Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Grim Eagle vs Dragon Ninja

Neon was beyond excited. Why? Obviously because he's in the finals of the Dead or Alive Tournament and the best part, he's fighting Ryu Hayabusa in the finals! Ever since he saw him he'd been hoping for a chance to fight him and get a great match. Now he's getting a chance to really fight at his full potential. Not like he hasn't been during the tournament. He's always gone all out in his fights but according to Samara he'd been fighting at their level and not the way he's meant to be.

Neon still didn't want to accept that he's a killing machine. That is due to the fact that when he was still under Mako's control he wasn't himself. He was no mindless killer who was just sent to battle to end his targets with no remorse and just move on like it was an everyday occurrence. His mind is his own and he wants it to stay that way.

Neon knew that Samara was right about his love for battle. Heck he thought he was battle crazy. He loved a good fight. One were he would be able to push himself to defeat his opponents no matter their strength. Neon like Samara did not like weaklings. To him they were a waste of time because they couldn't make the battle fun, but he still went all out against them to obliterate them as soon as possible so that he didn't have to endure their presence anymore than necessary. However the weaklings who actually were tenacious and determined to go past their weakness were an exception. At least they're not satisfied with their weakness and were willing to go above that. That both Samara and Neon respected.

Anyways back to present, Neon had trained himself to exhaustion, with Samara in his mindscape and in the real world for the finals.

Samara actually liked that he was pushing himself for this as she knew that Neon couldn't afford to fight the way he'd been fighting in the tournament against someone like Ryu Hayabusa. If he did he'd get obliterated very quickly. She had a feeling that this was going to be an interesting match.

Hitomi had seen Neon during his intense training sessions and she wanted to join him. Neon disagreed at first but she pressed and did not relent on getting him to agree to let her train with him, so he agreed and accepted the help. Which turned out to be a good idea as Hitomi had had to stop him from over training himself on multiple occasions.

Kasumi too saw his intense training sessions and tried to get him to not go overboard his training. She got to spar with him and get flashes of Neon's Bushinryu Ninpo, and she found it interesting. But just flashes of it was not enough to make her own opinion of the style. Neon just told her, "We're ninjas. Keeping secrets is one way we get a heads up on our opponents and stay alive too." and left it at that.

It was the day before the finals match and Neon wanted to train once more and in a different way, so he went to the Tokyo gym. When he got there, he took his time to look around and gauge the guys and gals that were sparring and training there. The owner of the gym noticed him standing and watching everyone and went to meet him.

"Hey there young man." The man said, getting Neon's attention, "I see that you're looking around at everyone and everything here. What can I do for you?"

Neon looked at the ring, then the people in the gym before looking at the gym owner. "I'd like to spar here if you don't mind."

The gym owner smiled at him, "Oh you wanna spar huh? Sure you can. Can I get your name first?"

"Neon Cross."

"Neon Cross...Wait a second! You're THE Neon Cross?! The one fighting in the DOA tournament finals?"

"Yeah? What about it?"

"Wow! To meet the guy that everyone's been calling "The Dark Horse" of the tournament that's been making waves in it. You've made a name for yourself beating the vets of the tournament."

"It's nothing special. I just went into those fights and did what I do best and it's fight and win."

"So modest. You fought some tough fighters you know. That drunken fighter's one of the trickiest to fight. The karate chick Hitomi's a tough customer for anyone and the female ninja you beat was the first DOA winner. Now you're fighting the Super Ninja Ryu Hayabusa! He's never lost a match in DOA history and to many people that match is a death sentence."

"Please they are just exaggerating. He's as human as the rest of us and I'll prove it when I beat him in the finals."

"You're pretty confident aren't you? Well I'll have to see it to believe it. Anyways back to business, who do you want to spar with?"

Neon looked and pointed around the gym, "The best fighters you got here."

"Huh? Are you serious?"

"Not joking. It's part of my training for the finals match."

