Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Neon Cross vs Samara Rook

Neon wakes up on the ground in a strange place that is pitch black and the floor blood-red. He gets up from the ground groggily and trying to get the ringing out of his ears and stave off the potential migraine in his head. After a few minutes he's clear and he begins walking through the only path in front of him that has a little light.

'Okay? This must be one hell of a dream to be having now. And where's the damn exit already?' He thought as he had not seen an exit from the dark corridor he'd been walking in but still sees little light in it.

He turns a corner and spots a sickening scene. Lots of blood splattered all over the wall and the floor. Brain matter and limbs in multiple piles by the walls, bullet casings on the floor, and the stench of gunpowder and rot filling the air which Neon struggles to hold back the urge to puke.

'Okay who the fuck lives in this shit hole?!' Neon mentally asks as he trudges through the offensive corridor and looking for a way out. He sees an area that is much more lit and follows it hoping for an exit.

He eventually found himself in a large area where the ground is covered in blood, craters and bullet casings, the air is refreshing enough for him to breathe in even though the area is surrounded by black flames. The place he's in feels more like the remains of a war zone. Most of all everything was in black white.

"So we finally meet again after so long." Came a voice from behind making Neon turn around to spot a black haired woman with one of the bangs in her hair white, fair skin, green and red eyes like himself. She looked to be in her mid-twenties with a voluptuous and athletic body standing at 6'4" in height, wearing a tight black shirt, black finger-less gloves, white cargo pants with a red belt on her waist, black combat boots, and a black coat hanging over her shoulders.

She was standing there with her arms folded and had a bloodthirsty grin on her face that shivers down Neon's spine.

"And who would you be, where the fuck am I and what do you mean by 'come to see you after all these years'?" Neon asked.

"Wow! Already in the mood for 21 questions are we? Fine I'll answer in order." The woman in front of him pouts, "I am the one you call The Bounty Rook but call me Samara Rook instead. This fucking wasteland is your mindscape, a representation of your subconscious. As for the last part I've been waiting to meet you again after so long Neon."

"My subconscious is the remnants of a war zone and The Bounty Rook is a woman. Those I never saw coming." Neon says while face palming.

"What were you expecting? Santa Clause? Your girlfriend? Anyways this is the representation of your subconscious as I stated already. The reason why it's a fucking remnants of a war zone is because of your bloody past and struggle with ME!" Samara explained with left eye twitching.

"What the hell do you mean by 'you'?!" Neon questioned.

"I MEAN that due to your refusal to become one with me to be the ultimate soldier, you've created a bit of a dual personality within CODE: ROOK and I can only show up when you get really pissed and danger is approaching you." Samara explained again while trying to keep a cool head.

"And what is wrong with being a normal person and not some mindless and emotionless weapon?" Neon asked with a deadpanned expression.

"I never said that there's a problem with being normal but I don't see why you're still lying to yourself about not being the person that you are."

"Like I ever asked to be someone's freaking tool like you want to be!"

"So what about being someone's tool? As long as you're killing those who would disturb the peace of the world and wipe them from the face of the earth it's not an issue. Besides you enjoy the thrill of sending those sons of bitches to hell where they belong for their inhumane acts against the innocents."

"Well I prefer to be a normal, rational human being who can think and decide how to lead my life than the ultimate soldier that's somebody's mindless weapon."

"Please stop lying to yourself pal as it's just holding you back from who you are and what you're really capable of." Samara scoffed, "Like in this DOA tournament, you should have breezed through those two opponents from earlier. That drunken ass and that gutsy karate chick. You could have just let your instincts take over and annihilated them easily but no ya just had to fight at their level and take unnecessary damage from them. Pathetic!"

"Like I give a damn about your urges you blood thirsty battle-crazed bitch!" Neon snapped.

"My urges? HA! Now that's rich! They are just as much your urges!" Samara giggled, "Don't you always love a good fight just like I do? Don't you always try to finish the fight? Go hard or even enjoy the thrill of the battle? The only difference is that while you take every fight seriously and not hold back, I at least try to have fun and watch as my opponent hopelessly fights a battle they can't win."

"Which is why you are a monster that cannot be allowed to go loose in the world. Your blood lust and sadistic tendencies tends to cause deaths on the sides of both friend or foes, just like the civilians that died unnecessarily during your rampages." Neon admonished.

"Collateral fucking damage. No big deal!"

"Exhibit A right here. Complete disregard for human life."

"Newsflash Neon! Everyone dies eventually in this fucking world. It's kill or be killed. Survival of the fucking fittest. Every man for their fucking selves. The strong protect the weak when possible but they still rule over them anyways. Something you seem to have forgotten."

"I agree that no one lives forever but I still cannot go along with your twisted logic."

"You're calling me twisted. You go out there being a normal, rational human being but you have no problem beating a person to a bloody pulp in a fight or killing those that are after your life like those foolish, greedy bounty hunters after the price on ya head."

