Always and Forever

The Plan

I try to yell and scream all the profanities that I know to those two but the gag is still over my mouth preventing me from emitting any sound but maybe a pathetic croak. Since my hands are tied behind me and so are Madge’s I move mine a little until I feel her ropes and then her hands. I give them a little comforting squeeze to tell her that we’ll get out of this okay, Peeta and Gale will find us, I hope.

“We have big plans for you two.” Cato sneers.

“Oh yes we do.” His sister laughs maliciously beside him. I just roll my eyes.

“Colette, how about you cut their gags lose, I’d like to hear what they have to say.” Cato smiles creepily again. “Besides, no matter how much you scream for your sweet little hubbies, this room is quite sound proof, no one can hear you, no one knows you are here, so you may as well give up all hope of a rescue.” He finishes proudly.

Colette in turn takes a small dagger that hangs on her belt and starts walking over to us. I’m not scared of her, if it came down to the two of us I’m sure I’m stronger, but when you’re tied up and your enemy is coming towards you with a dagger you can’t help but feel just a little intimidated. I hear Madge whimper slightly and give her hands another encouraging squeeze.

My gag is removed first and I have a coughing fit and try to get my breathing back to normal. Once Madge’s is off her as well I only hear her breathing heavily, but for the most part she stays quiet.

“What do want with us?” I spit at him. He grins again. I am really getting tired of all of his smiling, like he is just having to time of his life torturing us.

“Oh not much, I mostly just want you two out of the way while we do our business, then we shall retrieve you when you are needed.”

“But why would you sink a ship filled with a bunch of innocent people!” Madge asks, close to tears.

“Oh but they are not even close to innocent.” Cato replies. “If you haven’t already noticed over half of the occupants of this ship are from the rebellion that ended the games and in the end killed President Snow. You four were just the most important in the rebellion, but there were many others.

“But why would you do such a thing? Madge cries again.

“It’s all because of you that Colette and I spent over three years in prison, serving snobby President Coin, and now, after many years of planning for just the right time we are ready to put our plan into action.”

“Well I’m sorry you were put into prison.” Madge says quietly. “But you did kind of deserve it after all you two did.”

I gasp and retort, “I’m not sorry at all that you were in prison and forced to serve like the rest of us were for the past 75 years! I’m glad, and I’d do it all over again if I had to, you got what you deserved!” I’m barely finished speaking when I see Cato give his sister the slightest nod, and then just like that my gag is back on and I can’t speak anymore.

“There, I think that’s enough talk for you.” He says. I just glare at him showing that I’m not afraid of anything, which in reality I’m actually quite scared. Scared that my husband might not rescue us, scared that we might all die before I am even married two weeks, afraid for all the innocent people that could die for no reason if we don’t find some way to stop them.

“Well we have business to take care of, enjoy the quiet.” They both laugh again and soon we are left alone.

“Are you okay Katniss?” Madge asks me.

I nod even though we are back to back and she can’t see me, and give her hands a squeeze.

“Do you think if we both work on each other’s hands we can get them lose?” Madge asks again. I nod again and we both start working on our bonds. My wrists are tied together, so with my free fingers I find the knot imprisoning Madge’s hands and get to work. The knot is done pretty well but just from feeling it I already know what kind it is and exactly how to untie it; in a matter of minutes Madge’s hands are free. She flexes her fingers and massages and rubs her sore wrists, trying to get the circulation back, then she quickly unties my own hands.

I rub them as well and quickly untie my gag. We embrace each other and enjoy what little freedom we have for the moment.

“How did they get you too?” Madge asks me.

I shrug, “Well me and Peeta and Gale were told by a maid where she saw you go and then we separated and Peeta and I went down one hallway and Gale took the other. Soon we came to another fork and I took one and Peeta took the other. That was a big mistake, I told Peeta that I could take care of myself and that I would be fine and only a few minutes later they caught me. I’m sure they are both pulling their hair out right about now.” I explain.

“Yeah knowing Gale he won’t stop to even sit down before I’m found. Even after being married for three years he’s still overly protective, afraid that I’ll be taken away from him at any time.”

I chuckle and say, “You know, a few years ago I never would have picture Gale feeling that way about a girl, let alone the mayor’s daughter.”

“You and me both!” We laugh together, momentarily forgetting the situation we are in and just chatting like normal friends. “I sure hope they find us.” Madge whispers after our laughter dies.

“Don’t worry Madge, like you said, Gale won’t rest before he finds you and neither will Peeta. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came to our rescue in the next few hours.” This seems to comfort Madge a little and we just sit in comfortable silence for the next little bit.

After a while I start to get sore from sitting down and stand up just to move around some.

“Should we try the door?” Madge asks.

“It’s going to be locked.” I say but she tries anyways. Her face falls when the door doesn’t budge. “Wait!” She says excitedly. “I still have my cell phone with me, maybe we can get ahold of Gale!”

“Okay then, try it!” She nods and dials Gale’s number, after a few rings she hangs up.

“He isn’t answering but I’ll leave him a message.” She punches a few words telling him that we are okay and who the kidnappers are and presses send just as her phone turns black.

