Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Grim Eagle vs Kunoichi of Destiny

10:00 hrs in the morning on the hotel rooftop, Tokyo, Japan

Neon is on the rooftop of the hotel taking a breather after some rigorous training by himself and also with his old partner Samara Rook, who is his other personality due to CODE: Rook.

Since time goes a lot slower in his 'mindscape' like Samara put it to him, he was able to get some training and it was very brutal due to Rook being a sadistic drill sergeant. She taught him Brazilian Jujitsu techniques, proper boxing skills to replace his street fighting skills, freestyle wrestling takedowns and throws to compliment his 'adequate' judo throws and added even more martial art styles to the mix. She also helped him to work on his timing for when he deals with foes who are much faster than him like his opponent in the DOA Tournament semis Kasumi. She also taught him how to mix up his striking and takedowns/throws to mess with his opponent's mind games and got him to change his fighting stance completely to a hands-down open style that allowed him to use his head movement better while still able to cover up just as good, utilize more footwork, use more unorthodox angles, and add feints to keep the opponent guessing.

Neon absorbed everything Samara drilled and pounded into him like a sponge and added everything to his freestyle fighting arsenal. He also sparred with Samara a lot, with him mostly getting better each time much to Samara's joy and envy too.

Although the more rigorous part of his training took place in his mind for what seemed like months, in reality it only took hours for him but that took a bit out of him coupled with his own training, even with his crazy stamina which was saying a lot about how intense his all that training was. An hour later and he was up and he is now in his room having his shower and getting ready for his semi final match today.

He knows she was the winner of the first tournament and she was a ninja of the Mugen Tenshin so he really had to bring his S-game not A-game for her and with the new skills Samara taught him Neon is confident that he will defeat her and advance. He got into his white full body spec ops outfit though without a gun in the holster since he won't be using it in the fight and put on a black trench coat over it before he left the hotel room for the battle ahead.

12:00 hrs at the Sakura Temple

Kasumi is inside the temple building on the top floor. She is wearing her signature blue kunoichi uniform with her wakizashi behind her, staring out the window deep in thought. She is thinking about her upcoming fight and her opponent Neon 'Grim' Cross, The Grim Eagle or Bounty Rook. She is still worried about him because a few days ago he was close to losing himself to the blood lust of what is in him which she found out to be Code: Rook, and he nearly killed Ayane in the process. If not for Kasumi's intervention Ayane would have been beaten to death and become the monster she feared that he'd become.

She still couldn't fathom why Neon showed in this tournament to begin with or even why she had that nightmare that involved him, his blood thirsty rampage and his just as bloody demise. When she saw him on the Survivor, she was shocked to see that he was the one she was dreaming about and even managed to sense something dangerous in him. This was much more confirmed by Neon's brutal victories during the preliminaries where she felt sorry for his unfortunate opponents matched up against him. Then she met him at the welcome party and tried to convince him to leave but he refused, being confident that he could take care of himself.

She saw his matches against Brad Wong and Hitomi where he started well, got into trouble and turned it around against the drunken fighter and against the karate girl they both produced fireworks as they stood toe to toe and made it a vicious slugfest, both nearly getting finished multiple times before Neon won with a submission.

After he killed the bounty hunters sent after him, she learned about his past and saw a lost soul in a situation beyond his control and impressed at how he was making efforts to enjoy his normal life. She was also angered by the one who made him that way too, Mako Yashiro, who didn't want him free but back in her grasps to do whatever vile deeds she wanted with him and worse she was almost if not more or less the same as Victor Donovan. Crazy enough Neon had been able to beat both Hayate and Ayane by himself and with almost no difficulty, however he was much more sadistic and brutal when he did that just like when he beat Ayane again nearly killing her with his bare hands.

Now she has to fight him to advance further in the tournament and also deal with DOATEC her own way as she knew of Hayate's plan to assault the DOATEC HQ to destroy the company that had caused them nothing but trouble. Also Neon had announced that he was going to assist them in the attack for his own reasons which she figured out already: kill Mako Yashiro and erase one miserable part of his life in the process.

'Neon. I know that you want to win this tournament and erase that part of your life for good but I can't lose here either because I have something I must do too.' Kasumi thought as she looked down below at the courtyard before she shunsined away.