The gym owner looked at Neon like he'd lost his mind then sighed. "Well if it's for your training then go ahead. Your cup of tea kid."

He clapped his hands and shouted, "Hey Kenji, Liara, Naga, Rock, Dominick, all of you. We got a guest here who wants to tango with you guys. It's "The Dark Horse" himself here to spar with you all."

"At the same time." Neon added.

"Really? At the same time?! Are you joking?"

"No I'm not." Neon insisted, "I'll fight them all at the same time."

"Okay if you say so."

Five minutes later Neon was in the center of the fight mat wearing a white sleeveless shirt and black and orange Vale Tudo trunks reaching just above his knees. His hands and feet in wrappings. He was surrounded by six men and six women in their fighting wear. Neon's eyes are closed as he senses all his opponents.

The gym owner was looking from behind the barrier wondering what was going in everyone's heads. There were also a crowd of people there to watch what was about to happen.

"Are you sure about this Mr. Cross? These people aren't pushovers you know."

"I've made my decision. Ring the bell." Neon said.


The bell rings and the twelve opponents get into stance as Neon opens his eyes and just leaves his arms down on his sides and blankly stares at nothing.

"Don't hold back!"

Lei Fang is walking around the street looking for something to do. She's interested in the finals match taking place tomorrow and what more she's thinking about a particular fighter in the fight: Neon Cross.

'What's so special about this guy? Jann Lee's been obsessed with fighting this guy since the prelim and has been eager to fight him. Since he lost to Ryu he's been upset for not getting to meet him in the finals. From all that I've seen from him, he's someone with a mixed bag of tricks using techniques from multiple disciplines like Muay Boran, Dutch kickboxing, Street Fighting, Freestyle Wrestling, Judo, Boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu. He likes to change levels,throw people off by mixing his strikes with throws and switching his stance and has that killer instinct to end the fight when he smells blood. However he fights like a wild dog. How he's been able to get this far is a surprise to me.'

Lei Fang like many others didn't expect Neon Cross to make it to the finals of this DOA tournament. She had seen him in actions at the prelims on the Survivor. At first she thought he was just a wild brawler with his nasty finishes. Then at the second round she didn't expect him to easily drop Brad Wong early and when the drunken fighter began to turn the tables she thought Neon was done for, until he used body punches and precise leg kicks to slow Brad down and then turn the tables again before knocking him out.

Next came the quarterfinals match with Hitomi where she thought that Hitomi would even expose him more but was presented with a technical fight by the Freestyle fighter against the Karate girl, where he showed good ring generalship, lots of stance switching and good counter blows before the fight escalated into an all out slug fest and a submission finish by him. That made Lei Fang's mind do a complete 180 in her evaluation of Neon.

Finally there was his semi finals match with Kasumi where she thought he'd finally lose against the first DOA tournament winner and kunoichi. Then once again Neon blew her mind with another very skillful display. He used a lot of feinting, great footwork, mix ups, takedowns and unorthodox striking to throw the ninja off and outright dominate the match and once again Neon ended the fight with a submission. In just three matches Neon had surprised Lei fang and shown her different sides of him, defied the odds and shown his fight IQ.

'Against Hayabusa I won't be surprised if he defies the odds again. Though I don't see that happening either.' she thought. Then she heard the sounds of people shouting in amazement. It was coming from the Tokyo gym across from her.

'What's going on there that's gotten everyone going crazy?' Lei Fang thought as she crossed the road to the gym. She saw a crowd of people surrounding a certain part of the gym. When she made her way through the crowd she was taken for a spin once again. In front of her was the very man she was thinking of, Neon Cross! He had his arms folded across his chest and standing straight with his eyes closed. Around him were twelve unconscious and downed groaning people with bruises all over their bodies.

"What happened here?" she asked.

"That man...Neon Cross...beat the twelve best fighters of this gym at the same time." A man in the crowd said.

