Star Wars Rebels: No Longer Alone

By Meldy_Arts

Scifi / Adventure

Chapter 1

Star Wars Rebels: No Longer Alone

A young padawan walked along the sandy hills of Lothal. The wind blew in his hair as he walked along the hills. His arms were folded over each other, while the Padawans head was lowered. He had the face of frustration, but also sadness. Ezra Bridger: A young padawan learning to become a Jedi, was training with his master to learn to focus as best he could, but his mind was clouded, clouded with memories, but trying to get through to his master about this, was harder than training. His master was Kanan Jarrus: A cowboy Jedi, who cares for his crew. But can be strict when it comes to training his apprentice. Ezra’s mind was filled with memories of his past, before he joined the ghost crew, before he became a rebel, why this was would haunt the young padawan, and it always would. This day 8 years ago way the same day his parents were taken from him, the day storm troopers and imperial agents arrived at his home, and took his parents away, leaving the young 7 year old, alone. He was abandoned, and had been that way until he met his crew, but he didn’t know how to tell them, he didn’t know how to tell them that he was upset about something. Kanan would tell him to just forget about it, just as he had to other things in the past.

The padawan looked up and saw the lights of capital city. He sighed before making his way toward it; he reached the town and looked around. Storm troopers were dotted around, as they had always been; Ezra raised a brow before walking into an ally, keeping himself hidden so he wouldn’t get caught. He walked along the ally, past people trying to sell fruit or other items. He continued to walk until coming to a small ally. He sighed before walking down it, once he reached the end; he peered around and saw a large building, marked with imperial markings. He looked at them before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a house card. He slid the card on the lock, causing the door to suddenly open. He put the card away before pulling the doors open and stepping inside. He looked around before turning and pulling the doors closed again causing the room to become dark. He turned to beside the door and flicked an old light switch. The light crackled before lighting the room, only dimly. He looked around and sighed as he walked toward the stool in the middle of the old coach seat. As he walked, he ran his fingers along the old table, causing his gloves to get dusty. He sighed before rubbing it from his fingers then reaching the stool, he pushed it away from the hole leading to the basement. He sighed before jumping down. He landed crouched on one leg. He pushed himself up before looking around the old room. He looked around at the old few seats, and table in front of them. He sighed before walking to one of the seats and sitting on it

“If only they knew...”

Back with the rest of the crew, Kanan paced just in front of the ghost, Hera leant on side of the ghost watching him, and he sighed to herself before pushing of from the ghost

“Kanan, just go and speak to him”

“Yeah, and then what?” Kanan asked stopping and turning to face Hera “He’ll just continue the way he was before”

Hera folded her arms as Kanan turned away in frustration. She walked down the ramp and put her hand on Kanan’s shoulder

“Ezra needs you Kanan. No matter how long or how hard it is to teach him... You know you can’t give up on him, and I know you won’t” She said smiling warmly

Kanan said before turning to face her

“Alright, you win... I’ll go and talk to him”

Hera moved her hand away as Kanan walked past her back into the ghost. Hera smiled before following. They both went up the ladder, they both walked into the cockpit, though Kanan walked through the door and down the hall and came to Ezra and Zeb’s room. He sighed before knocking on the door

“Ezra? You in there?”

He sighed as there was no reply. He pressed the button on the side of the wall to open the door, before looking inside


He stepped inside and looked around. He frowned slightly before hearing another door slid open outside. He turned and saw Sabine leaving her room


“Oh, hey Kanan” Sabine said turning

“Hey... have you seen Ezra?” Kanan asked as the door to Ezra’s room closed behind him

“I thought he was training with you?” Sabine asked folding her arms

“He was” Kanan said sighing

“Let me guess... another argument?” Zeb asked appearing from behind Sabine

“Something likes that... Have you seen him?” Kanan asked looking up at Zeb

“Last time I saw him he was heading to the top if the ghost, didn’t bother asking why though” Zeb replied

“Sabine, go check?” Kanan asked

Sabine nodded before running to the ladder and climbing up. Kanan and Zeb watched before Zeb turned back to Kanan

