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After their semi finals match Neon and Kasumi had gone to the hospital though it was Kasumi who needed the treatment after the beating he put on her. Why he followed her to the hospital was because of her safety since he knew that it would be the best opportunity for Mugen Tenshin to put an end to Kasumi and Neon was going to make sure that they failed. It was a good idea too because a Mugen Tenshin kunoichi disguised as a nurse tried to kill Kasumi as she slept, with some poison in a syringe. Neon had caught on to her disguise and wasn't fooled by her attempt to get rid of him from Kasumi's side. So he pretended to leave before sneaking back in on the kunoichi's assassination attempt, sneaked up on her and stabbing his switch blade into her shoulder, hence disarming her of her weapon. He then proceeded to give the assassin a dose of her own medicine with instantaneous results.

Kasumi woke up later and saw Neon standing over a nurse, who she knew wasn't one and she caught on to what happened and was thankful for what he did. Neon told her that it's him looking out for those he considers friends. He sealed up the dead body in a scroll and gave it to Ryu Hayabusa and told him to give it to Hayate.

Two days later, Tokyo Hospital.


"Yes Kasumi?"

"Now that you're in the finals Donovan's going to be fully focused on you."

"I know. Especially with Mako at his side, I'd bet that they'd be planning on some way to capture me for whatever sick plans they'd have in mind."

Kasumi sighed as she sat up on her hospital bed. She'd been recovering at a good rate and with Neon watching over her since he couldn't trust Hayate's assassins to not stop their attacks. So far the assassination attempts had stopped.

"Neon, are you involving yourself in the assault on DOATEC just for your personal vendetta with Mako or something else?" Kasumi asked.

"Well at first I was in it for my personal vendetta. However after thinking about you and Hayate's history with DOATEC I decided that putting Donovan down too would be in the world's best interest." Neon answered, "We can't have anymore people like him and Mako around to do God knows what and make another person like me. One of me is enough."

"Are you getting any of your allies from UN to help?"

"Initially I'd have dealt with this myself, but considering how big this is I'd call in some favors, especially with the fact that UN wants Mako brought in dead or alive. Though they prefer her alive while I and my friends want her dead."

"Will they be helping with the assault too?"

"Yes they will. Especially the people I'd call in to help. They don't like Mako a lot and I doubt they think highly of DOATEC either."

"Alright though I don't think they'd get along with the Mugen Tenshin ninjas."

"I know. They'll operate separately from the ninjas and still assist in the assault."

"Alright. Neon, thanks for getting involved and helping us to take down DOATEC."

"No need to thank me."

"Well I'm thanking you! So thank you!"

"Fine. Fine. You're welcome!"

Kasumi giggled at Neon's embarrassed face as he tried to hide it from her.

The next day Kasumi is discharged from the hospital and Neon escorts her to where she's staying. When she gets in he goes out and brings out a disposable cell to make a call.

"Yo there......This is untraceable right?......Good. When can you and your friends get here?......Alright I'll see you guys in three days."

After he makes the call he dumps the phone into a nearby trash bin and walks down the street to his apartment. Along the way, however, he meets someone he doesn't want to see and another annoying individual.

"What the hell do you want Hayate?" Neon asks in disgust, "And what is that arrogant bitch doing here?"

"I'm not here to antagonize you anymore than needed. And no need to insult Ayane." Hayate calmly responds.

"Then what is it then?"

"Hayate's here to talk. So just listen to him and drop the hostility." Ayane says, while trying to avoid eye contact.

"He has his own mouth to talk. Let him use it." Neon deadpanned, "Now get to it Hayate I don't got all day."

"I'm here to ask if you are really helping us take down DOATEC." Hayate stated, "Especially when you mentioned that you had your own reasons for doing so."

"Yes I'm helping you ninjas with your assault on DOATEC." Neon answered.

"What are your reasons for helping us?"

"Initially I only wanted to help because of my personal vendetta with Mako Yashiro whom I've found out is working with Donovan but now I am doing this to make sure lunatics like those two don't run amok."

"Is UN getting involved?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. They do want Mako dead or alive after all but they also have bigger issues to deal with."

"So they are expecting you to do this by yourself?"

"I don't work for UN anymore and I'm calling in favors from some old pals for this."

