Always and Forever


We all enjoy a delicious and filling dinner consisting of different types of bread, cheese, nut mixes and even wine! The guys especially gorge themselves on the delicacies, and now lie on their backs in the sand, unable to get up, or do anything really.

“Ah.” Annie sighs contentedly, leaning up against her husband. “Isn’t this nice?”

“Yeah.” Gale agrees. “It’d be even better if we didn’t have a group of people still out to kill us.”

“Come on Gale.” I say, giving his leg a gentle kick. “Don’t put a damper on our momentary happiness.”

Peeta chuckles and slides his arm around my waist, drawing me closer to him, “I guess we can let one of us be on the alert.”

“Yeah, sure.” I relent and lean into him.

“Well if we are ambushed or something like that, don’t blame me!” Gale chuckles, throwing his hands up in the air.

We still have quite a bit of food left from Colette’s secret stash in the tree and I am already anticipating our next meal even though I couldn’t eat another bite right now even if I wanted to. The sun is just beginning to set and together the six of us lie on the sand and watch it begin to disappear over the water, illuminating the sky in a vast amount of color. Pinks, oranges and reds making it look like the sky is on fire.

Peeta’s favorite color. I think to myself and smile softly. For once we are all happy and aren’t worrying about anything. Our stomachs are full and we are together. No one realizes at the time though that are entire meal and everything that we do this evening is being watched intently. Angry eyes peek down upon us from a tall tree, revenge the only thing on its mind at the moment. But we don’t hear anything, not even mine and Gale’s hunting senses pick up anything out of the ordinary until it is too late.

A loud crash and cry for help from behind causes all six of us to stand up quickly and look around frantically for the source of the noise. I don’t see anything at first but then at the base of a tree near us my eyes fall on a boot probably belonging to our intruder.

“I think it’s Colette.” Peeta whispers, taking my hand and rubbing comfortable circles on the inside of my palm. I nod in agreement, not wanting to talk. We stand there, not moving and barely breathing, just waiting for Colette to come out of the foliage that she landed in. Finnick has his arm tightly around Annie’s waist and slightly protruding belly. Gale has Madge securely in his arms.

I spot my bow and quiver just a few feet away and slowly detach myself from Peeta to grab it. He gives me a curious look but I just point subtly to my weapons and he nods understandably, patting the dagger hooked to his waist. I take three long strides until i reach the bow. Picking it up I also sling the quiver of arrows over my shoulder, then quietly walk back to the rest of the group.

I don’t know why we are all acting so scared. I mean, its only one girl against three guys and me, but there is something about how she deceived us and has been getting away with spying on us and all that with the help of the captain and his small crew on the other island that unnerves us all.

Finally there is a rustling of the leaves and bushes and a groan of pain. Gale and Finnick exchange quick glances and then quickly push the pregnant girls into the woods away from Colette and away from the fight that is probably going to happen. They have just gotten out of sight when Colette stands up and starts walking towards us. I immediately string an arrow on my bow and point it directly at her, but she just smiles and keeps on advancing towards us. At first I wonder how she can have so much confidence against the four of us when she pulls a pistol from her belt and aims it at Gale.

“You should have died from the snake.” She begins and I gasp knowing that both the snake and the tiger were put there to kill us.

“But you didn’t so I thought the tiger would have surely done the job, but apparently you’re smarter than I thought so I killed it instead.” Confusion is written on all of our faces and Colette seems to notice.

“You’re probably wondering how the tiger was here to kill you. Well this area is a natural habitat for them and the snakes but we injected them with some capitol virus that makes them more vicious than they already are.” Colette is only a few feet away from us now, still pointing the gun at Gale’s chest. Showing that she is not faking and that if any of us make any sudden moves, Gale dies.

“You know that we could kill you right now, right?” Finnick tells her coolly.

“Yes, I’m sure you could, but before I died the trigger would be pulled then Madge’s baby would be without a Father and we wouldn’t want that now would we?”

“So what exactly is your plan?” Peeta asks, trying to act calm.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.” She replies hotly. “For now, I just need to keep you here and in sight.”

