Rocky Road

Chapter 16

Greg's walking had really improved over the time. Even though his back was hurting he now walked most of the time on crutches and only needed the wheelchair when he knew that he had to walk longer distances or at work. He didn't know if he would have achieved all that if he didn't had Molly at his side. He was still struggling with the psychological affects of what had happened to him and Molly was a great help there.
Greg knew that their relationship wasn't always as perfect as it maybe appeared from the outside. They fought with each other on a surprisingly regular basis. He loved her with all his heart, there was no doubt about that but because of all that what had happened with his ex wife he really had some trust issues. He saw how she sometimes looked at Sherlock, the look in her eyes and sometimes couldn't stop to asked himself if he wasn't just another guy until Sherlock. That maybe she gets bored with him because he was older and sometimes his idea of a perfect weekend differed from hers. He had always felt displaced when he agreed to come with her to some trendy bars to meet with Molly's friends. Over the last month he had spend many of the weekends with his friends, either at the Emirate's or in the evening in a pub. She had started to go out with her friends alone, without him. Which was fine with him at the beginning. He then spend the evenings with his mates at a pub or had a quit night in. But then a thought had crawled up. A though he knew wasn't fair to her to even think about. That she loved him. That this was bollocks, that she would never do that to him but on some days this little thought planted itself in the back of his head, that sooner or later she would get bored and cheat on him with a younger man. A man more of her age, more healthier. A man she could have children with who wouldn't be way over 50 when their kids might still be in their teens. He wanted to have children with her, no question about that but he just wasn't sure if he would be able to manage all the stress again in his age.
His hand lingered over the door handle but he hesitated. The words of his father ran through his mind: “she's an angel. You should marry her.” He really wanted to. He wanted to spend the rest of his live with her. Start a new family. But did she want it as well? He moved away from the door. Back to the spot were he had stood the last 10 minutes.
And what does marriage mean? His last had been a disaster. Till death do us part they had promised to each other. Death hadn't parted him and his ex wife, a bloody PE teacher had. And who could guarantee that it wouldn't happen to him again? So maybe it would be better to leave it like it's now. Plus what if he asks her and she says no. They were together for just about two years. Would she feel rushed? Most likely. Could he live with the rejection? Most likely not. Greg sighed and ran his hands over his face. He looked at his watch. He should go back to the Yard, a lot of paperwork was waiting for him. He turned his wheelchair around, away from the display of engagement rings in the jeweller’s window and made his way back, the cold wind of the beginning winter biting through his clothes.

When Greg returned from work he felt really exhausted. He had developed a slight cough over the last couple of days but it had gotten worse over the day. Greg had been feeling sick over the last weeks. It had started after they had returned from his parents. He must have caught a cold when they had been out in the moor. On the whole commute home he felt like he was burning up and all had he wanted to had been crashing on the couch. He was sure that a good night's sleep and some anti flu meds would do the deal.
At first Molly had regarded it as a typical man flu when Greg had whined about not feeling well but now he actually looked like death warmed over.
“You sure you okay?” Molly she asked while she watched Greg poking in his dinner.
“Yeah, just don't have much appetite. I think I'm developing a cold or something. Just need a couple of hours of sleep and I'll be good as new.” He let out a cough which left him breathless for a couple of seconds. He looked up and saw Molly watching him through narrow eyes.
“I'm fine!”
“Yeah, sure you are,” she said and continued eating her meal.
Molly woke up in the middle of the night to Greg coughing painfully. She switched on the light and looked at him. Sweat was forming on his forehead and from the way his chest moved and how he was leaning against the headrest it looked like he head some trouble breathing.
“Sorry if I woke you up,” he wheezed.
She put her hand up to his head and it felt hot to her touch. “You're burning up Greg. You'd better call in sick and see the doctor in the morning.”
Greg groaned but agreed. He was in no condition to work.

The next morning Greg called work and told them that he wouldn't come in today and most likely the rest of the week as well. Molly was working the late shift so she was able to drive him to the doctor.
Greg registered at the reception desk and then settled in the waiting room. Even that short distance had left him utterly out of breath. Molly had suggested that he should take the wheelchair as it probably wouldn't be as exhausting as the crutches but he didn't want to. He leaned his crutches against the chair next to him. “You don't have to wait here,” he said only to be interrupted by a coughing spell. “I can phone you when I'm finished.”
“No it's fine. I like to flick through these magazines, gives me an excuse to catch up with the latest gossip. Not that I'm interested in it but...”
“Of course not.” Greg tried to laugh but it quickly turned into a cough. He pressed his hands on his chest while he tried to catch his breath.
“Chest hurts?” Molly asked.
“Yeah, a bit. You probably should stop making me laugh,” he smirked.
“I'll try my best.” Molly said and buried herself in one of the magazines.
Half an hour later a nurse entered. “Lestrayed?”
Molly chuckled slightly when she saw Greg flinching at the mispronunciation of his last name. She knew how much he hated it and sometimes used it to tease him.
“It's Lestrade,” Greg grumbled and followed the nurse to one of the examination rooms.
His Grandparents had emigrated to Great Britain from France. That was why he had a French last name. The name of his Grandfather had been 'Grégoire' and because he had died shortly before Greg's birth his parents decided to name him after him but thankfully went for the the British version 'Gregory'. Greg had explained that to Molly some time ago after she had asked him if he knew about the origin of his French sounding last name.
The doctor listened to his lungs and asked him about his old lung injuries and if he had any problems breathing before. He was a middle aged Indian guy and was Greg's doctor for years.
Greg told him that he had no problems with his breathing over the last months and that he only was slightly out of breath easier than before but that it was getting better with training.
“Ah yes I see. You are doing a strict routine of physical therapy. That's good. That really helps your lungs to nearly return to their old form. They won't do that fully of course, because of the scarring.”
Greg nodded. He had been told that before by doctors.
“You still smoking, Mr. Lestrade?” The doctor asked.
“I really try to quit by sometimes, when the job had been very stressful, I just need a cigarette, I know I shouldn't.” Greg admitted.
“You're right, you shouldn't. Doesn't do your lungs any good. You know that when you injure you lungs, no matter how, they get prone to infections. Viral, bacterial, whatever. Smoking doesn't help there. What you developed right now is a nice pneumonia, Mr. Lestrade.”
Greg put on his sweater back on and groaned. “A pneumonia? Really?”
“I'm afraid yes. This can be very dangerous with scarred lungs like yours but right now they seem to work fine. I'll prescribe you some antibiotics and some other medicine. You should keep bed rest for at least the next week and drink a lot of fluids. If your breathing problems or chest pains are getting worse I want you to go to the hospital straight away, okay?”
Greg nodded and got up from the stretcher. The doctor frowned at him when he noticed Lestrade's pained face and the grip to his lower back when he moved.
“Back giving you trouble?” he asked.
“Not always. But sometimes it hurts so much that I don't really dare to move. Especially after I walked for a longer time than usual.” Greg admitted. “And I feel that it is getting worse.”
“Mind if I take a look?” his doctor asked. Greg shook his head. “Go ahead.” He took off his sweater again.
“Since when are you having the pain?” the doctor asked while feeling around Greg's spine.
“There was always the odd pain every now and then but it got worse since I started walking regularly.”
The doctor nodded.”How are your legs doing?”
“The left is fine. I can move it more and more easily and put weight on it but the right still makes me problems. Still can't feel it properly and it's more of a dragging than moving when I walk. Still need a brace on it.”
“I see. As soon as you are fit again I want you to see your specialist okay? There might be another surgery necessary.”
Greg let out a frustrated groan and exited the examination room with a grumpy face. He was not going to tell Molly about the possibility of another surgery. Not until his specialist doctor had ordered it. And anyway, he was sure that he could control the pain without surgery, so no hurry to see the doctor.
“What did the doctor say?” Molly asked while helping him into his jacket.
“Pneumonia.” Greg mumbled and crutched over to the reception desk to pick up his prescriptions and sick leave note.
Molly raised both her eyebrows. “Uh, that doesn't sound good.”
“Nope.” Greg wheezed and slowly crutched towards the exit. He felt like shit and just wanted to return home. “Need to stop at the pharmacy to pick up some meds.”
“No problem.” Molly said and climbed into the car. She started the motor and lined up with the London traffic.

