Always and Forever

Baby Names

`The thunder, lightening, and of course, pouring down rain, continues for hours. Peeta and I spend our time cuddled together trying to keep warm in the small damp cave. We don’t talk much except when Peeta asks me if I’m warm yet. We watch the rain water pour off the top of the cave entrance in silence. Partly because I can hardly hear anything except for the rain, but mostly because we don't really have anything to talk about anyways. After about two hours I am finally mostly dry but stay snuggled in his lap.

“I hope the others aren’t too worried.” I say quietly, mostly to myself.

“I just hope that they got to shelter before the storm hit.” Peeta replies. “They know that we can take care of ourselves and at least we’re together and not separated.”

“Yeah, I’m thankful for that.” I smile and kiss his cheek. Peeta’s arms tighten around my small, swimsuit clad body, keeping the heat between us, while giving my nose a quick peck.

“What time is it?” Peeta asks sometime later. I squint down at my watch, “5pm.”

“No wonder I’m beginning to get hungry.” He chuckles to himself.

“Yeah me too. Hopefully this storm lets up soon.” Peeta nods, “Hopefully.”

“Okay Peeta, tell me honestly. Do you really think that we’ll ever get off of this island and back to District 12?” I ask, changing the subject.

Peeta sighs and runs his fingers through his now dry hair. “I don’t know for sure Katniss, but I have a feeling that District 4 will be sending a rescue boat anytime now.”

“That’d be nice.” I whisper, closing my eyes again.

Peeta rests his back on the cave wall and I stay semi on top of him, not wanting to sit on the cold ground in practically my underwear. He keeps his arms securely around me though, holding my body in place.

“Well at least we’re being fed and have a place that is dry to sleep.” Peeta muses quietly. “And we’re together, along with our best friends.” I nod, my eyes still closed. “I know, I should stop complaining, but Prim and Mother probably believe that we are all dead now and it drives me crazy that we can’t send word or anything.”

“I understand.” Peeta soothes, rubbing my arms comfortingly. I smile and after getting into a more comfortable position, still mostly on top of Peeta, I fall asleep.


“Kat! Katniss wake up!” My eyes fly open and I end up rolling off of Peeta, landing on my backside on the hard ground. I groan and glare at him.

“What was that for?”

“Look!” He points to the tiny entrance where sun is streaming inside.

“We can go back now!” I exclaim, giving him a hug. “Sorry I didn’t mean to snap.”

“It’s okay, I should have held on to you.” He chuckles and the two of us gather our clothes into a bundle and climb out of our little cave shelter.

The sun is beginning to set once we have made our way out of the grove of trees and onto the beach.

“Let’s try and make it back before it gets dark.” Peeta suggest and I nod in agreement.

“Good idea, I don’t feel like spending the night on the beach.” He smiles and grabs my hand, shifting the bundle of our clothing to his other arm. Together we start out at a brisk walk down the beach and towards our campsite. The sun has just disappeared when we arrive at the entrance to the Odair’s shelter.

“You’re back!” Annie shrieks, launching herself into my arms. I awkwardly pat her back, “Yeah we’re back. Spent a few hours in a cave some ways from here to wait out the storm.”

“Oh I’m so glad you’re okay! We were so worried but couldn’t leave.” She tells us.

“I’m quite surprised how well this place held up.” Finnick says, coming out as well to greet us.

“Hopefully we’re just as lucky.” Peeta chuckles, giving my hand a squeeze.

“Um since you probably are hungry and we still have all the food would you like to take some back with you?” Finnick asks.

“Well I guess that’d be smart, then tomorrow we can begin eating on our own.” Peeta relents.

“Good, I’ll just pack some of this fruit and leftover fish into our backpack and you can return it tomorrow.” Annie announces and hurried back inside.

“Thanks!” Peeta calls after her.

“So where exactly did you two go this afternoon?” Finnick asks curiously while we wait for Annie to return.

“Ask him.” I say, jabbing my thumb at Peeta.


“We just walked down the beach that way.” He tells Finnick, pointing in the direction we had gone. “And I saw a grove of palm trees in the distance so we decided to see what was there.”

“Wait, wait a minute.” I say holding my hand up. “You saw i,t then threw me over your shoulder and ran until we got to your destination.”

“Ha ha.” Finnick laughs.

“And there was a small pool that we swam in until in began to rain, and once we realized that it was futile to try and return back here, I found a cave that we stayed in.” Peeta finishes and I nod in agreement.

“Well it sounds like you had fun.” Finnick grins.

“Yep, we sure did.” Peeta smiles back and drapes his arm around my shoulders just as Annie returns with a backpack full of food.

“Thanks Annie.” I give her a quick hug while Peeta takes the pack from her. “We’ll bring this back tomorrow.” He assures her.

“No rush.” She smiles and Finnick draws her nearer to him.

“Guess we’ll see you two tomorrow.” I say.

“Yep. Good night!” Annie and Finnick both wave goodbye and Peeta and I make our way back to our place.

“Do you think that we should let Madge and Gale know that we’re back?” Peeta asks as we are passing their little shack nestled in the trees.

“Sure, why not. But lets do it quickly, I’m starved.”

“No worries, I could probably eat that whole pack full right now.” He replies with a smirk.