"I see. Well then I'll leave you to whatever it is you have in mind. Just tell them to keep their distance from my ninjas like I've told them to keep their distance from you."

"And what about Kasumi?"

"She's a runaway ninja from our clan and so she's our own problem. I don't see why you're involving yourself in our business." Ayane added.

"Are you Hayate? No. Then zip it!" Neon said, "Hayate?"

"What's she to you Neon?" Hayate asked.

"A good friend. One I trust a lot and consider precious like my other friends."

"I see. Ayane. Let's go."

"Yes, Hayate."

The two ninjas both shunsined out of Neon's sight and he continued his way to his hotel.

Three days later, at the hotel's leisure room.

"Nice of you to show up with your squad, Ron." Neon said as he shook hands with his god brother.

"Of course I'd show up and it's about time you called." Ron Russell said, "I was wondering when you'd ask for assistance for dealing with Mako Yashiro."

"I wanted to go lone wolf at first since it was personal but this is a lot bigger than me."

"You're right about that Neon. Very correct, especially with Mako trying to continue the Bounty Rook Project and with the help of Victor Donovan of DOATEC."

"Seriously? Even after I destroyed the data for that she wants to start from scratch and with the ass hat's help?"

"It's true. Red's undercover agents found out that info before he pulled them out. That Donovan guy's a piece of work."

"That's an understatement. He's just as vile, bat-shit crazy and power hungry like Mako."

Ron Russell had to rub his temples with his hands to stave off the incoming headache. "Well I agree with you on one thing, we don't need anymore of offence Neon."

"None taken. We also don't need lunatics like Mako and Donovan running amok. So is your squad in with us?"

"Oh they are in alright! When they heard about what they did to you, they've wanted nothing more than to overkill the bitch."

"Well the overkill part is mine."

"That much I know."

"Anyways, what did Red's agents uncover about Mako's mad plans?"

Ron brings out a data pad and places it on the table. "One of my squad members was part of the undercover agents that got this info and she'll help explain it. Julia."

A 6' tall, black-haired fair skinned woman with a heart-shaped face, brown eyes, reading glasses, C-cup bust wearing a white shirt, black jeans, and black boots came up to them and saluted. "Yes, Boss."

"Have a seat." She grabs an empty chair and sits down. "This is Neon 'Grim' Cross, my god brother and the one Mako has plans for."

"A honor to meet Boss' god brother and the third Bounty Rook." Julia said, "I am Julia Dantas, Recon and Tech of Squad 2."

"Pleasure to meet you and don't call me that name."Neon said, "And what did you mean by 'Third Bounty Rook'?"

"You were not the first Bounty Rook that Mako Yashiro created for UN." Julia says, "You were the only one that she managed to get under control until your escape."

"Really? There were two others?" Ron said.

"Yes, Boss. There were two other Bounty Rooks before Mr Cross."

"Who are they? Are they even alive?" Neon asked.

"Page 4 has that info about them sir."

Neon took the data pad and scrolled to the mentioned page. After two minutes of reading it, his eyes went wide in shock at what he read.

"I know the second Bounty Rook here! Alexa Lin of the Interpol!"

"You mean "The Bloodhound of Interpol" is the second Bounty Rook?!" Ron said.

"Yes, Boss. She escaped the facility a year before Mr. Cross was brought in." Julia added, "Apart from the immortality Code: Rook gives you three, her brain functions much more efficiently than a human's. Apart from being able to decipher information quickly and read people, Alexa can read any situation and respond accordingly, which explains her Interpol strike team Azure's flawless record."

"That explains why she's a constant pain in my ass and with me in DOA 4 tournament it'll only be a matter of time before she comes after me." Neon sighed.

"What about the first Bounty Rook?" Ron inquired.

"He's Renato Agba and it's a good thing that he's off the grid. He's someone we don't want to cross paths with. He's the ultimate assassin." Neon said, "And he's apparently the most powerful of the Bounty Rooks."

"Oh shit! Not good." Ron cursed.

"He nearly killed Mako and her team when he escaped. I wish he'd done a complete job and save Miss Lin and Mr Cross from the hell they went through." Julia stated.

"What about you Neon?" Ron asked.

"I'm the second most powerful of the Bounty Rooks and my abilities make me a master of combat and all forms of warfare." Neon answered, "The ultimate soldier able to adapt to any battlefield or combat scenario."