"What? Are you joking?" she asked in total disbelief.

"You should have seen it yourself young lady." The gym owner began, "It was like watching a freaking massacre. He beat them all down like they were amateurs and he barely broke a sweat."

"Hold on. That man beat twelve people by himself at the same time? And he did it with ease?!" Lei fang inquired.

"Yes! That's what happened."

Lei Fang felt her mind go blank. She didn't even notice when Neon walked away from the fight mat and back to the locker room. She's once again been trying to make sense of who this Neon Cross is and how good he really is. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Neon talking to the gym owner.

"Sorry about your people sir. They gave me a good workout and helped me to get ready for Hayabusa tomorrow."

"Oh...sure. Glad you had a good sparring session."

"Yeah I did. Oh...don't worry about them. They'll be fine. But here's 50000 yen for them. Treat them to something for helping me get ready."

"Huh? Really?"

"Yes really. Have a nice day."

Lei Fang turned and spotted Neon, wearing a white trench coat, an orange collared shirt, black pants and orange sneakers, leaving the gym. Now she was left with more questions and things to think about including one scary one.

'Just how good is Neon Cross?! If I had fought him in the tournament would I have even had a chance?'

D-Day. DWA Coliseum.

Finally the day had come for the finals of the 4th DOA Tournament and everyone was amped up for it. The finals match was between Ryu Hayabusa: The Dragon Ninja, Super Ninja, the winner of the 2nd DOA Tournament who is undefeated and Neon "Grim" Cross: The Grim Eagle, The Dark Horse of the 4th Tournament. The man who has taken the tournament by storm. The match is also going to be shown all over the world thanks to DOATEC. The odds were in and were crazy. +3000 for Neon and -5000 for Ryu?!

'Who the hell came up with those odds?!' Christie thought as she was in the stands. She had just seen the odds that came out for this finals match and like many others that was insane. Everyone else either thought it somewhat made sense because not many people gave Neon a chance in hell of beating Ryu Hayabusa, or like Christie, thought it was insane considering how Neon had defied the odds multiple times. It didn't matter as people actually went on to bet on Neon or Hayabusa.

Above the arena, Hayate and Ayane were waiting for the match to begin.

"Hayate, do you actually believe that Neon Cross has a chance against Ryu?" Ayane asked.

"To be honest, I have no idea. I've known Ryu for a very long time and he's been able to do things that no other ninja would be able to do. This Neon Cross, however, has proven to be the dangerous fighter. He's the master of Bushinryu Ninpo and he combined it with other fighting styles to form an unpredictable style. Both of us fought him and he easily wiped the floor with us. You tried to fight him again and you nearly died. And he outright dominated Kasumi in the semifinals." Hayate answered.

"Let's not forget he's a super powered person too thanks to that Bounty Rook project he was subjected to from a young age." Ayane stated, "That has made him even more dangerous. But I'm still confident that Master Ryu will come out on top. Neon may be far stronger than the average human but that's not enough against Ryu."

Hayate nodded. Ryu has beaten fiends, enemy ninjas and other monstrosities. The most Neon has beaten were terrorists and ninjas like the Mugen Tenshin ninjas based on his background and their experience with him. So naturally Ryu should have the edge but Neon has proven to be something else so he couldn't easily agree with that.

In the stands, Hitomi and Kasumi were in their seats waiting for the finals to begin.

"Hey Kasumi who do you think would win?" Hitomi asked.

"I don't know. Ryu is a very powerful ninja, easily stronger than many ninjas in the Mugen Tenshin. There's a good reason he's been called the Super Ninja; he's been able to perform feats that other ninjas could dream of. But Neon is someone who I'd admit is powerful in his own right. He's beaten the odds that had been stacked against him and he even beat me, Hayate and Ayane." Kasumi answered.

"He beat Ayane and Hayate? WOW!"

"Yes he did. Worse he made them look like children when he beat them together."