As soon as they were back home Greg changed into an old tracksuit and went for the couch.
Molly looked at him. Another coughing spell had left him breathless again.
“I'll get you some water.”
“Thanks” Greg rasped out and turned on the TV. He scrambled the blanked out from behind the couch because he suddenly felt utterly cold. “Can you make me a hotty? I'm freezing.”
“Of course.”

The next days Greg spend on the couch. He only got up to go to the toilet or to relocate to the bedroom at night.
Molly felt bad watching him struggle for breath and coughing hardly. She wished there was something else she could do for him but there wasn't. She just prayed that his body would be able to fight the pneumonia on its own and that he wouldn't have to go to the hospital for it. She knew what that would meant. Breathing mask and high duty antibiotics via IV and in the worst case scenario even intubation. And Molly knew how much Greg would hate to go through all of this again. And because of that fact he would downplay it and pretend that he was fine as long as possible. That was why Molly watched him every time she was not away at work or out with friends, looking for tale tell signs that his condition was worsening.
She breathed a secret sigh of relieve when the fever went down and Greg began feeling better.

One week later the doctor had cleared Greg fit for duty and Molly was relieved to have him out of the flat again on a regular basis. Not that she didn't mind Greg being at home all the time the problem was only that he was incredibly lazy when it came to putting the dishes in the dishwasher or putting away empty bottles. More then once the kitchen looked like a bomb had exploded in it when she returned from work and he had made lunch for himself and later dinner for both of them. Or the living room looked like a mess with tissues, cups and read magazines clattering on the table or around the couch.
Molly woke up when Greg's alarm bell rang. She had finally been able to sleep a night through without getting woken by Greg's coughing. She listened to him leaving the bedroom and turning on the shower in the bath. Molly opened her eyes and stretched. She had the day off and Greg was working the late shift, so they were both able to sleep in. A few minutes later he returned wearing nothing, drying his silver hair with a small towel. She looked at his well formed body. His chest hair growing into a small line towards his groin. He was doing a lot of fitness lately which was showing. His muscles were well defined but not too much. Not only did he look much younger than he actually was, he also had an incredibly good body for his age. Molly could look at him for ages. Greg smiled.
“Sorry, did I wake you?” He stepped towards the bed and gave her a kiss.
“It's fine. You in a hurry?” Molly sat up and seducingly ran her hands along his hips.
He grinned at Molly, who had raised her eyebrows upon seeing his penis getting hard. “Not at all, no hurry at all.” He let his crutches fall down and clumsily climbed into the bed, pushing himself up on top of Molly. He kissed her neck. “I've always got time for that.” He breathed in her ear and slowly made his way down, his hand already in her pants. Molly breathed heavily and let out a pleasured moan when he pushed his penis insider her. With every thrust her moans got louder until first she and then Greg game, collapsing on top of her. He rolled off her and for a while they both just lay there, Greg gently stroking Molly's back. He looked at her with a strange look in his eyes.
“What?” Molly asked.
Greg shook his head. He smiled at her. “Nothing.” They continued to cuddle for a while until Greg got up and left to shower again.
Molly stayed in bed and watched him getting dressed for work. God she loved that man. She hadn't talked to anyone about it but she had daydreams in which he asked her to marry her. Molly had always dreamed of a perfect wedding, having her prefect wedding day already planned out since she was a teenager. She now was picturing Greg as the man at her side. Even though they weren't together that long she would absolutely say yes if he would pop the question. But she knew that it probably would never happen. She could sense that he still had to get over on how his last marriage had ended and that he most likely never wanted to marry again. They had never talked about that topic. Molly really wanted to ask him but never found the courage, afraid of the answer. If she didn't know she still could hope that one day he might propose to her. She also wondered what he was thinking about kids. She really wanted to have some with him. But had no idea if he wanted to have kids too. He had his sons from his previous marriage and maybe was feeling too old to raise children again. He had told her a couple of times how hard it had been to raise them while both of them had been working. And for the same reason as with the marriage she hadn't dared to bring that topic up. If not she was sure that it would be okay with her too. As long as she was with Greg she would be happy. Married, with children or non of that. At least that was what she kept telling herself.
Greg returned from the kitchen, carrying a cup of coffee. He put it on her bedside table and gave her kiss. “Enjoy your day off.”

