Shiny Happy People

Chapter 6

9:12 AM, MARCH 14 XXXX

Behemo wakes up to singing birds, sunlight, the smell of breakfast and a warm hand holding his cold one.

His vision was still blurry and he blearily tried to make out the figure beside him, but noticing the striking blonde hair was enough for him to know that it was Levia. The breakfast he smelled carried the scent of freshly baked bread, and his coat and tie were hanging at the closet knobs. Sitting at the bedside table were a lamp and the phonograph from the hospital, playing nothing.

He smiled.

If he were to die, he'd like to see this sight as his last.

“Are you okay?” was the first question that he heard. Behemo didn't feel any urgency to get up, nor the urgency to do anything else. He just smiled weakly at the question and nodded slowly.

“I'm okay.”

No need for smart remarks here in such a nice sight, even though his head feels like someone had smashed it against the wall and remoulded it hastily for a presentation--

“...Someone bashed my head in,” Behemo bluntly said, deeming the peaceful moment destroyed.

“Ah, yes. Someone did,” Levia frowned, releasing her hold on his hand to tear a piece of bread with her hands, proceeding to help him up to feed him. “That someone's receiving treatment in one of the wards.”

He looked at the bread in her hands and then at her. “Did you bash him in?” Behemo asked, balking.

“I thought it's predictable that I should have done so,” Levia shrugged, gently pushing the piece of bread in Behemo's mouth. Unlike most people who would just leave it at that, she pushed a bit more in such a way that her finger could touch his lips-- it felt a lot like her own, and at the same time, not so much like her own. Soft. Almost cushion-like, when he moved his mouth to chew.

Behemo swallowed. “Do you assault people often?” he asked disbelievingly.

“I'm known for being...hysterical,” Levia grinned. “Eat up,” she encouraged, tearing another bit of bread to feed him.

“I can feed myself,” he said, smiling at the thoughtful gesture.

“Apollo,” Levia said softly-- the name on her mouth rolled off her tongue just nicely-- “you nearly got a second concussion. Let me do what I can for you.”

He looked at the piece of bread stuck between her thumb and pointer finger, and he sighed-- he wasn't in any position to argue. He's sick and hurt, and even though Levia seemed to be the source of all of his current problems, she genuinely tries to make life easier for him at her own expense. So he acquiesces.

So he opens his mouth, and she smiles and pushes another piece of bread into it.

“There we go,” she said. “There's tea, coffee and water.”

“Coffee-- no, tea-- no, water,” Behemo said, his words scrambled. “I need to keep my head clear.”

“Wise choice,” she nodded, and helps him drink.

The feeling was strangely mutual between them-- they didn't want the other to leave. He didn't want her to stop helping him, and she didn't want to stop helping him either. The warm climate following the aftermath of the deadly haze brought the need to have the air conditioners on, so the warmth of the water and Levia's hand worked wonders for him.

“Where am I?” he finally asked, looking around slowly in fear of another headache if he turned too fast.

“In Medel Laboratories-- my room,” Levia said, putting the glass of water away. “Can you stand? I plan to introduce you to a few people as my twin brother, preferably today.”

“You work here?” Behemo asked, trying to get out of bed. “Parma told me about a Black Box yesterday-- or was it a few days ago…?”

Levia laughed. “You want one?”

“I want one,” he said decidedly, and before Levia could answer, he grinned. “For free.”

“Greedy, aren't you?” she smiled, helping him up as he grabbed his shirt, letting Levia button it up for him. His pants were already on, so all she did was help him tie his necktie and he did the rest. After getting his shoes and his blazer, he tied his hair and nodded.

“Ready to go.”

10:01 AM

Levia walked the halls of her workplace feeling as if she's on top of the world.

It's a common trait-- whenever Levia was happy, she'd excessively smile and have a skip in her step. She'd greet her colleagues and her underlings, sometimes getting the names wrong, but she fully displays her joy. She walked past doors that had all sorts of nameplates and halls of all sorts of departments, excited to see her superior to introduce her alternate self.

Her twin brother.

Her younger twin brother, which was even better.

Medel Laboratories main visual aspect would be the steel statue of the company's logo right outside, acting as a fountain to beautify the place with the lush amount of greenery. The receptionist's desk was fancy and futuristic enough, but reaching a few departments would make someone think otherwise. Most places were restricted, odd smells were all over the place (due to experiments) and the halls were whiter than white, reminding Behemo of either an asylum or a morgue.

It's a lot different from Hammond's, but he can't compare a laboratory to a bar.

Scientists, nurses, doctors, laboratory aides and test subjects ran to and fro, greeting Levia as they hesitated in dedicating themselves to their daily routines, their eyes glued at Behemo's figure. A few whispered among themselves about how alike they looked, how alike they seemed, so naturally they thought that he was a new addition to the staff.

If the sister was a novice physicist and a selective biologist, then what is the brother-- a chemist?

Levia stopped in front of a door and instead of doing what any ordinary person would do-- which was knocking, waiting and entering-- she flung the door open, laughing like a madwoman as Behemo tried to make out the name on the plaque that stuck to the door.

Professor Held
Biological Physics Group

“Knock first!” Professor Held exclaimed, to which Levia brushed it off and sat on the table, pulling the green-haired professor's green necktie so harshly that the elder man was forced to follow the motion of being pulled forwards.

Behemo almost wanted to close the door and run.

“Old man,” Levia grinned, “I really did it this time!”

“What is it now…?” Held wearily said, but he stopped short upon seeing Behemo at the door. The young man closed the door politely and tried to look indifferent to the whole exchange, but he stuck out like a sore thumb in the white-washed office.

“Well, you can see for yourself. I got myself a twin brother.”

In all honesty, Held felt a great amount of pity towards that said twin brother.

He looked exactly like Levia-- same height, same face, same eyes. He had her same build, and he saw the joy on Levia's face-- granted, Levia always smiled incredibly wide whenever she was excited, but this time, she was joyful. Extremely happy that he was here, when…

...when, well, she had told him a long while ago that she was to kill him. And now, she looks like she can't bear to be apart from him.

This is going to be a problem.

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