Always and Forever

Room Service

"Hey, how are you feeling honey?" I ask Peeta the next morning. Neither of us felt hungry so we just decided to stay in bed. He opens his eyes and smiles lazily at me as I stroke his curls and peer down at him from my position above.

"Better, my arm is just a bit sore."

"That's good." I whisper and lean down to place a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Katniss, I'm really sorry for everything that is happening and that has happened. This really isn't how I imagined our honeymoon to be." Lying back down beside him I place my head right over his beating hard and sigh in contentment.

"It's not your fault Peeta, it's no ones fault and I still think that this is the best honeymoon ever." He puts his good arm around my back and gives me a tight squeeze.

"Well, what do you want to do today Kat?" I shrug my shoulders and don't answer so he continues,

"Well I won't be doing much with my arm all wrapped up so we can just hang out here for the day." I smile, "Sounds perfect." I snuggle closer into him and he tightens his arm around me, I end up falling asleep again a few minutes later.

I wake up a while later to someone gently rubbing designs all over my back. I sit up slowly and look down into my husband's enchanting blue eyes.

"Hey, sleep well?" I nod, "You?" "Yeah, we slept another two hours, it's already lunch time." He tells me.

"Seriously? We need to eat something."

"Good point. There is a number in that little booklet over there for room service."

"Great." I swing my legs over the side of the bed and slide off, right into my furry slippers. Finding the booklet on the dresser I search through the pages for the room service number.

"It's on the back." Peeta says. Flipping to the back I find it and quickly dial the numbers on the phone in our room.

"Yes, I'd like to order whatever is on the lunch menu for today to room 204, yes, thank you." Hanging up I smile at Peeta and hop back onto the bed next to him. "It'll be here in 15 minutes." I tell him.

"Great, I'm starved!" I chuckle and snuggle back next to him.

"Well you should probably put a housecoat or real clothes on before answering the door." He smirks.

"Yeah, yeah I will, later." I mumble and close my eyes with Peeta stroking my hair. What feels like only a few seconds later my eyes pop open to the sound of someone knocking on our door. Jumping off the bed I slip into my housecoat and slippers and run my fingers through my hair before unlocking the door to receive our meal. The waitress hands me two trays and a paper bag, I have to make two trips do get it all in the room. I thank her then relock the door and bring the food over to the bed and place one of the trays on Peeta's lap. Then I set the paper bag in between us and pull out a bottle of water and a small glass bottle of red wine and two glasses.

"I don't know how that girl carried all of this in one shot all the way up here." I say mostly to myself.

"Waitress powers." Peeta chuckles quietly.

"So what did you get on your tray?" I ask. He uncovers it and inspects the food. "Well it has a bowl of soup and a plate of chicken, rice and gravy, and a slice of chocolate cake. What about you?" Taking the cover off of my own tray I look to see what I have, "Sautéed vegetables and some type of fish with a white sauce; I also got a bowl of some kind of soup and a piece of cake and some fruit salad, we can share if you want."

"Sounds good, I'll eat half of my food and you do the same then we can trade." I pour us each a glass of water and save the wine for this evening, then I dig right into my meal and in five minutes half of it is gone and Peeta and I are trading trays. I gasp every little while during the meal, just savoring the food. Pretty soon both of our trays are empty and we're out of food with our stomachs filled. I get up from the bed and stack our trays on the dresser and climb back into bed, feeling like a lazy lump.

"Do you know what Madge and Gale are up to today?" Peeta asks.

"I'm not sure but Madge was injured pretty badly from what I saw so they'll probably be doing the same thing as us for most of the day." I reply.

"Yeah I heard, what exactly happened to her? I didn't get a very close look."

"She was hit on the head with something sharp and lost a lot of blood, but other than that I don't think she had any other injuries."

"I hope she'll be okay."

"I'm sure she will. With the nurses help and Gale waiting on her hand and foot she'll heal pretty quickly." Peeta chuckles and locks his hands behind his head, leaning back onto the headboard. Even when he's relaxed his six-pack is still very visible and the toned muscles of his chest and arms never cease to amaze me.

"Like what you see?" I glance back up blushing like I was caught doing some I shouldn't and my husband chuckles again. I decide to play along and reply seductively, "Oh yes." He smirks and flexes the bicep on his good arm. I giggle and give him a quick peck on his still smirking lips. "Oh you're going to have to do better than that!" He says and pulls me down on top of him. I smile and crash my lips to his, at the same time putting my hands behind his head to hold him in place and also try not to hurt his arm. He kisses me harder and I feel like I might faint if I don't come up for air soon. Thankfully he must be thinking the same thing and we both pull away at the same time, gasping for breath.

"You know, it's been a while since we did that, you need to kiss me more often." Peeta says after he is breathing normally again.

"We kiss plenty!" I say in my defense.

"Sure, just not enough."