13:30 hrs, DWA Coliseum.

DWA Coliseum was filled with excited fans who are eager to see this match in particular: The first Dead or Alive tournament winner, the beautiful kunoichi Kasumi versus "The Dark Horse" Neon 'Grim' Cross who has been making waves and surprising many with his Freestyle fighting. His complete cruising through the prelims caught some people's attention but many still didn't see him getting any further in the tournament. Then he knocked Brad Wong the Drunken Fist fighter out and submitted Hitomi in a thriller of a fight. Now people are getting behind him as the one to actually win the tournament and even believed that he has a chance against Kasumi, Jann Lee or even Hayabusa though there are realists who still don't see what he has that can give him an edge against the two ninjas or the Jeet Kune Do master. Speaking of which the other two fighters in the semifinals not fighting now had their own view of things.

Jann Lee didn't care about the people betting on Neon to win. He had been interested in the Freestyle fighter even since he saw him on the Freedom Survivor during his spar with Hitomi. That interest increased when Neon easily ran over the competition during the prelims. His ability to adapt and turn the tables on Brad Wong impressed him as he knew that the Drunken Fist fighter was a headache to fight due to his erratic and unorthodox style. In the thriller against Hitomi, he was impressed at Neon's skill, grit and determination as he took the fight to her, battle from the brink and come back to win the fight. Now against Kasumi, one of the ninjas that had been fighting at DOA from the beginning, he wanted to see how he'd do against someone who was very quick and agile and also very tricky and skilled.

Ryu Hayabusa, like Jann Lee didn't care about the betting. He was more worried about Hayate's sister going up against what one would call the a dangerous beast that went all out against its prey with horrifying ferocity and when blood came up he went for the kill with a sadistic blood lust around him. Ryu had watched Neon beat the hell out of Hayate and Ayane together when they confronted him and he made them look like genin with the ease at which he did it. Not surprising since he's the 42nd master of Bushinryu Ninpo and also UN's former weapon "The Bounty Rook", the ultimate soldier. He also found out that Neon's even more sadistic than Ayane( and that was a feat in itself) after he saw the number he did on her after he and Kasumi stopped him from finishing Ayane off after she aggravated him and fought Neon again because of her pride. Ryu also knows that Neon is a good guy underneath that beast, as he gave them some very powerful medicine for Ayane which had gotten her back to normal in a short time considering the damage inflicted on her.

Those two and the other competitors in the tournament are there in the crowds or in the area and they also had their own thoughts.

Lei Fang was wondering how he made it this far and what was so special about Neon that had Jann Lee's attention. As far as she was concerned Neon's a guy with a mishmash of techniques from multiple styles and he fought more like a brawler who had some flashes of technical fighting too and she wanted to see how he'd deal with someone much more disciplined and skilled than him.

Hitomi is excited for Neon's match but his opponent was what worried her more as it is Kasumi whose's on a whole different level than herself and most of the others. She's confident that Neon will find a way to win this match even against the kunoichi. Another thing was that she's finding herself falling for Neon but she didn't want to push the issue yet.

Bass is still livid at the fact that he was sent to the hospital by Neon, but he was here to see him get his ass kicked by the ninja since he knew that there was no way in hell he'd beat her or was he right?

Tina however didn't share his opinion. She was still a little upset at how Neon acted to her father and her but also glad that he gave him a much needed wake-up call. As for his opponent right now, though it is Kasumi, someone she knows is damn good, she knows that Neon must be just as good or even better especially since he made it to this point.

Helena and Lisa had seen Neon's earlier matches especially his thriller against Hitomi which they found entertaining and they wanted to see how he'd do against the runaway ninja.

Christie is there to watch him as ordered by Donovan to see his abilities as "The Bounty Rook" with her own eyes since she'd tangoed with him before.

Bayman was there only because he'd seen the Neon's bounty and was wondering if he's worth getting as a way to get closer to Donovan since he found out about his interest in him.

Eliot had been in awe at Neon's skills as a fighter especially his freestyle fighting and was still wishing to test himself against him.

Kokoro too is in the same boat as Eliot except that it was out of curiosity that she desired to have a crack at Neon's freestyle fighting.

Brad was apparently bored and not paying attention as he's drinking a bottle of wine and ignoring Eliot's scolding.