The last weeks both Greg and Molly were rather busy with work, seeing each other only in the evenings. Finally they had a weekend together off and Molly had had planned to spend the day together, do some needed shopping and maybe having a nice dinner later. She was planning to look for some new clothes for her and Greg, especially a new suit and coat. She had no idea how he had done it but he somehow had managed to ruin his coat and one of his suits on a crime scene when he got stuck on some barb wire. She couldn't stop laughing when he had told her the story how Donovan and a new member of his team had to help him to get free.
Greg had been trying to get out of it the whole morning because he had forgotten that it was match day when he had agreed to Molly's shopping plan. He wanted to at least follow the match on TV after he had already given his season ticket to a friend knowing that there was no chance he would make it to the stadium.
“Does it really have to be today?” Greg asked.
“Yes, we've both been busy the last week and this is your first weekend off, in fact the first day we both are having off together since 3 weeks. I really want to spend the day with you. I know you hate Oxford street. We won't be there long. But you definitely need a new coat. And a new suit. After that we can stroll through Soho a bit or whatever else you fancy.”
"C'mon it's an important match today and I'd really love to watch it.” The game wasn't particular important but Greg really didn't had any motivation to trade a match day for a day shopping in what was probably London's most crowded street. He was about to add something when the look Molly gave him made him shut up instantly. He knew that look and nothing good had ever come of it. If he would continue to discuss that matter it would end very nasty for him. He suppressed a sigh and got up from the couch.

“I thought we were here to look for some clothes for me?” Greg complained jokingly when Molly headed for an other store where he knew he wouldn't find anything for him. There were already quite a few bags with clothes for Molly in the backpack on the back of his wheelchair but only a new pair of jeans for him.
“I'll just have a quick look around and then we'll go and find a suit for you. I promise.”
“You do know that I'm perfectly fine to buy my own clothes? We can split and meet later.” Greg hated it in that store. It was utterly crowded and like everywhere on Oxford Street where the store was located he was always in someone's way or had to ask people to move so that he could pass through. If he had to name his least favourite place in London it was most certainly Oxford Street and most of it's shops. He'd still prefer walking through an dodgy council estate were everyone knew he was a copper than spending more then an hour in this hell-hole.
“No, no. I promise it won't take long.”
Greg knew what that meant and after what felt like an eternity later, he found himself with a dangerously high stack of clothes in his lap while Molly quickly made her way towards the dressing rooms. Greg let out a sigh and wheeled after her, trying not to lose anything on the way.
“Greg?” Molly asked peeking out from behind the curtain. “Could you get me these one size lager please? Oh and can you get me the red top one sizes smaller?”
Greg took the the mountain of clothes Molly was handing him. “Um, which one exactly?”
Molly held out a top where Greg, like with all the other clothes, had no clue where they had gotten it from. “I'll try to find it.”
He turned around and hoped for the best.
Greg was looking through a stack of t-shirts for one in Molly's size when he heard a voice behind him. “Greg?” He turned around and saw John with an equal amount of clothes over his arms.
“Oh, hey. Hi John. What a coincident. You here shopping with Mary?”
John nodded towards the changing rooms “ Yes,” he said with with an painful face. “I hate it.”
Greg nodded. “Same here. I think Molly plans to buy half the store,” he pointed to the clothes in his lap.
John laughed. “Yeah, this will probably take a while.”
“First thought about taking my crutches but then remembered how tiring and annoying shopping can be especially here on Oxford Street. Always makes me want to kill people.” Greg laughed and shifted in his wheelchair.
“Yeah, Oxford Street really is hell. Fancy a cup of coffee while Mary and Molly shop?”
“Sounds like a great idea.”
Greg brought Molly the clothes she had asked for and together with John waited until their wives where ready.
Mary was the first to emerge. “Oh hi Greg.” She greeted him with a smile. She bend down and gave him a hug. “ How are you? What are you doing here?”
Greg returned the hug. “Fine, thanks. Waiting for Molly. Ah there she is,” he nodded towards Molly who was now exiting the changing rooms. The three exchanged greetings and then John and Greg explained their idea of settling in a café off Oxford Street while Molly and Mary continue their shopping. Mary wasn't that happy arguing that she already had to share John with Sherlock and had really looked forward to have a day just for themselves and it took John some time to convince her. With Molly it was the same “We haven't seen each other much over the last weeks. I thought that this would be our day together” she complained.
“It still is. We meet when you are finished with your shopping okay? I just would really prefer to have a coffee with John right now.” He knew that he was on thin ice the whole day and as soon as he had said the last sentence he knew he fucked up. John and Mary had the decency to walk away a couple of steps and pretended to look at some clothes.
“Oh, so you're not having any fun spending a whole day with me?”
“No, you know that's not what I meant.”
“Then what did you mean?”
The truth was that he wasn't a huge friend of going shopping. Never had been. Not in overcrowded shops and when there were no men departments were he could have a look around and especially not on match days. He was fine with going to one or two stores but this was going on for a couple of hours now. Greg knew that he would dig his own grave if he would admit that he actually hadn't much fun since they had gotten out of the Tube at Westminster Station and took the bus to Oxford Circus and that he actually would have preferred to watch the football game with his mates. He was longing to check the live blog but only had been able do it when Molly was trying on clothes. He could use the coffee break with John to catch up on the game. So he tried to play the injured man card to help his cause and explained to her that his chest was hurting again a bit from the cold he had and that it was utterly exhausting for him to follow her around in this crowded store as his back was giving him trouble again and that the next one she planed to go to wouldn't be much better. Having a coffee break with John would give him new energy to shop along with her. To underline his point he coughed weakly and then gave her one of his famous puppy eye looks and charming smiles hoping that it would soften her mood.
Molly looked at him in a way that told him that she wasn't fully convinced, nor really happy.
“Okay,” she then finally said after a while. “Have your coffee with John. Or maybe better a tea to help your cough. Text me were you are and I'll head over when I'm finished.”
He pulled her down for a kiss which she only half-heartedly replied. “Thanks. I'll pay the dinner later to make up for it.”
“Yeah yeah whatever.” Molly said and walked over to Mary.

