Rocky Road


5 months later:

“Right Mr. Lestrade. I want you to now take both arms of the bars and slowly walk towards me.”
Greg looked at his physical therapy instructor sceptically but did as he was told. He shifted his weight onto his right leg and let go.
“Weight on both legs!”
Greg swayed dangerously but managed to stay upright, his hands hovering over the parallel bars, ready to grip them for dear life should he threaten to fall.
“Good, now try to walk without touching the bars for support.”
Greg walked. It was very shaky and during the first steps he actually had to touch the bars to not fall over but it got better with every step he took. A huge smile crossed his face and after he finally reached the end of the parallel bars he burst out into a loud laugh.
“I'm walking. I can't believe it. It's been over 2 fucking years since the injury and finally I am able to walk without any bloody support.“
His therapist smiled at him. “You fought a lot to get here. Try to walk as much as possible without the crutch to train your leg. Just a couple of more sessions needed to build up muscles and I'm sure that you'll be cleared for active duty in a couple of months.”

Greg was relaxing on the couch reading a newspaper when Molly came home from work.
“Hey, how was your day?” Greg greeted her.
“Exhausting. The pregnancy is really taking its toll.”
“I can imagine. Only 4 more months.” Since a couple of weeks he had to tiptoe around the flat as Molly had gotten easily irritated and it was getting worse the closer she came to giving birth. “Come here, I want to show you something.” Greg said and moved towards the end of the couch. “Give me your hands.”
Molly looked a bit puzzled but complied. He slowly got up, leaning on Molly. He swayed a bit but managed to stay upright. “Right, you can let go now.”
Molly stepped backed and watched eager. Greg took a few steps, the first ones were a bit shakily but got more and more steady. The concentrated look on his face was replaced by a huge smile. “See? Awesome, innit?”
He walked up to Molly and laid his hand on her pregnant belly. “When our daughter is born I'll be able to fool around with her.” He gave her a kiss and slowly turned around to walk back towards the couch. He leaned onto the coffee table to sit down. “Worked on it the last weeks in PT. Today I got the all clear to walk without the crutch. He said in a month or so I could be cleared for active duty.”
“That's great news, Greg. That are really great news.”

9 months later:

Greg ran through the halls of the hospital. He had been out on a case when he got the call from Molly. He finally reached the maternity ward. “Molly Hopper?” He asked the nurse at the reception desk breathless. The nurse typed something into the computer and after what seemed like an eternity for Greg she finally told him the room number.
“Thanks.” Greg said and sprinted in the direction the nurse was pointing. He nearly ran past the door and allowed himself a couple of minutes to collect himself before he entered.
“Hey, how are you?”
“In fucking pain.” Molly groaned who was having contractions again. “Where've you been? It's been over two hours!”
“I was at an arrest down in Croydon. I came here as soon as Sally and me had the guy secured. Traffic was hell. Sorry.” He took her hand and looked at her apologetic.
“It's okay. You're here now.”

It took 7 hours until their child was finally born. 7 hours where he thought that his hand would be crushed every time Molly squeezed it. But he didn't mind because now he was standing next to Molly's bed, holding their daughter. He had never thought he would feel that happy again. He looked at Molly who was smiling at him. "We're a family now."

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