“Then what?” I ask, speaking for the first time during this whole ordeal.

“Then I guess He will figure out what to do with you.”

“He?” Finnick asks.

“Oh you know who I’m talking about.” She huffs.

And we do know whom she’s talking about; the captain of our ship who has been trying to kill us for months.

“Where are the other two?” Colette asks a moment later.

“Who?” Gale smirks.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me! The two pregnant women, they were here a little while ago, where are they?”

“I don’t know.” Finnick replies truthfully.

“It’s okay, I’m sure my men will be picking them up any time now.”

“What?” Gale bellows, making a move to her but stopping when she loads the guns. “They better not lay a hand on them!”

“If they don’t cause trouble I’m sure no harm will come to your precious wives and babies.” Colette says with a leer.

“You leave them alone!” Finnick shouts at her.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that honey.” She grins sweetly.

I glance over at Gale who is standing stalk still with his fists clenched at his sides and I can tell that he is doing all he can not to pound Colette here and now. I am pretty surprised at how cool and calm Finnick is making himself out to be right now though I know underneath it all he is just as scared and furious as Gale. I guess years of being a victor and practically acting like a totally different person in the capitol has helped.

My arms are beginning to get sore from holding the bow and stringed arrow pointed towards Colette for so long.

“Sit.” She suddenly commands and we instantly drop to the ground. “Good.” She smiles and leans up against the tree, still pointing her gun at Gale.

“Ya know, your arm is going to get pretty tired holding that gun up for a long time.” Gale mentions.

“I’ll be fine, and don’t go getting any ideas.” Colette says but I can tell that she won’t be able to keep that gun pointed at Gale forever. “You can’t hold it up forever.” Gale says, voicing my own thoughts.

“Yeah well I won’t have to.”

Gale sighs audibly and puts his head in his hands. I know that inside he is freaking out and is afraid at what could happen to his precious Madge and I don’t blame him. I’m so glad that Peeta and I are still together. Peeta seems to be thinking the same thing because he scoots closer to me and wraps his arms around my middle. “We’re going to get out of this, I promise.” He whispers in my ear and I nod.

Suddenly I catch a slight movement out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, Gale is slowly but surely moving towards Colette who has finally lowered gun and is currently looking out over the water. I already know what Gale plans to do and I would probably do the same thing but that doesn’t mean that it’s the smartest thing to do at the moment. Finnick has his eyes closed, lying back on the sand, and doesn’t know that one of us could be dead in just a second. I contemplate warning him but that would definitely give Gale away and possibly even get him killed.

A few seconds later Gale is only a foot away from our captor who surprisingly hasn’t noticed him yet. I inhale sharply as I watch intently as Gale moves another few inches then, jumping up, knocks the gun from Colette’s grasp, firing a bullet in the meantime. He then roughly tackles her to the ground, pinning her arms above her head. Finnick sits up abruptly and Peeta hastily grabs the gun away and points it at Colette. I in turn pick my bow and arrow back up and also point it at her. I can’t shoot now for fear of accidentally hitting Gale who is currently wrestling the small girl on the ground. With her free legs Colette kicks as hard as she can, putting up a pretty impressive fight. After a few minutes, Gale has her worn down and stands up, brushing the sand from his clothing. Peeta hands him the gun and Finnick, who is now standing up, unsheathes his dagger.

“I’m sorry but you have to die now.” Gale says, pointing the gun at her head.

“You won’t get away with this!” She screams.

“Oh but I think we will.” Finnick says smirking.

“Actually, you won’t.” A deep voice from behind us sneers and we all turn around quickly. To our dismay, the captain and three large men stand only a few yards away, each with a cocked and loaded gun in his hand.

“If you ever want to see those two girls again, you’ll drop the gun.” The captain says sternly and Gale immediately drops the gun. Colette picks it back up a second later.

“And the arrow.” He says, directing to me. I hesitantly reach down and set my bow and arrow back on the ground but at the same time grab two handfuls of sand and throw them into our attackers faces. The others quickly do the same, momentarily blinding all four of bad guys. Two more guns shots go off but thankfully nobody gets hit.