They fought their way through the crowds on Oxford Street until they found a café in one of the side streets. Greg quickly texted Molly the location and checked the score. Arsenal was loosing 0:2 to Swansea, which was something that shouldn't happen. Greg was somehow glad that he didn't watched the game in the stadium, as it would have only gotten him angry and he would have most likely be getting drunk with his mates afterwards. Not that he wouldn't be doing that when they won but being drunk and angry about a lost game always made him prone to fight with Molly, who understandably didn't liked it when he returned home drunk on match days. He always tried to sober up as much as possible during the long tube ride but mostly failed. Greg had tried to enthral her for football as well and invited her to watch a game with him at the Emirates but she just wasn't into it. Even when he showed her the movie Fever Pitch, in the hope that maybe Colin Firth or Mark Strong could awaken her interest in football, she told him that she still wasn't interested in it. So he had given it up and even though he pretended to be annoyed by it he secretly smirked over her comments about how good some of the players looked, or teasing him when they watched football together on the telly. She most likely knew that he secretly loved it and it was their little game and quite regularly ended with them having sex on the couch, the game if it was still on, completely forgotten.
He was brought out of his thoughts by John who had returned to their table.
“That whole shopping experience is something I definitely hadn't missed after my divorce,” Greg joked while taking the coffee John was handing him. He took a sip. “Ah, so much better then running around, looking for new clothes.”
“Absolutely. So how's Sherlock? Haven't seen him for a while.”
“You haven't? Thought you guys would meet up regularly, solving cases for fun and stuff.” Greg let out a small laugh.
“No. Been quite busy with work and stuff recently.”
“Oh. I haven't seen him for ages as well. Been sick and had no nerve to see him when I returned to work.”
They both looked at each other. “We probably should check on him.”
“Yep, we should.” John nodded. “Maybe we can work a case of yours together sometime soon. I kind of miss the old times, you know. Me and Sherlock running around London, you annoyed about us interfering.”
Greg laughed. “Yes, I'll let you know when I have a case where I need your help. Right now it's just cases where we pretty much already know the suspect, though I suspect that they deliberately put me on the light stuff. Hope that it'll change soon.”
“So what else is happening? You said that you were sick?”
“Yeah, pneumonia. Apparently it's quite easy to catch after a lung injury.”
John looked at Greg concerned. “It is. I hope you waited until it you were fit again before you returned to work?”
“Do you think Molly would have let me out of the house if not? I was going crazy the last days on sick leave but every time I mentioned going back to work she threatened to chain me to the bed.” Greg laughed.
“You're right,” John chuckled, “How's your walking?”
“Doing great.” He pointed at the crutches at the back of his wheelchair. “Still have to take my chair with me when I know I have to walk for longer times, like now, but I can manage most of the day without it.” Greg said with a proud smile.” Which sadly means that Molly has now found the joy in sending me down to our local Tesco's to get any items I apparently had forgot to remember her to buy when we had been out grocery shopping.”
John laughed. “Luckily you don't have to pick up any ladies there anymore.” Hinting at a story Greg had told him in which he had tried to flirt with a woman while waiting at the self check out shortly after his divorce and had failed miserably.
“Yeah,” Greg laughed. “The distances I manage to walk are getting longer so I'm quite hopeful that in the near future I might be able to walk without any aids. The doctor said I might need another surgery because of the back pain and the problems with my right leg but I haven't told Molly yet. She's a great help and I don't want her to worry. Which brings me to something I want to talk to you about.” Greg nervously licked his lips.
“You and Mary weren't that long together before you two, you know, got engaged, were you?”
“Yes, Mary and me where together...wait a minute!” A huge smile formed on John's face. “Are you thinking about proposing to Molly? That's great news. Greg.”
“Yes, no. I mean I don't know. I want to but I don't know if she's ready. We never talked about that topic. With my first marriage we had been together for 8 years before we got married.” Greg looked around and then put his hand in one of the pockets of his jacket and got out a little box.
John's eyes grew wide. “Some time ago I passed a jeweller and saw that ring. I thought that it would be perfect for Molly. Took me 4 bloody weeks until I finally had been able to buy it. Don't ask me how often I had been standing in front of that shop, nearly going in and then turning around again. Poor guy probably thought I was planning to rob him.” He chuckled.
John laughed. “Yeah, I was nervous as hell as well. But not so much when I bought the ring, more when I actually proposed to her. Sherlock ruined that moment, though. So better watch out that he's nowhere nearby when you pop the question. So when are you going to do it?”
“I don't know. I don't know if I should at all. I mean what if she doesn't want to?”
“Greg, have you seen how she looks at you. She loves you and I'm sure you won't even be able to finish the sentence before she says yes.”
Greg smiled at John. “Thanks. You know what, I think I'll do it today. But no word to Sherlock, you understand?”
“No word to Sherlock about what?” he suddenly heard Molly asked. Greg hurriedly put away the box and turned around. Molly and Mary were walking towards their table. “Nothing, just a case I was telling John about. Found everything you were looking for?”
“Not everything but mostly, yeah. I even found you a coat. Looks like the one you owned before so I'm sure that you'll like it. Just hope that it'll fit” She pulled out a coat which looked exactly like the one Greg had owned before. Greg had been moaning for quite some time now how he missed his favourite coat. He had been wearing it when he got shot so it had been thrown away. The coat he had bought afterwards, and had ruined now too, had been okay but had a different look.
“I love it. I'll just finish my coffee and then we can go. Find somewhere nice to eat.”
“That's a great idea, I'm starving.” She turned towards John and Mary. “You guys want to join us.”
Before Mary could answer John quickly shook his head. “Sorry no, we've already got other plans.”
Mary looked at her husband. “Do we?”
“Yes we do.” John said with emphasis. He then made a movement with his hands that imitated putting a ring on a finger hoping that Molly didn't see it but she was busy putting the coat for Greg back in the shopping back.
Mary nodded knowingly looked between Greg and Molly and smiled. “Ah yes I remember.” She looked at her watch. “I think we've got to leave now, don't we John?”
Molly looked a bit puzzled but didn't say anything and after they all said goodbye to each other she and Greg made their way over to Soho to find a nice Restaurant.

“What was that all about?” Molly asked.
Greg shrugged his shoulders. “I have no idea. But you know those two, there is always something going on.” He pointed at a small Restaurant in a side street. “What about that one? I heard that it serves good food.”
“Yeah, why not. Let's try it.”
“Bit romantic, don't you think?” Molly noticed after they had entered the Restaurant.
Greg felt his heartbeat quicken and his face becoming red. “You reckon?” He was glad when a waiter hurried towards them.
“Good evening,” a waiter greeted them looking at Molly. “How can I help, Mam?”
“Do you have a table for two available?” Molly asked.
“Yes we do. But you have to wait 20 minutes. You can have a drink at the bar until your table is ready.”
Greg looked at the bar and then at the waiter. The bar was separated from the ground floor by a couple of steps and had bar stools in front of it. “ Bit high. Is there somewhere else we could wait?”
The waiter shook his head. “No, sorry.”
“There is really no other place in here were we could wait?” Greg tried again. He hated to make a fuzz but he had no choice here. He might be able to manage the steps with his crutches but there was no way he could gracefully sit on one of this bar stools. And if they were leaving that restaurant now he would probably need another month to find the courage to propose to Molly. He could see the annoyance in the waiters face. “I'll check.”
Luckily another waiter just passed. “Table 13 is about to leave.” He then looked at Greg and Molly. “If you don't mind waiting here for a couple of minutes my colleague will get it ready for you.”
“No problem, thanks.”
A few minutes later they sat at their table and the waiter came to take their order.
Molly ordered the Salmon.
“And your...?” The waiter asked.
“My what?” Molly asked confused.
“Your friend. What does he want to order?”
“Excuse me? Why should I order for him?”
The waiter shrugged his shoulders.
“I'd like to have the Tuna please. And also a glass of the wine, thanks.” Greg said casually.
“I take it that it is your first day here and that you are not very happy with this job?” Molly asked. “Because I would recommend you to quit before you get fired.” She said while the waiter quickly wrote down their order before hurrying away.
“You're okay? We should make a complain.” Molly looked at Greg worried.
“Molly, leave it. Seriously. It's fine.”
“No it's not. He ignored you. Its rude. No it's not only rude its discriminating. He only addressed me. He made a fuss about finding somewhere else than at the bar.” Molly said.
“Thinks like these happen Molly.” Greg tried to calm her down.
“But they shouldn't. He asked me for your order for Christ's sake, Greg. I can't understand how you can stay so calm.“ Molly said angrily.
“ As a copper you are used get insulted. In one way or the other. He's an idiot, Molly but that shouldn't stop us from having a nice evening.”
“Still,” Molly said and shook her head.”
Luckily a different waiter brought their dinner and apologized for the behaviour of his colleague.