"That explains why you were a lone wolf operative that they sent to handle all those operations back then." Ron concluded.

Neon kept on reading the other information on the data pad. Then his eyes went red with rage. Ron saw that and did not like that look.

"What did you read there that's making you wanna go ballistic right now?"

Neon stared at Ron and Julia. "The bitch Mako wants to use the Project Alpha of Victor Donovan to create a fourth Bounty Rook!"

"What the fuck!?" Ron shouted, getting the attention of the rest of the squad members who were enjoying themselves.

"She plans on using me to test it out. Her and Donovan are banking on me to win this tournament and then capture me for their crazy plan."

"It's official. Mako and Donovan are both going down!" Ron deadpanned.

"Unfortunately the Mugen Tenshin got dibs on Donovan and I got dibs on Mako." Neon said, then he gives the data pad back to Julia.

"So Neon. What do you need from me and the squad?"

"After the finals of the DOA tournament, the Mugen Tenshin will begin their assault on DOATEC. We're also joining them but we'll be staying clear of the ninjas and going for Mako. You and your squad secure her while I deal with the so called fourth Bounty Rook she's creating." Neon stated.

"If we're assisting their assault then why do the ninjas not want us near them?" Julia asked.

"Well I beat the living crap outta the current leader of the Mugen Tenshin when he thought he could intimidate me." Neon bluntly said, "The dumb ass Hayate!"

"Now he's scared of you. I'm not surprised." Ron said.

"Pretty much."

"So the plan is after the DOA 4 tournament, we join the ninjas in their assault of DOATEC and go secure Mako and drag her ass out while you put an end to her revival of Project Bounty Rook."

"Pretty much Ron. Though I'd have to let Hayate know about you and your squad."

"No problem with that."

"Does Red have a problem with my calling you guys in?"

"No he doesn't. In fact he knew this was going to happen sooner or later."

"What of Dr. Vela? Is she still safe?"

"Yeah she is. Mako still has no idea she wasn't a victim of your jail break."

"I'm glad. Keep hiding her until we put Mako down."

"Sure, though she's still worried about you."

"I know that so tell her I'm fine and I won't be falling into Mako's clutches at anytime."

"I'm glad to hear that. So how about I introduce you to the rest of the squad?"

"Okay sure. Let's see them."

Ron motioned the other two members of his squad over to the table he, Julia and Neon were on.

"Introduce yourselves you two and show some respect to him since he's still one of us even when he's not working for UN." Ron instructed.

"Sir!" The two members saluted. One male and one female.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Cross. I am Kou Santos, Assault and Demolitions of Squad 2. It's an honor." The male said. He's standing at 6'3" tall, dark skinned and clean shaved, blue eyes, built like a tank. He's wearing a blue vest, black jeans and white sneakers.

"I am Delilah Johnson, Sniper of Squad 2. A pleasure to be working with a ghost." The female said. She's standing at 5'10" tall, pale skinned, blonde hair, brown eyes, athletic body and B-cup bust. She's wearing a black tank top, orange skirt and knee-high boots.

"Nice to meet you two. I'm not a ghost even if I earned the reputation as one. I'm human like you all even with what has been done to me." Neon said.

"We know about that and the criminal Mako needs a bullet to the head." Delilah said.

"I agree. She has no right to the so called trial UN wants to give her." Kou added.

"I agree with you two but I already got dibs on executing her." Neon stated, "Hope you ain't mad about that considering that you don't like her either."

"No, Mr. Cross. If anything, you should be the one to put her down for good." Kou said.

"Yes. I'm with him on that." Delilah said.

"Thanks for your opinion." Neon said.

"Well it's nice to see you again." Ron stated, "But we'll need to stay hidden so that Mako and Donovan do not get alerted to our presence."

"Obviously. We don't want to lose the element of surprise no do we." Neon said.

Neon followed Ron and his squad out to their SUV that was at the hotel parking lot and watched them leave. He went back into the hotel and up to his room.

'I dunno what you're up to Mako but I will put an end to you and your Project Bounty Rook once and for all.' Neon thought, 'As for the other two Bounty Rooks I'll have to be more careful about them. Maybe Samara knows something about them.'

Chapter 12 End.
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