello had his hands behind his back.

“You! The purple one!”

Donny looked up with a faux innocent look.

“Yes?” he replied, his voice dripping with that same false innocence.

“What are you hiding?” Hun demanded.

“I’m not hiding anything.” He said. “But if I were you, I wouldn’t stand in the middle of the road like that.”

“And why is that?” Hun asked.

All of the turtles crouched on the roof of the van, as if bracing themselves for something.

“Oh you’ll see in about 2.4 seconds.” Donnie responded in a coy manner.

Hun raised his eyebrows in curiosity. His train of thought was interrupted however when he was a pair of headlights coming up the road, approaching at about 3 times the speed limit. He squinted a bit to see a strange truck charging towards him. It was about the size of an armored van with green shell-like designs all across it, as well as Japanese kanji for turtle and ninja on one side. On the other, in obvious graffiti font, was the word “Shellraiser!”

Before Hun could react, the van hit him dead on, sending him flying across the street. Hisako was launched into the air when the car hit, so Leo leapt into the air and caught her in his arms. The two landed with ease on the now parked car.

“You good?” he asked as Hisako began to come to.

“Yeah.” she responded groggily.

“I make a motion we get out of here before that guy calls reinforcements.” Donnie suggested, getting into the driver’s seat.

“Agreed. Let’s move.” Leo ordered.

The turtles scrambled into the car, Leo buckling Hisako in as Donnie hit the gas. The tires screeched as they made their getaway.

As the Shellraiser pulled into Renaissance motors, the five siblings finally started to relax. Though they’d been battling New York’s street trash for four years, tonight’s battle had shown them that they weren’t top dog on the street’s food chain.

“I’m just gonna say it.” Raph commented as he jumped out of the Shellraiser. “That could have gone better.”

“You said it.” Mikey agreed. “My bruises have bruises.”

“Do those guys ever give up?” Donny asked.

Hisako, who was still a bit left of center after her face-to-face with Hun, just groaned.

“They’ve been hunting us for four years, why stop now…?”

“These Motorheads are getting tougher by the day.” Leo commented. “Their skills far exceed our own, and if this keeps up, we may not be able to get away so easily.”

“Remember when life was simpler?” Mikey reminisced. “When the only ninjas in New York were us, and where the worst we dealt with were those Purple Dragon jerk faces?”

“Those were the days, Mikey” Raph replied, patting his brother on the shoulder. “Those were the days.”

Hun found himself kneeling before his master once more. The man paced around the behemoth, an air of disappointment mixed with unbridled rage surrounding him.

“Perhaps I was too lenient when I gave you 48 hours to complete your mission.” The master mused. “It is obvious that you do not have the skills necessary to combat five minor annoyances.”

Hun raised his head, praying the footage he had acquired would be enough to keep his head firmly attached to his neck.

“Master, while I have failed to capture the interlopers, I have succeeded in acquiring usable footage.”

The Master ceased pacing, an eyebrow raising in intrigue. Hun reached into his trench coat, pulling out a flash drive. The master snatched the drive, walking over to a thin laptop that rested on his desk. Inserting the drive, he witnessed footage of the four turtles fighting with the Motorhead soldiers. His eyebrow arched at the sight.

“Turtles?” he questioned.

“Yes Master.” Hun replied. “There is a fifth member of their group, a human girl, but I was unable to get a clear enough shot of her.”

“I see.” the Master said, the disappointment in his voice causing Hun to tense up, wondering what he was going to do. “This is suitable. It would seem you still have a purpose here.”

Hun let out a sigh of relief as the Master pulled the drive out of the computer and tossed back at Hun, who barely caught it.

“Take this to Baxter Stockman.” The master ordered. “One of his… ‘Pets’ should succeed where you have failed.”

Hun visibly tensed at the idea of willingly visiting Stockman in his lab, but he knew better than to question his master, especially when his position was on such unstable ground as is.

“Yes, Master.”

With that, Hun left to see Stockman. Alone, the master pulled up a copy of the footage he had saved to his laptop. The way the Turtles fought his men reminded him of something familiar. Something… from the past.

Hun walked into a large building, entering a secret elevator hidden as part of the wall. The elevator descended until it opened up into a large white hospital like area. All around him, there were men and women dressed in lab coats milling about, but one doctor stood out.

Hun!” Stockman called. “Long time no see! How is my favorite patient?”

Hun’s growl was like that of a rabid lion.

“I. Am NOT. Your patient, Stockman.” He replied through gritted teeth.

“Not anymore, no.” Stockman replied with a shrug “But with all of your screw-ups these past four years, I’m almost positive that will change.”

Hun’s huge fists clenched in anger, but he resisted the urge to punch the smug doctor. He came here for a reason, and if he failed his Master, then Stockman’s prediction would come true. Without another word, Hun held out the flash drive. Stockman raised an eyebrow, taking the flash drive. Commandeering a nearby computer, he took a look at the footage. Once he played the footage, it was obvious that he was intrigued.

“Well, well. Aren’t these interesting specimens?”

“These are the creatures I spoke of four years ago.” Hun explained.

Stockman stroked his chin, examining the photos.

“Hmm, Terrapin Carolina by the looks of the shell design… mutated box turtles… very interesting. I would very much like to examine them.”

“Well, you might just get the chance.” Hun stated bluntly. “Master wants you to send one of your pets after them.”

Stockman grinned at the thought, hitting the print button and printing an image of the four turtles.

“I think I know just who to send.”

He turned and walked down a long white hallway towards a large metal door with several large bolts and chains over it. Two burly guards in heavy, full body armor, armed with tranquilizer guns and stun batons, saluted Stockman as he approached a small opening in the door where someone could peer inside.

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.” He called. “You awake in there?”

There was a loud thud as the door shook slightly, accompanied by the rattling of chains. The two guards jumped back, aiming their weapons at the opening. Stockman just chuckled as he waved the two men down.

“Congratulations,” He called cheerily through the opening. “Today is your lucky day. I have a mission for you.”

There was a growl that almost rivaled Huns coming from the other side of the door. Stockman slipped the pictures through the slot, careful to keep his hands clear.

“Find these creatures and bring them back in one piece. Do this, and I’ll postpone your tests for a month. How does that sound?”

A large, dark green, clawed hand picked up the pictures as dark red eyes focused on the pictures. Then a guttural voice spoke at a hushed whisper.


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