After they both had finished Greg leaned over and took Molly's hands in his.
“Molly, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. I know we aren't together that long. But you are the best that happened to me since a long time. I was incredibly lonely before you came into my life. I'm so grateful that you hardly left my site while I was fighting for my life in hospital even though we didn't even had our first date. I don't know if I would've made it if you hadn't been there. You spend every free minute of your time with me in hospital and in rehab. Every time I opened my eyes and you were there I knew that you were the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Waking up next to you still makes me incredibly happy. I know that I can be an idiot from time to time but,” Greg nervously pulled a small box out of his jacket and wheeled himself over to Molly's side, “Molly Hooper, do you want to be my wife?”
Tears of joy rolled down Molly's cheeks. She was completely overwhelmed and not able to form any words.
“Please, say something. The people are already staring.” Greg joked with a nervous smile. It indeed had gotten significantly quieter and the people around him were looking at them.
“Yes, Greg,” she whispered. “Yes! Of course I want to marry you.” She leaned forward, took his face in her hands and gave him a long kiss. People around them started to applaud.
With shaking hands Molly put on the engagement ring. “It's beautiful.”
A happy smile formed on Greg's face. “The moment I saw the ring I knew it would be perfect for you.”
“I love it. I fit's perfectly. Is that why one of my rings got missing recently?”
Greg looked down and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, I needed to find out the right size, somehow. Blaming it on your talent for loosing things I figured was the easiest way without you noticing.”
“And it worked. What a surprise, Greg. I love you so much right now.”
“Only right now?” Greg joked.
A waiter arrived and put two glasses of champagne on the table. “On the house, “ he said. “Congratulation.”
“Thank you.” Greg raised his glass and looked Molly in the eyes. “To us. On a great future together.” He watched Molly taking a sip. “You're shaking.”
“I'm still completely overwhelmed. I would've never expected a proposal. I mean I thought about marrying you one day but I always thought that because of you being divorced and all that you wouldn't want to marry again.”
A small insecure smile crossed Greg's face. The thing with his first marriage still hurt him.
“Oh god, I'm talking rubbish again. Sorry. Ignore that. I should start thinking before talking.”
Greg leaned forward and put his hand on top of Molly's. “It's okay. That's what I love about you.”
“Shall we celebrate further at home?” Molly whispered.
“We certainly should.” Greg pushed himself a bit up so that he could be seen by a waiter to pay.

3 weeks after he and Molly got engaged they were invited to the birthday of his eldest son up in Scotland. They had both taken a couple of days off work so that they could spend some time in Edinburgh. It would be the first time Molly officially meets Greg's ex-wife as his fiancée.
They quickly checked into the Hotel and then drove to where his sons were living.

They couldn't find any parking space so Molly had to wait in the car while Greg picked up his sons for a day out.
“You're okay?” Molly asked when she noticed that Greg was chewing his lip nervously.
“Yeah, bit nervous, though. I'm really looking forward to see my sons but I'm not very keen on meeting Jane and especially Sam. God, I even hate that name.”
“I'm sure it'll be fine. And besides, the only times we'll see them for longer than a couple of minutes will be at the brunch and at the birthday party. The rest of the time we'll be out with your sons.”
“Yeah,” Greg licked his lips and opened the car door. He reached for his crutches and slowly walked up to the house. Quite nice, Greg noticed. A nurse and PE Teacher wages could definitely buy you more here than down in London. He rang the doorbell and waited. Greg took a deep breath when he heard someone walking up to the door, steeling himself for meeting his ex-wife again.
“Hi, Greg. How are you?” Jane greeted him . She was wearing a colourful summer dress and Greg could still see why he had fell in love with her a long time ago. For her age she still had an amazing body. Which probably was the reason she had all the affairs during their marriage. He wondered if she was faithful to this PE teacher. Would serve him right if not, Greg thought and chuckled inwardly.
“Good, you?”
“Yes, where's, what was her name? Holly?”
“Molly.” He slightly rolled his eyes. “Her name is Molly. She's waiting in the car. There wasn't any parking space nearby.” Greg said and nodded towards his car.
“We got engaged a couple of weeks ago.” Greg added and watched how his ex wife faked a smile.
“You did? Congratulations. That was quick.”
“It was the right time.” He looked around, trying to find something to end the awkward pause with. “Are the boys ready?” He asked looking past Jane into the hallway.
“James! Oliver! Your father's here!” Jane shouted up the stairs.
“Coming!” Greg heard his sons shout, followed by quick steps down the stairs. A huge smile broke out on his face when James and Oliver popped up behind their mother.
“Oh! You're on crutches now? That's really cool, Dad!” James exclaimed and gave his father a big hug.
Greg tried to keep his balance.“Careful, careful. But yeah, finally graduated to crutches.”
He gave Oliver, his eldest son a hug. “Ready to show me and Molly around Edinburgh?”
“Right, off we go then. Molly's waiting in the car. Just go ahead.”

They had had spent the whole day walking around and were now visiting the castle. Molly could see that Greg was in quite some pain but he tried to hide it from his sons so that they could keep going on, showing him their Edinburgh. She took his eldest to the side. “Your father is a bit in pain because of all the walking. You know how he is, he would never say anything but what do you think about finding somewhere were he could sit down? We could grab something to eat, maybe.”
Oliver looked at his Dad who was leaning against a small wall while James was talking to him. He nodded. “Yeah, of course.” He turned towards his father, “Hey Dad, you hungry? I know a good restaurant where they make mean steaks. Totally your thing.”
“Sounds great.”
They made their way to the restaurant, Oliver had talked about and Molly could see the relieve in Greg's eyes when he finally sat down.
She send him a smile and then buried herself in the menu, trying to find something that doesn't involve a ridiculous amount of meat.