Above on the arena with Ryu Hayabusa are Hayate and Ayane. Hayate was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he had gotten his ass handed to him by Neon and he nearly lost it after he heard that Ayane had gone after him even after he warned her not to and worse, she was nearly killed by that monster of a man. He had given 42nd Bushinryu master some respect since he'd proven that he's someone to not mess with but still decided to keep a good distance from him and even ordered the other Mugen Tenshin ninjas to not approach Neon at all.

Ayane is still not happy that she'd lost twice to Neon, had added him to her shit list and hated him even more than Kasumi which was surprise even to the other ninjas. She's hoping that Kasumi wipes the floor with the bastard and then she'll go in and kill him!

The announcer had already arrived and called for the fighters to show up. Sakura petals showed up in a gust of wind before dispersing to reveal Kasumi in a crouched position but not looking up yet. The fans of course are cheering for her. Everyone is looking around for Neon wondering where he is until said person suddenly lands in the ring with afterimages of him fading behind him before he stands, surprising everyone with his flashy entrance.

Kasumi looks up at him with determination on her face.

"I'm ready Neon!" She said before entering her stance.

Neon relaxes himself then bounces around on his feet, entering his southpaw stance.

"Well then, don't you dare hold back Kasumi or I'll make you regret it."


Neon gets things started with punches and leg kicks in the center of the ring. Kasumi fires back with a string of counter punches. She misses with a high kick, but follows with a quick throw attempt. Neon defends and trips her with a big ippon seoi throw to the canvas. Neon takes top position, almost in mount but due one of Kasumi's legs, she keeping him elevated and off of her. Neon passes to side control instead and drops rapid fire punches. Kasumi defends and quickly pops to her feet. She then pursues Neon with punches and a high kick. Neon slips the punches and catches the kick and puts her back on the canvas. Kasumi once more pops again to her feet. She once more chases Neon with a flurry of strikes, but Neon easily ducks under and spins out the back.

Kasumi closes in very quickly with punches and kicks. Neon strikes back with a counter flurry and kick in reply. He ducks under another strike and takes Kasumi down again, but Kasumi fights back to her feet and pushes Neon away towards the ropes. They exchange strikes, and Neon grazes Kasumi with a left hook on the way out. Kasumi pursues Neon with punches and goes for another throw. Neon stuffs her attempt and locks up the Thai plum pushing her against the turnbuckle. He fires some knees which Kasumi blocks. She then defends a trip takedown and breaks free.

Kasumi comes in with a flying knee but Neon catches her out of the air and slams her to the ground. He stacks up and throws single punches at her that are defended before he dives with a punch that Kasumi managed to avoid before she pushed him off and got back to standing.

Neon leaped in with a superman jab that Kasumi blocked and hit her leg with a leg kick. He followed up with a feinted hook that Kasumi tried to counter but missed as he ducked under and got a single leg and dragged her down before getting on top in side control. Neon attacked with some hammer fists which Kasumi blocked then he used that opening to move across her body into a crucifix position trapping her right arm with his legs and her left with his right arm and unleashed an elbow barrage on her defenseless head. Kasumi tried and tried to get out but Neon was not giving up the position. She eventually managed to get her right arm free of his legs and buck him off her and get back to her feet.

'He's using MMA here?' Tina thought as she didn't expect that from the freestyle fighter while forgetting the fact that he's one.

Bayman had a small grin on his face. 'So the man has some grappling skills and not just plain striking.'

Back in the center of the ring, Neon throws punches while he steps around. Kasumi however outpaces him with quick flurries and kicks. Neon then changes his pace with feints and single punches. Neon throws a knee, which Kasumi counters with a counter hold. Neon escapes and goes for a single leg takedown, eventually pulling Kasumi down to her back. Neon drops elbows at the end of the round, but Kasumi blocks before she once more scrambles back to her feet. She manages to dodge knee on the way out though.

Kasumi attacks with kicks at varying levels. Neon dodged the first two that aimed for his head, blocked the mid one and jumped back from the sweep kick at the end. He stepped in with a feint kick causing Kasumi to step back and Neon lunged in with a right hook to the temple that is blocked and lands a left hook to the body and breaks her guard with a follow-up uppercut. He then rushed in, grabbed her legs and drove in with a power double leg takedown. He went for a toe hold immediately. Kasumi fought back and managed to escape as she kicked off him and they both got back up.