"You know why I killed those fools that bitch Mako sends after me and I hope that you don't intend to be her tool for her sick plans of world domination."

"I do agree with you on that as I hate that bitch as much as you do but for my reason. However I cannot agree with your crappy hypocrisy."

"As if you are any better than I am. You should look at yourself in a mirror Samara."

"I'm not the one who's pretending be some rational person when you're really a beast waiting to be unleashed. I know who I am and not afraid to be myself. Besides if we were one to begin with then we won't be having this discussion."

"What do you mean by that? Speaking of which you said that it's been a while since we last met yet I don't remember..." Neon's eyes closed in pain as certain images flashed around the mindscape. After it was said and done, Neon opened his eyes wide with realization and fear. "I-I remember you're what was known as an Elemental Jinn and in your case one from the negative plane."

"So you're starting to remember? Good."

"Yes......I remember it all. Our first meeting, our interest in martial arts, our comradery, our fights and even our......" Neon blushed which Samara smiled at.

"Yeah, I remember that too. And funny enough it was.....great. Especially for your first time." Samara said.

"Yes, it was. Then there was our falling out after my last therapy session with Dr. Vela." Neon pointed out.

"Something that caused our current situation which I'm still mad at you for. You just had to play the victim there even after I told you that it was all in the past. You then locked me up in the back of your mind."

"Which is a good thing. You're a monster that can't be left to her own devices and I don't intend to be one with you anytime soon to create another monster. Now get me out of here!" Neon said.

"Like I take orders from you, hypocrite!" Samara said as she was surrounded by a pillar of black flames. Neon remembered how awed he was by those flames the first time he saw them.

The flames soon dissipated and out walked Samara with some flames still dancing around her body. "I'm sick and tired of putting up with you and your hypocrisy, and when I'm done with you I'll get rid of that Kasumi girl and her fellow ninjas, your pal Hitomi and that bitch Mako Yashiro and her business partner Victor Donovan."

"You'll never get that chance Samara!" Neon yells as he enters his Bushinryu stance, "I'll have to put you down hard so that you never run amok!"

"Bring it on YOUNG GUN!" Samara says as she charges at him with shocking speed. Neon barely slips her flaming lunging left hook and returns fire with a lead uppercut followed by a flurry of punches and a left roundhouse kick which Rook easily blocks. Samara comes back with her own flurry of punches, each just as fast and powerful not to mention enhanced by the black flames which Neon remembered would drain the life out of any living being.

Fortunately for him, since Samara was bound to him he was immune to the life draining fire.

Still Neon can only slip those precision punches that were coming from weird angles before blocking the body kick. He's unable to counter as Samara's already out of his reach after stepping back and then she throws a left leg kick which Neon catches but has to dodge the somersault kick that came after.

Landing on her feet, Samara rushes at Neon, throwing punches, elbows, palm strikes, knees and kicks. Neon tries to time her for a counter but he's unable to due to her unorthodox strikes. He still manages to back her off with a few missed counters her due to her quick footwork.

Neon begins his own offence throwing a one-two, right leg kick combo which Samara easily counters with a straight right-left hook combo that he barely avoids before resuming his offence. He throws an left uppercut as she charges in which forces her to stop and step back and he follows up with a left teep kick to the body and a right high kick that she blocks this time.

Neon leaps in with a flying roundhouse kick that Samara easily defends against. He continues pressuring her with punches that only hit air as she easily slips them before landing a huge overhand right on Neon that drops him to a knee and then swarms him with a barrage of punches and elbows. Neon manages to recover quickly and stands back up while forcing her back with a right hook to the jaw.

"Not bad young gun! You haven't gotten weaker after all." Samara compliments.

"And you're just as unorthodox as before." Neon acknowledges back.

"Why thank you Neon. However that's enough of that! Time to turn it up!" Samara stated as the flames around her became even more intense.

Neon suddenly found himself contending with a much faster Samara who had closed the gap in a second and was throwing more unorthodox combinations at him. He's barely dodging them and missing his counters as Samara is easily weaving through them and maintaining her onslaught.

Neon finally slips one of Rook's punches which leave her open and capitalizes landing an uppercut that Rook leaned into as she tried to dodge. While she's of balance from that counter Neon swarms with a head, body punch combinations and finishes with a leg kick that drops Samara on her butt. Neon quickly dives in with a superman punch.

Samara pulls the rubber guard and she puts him in a triangle choke. Neon fights it and is about to slip out before Samara switches to an arm bar. The submission seems to not be useful as Neon is close to slipping out before a quick scramble occurs and he finds himself in an omoplata submission.