When Greg woke up the next morning he felt an incredible pain in his lower back. Every movement send a stabbing pain through his spine. He moaned and let his head fall back onto the pillow, allowing himself to doze off while Molly was getting herself ready.
“You've got to get up or we're going to be late.” Molly said after she had exited the bathroom of their hotel room and found Greg still in bed. They had agreed to meet Jane and Sam for brunch before the birthday party to talk about Molly's and his planed holiday in Spain with his sons.
“Don't want to.” Despite the pain he turned his back towards her, burring his head into the pillow.
Molly rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh.“And why's that now?” She asked but Greg refused to answer. She knew that all of this wasn't easy for Greg and she did everything to support him the best she could but she really had hoped that phases like this had been over. She remembered just too well the times when Greg had still been in hospital and he had one of his regular mood swings. They were especially bad when he had still been on the ventilator and hadn't been able to talk. Sometimes when she had entered his room she could just see from his eyes that it would be a very one sided conversation even when he had been perfectly able to write. They had gotten less with time and over the last year she had done her best to help him through his depressive phases with being kind and understanding most of the times but sometimes he just needed a good kick in the arse to get him back on track.
“You know that you do have to talk to me. Otherwise I can't help you.”
“Back hurts again.”
“Bad?” She only got a half hearted shrug as a reply. “ Had been a bit too much yesterday, hasn't it? Take some painkillers then.”
“Still won't be able to take the crutches,” he mumbled in his pillow.
“So what? We took your wheelchair with us for situations like this.”
Greg turned his head and looked at her. “I don't want to take the chair. Too embarrassing.”
Molly walked over and sat down next to Greg, gently massaging his lower back to help easing the pain. “Don't be stupid, Greg. Why on earth is that suddenly embarrassing for you?”
“Because my walking had improved so much. I nearly didn't need that thing over the last weeks. I don't want to be dependent on it again. Plus Sam is a bloody PE teacher. You saw him. He's tall, young, fit and arrogant. He knows that Jane had started to go out with him because she didn't find me attractive anymore.”
“I'm sure that this isn't true.” Then something dawned to her. “Is that why you had started loosing weight after the Christmas party at Sherlock?”
Greg nodded. He had tried, more or less successful. “Yeah, I had put up too much weight. Wasn't attractive anymore. Still won't while I'm in that chair.”
“Oh, Greg.” Molly leaned forward and gave Greg a soft kiss on the back of his neck. “ You know that this isn't true. We talked about this many times. You are the most attractive man I ever met. Do you know how many of my friends think you're hot? Not to speak of all the other women when we go out. I really have to fend them off and I don't need any more waiting in line, hoping that you would ditch me for one of them.”
Greg let out a soft chuckle. “As if.” He pushed himself up a bit and looked at her. Even though he was smiling now there was a hint of sadness evident in his eyes.
“And besides. What do you care what they think?” Molly looked at him seriously.
“I don't know. I mean if you see one of your exes don't you want to look as good as possible to show them how good you are doing with out them. I guess it doesn't matter how old you are it is always like back when you were a teenager.”
“That's not what it really is about, is it?” Molly asked and watched Greg shaking his head.
“What if it stays like this? The pain. Making it impossible for me to walk. What if I'll always be needing the crutches?”
“I know that it won't be easy then but I'm sure we'll manage. I'll be there to help you and I know that you will hate it at first but I'm sure that you'll settle into the nice cosy desk-job you'll have at the yard. And I won't have to worry about you getting hurt again when you try to keep up with John and Sherlock.”
Greg let out a mixture of a grunt and a laugh and Molly stopped her massage and gently gave him a slap on the but. “Feeling better now?”
Greg turned his head. “Yeah, I guess. Thanks for the massage.”

An hour later they finally arrived. Greg saw how Sam looked at him. Saw the pity in his eyes, as well as in the eyes of his ex-wife. He ignored it and pushed his wheelchair forward. When they had reached them he held his hand out.
“Hello.” Sam shook his hand and Greg noticed that he didn't put much pressure into his handshake. As if he was fragile just because he was sitting in a wheelchair. Greg then then introduced Molly and instantly saw in the body language of his ex-wife that she didn't her like. Most likely because Molly was much younger then her. Greg had to suppress a victorious smile. “Shall we?” He nodded towards the door of the restaurant.
“So you're planning to take James and Oliver with you on vacation?” Jane asked after they had settled at a table.
“Yes. Greg had the idea of us two going on holiday together and then we thought that it would be great if James and Oliver could join us for a week.”
“Do I get it right. You want them to fly alone to Spain and then meet you there? “
Greg nodded. “That was the plan, yes.” He heard how Sam sucked in some air disapprovingly causing him to shoot him a look he normally had reserved for criminals. “Wha'? What's your problem with it?”
“You said you only get time off in their first week of school holidays, well that's normally the time were I...”
“They aren't your sons, are they?” Greg interrupted him angry. He felt how Molly laid her hand on his arm to calm him down. He ignored it and pointed his finger at Sam “You have no right to tell me when I can see my children and when not. No right at all, you understand?” God he hated that man.
“I'm sure we'll find a way to make this work.” Jane tried to intervene.
“Not with his attitude,” Sam snorted.
“Excuse me?” Greg pushed himself up and leaned over the table. He felt his arms shake and had to retain himself to not grab Sam by his collar and head-but him straight in the face. He knew that it wasn't a adequate reaction for a man his age, especially as a DI, but he was seriously considering it. “What's your fucking problem?”
“You come here and demand that we change our plans for the holidays.”
“Yes, because they are my children!
“They are also Jane's.”
“I fucking know that. Guess what – I was there when they were born. “ Greg was about to loose his temper. One more word and he would punch him.
“Let's all calm down okay,” Molly said and gently laid a hand on Greg's shoulder. The people around them already started to stare.
Greg took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. He crossed his arms in front of him and looked between his ex-wife and Sam.
“So it's just about the timing?” Molly asked.
“I'm not really happy about the two of them flying over alone.” Jane admitted. “The time is okay, I guess.” She turned towards Sam “You've got the whole holidays off. We can do our trip any other time but it might be Greg's only chance for a holiday with James and Oliver this year. ”
Sam didn't look happy but he kept quiet.
“I'm sure that they'll be fine.” Molly said. “It's just a 3 hours flight and we will pick them up right at the airport.”
It took them a bit of persuading but finally Jane and Sam agreed to it.
“God, I could really use a pint right now.” Greg sighed after the four of them had parted.
“Want to look for a pub?”
“If you don't mind?” Thanks to the pain in his back and Edinburgh's steep heels and coddle-stone streets Molly had to push him from time to time.
“Not at all, I fancy a pint as well” Molly said an grabbed the handles of his wheelchair.

