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Blue Lagoon: Next Generation


*Spin Off of the Blue Lagoon series* Tara Harper- "When the school booked our class trip to Spain I was excited to say the least. I was glad to be able to relax in the sun with a good book in my hand and my best friend Shelby by my side, but little did I know this trip wasnt gonna go the way I had hoped. What do i do when I'm stranded on an abandoned island with the boy i hate

Romance / Action
Isabella Bloom
Age Rating:

1 : Mr. Tough Guy

"MOM!?" I say in a shocked but whispered voice as my mother puts some condoms in my purse. I'm finishing up my packing for our schools Senior class trip.

"What?" She says with looking even alittle gilty. "Honey when I was your age I was going through boys faster than I could count, I just want you to be prepared. Especially since that boy Austin you like is going too." She gives me a wink.

My stomach flips alittle at the mention of his name "Don't remind me" I slightly blush. My mother sits down on the bed and I follow and sit beside her as she gives me a side hug. "I know your nervous around him but this trip could be your chance. If you tell him how you feel maybe you'll find out he feels the same" she gives me a final squeeze and gets up taking my bag to the car.

I sit for a moment mulling over the conversation with my mom and I promise myself something "I'm gonna tell him before the end of the trip" I dont say it out loud but the nerves in my stomach arent getting any better. I quickly change and grab my purse before heading out of the house and to the car where my mother is waiting.

After we pull up in front of my school I look out the window where a bus is waiting with students and parents are waiting along the long sidewalk as the load up luggage. I jump out of the car when I see my Bestfriend Shelby. She see me too and gives me a big hug and starts jumping with giddiness.

"What is up with you?" I ask jumping and matching her grin. She finally stops and pulls put her phone. "Ashley told Darcy that kim texted her about how Austin was talking about you at Greg Johnsons party on Friday night.

"What did he say?" I ask eagerly. She gives me a sly grin. He was talking with Greg about how he was hoping to get some alone time with you on this trip" as she finishes the butterflies in my stomach have doubled."oh my god, I'm so exc-" but before i can finish I'm cut off my a familiar female voice. "Wow Tara I love your outfit" as soon as the words leave Kim's mouth a i have a bitter taste in mine. "Hey Kim, thanks its a vintage" I respond trying to put on a polite face. "You know we should really hang out more, the four of us" she points to each of us including her little sidekick Tilly. "Definitely" Shelby and I say in unison giving them both a small smile. They give a venomous smile back and turn to go to another group of people nearby.

"What's up with them, they never wanna hang with us. Not that I would but still something is up with the two of them" Shelby sneers in their direction. "I don't know but I'm not letting them ruin our trip" I put my arm wher shoulders and we walk towards our parents but before we get there the sound of a motorcycle stops us.

"Why if it isnt little miss Prissy pants and her sidekick Ginger" a chuckle slowly comes out of Alex as he removes his bike helmet. "And if it isnt Mr. Tough Guy, make anyone cry yet?" i ask though we both know the question is rhetorical. "No but it's only 3, the day is still young" he grins and gets off his bike. "Well meathead I hate to cute this conversation short but I gotta go ya know somewhere your not" I give him a sarcastic smile and flip my hair over my shoulder as I link arms with Shelby and we continue our walk to our parents.

"What's with you too? Your always flirting" she ask curiosity marked on her face as she whispers the question. "We do not flirt, I hate Alex. Hes a womanizing jerk who thinks that just because he wears a leather jacket he is somehow cool" I grimace at the thought of me and Alex together but quickly change my expression as we approach my mom and Shelby's parents.

"Hey you too, you ready to go your teacher says the bus will start being loaded up soon" Shelbys father asks.

"Yeah, I'm just ready to go sit under sun. Sprains beaches are perfect to get a good tan" shelby replies. As we talk for a few more minutes and say our goodbyes to our parents everyone starts getting on the bus. Shelby and I are the last ones on and as we look for seats a guy class out Shelbys name and says he saved her a seat. "Do you mind if I sit with Martin?" She ask giving a small blush. I nod and give her wink before searching for a seat.

I search down the isles and see Austin sitting with his football bus and almost scream as I see that their I'd only one seat left. It's in the way back and the asshole himself, Alex is laying with his head back and eyes closed. My teacher directs everyone to sit down so I drag my feet to the back and plop down right next to Alex.

He opens his eyes slightly before putting his head back again. "I'm surprised your not sitting with pretty boy up there" he says, his eyes remaining closed. "I'm surprised you havent discovered a cure for mind your own damn business" I say in a mocking tone. He grins "holey fuck your first. We ride the rest of the way in silence.

We soon arrive at the airport and shuffle off ththe bus and through baggage claim.

After we board and get our seat assignments I peer down at my ticket and my heart flutters when I see my seat is right next to Austin, but frown alittle now that I see kim is on my other side.

As I settle down in the middle seat between the pair Austin gives me a wide smile. "Hey Tara" he says, I respond "hey Austin". "So are you excited about going to Spain?" He ask as we buckle up our seats. "Yeah I caint wait to visit the Guggenheim Museum I heard its beautiful" I say giddily. His grin falters alittle but he regains the mega watt smile. "I have some family who vacations there during the summer and they have a yacht so I'm think about throwing a party on the Boat after dinner tomorrow night. Though sneaking out will be tricky it'll be worth it. You should come" his invite warms me. "Sounds fun, and yeah I'd be happy to" I answer trying to sound causal. We spend some time talking about the party and what were looking forward to about the trip. Soon I get tired and fall asleep.

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