"Neon's amazing. I have a good feeling that he'll beat Ryu Hayabusa!"

"I'd say that he has the chance to."

'I just hope that he doesn't go berserk during the match and causes things to escalate.' Kasumi thought.

Everyone else was in the arena stands, all in anticipation for this big fight. Jann Lee was there with a huge grin on his face. He may not have been able to fight the Freestyle fighter thanks to Ryu but he saw the silver lining in it. He'd get to see Neon against the Dragon Ninja. So far Neon has been able to surprise him with his fight IQ in all his matches and his change of tactics for every opponent. He was eager to see what Neon had planned for Ryu in this match.

Ryu was standing calmly, arms folded, in the center of the large space where his match would take place, waiting for his opponent. Inside he was excited for this match. Though he had not met the 39th Master of Bushinryu, Guy or the 40th Master, Maki, he had met the 41st Master Kaede Asama~Cross, Neon's deceased mother, and he had fought her when she was still alive and single.

The fight was one of his most difficult ones ever as the kunoichi was so fast and agile that he was barely able to keep up and that. Not only that she hit just as hard as he did which was a shocker for him. Her technique was flawless and her insane focus were even more scary. No matter what he did she matched him move for move, blow for blow, and she hung in there with him in a crazy battle of attrition that ended in a draw.

Ryu did notice that Neon was Kaede's son until when Irene had first shown him his file and then confirmed it when he saw him beat down Hayate and Ayane. Now he was itching to fight Kaede's son and the current master of Bushinryu Ninpo.

Suddenly he sensed his opponent fast approaching and soon enough Neon "Grim" Cross rushes in front of Ryu with after images fading as he stands there. Neon was wearing a white sleeveless ninja gi with a crimson outline, a wire mesh shirt underneath the top, crimson armguards, white tabi boots and a crimson scarf. A mix of the famous Bushinryu ninja gi with a slight change. This time his hair no longer had the ponytail and his eyes were both red.

Neon just stood there staring at Ryu with a blank look in his eyes. A blank stare that Ryu remembered well. Kaede had that same look when they fought and now Ryu felt like he was fighting Kaede again.

However he was fighting her son and Ryu felt like he was looking into the eyes of a demented predator that you had no chance in hell of escaping or even beating. As if your end was guaranteed.

The announcer showed up in the announcer's box with the microphone in hand and faced the huge crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else that's watching around the world! It's time for the last match of the Dead or Alive 4 Tournament and only one can become the champion! Now let the match begin: Neon "Grim" Cross vs. Ryu Hayabusa!"

"Here I come Neon!" Ryu got into his stance.

"Try not to bore me Hayabusa." Neon said as he settled into a different stance than he normally used. His hands just hanging low beside him and legs spread just a bit apart.


Ryu charged at Neon punching and kicking, Neon was dodging all the attacks with head movement and footwork and countering with sharp kicks forcing Ryu to dodge, block and come back at him with his own attacks which Neon once again dodged and retaliated with kicks. Ryu fired a quick two punch to spin kick combo which Neon once more dodged and came back with a crescent kick to the body that Ryu blocked and continued his offence which Neon happily replied with his head movement, footwork and counter roundhouse kicks and leg kicks.

Neon decided that he was done with defense for now and switched to southpaw and rushed at Ryu with a six-kick combo comprising of leg kicks, crescent kicks, jumping roundhouse kicks and rolling sobats forcing Ryu on the defense from the wild, yet precise kicks. Neon feinted an overhand punch as he moved in on Ryu, however Ryu saw through the feint and back stepped from the rising knee strike and followup roundhouse kick. Neon feinted a low kick. Ryu didn't bite it, then Neon threw a knee feint which didn't work either as Ryu dodged the straight punch to his face.

Neon rushed in with a flurry of punches and kicks at different levels. Ryu managed to block and dodge them and countered with his own attacks.