The weeks after their trip Greg was in constant pain. He had tried to ignore it as much as he could but after a while Molly had enough and had dragged him to his doctor to get it checked out. From the noise Greg had made in the hallway when he returned she could sense that the appointment didn't really went to the satisfaction of Greg.
He let himself fall onto the couch and let out a sad sigh.
“So what did the doctor say?” Molly asked and sat down next to Greg.
He looked at her with a mixture of sadness and annoyance in his face. “He said that I need another surgery on my spine. It hadn't healed as well as they had hoped. That's why I'm having these really bad pains when I'm walking longer distances. Now they want to operate on it with the hope that it'll reduce the pain and that it'll bring full feeling and movement back to my legs. But who can guaranty that it'll work?”
“I'm sure it will,” Molly said and pulled Greg into a hug. She knew that this were devastating news for him. He had done so well over the last couple of month, had fought through the pain in his back to improve his walking and now he was facing another surgery, which will put him back in his recovery.
Greg had laid his head on her shoulder. “That's not fair.”
Molly ran her hand through his hair. “I know it isn't but we will pull through it together. Did the doctor say anything about when they plan to do the surgery?”
“As soon as possible. Preferably in the next weeks. I'll talk to my boss tomorrow about the time I have to take off work after it.” Greg let out a frustrated groan and ran his hands over his face. “Bloody annoying.”
“I told you that you were overdoing it.” Molly thought but didn't say it out loud. It would just trigger a fight. During the last month Greg had spent nearly every free minute either at rehab or, when he hadn't any sessions, at the gym. She knew that he was doing exercises there that weren't really helping his recovery but every time she mentioned it Greg has blocked it off and denied it. The doctors had told him to slowly increase his walking and that he should stop when the pain was getting worse but Greg being Greg hadn't listen. The trip to his sons had taken it's toll. He had walked more than he was supposed to and had been in constant pain ever since. He had kept quiet until Molly finally found out about the talk he had with his doctor when he had been there because of the pneumonia and dragged him to his specialist to get him checked.
“Well at least we'll have more time together then,” he smirked.
“Yeah, you lying on the couch going “Molly could you get me this, Molly could you get me that.” She laughed and playfully boxed him.
“And I'll enjoy every minute of it.” Greg laughed.

“2 days in hospital, 4 weeks at home and at least another 3 month desk duty.” The doctor told Greg upon his question about his recovery time.
“Great, the recovery falls into the time of the holidays with my sons.” Greg said annoyed when the doctor told him his post op plan.
“Am I allowed to go on vacation? Flying and all that stuff?”
“I'm sure that it'll be all fine, won't it?” Molly tried to calm him, looking at his doctor for approval.
“As long as you don't plan any hiking or any other activities I can't see any problems. I want you to start walking as soon as possible after the surgery anyway but I want you to take it slow, okay?”
Greg nodded dutifully and watched the nurse giving him the sedatives through the IV port in his hand. He saw Molly leaning over him, giving him a kiss.
“Right, Greg. I'm off. Good luck. I'll see you after the surgery.”
He gave a slight wave as goodbye before the drug pulled him into a deep sleep.

Greg woke up to the familiar noises and smell of a hospital. That and an incredible pain in his back. He opened his eyes and had to blink a couple of times to clear his vision. He saw Molly sitting next to his bed. Greg frowned. He had told Molly that she shouldn't wait for him to wake up.
“Hey,” he croaked. His throat utterly dry.
“Hey honey.” Molly smiled and took his hand. “You're thirsty?”
Greg nodded and tried to sit up to be easier able to drink from the glass with a straw Molly was holding for him. He frowned when he found his movement restricted.
“Yeah, that's the back brace. That's gotta stay on for a while I'm afraid. Helping your bones to heal.”
Greg was too tired to be annoyed by it right now. He took a couple of sips and let out a pleasured sound when he felt the cool water soothing his throat. “Told you you shouldn't wait.”
“I didn't, stupid. You know what time it is? It's 7 in the evening. I came here 10 minutes ago from work. Apparently you woke up a couple of times but went back to sleep again.”
“Oh!” He thought for a moment. The sedatives still messing with his mind. “So surgery went well?”
“Yes, everything went as planned.”
“The doctors are sure that in a couple of month you will be up and about like before the injury.”
“Good.” Greg closed his eyes. He still felt utterly tired and could have fallen asleep again if it wasn't for the pain that kept bothering him. He involuntarily let out a small moan.
“You okay?” Molly asked concerned.
“Back's killing me. Thought it was supposed to get better.”
“That might take a while.” Molly said and got up to get a nurse.
While Greg waited for Molly and the nurse to come back he carefully tested if he could move his legs. It had been his greatest fear that something would go wrong and he would become completely paralysed. He was relieved when he found that he could move both of them .
“How are you doing Mr. Lestrade?” The nurse greeted him.
“Okay, back hurts. About an 8.” He had spent enough time in hospitals to know what nurses wanted to hear.
“Don't worry, I'll change the dose of your painkillers so that you feel comfortable.”

2 days after surgery Greg had finally been discharged. He had started walking again at the hospital and when his doctor was satisfied with the healing of the incisions and Greg's mobility he had given his Ok.
Like predicted Greg spend most of the first days at home on the couch. After a while he got more and more mobile but still tried to find excuses when Molly asked him for some help.

He was now 4 weeks post op and in 3 weeks he and Molly would go on holidays. He finally had gotten rid of the hated back brace which had prevented him from bending his back and had been more annoying than helpful in Greg's opinion. Right now he had managed to talk her into making him a cuppa.
“Don't get used to it. I heard the doctor say that you should continue all your usual household duties as soon as possible.”
“No you must have miss heard that. He said that it would only delay me recovery. He strictly ordered you to spoil me.”
“You wish. Now get your ass up off the couch and help me with the dinner.”
Greg grumbled and got up. Since the surgery his walking had really improved. He had full movement and feeling back in his left leg and now only needed one crutch for his right leg which still gave him problems but was getting better with time. He took his crutch and walked over to Molly. He slung his arm around her and laid his head on her shoulder. “What's for dinner then?”
“You know maybe we skip dinner and relocate to the bedroom. It's been a long time since, you know.” He gently rocked her.
Molly turned around. “You sure?” The last time they tried to have sex after the surgery they had to stop after a couple of minutes because Greg had been in too much pain.
“Oh I'm very sure,” he whispered and seducingly ran his hand through her hair.