Throwing my hands up I sigh and say, "Well we'll just have to take care of that won't we?" Peeta grins and brings me back down to his level, we kiss longer this time and I swear my face was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen. When we're both too tired to do anything more I get rid of my housecoat and slip back underneath the blankets next to my heater. He seriously is always warm! Peeta puts his arm around me again and pulls me even closer into his side. I in turn rest my head on his chest once more and listen to the beat of his heart while he strokes my hair absentmindedly.

"Do you want to get up for dinner in a few hours?" I ask sleepily.

"Sure, that sounds like a smart idea."

"Good." I close my eyes again and fall into a pleasant dream. It's about Peeta and I in the future with our children; now that everything is different I'm not so against bringing kids into the world, and I know how much Peeta wants them. We have two in the dream, a girl about 5 years old that looks just like I did when I was little. She is running through the meadow in district 12, brown braids flying in the wind and gray eyes shining. Then there is a little boy, probably about two years old, he looks like Peeta: blond curls bouncing on the top of his head as he runs after his sister and bright blue eyes bursting with happiness. Then it's Peeta and I, sitting next to my tree together holding hands, smiling at our children, then Peeta's hand goes to rest on my stomach where a small bump is beginning to show. We look so happy together, like a real family with no capitol and no Snow to ruin our lives and kill our children.

I wake up smiling, just thinking about how when we get back home, I'm going to tell Peeta that I want kids, probably almost as much as he does now. He is still sound asleep when I open my eyes so I just stay quiet as not to bother him. Glancing at the clock next to our bed the red numbers are flashing 5:00pm, only a little less an hour until we have to leave for dinner. Peeta looks so peaceful when he's asleep, I could just get lost in him. A few seconds later his eyes flutter open and he smirks because he knows that he caught me staring.

Instead of saying what I was expecting he says, while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, "What time is it?"

"It's 5:05pm, we have like 45 minutes to get ready before we need to leave for the dining room."

"Good, because I'm hungry again!" I laugh and sit up.

"Well I'm going to get up, I probably won't be able to sleep at all tonight!"

"Oh you will." Peeta smiles and sits up as well. "I think I am going to take a quick shower before we get ready."

"Do you need any help, I mean with you bandages and all?" I ask, we've only been married for about two weeks so I still haven't totally gotten used to showering with someone.

Peeta grins then sobers quickly, "Yes please, it might be a little tricky washing my hair with one arm." I smile shyly and follow him to the bathroom. Thankfully the shower is big enough.

After showering I blow dry my hair so that it looks presentable then Peeta and I just lounge on the bed in our housecoats and watch whatever is on the TV until it is time to change for dinner.

The dress I wore last night to the party is in need of some sewing help so instead of dressing up tonight like I have been doing I just find a pair of nicer black skinny jeans and an airy dark blue somewhat formal tank top with a little design along the top. Then I slip into some black flats with blue sequence on the top and fix my hair into one long ponytail down the back.

"You look beautiful." Peeta whispers coming up behind me.

"You always say that!"

"Yes, but it's always true." He is also dressed in casual jeans and blue button up that matches my own top nicely.

"Ready?" He asks a few minutes later. I nod and link my arm through his good one.

"Should we knock and see if Madge and Gale are going?" I shake my head, "Nah, how about we have dinner just the two of us tonight."

"Ooh, I like what you're thinking." He replies smiling.

"I knew you would." And together we walk arm-in-arm to our next meal.

We are taken to a table for two on the side of the huge room and left to look through our menus.

"I think I'm going for pizza today." I say a minute later, "And maybe a salad, it has chicken in it and sounds good."

"Okay, actually pizza sounds delicious. I'll get one too just a different kind and we can try each others."

"Great! Are you going to order anything with that?"

"Um, maybe some chicken soup, like the soup you had at lunch with chicken and those long noodles, it was so good!"

"Okay then, now all we have to do is wait for our waitress to come and take our orders." I say. We close our menus and lean back in our fancy chairs.

"Oh, what about drinks!" I say, just remembering. We open our menus once more and each settle with iced tea with a lemon on the side.

"I've never had it but apparently it's pretty good." Peeta informs me.

"Hopefully." Soon enough the waitress arrives at our table and takes our orders. The food shouldn't take as long this time since it is only the two of us and not six this time. Sure enough it comes only a few minutes later and we enjoy our very first iced tea and our second pizza in our lives. It takes us a while to eat then when we are finished we just sit and talk about everything and soon we are the only ones left in the dining room.

"What time is it?" Peeta asks a while later. "Oh wow, its 8:00pm!" I say, glancing down at my watch.

"Time really flew by didn't it?" I nod, "It sure did, but it was nice, wasn't it?"

"It was very nice." He smiles and gives my hand a squeeze from across the table.

"Should we go then?" I ask.

"Sure, let's go." We finish off our drinks quickly and are just about to stand up when I see a dark form come up behind Peeta and before I can scream to warn him the man has hit him in the side of the head with something hard and Peeta falls unconscious and limp, resting his head on the table.

"Peeta!" I scream before I too fall into darkness.

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