Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Meeting Mako......Again

The other semi-finals match was done. Neon as usual didn't care to watch it, even though he had a feeling Samara did by taking control of his body. And he scolded her like she was a child to show his disapproval of that and didn't even want to know who won the second semifinals match even when she tried to tell him, though he had an idea who it was that won.

Since there were only two fighters left instead of announcing the finals in the arena as usual, DOATEC mentioned that they would be doing that during a party at night in the DOATEC Tower. Everyone was going to be there and Neon had his suspicions that Mako was going to be there to represent Victor Donovan whom he had no doubt would not even be there.

Neon had just one problem...he did not like being formal and going to a party like the one at DOATEC Tower was going to require that he dressed formal. Worse, Kasumi and Hitomi had invited him separately, to help them shop for dresses to wear for the party, which created another problem for him; both were falling for him. And while he was happy that they were interested in him, he still couldn't go to that stage. He was more than satisfied with being their friend, not lover. He had chosen to not go down the road again thanks to......certain circumstances.

Anyways the shopping trips for Hitomi and Kasumi's dresses was quite the experience for him. He had to wait for hours for both to make up their freaking minds on what dress they wanted to wear, which made him go bat shit insane and nearly commit arson. Fortunately both women got the hint and managed to get their dresses of choice and pacify the Dutch man.

20:30 hrs, an hour before the finals party, Tokyo hotel

Neon was waiting outside the hotel for Kasumi and Hitomi. He was wearing a white trench coat, white collared shirt, black leather belt, white trousers and white shoes. For him that was as formal as he could manage. He was also on the phone talking to Ron Russell.

"So you're going to the final party huh? I bet that Mako would be there."

"Of course she'll be there. She wouldn't miss the chance to see me again. Crazy bitch she is an all."

"No surprises there. So what do you need now?"

"You guys to do some recon of the DOATEC HQ here before the assault."

"Julia's already gotten that taken care of. She has a full scale map of the base and we've plotted our path to Mako for the grab."

"Nice one. Send her my compliments Ron."

"Will do Neon. So I'll leave you to deal with your dates."

"What dates?!"

"Well you're going to the party and I doubt that you'd go solo especially since someone like you tends to attract women like a magnet."

"Just stop right there with that line of reasoning. Anyways I'll call you later after the finals."

Neon ends the call and groans in frustration, "When the heck did he come up with that conclusion?"

He was interrupted from thinking any further by a limo coming up to him and the driver coming out.

"Mr Cross. Your ride's here." The driver said.

"So Donovan asked you to pick me up?" Neon asked.

"Yes and other fighters too."


Neon helped himself into the limo and closed the door and the driver got back in and continued the drive to the DOATEC Tower.

Inside the limo were the very same women that he had gone out shopping with: Kasumi and Hitomi, and in the dresses he bought for them. Kasumi wore a pink floor-length sleeveless dress, long gloves and high heels to match. Hitomi wore a light blue high neck gown with sheer back and blue low heel shoes. Neon was instantly in awe of these two women or goddesses, considering his jaw hanging already.

"Looks like somebody thinks he's in heaven." Hitomi said.

"Or is thinking something else entirely. Like undressing us with his eyes." Kasumi deadpanned.

"HENTAI!" They both shouted, getting Neon back to his senses.

"Whoa! What! Who? Eh?!" Neon blabbered as he tried to say something sensible.

"Seriously Neon. You don't have to be so perverted." Hitomi teased.

"Me? A pervert? When did you think of me as that?" Neon answered.

"Well you were looking at us with your jaw hanging and your eyes ogling us." Kasumi added, "I'd say you were being perverted."

Neon sighed, "Just end it there please before I get a major headache."

Both women giggled at his expense.

The rest of the trip was okay to say the least with Neon, Kasumi and Hitomi having friendly chats about what they plan to do after the tournament and other things. They eventually arrive at the DOATEC Tower and are escorted to the elevator that leads to the top floor.