"Very impressive. As expected from the 42nd Master of Bushinryu Ninpo." Ryu said.

"Heh...You're not bad yourself, Dragon Ninja." Neon nonchalantly answered, "Let's turn it up!"

Ryu's eyes went wide in surprise as he found himself dodging a maelstrom of kicks as Neon was now fighting at an increased pace. A few punches were thrown here and there which Ryu couldn't counter because of their odd angles and insane speed. One last thrust kick pushed a guarding Ryu back a few feet with Neon just blankly looking at his opponent. Ryu suddenly and rushed back at Neon, who just switched to orthodox as he dodged another flurry of attacks from the Dragon Ninja.

'Time for some mind fuckery.' Neon thought.

Neon dodged under one of Ryu's punches and disappeared out of sight. Ryu was wondering where Neon had gone before he saw a fist coming at him from the corner of his eye and barely dodged it. Then another one came, then another and another. All from crazy angles. After dodging the 11th punch, Ryu jumped back and finally found Neon. He was right where Ryu was, leaning back in an awkward position before he stood up straight.

'So he was right under my nose and throwing punches at me?' Ryu thought.

"What the heck was that?" Ayane asked, "He literally vanished right under Master Ryu and was throwing punches from Kami knows where."

"He was swaying under Ryu and throwing punches from all over the place." Hayate said, "Punches Ryu would have no idea where they were coming from. It's a good thing Ryu was able to dodge them or that would have been bad."

"Really? Neon did that? What other tricks does that lunatic have in his arsenal?" Ayane asked.

"A lot that we still haven't seen." Hayate deadpanned.

Neon just stared at Ryu with that blank expression still on and said, "Not bad Ryu! Once more you were able to avoid that onslaught. I'm getting more and more impressed by you."

'Are you really impressed or are you just saying that for the hell of it?' Ryu thought with a deadpanned expression.

Neon switched back to southpaw and began to walk around Ryu, with the Dragon Ninja mirroring him. Then both men charged at each other.

Neon attacking with fast and sharp kicks and Ryu with punches and kicks.

Both were a blur and still unable to land flush as their attacks were deflecting off each other's. Ryu threw a roundhouse to the body which Neon caught and countered with a spinning back elbow, which Ryu managed to dodge while on one foot and threw a somersault kick with his other leg which Neon managed to dodge and released Ryu's leg, allowing the Dragon Ninja to land.

"Whoa! Neon and Ryu are going at it so fast that I'm finding it hard to keep up." Hitomi said.

"Yes. Neon's is fighting at a scary pace. And Ryu's able to keep up with him." Kasumi agreed. 'Is this Neon at his best? Did he save this for someone like Ryu?'

Neon rapidly ran at Ryu and threw a huge hook to the body which Ryu blocked and Neon followed up with a leg kick, crescent kick and jumping switch roundhouse. Ryu blocked them all and came back with a jumping triple spin kick which Neon blocked this time. Neon returned fire with a crescent kick that was blocked and lunged at his legs going for a double leg takedown. Ryu managed to fight off the attempt and shoved the freestyle fighter off him. Ryu leaped at him, trying to grab his head but missed as Neon ducked under him and he landed away from him. Neon closed in at Ryu while turning around and then attacked with a sobat which Ryu blocked once more and had his leg grabbed by Neon again as he looked for a single leg takedown, but once more Ryu stuffed his attempt and pushed him off. Neon somersaulted at Ryu, grabbed his head while flipping over him and slammed him onto the ground landing the first hit of the match.

Ryu kicked up and got back to his feet while shaking the pain from his head and got back into stance with his eyes on Neon.

'It's like the Kaede fight all over again. I can't land a hit on Neon and he's been fighting faster and going harder. I doubt I can keep up this battle of attrition like I did with his mother. I have to end this quickly or this would be a long night for me.'

'So he survived that. Of course he would, that was just one throw. I'm beginning to get bored with this.'