'How many subs does she got? Is she a Brazilian Jujitsu black belt?' 'Not bad he has good submission defense.' Neon and Samara think to themselves respectively as they battle during the submission hold. Neon slips out of the tight sub and gets on top in side control, then Samara pulls him into butterfly guard. She goes for a gogoplata but Neon quickly slips out, however a scramble ensues and Samara pulls him into a guillotine choke. Fortunately, Neon slips out of it. He then unleashes a barrage of elbows and punches which Samara blocks and sways from before she catching one of the attacks and turning it to another arm bar attempt. Neon attempt proceeds to power through it as he picks her up while in the submission. Samara sees that and releases the hold and lands on her feet before he can slam her down to the ground.

Neon now switches to orthodox while Samara switches to southpaw.

She tries to catch Neon off guard by shooting in for his legs for a takedown which fails as he easily stuffs it and barely misses the knee thrown at her for her troubles. She then comes at him with a five-punch combo which Neon nullifies with his elbow blocking but as he throws a counter left hook Samara ducks down and grabs his legs and lifts him up before running forward and slamming him with authority making Neon gasp in pain. Samara gets mount and starts dropping elbows. Neon barely manages to defend and sweeps into a better position.

A scrambles and Neon gets Samara neck in a standing guillotine choke. Samara battles against the submission hold as Neon tries to deny her escape and add pressure, but once again she escapes the hold and pushes Neon off her. Both fighters keep a good distance as they circle each other.

'Damn it! She's still just as good as before.' Neon thought, 'Grappling's outta the question and my best chance is with striking and even that's difficult due to her unorthodox striking. I'll have to capitalize on the slightest opening she leaves which she's barely leaving.'

'Interesting. Neon's gotten even better than I expected, no doubt due to fighting other opponents. Unfortunately I'll have to end this soon and take over this body.' Samara thought as she observed Neon.

Neon dashes in and flies in with a flying knee which Samara sidesteps. When he lands he throws a rolling sobat which she easily dodges and quickly grabs him from behind. She tries to lift him up but Neon denies her and maintains his footing. Samara manages to throw him down but Neon still gets back up while she maintains her hold on him. He puts his weight down and grabs Samara's wrist with his right hand as he tries to wiggle out and elbows at her head behind him with Samara punching back in return.

He manages to break free and spins around as Samara attempts to shoot in for a takedown but this time Neon anticipated her move and intercepts her with a left knee to the chin and knocks her out.

Neon drops on his knees in relief. That fight had taken a lot out of him and he was barely able to stay conscious.

"I finally beat her! I finally gotten a win over Samara." Neon says as he looks at her, "Well whatever she'll be waking up soon anyways and I have no idea what'll happen next."

Right on cue Samara wakes up and rises to sitting position. She turns and spots Neon kneeling beside her looking at her with a straight face and realizes that she lost. Neon noticed the sad look in her eyes and felt bad about it.

"So you finally beat me? Well congrats for that Neon 'Grim' Cross. I never expected you to beat me but you did, so I'll stay in here and not try to takeover you unless you allow me or in dire situations. Deal?" Samara said, though with a shaky voice. There goes her freedom.

"While I don't mind that, how about we return to how we were back then as mutual partners?" Neon suggested surprising the jinn, "While we fought I realized some things. You and I share this body and you've been helping all through those times when I was unfortunately Mako's tool until Red and company freed me and even while I've been enjoying my freedom which I'm grateful for. Like me you've also been screwed over by that same bitch since she bound you to me and me locking you up in my mind has been just as bad. I'm sorry about that."

Samara looked at Neon in disbelief but inwardly she was glad that he wanted them to be partners again though she felt that them becoming one entity would be better.

"I'm glad you want us to be partners again but I still think that us becoming one is a better option."

"I still don't like that option Samara. I want to be me and not some different individual altogether."

"I got no problem with that. I'll respect your decision."

"I'm glad that we have an agreement."

"Yeah. So......since we're partners again I'll help ya out with your training for your semi-final match against Kasumi. She's very fast, even faster than you even with your speed. You'll need to add more to your arsenal to tango with her 'cos just your current skill level ain't gonna cut it. Even if you used just your Bushinryu."

Neon raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"How do you know this? I haven't even seen her fights yet and yet you know about her." he questioned.

"That may be so but I did take over your body while you were resting after your matches to watch the competition in this tournament and I had a feeling that you'd be meeting her eventually. Though I hate her pacifist attitude I'll admit that she's very good." Samara admitted, "I know that you don't like that but it was for you own good."

"I see. Thanks for the info, though I'm not happy about you taking over without my consent and putting us at risk of Mako pinpointing us." Neon replied.

Samara shrugged off the criticism, "Whatever! Let her find us! We'll send whoever she throws at us back to her in body bags! Besides we both know the bitch's living on borrowed time."

"Agreed. She'll get her one-way trip to hell soon enough."

"Good to know. Now get outta here and rest up, we got training tomorrow before your match the day after that."

"Got it Samara and thanks once again. For everything."

"You're welcome, Neon."

Neon disappears from Samara's view as he returns to the real world.

"I should have told him we are also living on borrowed time ourselves." Samara sighed, "I'll have to do so soon."

Chapter 10 End.

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