Molly looked at Greg, lying on the sun chair next to her. He was wearing one of the board shorts he had newly bought for this holiday and his ray ban new wayfarer sunglasses. Since he had been on sick leave he had grown a slight beard again, the silver stubbles standing out against his nicely tanned skin. It was their second week and his sons were here since 3 days. Soon they all had to return to England again. They had a great time so far. The second week they used to explore the towns around their hotel with his sons. Being teenage boys they weren't really into lying on the beach all day and needed something to do but he first week Molly and Greg had spend mostly at the beach, moving only to the bar or the restaurant.
The first days on their holidays Greg hadn't felt very comfortable taking his shirt off on the beach. The incision from his recent surgery still stood out pink against his skin and even though his other scars had faded with the time he felt that they were still too much visible for his liking. He had been fine with wearing a shirt or a tank top while lying on his sun chair the whole day watching the people. But Molly had been able to convince him that it was nothing he should be ashamed of.
Right now he was arguing with his son who wanted him to join him in the water. He had been dozing before and wasn't really keen on moving at all.
“Oh come on dad, please. I'm bored. Oliver only has eyes for that stupid girl.”
Greg groaned inwardly. He sat up and looked at his youngest. “What girl?”
James pointed over to where Oliver was flirting with a girl around his age. Greg smiled. His eldest was very much like he had been during that age. Chatting up girls on every possibility until he had met their mother and settled down.
“Right, okay then. But only if the water isn't too cold.”
“No it's lovely. I promise.”
“Alright.” Greg got up from his sun chair felt like everybody was watching him when he took off his shirt and leaned on Molly to walk in the water. James was already in the sea waiting eagerly for him. He was floating on an inflatable mattress. “You sure it's not cold?” Greg asked.
“Nah, just perfect. Just go straight in and you'll be fine.”
He had seen the look James and Molly had exchanged so he rightly was a bit suspicious when he walked into the water.
“Bloody hell, not cold my arse. It's bloody freezing.” Greg cursed while Molly let him further in.
“It's not cold.”
“'It is. Even my numb leg is feeling the cold.”
“It's refreshing. You're just heated up by the sun.”
Greg finally had reached a depth where he could let go off Molly. “So why are you lying on top of that mattress and not in the water?” Despite the cold he dived down and took a couple of strokes underwater until he was under James' mattress. He quickly swam upwards pushing the mattress over. James screamed but was able to cling to the mattress. Greg laughed and started a second attempt.
“Dad, no!” James shouted and tried to paddle away but he wasn't quick enough. In rehab Greg was doing a lot of swimming and had gained a remarkable pace. Greg grabbed the site of the mattress and turned it over.
“Why are you complaining. I thought the water was warm,” Greg laughed and tried to escape an retaliation attempt of his son but this time he was too slow. The pursuit of his youngest son had brought them into deeper water where Greg wasn't able to stand anymore and he hadn't noticed that Oliver had also decided to join them in the water. James and Oliver quickly seized their chance and either took a shoulder of their father and dunked him down. Greg came back up spitting water. He lunged himself at his oldest who unlike his younger brother hadn't retreated to a save distance and now was water treading next to him. “James, help me!” Oliver shouted and splashed with water to keep his father on distance.
“Oh look. If it comes to tease your father you are able to leave that young lady of yours.” Greg said smirking.
“Nah, she had to meet with her parents. But teasing you is a huge plus.” Oliver laughed and threw himself on top of his father.
“Carefully boys.” Molly reminded them, still worried about Greg re-injuring his back after the surgery.
“It's fine Molly. Back's all good. Could use a little help here, though.” Greg said while trying to fight off his sons who again had ganged up against him.
“I prefer to be a neutral observer.” Molly said and leaned onto the mattress she was now holding. She really liked his sons and she knew that they also liked her but she always felt a bit weird when she interacted with them. They had been staying with them over the Christmas holidays and there had been moments when they had let Molly known that she wasn't their mother when she had asked them to do things they weren't really fond of doing or had to forbid them things they wanted to do. She knew that they didn't meant the things they said in the heat of an argument but as she never had kids before she hadn't really known how to handle two boys in their puberty and had mostly relied on Greg to handle these situations.
She watched Greg playing with his boys in the water. All of them looked incredibly happy. Molly smiled. She knew how much he missed his sons and she was looking forward to someday having her own children with Greg. She still didn't know if Greg wanted to have kids again but they soon maybe had to face that topic. Since a couple of weeks her period was overdue, something that hadn't happened to her for years now. First she hadn't wasted any thoughts about that but now she started to become worried. When they had been to town earlier this week she had been able to separate herself for a couple of minutes and bought a pregnancy test in a pharmacy. She hadn't done it yet but planed to do it this evening. And she wanted to wait what the test said before she talked to Greg about it.

Greg stood in front of the toilet, peeing. He let out a deep sigh. Molly had been a bit odd the last days and he was still trying to figure out what was wrong. Something in the trash can next to the toilet caught his eyes. He zipped up his pants and picket the object up. Greg's stomach dropped when he saw what it was. I pregnancy test. Positive. He took a step back. Suddenly he felt the urgent need to sit down. He lowered himself onto the edge of the bathtub and ran his hands over his face. “Shit,” he whispered. Molly was pregnant and just a couple of hours ago he had been going on about how glad he was that he was done with raising kids. God he was an idiot. Molly had grown suspiciously quiet but he hadn't noticed it at that time. He had kept going on. Being an egoistic idiot not thinking about the fact that his future wife might want to have children of her own.
He looked at the stick in his hand. Molly was pregnant. With his child. And suddenly he didn't mind going through all of the troubles kids brought with them again. Not with Molly at his side. He wanted them to become a family.
He exited the bathroom and walked out of the balcony. He sat down in his chair, next to Molly's and took a deep breath. “Look, Molly. I'm sorry.”
Molly looked at him. “What for?”
“For being an idiot earlier. I found the pregnancy test it the bathroom.” He noticed how Molly tensed.
“I'm sorry. I should have told you. I just didn't know what to do.” She asked with a shaking voice. “I thought... I mean you already have kids and... you know...I thought that you don't...”
“Molly, listen,” he interrupted her. “As I said. I'm an idiot. But you know what? I can't wait to be an idiotic father again. I'm really really happy.”
“You are?”
“Absolutely. Why shouldn't I? We are having a baby together Molly.” He laughed. “That's fucking amazing.”
Greg got up and pulled Molly into a hug. “I love you Molly. I can't wait for us to have kids of our own.”


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