Rocky Road

Chapter 3

“Why are the chairs in the waiting areas always so bloody uncomfortable” John thought while he was sitting in one of said uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area of the Trauma ward at the Royal London Hospital. “Isn't it worse enough to know that a loved one is fighting for his life behind these doors.”

When the ambulance had arrived a couple of hours earlier Lestrade was straight brought up to surgery where he still remained.
After Lestrade's divorce and Sherlock's fall John and Lestrade became quite good friends and being a doctor he had soon put John instead of his ex wife as the emergency contact. Therefore he was able to get some information about the extent of Greg's injuries.
John shuddered: Multiple Rip fractures, flail chest, pulmonary lacerations to both lungs as well as pulmonary haemorrhage.
As for the gunshot wound to the abdomen there is a incomplete injury to the spine in the lower back region as well as multiple injuries to the organs but due to the extent of his other injuries they were most likely only to perform a damage control surgery and will operate fully some 48 hours after Lestrade has further stabilised.
As a doctor he knew what that meant. They are waiting to see if Lestrade survives the chest surgery and the next night. Only if his vital signs then improve to an acceptable level they'll consider another operation to repair the damage to his abdominal organs.

All he could do right now was to sit and wait.

Molly had been looking forward to this date the whole week.
It took her long enough to see that Sherlock would never love her and now that she finally accepted that she had started to go out with men who where nothing like Sherlock.
The first few dates were a total disaster but when the Detective Inspector had asked her out her heart actually did skip for a beat.
She had always liked his deep brown eyes and his boyish smile but with him being married and her preoccupied flirting with Sherlock she had never noticed how much she actually liked him. So she said yes when he asked her a couple of days ago if she would like to have dinner with him.
Ok there maybe was a 10 year age difference between the two of them but who cares, she thought. She wanted to try it and Greg looked way much younger than he actually is even with his grey hair.

Greg had promised to pick her up at 6pm. It was now 7.30 and there was no sign of him.
She had tried his phone multiple times but hadn't been able to reach him.
Molly started to get slightly worried. First she thought that he might had been held up with a case at NSY but then he would have most likely called or sent a text. But he's now an hour and a half late and that that made her equally angry and worried.
What if something had happened to him? “No, don't think like that,” she grumbled to herself. “There will be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this and we will probably laugh about it in a matter of minutes.”

When the clock stroke 8 and there was still no sign of Lestrade she got really worried. Molly had tried his mobile for what felt like hundred times in the last one and a half hour but still had no luck.
Something must have happened otherwise Greg would have answered his phone sooner or later.
Not knowing what to do she called John, hoping that he knows what was going on.

John jumped when his cellphone suddenly started ringing. He looked at the display. -Molly Hooper- “What on earth does she want from me now?” He thought annoyed while pressing the answering button. Lestrade was now in surgery for something over 5 hours, had to be resuscitated again during the operation and John was now anxiously waiting for an other status update.

“Hey Molly, listen I don't have time right now. I'm...”
“I've just got a quick question,” Molly interrupted him. “Do you know by any chance what's up with Gr.., Lestrade? He promised to pick me up for...uhm something over two hours ago but never showed.”
Johns blood ran cold. Lestrade told him at the Pub a couple of days ago that he finally secured a date after his divorce. In fear of Sherlock ruining everything, Lestrade had been very tight-lipped about who the lucky lady was. But now it dawned to John. Molly! Molly was the girl Lestrade had planned to take out tonight. And now she is waiting for him, not knowing what had happened.
“John, you still there?” he could hear the worry in her voice.
John took a deep breath: “Uhm, yeah, sorry. Molly listen. There had been a incident.”

“What happened?” Molly asked the worry now replaced by terror. “Lestrade was shot during an interview. He's in surgery now. He should be coming out of it soon, I hope. I will call you as soon as I know more. Promise me to stay calm. Please Molly” John explained.
“No no no. How is he? Is it serious. Oh god it must be. I'm coming to the hospital. Where is he? I'm getting a Taxi and will be there as soon as possible.” Molly was already halfway down the stairs.
“Molly, no. You can't do anything here. When he's out of surgery he'll be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit right away and it'll most likely take another 2 hours until they let visitors see him. Even then it'll be family only.”

Molly's heart sank. Greg had been shot. And even though John had tried to sound as calm and composed she still could hear the fear in his voice.
“How bad is it?” she asked, not really wanting to know the answer.
There was a pause until John answered. “ It's not looking good, Molly. Two bullets entered his chest and one his abdomen. He had to be resuscitated at the scene and is now in surgery for over 5 hours. Listen, like I said, you can't do anything here right now. But I promise I'll call you as soon as they let visitors apart from his family see him, okay?”
Molly knew he was right. “OK. But promise me to call me as soon as you know more. Please.”
“Of course. “ John agreed.

After John had ended the call Molly stared at her phone not really knowing what to do now. She wanted to be at the hospital. Be at Greg's side. But she knew that this wasn't possible . At least for now. She wouldn't be very helpful sitting in the waiting room, driving herself and most likely everyone else crazy. So she had to wait. Wait until John calls with what will hopefully be good news.

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