While inside the building Neon took some to study the layout of the place since he may have to go through here during the assault after the tournament. Kasumi noticed this while Hitomi was too busy admiring the place. When they entered the elevator Hitomi pushed the button for the top floor and the elevator began its ascent.

"So are you guys excited for the party?" Hitomi asked.

"A little." Kasumi answered.

"Honestly, I'm not that excited since I'm not much of a party goer." Neon stated.

"Aw, c'mon Neon, you don't have to be such a downer." Hitomi pouted.

"Me? A downer? What makes you think so?" Neon said in mock surprise.

"You're not excited for the party. You're indifferent to what's going on and you're too blunt."

"What's wrong with being blunt? Or more like straight to the point?"

"He has a point Hitomi. Not everyone has time to sugar coat everything." Kasumi added.

"At least he should live a little." Hitomi stated.

"I do live a little or a lot. At least when I'm not in a tournament or having other things to deal with." Neon said.


"Yes I do. Now just end whatever line of thinking you got there now."

"Whatever. Oh by the way you know you're my date right?" Hitomi stated.

"NANI?!" "What?!" Kasumi and Neon blurted out respectively.

"Didn't I tell you that you were my date for the party?" Hitomi pressed on.

"What are you talking about? Neon's my date!" Kasumi declared.

"What?!" "Huh?!" Neon and Hitomi exclaimed.

"From where did that come up?" Hitomi asked.

"I already told Neon that he was going to be my date for the party way before you did. So tough luck." Kasumi said.

"What?! You're lying!"

"No I'm not. You're the one who's deceiving yourself."

"How about you two share me and just shut it already?!" Neon bluntly stated, getting the women's attention and embarrassed looks on their faces.

"Well if you say so Neon." Hitomi pouted.

"That is a fair compromise." Kasumi agreed.

"Good. Now can you two behave and not draw too much attention to me?" Neon asked.

"Sure." "Hai."

"Thank you."

The elevator made a sound to confirm that they had reached the top floor. The three people stepped and got to see the large room where everyone was in. The fighters who had fought in the tournament and others were all in formal or semi-formal wear. Kasumi and Hitomi got a hold of each of Neon's arms and got too close for his comfort. Neon sighed at his predicament and they all joined the party. Of course the three of them together got the attention of some people especially a select few.

'Wow. Someone's a pimp." Zack thought.

'Why do I get the feeling that Hayate's not gonna like this?' Ryu thought.

'So he's quite the ladies man, huh?' Helena, Tina and Lisa thought.

'Must resist urge to kill him.' Hayate and Ayane thought as they eyed Neon with murder in their eyes.

'That is quite a funny match.' Christie chuckled.

Jann Lee didn't even care. Lei Fang just blankly looked at them.

'Wow. Never thought he'd get close to any woman at all.' a certain woman thought.

Eliot and Kokoro walked up to the three of them as they got to the table containing foods, snacks and drinks.

"Neon. You're looking decent." Kokoro said.

"Thanks for the compliment." Neon said.

"Um Neon. Why are they holding on to you?" Eliot asked.

"Because we're sharing him." Kasumi stated.

"No! I only agreed to that since he was supposed to be my date!" Hitomi added.

"Which is why you're sharing me like I said earlier." Neon finished, "Now can you two let go, we're causing a scene here."

And Neon was correct as everyone was looking at Neon, Hitomi and Kasumi who were still holding onto his arms. Getting irritated at the unnecessary attention, Neon decided to remove that attention.

He growled and said, "What are you all looking at?! Find something else to stare at!"

That intimidated the crowd and they all turned their eyes somewhere else and tried to avoid eye contact with the Dutch man. The party just continued on from there as people ate, drank and danced, especially with Kasumi and Hitomi glaring at each other as they wanted Neon to dance with one of the other. Neon was just hoping they don't drive him insane. After some hours had passed, a steward finally came up to the small podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to apologize on Mr. Donovan's behalf for not being here as he's very busy dealing with important matters."