Both return to the center of the ring again and begin sniping at each other, but it's Neon that connects with body and leg kicks. Kasumi begins backing up, looking for opportunities to counter. “Grim” switches to orthodox and pursues with his jab, using it to get in close for a trip. It's foiled however by Kasumi, but Neon gets the rear waist-lock instead, chaining it right into a German suplex and gets her back. He completely flattens her and sinks his right arm, looking for the choke. Kasumi spins in defense, but Neon just reapplies the choke. Kasumi breaks his grip and escapes, getting back to her feet.

Neon moves in with a punch feint which Kasumi did not fall for and easily avoided the follow-up left knee and right hook combo. He throws a head kick that is blocked and follows up with a quick leg kick. Kasumi fires back with right hand aimed at Neon's jaw but gets hit by cross counter.

Kasumi lands a low kick, stalking Neon around the ring. Neon circles out and fires back with one-twos. Kasumi stays just out of range to avoid the counters before stepping back in. Both throw wide strikes, missing altogether. Kasumi misses a somersault kick as Neon retreats.

Neon circles, switching to southpaw and attacks with punches and Kasumi fires back with her own, however Neon gets the best of it and drops Kasumi with an overhand right. Kasumi pops back up to her feet before Neon can pounce. Neon switches to orthodox and misses a stepping uppercut. Kasumi backs him off with counter fire. Neon tries jabbing once more but Kasumi counters with short elbows. She goes for another one but Neon puts her on her back with a double leg takedown. He quickly passes to full mount and begins dropping power punches to the side. Kasumi rolls over and tries to slip out the back but Neon keeps her down. He tries to go for an arm bar but Kasumi gets to her feet in transition.

Neon attacks with a leg kick to switch kick combo that Kasumi guards against and sidesteps her return fire right roundhouse kick. She continues with a punch kick combo that also misses again and Neon lands a right stepping knee to her gut and follows with a left hook which Kasumi blocks but leaves herself open to an osoto gari trip. Neon attacks with elbows from top position which Kasumi manages to defend against before sweeping him and getting back up with Neon following.

Neon moved around Kasumi showing off more of his footwork and Kasumi stalked him, trying to cut him off. Neon continues stepping around and peppering with attacks from different angles disguised with feints, confusing Kasumi leaving her to only block as she found it difficult to get a counter hold due to the feints and odd angles that the attacks were coming from and frustration was building up.

Ayane and Hayate were surprised at Neon's confounding combos and Kasumi being unable to counter. Ayane was seething within herself at the fact that even Kasumi that beat her, is unable to do much against Neon. Hayate had to admit that Neon's use of odd angles is very effective as even his mind was scrambled by the confusing attacks.

Jann Lee was impressed at Neon's confusing offence as he was finding it hard to see a counter to the unorthodox strikes. Lei Fang was busy picking her jaw off the ground as she was confounded by what she was seeing. Hitomi, Eliot and Kokoro are amazed at Neon's flashy and confusing offence.

Even Brad had stopped drinking for a second and was actually watching the fight. The fans too were cheering and enjoying the display of technical and flashy attacks by Neon.

Neon switches to south paw. Kasumi explodes forward with punches that Neon ducks under. She lands a low kick and steps in but gets hit by Neon’s jumping knee dropping her to a knee but she recovers. Neon moves into the pocket and lets his hands go with Kasumi replying in kind. He ducks under a punch and captures her back in the waist-lock and once again lands another German suplex. Neon takes her back again, dropping power punches. She defends again and goes out the back door. She rushes forward with punches and kicks but Neon avoids with quick movement. Neon jabs and closes in then flips Kasumi over with a hip throw, but Kasumi pops back to her feet and pushes forward with more kicks. Neon dances just out of range, drops levels, and puts Kasumi on her back again. Neon attempts to pass but Kasumi flips to her belly, chucking Neon off in the process.