“So, what happened this time?” He asked curiously

“The kids just finding it hard to focus...” Kanan explained folding his arms

“Well, the kid has been acting different today” Zeb said

“What?” Kanan asked

“First thing this morning the kid starting acting different...” Zeb explained

“Do you know why?” Kanan asked raising a brow

“No. Kid wouldn’t say anything until you called him out for training” Zeb said folding his arms

“Yeah, the kid didn’t say anything to me or chop either” Sabine said sliding down the ladder

“...Was he up there?” Kanan asked getting of the subject

“No” Sabine said reaching Kanan and Zeb

“You don’t think he would have wondered of... right?” She asked with a slight of nervousness in her voice

“Well... there’s only one way to find out” Hera said walking from the ladder

“You suggest we go and look for him?” Zeb asked

“What else do we do? Sit around and wait for him to come back... Zeb what if the imperials find him?” Sabine asked looking at him

“Ah... right” Zeb said putting his hand on his head

“Alright. So we go and look for him” Hera said

“Chop, you stay here in case he turns up” She said turning to the droid who was at the other end of the hall

Everyone faced chopper before he grumbled and went through the door.

“Alright, we go capital city on the phantom, since that’s the nearest place from here. We find Ezra and get back... the imperials are most likely still out there looking for us” Hera instructed

“And, if he’s not there?” Zeb asked

“Then, we keep looking” Kanan said

“Like we said, something’s up with Ezra today... we just couldn’t see it” Sabine said walking toward the phantom with Hera

Zeb and Kanan looked at each other before walking off after the other two.

Hera, Zeb, Kanan and Sabine travelled to capital city on the phantom, they landed far enough away from the city to not be seen by any imperial ships or storm troopers. The foursome split up to make it easier to search for Ezra. Hera and Kanan, and Sabine and Zeb. Kanan and Hera walked through the streets easily avoiding the imperial officers as they had been for years. They crept through a few alleys until Kanan stopped, soon followed by Hera

“What is it?” Hera asked

Kanan turned to a small familiar ally and walked down it quickly followed by Hera

“Do you know where this leads?” Hera asked

Before Kanan could answer, it became clear to the house they both saw on the other side

“That answers your question?” Kanan asked turning to Hera

“...Guess there more than one way to get here” Hera said putting a hand on her hip

“Is he in there?” Hera asked

“I think so... come on” Kanan said walking toward the house with Hera

Kanan put his hands through the cracks and started to pull on the door to pull it open, Hera joined him and they both managed to get the old door open without the card. They walked in and saw the light was on

“Well, someone’s been here” Hera said folding her arms as Kanan pulled the door closed

Kanan looked over to the stool and saw it had been pushed away from the hole.

“Wait up here” He said walking toward it

“Uh... Kanan” Hera began unfolding her arms

“I’ll only be a minute” Kanan said beginning to climb down the ladder

Hera watched him before sighing and sitting down on an old seat.

Kanan got off from the ladder and turned around, straight away he saw Ezra sitting on a seat looking at him

“You’re here to yell some more?” Ezra asked rolling his eyes as he turned away from Kanan

“No” Kanan said walking toward Ezra

Kanan grabbed the other chair and pulled it in front of Ezra and sat down

“Kid” He said

Ezra sighed before turning to face Kanan

“I’m sorry I ran off alright, but being there with you yelling at me doesn’t make anything better” Ezra said turning to Kanan frustratingly

“Whoa, whoa... Make what better?” Kanan asked

“...Nothing” Ezra lied as he got up from the chair and walked past Kanan

“Kid, I know something’s up” Kanan said as he watched Ezra walk toward the ladder

“Really? You didn’t seem like you ‘knew’ a few hours ago” Ezra said turning back to Kanan again

“I was just trying to teach you to keep your focus Ezra, whatever going on with you. You need to...” Kanan began

“I know, get over it” Ezra said rolling his eyes at his teacher

“Ezra. You didn’t let me finish” Kanan said putting his hand on Ezra’s shoulder causing the padawan to face his teacher again

“Whatever’s bothering you Ezra... you can tell me” He said bending slightly

“No... I can’t” Ezra said pushing away from Kanan slightly irritated

“Why not?” Kanan asked standing straight

“...Every time I’ve ever tried to talk to you, talk to anyone on the crew... All I ever get is to ‘get over it’... or something like that anyway” Ezra said turning away from Kanan folding his arms

“So, that’s how we acted on Empire day?” Kanan asked frowning slightly putting a hand on his waist

It remained silent for a moment before Ezra dropped his arms beside him. But continued to face away from Kanan

“Kid...” Kanan said walking toward him

“Why’s today so important?”