'Once again, Donovan's a crappy host and I bet he's just planning on how he's going to capture me.' Neon thought.

"However he has sent someone to represent him in his place. I now present you his partner, Mako Yashiro!"

Neon growled in rage as he heard the name of his most hated enemy. Hitomi was confused at why he was pissed, Kasumi wasn't surprised at his reaction and was just as angry but she held his arm and tried to calm him down. Ryu, Hayate and Ayane weren't happy either as they also saw Neon's reaction.

A 5'7" woman, with lightly tanned skin, green eyes, and short grey hair, a heart shaped face with a scar across the bridge of her nose, medium built body with B-cup breasts, wearing a black cocktail party dress, long black gloves knee, high stocking and black high heels came up to the podium and took the mike from the steward. She looked around at the crowd and when she saw a pissed off Neon she grinned like a vixen which made him even more pissed. The ninjas did not miss that and so did Helena and Christie.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Mako Yashiro and I am here in Donovan's place and he extends his apologies to you all for not being here due to important things that came up. Anyways, the time has finally come, we're finally down to just two fighters, however only one fighter will became this tournament's champion. We shall see the screen up there display our two finalists."

The large HD screen monitor came down and came to life as it showed the tournament brackets that had the previous matches and competitors up until the finals bracket which displayed what Neon thought was the match up:

Neon Cross vs Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu had a straight, impassive face on though he was a little excited to be fighting Neon who had proven to be a unique opponent that he'd like to go up against. Neon though didn't hide his excitement as he had a huge insane grin on his face which freaked out Kasumi, Ayane and Hitomi. Hayate could only face palm at this. Tina, Helena and Lisa were staring with wide eyes. Christie was shaking her head. Jann Lee folded his arms as he muttered out curses for not being the one to fight Neon and Lei Fang shivered at Neon's insane grin.

Mako was glad to see this. Now she hopes to see how her creation would do against the Super Ninja known as Ryu Hayabusa and was confident that he'd win and she'll finally get to reclaim her lost tool.

"And this fight will be taking place four days after tonight in the DOA dome. By the way you two don't hold anything back, 'cos this is the finale!"

'Sweet! I can really bust out the big guns against the Dragon Ninja. Ryu, let's put on a show!' Neon thought.

'I'm fighting the 42nd master of Bushinryu ninpo and the notorious Bounty Rook too and without holding back. This will be an interesting match.' Ryu thought.

"Now give it up for these two fighters, they are truly the best of the best but only one will become the champion of the Dead or Alive tournament." Mako finished and the crowd started cheering for the two.

After the announcement the party went on as usual. Neon decided to separate from Kasumi and Hitomi to get some fresh air on the balcony. As he waited he heard the footsteps of someone in high heel approaching and he had an idea of who it was, as he turned around with his Glock 17 pointed at the person meeting him: Mako Yashiro.

"So you finally show yourself. About time." Neon said.

"I should be saying the same to you Neon "Grim" Cross or shall I say "Bounty Rook"." Mako said.

"Pretty ballsy of you to approach me by yourself, with no bodyguard."

"I don't need to since I'm not worried about you killing me."

"Is that so? Aren't you the one staring down the barrel of a gun?"

"True but like I said, I'm not worried about you shooting me since I did bring back up after all."

As soon as Mako said that a cloaked figure came between Neon and Mako. The unknown person threw a kick at him which Neon swayed out the way of and came back with a counter straight that they parried then retaliated with an elbow strike, which Neon ducked under and came up with a rising knee strike to the head which they dodged and stepped back from him. He felt some strange energy signature coming from the person as they leap back to Mako's side.

'That must be bitch's new toy that she wants to test on you. Smash it when you get the chance.' Samara said to Neon through their mental link.

'I intend to Samara.' Neon answered back, 'In fact I'll give you full control.'