Neon rushed at Ryu once more and unleashed a flurry of kicks that forced Ryu to block once more. After the ninth kick Neon threw a spinning back elbow to finish the combo.

Ryu found the opening he was waiting for and caught his attack and launched him into the air. Ryu vanished and reappeared in mid air and grabbed Neon from behind and both went spinning to the ground head first. The crowd was cheering as the y saw Ryu land his infamous Izuna Drop on Neon as he hit the ground hard as Ryu jumped away from him.

"No way is Neon getting up from that!" Ayane said, "That is one of Master Ryu's most powerful attacks!"

"Agreed. He hit the ground hard on that one." Hayate said.

"That really hurt. Do you think Neon's going to get up from that?" Hitomi asked as she cringed from the impact of the Izuna Drop.

"I don't think so. Ryu landed that attack hard. I don't see Neon getting up from that." Kasumi said.

Ryu relaxed his stance as he looked at Neon's prone form and thought it was over.

'Hopefully that ends this. Neon was becoming more and more difficult to keep up with like Kaede. Only difference is that she never gave me the chance to use that on her.'

As the announcer was about to call the match, a maniacal laugh erupted from Neon as he sat up from the ground, shocking everybody and leaving jaws hanging and eyes opened wide.

'How?! How did he get up from that?!' Ryu thought.

"N-No w-w-way!" Hitomi stuttered.

"Once again Neon defies the odds again." Kasumi said.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Ayane shouted.

"Just how resilient is this man?!" Hayate said in shock.

"WHAT IN TARNATION!" Tina and Bass both said at the same time.

"Why am I not surprised?" Jann Lee said.

Lei Fang was too busy rebooting her mind at what she saw. So were Eliot, Kokoro, and Helena. Hell even Brad had to throw away his bottle of whiskey just to be sure that he was not losing his mind.

'I knew he was resilient but not THIS resilient!' Christie and Bayman thought.

'The Bounty Rook's resiliency lives up to its reputation.' Lisa thought.

"That's Neon "Grim" Cross, The Bounty Rook, for you." Ron Russell said from his team's safe house while his team members were getting their jaws off the ground.

After Neon was done laughing, he got himself to his feet, feeling a little wobbly after that move but still able to stand straight.

"Okay......OW! That really hurt......OOOWW! I change my mind, that really, really hurt......OOOOOWWWWW! SON OF A BITCH! THAT FUCKING HURTS!"

'Consider yourself lucky that your body's this resilient.' Samara told Neon, 'Even I'm hurting from that and I'm inside you!'

'Thanks for that one Samara. I appreciate it. You rest that headache off while I put an end to this now!' Neon mentally replied.

'Really? Well don't wanna miss this!'

'And your headache?'

'I've had worse!'

'Okay. Moving on.'

Neon got back into his stance in southpaw, with his blank look on his face again.

"That's the hardest that I've been hit in the whole tournament, Ryu. I knew that you'd make this fun and guess what you damn sure did! Now it's time for the endgame."

Next thing Ryu knew, he was caught in another maelstrom of punches and kicks from all so many angles. He could see the demented grin on Neon's face as he increased the tempo of his attack even more than before. Ryu once more showed why he was the Super Ninja as he blocked all the attacks.

Neon ended the combo with a haymaker that broke through Ryu's guard. Ryu jumped out of the way as Neon came down with an overhead kick, which created a small crater on the spot where Ryu was on. The Dragon Ninja not backing down rushed back at Neon, who accepted the challenge and met him head on.

The crowd was going even wilder as they witnessed these two not backing down and swinging for the fences. Once again Neon got the best of the exchange as he ducked under a right elbow strike from Ryu and came up over the top of Ryu's follow up left hook with his own left hook and landed flush dropping him on his back. He followed after the dazed Dragon Ninja and assaulted him with ground and pound trying to put him away.