Ezra turned as Kanan put both his hands on the Padawans shoulders. Ezra looked at the ground, keeping eye contact from Kanan. But Kanan could still see that the mention of empire day had made the situation even worse. He sighed before bending down to see Ezra’s face

“Ezra” He repeated

Ezra sighed before closing his eyes tightly

“My parents...”

“Today was the day my parents were taken. The day I was on my own”

Kanan looked at Ezra, and saw how much this stung him

“I’m sorry Ezra... I didn’t know... Why didn’t you” He began

“Why didn’t I tell you? Because Kanan... telling you... or Hera, or anyone. It doesn’t mean anything” Ezra said stepping away

“Nothing anyone can do can bring them back Kanan... Every year today I tell myself that... Every year I tell myself to forget about them...”


“But?” Kanan asked standing straight again

“There’s just that part of me that won’t let the memory go away” Ezra said sighing

“Well, I guess that part of you is right. You should never let go of memories Ezra... not the good ones” Kanan said putting his hand on the Padawans shoulder

Ezra replied with nothing but a sigh, Kanan turned to the ladder as they heard the door being pulled open, and two more familiar voices echoed into the basement

“We better head back up there...” Kanan said turning back to Ezra sighing

Ezra nodded before following Kanan to the ladder and climbing up

“Ezra!” Sabine said with a smile

Ezra didn’t say anything; he stood behind Kanan with his arms folded and head lowered. He looked at Sabine, before looking away. Sabine was about to say something again when Kanan raised his hand slightly, causing her to stop.

“Let’s just get back to the phantom” Kanan said walking out

Everyone watched as Kanan and Ezra left the old house

“Was that considered a good sign?” Sabine asked putting a hand on her hip nervously

Hera sighed, but replied “We’ll only have to find out... come on”

Hera, Sabine and Zeb soon caught up with Kanan and Ezra as they walked down the alley leading back to the ghost. Sabine walked beside Ezra, she turned to him slightly, keeping so he wouldn’t notice. She saw how upset he looked. She was amazed to how well he was hiding it. After managing to avoid a few storm troopers, the crew boarded the phantom and headed back to the ghost, the trip back was silent. Once they reached the ghost, they attached and everyone got off. Ezra climbed down the ladder and walked down the hall. Sabine followed him down the ladder before turning to Kanan and Hera as they joined her

“So?” She asked folding her arms

“He seems worse than he did before he left” Zeb said climbing down the ladder

Kanan sighed before looking at Hera who looked back at him nervously

“Today was the day Ezra’s parents were taken...”

“What?” Sabine asked putting her arms down

“Well why didn’t he say something?” Zeb asked

“...Reasons” Kanan said sighing

“Sabine” Hera said looking at Sabine

Sabine looked up at Hera before seeing her move her head to the door before the hall. Sabine just nodded before walking to the door and going through it. Kanan and the others watched as she left before he looked back at Hera. Hera sighed before walking toward the cockpit soon followed by Kanan and Zeb.

Ezra walked toward the back of the ghost. He opened the door before looking down at the closed area. He sighed before leaning on the balcony. He looked down at a few empty crates before the door opened behind him

“Hey kid” A familiar voice came

He recognised the voice as Sabine as she walked toward him and leant her back against the balcony looking at the door

“Kanan told us...” She said turning to Ezra

“Yeah, I guessed that” Ezra said

“...Why didn’t you just tell us... or me?” She asked

“I don’t know...” Ezra said turning away, leaving one hand on the balcony

“I wanted to... it’s just...”