“Gale, go find the girls!” I yell and he doesn’t waste anytime leaving the scene. Soon just Peeta, Finnick and I are left with all but one of the guns. Peeta ends up wrestling the last gun out of one of the guy's grasp, leaving them weaponless, or so we think. A few minutes later when the four can see again but still have red watery eyes we point all of the guns back at their previous owners.

“Move!” Finnick shouts. “And take us to the boat you came here in.”

The men hang their heads and begin walking but the captain reaches down into his boot and pulls out a small gun. Wasting no time he pulls the trigger, shooting Finnick in the shoulder. He cries out in pain and drops his gun. At the same time Peeta fires his gun, shooting the captain in the arm as well. The captain in turn drops the gun in agony and I quickly retrieve it.

“I missed on purposed.” Peeta growls. “Now move!” Apparently they don’t have any more weapons hiding on them because all four of them begin walking in front of us like little kids who just got into trouble.

“Kat, we’ll take care of them. I want you to go back and grab the ready-made bag at the Odair’s, the Hawthorne’s and our place, it has our more valued possessions in them. Also grab the first aid kit for Finnick’s wound. Then follow our footprints to the boat.” Peeta tells me quietly and I sprint of back the way we’d come as fast as my legs will carry me. I go to our place first with a strange feeling that I won't be returning after this. Sure enough our backpack is stuffed full with all of our clothes and valuables. A minute later I am on my way to grab Madge and Gale’s pack, then Finn and Annie’s. Not long after I am running back towards the others, hoping that Finnick and Peeta are fairing all right and have the guys, and Colette, under complete control.

I overcome them quite quickly seeing as both Finnick and the captain are injured. I follow the footprints as well as the large drops of blood that I hope are more from the captain and less from Finnick.

They are almost to the boat when we meet up and, looking around, I notice that Gale isn’t here yet with the girls, hopefully they are okay. Peeta pushes the four others into the large lifeboat and I quickly extract the first aid kit for Finnick’s wound. I help Peeta clean it with a little salt water which causes Finnick to wince, then after spreading a little cream on to help prevent infection I wrap it up with some of our bandages. It was a through and through so we didn't have to extract the bullet.

“There, good as new.” I say, patting his now padded shoulder.

“Thanks.” He smiles painfully.

“You’ll want to wrap me up too if I am to be of any use to you.” The captain speaks a few minutes later. He is breathing heavily and holding onto his wounded arm tightly that continues to drip blood onto his lap and the bottom of the boat.

“I’ll do it.” I volunteer and grabbing the first aid kit before Peeta can protest I hop into the boat. Somewhat hesitantly I clean the captain’s wound: a small whole in his bicep but thankfully the bullet mostly grazed and didn’t go all the way through. I wrap it up securely then begin standing up to get out of the boat. I am momentarily stunned when a hand grabs my leg and pulls me back so that I land with a thump on the hard bottom of the boat. I groan and look around.

Peeta saw what happened and he is now wearing a look of horror on his handsome face. “Leave her alone!” He shouts angrily at the man that pulled me down.

“I’m just making sure that you don’t try anything. Don’t worry we won’t hurt her unless it's absolutely necessary.” The captain tells him and I swear Peeta’s face went a few shades whiter. Well that’s comforting. I think to myself.

Before any more words can be exchanged Gale comes bounding out of the trees and onto the beach towards us.

“I can’t find them!” He calls once we’re in hearing range.

“That’s because they aren’t here.” The captain replies, grinning evilly.

“Where are they?” Gale practically screams.

“Your wife and the other woman are being held somewhere safe until further instructions.”

“Why?” Finnick asks.

“You didn’t think that we’d just row you all back to Panem did you?” He laughs.

“Now, we’ll be going.” The captain makes a signal to his men and they begin rowing away. Peeta starts yelling at them to let me go, and they don’t dare fire their guns because I have been put at the front of the boat just in case. I give Peeta a sad smile and blow him a kiss and just like that, a large wave pushes us away until Peeta, Finnick and Gale are just specks on the island.

I wonder what happens now?

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