The crowd was going insane at Neon's comeback from that near finish and were even more amazed at Ryu's recovery from the onslaught as Ryu stopped Neon's barrage and pushed him off and got back up to his feet. He rushed at Neon once more but attacked with kicks. Neon sighed as he exchanged kicks with him both unable to land a hit on the other. Then Neon attacked with a left hook as Ryu slipped to his left to avoid it, that is if that attack actually came as it was a feint and Neon connected with a roundhouse kick to the temple dropping Ryu again. Neon followed after him again and attacked at him with elbows from the top, Ryu blocked them and tried to scramble from under him. Neon did not let him go and caught his neck and put him in a Peruvian Necktie submission. Ryu struggled and somehow managed to escape the submission but found himself in an armbar with Neon on the bottom. As Ryu tried to get out, Neon switched to a triangle choke and continued his attack. Ryu got out again and found himself in an omoplata this time. Ryu once again defended well and slipped out of the submission and stepped away from Neon and the freestyle fighter stood up after.

'This is getting too much! I have to end it now!'

'Looks like the end's here. Good. Time to bust out THAT TECHNIQUE.'

Ryu and Neon rushed at each other. However Neon suddenly stopped catching Ryu by surprise. He used that moment to grab Ryu as he said, "Sayonara!" before landing a few punches and kicking Ryu away from him. Ryu rolls and stumbles back up just as Neon shunsined right in front of him and attacks with a flurry and punches and kicks then kicks Ryu back. Ryu stumbles and staggers back and Neon appears in front of him again and thrashes him with a flurry of punches, elbows, knees and kicks before sending him back with a haymaker. Once more Ryu staggers away and is grabbed from behind and violently turned around and one more assaulted with kicks from Neon until he stuns Ryu with a spinning back elbow and then Neon crouches down as he says, "It ends here!" Then he hit him with six high speed attacks going back and forth and ended the attack with a capoeira kick that sent Ryu flying up. Neon stood up and did the nine seals before Ryu landed back on the floor with a huge thud that echoed around the arena as he folded his arms.

"NEO BUSHIN MUSO RENGE." (New Warrior God's Unmatched Reaping.)

To almost everyone that watched all they saw was Ryu Hayabusa being hit and pinballed by blurs and then sent sky high before he landed back down hard while Neon stood there with his arms folded. However only the other ninjas and Ron Russell saw the ultimate technique of the Bushinryu Ninpo with Neon's own twist.

'That was the Bushin Musō Renge.' The ninjas all thought in awe.

'More like the Neo Bushin Musō Renge.' Ron Russell thought, 'Neon, once again you amaze me. No wonder why you're designated as "The Battle Master" Bounty Rook.'


"Now that's a fight I'll never forget ever! Thank you very much for the fight Ryu Hayabusa!"

After the announcer said it the silent stadium exploded with thunderous screaming and cheering for Neon "Grim" Cross. Once again "The Dark Horse" defied the odds and defeated an opponent no one thought could be beaten considering his strength and reputation among everyone that had fought in the tournament. He remembered when he had conquered the Dutch underground fighting circuit and people were cheering for his win but it was nothing compared to this, the crowd was ten times the size of the crowd at the underground arena. Neon had a greater feeling of achievement for winning this. He looked up and saw Kasumi and Hitomi smiling and cheering at him with their cheeks blushing, Jann Lee with a huge grin on his face and nodding his head in approval, Hayate, Ayane, Lei Fang, Bass and Bayman trying to pick their jaws from the ground, Eliot, Kokoro, Tina, Lisa and Helena cheering at him and finally Christie seductively smiling at him which creeped him out.

While the cheering was still going on Kasumi, Hitomi, Eliot and Kokoro rushed out of the stands and jumped over the barriers to the arena floor to personally congratulate Neon personally. Neon actually felt embarrassed this time but he gathered his wits and raised his left fist into the air.


Chapter 14 End.
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