We stop in front of the Hawthorne’s makeshift door and Peeta knocks. I can distinctly hear giggling inside, most likely Madge being tickled or something. About a minute later after Peeta has knocked three more times the door swings open to reveal Gale in only his shorts and Madge sitting down on their bed.

“Hey! You’re back!” Gale smirks.

“Yeah, got a little held up by the storm and just wanted to let you know that we’re back safely.

“I was so worried!” Madge is now standing next to Gale in the doorway. “Gale wouldn’t let us come looking for you. I told him that you could be in trouble but he said that he knew that you could take of yourselves, the storm was too strong, and of course I’m pregnant.”

“It’s okay Madge.” I tell her sincerely. “We were totally fine. But thanks.”

She just smiles and gives me, then Peeta a quick hug,

“What are you two up to?” I ask a few seconds later.

“Oh just talking.” Gale says quickly.

“Yeah, discussing baby names.” Madge blushes slightly.

“Isn’t it a little early for that?” Peeta asks.

“Yeah I guess.” Madge replies with a shrug. “But we didn’t have anything else to do, and it’s always good to be prepared!”

“Good for you.” I give them both a smile. “Peeta and I are going to go eat our dinner now before we faint from hunger.” Peeta nods as I say this.

“All righty, see you tomorrow!” They wave and once again we begin the short walk to our shelter. I spot Colette faintly through the trees sitting outside her tiny shack whittling something with a knife she found. She waves friendly to us and we wave back then duck into our own room, finally.

“I’ll probably go straight to sleep after we eat.” I mention to Peeta as we set the pack in the corner then head out to make a small fire.

“Good, because even though we slept this afternoon, I’m exhausted.” I chuckle quietly and quickly pick up a few dried sticks for our fire. A few minutes later Peeta has a nice small fire started and I retrieve the fish for roasting.

“I’m glad we decided to do this.” Peeta muses while rotating his fish on a stick over the crackling fire.

“Yeah, me too.” I agree. “It’s nice to have dinner just the two of us.” Peeta just smiles and continues to slowly turn his fish over and over until deemed cooked and edible. We eat the fish quickly along with a piece of fruit for dessert, filling up quickly.

“Good, we’ll have fruit for breakfast tomorrow then you and Gale should probably go hunting.” I nod and finish off the last of my banana then throw the peel as far as I can out of sight. We sit side by side next to the fire, still in our swimsuits, and let our damp clothes finish drying. After about half an hour we are both quite warm and our clothes are dry. I slip out of my swimsuit and just pull Peeta’s t-shirt over my body while Peeta stays in his shorts. We stomp out the fire then after closing the door, settle in for the night.


2 weeks later…

“Well, we’ve been stuck in for a month and a half and still no sign of rescue.” Finnick muses, mostly to himself. All seven of us are settled down on the beach, just watching the waves roll up and down.

“At least we aren’t running out of food!” Annie says, trying to find the good in all of this.

“Yeah.” Madge agrees. “I just hope I can give birth in District 12 and not on an island where none of us have any experience whatsoever with babies, or giving birth, or helping, or anything like that.”

“Actually.” Everyone turns to Colette, with surprised expressions on their faces; she doesn’t talk much. “I’m the oldest of five kids and my mom gave birth at home for all but the last so you could say I have some experience with this kind of stuff.”

“Okay.” Annie says, dragging out the word. “That’s good, I guess.” She looks at Finnick and Finnick just shrugs.

“Better than nothing.” Madge agrees, looking at Gale and giving him a scared face. She still hasn’t warmed up all the way to Colette after what she did to us. I don’t think she’d do anything now though. I mean it’s 6 against 1, not like she’d be able to do a lot of damage.

“Have you begun to think of any names?” Colette asks Annie.

“Kind of, we’re not sure yet.” Annie replies.

“Any ideas yet?”

“Well we had a few.” Finnick offers hesitantly.

“Let’s hear ‘em.” Gale probes.

“For girl names we were thinking of Marina, Misty, Brooke or Myra. As you can see they both have something to do with the water.” Finnick says.

“Like most District 4 names.” Annie adds, smiling.

“Nice.” Gale says. “Any boy names?”

“Zale, Finn Jr., Bay, not sure yet.” Finnick shrugs. “What about you two?”

“We’ve talked about it some.” Madge says quietly.

“I like Maysilee, like my Aunt that died in the games, and we could call her May for short, Willow is pretty too.”

“Awe that’s sweet!” Annie giggles. “I Love it!”

“I like Cole, for a boy.” Gale adds. “Or maybe name him after one of my brothers.”

“Well you’ve got time.” Peeta encourages. “But all the names are really good, it’ll be hard to choose.” I nod along with him.

“So what about you two?” Finnick directs his question to us with a grin. My face begins to heat up and I can’t seem to find the words to answer, thankfully Peeta saves the day.

“Remember guys, we’ve barely been married two months. I think we’ll be waiting a bit. Besides how long have you and Annie been married?”

“Five years.” Finnick replies.

“Exactly.” Peeta smirks, “And Madge and Gale have been married over three. It’s kind of strange that you decided to start now though.”

“We didn’t know we’d be stranded on an island!” Annie shrieks.

“I’m kidding!” Peeta laughs, holding up his hands in mock defense.

“We know.” Annie assures him.

We sit there for the next few hours, just talking and laughing as friends, acting for a time like we aren’t on an island but that everything is just normal. And for just a few minutes, I actually do forget.

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