“Shoot! It died on me! Let’s just hope that the message sent before the phone died.” We don’t have anything to do after that and just walk around stretching our legs and waiting for the door to open.

Peeta’s POV

I slump down onto a beach chair where Gale and I promised to meet up after an hour of searching. Gale still hasn’t arrived and it’s been over an hour, I’m hoping that he either found them or he his just running a little late and hasn’t run into trouble. Just when I am about to leave to go looking for him he stumbles up the stairs and falls into a chair.

“Nothing?” I ask. He shakes his head, breathing heavily.

“I never should have let her out of my sight!” Gale chides himself.

“Don’t worry about it man, it wasn’t your fault.” I put my hand on his shoulder and try to comfort him.

“Hey do you have your phone with you?” I ask suddenly. Gale immediately pats his pockets only to come up empty.

“Dang it, I left it in the room, why?”

“Well Madge has her phone, she might have tried to contact you.” He smacks his head, “Why didn’t I think of that?” He then jumps up and I hurry to follow him back to his room.

Five minutes later after Gale finished fumbling with the lock on his door we get inside and he finds his phone sitting on the night table next to the bed.

“Any new messages?” I ask impatiently.

“Yes! From Madge!”

“Well read it already would ya!” I peek over his shoulder and try to get a glimpse of what the message says.

“Hold your horses Peet! Okay it says: Together with Katniss, okay, in soundproof room, down. Captors try and sink ship, Cato, Colette.”

“That’s all it says?” I ask. He nods sadly. “But now we know who their kidnappers are.”

“Cato and Colette!” I state. “The brother and sister that worked for president Snow and kidnapped Prim and Katniss years ago.” Gale nods. “We have to find them before Cato does something drastic.”

“Like sink this entire cruise ship?”

“Yes!” He then tries calling Madge back but of course doesn’t get an answer because her phone is dead.

I try and lighten the mood a bit, “Okay, so we know that they are fine for now.” Gale nods in agreement. “And they are probably alone if they were able to send that message.”

“We know that they are in a soundproof room below us.” Gale says.

“Good, what else do we know that’ll help us find them?”

“Well she is with Katniss so and least they are in one room together.”

“Okay, I guess now we start looking.”

Katniss’s POV

“They’ve been gone for two hours now; don’t you think that Gale and Peeta should have found us by now?” I voice my worries to my friend currently slumped in a corner with her head in her hands. She just shakes her head and lets out a moan.

“Come on Madge.” I chastise her. “Don’t give up all hope now, Gale probably received your message and they are on their way right now.” She lifts her head a little, revealing a tear-stained face and red, puffy eyes. I cross the room from where I had been pacing, trying to come up with an escape plan, and sit down next to Madge, put a comforting arm around her shoulders, whispering soothing words in her ear.

“We’re still on the boat so there are only so many places they can hide us, someone will have to find us eventually.” I tell her. She lifts her head up again and says, panic in her voice, “But what if Cato and his sister actually sink the boat before anyone finds us!”

“Well you told Gale in the text what they were up to so if he got it then it’ll be up to the guys to save this entire ship and its passengers.” I say.

“Yeah, I guess so.” We sit in silence after that, each with our own thoughts and worries. Soon enough we’ve both fallen asleep cuddled together on the hard floor waiting for help.


A loud bang and crack awakes me from my slumber and I quickly shake Madge awake as well.

“What’s that?” She whispers like a scared little girl. We hug each other while the banging continues and soon the door is broken down. We sit there waiting to see who it is that has come to our rescue. Madge sees them first and jumps up and runs into her awaiting husbands arms, crying and laughing all at the same time. With searching eyes I look for my own husband. I locate his perfect blue eyes just as he is climbing over the broken wood from the door. He smiles and I run to him. Peeta picks me up and swings me around, planting light, wet kisses all over my face.

“I am never letting you out of my sight again.” He says in between the kisses.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you.” I cry into his chest. He hugs me tighter, whispering to me that it’s okay.

“Uh guys, sorry to break the moment but we’d better get out of here before the bad guys get back and throw us all overboard.” Gale says, and we reluctantly break apart, clasping hands in the process.

“Should we tell the captain about all of this?” I ask. “He'd probably want to know that there are crazy people on his ship that are planning on sinking it in the next few days.”

“Well about that.” Peeta begins and I eye him curiously. “Gale and I are pretty sure that the captain is in on the whole plan. That’s the only way Cato and Colette could have gotten away with this so easily and have the blueprints in their possession."

“Great. What about life boats, are there enough to hold everyone?” I ask.

“That’s another reason we think the captain is in on it.” Gale answers. “We found where they keep all the life boats on our search for you and there are only two down there, enough for the culprits and maybe a few of the really important people.”

“Oh, they want to leave everyone who was in on the rebellion on the ship to drown.” I tell them. Madge whimpers slightly and Gale tightens his grip around her.

“We’ll be fine, I promise. Somehow we’re going to find a way out of this.”

I can only hope that he is right.

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