Kasumi got frustrated and charged in throwing strikes and kicks at multiple levels which Neon casually weaved through with head movement and graceful footwork according to Helena and Lisa as they're engrossed in his technical and great use of movement to avoid the kunoichi's offence while easily getting his counter offence going. Kasumi hissed as she missed another knee strike and had to dodge Neon's double left shovel hooks to her head and body but still got her leg tagged by a right leg kick. After falling for another feint she got knocked down on her behind by a 1-2 combo. Neon did not follow up and allowed her to get up and continued moving around with Kasumi following cautiously following him.

'So he's been training and adding tricks to his arsenal and even changed up his style a bit. Not bad Neon.' Kasumi silently praised, 'However that won't work any more as I've seen through your mind games and won't get caught up in them.'

She stalked Neon once more and this time did not fall for his feints and kept him in her sights and was defending much better and getting comfortable. Most of the spectators thought that she was getting wise to his unorthodox style and would turn the tables. However Hayate, Ryu, Jann Lee, Brad Wong, Bayman and Helena saw that not happening as Neon had more tricks up his sleeve.

Neon switches to orthodox again and steps to his right with Kasumi following and carefully cutting him off. Neon throws a jab before ducking under an elbow and spinning out. Kasumi steps in low but a left uppercut-right hook combo stops whatever she had in mind and she retreats back with Neon following her. He dashes in and Kasumi expected a feint again and threw an elbow but got countered by a cross that snapped her head back and staggers her. Neon misses a flying knee as Kasumi stepped out of the way.

Neon switched to southpaw and continued to walks her down. Kasumi attacks with punches but Neon's ducking roundhouse counter stuns her and pushes her back. Kasumi recovers and throws a body kick which Neon catches her attack and then drops her with a spinning back elbow hurting her badly.

Neon sees the blood in the water and moves in for the kill throwing down relentless ground and pound on Kasumi who was barely defending against the onslaught. She leaves her neck out and Neon goes for it, getting a gable grip, threading his left arm under his right arm, in front of her neck, and locking onto the triceps of his left arm. He then flattened his body putting his weight into the choke while locking Kasumi's right leg with his legs. It only took a few more seconds before she stopped struggling and went limp. Neon quickly noticed she's out and lets go as the announcer already took the hint and called the match.


Neon stood up as the medics came in and the crowd went crazy after seeing another amazing finish and with a submission they'd never seen except a few people. He looked back at Kasumi and crouched down as the medics tried to revive her.

"Don't worry about me Kasumi, I won't be losing myself anytime soon."

'So he finished with the D'arce choke? Impressive.' Bayman thought as he disappears.

"I can't believe he pulled that off!" Tina exclaimed.

"What did he pull off?" Helena asked as Lei Fang, Eliot, Hitomi and Kokoro turned their heads in Tina's direction.

"That was the D'arce choke he pulled off." Lisa answered for Tina making eyes open wide as dinner plates and jaws dropping. "It's a choke submission in Brazilian Jujitsu that was named after the guy that finished many opponents in grappling tournaments with it as his favorite submission."

"I'm surprised that he actually knows something like that. I actually thought he was just a striker." Tina said.

"Looks like he has more skills than we all expected then." Kokoro concluded which everyone agreed with.

'I wonder what else he has in his arsenal.' Helena and Eliot both thought.

"Wow! He can strike, throw, use submissions and even mix them all together. Neon's so amazing!" Hitomi shouted causing the group to sweat drop.

'Someone's now a fan girl/got a crush on him.' Bass and Tina thought.

Christie is smiling at Neon's dominating performance. 'I thought he'd have a tough time with the ninja especially the one DOA had messed around with but he outright dominated the match. I bet Donovan and his new partner are gonna love this.' She then left without a trace.

Jann Lee is even more impressed at Neon's performance. 'He changed his style and used a very unorthodox attack and mix ups to confuse her and dominate the match before finishing in emphatic fashion. Now I'm even more excited to fight you Neon!'

Meanwhile above the arena, Ayane was swearing and going ballistic at Neon's victory. Hayate just looked on with a straight face. His respect for Neon had risen even more and so as his fear of him.

'Neon's definitely more skilled than we expected and he's more than likely to win this tournament but I bet that Donovan's even more interested in him and so is Mako Yashiro.' Ryu thought.

Down below Kasumi had awoken up finally with Neon helping her up and carrying her in a bridal carry which caused her to blush as the medics guided them to the ambulance and took them to the hospital.

Chapter 11 End.
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