'That I'll definitely love! Looks like Christmas has come early!' Samara said before the link ended.

"Is that your new tool to use for your mindless scheme?" Neon deadpanned.

"My greatest creation yet and I'd say may be even better than you." Mako answered with glee, "Though I'd love it if you could test her out for me, assuming you beat the super ninja Ryu Hayabusa."

"You know I intend to win. And I also intend to put you six feet under after this."

"I know all that, though you'd have to find me before you do that."

"Do you really think that Donovan would team up with you to create your ultimate being?"

"Of course I know the man would double cross me, and I already have a contingency in place when he does."

"At least you're not so stupid after all."

"Is that what you should be saying to the one who made you who you are?"

"Hmm...let me think about that...YES, you stupid bitch!"

"Humph! No matters I'll get what I want at the end Neon and there'll be nothing you can do about it."

"Keep telling yourself that and you'll soon have everything come crashing down around you."

"Sure. I'll keep that in mind. Anyways enjoy the party."

Mako walked back into the building and the cloaked figure jumped into the shadows, vanishing without a trace. Neon sighed as he holstered his gun back in his trench coat but then smirked.

'Unfortunately for you Mako, you'll never get what you want and everything will come crashing down. Enjoy those four days left because after they pass you'll be nothing but a corpse and be rotting in hell where you belong.'

Neon then went back to the party to join everyone else.

The party was still going on.

Neon was trying to enjoy the party. Sure he was excited about his finals match against Hayabusa, and his time with Hitomi and Kasumi, but the presence of Mako and her new tool soured the mood.

Standing alone in a corner of the room, Neon looked around as he saw most of the guests enjoy themselves while oblivious to what was really going on. None of them realizing what was going to happen next nor the ramifications of such actions.

Neon looked up as he noticed the music change and someone approach him. Helena Douglas and she looked like she definitely wanted answers.

"I know you've got questions and I'm more than happy to give you answers. At least the relevant ones." He said.

"Your perception ceases to amaze me." Helena complimented, "Shall we dance?"

"What?" Neon muttered in surprise.

"Just play along. Christie, Donovan's assassin is watching." Helena whispered. Neon quickly noticed said woman watching them both. "Alright. Let's dance." He said in a normal tone.

The two went to the dance floor and joined the other dancers there.

"So what's your connection to that Mako Yashiro woman?" Helena whispered.

"Let's just say that you and I have something in common in terms of someone we hate a lot." Neon whispered back, "Just like you hate Donovan since he took something from you, Mako did the same thing to me and much worse."

"Really? So who's she and why are her and Donovan they working together?"

"Mako used to be geneticist that worked for the UN. She's quite the piece of work and she ran a project that was sickening enough that some of the higher ups at UN wised up enough to shut it down and give her the boot." Neon explained, "As for how she ended up with Donovan, I don't know but with what I've found out about Donovan himself, I'd say that those two are so alike."

"So I take it that Mako wants you dead like Donovan wants for me." Helena assumed.

"No. For some reason she and Donovan need me alive for something." Neon corrected.

"The Alpha project? What would those two want you for?"

"I can't say, but I can tell you that it's not good for anyone."

The music changed again and both stopped their dance and moved back to the former contestants who were looking at them in surprise.

"Anyways whatever it is, it won't matter as it'll all end after the tournament." Neon said in a low tone.

"I agree with you there. It will all come to end after the tournament." Helena replied before walking to where Lisa was.

While Neon was wondering what she meant by that he was interrupted when Kasumi and Hitomi approached him......and they had murderous looks in their eyes.

"What?" Neon asked.

"Care to explain why you were dancing with Helena......" Kasumi began.

"......when we ARE your dates?" Hitomi finished.

Neon just face palmed. He did not need this shit!

'Yes......Do explain to them that.' Samara chimed in.

Great! Now Samara was in on it too.

Chapter 13 End.
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