“You thought I wouldn’t care?” Sabine asked

“No” Ezra said turning to face her

“Then why?” Sabine asked

“I didn’t want to act... you know” Ezra said sighing

“Upset? Ezra there’s nothing wrong with being upset...” Sabine stated

“There is if Kanan’s your master” Ezra said rolling his eyes as he turned from Sabine again

“Kanan’s just trying to help you Ezra... I’m sure he’s been upset before” Sabine said walking to the front of Ezra

Sabine just looked at Ezra as he looked back at her. Both of them looked away before the ghost guttered and lifted from the ground causing both Sabine and Ezra to fall into the railing of the balcony. Sabine sighed before pushing herself back up straight

“When you want to talk... you know where I am” She said walking toward the hall door

She walked through the door and looked over her shoulder at Ezra, before the door closed. Ezra sighed before leaning back against the balcony; he looked over the edge until his Jedi senses picked up on something. He turned to his side and looked up at the hatch leading to the top of the ghost, he raised a brow before walking toward it, he looked up before the door opened and Chopper came bounding through. He started making his quirky robotic noise waving his metal arm at Ezra. But Ezra ignored him; he climbed the ladder and opened the hatch leading to the roof of the ghost. He climbed to the top and looked around the skies of Lothal, he raised a brow as his Jedi senses continued to pick up something. He walked over to the edge of the ship and peered down, they weren’t flying that high, and they weren’t that far from capital city. He looked around and saw storm troopers still around the city. He watched as imperial officers and storm troopers ran into a familiar alley. He raised a brow as the alley lead to his old home. He bent down slightly and held onto the edge of the ghost to keep himself from falling. The officers and troopers ran toward his home, they seemed to be chasing a figure in a cloak, there face was cleverly hidden by a large hood, But the troopers were close to catching up, they shot there blasters at the figure, but the figure seemed to easily be able to dodge them, The figure ran to Ezra’s old home, they stopped before turning and looking at the troopers appearing from the ally. The figure quickly pulled open the door, then instantly let it close behind them. The troopers and Imperials made it to the door just as it closed. The officers stood back and watched as the troopers quickly knocked down the old door. Ezra frowned before standing up again letting the wind blow through his hair; he looked below the ghost and saw a few buildings, not that far a jump away. He turned again to face the hatch leading to the inside of the ghost; he frowned again before turning back to the edge

“Here goes nothing”

Before he could change his mind, Ezra leapt from the edge of the ghost and landed on top of a building, bent on one leg. He sighed in relief that he managed to make it before looking up at the ghost flying just over the city, out of sight of any imperials. He turned and looked around and quickly established where he was. He found the direction his old home was in, and quickly darted for it. After running over several rooftops he came to the front of his home, he jumped down and looked around before creeping toward the door that had been blown down. He angrily looked at it before stepping through the door. He looked around for the figure, or the imperials that had entered, but it was empty. He stepped further into the house before his senses picked up on something coming from the basement, he looked at the stool and raised a brow before turning around and continuing to look for the imperials he could feel as though someone was in there, but he couldn’t see anyone. He crept further around the house, often looking at the basement, he figured if the troopers were to have gone down there, they wouldn’t have covered it back up. He continued to look through the darkness of the house. After looking for a mere minute, his senses picked up on someone behind him. He quickly jumped to his left and evaded a stun blast aimed straight for him. He got up and turned to see agent Kallus standing at the entrance of his old home with a few storm troopers behind him

“Well well... the rebel padawan” Kallus smirked as he walked toward Ezra

“We come here looking for a thief... and instead, we find you”

Ezra looked at the basement, before glaring at the agent as he grew closer to him; he motioned his hand over his lightsaber, attached to his belt

“Oh, you won’t need that. I’m only going to talk” Kallus said grinning

“Funny, you just tried to blast me” Ezra said raising a brow

“Fair point” Kallus said

“What are you doing here?” Ezra asked angrily, his hand still placed over his lightsaber

“I told you boy... the question is... what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your rebels? Or, have they abandoned you? Or... have you abandoned them?” Kallus asked grinning slightly as he stopped walking

Ezra said nothing as he just glared at the agent; Kallus smirked before looking around the old room

“This is an old building. What would a boy like you, be doing here?” He asked

“I could ask you the same question” Ezra said raising a brow angrily

“A thief has been stealing precious weapons to the empire...” Kallus said looking back to Ezra

”A friend of yours perhaps?”

“I don’t know any thieves” Ezra said glaring at the officer

“Funny, where you not once a thief?” Kallus asked turning away from Ezra

Ezra said nothing but glare at the agent; he tightened his fists as the agent turned again

“How would you know that?”

“I have my ways. And so does the Inquisitor” Kallus said

“The Inquisitor?” Ezra whispered

“Now... if I recall, there is something the Inquisitor wanted” Kallus said putting his hand to his chin

“But was it the Inquisitor wanted?” Kallus said with an evil grin “... Ah... He wants you”

With that the storm troopers both fired, but Ezra was quick, he pulled out his lightsaber and quickly deflected both the stun blasts back at the troopers

“You’ve been training” Kallus said watching as the troopers fell

Ezra said nothing as he held his lightsaber in his hands tightly

“Although, not quite enough” Kallus said as he turned to Ezra smirking

Ezra glared at him before his senses picked up more troopers, they appeared from the entrance and the room the other side of the home. All the troopers began to fire at Ezra, but instead of stun blasts, they were not original firing blasts. Ezra managed to deflect many of them, until he saw as Kallus pulled out a different type of blaster, it was larger than his normal one, the sides had strange red markings down it, he aimed for Ezra as he continued to deflect as many blasters as he could, then without hesitation, he shot the blaster at Ezra, a blood red blaster bullet went straight into Ezra’s side, burning deep into his flesh. Ezra cried out slightly as he dropped his lightsaber and dropped to one knee. He put his hand on his side as he squeezed his eyes together in pain, but as he did he could hear someone walking toward him. He opened his eyes and saw as agent Kallus blew the top of the blaster before putting it away. He bent down to Ezra’s level and pulled his face to directly face his

“Now. Let’s see the Inquisitor”

Kanan sat in the cockpit with Hera; they had talked about what happened in capital city. And neither of them knew what to say, or do. Kanan sat there and looked at the city not too far away from where the ship was. He continued to look at it before he had a sudden feeling come to him. A feeling of fright and fear. He quickly turned to Hera before asking

“Where’s the kid?”

“What?” Hera asked confused slightly

Before either Kanan or Hera could say anything else, Sabine and Chopper quickly came into the cockpit, Sabine looked slightly nervous

“Sabine?” Hera asked turning

“The kid’s gone” Sabine said in a panicky tone

Kanan was quick to react he looked over at the city, and concentrated harder on the feeling he not long had

“I knew it. Hera, take us closer to that port” Kanan said pointing to a tie-fighter port

“What? If we go in to close they’ll see us” Hera said turning to Kanan

“Hera” Kanan said turning to Hera

Hera heard the slight worry in Kanan’s voice, so she did what he said, they flew closer to the small tie-fighter port, but once close, they saw a larger ship, only slightly bigger than the ghost in the area

“Alright... wasn’t expecting that” Hera said raising a brow

Kanan, Sabine and Hera looked at the ship waiting for someone to appear. Kanan raised a brow as his senses picked up on something very close. He looked down to an alley and saw storm troopers and an agent leaving it, with Ezra with them

“Ezra!” Sabine said

Before anyone could stop Kanan, he ran for the back of the ship

“Where’s he going?” Sabine asked as the door closed

“Trust me Sabine, sometimes you just need to roll with him” Hera said pressing a few buttons on the ghost’s controls

Kanan ran for the back of the ship and opened the ramp; he looked down at a close building and repeated what Ezra did. He landed then quickly turned to face the larger ship. He waved to the front of the ghost motioning them to leave the area before the ship took off. Hera did as he said, reluctant to Sabine’s disagreement. Kanan looked at the ship and watched as the imperials boarded. He quickly ran for the ship and quickly jumped inside before the ramp rose. He looked around the ship before seeing storm troopers begin to aim at him

“Alright boys... Let’s have some fun” He said as he placed his lightsaber together, and brought out the bright blue blade.

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